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>one infinite consciousness
>All are expressions of one
>we are all interconnected
>our density is near ready for graduation
>the most important lesson is to love, unconditionally
>time is infinite, have no fear
>as many lifetimes as your soul deems necessary

Ayy lmao

hey /X/, let's have a discussion!
We all know the gov't is going to tell us about ETs eventually...don't let it stop there! After an "official" disclosure, we should ramp up the power to demand the full truth of their activities and crimes against humanity. Many of the /X/ phenomena can be explained by these criminals.

They're going to throw money at you and give you tech and say "sorry for holding out on you guys for several decades and subsequently thousands of years in the grand scheme of things..

The Draco, interstellar reptilian bad asses most feared in the galaxy, and WE'RE stuck. But so are they. our solar currently has a barrier around it so no craft can leave. Many of the Draco left but some are stuck here with some of their other lower castes. They wanted to cut everyone below them in exchange to leave. This has caused an infighting between the evil syndicate factions we call caballuminati. Disclosure will come and whistleblowers will come out thinking they know it all but really these evil people use compartmentalization all the time.

>Tl;dr - when the gubmint says there are aliums, we can't say yes and swallow everything they give, we have to discern and demand more, the full ugly truth that maybe many would not be able to handle. But we must...

Pic is fractal, like all of us
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Is this information hazard general?
Disinfo the post
Not sure I get you, so no..? This is what I consider to be true, judge for yourself

Anything else I can answer?
You are free to believe what you will, but at least greentxt what you consider to be disinfo
weak shill?
>In the galaxy and WE'RE stuck with them*
Yes, but it may be inner earth beings creating the barrier. I believe it keeps other species out and shuts off hazardous missiles. Where'd you get the ideas that dracos are leaving? Theyre here along with 12 other species, in plain sight.
Its just that our feeble minds are easily manipulated to convince us that the alien we see is just a random person.
Allegedly by entities of a higher density than we or the inner earth people put up the shield, but they took it down in the first place to lure in the Draco as a honey trap. Now they will be held accountable for their deeds, their sheep herd they consider stupid on the surface may finally see how deep and grand this experiment was.

I paraphrased, so your judgement call..

You may may be right, hopefully they tell us, and if there is no mention, we demand it and force it
I really think Wilcock is a shill. Sort of mk-ultra slave believing at his own lies. Discernment.

Yeah yeah we all know about David Wilcock.

Let's be real though. What's his deal. He was so sure of 2012. Moreso than any other new ager. Even more sure of it than McKenna with his timewave zero.

And nothing happened, at least not anything noticeable.

Tbh, it seems to me he's really been making it up as he goes along since 2012. I think he thought something would really happen. Disclosure or "Ascension".

I don't fully discount Wilcock. He has a well-developed worldview. It's just...something is off.

Even if he's telling the truth, it all seems pre-programmed.

And then a lot of his insiders...like Corey Goode, it just seems like such BS. I want to believe, but man..I dunno.
Draco's aren't the only scum all aliens are rapists.

I suggest everybody train because its humanity vs all
Unconditional love is dumb.

You going to love a fucking rapist? If you do when the time comes you will be killed also.
>>one infinite consciousness
>>All are expressions of one
>>we are all interconnected
This, I can get behind
>>our density is near ready for graduation
Um... explain? Are you sure density is the word you want to use here?
>>the most important lesson is to love, unconditionally
I would have to disagree on this. Unconditional love doesn't exist outside of very tight bonds, and even then, I'm sure most people have conditions to stop loving them. I'd stop loving my own mother if I found out, for example, that she sacrificed babies on an altar to some elder god or some shit.
I would propose that the most important lesson would be to recognize both love and hate as equally significant parts of ourselves.
>>time is infinite, have no fear
>>as many lifetimes as your soul deems necessary
I can see this too.

As for the rest of your post, yeah, I believe in the possibility of aliens (pic related), but...

>The Draco, interstellar reptilian bad asses most feared in the galaxy, and WE'RE stuck. But so are they. our solar currently has a barrier around it so no craft can leave. Many of the Draco left but some are stuck here with some of their other lower castes. They wanted to cut everyone below them in exchange to leave. This has caused an infighting between the evil syndicate factions we call caballuminati. Disclosure will come and whistleblowers will come out thinking they know it all but really these evil people use compartmentalization all the time.
Where the hell do you get these ideas?
File: 1449573309290.png (3 MB, 1500x1840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1500x1840
forgot the pic. derp
Love the human being for itself and it's infinite potential.
Even though there are temporary blockades to good reason.

Rapist or not, define the word the way you want it.
I call many of those beloved gouvernment officials rapists aswell.
For all I know, many people sacrifice more than just their lives to keep those rapists well and going.
Then who am I as a single man to go against such a judgement?

And before we go into what unconditional love actually means I'd say we get a grip on our reasons, so that we can actually become able to decide not only what is good for ourselfes individualy, but for our whole commonality.
>And before we go into what unconditional love actually means

it's pretty self explanatory. Unconditional love is literally loving without conditions.
There is love with a lover case l.
And there is Love with an upercase L.

Unconditional Love is conscious Love. Love based on understanding.
Love based on emotion cannot be unconditional, because that love that we talk about here is already the condition.
So how can one love unconditionaly when my emotions love today and hate tomorrow?
Ask, can I remain objective? Can anyone?
There is a possibility. But to actualize this possibility it takes some effort.

What do you want to talk about unconditional love nowadays where we are again so close to another World War?
Allegedly problems everywhere. Everyone against everyone.
What time could there be for the cultivation of such a thing as Unconditional Love?
And I say cultivation, because none here is able to love without conditions if he lives life like a leaf in the wind.

>rapist or not

Kill yourself
>being a hypocrite online

You are an ABSOLUTE idiot that will definitely not "make it".

Oh its okay we'll love the rapist because the universe is infinite.

Meanwhile I'll be HATING the rapist for the exact same reason exercising my godly golden free will.

Just because there are positive aspects to living this fucking garbage life does not give you reason to love a rapist, in his infiniteness he is wicked and wrong, chooses to spend eternity ruining souls.

So anyways fuck you go die.
And that is why I hardly go on here to discuss anymore.

You're just going to pick a few words from what I've said, reconstruct it to your liking and go out to bring jihad to everyone whoms nose you do not like.
Allthewhile bedeviling those evil rapists.

Your hate won't make them go away. Never did.
So what are you going to do? Kill them? Sure makes you the better person. In your head maybe.
Jail them?
You already do that so why even complain?

What is the real problem here? That you cannot get enough expressing your hate for something that has never been in your hands in the first place?

Furthermore you completely outmanouvered what I have said about unconditional love just to get your point of hate across.
Hate is also a condition. Far from being unconditional, right?
So why are you talking about it? Because you can't help it.

There's contradiction in everything you do and you don't even see it. So what are you gonna do? Nothing.

Massive wall of text no data in your post.

Rapist loving scum I would shit talk right to your ugly face in real life.
File: 1396774841357.jpg (27 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not taking a look at your own post before posting
Yep. I'm on /x/.

>rapist loving scum
>tries to rape me with words

You're weak.

Loving rape is weak.
File: 1438612059802.gif (1 MB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x300
>you're weak
Derailing discussions because of an inherited and unattended inability to do it properly isn't weak at all, right?

It's always coming down to the same shit with you guys and you actually ask yourself why there are people out there who just don't care if they happen to hit you on their school shooting spree?

Do you think anybody out there really cares?
You gotta turn of the news for a second and step outside to see it.

Preaching morality left and right while manufacturing prime factors for more and more imorality is indeed the real problem.
So maybe redirect every rapist out there to your adress. Would be alot more beneficial considering that we could get rid of two problems at once.

Just stop you fucking idiot.
Why? Because you are bothered by it?
Then you have no place here in the first place.
If you are struggling against discussions on a board for discussion then you clearly are the problem.

And if this is the way to get rid of the problem, then I may aswell help myself and not stop.

You should stop because you're nothing but a rambling idiot.
Now tell me about yourself.

why is it that any time someone wants to talk about hippie philosophy here they have to attach some sort of unfounded bollocks about aliens, conspiracies, reptiles and other tinfoil hat bullshit to it to completely discredit it. Psychotics like you people make actual trippy people look bad
>pointing fingers
>it's all about the looks guys
No need to save face, you've never had one to begin with.
this thread is a fucking train wreck. i'm going back to trying to bone my tulpa

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Density is realm of consciousness, we are in the third, the third chakra, individualizations. We must calm the egos and learn to love and forgive. Def not easy we all learn to hate through divide and conquer.. The next density is the fourth, the heart chakra.
Earth has 25000 year cycles in third density for use to reincarnate and learn until a "harvest/graduation"
I will post source if inquired.

As for Draco, the royal upper caste can be all white, 14 ft tall, vestigial tail and wings that don't support their weight. They work with insectoids, and also use a heavy amount of nanites. Nano bots, AI that keeps them alive almost forever. they claimed to be top of the pyramid but it seems they may be AI worshippers. The lucifer complex
Love is the understanding that this density of chance and gambling doesn't matter, we are all equal players in this game, we all have divine power. Forgiveness is not easy to give to those that have wronged, but we must not lower ourselves to their level and be like them, giving the same hate they've been teaching us. Not easy, I know. All wars are done on purpose to keep our vibratory states low in fear and so we are divided and conquered
Up to you to believe anon, it is YOUR choice to manifest the reality you want to believe. Don't take my word or anyone's word, do your own research and discern everything. Only you can save yourself!
I only ask to negate emotional reaction all bias if you don't vibe with it. If it turns out it's true, don't be traumatized...anything in life is possible..
Refer to
Your opinions are valid if that's what you really believe. I hope we get the best no matter who ends up being right..
Yeah, it's definitely getting wilder and wilder. But doesn't that possibility excite you? If life is just an experience with divine planning we can't see, we should just enjoy it in love, right? Anyway, I hope whatever you guys choose to believe works out for you guys. Peace be with you
how would I not notice a being that's more than twice my height? or do reptilian overlords all play basketball?

Love is give and take: when do I get to probe a grey?
you don't see them, they are the upper levels of the pyramid, they don't care about us cattle.
apparently henry kissinger is good butt buddies with these guys. ayy lmao.
as for tall basketball people, just shows humans come in variety and there should be no shock if we see different colours of the rainbows in skin hues and varying heights.
up to you!
love is to enjoy all your experiences and look back on them as a positive life lesson, and to give as much love as you can while expecting the least return. the society we have been raise in has taught us to compete and be top dog at the expense of others. we need a new way of living that encourages love and compassion for all so we don't have problems. indeed it won't be a simple overnight thing.
Aliens in disguise would be able to have sexual intercourse, but would they be barren by human standards? Is there any tell to their disguise apart from general awareness and pattern recognition?

Even now the voices are shrieking in my head. They say "Get to work!"
lmao, if they're willing to get with a human, they may not have high standards. many of them think of us as scum. it seems theres no way to tell, best of luck if you're having relations with some ET poontang
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Our interconnectivity is based on our origins.
as one we come from and that we seek to return to <3
File: 2015 - 1.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015 - 1.gif
2 MB, 400x225
You want to return from something to nothing?
Nothing is something which is all. Which we will one day reach.
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"God" is an unknown entity. The universe is it's mind with signals and thoughts manifesting and being destroyed.
Our existence is a thought or a theory, like a story writer creating the names and lives of their fictional characters.
We all exist in its mind if it created an after life for his idea then we can never really die, if not, then our death is permanent.
We do truly exist however and should find a way to contact this being or escape from our mental prison of existence.
This reality is only a fraction of the real reality of our one "God" consciousness. We are collective conscious in a co creative reality. Our contact can be established through searching within
What'll really blow your minds is when you realize we're actually living in the 18th century.
Sat, Feb 13, 1713
>Its just that our feeble minds are easily manipulated to convince us that the alien we see is just a random person.

Anybody know a way of being able to see them, something like the glasses in 'They Live' ?
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>Dubs confirm

I already knew it. Them powers that be time traveled to the past and took ultra advanced technology to appear as gods to the first men on earth.
Thats how all the megalithic ruins and the stories about gods descending to the planet came to be.

The timeline was shifted.
Not really. Some may have tech to change their appearance to others. Some already look like us. Some are hiding because there's no way they would go unnoticed. You can develop your intuition and your mind may be able to feel out the different vibes. Some of them will be able to read some of our thoughts though so if you go around screaming mentally maybe you'll catch unsuspected attention.

Start to believe, look out for synchronicities and keep looking at the sky, in due time we shall see all.. Peace be with you

It does somewhat excite me...but it also seems like bullshit sometimes to distract us from actually doing the work to improve our world.

Also in my case I gave myself severe brain damage with mdma and can no longer feel pleasure at all really, so life pretty much sucks all the time even when I try to be positive and tell myself it's okay. desu if I could just jerk off or have sex I'd be happy. So, for me, it's hard to get worked up or excited about things when it feels like I already condemned myself through my own actions.
Time travel is dependent on the conscious beliefs of the traveller. Our beliefs alter our perceived personal reality timeline, so two solo time travelers will not get the identical same past. In the infinite scheme of possibilities anything big or small could be different.

Time travel has definitely been around for at least a century. Hopefully a full disclosure reveals all this
>distract us from helping the world
Helping the world begins with ourselves, to be as positive and kumbaya until it amplifies with other people. If we really are a connected consciousness, the least we can do is keep the faith and literally embody the change we want to see. We can do it anon, you can do it! Even if it's nothing like what DW and CG say, there's no doubt if we work on ourselves and work to raise awareness of our fuck up world, we will build a great future.. That is the most we can fall back to before the doubt of conspiracies creep in..
The day we are free, I'll blaze you up and down M with a shot. All will be well, we will make it well. Peace be with you
I refuse to allow another 1776 world order cement before us... In unity we shall beat our manipulators

>blaze you up and down M with a shot

what on earth do you mean by that?

Idk, after my bad experience I had a complete revolution in values. Perhaps all this talk to make us more "peaceful" is really just a psyop to make us weak so another nation or extraterrestrial power could more easily take over us.

Like...why are all these New Age people based out of Los Angeles? Why is no one in New York or Chicago or anywhere else? Why is it always fucking Los Angeles. That alone just makes me think it's Hollywood bullshit on a massive scale. Not trying to be cynical, but it's hard not to be sometimes.

I want a peaceful world more than anyone, but not if it means I have to allow evil to trample over me in the name of peace.
>smoke you on green and down a Molly with alcohol
>but I changed my mind on the last two lmao

we can be peaceful with each other, but we still have the option to want heads to roll when we see all the evil elite. I have learned to be loving and forgiving, but I definitely don't want the cabal free off the hook with no consequence. It's hard to not want them burned at the steak, but I don't want anyone to die anymore.
Hopefully we as a whole can decide the appropriate actions to take when necessary..
Your doubt and suspicion is well placed, we have many things to throw us off the right track. But the most important thing is working on ourselves anyway right.?

West coast has always been resonant with this vibe. Some think Mt Shasta is the root chakra of Earth. Who knows. We gotta make sure we get our freedom
Also, now is the first time that things on a global scale seem to be moving somewhere that may actually be good for humanity. So even though 2012 didn't happen as expected, may the journey continue until we finally experience a shift and learn the answers, through a cosmic event or death..

dude molly + alcohol is the worst possible drug combination you can do. It's what gave me brain damage. Srsly I want to kill myself every day don't do it
Damn, I was told it was fine and gets you up faster. Thank you for the warning.
Don't kill yourself though, all the negative feelings will amplify as we get
closer to the finish line!


No, check out this study. The ethanol reduces energy to the brain while MDMA makes your serotonin go on overdrive, the result being that your brain can't process things and begins to shut down.

It's almost 6 months of this for me with no recovery.

Hoping psilocybin will help regenerate serotonin but it's not a guarantee at all.
How about meditation? All these articles and studies about altering our body and DNA through the mind.. if we hold all the power within I am confident you can achieve it!!

I understand you may be suffering from something another anon cannot help with, but I hope it all works out for you..
What if we are the future aliums? I won't discount any possibility of intelligent life visiting us, but what if we just had a bit of a head start? Time and distance being a great factor in the probability of communication between planets, what if there just hasn't been enough time for an ACTUAL aylmo to touch down yet?

Also, Dracos?
That definitely doesn't sound made up at all.
It is a possibility, that would totally rewrite history even as the alternative community as sees. Though if time and distance are not a thing to a being that has full conscious power, then we are in store for some crazy truths...

As for Dracos, judge for yourself, there is much dis and misinformation out there about "reptiles" but few take in that reptile hominids are just as plentiful as the varying humans the surface. So if you believe in ET life, you should believe any animal and physical attribute for a bipedal hominid to be possible SOMEWHERE out there in the infinite universe...
People can't even get over racism though, adjusting to rainbow coloured beings will not be easy for many lol.
File: 18lrbt43y16jijpg.jpg (39 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Phantom time hypothesis.
what is time but an illusion
time inside time.
time inside time?
Time is like ouroboros, infinite and cyclical, a torus of time space. The serpent eating it's tail and moving around in a circle over and over passing through cycle of time
MFW "burned at the steak" is not a typo but means that eating cows is heresy and people ought burn for it.
File: 5V80sCw.gif (260 KB, 250x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 250x194
7th century priests/church decided to change the date from 611ad to 914ad suddenly. In this way they could rule up to the millennium.
300 years had to then be made up, written fiction. Those three centuries never actually happened. It's still the 18th century, Dec 21 2012 / the end of the Mayan calendar isn't for another three hundred years.
that's one of the beliefs on x? damn..
inside time inside time...
This board has quantitatively greater beliefs than any other board on this site.

Wouldn't there be a way to prove this with Star Maps or something like that? There has to be some evidence that it's not the time we think it is if you're correct.

Wouldn't we know exactly where the stars were 2000 years ago? Theoretically we should be able to find measurements from back then and compare them to today.
protip he's not correct, the people who forwarded this theory are shitty at math, and the people who want to believe it dont want to read the explanation.
>Unconditional love is dumb
Fine, then don't have kids, they require that from you.

>You going to love a fucking rapist? If you do when the time comes you will be killed also.

Where the fuck did that come from? You must live a very angry and terrifying life to immediately jump to that as a solid argument, in fact, that you said it and how you said it says a lot about you.

Let me ask you a question would you love-
Whores, Pimps, Politicians, Thieves, Liars, Murderers, Criminally Insane, Racists, Bigots, Hypocrites, Cannibals? the list goes on.

Your free will is an extension of your fragile ego.
Kids require unconditional acceptance. Love won't get you a healthy and balanced psyche.
A higher being may argue otherwise
File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Leave Wilcock alone! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

He's a human being damnit!

Sure he messed up 2012 but he still is pretty educated on the pineal gland and secret space program, illuminati, federal reserve, aliens, higher dimensions, law of one, and more shit.

He also still thinks 2012 will happen but this time it's scheduled for 2017. He can't possibly miss twice!
"You are a spark of the one great original Thought of the infinite
Creator. Say that the Creator, in its infinity, in its impossibility of
being described, is a vibration. You have that original vibration,
which is unconditional love, as the basis of every cell of your being.
Without that Thought of love has nothing been made that is made." LO1

this anon agrees.. waiting on a new article.
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