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Visitation/Sighting stories
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It's that time. Let's share.

Post your spooky stories dealing with you, your family members, or a group of people you're close to experiencing strange lights, people, or experiences in the night or even broad daylight. And, if you've been privileged enough, please share any stories dealing with the examination room. You know the one.

>Be me
>Get wisdom teeth removed
>Wake up and talk openly to the Oral surgeons and nurses.
>Give them praise for their flawless execution
>They get my Father from the waiting room so he can sign off on everything and help wheel me out.
>I thank the nurse wheeling me out and tell her she has a beautiful heart.
>She's blushing and tripping on her words
>My dad is laughing
>On the ride home from the surgery I'm becoming more lucid as I talk to my Dad openly about a lot of things I normally wouldn't
>Friends, relationships, and positive outlooks on the future are discussed
>Dad is happy I've decided to open up about everything since I'm more of a reserved person around my parents
>Later he tells me that I said something, one thing, that was a bit odd
>Out of all the things I've mentioned involving parties at Uni, frustrating things in Law School, and girls I've had to drop due to drama, I mentioned something else casually and cooly
>Dad says I made mentioned to two people who constantly come through my window to watch me at night
>Dad isn't one to joke about that or play pranks

I have more. But feel free to share.
I'll add another.

>Be four years old watching television with my parents in their room
>Fall asleep like I usually do and get carried into my room and tucked in
>Wake up after getting tucked in
>There are two people in the room on their knees praying, or so I assume
>Sit up in bed and say "no no, not like that" as if to correct them
>Flash of white then darkness
>Suddenly find myself walking through a dark hallway toward my parents room
>They ask me what's wrong and I tell them "I guess I wasn't sleepy."
>watch tv with them and ask them why they were praying like that
>they have no clue what I'm talking about

For the longest time I assumed that I had woken up to my parents saying my prayers for me and decided I wasn't tired enough to stay in bed. Apparently, I was put in bed the proper time that night and had not been up for over 2 hours. Oh yeah, they claim that they weren't praying. Earlier that night the local news channel reported people seeing dancing lights in the sky.
Holy fuck, i can recall multiple times ive had that happen, except the weirdest one was when i ended up being right on my mothers side of the bed and she scared me awake. Asked me what i was doing, and said "I don't really know" I dont remember anything after that until the morning.
Only 2 legit scary things that I cannot explain or find reason to have happened in my life, am 28 years old and lived in Mexico during my childhood/teenage years

First one
>Be around 14 years old
>Normal night on the house, neighborhood is by no means alone, it is a pretty much crowded area
>All lights on, mother sitting on the sofa, father cooking himself something up, me on the other couch, we're watching the tv
>There's a foldable metal chair in front of tv
>Our attention is almost on the chair since it is somewhat in the way
>Chair suddenly starts to violently rock forward and back, no earthquake or something along those lines, does so for about 5 to 6 seconds
>Mother looks me and asks me, did you just see that? And I ask, what the fuck was that? She just replies, I don't know
>She tells me not to dwell into it and keep watching the TV, father is unaware of said thing even though he was a few meters away

>While visiting my cousins, who live in a rural area, a house close to a facility where they dissected animals, it once appeared on "telemundo" news because of animal cruelty or some shit, family adviced me not to tell friends to not get in trouble since I was a kid at that age
>We stay overnight, outside is pitch black, don't feel scared though, since we're a lot of people and it is very lively, around 4 cousins, aunt and uncle and my parents/brothers
>Closest road doesn't come close to the house, have to off road to get into the main road, and even then it is gated so no way for a car to pass by, there's also a river close to the property, not deep enough for boats or something to cross
>Middle of the night, everyone gets to sleep, crammed in a room with my mother, aunt and cousins
>Clearly see what appears to be light illuminating the room, like when a car just parks outside of your house before turning them off
>Tell mother about it and she tells me to quickly go back to sleep

I was not scared in both cases, if anything really curious
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I used to hate that, but then I got used to it after I convinced myself I was dreaming. It didn't help when I realized I was unreasonably frighted of pic related and begin remembering faces.


Start asking your parents for similar anecdotes in their past.

The abduction phenomenon involves bloodlines and families, so one of your parents most likely had similar experiences in their year years.

Abductions seem to taper off once people fizzle out sexually.
superb memory for a 4 year old
My Father actually has one experience.

He claims that when he was a child, he and his three brothers slept in the same room. One night he woke up and saw a "giant eye" outside the window. Then a giant hand came through the window, picked one of his brothers up, and phased the brother through the wall and window. A few seconds later it put his brother/my uncle back in bed.

My father watches UFO docs and things and is ex-military, but claims he hasn't seen any crafts and assumes he was just dreaming as a child.
Happened recently
>be me
>live near woodlands Texas in the countryside
>wake up in the middle of the night
>freezing even though it's warm
>hear something from my window
>thinking that it's one of my dogs I go to close it
>see bald, scared head, dodging as my phone lights up
>shit my pants
>slept in my closet and looked in the garden and close forest
>find nothing
>still hope it was some kind of dream
You have any break ins recently?
It's nothing special, but it's my weird UFO story.

>be 10
>at aunts house
>playing with the dog outside
>dog gets spooked
>look up in the sky and see a UFO
>think "oh it's just one of those remote controlled UFO's you can buy in the store"
>several years later
>decide to search for an RC UFO online
>it doesn't exist
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Something has been on my mind for a long time I've never talked about it but I remember it quite vividly..
>be around the age of 13-12
>riding the bus home from school.
>I look twords the east and a I'm about a 1/2 mile away from the river but I can see the familiar covered wooden bridge in Tulsa Oklahoma that goes across the Arkansas river.
This is where things get weird.
>what seems like a lightning strike with no sound flashes right in front of the bridge
> and I can see what can only be described as two Hersheys kisses stacked to the base of eachother.
>its floating in front of the bridge and is as gold as the sun.
>as the bus drives forward we pass by some trees and as I look to get another glimpse of it it's gone.

This is a true story and I don't know what it was that I saw but I saw it for a good 3-4 seconds.
>be me
>alien comes to me
>ayy lmao
>literally see's a fucking space ship
>takes him 3 years to realize it
Holy fuck anon.
More like 6 years. I was in class when it hit me and I just loudly exclaimed "Holy shit I saw a UFO when I was a kid".
To be fair i was scared shitless of aliens when I grew up and I think my brain just decided I wasn't ready to deal with it yet.
I just moved here with a host family, living here for about half a year and never had something similar
Just opened up /x/ see this hear my dog barking outside go to check it look through window into my room and I saw someone wearing a hijab that went to their eyes for about 2 seconds then I rushed into room and nothing there. Only exit is to jump down two stories or the door I left from.
>be 10
>riding schwinn stingray chopperbike
>move into new town
>ride around in new town for a while
>see large hill
>decide hey, it's just a hill
>ride half way up hill
>hear behind me and to the side of me a low breezy voice
>hey, get out of the way
>move out of the road
>i move to the right side of the road
>out of fucking nowhere
>a huge fucking Semi truck over the hill
>top fucking speed
>would have smashed and killed me
>I look around me before and after Semi Truck
>there is literally no one around me for blocks
>it was an abandoned street with abandoned houses
Can someone explain? I've been at this for many years now.
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There are no real answers anon.
Maybe you were a victim of circumstances.
Maybe it was ayy lmaos.

You'll never know and frankly. Is it worth worrying about?
hmm maybe


Or not angels like bible angels, yeah kind of hard to explain.
no no, i get it.
like guardian angels.
I still don't know what I saw. Or why no one else saw. Maybe there keeping quiet like I have been.
All I know is that since I was a kid I've always had the eyes of a hawk. (Metaphor)
And I will die knowing that what I saw was real
Did anyone else on the bus see it?

Yeah kind of. If they like you, you are doing something right, stay true to the light, never stop to emitt love.
I always feel; like i'm being watched.
>wake up in middle of night
>see tall dark figure walk into my doorway
>looks at me, cocks its head, and walks off down the hall
was very spooked.
>driving down street going north
>see single white light in sky
>suddenly, hundreds of them
>looks kinda like UFO tractor beams or some shit, not sure how else to describe them
>last for about 10sec then they disappear as quickly as they appeared

help me out /x/, its been 4 years since i saw them and i still dont know what to think.
someone or something was looking out for you, thats all. honestly, try not to sweat it. that happened to me while i was trying to kill myself when i was younger, i was trying to overdose and when i was about to pass out i heard a voice tell me to wake and up and go to the bathroom, ran to the bathroom, all of the sudden felt like i should vomit up the pills. was weird, still no explanation after 5 years.
>believe in para
>never had a para experience
Feels kinda bad man
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Unfortunately no. There were other people on the bus. But they didn't see it. I asked if they did but they said no.
I can't remember how many people there were. Also I'd like to add that it wasn't a huge flash of light. It was more like watching a spark jump. Or static electricity jump from your finger to the doorknob.

And then it was just there hovering. For a few seconds and then it was gone
>you at 7-8, did it have a beak?
>you at 18 it could have been anything, the universe is more than you can imagine.
Wow, thanks for the insight, and that's amazing.
too dark to tell, it was just a tall wiry motherfucker
did it talk to you?
While reading OP's posts i somehow remebered a happening in my childhood when i was about 13 years old.
>casual computernerd
>playing shitty online shooter all the time
>went to sleep one night
>mother wakes me up while i was standing in the middle of my room
>she told me she heard me fucking shit up and banging the walls
>cant remember shit
I think it was just sleep walking, anyways it gives me a strange feeling because i was going full rage mode that i've even woke my mother up. Never happend again after that night.
Forgot to mention i think i dreamed of that shitty game. And my mother blamed all the gaming
nope, just stared and walked off
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My personal theory is that whatever it was. It came from that spark. Weather it be from space/dimension or whatever it wasn't there before. And where it went or how it vanished is another mystery entirly.
But something was indeed there and then it wasn't.
>be me
>be 13
>restless and can't sleep in bed
>toss and turn,
>stare at sealing in frustration
>notice movement
>notice shadow figure at foot of bed.
>it looks like a detail less man in a trench coat and hate, and it blocks light from window.
>"maybe if i don't move it won't eat me"
>watch it do fuck all for a few minutes
>it seems like it is surveying the room
>it eventually leaves by walking out the door which is behind me
ask parents in morning, no one was in my room.

>Be 5-6
>Mom is making dinner dad is at work
>Walking through house
>See two blue figures kinda look like greys Except they were blue
>Get spooped
>Tell Mother says dont worry about it
>Have a strange fear of them rest of life
Written and directed by M Night Shyamalan
>dont worry about it
I don't think the blues are what you should be scared of.
This story isn't mine but rather my sister's (who isn't one to lie about these kinds of things) when she was about 9 years old.

>Family lives in shitty third world country.
>Lots of trees aand bush in yard and surrounding area
>Sister and friend are outside
>They see a silver disc come over one of the hills (the house is geographically in a valley.)
>Silver disc starts descending further down the road that the house is situated in
>Area has a lot of trees and shit
>There is a huge ass wall on the side of the house that prevents them from looking over
>Sis and friend too scared to get ladder to look and decide to go inside.
>Be sister a few days later
>She said she was sleeping and was awoken by her door very slowly opening
>She remembered the incident a few days ago and was scared as fuck and pretended to be asleep
>Ayy lmao was searching through alot of the drawers/cupboards in her room
>Tfw ayylmao was probably looking for panties
>It eventually fucks off and the door is left open
>Sister ends up not sleeping rofl

She got off of bed when mom woke up and asked both our parents and brother if they were in her room. All said no and her room was a mess when she got off the bed.
>gives alien a kiss on the lips
>Covo with my now dead dad
>Watching Some alien show about abductions
>'Know anybody who was taken?'
>Ya I was when I was in the military
>Well it was right after I got out, paperwork was still pending you know the government drags it ass
>Can't remember anything
>We both wake up an hour after the show ended and he said it was bed time

Till his dying breath he said he didn't say any of that shit and wouldn't watch alien shows about abdications One of his favorite things to watch with me... and after that I got a deep primal fear of them. He always had sleeping problems but I've gotten worse and worse sleeping problems since then.

Fuck I LOVED it and then just one day it was gone.
Holy shit almost the same thing happened to me. Watching some documentary about alien abductions late one night in an empty house with him. He was in the military too and sometimes teased/joked about aliens and stuff. Never took him seriously, but he had some mental issues including schizophrenia and I never pried too much to ask if he was serious or if he ever saw something real. I was always fascinated with space and aliens and such but after watching that program I developed that horrible primal fear of them. I remember begging my dad to let me stay in the bathroom with him while he pissed because I didn't want to be alone in that room. Took years and years to start getting over it, and even now I freak out a little when I see one's face. (Like above in the thread, fuck you dude that gave me chills and watery eyes.)
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Whenever I had mine get anywhere near that, I slept under the bed of my mother. This way he'd it be a bitch in my opinion. Now a days I sleep with a knife in the pillow among other things..though I sleep during the day but my fears getting better for some reason. Have had some sleep Parzliation but that was it since then again I have done other retarded occult stuff during my teen years so I never know.
It is called "akashvani"(voice of the sky) in HInduism. I used to hear them too.
Only thing that I can really remember that was super sketch. I was four or maybe 5 at the time.
I was sleeping in my mothers room (I was afraid of the dark. Still kind of am. Makes me really uneasy) and I woke up laying flat on my back on the bed. My mother was not in the room anymore, so I look toward the door to see if a light is on in the hallway (maybe she went to the restroom or something). At the foot of the bed there was a tall, masculine figure with a clearly visible face, longish beard and nappy hair. He leaned over the bed and made sort of a sadistic looking face at me. Almost literally frozen in fear (I had cold sweat at this point. Legit about to piss myself) I just shut my eyes and my whole body tensed up. Eventually opened them again and it was gone. My explanation now as an adult is that I probably had sleep paralysis and was very vividly dreaming with my eyes open, but I still can't shake the fear that it instilled in me. Still gives me chills when I think about it.
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