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Alright /x/ I think something is up. About...
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Alright /x/ I think something is up. About an hour ago I made a thread (two by accident) on how I heard a loud noise/power went out/people were curious etc etc.. Well shortly after I posted these threads, the data on my phone cut out for no reason (I still have 300 mb I can use in January)., I mentioned how there have been a few threads mentioning that February of this year will have something in store for us (I have the pictures from last night that will do a better job of giving an explanation, I just have to find it). Anyways, after all of this occurred (including my data cutting out?) I decided to go out on the streets looking for anything that could have happened. I saw next to nothing. Except, a lot more police activity than usual ( like, A LOT more) and they seemed to be cautious of the sky (i.e, they kept looking up at it, with a worried expression.). Now I didn't take any pictures because I didn't take my phone. I found it too coincidental that my data cut out right after making the threads. But I will go out tomorrow, to see if anything happened.

The only reason I haven't followed up on my threads, is because I have been out looking. But I'm done for the night. I saw nothing useful. The only thing I can guess, is it was either some extra terrestrial entity getting ready to fux with us, or an enemy air craft getting ready for war. Maybe it's all just a coincidence, or a weather balloon. GO back to sleep little sheep, this doesn't concern us.

Usually I don't believe this kind of tinfoil shit. But after the thread I found last night (again, on multiple boards) I'm getting freaked out. I think its finally Habbening.

>TLDR; It's habbening, government is keeping it a secret. Evidence points to either Ayylmaos or enemy aircraft.
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This is the image I was referring to. I remember I saw somebody saying "better save that to an external hard drive".

Trolls, or an actual habbening? you decide
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it is already here, it is the dawn.
Your thoughts and feelings manifest faster than ever. It's okay though because this isnt foreign to the human psyche, we simply have to want to remember. remember.
You got cut of from mobile cuz it's february, you dumb cunt
this is all more spooky than anything I've read on /x/
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I'm in ca (not Califag fr last thread) and there's power outages in many areas. My block happens to be one of them.
I'm data posting too but I'll update if anything of true spoop habbens when midnight rolls around.
I would welcome a habbening, lets ge something of interest going.

As an added spoop, it is fucking windy as all hell here and raining sideways which is unusual in my region.
And yes I realize that the weather most likely had a part in the power outages.
Lets see what happens. It's fucking on.
Dude that's blurry as shit
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it's real life too.
When you zone out in your day to day life, say you're looking at a leaf on a tree; try to keep that silent, un-moving, unthinking, silent head-space. That will help get you into meditation and your journey shall become all the more real
I am aware anon.
I overthink so many things though.
I wont let ADHD affect me.
thank you
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Alright I'm back and I have something to report. Not midnight yet but something spoopy is occurring.

As I said, all of the power is off. Yet as I lay in bed I'm hearing a loud beeping happening at regular intervals coming from my closet.
Have no idea what this could be, nothing electronic should be working.
It could be something related to the power turning back on, but who knows.
I'm minorly spooked but also very confident.
I'll update if the beeping turns out to be NWO monsters tryna steal muh soul.
Er, or I guess I won't update if that's the case hah.
Wish me luck anons.
Then. Check. The. Fucking. Closet. It's only "spoopy" because you're being a fucking pussy and assuming shit.
I've heard that governments lately have begun using techniques that we haven't heard of to spy on civilians (both canada, and usa). But as far as I know, this is just word of the mouth information. Nothing too credible behind it. I'd invest in a 20$ radio frequency detector though
I'm spooked... a few days ago, I got this strange paranoia so I come to 4chan to see if something weird is going on

I see people getting the same paranoia.

There is also obvious military activity going on as well. Those sonic booms were heard in dif states and there are reports of military people saying they've never heard anything like those.

There is an odd amount of UFO sightings increasing (most likely military) My sister in south carolina has even told me that the base there has been running jets every night for the past 2-3 weeks (which is unusual there)

also wtf is up with that blue asteroid most of the country saw yesterday/the day before?
Presumptuous as always Astral Llama. I did fucking check obviously you knob.
If I could assess what it was that was making the beeping than I wouldn't be posting about it. But as it stands I cannot find the source.
I never said it was "scary" just "spoopy". lol
Not really, cuck. Absolutely nothing said you had. Nor that you even thought of it. And the only "evidence" going on in this thread, is a story you typed out. So.
I just woke up from a dream, I was dreaming of being in the outer space. I NEVER dreamed something about the outer space, It's not something I really think about. It's 4am here in Argentina, something made me turn on my pc and I ended up here, spoopy coincidence

Well man, like I said I'm posting from a phone. Sorry for not having more exposition, I realize now it wasn't obvious from my first post.
Still no reason to be a big ol meanie you fat edgy namefaggot.
The real answer is youre all kids spooking each other.

I used to get the same feelings sometimes. Something bad was about to happen, or one of my family was hurt.

You can make yourself paranoid all you want, but the world isnt ending any time soon.

a reasonable, experienced person.
This is weird. Make sure to remember this moment, and post back on /x/ if anything happens

INB4 tinfoil
I'm on a phone too. I don't compromise on what I write unless it's on of those "fuck it" moments. A $20 RF detector won't really do a whole lot, except give false positives. Some electronics beep when their batteries are almost dead. Notably smoke detectors..
Alright, so somebody made a bunch of riddles revolving around someone they could prove actually existed. Otherwise nothing about any of the information provided had any predictive capacities.

Just another end of the world rpg for all the bored kids to play.
Well fair enough, although spelling mistakes with mobile posting are nearly inevitable if you count that as "compromising" your writing.

>unless it's on of those

And yeah man, I don't think I need a 20$ RF detector. I'm not too paranoid about signals, frequencies, monitoring etc. I'm no one of interest.

Oh by the way, the beeping was a Verizon box in my wall behind a closet. It has since stopped after the electricity coming back on. Nothing happened at midnight. Nothing is habbening.
665 + 1 = 666
holy shit someone can do math
holy shit it makes a date
holy shit it means something

calm down, it means nothing
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>Now I didn't take any pictures because I didn't take my phone.

Oh of course not, almost every zombie out there always takes their phone when leaving the house, and the one time, if not, the only time it would ever be relevant to take a picture on your phone, you don't.

This is either all bullshit and you're just feeding for attention.

Or it was just a power failure/transformer explosion (police looking up at the utility lines was more likely what happened), and through the addiction to fear porn you're hoping that something bad does happen.

Never cry shitwolf.
For real, dude! I'm in the same boat. I stopped browsing like 3 years ago, but I've been feeling massive paranoia like something huge is going to occur really soon. I've invested in a bug out bag and all wilderness survival items for my senpai just in case.
But I feels it really bad lately.
It is normal to not bring your phone everywhere. I do it all the time. I just leave my phone because I know that I'll want to go on it and I'll have more quality time with others. Plus if an emergency happens, everyone else has their phones all the time.
Getting this mad at memes
Satan is killing you/us/we and about ready to perform a reset/rewind returning the God I AM.

God is pissed.
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