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An Accidentally Pact with Demons
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Hi /x/ I am Anon and I'm usually not even a lurker on /x/.
I had a normal life until autumn last year.
I want to share what I know about Demons and other paranormal stuff, it's just that I'm a bit afraid of telling everything because I somehow have the fear that could make things even worse. Even so I want to share at least some things I learned.

So starting from last spring. I'm normal, don't even believe in paranormal things.
I made my state proofed degree and was the best in psychology class which made it even weirder for me to explain what happened based on todays psychology attempts.

Fast forward to autumn.
Talk to the girl I had a crush on. Somehow start to get a warm feeling inside of me. The feeling rushes from te area of my stomach/heart up to my head every time she writes me. That means I don't even have to be near my phone I can literally feel when she communicates with me. This continues for some days. Then she somehow thinks it isn't right that we date. The feeling doesn't appear that often then anymore.

However there is a short break in our communication then.
And I somehow start to feel that I get watched when I'm outside in the garden.
See a bright shape of some being out of the corner of my eye in the garden at the same place every evening/night.
Think I'm just tired. Jokingly say goodnight in that direction and head back into the house....worst decision ever!
Feels like a fog is surrounding me and clinging on me when I go into the house.
The next days I weird things start to occur.
Like that I also feel watched from places inside of the house from now on. Or hear how the floor cracks in front of the door of my room (that is usually only possible if someone with at least 40kg/90pnd steps on there).
Also feels like someone is following me into my bed.
> Think about that it might be a demon when sitting in bed. And suddenly my computer turns on
> Walk up to my computer and it turns out again.
Feel weird and decide to better go to bed.

Go on.
Nothing happened the night but I continue to feel unwell increasingly.
The next time I felt the appearence again I just thought that I need some time for myself and it should let me alone for the time I had to make some work for university.
> Surprisingly nothing happened for the time I work on the stuff.
But the day I gave in the seminar papers it starts.
> Wake up at exactly 2:19 am. Think there's something in my room at the bottom of my bed.
> Start to hear some kind of screams on my ears.
> See some dark being there with my eyes closed (See my room out of my perspective but with my eyes closed)
> open my eyes, nothings there but I can't move anymore.
> Close eyes again out of fear, can see a blurry face with my eyes closed.
> this being grabs into me somewhere near my heart in my body.
> then goes away through the ceiling.
> Stay in a fetal position for like 3 hours.

Then go into the kitchen. Think I just had a bad nightmare.
Eat some cereals. Then think and feel there's something in the store room aside.
> Hear and feel a threathening thing coming near to me.
> run out of the kitchen back into my room.
Get a message from my parents, that they stayed somewhere else...fuck I'm home alone.
> Feel something behind me again.
> Almost ran out of the house and just drive to the university.

From then on I permamently feel how something hunts me whenever I'm alone or it's dark.
Continue to talk with my crush normally, not mentioning this stuff among her at that time.

Beginning of December I'm bored while working at the next seminar papers so I just chat a bit online.
> Meet someone with other but still partially similar experiences.
> Tells me how she get visited by beings/demons every night.
> When I ask her since when she says that this is the case since she can think.
> They scream at her and there's someone else which also visits her during the nights. probably a skinwalker. She said she recognize his voice. It's probably her own.
We exchange social network credentials but a few days after I met her, her profile isn't existent anymore.
> She combines the screams with pain, suffer and death.
> Also thinks she will die soon.
That's all regaridng her.

Than nothing except the feeling that I get watched happens for like a week.
> Start to copy music for my mom from CD to the computer.
> Delete folder afterwards since she has a different taste in music.
> One folder needs "Administrator Rights" to get delete. Classic Church music in it.
This is something which shouldn't had been possible. Either every or none folder should had been able to delete.
However go with that and leave that folder on my computer.

Some days later, Visit my siblings over Christmas.
> Get a call in a dream one night.
> Someone dark speaks to me in latin.
> Get an actual call from a hidden number while sleeping that night.
Start to get weird visions sometimes.

Then my crush talks to me abut paranormal things, telling me that she experienced weird things for a while now and they get worse.
Never have talked with her about that topic so I was really surprised at that point.
Crush tells me how she sometimes wake up during nights.
> Something holds her feet.
> Sees someone floating over her head.
> wakes up with bruises
> and other stuff like getting watched from someone.

But what makes me worrying is how she tells me that someone she warned her family already about when she was little appereared again.
> forgot to mention that she talked to beings when she was little.
>and there was a man without face she warned her family about pretty often back then.

She also tells me that the person who called me means that my body welcomed a ghost/spirit.
And that these beings get stronger when you're afraid.
And you're also not able to hide from them.

What I know at that point is, that these things can read your mind. Or hear it when you think loud while they're present.

Yes, your mind has access to itself and can, in fact, read thoughts from your fears.
Well, what I didn't mention so far is that I made a pact with my crush. Before any of these things happened. I just thought a pact couldn't made such an impact on my life.
> She told me that all this weird stuff was normal for her but it increased in a bad way since autumn.
> I never had experienced such stuff ever until autumn.

It seems that these being are mad at us because of that pact?
I at least have no other expplanation so far.

What I don't like is the fact that physical impossible things happen even lately. (Like electronic devices turn on without a battery in it).
Or other stuff.

What somehow helps a bit have been three psalms I pray at evening (From the book of David). They give me this weird feeling inside of me in a not scaring way and feel like they keep the demons at least at a distance from me.

Do Anon has a explanation for this behaviour overall or to a specific part?
You probaly are a latent psychic, supernatural beings and invisible shit in general love psychics.

My advice? Not even being a religious nut, but pray to God with sincerity.
What was the pact?
File: 1403065647546.jpg (495 KB, 1200x1519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi psy-anon! I very much enjoyed reading your thread and would like to offer my opinion(s).

1st: This is demonic/unclean spiritual activity. Meaning, it is a non physical entity or entities which are causing psychological and physical manifestations of a primarily negative nature. These being are not pleasant to say the least and comfortingly adhere to Biblical teachings on the mater.

2nd: You have opened a spiritual gateway of sorts which your "crush" I suspect may have blood line connections too. Meaning, by making your pact or intentions to marry her, you became one with her spiritually, demons are surprisingly similar to stds, but even more communicable. You became susceptible to the same spiritual forces which had access to her at the time of your "pact". My guess is she has occultism in her family now but more likely in the past. It can be past down generationally without knowing within families.
File: 1393533202647.jpg (901 KB, 2400x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lastly, You may wish to pray to God directly in the name of Jesus/Yashuah/Meshiach.

EXP Oh Heavenly Father God, in the holy name of your Son Yashuah Ha Meshiach I ask that you come into my life and become the Lord of my life. Guide me, protect me and prosper me. Send your Holy Spirit into me. Father God, I am being attacked be unclean spirits, in the name of Jesus I ask for your protection, Lord. Banish these unclean spirits from me and my home. I close all spiritual doorway in the name of the most high God Almighty. I open myself instead to the power and might of the Holy Spirit to come into me and help me to better understand you. I pray that this awful experience be used to bring me closer to you Lord that I may know You and be saved. Thank you God in Jesus most glorious name I pray, Amen.
Interesting stuff but he didn't say the pact was "marriage". Whatever kind of pact it is I bet is important to what's going on.
The pact which actually matters here would be the intent in his heart and mind to join with her sexually and perhaps even beyond that pertaining to ideas of being a couple or as completely as marriage.

I hope op comes back and tells up the detail of his pact. Regardless if it was pertaining to getting together as a couple or some other such thing, my position is the same regarding the cause and solutions.
You might be right, I'm just curious what the pact is. He said she wasn't into him so I don't think it was sexual in nature.
Bumping for interest
OP... Hopefully everything is fine.
You're gonna go on /x/ for some confirmation bias bullshit.

Your mind's already made up, it's a demon and not your mind playing tricks on you with a bunch of misunderstandings of what's going on.
OP here.
Will reply in about an hour or hour and half when having some more time. And also go a bit more into detail regarding your responses. For now:

It seems so partially, and yeah I do so.

Thanks, this helps me to explain some more things I will mention later.

Got the weird feeling inside of me again just by reading the names.

This is actually a bit more complicated I guess. May explain it later.

Demon is a term I use but I don't clearly know what it is.
And it isn't just about the confirmation what it is. (also mentioned some things I know about these beings >>17302941 ).
>Got the weird feeling inside of me again just by reading the names
Same thing happened to me when this kid would pray while I was in the mental ward, my stomach would feel warm. Turns out I just have schizophrenia.
do you have a scar on your ass or heart area that appeared out of nowherE? its a sign of a demon pact even if you forgot
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Okay Anon, I'm home cooking dinner tonight. See you later.

Ill bump from time to time with pretty pictures
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pretty picture dump 2/?
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can you stop shitting up tihs interesting threead with unrelated picture spam?
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>pray to god
sure if you want to make it angry do it. hell i'm not particualry religious but i've slept with a bible next to me for about a week ago for 4 days. then i learned its not realy nice and that as much as im fucking him up that much im fucking myself over bacuese of the deal i struck with it.
my advice: learn from it and use it trough the day. at some point it will become like a companion, and you will be able to strike a deal with it to go away and never come back if you wish so. bu i dont think you will cause you'll get used to living life on easy mode while its there.

sauce: my personal expirionces that last about 16 years with a demon. even learned the bastards name but its not healthy to share it here so i wont.

have a nice life mate
Once you learn it's name you can force it to go away. At least, that's what I've heard.
Sure you can. All you need is a few sage sticks, a bunch of salt, the holy bible, iron will and you can smoke him out. But im on a 5 year deal with him so i have no reason to try this.
That's what the Jews thought. They were wrong.
I am sorry you have been so deceived. You know contracts that you enter into under incomplete knowledge are not enforceable. You can always pray to God and He can Always save you.

Do you really think all of human lore regarding lying and deceiving spirits was just bs knowing for a fact yourself of the existence of these entities? I would recommend you reconsider your direction, you may not like where this ends up and really be kicking yourself for being tricked.
OP again.
Before I continue soe more detailed answers.

I pray every evening before going to bed since I can think and even If I'm not at home.
Also had been an ministrant/altar boy for some years in the local church when I was younger.

The 1st thing sounds pretty bad but exactly the way it feels.

Regarding the second thing, I think it might have happened some generations in the past. We both have a picture in our mind which is probably from 1840 or so (That's at least what my mind tells me). But I'm not sure if it's really us in this picture or her with that demon or kind of being. Because she mentioned one of the bad persons/beings some time later (>>17302941) And this person matches the man on this picture in my mind.
Don't know if that sounds weird but we both also had some weird thoughts on our mind lately. She didn't wanted to talk about hers just said they're bad and refers of them as visions.

The pact is just something usual. As example something like staying in contact frequently.
But yeah, one night while I'm in the garden I see some shooting stars and I somehow wish that we become a real couple some day among some other things. The presence of this being is already there at that evening.

In addition to what I replied earlier. I also got myself a book lately, called "the dark night of the soul" (ISBN-13: 978-3458176312). And there the definition of what I experienced during the night, seems more likely like a witch or something like that. ( >> 17302853)
But that wouldn't have matched the rest of what I experienced.

I think it really hates me and don't think I can calm it down or it will tell me it's name.

I wish so, but I'm not sure if it will work anymore.
playing with things that you never should have.. you deserve to get fucked eternally It doesn't matter if it kills you because you will reborn again just to get fucked by the same entity over and over and over this is your eternal punishment fool not even your little hocus pocus will save you long enough either way it is death you can never run away from it

I didn't even knew that a pact would have such an impact to my life.
Neither that there are such bad beings out there.
I remember an anon stating this entity you make "deals" with is niether demon nor God, but separate
I'm not particularly religious, so I don't believe in the whole power of the Bible stuff. I think any power that comes from those symbols has to do more with the belief of the person that it will work rather than the relic actually working.

Um... what?

I haven't entirely been paying attention to the thread, and that's my bad, but what reason would it have to hate you if it were in fact a thing?

I've heard a lot of things from people who claim to have experiences with these sort of things, and they've said that these entities are very much, uh, human in their expression of emotion.
There's one more aspect I would like to mention right now.
It's basically the moment I realize that I am in this trouble.

The weird night had happened probably 10 days before and I still somehow hoped that It was just my mind which was stressed out. (>> 17302853).

I went out in the garden that evening again. Also changed the place where I stayed in the garden some days before to not be near whatever is there. And I saw a black cat.
I personally don't believe in that black cats are a sign of unlucky events or something.
Hovewer this black cat was different.
> I realize that this cat sat at the exact same place every single time it was in the garden.
> That this cat has first showed up some time last year.
> This cat never reacts to anything. Keeps sitting at the same place for hours sometimes even half a day not even reacting if you stand in front of it.
> Don't know to whom it belongs, apperead and leaved from time to time.

Then while watching at the cat I heard a really loud scream. Like someone got sawed into two pieces with a chainsaw or something like that. The same moment I felt something like a wall or tall person directly standing behind me. And this weird cat moved the first time ever since I first saw it. It looked at me and had bright glowing eyes for a moment. Than looked bat into nothing again.
I just left the place and went back in the house.
Haven't seen the cat since then until a few days ago.
> I don't know if that would have been relevant or related at all to the other things so I didn't mentioned that so far.

I would say I'm just stressed and that my mind keeps playing me games so basically I'm just a bit crazy right now but I heard similar stories from her and the other person without mentioning my experiences at all. And I just can't deny that this is some paranormal, I would lie to myself.
And most of the stuff just isn't explainable by todays psychological attempts nor with other aspects of todays "usual" knowledge.
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104132118 .jpg
83 KB, 600x446
What it seems like is that you're overthinking some mundane things that are happening to you.
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Deal with angels and be as clean as you can.

If not perform things comparable to tricks and take care of yourself.
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next time you see it, pet the cat.
You will need to face your fears, running away will not help, good luck
I always take many things into pieces and think about them in many ways. The cat might be just normal, maybe even it was scared by the sound. Like I said I mentioned it that late because I'm unsure about that.

I'm pretty sure the cat has an owner, there aren't that many cats around here and it seemed to be well fed when I saw it.

I actually have a clue what will happen to me because of all that. I just don't know what all the things that happened mean. And I thank every Anon who helped me finding this out so far and for the advices.
> I also haven't mentioned some things which would lead to a more structured explanation of all but I just think it's better not to mention some things.
> Just think it's more safe for everyone.

However I'm pretty tired now. I would like to continue tomorrow with some last things then.
If you have any question regarding the previous said stuff don't hesitate to ask. I just don't know if I go into detail regarding some things.
(If you don't hear anything from me latest the day after tomorrow, well I'm probably fucked)

> I always tried to be a good person and not to harm anyone or anything.
> Even so, I am a human and also make mistakes or commit sins (no big ones)
> So I also can just beg and ask for mercy in this case.
> Really didn't wanted to do something bad like that. Actually just wanted that everything would become well.

For now, I would like to leave this quote here:
> “I am the sum total of everything that went before me, of all I have been seen done, of everything done-to-me.
> I am everyone everything whose being-in-the-world affected was affected by mine.
> I am anything that happens after I'm gone which would not have happened if I had not come.”
> ― Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children

Have a pleasant evening.
Since you have tried everything, may as well give this a try? This is the goddess durga mantra for getting rid of demons, good luck

buy some sliver and keep it near you or on you.
Be more specific about the pact.
>Salman Rushdie

Has problem with demons, quotes Sir Rushdie, top kek!
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