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Why is there no /nope/ thread?
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Why is there no /nope/ thread?

My dad told me weird stories about me recently, when he and my mom where talking about dumb stuff my siblings and I used to do.

>I was 5 or 6 years old
>Daddy suddenly wakes up late at night
>Gets creepy feeling that he's being watched
>Looks in the doorway
>Sees me standing in the doorway, not moving
>Can't see my face, not sure if I'm awake or not
>Asks me what I'm doing
>Whisper "Daddy, make him go away..."
>"He won't leave me alone."
>Suddenly turn and walk away
>Goes into my room and finds me on the bed sleeping, completely alone
>Goes back to bed
>Next day he's getting me up for school and I have a black eye
>Panics and asks me about last night, who was in my room
>Tell him I don't know what he's talking about, didn't feel any pain in my eye
> daddy

Only nope i see here is that you're still calling him daddy
>Why no nope thread?

Because the weekend shitposters are out in full force instead.
>Be in the middle of Nowhere, WI, USA on the highway
>It's 3am and I've been driving for 2 hours, using GPS
>Tired, falling asleep, have to pee
>Make random right turn into a back road to pee and rest
>GPS scolds me, turn it off.
>Make a left to hide from traffic. Sign says "Salem Road."
>Ten seconds into Salem Road I stop to get out and pee
>Suddenly in an enormous graveyard, no other sign of life to speak of
>I'm not peeing here
>Get back in car, drive down Salem a ways, get out and pee, try to sleep
>Can't sleep, strong anxiety.
>Turn on GPS and hit the 'Go home' button
>Leads me to the graveyard
>Stops at the graveyard
>Spends the next half hour scolding me and attempting to lead me back to Salem Road
>Gun for home and don't stop

I've only ever seen that road once in the dozen times I've made that drive.
You're dead and don't know it yet. Your GPS was giving you a sign.
>not calling your father daddy all of your life
Is this an English speakin people thing?
In English, "daddy" is typically used by small children. Teens and adults can use it affectionately too, but it might sound strange because there is also the slang term "daddy" for a sexual partner older than the other person, usually (but not always) male.

I didn't have a problem with you using "daddy" in your story, but this is 4chan, so of course people are going to find it weird.
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im not a girl

[spoil]my dad ignored me[/spoiler] forever
It's a random number or you really have a folder just for skeletons?
My mother told me a story, when I was a baby out of no where I looked at her and said
'im going to die soon'
she said it freaked her out to no end.
I've never shared this story
My mom told me this while we were watching that stupid movie where this guys wife dies and she talks to him through the TV a few years ago
>uncle died when I was 4-5 years old
>mom gave him this welfare ticket that you can use on payphones for free calling before he died
>days after he died she kept getting these weird calls from the card #
She said she'd hear nothing but static and it stopped after she had to get a number change a year later
he probably has over 400 skeleton pics.
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>not having over 400 skeleton pics

Get off /x/
You're doing this in every story thread and it's not funny. Kill yourself.
Scray scray bro
> be 8 yrs old
> have friend over to play games in upstairs that you think is haunted
> attic door keeps pushing open while we play, happens all the time, the "wind" you're told.
> finish playing Nintendo and push huge nob in on the 70's t.v. to turn it off
> go downstairs to see off friend
> before he leaves, head back upstairs for whatever reason
> see t.v. button pulled back out with mute static on the screen and attic door flung wide open.
> begin to freak run downstairs to tell mom
> go outside scared
> friend comes out and tells you he did it and forgot and was sorry
> calm down, then he leaves
> next day he calls and says, "Hey are you okay? Your mom told me to tell you that. I never turned on the t.v. or opened the door...."
>Get called out on a rainy night in the winter, get ready be out front in 10 minutes
>Strange but not unheard of
>Get into the car and we are off.
>after some time we arrive at what I thought was a defunct airfield. Aircraft waiting
>wonder what is going on now , dont ask anything just go with it.
>scared , I dont want to die and have somebody go through my laptop.
>Several hours later we touch down. Fucking nobody is telling me shit. The air is humid and what I can only describe as a huge fucking forrest. Guys with weapons and transport are waiting for us.
>We travel for about two hours still in this forrest area. The guys around me are all on point eyes out.
> Transport stops and we all get out.
>the silence is
>what gets too me, no birds no animals no nothing .
>Get my protective suit on and respirator and we walk to this clearing in the forrest,
There is a cave and as we walk in I can see a faint light in the distance
>The smell hits me. Its like burnt raw chicken and hair.
>The weapons guys open a heavy door and reveals a stair case down.
>Respirator on and they take point.
>Open a second airlock at the bottom and the sight was horrific.
>It took me sometime to process what I was looking at
> what I can only describe as human beings smashed by a semitruck was in the corridor
>Macho guys with weapons go first past these remains like they have seen this shit before
>Im scared shitless by now
>Second large corridor and the same story there
>burnt raw chicken
So which is it?
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>Not having dedicated Skelly folder
>not calling him "sir"
Fucking reds I tell ya

>Be me with my gf this last saturday
>Gf is a total nerd who likes board games and tabletop rpgs
>She buys a new board game... just to discover she needs a poker card deck in order to play
>Trying to be the spontaneus guy she loves in me, I jump into the first shop I find... just to discover it is some kind of old applicances store owned by two muslisms guys
>One of the owners ask me if I need something
"I was looking for some poker cards but, I think I got into the wrong shop".
>The two owners talk to themselves in their language and one of them go into the back of the shop
>After that, he brings me a poker card box...
>Or that is what it was supposed to be
>I mean, it was a box with the size of a maze of cards and, for the sound when shaking it, there were cards inside
>But, there wasn't any letter or picture or symbol to tell you it was a poker card deck
>Just some complicated oriental green pattern around all the box
>In the middle of one of the faces of the card box, like the face of a crying virgin
>Yes, oriental patterns and a christian virgin, it was strange
>... and the box looked old and used, like something you would find in your grandfather's house
"How much for this?" - I asked staring at the card box
>The owners shrugged: "I don't know, one euro maybe?"
>I stared the box a little more, thinking until my thoughts are broken by my gf grabbing my arm
>She looks worried and she tells me she doesn't want a poker deck anymore
>I tell the owners we don't want the card deck and we get out of the store

>Outside, my gf confess me she was pretty scared by the situation.
>The card box was giving her some eerie vibre. >Maybe for the design
>Maybe because it was something it wasn't supossed to be sold in such store and how convenient was all the situation

My main concern was that, after getting out of the shop, I realized what was my only thought when staring at the card box:

"How much harm could a mere euro make?"
Underrated post right here
Can i get the story of the guy who had a childhood trauma because he was atacked by two snow ghouls or something like that?
Don't die on me, thread.

My best friend and I shared a small appartment when we went to uni. We had some creepy experiences there.
It was a bedroom/living room with a small kitchen and bathroom.
In the evenings, we were usually lying in bed, watching tv and/or studying.
The stove was kinda old and sometimes would turn on by itself. We'd hear it click and then went into the kitchen to turn it off again. Whatever, electrical problem, old stove.
Sometimes though we'd also hear the dishes being moved around in the sink.
Whatever, maybe we just stacked it weird.
Once we were both in the kitchen cooking. Suddenly I saw a small, bright flash above my friend's head. She stared at me and asked me if I'd heard that.
She heard a loud cracking noise, didn't see the flash, though.
One night I was at home with my parents when she called me. She was alone in the apartment watching tv, when the tv suddenly turned itself off with a loud bang, she said it sounded like a gunshot. When she tried to turn it on again later, it worked just fine.

One night, I had a really scary dream. We woke up to a very loud chanting and humming, got scared, held each other and screamed.
It seemed so real to me, when I woke up the next morning I thought it had really happened, my friend didn't remember anything though, so I figured it must have been a dream.
I'll greentext the scariest experience we had there.
Okay, here I go:
>best friend complains about me waking her up due to moving around in bed so much, jokingly asks if I had a seizure last night
> don't remember anything, laugh it off as me having some kind of dream and moving around
> a few days later
>wake up in the middle of the night because the bed is shaking
>think my body is still in dream-mode
>lie there and wait for it to stop
>it doesn't
>think maybe best friend has a seizure this time
>look over at her, she's sleeping like a baby not moving at all
>sit up
>it feels like someone is pressing down on the mattress and letting go, over and over again, or like a very small and light person jumping on the mattress
>listen if I can hear anything that could cause the bed to shake
>can't hear or see anything unusual
>get on all fours
>bed is still shaking
>take a last look around and decide to go back to sleep because fuck it
Really the only weirdish story i have
>was 16
>taking a nap on my couch having this almost surreal dream
>theres this "entity" talking to me basically giving me lessons and instructions
>goes on for a long time. I dont remember anything he said at all except then last one
> it says "now wake up, morgan is about to call you. You're about to have the most important conversation of your life"
> i wake up and 5 seconds later morgan is calling me telling me she is about to kill herself
>i spend the next hour talking her out of it

Never had any sort of dreams or experiences like that since
That shit was cursed familia
I wonder if it was one of her deceased family members
dmt bruh
Anyone have that taxi driver guy stories?
>Be me
>Like 16
>Around 10pm
>Chilling on park swings on our school property
>Which also has a fair amount of woods behind it
>Talking to friend, telling some story or some shit
>Friend looks shocked out of no where
>Just thought it was something I said
>She goes "Do you hear that?"
>Both sit in silence for a bit
>A blood-curling scream rips through the air
>Coming from the woods
>Sounds like a woman
>We both jump off the swings and haul ass through school property and across the street to the closest public place
>Call police because afraid someone is getting murdered
>Cops call back a little later and say they didn't find anything

>A few weeks later found out there used to be satanic rituals held back there

Now that I think about it... My old gym teacher said that there were "vampire deer" back there... basically deer that ate meat...
>have a bedroom upstairs
>awake, watching tv at 3 AM
>hear two knocks on my bedroom door
>but no footsteps leading up to the door, our floors upstairs were squeaky as fuck
>get out of bed
>open the bedroom door
>expect to see my dad telling me to go to sleep
>it's just a dark, empty hallway
>suddenly hear footsteps rushing down the stairs loudly
>go downstairs and find the front door is wide open
>go to close the door
>about 100 ft from the door is a street light
>see a strange shadowy outline of a man looking right at me
>instant chills
>close and lock the front door
>wake up family
>do a full inspection of the house and garage before finally going back to sleep
isn't english the only language where you call your father daddy?
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Here you go, I think this is the most complete one.
Great contribution, friend!
At least we know you've been edgy your entire life, faglord.
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I hate roleplay fags.
Mines 442.
>be me
>muslim fag
>have an appliance bussiness with my bro
>nobody buys our shit, it's a little old
>this one time a faggy kid and his girlfriend come to the store
>"see yusuf, i told you we would sell something"
>approach them
>"greetings how can i help you sir?"
>faggy kid looks scared
>he says
>"uh-uh d-do you have, l-like poker cards?"
>curse this wretched bussiness
>remember i have some old shit poker cards in my office
>"wait here"
>go to the back
>bro says
>"what will they buy, ahkmed?"
>"nothing, but at least i'll get rid of that old deck of cards, was gonna throw it anyway"
>my cousin gave it to me when he went to bangkok, said he bought it on the street, cheap as fuck.
>go to the kid
>"h-how much for this?"
>shrug and look to yusuf
>"a euro?"
>kid just kept staring at it
>"n-no thanks, w-we'll be leaving now"
>"Thanks, and come back soon"
>"Y-you t-too"
>fucking white people
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I lol'd. Spot on.
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