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Sleep Talking
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So I have some stories concerning sleep talking/walking.

These are all stories people have told me that I have done, but I do trust that these people wouldn't make this stuff up.

This first one was when I was 18. I had moved into an apartment with my buddies from HS and we had our friends come over on the weekends. Most of the time people would just pass out in my room since it was the nicest.

One night I had fallen asleep before my friends and they were playing some vidya in my room. Apparently I started mumbling so they decided to mess with me, here's the conversation as I was told.
>anon, are you asleep
>anon, are you conscious
>anon, what is your middle name
(This is where it got weird, my middle name starts with a j)
I told them Gabriel

Not super spooky but still.

Next is when I want to basic training for the AF.
So in basic we have shifts where two people are up at all times and shit like that. One night one of the guys on ECP duty said he walked into the big sleeping bay where all 52 people sleep and saw someone standing in the middle of the row. He said he called out and didn't get a response, so he switched on his flashlight and saw me just standing there staring at him. Apparently he tried to talk to me but I didn't say anything and just kept staring. He said he got creeped out so he went and grabbed the other guy but when he got back I was in bed asleep.

This story spread so when people heard they started to avoid going into the sleeping bay at night.

And the most recent one is really interesting.
My sleep schedule is to go to bed when I get home at 5:30pm EST and wake up at midnight. My roommate uses my Xbox sometimes so he was in my room while I was asleep. He told me that I clearly said, while asleep "just execute him. Shoot him in the head."

He left my room after that.

Anyone else have any good stories? Sorry no greentext, I'm on my phone.
I've had this same thing going on for a while too, except its been going on since I was 3. According to my parents and my siblings I would sleep walk straight out of our house while everyone else was asleep. They couldnt figure out how I was doing it, considering I was too little to reach the locks, I dont remember how the resolved that issue, but after some old lady brought me home one morning, they said I didnt try to leave again.
As I got older, I stopped sleepwalking, but I still talk in my sleep, sometimes I have full conversations and other times its just mumbling. I want to record myself while I sleep to actually hear what I'm saying, I just don't know if I'm ready to pull the curtain back on that yet or not. I think I'm going to talk to my parents about ti again soon and see if I can get any more stories from those days.
I started sleepwalking when I was abt 8. Used to go outside and drink from the hose, get in the car and fall back asleep, was once found on the ground beside the doghouse. As I got older I started going further, don't know just how far, but it's for certain I got all the way down the street to my 6th grade teacher's house one night. I stopped sleepwalking as I got older for the most part, although I will still occasionally wake up standing somewhere in the house in the middle of the night. Worst one lately is when I ran to my kid's room in the middle of the night, threw open her door and scared the shit out of her. I remember this was because I thought she was calling out for me and was in trouble. She wasn't. I also scream in my sleep sometimes apparently, but never any reports of talking.
My gf tends to talk in her sleep, and a while ago she said there was someone else in our room and that she was pretty... she went to sleep right after, but this is still puzzling me
I'm curious yet scared about recording myself. What if I see/hear something other than just me mumbling..,
I have some weird stories as well...
I am a sleepwalker, but I never (as far as I know) got out of my house, just switching rooms. It started way back, I would climb out of my baby bed which was in my parents room and go sleep in the living room.
One night when I was 16 or so, I tried to strangle my sister with a pillow. She woke up and asked me what I was doing. In response, I just dropped on the floor beside her bed and continued sleeping.
I also scream very loudly in my sleep. So much that my neighbours called the cops one night to check out if everything was allright.
And yes, I can hold full conversations with others while sleeping, something my gf confirmed a couple of times. And I have fictional conversations as well.
I think it's because of my apnea, which in turn is caused by my deviated septum. Add in a lot of stress by work, a mild case of PTSD and there you have it.
Don't remember any exact conversations and it hasn't happened recently. (no ones trying to talk to me in my sleep lately)

But, on more than one occasion, my mother or a friend woudl tell me when I woke up that I had sat up in the middle of the night as if I were fully awake, had full blown conversations with a smile on my face, and just watched them leave the room. When they come back I am asleep, as if I had never been sitting up. I never remember these exchanges when I wake up.

It should be noted I am naturally a sarcastic person in my day to day and have a bit of a resting murder face, but everyone tells me that I am always really polite and smiling when I would talk to them at these times.

Despite not talking to anyone lately, I do wake up sitting in weird places around the house sometimes. Not like moving from a bed to the couch, but like waking up sitting on the floor with my back to the wall or sitting at the table with nothing in front of me.
Op here.

That's the exact opposite of my situation. I'm usually a very happy person during the day but it seems that while asleep I'm completely different.

As a side note: I understand that sleep talking/walking isn't inherently paranormal but I've always felt as though one of the scariest things in the world is our own subconscious. Just saying.
I feel you, shit can be scary as fuck.
I have the occasional night terrors. I've woken myself up to myself screaming from a dream where I'm fighting something or someone. I've kicked my spouse and punched in my sleep. Was told that I've said racist slurs as well as described the process of doing a dressing change. After seeking medical help, was reassured that it's a manifestation of stress/fear and PTSD.
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