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>MC wakes up to find a strange girl in his bed >she claims

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>MC wakes up to find a strange girl in his bed
>she claims to be his wife, MC obviously isn't married
>he calls the cops
>turns out that she escaped from the mental asylum, she is sent back

Next day

>MC's childhood friend breaks into his house to wake him up
>He demands that she pay to fix the damages
>She refuses and pushes the blame onto him
>He talks to her parents, they apologize and pay for it, she gets grounded

Next day

>girl falls from the sky
>it's someone committing suicide
>has no special powers whatsoever, nor does she survive

Next day

>some girl confesses to the MC
>they go on a date, at the end of the meal, the girl expects the MC to pay for her
>MC says nope, the girl throws a tantrum, the staff refuse to let her leave without paying so she is forced to pay for herself
>she leaves while yelling that she was tricked into believing that getting a boyfriend would get her free stuff
A high school boy that is obsessed with manga picks up a new weekly series that just started. As he reads, he sees that the main character is quite similar to himself and continues to read. The chapter ends with the MC saving a person from falling out a window at school. The next day at school, he gets a feeling of deja vu and when something happens to him that he remembers clearly, he realizes that day is going exactly as it was in the manga. Not really believing but being wary about it, he goes walks around the halls he ends up saving a girl that was bumped out the window.

Freaking out he goes home and tries to find out the author of the manga but it is done by an anonymous mangaka. He goes to the publisher to find out about it but they have never heard of the manga and when he grabs an issue to show them, it isn't there. Completely out of his mind he goes back home and feigns being ill until he can the next week. He goes to buy the manga again and it is there as it was the week before. He reads it and tries to avoid what happens. From here on out, he goes on a journey to find the mangaka.

Long story short. A high schooler is looking for the mangaka of a manga that predicts his future and tries to go against what happens in the manga. The mangaka is his future self.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
The misadventures of two Gaijin as follows: One guy is a recent college graduate who went to Japan (location TBD) to teach english to involve himself with the fringes of Japanese music culture (was thinking hardcore punk, but I guess post-rock could do for people-friendliness, the idea is to avoid standard weeb music). The other is an alcoholic spokesperson for some electronics company. They meet at a bar and befriend out of a Kafka-like sense of isolation, and the spokesperson houses the student at his small but more accommodating apartment (out of preference, not lack of means). English teacher tries to assimilate with little success, particularly when it comes to romance (basically, an anti-harem where he say, pursues 4 girls of which none give him the light of day), and spokesperson is pursued occasionally by women who want something a little more exotic in their life/think he's got more money than he really has, some of his sloppy seconds wind up with teacher dude as they seek to spite the older guy. Ends with spokesperson killing himself and guy returning to America disillusioned as fuck, being the only attendee to the other guy's funeral and receiving his meager estate. I envision changes in animation style depending on the tone of the show (e.g. shojo-styled when the teacher is pursuing juvenile romances and sees the women in such a manner, and perhaps the women seeing him with disagreeable facial features, kinda like Kaiji), and stark musical contrasts between muzak-like SoL music for mundane day to day occurrences and slow, brooding jazz during drinking scenes even segueing into drone/ambient depending on the level of intoxication/disillusionment.
"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
>MC sits in that seat
>expects all kinds of wacky anime hijinks
>nothing happens
>he has only one male friend
>instead of being a rival, the two of them are ostracized by the rest of the class who thinks they are losers who can't make friends
>expects girls to confess to him like in harem anime
>it doesn't happen
>he tries to confess to a girl with the "letter in shoe locker" trick
>she never shows up to the meeting spot and she tells the whole class who then proceeds to laugh at him
>he tries to impress girls by trying hard at something to show his determination
>instead they laugh at him for failing
>he doesn't join a club because most harem MCs don't join clubs
>the teachers force him to join a club
>none of the main clubs wants him because he's not good at anything
>eventually ends up joining some lame "film society" club because they were the only ones who wanted him
>instead of interesting club members, the rest of the club just wants to sit around and watch movies all day
>nobody wants to go out and have wacky film trips or anything
>MC meets with guidance counsellor who askes him what his goals are
>counsellor then rolls her eyes at him then advises him to become a salaryman after highschool
>One day MC encounters two people fighting on the way home, one of them askes him to help defend the city from evil
>turns out it's just two chuunis
>MC finds a mysterious website implying that he can escape to an adventure filled world if he clicks a link
>it's just a virus and he isn't transported to another world
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"Sparkling Sociopaths", AKA "Kirakira Killers".

TL:DR A series about cute girls continuously murdering each other, and it's funny.

Characters Include:
-A tall, blonde, "OMG I'm Such a Gaijin" girl who's a child soldier, war veteran, military otaku, and shell-shocked, carries around a pair of guns, and reacts in panicked gunfire to any form of surprise.

-A member of an ancient ninja guild who kills secretly from a distance, coldly, carefully, with traps and bladed weapons and shit... Because she just wants to be a cool ninja that everyone's afraid of. Tends to be cold until she pops out of the shadows to scream "WASN'T THAT AWESOME?!"

-A student council member who's infiltrated a delinquent gang... or so she thinks. Carries a nail bat, is intensely paranoid about anybody around her, clueless about modern trends and slang, and a huge conspiracy theorist. Believes everyone's out to get her, and forces people into committing bad acts so she has a reason to believe so, and thus kill them
My story idea is golden:
>Girls in afterschool club
>Club is for girls who dont want to do anything
>First 9 episodes chronicle their daily lives and random shenanigans of girls comparing sizes, eating cookies, and growing their friendship
>Episodes 10-12 chronicle one girl's downward spiral into absolute insanity as she goes on a murderous rampage and kills cops, children, and animals. Cops burst into the clubroom to find the other girls in the club horrifically tortured and barely alive, turned into bloody monstrosities and begging to be put out of their misery
>Episode 12 ends with insane girl trying to blow self up in public and getting shot by a sniper just in time
>Episode 13 is a repeat of just the extremely gory bits of 10-12, just to remind you
>so you never forget

Urobuchi directs, produced by KyoAni.
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A loser NEET from the Nineties gets visited by a girl who calls him Daddy. He thought she was a prostitute, but it turns out she's his daughter from the future who's there to help him get together with her mother so that she'd be born.

She's actually her own mother. She fucks the NEET and gives birth to herself, and in order for her to get born, she needs to send herself, her daughter, back in time to fuck her husband and father.
>MC deity in human high school.
Fucking hates people, but doesn't posses enough power to kill everyone or something.
Makes friends, he loves life now.
Nope, gotta get relocated because of deity duties.
Hates the world even more. Hate build more and more.
Evil organization of deities comes into conatact with him with the promise of enhancing his abilities to the point where he can destroy all life.
While in this process, he is forced to work on a group project with some girl.
She shows him not all people are bad.
She becomes the most important thing to MC.
MC pulls out of training to kill everyone.
Evil deities don't like that shit.
Proceed to hunt him down.
Girl gets killed instead.
Anger from her death combined with all his training gives him immense power.
Comes to the conclusion that all life besides him and his girl are worthy of being annihilated.
Uses powers to do just that, and bring back his girl too.
EoE style ending where he and his girl are the only ones left on the planet.
Problem is, she hates him.
Solid 15 episodes.

As 2edgy4me as this shit sounds, it'd be best to play it safe like this to win this. I mean, fuck, it's even got thet EoE thing at the end. We all know how well that went
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>Harem Anime/ Action Anime
>Except that that MC is best friend of the beta with the Harem.
>Sloppy Seconds the Anime
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
thx doc
>SoL main characters are 3 girls and two guys
>First episode is fucking awful generic moe and cringe shit
>Episode two starts with the characters without any fancy hair colours or hair styles.
>They are just sitting at a table, talking about random shit.
>One of them mentions, they still have about an hour until shooting begins.
>One of them starts toking up
>Two of the guys start hugging and teasing each other in the background
>One of the girls is complaining in a rough, perma-smoker voice about having to fake her voice all the time
>They start talking about how hard it is to be an anime character template.
>After that we get several shorts of the characters in different anime parodies such as " Tengen Toppa Curry Lagoon " and " FlamingBallZ " where they portray different characters.
>Episode three is awful SoL again until one of the female characters suddenly breaks down.
>Studiostaff comes running
>She was diagnosed with severe " a shit " and " a slut " due to being too close to a " pure waifu ". ( The fanbase hated her so hard, it made her sick )
>Rest of the series follows the intrigues and downward spirals of a bunch of characters that desperately try to break free from their anime prison.
>Last Episode ends with the last two of them reaching " freedom "
>One of them looks towards you while the other is cheering in the background
>Tears fill his eyes as he realizes he's still trapped
>He raises his finger up to his lips, signalising you to keep it a secret.
>wipes tears off face
>fakes a smile
>the last two standing run off into the sunset together.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

They already made that one, it's call "Stranger Than Fiction." It starred Will Ferrell.
I was smiling at the beggining but this is just sad
An evil alternate universe invades our world, as witnessed by some high school/college students. One guy is a collaborator, seeing the invasion as an opportunity to purge the system of the corruption and incompetence that causes it to fail, along with being offered tons of money and perks for his family. The others try to stay alive as the collaborator tries to reign in his supervisor, who is from the evil universe and is unspeakably cruel. Eventually, he tries to take her down, which is permitted (and encouraged) by the evil universe's laws, and winds up saving his friends before succumbing to injuries sustained in the fight and blacking out.

The show leaves the fate of the collaborator and overseer up in the air, while the others get wind that organized resistance is forming across (what's left of) the world.
some late 20s loser gets stuck in a new fully immersive MMORPG and instead of being the hero just goes along with it while meeting with a cutie girl and going on adventures while they wait out this whole being stuck in a game, episodic

MC falls for the girl but learns midway its a girly guy but still feels like his love is real even if he doesn't want to go gay
It didn't star the protagonist's future self and there's still more about the concept that can be explored that wasn't explored in that film (which I liked, by the way).
The MC, who is in collage and isn't a virgin, gets into a relationship with a girl, who also is in collage and not a virgin.

The slice of life is about MC meeting his girlfriends parents, her friends, and trying to get along with them, which he successfully does. Him and his best friend, who also has a girlfriend, go on double dates together as well.
too predestined for me
Fuck me you know what I meant
A show about a teacher who is a full-fledged chuunibyou - his classes revolve around this, for example math is about combining soul powers to create the ultimate weapon and other ridiculous shit, geography is the locations of paranormal/mysterious areas to summon your spiritual familiars, literature revolves around a book about his very own life story, as seen by him; MC and his three friends must cope with having a chuunibyou teacher, as doing well in his classes is their ticket to the top-tier highschool, without succumbing to the teacher's influence and becoming chuuni themselves.
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An anime about girls with diseases who live in a mental hospital, except the diseases they have don't make any sense and they don't have a cure.

>One of them has magic dyslexia and all of her spells always affect her or some third party person but never the indented target.

>Another comes from a family of war heroes and has heredity PTSD and foaming at the mouth rage. she is also incredibly fat and muscular from all the sweets she eats and the workouts she's doing.

>our third PLOT device is incredibly beautiful but doesn't have a face, no eyes or mouth or nose. she paints her face on everyday and it changes with her emotional level. She eats and drinks and sees through magical means.

The story is set right before japan's war with North Korea. Prefacing the weeks before the time glorious leader unveils the pandora-nuke. causing everyone to have problems.
10/10 title
sounds cute, would watch
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SoL about Lenin, Stalin, Bucharin and Trotsky as little girls.
>Lenin-chan has exposed forehead and squinty eyes, fearless leader, seemingly perfect at first glance
>Stalin-chan has a parting on her short hair, bossy, boke
>Bucharin-chan has a fang, indecisive, moe through helplessness
>Trotsky-chan wears glasses and has curly hair, tsuntsun, tsukkomi

Alternatively, a magical girl series, with our four heroines going around inspiring other working class girls to join their magical bolshevik girl army.
>Here's one mine from a while ago

tl;dr guy impersonates his dead twin for the twin's girlfriend's sake, learns about the twin's life and his own in the process.

A shy guy is walking on the street returning home in bliss, as his coworker girl he's been in love with for a while agreed to go out with him on a date. As he walks, a girl he's never seen approaches him, acting too familiar gives him a kiss and tells him not to forget their promise. He's dumbfounded until she says bye, and calls a name. That was it. She was his twin's girlfriend.

Despite living in the same apartment building the twins don't talk much to each other, the mc has a job with night shifts, so it furthers the distance between them. Seems like brother didn't tell her about me, he thinks. After walking a bit more he finds his brother and tells him what happened, it's not like stuff like that hasn't happened before, they are twins after all, not even their mother could identify them if they didn't talk. That is because their personalities are their mayor difference, if mc is shy and reserved, his brother is energetic and restless. His twin laughs it up and tells him not to worry.

But this gives his twin an idea. He wants to go watch a baseball match with his pals, but his gf has to leave town for a few days and he had to take her to the airport, that was the promise. So he asks mc to impersonate him. She'll never notice, it will be perfect. MC reluctantly agrees and takes her.

Since they won't see each other for days and he left baseball for her sake, she says, she makes him go on a minidate inside the airport before leaving.

However during the match, a foul ball hits the twin in the head, and he dies.

In order to avoid causing pain to his twin's gf when she returns, the mc resolves to act as him for her. So starts his double life, going forth and back between his self and his twin. Hilarities ensue.
Directed by Anno
Screenplay by Urobutcher
Executed by Production I.G

Anime of the century, mein neger.
every character is a cute little girl but plays out in a world just like ours where the loli jews run everything and everyone works soul crushing jobs, main character is some dead end job mid 30s loli with a daughter and wife who don't love her
He starts acting like his twin in front of the gf and the lie grows and grows as he meets his twin's friends, learns stuff about him he never knew, starts falling in love with the girl and it becomes more difficult to say the truth.

This continues for a while, until the twin's gf notices something is not right and starts investigating, learns about an accident during that baseball match and finds out his bf had a brother. Little by little starts uncovering the truth... except the accident in the match was about another person. Both brothers lived in the same apartment.

We are left wondering if the mc really had a twin, or he had double personality.
Been there, done that: http://www.wattpad.com/story/32655298-pandora%27s-paradox
MMO anime with a huge, revolutionary plot twist: It's just an MMO. Players are not trapped in the MMO world. They're not unable to log out. They're not transported to the MMO world that magically became the real world. They're just regular people playing an MMO.

The main cast are all members of one of the major raiding guilds on their server, and the plot of the anime follows them as they progress through the new content, compete with other raiding guilds on their server for server first kills, compete solo or in teams in PvP events and tournaments for server-wide glory and fame outside of raiding hours, go on adventures to find rare vanity items and farm crafting materials that would help them gain an edge during raiding hours, deal with guild drama, make fun of and bully roleplayers, grind skills, abilities and professions, you know, all that stuff people actually do in MMOs.
>So you never forget
An episodic show set in a Dark ages, fantasy backdrop that fallows three, non-linear stories of a traveling Merchant, a stalwart knights-errant, and traveling friar with his harem of nuns. It's a series of short stories, set in no particular order, and fallowing no particular central conflict. It's just three people, (sometimes together, sometimes alone, ect) as they journey across the land, doing adventures and shit.

The merchant is a loli information broker who little clue what the hell is actually going on, and tries to bullshit her way to riches, of't leading to people trying to kill her, or some gigantic charade that she has to pull off.

The knight is a 40-something man wondering the country sides of various nations trying to find shit to do. He's the strong, silent type and is the most likely of the three to go off on their own. His constant quest for quests attracts various nefarious scoundrels who are eager to employ him, and usually just ends up with the knight burning down a village or getting thrown in jail. He's occasionally accompanied by a 20 year old want-to-be adventurer that acts as his squire.

The friar is a stereotypical holy man, devote and kind, but also a pervert by nature. However, due to his vows to the church, must remain preserve his chastity. He got along well enough, until he was assigned to escort a harem of empty-headed, big-breasted nuns across the countryside.
Story about a classical composer and his assistant. Shit takes place during the mid 18th century in the grand capital of some nondescript nation (Which is basically Vienna, Berlin and Paris), while said nondescript nation is at war with other nondescript nation (Sweden). The composer is a 18/19 year-old, slightly-insane son of a nobleman who has episodes of either frantic or depressed behavior, and is a complete bother to deal with, but finds
himself constantly around either the military men his father thinks will straighten him out, or fellow artists/composers that hang around the university he composes at. The father of MC is an old war-vet and close friend of the local lord, and despises anything less than absolute militaristic nationalism in people, so, naturally he doesn't get along with his son. His servant comes from a long line of peasants who have served MC's family since the dark-ages, and often is forced to act as the voice of reasoning whilst being surrounded by either war-crazed officers-in-training and empty-headed, liberal artists. She is same age-ish to MC, and is contractually obligated to live with him, despite her protests. Basically, it's about Male MC and Female servant doing shit while he writes music
And then Hercule Poirot is all up in this bitch, investigating the house



Battle shonen with a twist (when is there ever not a twist?).

A boy (or girl, doesn't really matter) lives in a fantasy world where humans used to have powerful magicians and sorcerers, but have now slowly lost most of their powers and are being forced to pull back as the local monsters are becoming stronger with every generation.

Boy lives in a country village that is attacked by monsters one day. There just happen to be magic knights passing through at the time, and they fight off the monsters, only to get almost incinerated by a mysterious human shaped monster clad in metal armour.

The boy talks to the dying knight leader, who bequeaths a message and a mysterious pendant to the boy, requesting that he take it to the King or Head Wizard, before dying of blood loss.

Boy, spurned by a wish to protect his village/family/friend/insert-generic-thing-to-be-protected-here activates the pendant's super magic powers and gets his hand turned into a metal one that gives him magic powers. Shit happens from there.

tl;dr more generic SnK ripoff (this will make it easier to pitch) with more classic Jump themes of friendship and working together. Might have a twist of the pendant taking something from the MC every time it's activated, with the eventual reveal that some force is absorbing humanity's magic power and feeding it to the monsters and the pendant is the key to controlling it.

Generic as fuck, yes, but the kids would eat it up and it could sell like hotcakes depending on who's writing it.

Sounds kind of like Billy Bat. Its shame /a/ never talks about Urasawa's works.
Sabagebu season 2?

Wait where is the twist? Or is the twist that it doesn't have a twist?
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Hard Mode: Click https://salty-salty-studios.com/shiz/lncovers.php and write a plot from it.
>The School Principle Actually Makes Herself Her Slave!

Following an accident with time and space, Principle Kukiyo is enslaved by a stupidly powerful and evil Kukiyo from another universe. After discovering her ability to travel between time/space, Kukiyo escapes and starts recruiting her alternate selves to defeat the evil Kukiyo and save the school. But in order to recruit them, the principle must accept the parts of herself she does not like.
> Typical MC highschool Protag gets surrounded by harem in your normal high school set
> One day the harem suggests an orgy on the school
> Suddenly he reveals that his harem is nothing but a nasty demon hags from Underworld who tried to seduce him and leech of his vitality
> The harem reveals their true ugly demonic form and starts to attack the MC
> Awesome fight and Cat & Mouse chase ensues in the school (then revealed as an abandoned school)
> MC manages to trap them and send them back to the Underworld while burning the entire school
> Another reveal that our MC is a Omnyoji/Exorcist/Shugendo practitioners whose job to investigate these kind of things. He's also traveling alone, though sometimes he can get accompanied by his other investigator peers.
> Our MC then leave the area and travel across the Japan ala Supernatural style : Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.
> To be continued

Basically Supernatural : Eastern Style

No dense/perverted/idiot/marty stu/self insert MC.
No generic moe supernatural harem bullshit.
No shonen or nakama bullshit
But not too dark or edgy either.
Pure Eastern mythological exploration with drama, horror, action and a little bit comedy along the ride.
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A family man was always a huge otaku. He fucking loved anime until his parents convinced him to get a job and a wife. He still watches it occasionally with his two daughters, Asuka and Rei but Rei doesn't seem to care and Asuka outright hates it.
Family man is content with his life.He was the creator of an extremley popular anime, and lives off royalties. His wife works as a vet, for job satisfaction.
His oldest daughter, Asuka, has told him she's gotten a boyfriend. The tall, lean boy seems incredibly smart.
When Asuka takes him to dinner with her parents, Family man tries his hardest to be a "Normal" dad. He acts tough and tries to intimidate the boy. The boy is pretty cold, until he drops a slip that he may like anime. After an exchange of subtle references and questions, both men stand up and shake hands.
Thus begins the friendship between them. As the series goes on, Family man becomes close to the boy. They go to conventions, make Asuka cosplay, spend time together, and generally act how father and son do. At around episode 6, the boy's parents die in a car crash. As a reponsible man, Family man lets the boy live with him. After one year passes, filled with every female in the house throwing themselves at the boys dick, he gets married to Asuka.
As the credits roll for the final episode, his other daughter states she's gay, and introduces her girlfriend. The girlfriend is a Fujoshi who acts like an american Naruto fan.
Family man has a look of horror on his face and screams as the show ends.
loser guy is surrounded by girls that are in hospital because they're suffering from the "big breast" disease (can't be loli with big breasts) that want his cock for no reason, also the guy is too retarded to realise that all the girls like him

also there's magic, 3 giant robots, and an obvious plot twist
Is this how legit autism looks like?
Why don't you all take your pills?
normal everyday guy is walking to school when a beautiful busty woman falls on top of him from the sky. she immediately bonds with him and now he has to pilot a giant mech. then he gets transfered to a new high school for mech pilots with special powers but he has no special powers but still manages to beat everyone anyways
He saves the world in the third-to-last episode. The rest of the show is about his struggle with PTSD while adapting to yet another school (his old one got destroyed in the final battle). It ends ambiguously, the show hinting that he may have killed himself.
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>Fatboy Slim

It's a about an obese NEET who tries to lose weight but he can't because of his obsession with food. He loves all kind like spaghetti, sushi, ramen, hamburgers, tacos, barbeque ribs, etc.

One day he's so depressed because he's a loser and a virgin, etc etc. he decides to order a shitton of the aforementioned food. However, through will power he decides not to eat them and just starve the rest of the night and will give all of it to charity.

Then the next night all the food becomes girls and it becomes a harem. All the girls are stereotypes of whatever food they are. Ie. hamburger girl acts like a typical American, Spaghetti girl acts like a typical Italian, Taco girl acts like a typical Mexican, etc. The girls also have defining physical features, for example, spaghetti girl has spaghetti hair or hamburger girl has huge tits.

The show is just about the antics he goes through with the girls but they all try to help him lose weight while trying to get in his pants. In the end, he chooses one girl and finally loses weight and it gives a positive message that fat people out there can also shed their pounds.

Then a sequel movie will be made a year later giving the exact opposite message with the MC going on a bloody rampage devouring all the girls because I want to fuck with my audience.
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>Bitches and Whores: The Animation
Self-insert-Main-Character-kun = MC just graduated from college, but hasn’t found a decent job yet. His minimum wage job barely pays the bills, but he tries hard to keep a positive attitude and some semblance of a social life. He has no idea that he has a rich great uncle on his deathbed who’s prepared to leave his entire fortune solely to him. The man who everyone else in the world knows as the head of a multinational conglomerate, MC only knew as the great uncle who gave him really nice Christmas presents. He’s kind of dense so he never made the connection that the relative he knows is "that famous rich guy". Suddenly beautiful women start showing up all around him

“Violet Rose” (pseudonym, real name unknown)= The 'kuudere' character. A professional hitman with an extensive knowledge of modern weaponry. She’ll kill anyone her clients ask her to with any method they request, but she prefers to take out her prey with a sniper rifle from as far away as feasible. Usually keeps more than a few firearms on her at any time, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in her way. She was hired to go to MC’s country to kill his great uncle by a rival business in Asia, but he died before she could get to him. When she hears about the MC’s situation, she decides to attempt to seduce the MC so she can retire from killing.
Atsuko “The Riverside Butcher” = An infamous serial killer who chooses her victims based on extremely specific criteria (Don’t worry MC, you don’t fit the bill!). A trained surgeon before she went insane, she prefers drugging her victims before methodically dissecting them and crafting works of art from their flesh. Her everyday persona is that of a chipper, energetic girl, but her killer persona is extremely sadomasochistic. The police have been closing in on her lately. She intends to use the MC's cash to flee the country and start somewhere fresh. If he won’t join her killing spree, he may find himself just another dead body in a quarry.

General Mala = An ousted dictator of a small african country who still commands a group of extremely loyal former military officers and bodyguards. She was forced to flee her country after a successful coup. The oldest of the “love interests”, she's also the tallest and has the biggest measurements. Charismatic, with a dominating personality, she’s no stranger to using violence, intimidation, and underhanded tactics to get her way. She intends to use the MC's cash to fund her effort to overthrow her country's new democratic government and become ruler-for-life once more. She had the forethought to get one of her followers plastic surgery so he looks just like the MC just in case she can’t seduce him.
Hana = A 32-year-old con-woman who doesn’t look a day older than twelve due to a medical condition. She keeps her sweet, innocent persona in public but secretly curses like a sailor, smokes fine cigars, and drinks heavily. She cares more about money than anything else, and involves herself in numerous illegal activities. However, when her latest ponzi scheme failed, and she hit a bad streak of luck at gambling she finds herself nearly broke. Cue the MC and the vast fortune soon to be his. If she can’t get his money the easy way she’ll resort to her backup plan of fucking him, taking pictures, and blackmailing him with the pictures.

Samantha = Blond-haired foreign exchange student (American). A true bitch, she has an abrasive personality and sees all other girls as competition. She actually has no idea the MC is filthy rich, but thinks he must be something special with all those other hot girls trying to get into his pants. She can’t stand to not be the center of attention and will do anything in her power to make the MC hers (though she fully plans to dump him as soon as he’s in her grasp). She has no idea she’s in over her head.

The childhood friend (who I don't have a name for) = A girl who the MC always had a crush on. However, predictably, she friendzoned him, and later moved away. After flunking out of college, she returns, only to catch wind of MC’s impending wealth. She plots to use the MC's past love to her advantage. If she can get him to sleep with her, some fertility drugs will insure that she gets knocked up and can live the easy life. And if that doesn't work, there's always drugging and raping him...
We're going places now
Standard mc finds magical girl into.
>Magical girl turns out to be a succubus from hell, makes a contract with the mc somehow and he has to master his powers over lust.
>it's all metaphysical shit like will powering so hard his fists can penetrate concrete but can't take a blow for shit, etc
>has to fight demons and their contractors from other domains like pride, envy, wrath, etc
>wrath fight is particularly long and brutal, realizes that he might really die
>powers up with training and shit
>some fights and echi moments happen
>realizes he might be subtly getting manipulated into destroying the world or some shit by fate
Elements of a harem but succubus is always clearly best girl, more male enemies than females and makes some bros along the way in a shounen/ seinen manner.
>series gets shit canned with a rushed ending.
only girl that sounds "decent" is violet
But wait yugi, there's more.
Violet is actually married with two children and will divorce the mc the moment their prenup becomes invalid
you have to have one girl least seem slighty better than the others
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