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2/7/16 is day #88 past 11/11/15. Let me also mention that it is 44 days before 3/22/16 (322) and 44 days past the Christmas full moon

The first and last blood moons of the tetrad are 88 weeks (rounded down) and 88 days respectively to Christmas day and the full moon. Now get this; from the exact time of the first blood moon eclipse of the tetrad on 4/14/14 to just after 1 AM UT on Christmas day it is 88 weeks, 88 hours, 88 minutes, and 88 seconds. (Not to mention we got a full moon on xmas, yay?!?)

>In the occult it has been stated that the number 8 is the key to open a dimensional doorway.

Also, 2/7/2016: 2+7=9, 2+0+1+6=9,
9+9=18, 1+8=9.

>Remember Bullinger says that 9 is the number of finality or judgment.

>2/7/16 is the last day of the Chinese year of the Sheep, 2/8/16 is the Chinese New Years day and is the first day of year of the fire monkey. In fact at the time of the Super Bowl it will already be New Years day—2/8/16—In China.

The 2015 Economist cover featured a double faced moon. The Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar. Could the double faced moon signify the day of the Chinese New year when one year ends and another begins. Notice that right below the moon is what looks to be a missile and nuclear explosion and that the football points to the explosion.

Comment so far?

>inb4 the Superbowl connection will be added...
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2/7/16 is also the day of Super Bowl 50 between the Broncos and Panthers. In the past some Super Bowl half time shows have contained predictive programming regarding future catastrophic events. This year Coldplay and Beyonce are slated to perform the halftime ritual.

Coldplay is a British Rock band, and of course you are probably aware of who Beyonce is; an American Pop rocker. The meaning of the name Coldplay is said to refer to having to perform a song before a group without practicing—being thrown into a situation unawares. In regards to Beyonce, news articles were saying that she was going to “rescue” the halftime show. That kind of reminds me of the coming situation in which the world will unknowingly be thrown into the tribulations of the Seals and then the antichrist will come to the “rescue.”

It is interesting to note that the 2015 Economist cover featured a British Rock guitar smashing an American drum set with a 50 on it. A drum is covered with a membrane—thus the broken drum may represent a broken membrane. Also there is a football close by the smashed drum, a possible reference to the Super Bowl that even has a football emblem painted on the grass.

(Or, I would say, a definitive reference... since that appears somewhat like a superbowl trophy.) ALso, it overlaps the panic magazine.
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Food for thought:

Hoover Dam will be destroyed some time very soon.
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Coldplay and Beyonce recently released the music video for “Hymn for the Weekend” and it was full of symbolism. Featuring everything from invoking Hindu deities to performing pagan rituals, this music video covered it! Coldplay recorded the video in Mumbai, India during the Holi Festival giving us a preview of what to expect at Super Bowl 50. If it’s anything like Beyonce’s super bowl performance a few years ago when the lights went out, beware!

The Hoover dam destruction is connected to the Hindu god of destruction, and the antichrist birthing ritual. I wonder what demonic entity will be possessing Beyonce’s body during the halftime ritual this year? Could it be Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction? Remember these words;

The video, which appears to be from satanic sources very plainly states “since the Hoover Dam event comes the beginning of the end.”

Note; "Birthing ritual" might have some significance with the hoover dam/drum/membrane being broken.

Moreover, the hoover dam viewed from above appears to have ovaries and a birth canal.

Also of note:

Vishnu/Shiva dances in the waters of the Hoover Dam on that Big Day.” (If any of you have any thoughts about the meaning of that phrase, comment below) Then it goes on to say; “the bomb made by CERN in Switzerland is dropped into the waters!”

Will Shiva be dancing through Beyonce’s body while she is performing the “Hymn for the Weekend” song? BTW; the Hindu Shiva festival is on 3/7/16 and the Holi festival is on 3/24/16.

I now find it not-so-concidental that this image appears on the 50 dollar bill.

>superbowl 50
>50 dollar bill
2/7/16 Mercury will be at its highest. There is an Earth, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto alignment

Nobody wants to comment lest they turn out to be right or wrong about the coming event.
And don't forget that we are in Yovel!
Jubilee year, jubilee year!
Everything is aligning!
This is all well and good, but the Hoover dam was built in earthquake country. It has survived for years, and it's really a marvel of engineering. It would take at least an 7.0 shallow quake to break it. And not to mention it's a busy tourism site, it would be difficult to stage a terrorist attack there. You couldn't just carbomb the thing. It would take multiple, conspicuous, nuclear devices.

>OP, you shouldn't get so riled up over movies featuring the Rock and Paul Giamatti.
Inverted Tiwaz and Gebo
So at what point to I get to do a I was right and OP was wrong victory dance? The end of the Superb owl?
Halftime's over, and so far there's nothing on the usgs or google indicating a problem with Hoover.
>Beyonce: American Pop Rocker

OP I think the destruction is around March 7 instead of Feb 7.

Shiva festival or somethin'.

Another option is around June 6th.

>Could the double faced moon signify

I like making connections myself, with all the different symbolism that I find in just about anything. I'm pretty avid about it, but that's not the Moon, that's Earth. You can't differ too far, otherwise logic kind of goes out the window, and you don't want to make large stretches of logic.
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Say what?
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