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What is Lucifer? Is he a fallen angel? Are angels considered paranormal phenomena?
a fictional character
As opposed to dogmen and annunaki and bigfoot who are real right?
Lucifer is the knowledge and awareness of Satan. He is Sophia, the ancient snake of wisdom presenced within the blackness of the primal chaos. We reach him through opening up the gateway to the night side and willingly ascending into the underworld. Lucifer appears to the adept by infernal alchemical illumination, showing a way through the descent upon the crooked path as the black flame of the chaos.
Lucifer was god's right hand man. He temps god's creation with many obstacles because he despises us. He is also the light bringer because he gave vision and free thought to humans. There is a tree of life which grants immortality and then there is the tree of knowledge which is the one that humans got access to. Because we gained knowledge, god was upset since the only ones that used to have knowledge were immortal. After that, god kicked Adam and eve out of the garden of eden because with their knowledge, they could have eaten from the tree of life and become a immortal with knowledge themselves. Lucifer knew this would be the outcome, humans now have knowledge of death, time, and perception but no immortality. In the end he achieved his goal by giving humans their own conscience. The stuff in the bible should not be taken literally though, there is still a lot of hidden symbolisms
I can tell neither of you actually know, and that this is all just a guessing game for you. Can't answer what you haven't looked into.
What's it like just being a thought of Satan's?
>The King is Coming - Response to Rihanna's ANTI diaRy

The Grand Plan and Final Deception of Lucifer (preview)

Illuminati - 666 signs - Darkness is coming.

Descent of the Stars

My personal testimony.

The Bible way to Heaven. Salvation is simple.

The breath of Life: Setting the captives free

Exposing the heresy of Lordship salvation.

Faith without works is dead – James 2 EXPLAINED

Can you lose your salvation? - Short answer: No.

Is the King James Bible the only preserved Word of God? Short answer: Yes.

Alien Abductions stop by calling out to Jesus.




Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory.
Depends on who you ask. To me he represents a specific part of the mind, consciousness and will. His name translated is: lux (light) and ferre (to bring) which can be taken to mean "One who brings light" or enlightenment.

Lucifer is a bad translation and thus a made up name.

Satan means adversary

▲ ▲
its a 10 thousand year old propaganda war
both sides write lies ;)
Yes and yes. The name is a bogus translation of the Hebrew "Helel ben Shakar", which should translate to Shining One, Son of the Dawn, and not to Light Bearer or Light Bringer.

We have Jerome to thank for that error.
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Zeus is just Adam, deified by the Greeks.

P3ter used to post like this. I miss that guy.
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Depends on what you believe.

For some He is just a Myth, created as an Anti-Thesis Villain to an imaginary being, in a series of books meant to control the populus.

To some, He is a being that came from the Stars, to deliver knowledge with his brethren, and is the main reason why Mankind has any dominion or intelligence at all.

To others, he is the prime example of Pride. He who thought could usurp The Maker, and as such fell with his brethren to a plane beyond Reality. Those, who through their anger and remorse attempt to ruin the relationship between The Maker and his other Creations, but in doing so, make the relationship much more meaningful. It is He who twists messages of heinous evil, into kind words applauded by all. It is He who offers illusion of choice, rather than appreciating Free Will. It is He who approached with Kind Face, and a coiled tail round your ankles.

Angels, depending on what your belief system is, are one of four things.

1.Exact Physical Beings
2. Misinterpreted Physical Beings
3. Exact Ethereal Beings
4. Misinterpreted Ethereal Beings.

1. Its exactly as it says, Angels are exactly what they are, terrifying and too much to look at, let alone comprehend. Paranatural.

2. Depends on how misinterpreted it is. If something Terrestial such as a Seagull gets called an Angel, then non Paranatural. However, it is a creature from beyond Earth, then it techincally falls under Paranatural.

3. This is more of a "Angels are forces that exist within a plane we cannot understand, rather than a physical plane that we can observe." This is as its read, Angels are particular entities and forces that exist within an Ethereal Plane.

4. Same belief as number 4, however energies/forces misinterpreted to be "Angels/Demons" or "Holy/Dark Forces" Such as Radiation, Radio Waves, etc... Things that are non observable, that exist, however are given Paranatural explanation. This is not Paranatural.

Hope that answers your question OP.
No. It does not depend upon what you believe.
Kind of a backwards argument. The KJV kept Jerome's error in place. It is a problem with the KJV, not evidence the KJV is superior to "modern" translations.
There is "Truth" and then there is Truth.

I do not deliver Truth, but only show multiple "Truths". Those who know Truth, see the other "Truths" as False, and should call out when deception occurs. Its a sign that your faith is strong. However, if others are to be as strong as you, they need to be tempered. Allow them to contemplate the "Truths" so that they may find Truth on their own two feet, and all acceptance in their soul.

You can't force Truth unto anyone, because it really wouldn't mean anything you know?
The "argument" is that Lucifer is incorrectly attributed to Satan in that particular chapter of Isaiah, which he is not. It's clearly bad transliteration. The fact that they're used interchangeably today is a medieval alchemist's meme.
There is no argument to demonstrate that Lucifer and Satan are not the same fallen angel.

There is only the desires of the Luciferians to be depicted as more sophisticated than the satan worshipers.

The dragon is the great dragon is the devil is the adversary and used to be an angel of light, before he fell, and can still appear as such.

No, the devil you worship is the devil, in deed, and as he cannot help himself, he cannot help you.
If I believe apples are oranges, am I handing you a glass of orange juice?
That's up to the receiver to decide. Truth says "Apples are Apples" therefore, it is Apple Juice. "Truth" states "Apples are Oranges" therefore I am handed "Orange juice" which in that belief is True, albeit false in light of Truth.

It's called testing the intelligence of The Soul, something needed in the tempering of Faith.

You act as if obstacles to Faith are a bad thing, that in Faith, there is nothing but. How can your faith have meaning without adversary and obstacle? Was it not by The Serpent you inherited The Maker's Grace of Assumption? Please read "Paradise Lost" for the understanding of "Fortunate Fall."
I don't think we agree on the meaning of terms, and while I can see that you are an intelligent person, without some sort of understanding of what we are talking about when we say Truth or Faith, I don't see where this conversation can go.

By the serpent I died; I was stillborn. By the serpent, I inherited the knowledge of good and evil, and by the serpent, I was told that I could live my life by the knowledge of good and evil, and thus be like God.

I know that to be a lie.

I know that I can never be like God, and that I can never do only good, and eschew all evil.

And I know that there is more to being God than this knowledge of good and evil can ever bring.

I do not think either of us can be an influence on the other. But I do appreciate the time spent here.
and with that, my work here is validated and done.

I did not come to tempt, but rather temper. If you had gone too far down a path that rescinds your faith, I would've lashed out and suggest returning to your path.

However, it would seem that your faith is strong, and that deception has less affect on you than others. In this I applaud you, and sincerely hope that you can spread that amongst your fellow believers.

Well done. You've passed this obstacle.
There is no argument period, because it's literally a matter of fact that the word is a bad transliteration from Hebrew to Latin.
Satan = Lucifer. Same angel.
Lucifer = Nebuchadnezzar II. Learn to read.
All these stupid ass thoughts. Satan is LORD.
So based on that Satan would have to be neutral in moral character. It doesn't matter if your own intent is good or evil, Satan is your adversary either way.
Fallen = descended
Every enlightened human would be called as a minion of Satan by the Catholic Church and would be attacked. Satan / Luzifer / arc angels / fallen angels are just a construct to attack people who can destroy the bed time story so many are forced to believe in. The catholics created all demons. And everything is or will become real when you believe in, that's the way our brain works!
The Bible is the greatest magic book ever created and everything will become real because our true nature is infinite and the universe is a wish fulfilling machine because it is maintained by the observers and we are observers. Belive in everything you want and it will become real - at least for you. We are meant to be creators, start creating by define how your life should be and don't care about how it is!
>pony outside /mlp/
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