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Liverpool Spoops
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Anyone up for some ghost hunting in Liverpool/ have and spoopy stories? I'll start
>used to work in shop
>building is Victorian
>space in my shop is leased out to different businesses i.e. we sell clothes, but I lease the top floor as a tattoo parlour, first floor vintage trainers and basement is full of vinyl
>one guy who is a tattoo artist is one down right spooky motherfucker
>dgmw he's a nice guy, but he can see ghosts and auras, control his own heart rate etc
>one night he wants to stay late to tattoo a VIP clent, pays me to wait a few hours behind after everyone so I can lock up etc
>closing time
>lock doors
>heading up stairs to tell him that if he needs to go out for a smoke just come and get me and I'll open the doors
>walking up stairs, there's a kid at the top of them
>"hey mate we're closed-" he turns around and runs up the next set of stairs
>okay then
>follow him up, everytime i turn a corner i see him, he looks at me turns around and runs again
>get to top floor
>can't see him
>"hey Neil, has you client brought his kid?"
>"no anon, why?"
>"i saw this kid on the stairs, he came up here"
>"oh that's Jonesy"
>"oh, is he your kid?"
>"Ahahaha no, he just wants to play though don't worry about him"
>think nothing of it, or try not to
>waiting a while for these guys, reading some comics etc
>go to bathroom, on first floor
>heading back down
>top of stairs and get a chill, feel dread turn around see huge black shadow, almost fall down stairs
>run down freaking out
>they come down to leave
>"so Neil, who is Jonesy?"
>"he's just the kid that lives on the stairs"
>"a ghost?"
>"yeah, he's not the one to be worried about though"
>"who is?"
>"there is a very dark spirit here, but he's only active at around 9 o'clock"
>realise it is currently 9
>get money, go home, get drunk try not to think about that shit
Is the shop on bold street?
>Visit Liverpool once five years ago
>Enjoy the sites and the city
>One day I went for a drive
>I get a bit peckish so head for a Greggs that I see
>Park up, lock the car and go in
>Get a sausage roll
>As soon as I walk out I am shocked to see that before my car was there, now it had vanished to the netherworld
>I start to get scared when all of a sudden I hear this strange scream around me "eh, eh, eh"
>Run the fuck out of there and never went back
hahaha, we need more england story threads
>be some scouce bastard
>need some cash so i can buy some weed of me mate dave
>see some nobhead left his window of his car open when he went into greggs
>lots of birds around greggs eating the crumbs off the floor
>when no one is looking i jump into the car and hotwire it
>me starting the car makes those feathery cunts fly around startled, screeching frantically
>"eh eh eh"
>decide that i should drive off now before the birds attract someones attention
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>be a pleb from some nomark english town or city that isn't Liverpool
>be butt-hurt about how shit my cuck-town is
>buy into archaic, thatcher-esque slander that validates my resentment of a city better than my own
>masturbate over pictures of the liver building fucking my wife
>kill myself when I'm told from an anon that Liverpool has the lowest crime rates in England so the skit of them being thieves is redundant
The Liverpudlian accent makes all the shit you listed redundant positives.

The only place worse than Liverpool is Birmingham.
Nice story anon., I'm from Liverpool and up for some ghost hunting.

I've experienced some weird shit around Liverpool.

>Been to see some friends on Lark Lane
>decide to call it a night and stroll to St. Michaels' station with my mate
>it's deadly quiet on Southwood road
>while me and friend are talking, loud noise drowns our voices out
>don't realise whats happening straight away, so we keep walking
>both have stopped talking, absent mindedly waiting for loud noise to stop
>loud noise is thousands of kids playing, like a school playground.
>as suddenly as the sound appeared, it disappears, fading out to absolute silence again.
> it was close to midnight, no kids anywhere to be seen
>friend confirms he heard kids playing all around us too
>mfw we may have experienced an audio time slip or something of when there used to be a school or orphanage on southwood street.
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Nah, off the top of my head I can't even think of one place better than Liverpool and I've been all over. everywhere else in England is shit in comparrison.
Manchester (scruffy shithole, need to sort their shops out, proper depressing. and it's literally full of muslims, you can go a whole day without seeing one white person)
Leeds (no nice old buildings, just depressing brutalist architecture, like student flats everywhere, and it's full of muslims)
London (way too big, takes ages to get anywhere, not quintessentially english in the slightest anymore, just a tourist dive, and it's full of muslims)

Liverpool is going through a renaissance period right now. It's a world tourist destination. Cruise liners pull up every odd day on the docks, now...

accept that Liverpool is superior to where you're from, and go ask your mayor why your hometown is so shit.
Whoa thanks for the reply, but
all wools must hang
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>visit Liverpool
>It's windy and wet as fuck
>Why did I come here
>A man approaches me
>oh no
>Worst fear confirmed; he's local
>speaks scouse at me
>Sounds like a Lovecraftian eldritch horror vomiting
>I am literally dumbfounded
>pass out
Never going to Scouseland again
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Drying pan!.png
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Eh, I've lived here for 20 years, and while there's been a few spoops, only one genuinely scary thing has happened to me.

>Be halfway through first year at uni
>Heading past the metropolitan, on the way home
>See fake tanned geordie shore essex looking guy in a t shirt and shorts
>In frigging january
>Stupid bastard's shaking life a leaf, it's fucking hailing outside
>Appears to be complaining about the weather, in the middle of winter
>Decide to walk over
>Guy looks at me in horror, fake tanned but skinny as a bulimic greyhound
>'Mate, are you alright?'
>He begins gibbering in what I later realise is his impression of italian mixed with 10 years of drinking lead water
>'Pizza pasta bruv, fucking do your head in. Shag meh sister, she's a proper munter'
>Start laughing
>Dude may be high
>Realises he has golden flakes vodka in his hand, but only a tiny bit is missing
>Southern jessie lightweight methinks
>Suddenly jerks over
>Throws up in the road, smells like overpriced alcohol, casual racism, chlamydia and alan partridge's toilet.
>Collapses on the ground
>Call an ambulance immediately
>Ambulance arrives quickly, they try taking him into the van
>Wakes up suddenly, seems outraged
>Waves a tenner in the confounded ambulance workers faces
>Just as suddenly, falls unconscious again
>They take him away, as fast as they can from the look on their faces
>As they close the doors, I think I can hear him say 'Don't put gravy on meh medicine'.
>Never see him again
>Fucking essex man

I hear there's a county full of those guys, but it can't be true.
Im definately game for some ghost hunting, which was the shop OP?
I heard that all of Liverpool is haunted.....by Gerrard slipping in that match with Chelsea.
I'll go ghost hunting, sounds like an experience
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