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I want to read your creepiest ghost stories. So post them in this thread. I'm obsessed with this sort of thing.
Let me tell you a story about a spooky time I had at summercamp!

>be me
>mummy wont let me stay home over summer
>wants to boink daddies chad friend
>dad left when kid
>back to story
>"mummy i do not want to go to the summer camp"
>"oh anon, my son, you will do as you are told!"
>fast forward
>get to camp
>in middle of nowhere
>oh boy i am spooked at this point
>other kids there too but i do not know any of them
>camp introduction
>yada yada yada.seinfeld.webm
>make friends, let us call friend 1 "stev" and friend 2 "al"
>oh boy we are at camp let us adventure in forest
>go forest at night
>cabin only housed six people and counselors slept in cabins next door
>me, along with al and stev, sneak out one night to wander forest
>follow paths through woods
>go to lake
>walk around lake to other side of lake
>"oh boy!" says al "another path! I have found another path!"
>al is black so he has no fear
>if ghost or monster they will not see him
>stev spooked but peer pressure him into going
>keep following path
>oh no we are lost
>find burned down shack
>spooky i think
>black friend al wants to investigate, he was madman i tell you!
>go through doorway though there were no wall because burnted
>there is cellar door
>open handle
>al turn on flash light
>stev too scared but no want wait outside so follows too
>follow al with stev walking behind me
>investigate cellar
>flash lights shed light on shelves with old wine bottles and manuscripts
>oh boy oh boy this rustles my jimmies
>al wander into other room
>anon! my friend! stev! my friend! come see what i have found!
>a grand spooky awaited
>there was
>you guessed correctly [unless you did not guess this] it was pentogram with spooky skull
>oh no this is not what i signed up for "stev says"
>say lets get out of here
>oh no door lock
>where stev??
>oh no stev has left the building
>how do get out
>trapped in spooky room with al
>al is black so ghost cannot see
>shall i continue?
I continue
>oh no i think
>how do get out of here
>look around with flash light to find exit
>stev? where are you?
>no stev
>hear muttered laugh
>hyuk hyuk hyuk
>we are done for
>oh no
>al find window through debris
>black people always good at finding windows because number one at burglar
>climb through window
>run run run as fast as we can
>think stev went home
>oh boy was i wrong
>get cabin
>sleepy sleepytime
>dream about hyuk hyuk noise
>"so spooky" i wonder
>wakey wakeytime
>"anon! where is stev? no find anywhere!" says counselor
>al gives me uneasy look
>oh no oh no
>scared of trouble for sneaking out
>say I do not know camp counselor maybe he went home
>send out search party
>no sign of stev
>oh no
>police come too and stev parents
>police come across spooky cabin from path al found
>no sign inside
>say it is a spooky place tho
>ask me and al because counselor knew we were friend
>oh no i am nervous
>al fess up and say we sneak out and get locked in basement but stev disappear
>no sign of stev still
>oh no

I still do not know what happened to stev. Maybe a walker man took him, maybe elien, maybe stev was alien
thread dead? if anyone's here i'll share my story that happened like maybe a month or two ago, ended with my friend dying.
please tell us your story, anon! sorry about your friend, tho...
Go on
Ive got one!
Back when I was a young lil shithead, maybe 7-8, my family moved into this new home. Ill spare the spoopy deets as I honestly dont recall any of it myself and most was relayed back to me from mum n dad. (Mainly just spoopy stuff I told em, thought I remembered some events in a "dream" once but couldve been bs.)
Anyways, I shared a bedroom with my older brother, hes only 1 1/2 years older. The layout was a rectangular shape where his bed was furthest from door while mine was closest. There was this huge heater/ac thing, like ones youd find in hotels or any old house. Built in below a window, not into it. Not too keen on remembering much of it. But the exact model doesnt matter, just that it was quite low to the ground and about a foot or two away from my bed and directly opposite the door into the room. Now that all of that is settled, Story Time.

It was late at night, for a kid at least, and I slept with the door open cause spoops. My mom was in the shower, the bathroom was right down the hall, close enough for me to see the door just by laying in bed. She had the door open while showering, not sure why, but probs cause I was a huge pussy when I was a child, who wasnt? So Im laying there trying to fall asleep but I cant cause silly childish over active imagination. I hear the shower stop and quickly roll to my left and nearly cover my whole body in blankets, just enough to where Im still able to see the heater and slight amount of space in front, cause if my mom caught me still awake she'd be livid. As Im just laying there waiting for mother to turn lights off and go to sleep I notice someone walked up to the heater and turn it on. Thinking it was mom, I didnt say a thing, cause I "was asleep", but I noticed something looked terribly off about the legs. They were legit, no lie, green-tinted and blotched with purple veins like when old ass people show their skin yknow. Creeped me out but I didnt say shit cause mom still woulda been pissy. Cont.
Cont. 2
Anyways, legs turn around and leave room, no biggy. Im laying there listening to the heater blast and slightly dozing off now cause it was almost white-noiseish. Few moments later I actually heard footsteps, (funny thing is I couldnt hear footsteps from green grandma legs) and I shit you not its the first time my mom left the bathroom. (Big surprise right) And she stops at my room and comes in just completely surprised at why I would turn on the heater FULLBLAST. She says "Anon why did you turn the heater on so high?? Was it really that cold??" And I replied "But mom YOU came in after your shower and turned it on." And she literally froze and gave me the most shocked face I think Ive ever seen from her in my life. She didnt even say anything. Just stared at me for a few, turned off the heater and turned on the hallway light before going to bed lmao.

TLDR; Saw nasty ghost legs that wanted some heater and still will never forget them.

Got a few more to share if any takers. Wont post till tomorrow though cause work in AM.
Yeah pal post some more, I like your spooks..
So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded". THEN WHO WAS PHONE?
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Moar now, you fggt
My father's family immigrated here from Cuba. Being typical spics they crammed a whole bunch of themselves into one tiny home in Newark, a home designed for five, six at the most, holding twelve. Now from what I was told, for awhile things seemed normal, but there was always an off feeling about the place. Nothing major. No bad juju or anything like that. Just something felt "off". Eventually the typical little shit started happening. You know how it is in these types of things. Something missing found where it wasn't left. An odd noise here and there. Nothing that would raise any alarms, though. Just stuff that could be attributed to absent mindedness or an old house.

If only it had stayed that peaceful.

Not only did shit actually start to intensify (shit actually breaking, loud noises), but things seemed to focus on my one aunt, Rosa. A specific example I can remember is her brushing her hair and jewelry case flying off her dresser, smashing into the bureau mirror she was using. That wasn't the worst that happened to poor Rosa, oh no.

Recently married, her husband would be woken up by her screaming in her sleep. After waking her, she'd tell him the same thing each and every time it happened: She dreamed she was being raped by a headless man. She would cry and go on and on how it felt so real and how terrified she was. Her husband would dismiss this as just nightmares, yet it persisted. In a bizarre coincidence, my aunt soon found herself pregnant. Joyous occasion, right? Well, joy soon turned to tragedy when early into it she found herself in the middle of a miscarriage. Even more tragic, and frightening, was that when the fetus came out, it was without a head.
Well, from Aunt Rosa to everyone else, now everyone was seeing shit get flung around the house. One of my relatives started saying the spirit was speaking with her. Now this little old lady is probably about 5 foot max, and at most she's 100 pounds soaking yet. She tiny. That detail comes into play later. Anyway, she would say how the spirit was mad they were in his house and he was going to make them all continue to pay for being there.

My father was having none of this shit, however. My father is a very hard man. He once nailed his hand to a wall, and when he couldn't get the nail out, he cut out the section of wall that his hand was nailed to and drove to the hospital like that. When he arrived, he asked the nurse if they could just start it so he could finish pulling the nail out. Another time he was on a plane, and for some reason there was a problem and the plane was thought to be crashing. As others around him screamed, cried, and prayed, my father sat there and yelled at the people to just shut the fuck up and accept their fate. Again, my father is a very hard man, and as you can see, NOTHING phases him.

Well, almost nothing.
That night in question my father had gone over to play dominoes with his family and some friends (again, lolspics). You should also know that at this time, they were trying to sell the house but not having much luck. Remember that little old relative? Well, that night, she said the spirit was coming again. This naturally made everyone there uneasy. Everyone, that is, but my father. He had enough of this bullshit, and was going to put a stop to it once and for all. He went up to her, grabbed her by her shoulders, and told her to knock the shit off because he was tired of her upsetting everyone and make everyone think this shit was going on when it was all in their heads. That little old lady, she looked up at my father, and in a man's voice said, "Get your fucking hands off me," and threw my father across the room. As my father laid there shocked, he/she proceeded to go on about how this was his house, and they had no right being in there and ruining it. Since they ruined it, he was going to make sure that they never ever leave. He wouldn't let them, and he was going to get at least one of them. Now at this point everyone is panicking and freaking. Even my father. He tried running out the door, but it wouldn't open. He eventually got out by throwing a chair through a window and climbing out.

He never went back to the house after that.

The house finally sold for a good deal under market value, and my family, again being typical spics, all went down to Miami.

Less than a month after the move, my grandfather, who was in perfect health and only 53, had a stroke out of nowhere and died.

You can say that those things happen. You can say that sudden strokes kill people all the time. But if you ask anyone in my father's family, they'll all tell you, it was the ghost that did it, and he killed my grandpa.
A little post script to this tale. Years later for the holidays a bunch of the family came up from Miami. They decided to go hang out in the old neighborhood and hit up a bar they used to go to to reminisce. While there, this one guy was staring a hole into one of my uncles the whole time they were there. Eventually this lookieloo got enough liquid courage in him to approach my uncle and sucker punch him in the face. As his friends were pulling him away and out of the bar, this guy screamed at my uncle "You knew about the house and you sold it anyway you son of a bitch!"
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