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What are mirrors?
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What are mirrors?
Do you have any paranormal experiences with mirrors?
What paranormal "powers" do mirrors possess?
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It was believed that at the end of seven years each cell in the body had been replaced by another newer one. ( I know, brain cells don't do this. I'm just repeating what the omnipresent THEY said).. So at the end of 7 years you were sorta someone else. Thus when you broke a mirror with your image in it at the end of seven years you were someone else and the damage to you done by breaking your image was past. Note this is why you come of age at 21, a multiple of seven, and after you passed the 'dangerous' age of 13 you're not a kid anymore, because then you were the multiple of seven 14.
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From the SANDMAN mythos:

Despair of The Endless lives behind mirrors. Those wishing to honor her keep a room in their homes that is free of all furnishings. Her cold, damp realm is of grey fog with mirrors floating about, through these she watches. Her familiars are rats, her sigil a hooked ring.
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>Do you have any paranormal experiences with mirrors?

Yes, whenever I look into the mirror, there's a person who looks back, keeps staring at me and it gets creepier and creepier
That... no.

The mirror folklore predates the knowledge of cells by multiple centuries. Stop being wrong.

At east be wrong in an interesting way. What the hell.

When I was 8 I was shopping with my mother at walmart. I looked in a mirror by chance as we went past it, and then my memory... stops. I have no idea what I saw in that mirror, but my next memory is my mother shaking me because I was screaming inconsolably, still staring at the mirror.

Shit freaks me out.

Unrelatedly, if you can lucid dream and you ever happen to see a mirror, try going through it. Sometimes it works and you'll end up in pretty interesting dreamscapes. I've actually trained myself so even if I'm not lucid and don't realize it's a dream, I'll go through mirrors on reflex.
can you elaborate

No one knew your hair grew or skin repaired itself until about a hundred years ago.
What happens when you look at a mirror in a dream?
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>What are mirrors?
A sheet of polished glass laid over top a sheet of silver
How can mirrors be real if our eyes arent real?
I looked in the mirror once and saw Jake Gyllenhaal.

>mfw I forgot that I was Jake Gyllenhaal.
They didn't know how it did that, and no one knew 'cells' existed, much less 'replaced' themselves. Stop trolling.
every time I lucid dream I try to look at mirrors and all I see is my body with a black hole instead of my face
I did when I was lucid dreaming
I saw nothing
Before he died, my dad had a serious thing about hanging mirrors on opposite walls facing each other.
He couldn't stand it. When I asked him why, he would never give me a clear answer. He just said something to the effect of "it's a stupid thing to do."
Keep in mind my father was extremely sensitive to paranormal phenomena. He saw ghosts and experienced strange activity all throughout his life.
>inb4 schizophrenic
Nothing he saw scared or bothered him. He wouldn't even mention it unless I pushed him to, but I know he would hold back on a lot of the details because he didn't want me to be frightened.
Back to the subject of mirrors though. There was a definite spike in paranormal activity in our house when my mom decided to hang two big ass mirrors on opposing walls several years ago to the point where he took them down after two weeks.
He always talked shit to my grandmother for having them up that way in her house as well.

I'll go into more detail about what happened while the mirrors were up if this thread ends up going anywhere. I have lots of stories.

have also looked in a mirror in a lucid dream. however, i was "trapped" in this dream at the time. kept waking up in the same strange room, totally lucid.
there was a mirror on the wall next to the bed in this room and when i looked in it i did see myself, i just looked a bit different. probably a physical projection of self-image i can only imagine. i looked really disheveled, hair standing on end, worn etc. generally different but still recognizably me. nothing else too shocking about it that i can remember.
Wow. Stop fixating on the word 'cell' if it triggers you so badly.

The idea was that as parts of a whole were replaced after a while it was debatable if the thing was the same as the original. See link. It was an old paradox, applied to many things included living beings.


So as you aged and grew SOME MYSTERIOUS SOMETHING OR ANOTHER in you changed. ( is that better? )

Perhaps you have another explanation for the seven years period.
Yes please
I think he believed it opened up some kind of portal, but that's just my guess. Again, I'm not sure as he always gave me vague answers when I asked questions regarding the paranormal. He knew much more than he told me.
Shortly after my mom put those mirrors up he, my sister and I had just finished watching TV and were heading to bed. They left me alone in the living room to turn out the lights. Just as I switched off the last light, I turned around and instantly it was like the breath was knocked out of me. I couldn't take a step forward because there was something standing directly in front of me.
I could barely see it in the dark, but I could feel it. It's difficult to describe. It was shorter than me, and for a brief second I couldn't move. It dissipated almost as soon as I saw it. I ran to my bed, but I hardly slept that night.
The next day I told my dad about it. All he said was, "Was it short?"
I had left that detail out.
That was a week before the mirrors came down.

Our house was built in the 1920's, and he had always speculated that a child died there. He spoke more of it years later before he passed because he got to be kind of senile during his last months.
my dad allways said the same thing he said it made a portal to hell
bumping this thread
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The symbol for the planet Venus is a hand mirror.

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Video on how mirrors work:

A superstition I grew up hearing from my mom was to never hang two mirrors facing each other from across the room because it creates a "portal" for spirits/demons/beings to cross through.

>be me when I was 18
>chilling in my friends basement
>he told me he would be right back to take a shit
>i was sitting on the couch minding my own business
>all of a sudden I feel this dark presence mind you his basement is full of mirrors on every wall
>I look at the spot which I feel the being looking at me from
>then I think i'm being paranoid and try to shrug it off and look back down to my phone
>as im looking at my phone i feel the feeling of dread growing and surrounding me
>my eyes fly to every mirror on the opposite side of where the being is standing and I felt his eyes on every mirror watching me at the same time (don't know why I said his but he seemed like a male)
>I grabbed my shit and flew to his garage where his dogs were
>mfw my friend came back from his atomic dump and told me that he feels the same presence and times and he's been touched by something in the basement recently
Seems like your friends ghost has a rapey vibe to him
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>My house is haunted by the spirit of some girl.
>Ive always felt the presence of a girl in my downstairs area in my home.
>I've never spoken of her to any of my friends. She feels to be a bit shorter than me I'm 5'11. She is 5'6 give or take.
>One day my friend comes over were chilling with my older bro in the kitchen. Talking shits.
>We get into the topic of spirituality after telling each other to get our pssy game up.
>although were not super religious or anything. Friends a bit douchey but very cool.
>My friend randomly tells me.
>I saw something the other day on the glass padio door in your kitchen.
>It looked like a girl.
>I looked at him and asked if he could describe her.
>he couldn't tell me much because it looked like a silouhette but he said she was not to tall just a bit shorter than I am.
>he also tells me he feels a weird vibe from one of the corners in my house. >Points it out. Its the same corner I usually feel the presence from.
I have felt the feeling of dread you're talking about before

Is this usually something that accompanies a paranormal presence?
it was the first and last time i've felt that presence and it was so overwhelming that just typing about it makes me relive the intense feeling. I wonder if it that dread comes with a paranormal presence that isn't exactly "safe"
It's something I'm really interested in. and I can also clearly recall the feeling
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A friend of mine had a mirror in his room. A tall, thin kind of mirror that has its own stand.
So he says a specter has been visiting him late at night recently. I told him I wanted to see it, proof that he wasn't bullshitiing me. We decide I would stay over at his house.
We watch tv and talk shit about spooks untill about 2:40am and he says lets turn off everything and wait.

His room has glass windows, with white curtains. And the light outside shines in so the room wasnt completely dark.

As soon as the clock hits 3am, I shit you not, the room starts getting darker and colder, real fast.
So dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, but I could still look at the window and see the light shining in.
I tell him I believe him now, and im exited as fuck. He tells me to look where the mirror is. And to my surprise I could clearly see a silhouette darker than black. Like a hooded figure that faded into nothing from the legs down. Kinda looked like pic related

It was sideways to me. It moved a few 'steps' and turned 90 to look directly at me. Turned back again. Moved thru the wall. And after a few minutes came back thru another wall. Did the turning thing again then dissappeared into the mirror. Thats when the room went back to normal.

Awesome shit.. Later on the specter appeared to me again in his house but without the darkness.

Also fuck greentext
Ask the ghost out on a date. If you're as awful with women as I am she'd be out of your house that very day.
> Reflective surface.
> A novel's worth at least
> Reflection is it's primary use. Which make's them very useful to spiritualists. And almost useless to people who do not buy into such things.

However, if the link is made through a trick or illusion, the effect between the mirror, the trickster and the fellow in the middle can be remarkable. Hence the novel's worth of paranormal.

I came here for years and played a wonderful game with /x/. We had lot's of fun but then life snatched me away...

Anyway, More or less this is the game we played.

With some minor adjustments made by a friendly fellow. I'd be happy to answer any questions on that.
holy shit, I was just thinking about you earlier today :O How are you doing? I really miss seeing you around here.
A piece of glass silvered on one side.
>I think he believed it opened up some kind of portal

I'm inclined to agree. Especially after your story. Shit is bad business you don't fuck with if especially if you believe.

My mother wanted to set up mirrors in the same way and I convinced her not to because of that bad mojo.
Mirrors are scrying tools and can assist in opening Portals/Gateways as well as seeing 'Unseen' forces.
As well as your standard reflective surface tool.
>Whole family are multi-generational Freemasons.
>They all believe in magic and have practiced for centuries.
>Dad one night at 3 am wants to show me a magic trick with our big family mirror.
>He takes normal line paper from his notebook and tears a piece out. He folds it in half, then writes "Choice" after muttering in Latin.
>Hands me the paper and says to look in the mirror with it.
>I can read the words perfectly in the mirror, no horizontal flip
>Dad just walks away without another word and puts on a cup of tea.
>He asks if I am a Tolkein fan still, and asks if I remember the Palantír.
>After I say yes, he tells me to not be afraid of what looks back, but to be mindful of it.
>He goes off to bed.
>Never talks about it again.

stfu jake gyllenhaal im tired of your shit
In a word, busy. There's this Field my family own's out in the swamps, And I've been getting a group out there for a camping experiment.

Things have escalated since my first foray into this game. I'll be posting the results of my new experiment in the following months.

Other then that, sick and drunk. In that order.

I'm glad things have picked up on /x/ though.
I came here to post that. Beat me to it. Oh well
What looked back?
It's a comic book broh
No mirrors, but reflections yes. Only once though
>never hang two mirrors facing each other

Doing that creates an infinite reflection, a tunnel of mirrors that has no end.
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Despair notes your disdain.
Back to bed /co/nrad.

Or i'll start posting witchdoctor and all the classic Constantine comics. Forcing you to stay up and read them all night!
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I remember finding a mirror in a drawer when I was young. There was a crack in it that I could move with my finger. Sounds dumb but It was very strange.
It just wasn't the same without you here. It's awesome you're doing well, and I'm super excited to see what new spoopy things you've got for us. I hope you get over your illness soon,maybe eat something special and delicious to feel better :D

btw, has anyone tried to do enochian magic in a room completely filled with mirrors? I think I might try something if no one has.
It'd be worth seeing, But as far as a room filled with mirrors go you'd be surprised how hard it is to line them up properly. That's like, 5 hours of my life wasted to setting up mirrors in the woods.

Honestly the sickness is probably some horrible swamp amoeba or something. Well, We'll see how things pan out for us soon.

Meanwhile i'll try and do a thread sometime in the next few weeks if i manage to get any sleep. Fun time's ahead for us all.
That's just creepy
Rrrrrrrrrrape ghost!
Tape together 2 mirrors againts each other, without leaving any space between them. I know you can't see, but what are they reflecting?
My house is weird as fuck. When I moved in there were 4 mirrors, a mirror in the small bathroom facing the mirror in the livingroom, and the mirror in the larger bathroom facing the mirror in my room. after a while of some weird shit going on I took the mirror in my room down, but I cant do anything about the other in the livingroom, its part of the wall
never line the inside of a box with mirrors. bad juju my friends
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Thread images: 18
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