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Alchemy Black/Grey/White
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I've been learning about hermetics and esoterica for a short while and was wondering... can someone explain to me how in a unified perspective there is no black and white? I mean it is just really hard to understand the concept of no good and evil, especially if you have subscribe to some form or morals. Where does this perspective put the Golden Rule? I'm especially interested in the perspective from Christian Alchemists and Alchemists who prefer to work in the darker realm. I'll be back and forth from the computer while cooking dinner.
Salutations anon, an welcome to the fascinating world of alchemy and hermeticism! I've been reading the written material for quite some time now and it never ceases to amaze me. I still haven't fully decoded the mystery, but I have made great progress. Many say they have, but watch out for scammers and deluded people. In particular watch out for modern occultists who try to attribute modern ideas to the ancient texts.

Now as to your question it sounds like modern occultism to me. There was no question of relativizing morals to the ancient alchemists, specially the Christian ones, for which prayer and holiness were prerequisites for the great work. But if I'm wrong please rephrase your question.

Drop modern occultists and start again from the beginning, from Hermes, and work your way up to Raymond Lull and Paracelsus. Keep in mind that Pernety was the last bona fide westerner to write about alchemy until the advent of the traditionalist school (Evola and Burckhardt have written good books on the subject with the least amount of concoction).

Good luck in your journey.
to provide the counterpoint to this anon (who knows their shit)

Be also cautious not to discard all modern work simply because it is modern and not ancient.

>In particular watch out for modern occultists who try to attribute modern ideas to the ancient texts.
While this is very true, and you should be mindful of your sources, what is more important is to be mindful of their message.

To adress your primary concern about a unified perspective not containing a black and white, you are refering to the hermetic principle of polarity and its ramifications on morality and ethics.

The takeaway here is that there are "black" and "white" however they are idealized and conceptual poles on the scale of grey. Any individual point on that scale is going to have a hard time telling where it is in relation to anything else. This is especially true in absolute scales like 'good' and 'evil' where essentially the scale is an infinite set.

Without hard and defined polarity, basically every act can be seen as either "more good" or "more evil" than another act based on the viewpoint of the observer.

Hermetic thought is saying that in order to have a truly unified perspective, you need to be aware of that fact since focusing on one, or the other polarity will blind you to your position.
You need to see the whole scale.

To me, this has little effect on the golden rule since the golden rule states that you should treat others the way you wish to be treated. No matter where you are within the infinite set then, this will bring people towards your position.

Hermetic alchemy would probably ammend the golden rule to say instead "You will tend to be treated by others, as you have treated them" you are moving their vibrations towards your own position in the infinite set.

This works both ways and you should be mindful of that... since while this may work to make people "more evil" than you, behave "more good" to you... It can also bring people who are "more good" than you, down in vibration to your position. So be mindful still of how you treat others, AND how others are treating you, so that you do not permit your own position to change from where you want to be.
I'll haphazardly give it a shot. Black and white are two ends of a spectrum that has an unspecified amount of ends.
I am not into alchemy,but ill try to answer your question.
Is grey white? no.
Is grey black? no.
It cant be "both" because it isnt black neither white.
grey is just fake,grey is the kid thats trying to do everything.

Good ? Bad ?
Whats good? and whats bad ?
Are you black if you are gray? no.
Are you white if you are gray? no.
Grey is whats showing you both perspectives,not fully and thats why at the same time it creates a new one.Thats not good or bad,but its nothing new.

Black White
Good Bad
these are just 2 sides,nothing else.
And grey is fake.Grey is the problem.Grey is the one that confuse,the one thats trying to be the "right" one yet he is wrong.
We are all grey,thats why we arent perfect.
You see, in everything that exists in the universe, there are certain poles: + and -, positive and negative, fire and water, feminie and masculine, you name it.

The same way, there is darkness and there is light, and yet none of it is "good" or "evil", as those terms are human concepts. The universe does not know "good" and "evil".

Both concepts are from the same source, the first ultimate infinite creator, the source of all being, who expressed himself through this universe. Everything that exist, every single thing that there is - add it together, and the sum of it will be the first infinite creator. All the Gods that exist, evil AND good ones, are part of the original source.

Furthermore, both sides have certain duties and are important, even the darkness. You don't want neccessarily have underworld entities in your home, just as you wouldn't want ants and worms in your home, and yet they serve certain purposes within the universe, although I am yet not sure which exactly.

In that sense there IS "black and white", its just that neither is good nor bad, rather just neutral mechanisms that work certain ways.

I hope that made sense
Well there is a lot of things that are "gray". Essentially everything falls under gray because we're all on a gradiant from black to white and some people are more evil than others and some are more good than others. Really only inhuman and ethereal beings can be pure white and pure black but then trying to distinguish any kind of gods, or exquisite being's moralities with binary colors isnt doing justice. I suppose gray is just the essence of being with no prejudice or preference. Not balance but making sure the cycle of reaction and response continue.
There is no black or white for higher beings. There is nothing but black and white for humans

Dark is the absence of light. All amount of light is a single spectrum from some to more. Darkness is a human dualistic illusion.

Same with heat. There is no cold. Just a spectrum of how warm.

No evil, just how much good.

Duality is for fuckboys.
What has brought you to this conclusion?
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