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Road Experiences
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I enjoy spooky road stories as I used to be a truck driver, and just got back into it, and the thought of some roads being spooky is fun. So, hopefully this thread makes it.
But, since I am starting it I am going to greentext a story that happened to me the other night. I am not the best at greentext so, sorry in advance.

>be me, trucking again cuz lol hs dropout
>be on 70 west in utah
>bad snow
>driving slow as fuck cuz load isnt worth my life
>kickin it at around 20
>car spins out right behind me
>now im the only one on road
>see black mustang on side of road facing road, lights off
>sucks to be her
>slow down a bit more cuz snow is getting worse
>pass something called ghost rock viewing area
>ghost rock lol
>change song im listening to and check time
>around 11:30 pm
>look back at road and see something standing on left shoulder(i think)
>slow down even more incase person an heros with my truck
>creep by it and realize its a man
>hes looking at me
>we lock eyes
>hes smiling
>that 1 second feels like an eternity
>pass him and check my mirror real quick to make sure i dont run him over
>man gone
>wtf, fuck utah

And that is it. I know it probably isn't really paranormal but it was really creepy and I figure /x/ is a good board to post it too.

Well, if this thread survives I look forward to reading any new road horror stories.

Also, pic very related, it is what I was driving through.
There's actually a road similar in New Jersey
>Some road
>Girl and boyfriend ride motorcycle to Prom
>Guy wipes out on bike
>Girl face first into rock
>If you pass the rock you can still see the imprint of her face
>I think they removed the rock though
>If you go down the road a certain time on the same date as Prom
>Look into your rearview mirror
>She's supposed to be seen sitting in the backseat
Do you know what road in jersey or general area?
>driving in nj at night
>see glowing white shape hovering above median
>looks vaguely like a figure in flowing white dress
>get closer
>it's steam rising off roadkill illuminated by headlights.
My GPS consistently navigates me to a funeral home
Follow it.
bump coz I love this shit
Nothing spooky happened to me, but I drove 70 till it ends in Utah at night and that highway is really spooky at night.

It is spooky isn't it? I drove it all the way through to 15 and couldn't wait to get out of there. Fuckin mormons and shit.
Driving down Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.
Nek Minit: on a dirt road surrounded by bush, it gets so rough, we never would have made it without the 4WD & it's super narrow and on a cliff so couldn't turn around.
Come out in this random suburb and need the GPS to get us back on track.
MFW: We drive that fucking road every few months, both have no idea what happened.

(obviously we veered off... but literally did not turn and by the time we noticed, we were in the bush. Was super unnerving, we don't normally lose complete track of where we are like that)

Sorry for lame story, it just spooped the shit out of me.

Is it easy to get lost in the land down under? I imagine at can be easy to get lost, end up somewhere without realizing it and things get spoopy.
Shameless self bump
I saw Snap Oversteer posted somewhere and now 'm having paranoid fantasies about that shit killing me

I didn't even know what it was but now I feel like my car could fucking lose its shit at any point in time and I am no longer confident that I can drive

This is gonna fuck with me for a while

It was my second time visiting my then girlfriend, now wife in the US. I'm from Europe, she's from the South, probably has some cool stories about the mountain highways over there, I'll see if she'll share any.

Driving from Arkansas to meet with some friends in Rio Rancho NM for the second time in that trip. Was pretty excited, had a job interview with a company that would consider sponsoring me for a visa (it fell through and they fired the secretary who was supposed to tell me, who then neglected to tell her replacement to pass on the bad news).

Sadly for us we didn't book a motel in Amarillo in advance and as shitty luck would have it, there was a rodeo in town so everywhere was full of people in chaps and silly hats.

That meant we had to drive on to Tucumcari NM in the middle of the fucking night because no way in Hell was I stopping at any of the little one-toilet-towns between the two.

Because I like having functioning door locks on my motel room. The first trip out to New Mexico we stopped in Shamrock TX and I think Vega, TX and in both places our room got double-booked and someone tried the door. So no, no, and fucking no, I was not staying in any of the little holes in the sand between Amarillo and the glorified truck stop known as Tucumcari.

I don't know what made this noise but when you hit a certain part of Northwest Texas / Eastern New Mexico near the State Line, you lose your radio signal (or at least my wife's old Chevy Cavalier did). While travelling along that deadly silent stretch of road with the window open to keep myself awake with the air flow at 2:30am, I hear a scream.

In retrospect it was probably a fox or a coyote or something but I heard this scream that my tired mind magnified into something horrifying right as a New Mexico State Police Suburban streaks by with its lights off (I assume it was the State Police Suburban I found at a truck stop I pulled up to not long after - their lights were off and the Troopers were just chilling on the forecourt).

So, I'm tired, and in New Mexico. I hear a terrible scream, and a big black shape whooshes by.

I was extremely thankful that I hadn't eaten recently enough to shit myself.
It only really happens to mid-engine, rear drive cars. Yours is probably not one of those. Don't worry about it.
This eases my paranoia a bit

That's a pretty good story I think. There is a lot of open, barron land in that part of the country. It was probably an animal but scary when you're tired.
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