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I remember my past life
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Dear /x/

I don't usually frequent your board, I'm more of a /fit/ /ic/ /cow/ sort of person,but I figured you guys are into this sort of thing and maybe you can understand it better than I do.

My first memory is perhaps from before I was even 1 year old. I have a good way of recounting the different time periods because when I was 2 our house burnt down, so I remember a lot of stuff around that period too.

My oldest memory was a dream. Or so I told myself, or so my mother told me when I asked her about it. I 'dreamt' that I was someone else, I had a bigger body and was in a very green leafy looking place (I'm eastern european from a grey bloc city, so my real environment was much removed from this). There were lots of crocodiles or alligators there, and for some reason I couldn't walk and I was very scared but I didn't know why.

2 or so year old me realised that I was forgetting a lot of things, a lot of my early (mundane ) memories, so I made a concious effort to retell my memories to myself all the time, so I wouldn't forget them . I ended up forgetting a lot still, but I will never forget that dream nor the fact that I was 'different' or even smarter before I started forgetting.

I'm not a strong believer, but I do think something was up. I don't have anyone I could tell this about...It just sounds too corny. I know what I remember though, and it creeps me out.

Give me a rational explanation, feel free to ask questions etc
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I like to listen to random documentaries while I draw and that was when I came across the past life thing. It really triggered a lot of memories for me, especially the memory of being already a full individual with complec thoughts that was all too aware of their memories fading.

I wish I could talk to a therapist about it but they wouldn't believe me. My spouse believes me, but they're more into this stuff that I'm comfortable with so I don't bring it up much.
That's really interesting. I don't have memories like that, but I've had a lifelong recurring dream of sitting in an old saloon.

You heard about this kid?
>Give me a rational explanation
There is no re-incarnation.

No you don't.
How are you so sure?
What's /cow/¿?

You might have ADHD. I do, and sometimes I "remember" things that never actually happened. Small events only, such as having a conversation with someone or buying something at the store that I actually didn't. They can be quite vivid, and it takes a good deal of strain for me to recognize it's just my condition flaring up again. I'm not medicated, because I don't like being on pills.

It also effects me in the reverse, too. For instance, I constantly forget dates such as my brother's birthday (He's 28 and I can't remember if he's Dec 21st or Dec 23rd) or for many years my own phone number.

Shit sucks but once you become aware of it, it's a lot easier to cope with. Kinda like breaking the 4th wall of your own life, really.
Back in 1995 I recalled all my memories from all my past lives.
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The official explaination of memory is that it's composed of patterns of synapses between neurons. That is, synapses form on a neuron, and shoot Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and neurotransmitters into other neurons.

However, we have evidence for intra-neuron memory;

>These results point to the nucleus of neurons as the potential locus of the engram in Aplysia

Also, there's evidence for genetic memory;

>Fearful memories haunt mouse descendants
>Genetic imprint from traumatic experiences carries through at least two generations

These memories aren't encoded in the methylation of the DNA, or any other known epigenetic mechanism. All we know is that something inside the cell can record and replay memory.

Timothy Leary, amongst others, clarified this issue in the 70's;

>The seventh brain kicks into action when the nervous system begins to receive signals from WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL NEURON, from the DNA-RNA dialogue. The first to achieve this mutation spoke of "memories of past lives,"
>The "akashic records" of Theosophy, the "collective unconscious" of Jung, the "phylogenetic unconscious" of Grof and Ring, are three modern metaphors for this circuit. The visions of past and future evolution described by those who have had "out-of-body" experiences during close-to-death episodes also describes the trans-time circuit VII tunnel-reality
> Circuit VII is best considered, in terms of 1977 science, as the genetic archives, activated by anti-histone proteins. The DNA memory coiling back to the dawn of life. A sense of the inevitability of immortality and interspecies symbiosis comes to all circuit VII mutants; we now see that this, also, is an evolutionary forecast, since WE STAND RIGHT NOW ON THE DOOR-STEP OF EXTENDED LONGEVITY LEADING TO IMMORTALITY
Was it enlightening or just fucked up?
I knew a kid who recalled having lived in Africa. Weird coincidence, his house burnt down when he was about 3 or 4.

I've had past life memories in hypnotherapy and meditation, so yes it seems real to me. And I know other people with past life recall.

OP, don't know about a 'rational' explanation, that depends on what your definition of rational is. Reincarnation is rational to me.
I think he meant /co/.

Personally op, I believe in reincarnation and I think it's stupid that we end up mostly forgetting our past lives. You should feel lucky. You and everyone else that can remember.
>However, we have evidence for intra-neuron memory;
>Also, there's evidence for genetic memory;
We fucking knew it.
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Consider the last sentence;


>Transient delivery of modified mRNA encoding TERT rapidly extends telomeres in human cells
>This rapid method of extending telomeres and increasing cell pro- liferative capacity without risk of insertional mutagenesis should have broad utility in disease modeling, drug screening, and regenerative medicine

Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson were writing this in the 70's, and it didn't show up for them. It makes me wonder if Gaia planned for the baby boomers to die before they became immortal.

I say this while smoking weed, after moving from New Hampshire to Washington;

>The PreDom1 Taboo against Bodily Self-Actualization was also crumbling in the Sun Belt—as exemplified by the legalization of marijuana, the classic tool of one who wishes to control one's own hedonic reality
>The flap over Recombinant DNA Research, Life Extension and cloning was a wonderful sign that Neurogenetic Consciousness was emerging
>When the red-neck politicians and the liberal agitators moralize about "monsters escaping from the laboratory and being unleashed on the unsuspecting public," the Out-Caste Intelligence operative perks up interest. The "monsters," of course, are us in the future

I'm posting halloween-themed animu because my awakening was halloween-themed.
>I'm posting halloween-themed animu because my awakening was halloween-themed.
Was gonna say; that's a nice witch.
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1 MB, 2480x2832

Admittedly, 2D Heaven was also promised during my awakening. Halloween-themed, of course. Another big feature was that everything felt like a candle, including my own body. Another sensation that was related to this was that my body felt like wax, and filled with energy despite it's quietness. The entire universe felt like candles.
>The entire universe felt like candles.
Interesting! Good witch pic too.
I get random "Flash backs" every now and then, usually 1-2 a year for the last 6 years (don't recall getting them before that, doesn't mean it didn't happen though)

I'm beginning to think its my past lives, there is 3 different time periods I think I'm seeing, I'll start with earliest

>Looks like prehistoric Europe, I've only ever seen one other person in this time period
>First time it happened I was standing on a cliff staring at stars, night sky seemed to look very different
>Second and third time was basically just walking around
>Fourth time I saw what I think to be a woolly mammoth, this is the time I saw someone else and they appeared too look like what we imagine the first Europeans to look like just significantly hairier

Second time period
>Looks to be around the 1500s
>Only two times I've had this "flashback"
>Both very boring, one was walking through a dark forest and the second was sitting on a chair in what looked to be a lodge
Third time period

>Guessing its around 1916-1917
>Very clear its during WW1 during the first flash back
>Second flash back I'm on a massive boat in middle of ocean
>Third flash back I'm walking through a field/fades to black/ then I'm walking through what I'm guessing is a trench (only time thats ever happened, where it seems to show 2 different times at once)
>This was longest one as well
>In a group of what seems to be 5-6 people (based on how many voices I remember)
>Can see 2 people infront of me
>Hear a loud shout, then a large "cracking" sound is the best way I can explain it
>Goes black and vision is done

Haven't had one since then.

If you believe the whole birth marks are from your past lives theory, the only birth mark I have is a spot in the back of my head with no colour (white and my hair is nearly black) so that is a pretty weird coincidence
there have been some incredible even recent stories of reincarnation, like a little boy who knew who murdered "him" in the next village over, even down to where the body was buried.

In another, 2 girls (one with a birthmark) are twins, they die in a car accident or some shit, the parents get pregnant, have twins, the girls they have know things about their past girls no one told them, one has the same birthmark, they requested to play with toys their older sisters owned that they could not have known of.
Sometimes it feels like there's something, like a memories that are not quite clear and make no sense, specially since they are from different unrelated periods.

But the most recent one is usually the one that is easier to grab onto. It's from mid XX century, somewhere between the 40's and 60's maybe. I've always been into music from that period even as a kid (there's one from 1961 that always makes me cry for no reason), and the style and many little things. There's 2 occasions in particular that come to mind.

>be in the military
>sleep deprivation plus the relentless sound of gunshots make me start hearing things
>hear voices and shouting as in middle of some conflict
>a child nervously asking things stands out
>for a second see European? village
>come back to present time

>be in NYC
>go visit the USS Intrepid because of some fair
>they are playing a video that has battle scenes
>red light and call to battle stations goes off
>get extremely anxious
>feels like a bad memory or something
>have to go see other things
So OP was an alligator?
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