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Sad panda: Faith edition http://exhentai.org/g/636382/ebfa4

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Sad panda: Faith edition

Well he should make a patreon for him NOT to draw another Yotsuba mindbreak doujin, I'm sure a lot of people, either from here or huge vanillafags, would pay.

>Well he should make a patreon for him NOT to draw another Yotsuba mindbreak doujin

You're not belong here, please get out. the yotsuba doujin he worked is fucking erotic.
I am "rereading" Peace Hame again, I am not sure how many times it has been. I normally don't like rereading h manga all that often but It never really gets old.

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stumbled upon that one.
Anime good doujin about anime in this season or last season ?
This is the example why they don't use service such as patreon, some people demanding to do and not do something they want and they feel responsible because they're being paid.

I don't mind paying to the authors, but the fakku/reddit-tier community is a cancer for the authors.
>the yotsuba doujin he worked is fucking erotic.
Did I even imply otherwise? But remember that Yotsuba is probably the only character sometimes seen as a no-no even here because of 4chan's history of having her as the 404. He would make mad money from that and the vanillafags.

But you seem to have misunderstood me, I'm talking of using Patreon as a Ranseom for not "sullying" the eyes of the vanillafag, not because said doujin was bad (it wasn't) or something else you though I was implying.

See FatalPulse, I'm sure he would make a retarded amount of money thanks to vanillafags if he used multiple Patreon each season with different girls of airing animes as ransoms for not touching the corresponding girl, the one with the lowest Patreon getting the pig treatment from him. And if you want the pig treatment on a specific girl, you would have to increase the Patreon of the other girls, bringing him more money than if you only had to increase the Patreon of the corresponding girl.

Since you can't make people pay for something they can have for free, make them pay to prevent the release of something they don't want to see, some pure vanillafags are obnoxious enough to be unable to ignore your mindbreak doujin of their favorite character once it's out.
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Ready to go. Just need to do a last QC on everything.
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It will degenerate the creators for not doing what they really want to do for the sake of money, that's why some authors doesn't want to use this kind of service.

Anyway, i really forward for shirobako doujins of fatapulse this summer comiket.
>all these have been removed
Am I doing something wrong
You need more faith.
>small breasts
You're not missing anything of value. Don't worry.
I'll never get into the super secret club.
Oh wow Joe got shutdown hard

It's a fairly silly thing to say though. 'I want to support the middleman' is a great idea in theory but in practice the amount of people who actually import doujins from Japan is freaking tiny.
If I were In Joe's shoes, I'd be too embarrassed to dare speak to an artist whose work is being pirated on a website I am a representative of.
to quote ShindoL
> I would really rather people buy my books through importers and help support publishers and printers too, but I'll consider it.
>middlemen are part of the industry too. Editors, printers, bookstores all deserve support.

and it's ironic that joe replies from his eh account when eh is just hosting all his work illegally
Joe is awful at his job and should not be representing ehentai anywhere (and having the eh tag in his twitter is doing that) this just shows proof of his incompetence once again
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So, I finished translating the first chapter of this Tamagoro manga. I didn't get a reply from 5am, so I just have to hope he wasn't working on this.
I'll update the gallery with the next two chapters when I'm done with them.
Keep up the good work
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I'm in a secret club so secret it has scans not on panda or anywhere else yet.
Man I wish there was more panty-gifting in doujins.

Deep as fuck.
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anyone knows where this is from? or at least recognizes the artist?

While lasts

Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 8

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