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Let's pretend there was an /a/ back in the Nineties. I'll

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Let's pretend there was an /a/ back in the Nineties. I'll start.

Why haven't you dropped Evanjellydonut?

Shit sentaishit mahou shoujo is shit, give me Minky Momo any day.
>Why haven't you dropped Evanjellydonut?
Because I'm still waiting on my episode 9-12 tape.

Do you do SASE?
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Tomino will never do us wrong! Gundam will never flop, especially 35 years down the line!

Only people from the future can open this link!
>More time has passed between Caramelldansen and now than between 4chan's creation and Caramelldansen

I wonder how many underageb& don't even know what this is.
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Do you bakas remember this?
Man Yu Yu Hakusho sucked in terms of the ass pull battles.

Also, it's yaoi fan bait. Too many fangirls.
YYH is a shitty Saint Seiya's rip-off
In fact, every shounen nowadays look like a Saint Seiya's rip-off
>Saint Seiya
>needs armor to fight
>more femboys per square inch
>anything like Yuyu Mankusho

Huehue to you too, bub.
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Treize is my waifu!
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>Char ripoff #2, Bajeena edition
>waifu material
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>implying there will ever be a golden age of Gundam

Gundam Wing has been infested by yaoi fangirls, there will never be anything like the Char's Counterattack era.

>Eighties master race

I don't care how many fangirls fangirl over this, this is my jam.
Did they even have anime in the 90s? What year did Naruto start?
that's some shit-tier trolling, anon.
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>just downloaded part 7 of martian successor nadesico episode 15
>in vivo format
>from an ftp server
>on 56k modem

>the ftp is suddenly down, never to come up again
>needs armor to fight

Saint can fight without their cloths just fine. They are protection for not oneshooting each other with their cosmos.
>being pussy enough to need armor because they can get one-shotted by cosmos

They won't last five minutes with an S-Class.
Shampoo is the best girl. Akane a shit.
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Nineties thread, huh?
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You misspelled Ukyo.
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On a serious note, having lived through the days of RealPlayer, I can't bring myself to hate VLC like /a/ likes to do. No, I don't use VLC because there are plenty of other programs that do the same job and better and consume far less resources.
But still, at least VLC will PLAY a file reliably.
Let's pretend you didn't make this exact thread last week

>I watched EoE for the first time at five in the morning in RealPlayer
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The DBZ AMV I played back in Realplayer in 1997 is still buffering, dude.
File: Tylor.webm (2MB, 960x720px)
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Hey, you guys seen this Captain Tylor? He's one cool guy.
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I believe you.
Posting best elf. Deedo a shit.
>Let's pretend there was an /a/ back in the Nineties.

Sailor Moon, Slayers, Escaflowne and CardCaptor Sakura are great.

All anyone is talking about is Eva and Cowboy Bebop.
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THAT episode.jpg
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I would have loved to have had /a/ back in the 90s. Especially to watch Utena with. And to see the bricks shat near the end. Particularly after episode 33.
You guys see cowboy bebop? The last episode that aired was amazing. Can't wait for it go on VHS
>All anyone is talking about is Eva and Cowboy Bebop.
So Nineties /a/ is /v/?
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Best girl.

I love her so much.

Or early /a/. Minus endless Azumanga Daioh and Galaxy Angel threads.
Anon, I have something to tell you.
>this is what >>>/m/ actually believes
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>Usagi in front of a Gundam

Complete polar opposites.
Tomino will have one more triumph with Gundam at the end of the 90s. Then the franchise will never again do anything worthwhile.
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Well, she IS part of the glorious Moonrace.
Oh man, Gainax is the best studio ever!
Their star is rising and it's never gonna stop!
>implying G-Reco is flopping
>implying the toys won't sell
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Back to the River with you.
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Which one, Nineties /a/?
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They're the only studio who won't stoop to making pointless ecchi shows. I know Anno will never let that happen.

Ukyo best girl. Ranma hottest girl. Akane is not as bad as people keep bitching about.
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Anno-sama is so great. He's made so many great hits. If he'll just keep making such great, original works, he'll be the next Tezuka.
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Don't spoil me -- my fansub tapes are being mailed from Tomodachi this weekend.

Correction -- my SVHS Master tapes. You plebes still using the yellow jack can just drool while I experience my goddess in 400 lines of resolution.
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Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to let Oshii off his leash for Patlabor 2? Where's my cute cops doing cute things?
Sure it will, just look at Victory.
Where mah flipbros at?

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>not superior Shinobu
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nigger seiya.jpg
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>the MC of this series was a nigger all along
woah, dropped
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Feels good to be laser disc master race.
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>implying anime can ever surpass this masterpiece

Fuck everything in the future.
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I'm going to marry Naga!
Why would you put any media on a circle saw.
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>betamax was so beta to the max VHS took over

History of Cuckolding
As someone who's relatively young, I lost my shit when I first saw this picture. Why the fuck did they even bother pursuing development of something that fucking huge?
Bah! VCD is going to make that obsolete and bring the price down for the masses.
I literally have not even been born yet and won't be born for at least 4 more years
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>Did something wrong
You're shitting me, right?
That's a funky vinyl record you have there, nerd.
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>someone picks up the phone
Because it brought DVD-quality picture to households 20 years early, that's why.

And future generations will be laughing at how people were using BDs and DVDs in your generation, youngin.
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Man, Naga is such a stereotype. I don't think any anime girl will ever have bigger boobs.

Her sister is superior.
Southeast Asian pirate, pls go.
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Is this for real? It's not big. It fits right in with the rest of my music.
Short answer, video quality. It was FAR better video quality than VHS or even BETAmax.
The drawbacks weren't the physical size. They were that each side of the disc only held 30 minutes worth of video, so a two-hour movie meant two discs and you had to stop and flip the disc or swap discs every 30 minutes. Of course this runtime worked great with episodic media like anime.
Also, the cost. My LD player than I bought in 1991 cost about 800 bucks. And that was a bargain. That's the equivalent to almost 1500 bucks today.
Girl or boy, though.

Because it was the first video based disk system. Its like asking why anyone would ever use huge 32mm film when VHS exists. Because 32mm film existed 50 years before VHS.

By comparison, the transition from Laserdisk to DVD was ridiculously fast.
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size comparison.jpg
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DVD was ridiculously cheap(comparatively), held far more data and time, and began the revolution of having a menu for special features, multiple audio tracks, optional subtitles, chapter selection, bonus features like behind-the-scenes of making-of featurettes. Not to mention previews that you didn't HAVE to watch first.
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Only oldfags know what lemons are.
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Sakura is both the best loli and best mahou shoujo, prove me wrong faggots!

pro tip Meiling a shit
Sounds like a party.

But DVD came after Laserdisk. So its obvious why it was an improvement to LDs. Just like CDs are superior to Records.
>Not to mention previews that you didn't HAVE to watch first.

Shit that hits the nostalgia bone damn hard, I enjoyed those a lot.
File: 1381876902840.gif (2MB, 375x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kid's React to... Technology!

This episode... Laser Discs!
You're rapidly becoming one of my most hated trips
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>Not to mention previews that you didn't HAVE to watch first.

Clearly you never watched a Disney DVD.

>preview starts
>hit main menu
>"The option you have selected cannot be chosen at this time."

It also happened on tons of anime DVDs. Fuck ADV.
>Just like CDs are superior to Records.
Not in terms of longevity, though.

Then again, the music industry did that on purpose, the fucking bastards.
That was my point. That DVD could do everything LD did and better, cheaper, faster and smaller.
Eh, by the time they came out on video, the previews were all outdated.
Especially the ones advertising "Coming soon to theaters!"
I miss them too. Honey I Shrunk the Kids just isn't the same without that damn Dick Tracy trailer.
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