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I saw a thread but it was one person telling a story and I wanted to hear more. I'll start with my own.

>be me as a dumb highschooler
>tell 'wiccan' friend(lets call her Emma) about weird shit happening in most houses I'd been in as a kid
>Emma asks if shits happened in the house I'm in then
> 'Well yeah but nothing too crazy'
>Emma decides we HAVE to use her ouija board at my house
>Why not its not like anything bad can happen
>go into room in basement around sundown
>Emma sets up protection candles and shit
>Some other friends also hanging out for spoopy shit
>All of us sit down and get ready to play
>Don't remember every detail but the following is basically what happened
>first spirit repeatedly goes to the 'sun' on our board
>ask it a few questions to figure out what it means
>wants us to blow out the protection candles
>fuck that shit
>spirit1 gets more and more impatient
>Extra candles in room- not the 'protection' color- start going out
>spirit1 irritated, but can't do shit so says goodbye and refuses to communicate further
>friends kept pestering it but it keeps saying goodbye
>finally give up and try for another spirit
>after awhile spirit2 says hello
>this one is much more friendly thankfully
>all of us a bit more relaxed and starting to enjoy ourselves
>ask random questions
>spirit2 is kind of funny actually
>gives kind of silly answers to things
>friend- lets call him Jim- asks ghost what it thinks of his gf
> 'pretty'
>funny and kind of adorable
>someone gets a bright idea
>asks spirit2 about spirit1
>"Do you know who they are?"
>"Can you tell u?"
>fucking nope
>friends instead of saying goodbye keep asking shit
>spirit1 aka apperantlyafuckingdemon
>spirit2 claims demon is following Jim
>think spirit is fucking with us
>end conversation after a little bit
>laugh things off and forget about it for awhile
>month or so later hanging out with friend

Kill yourself, my man
hurry up op

>its Jim I'm hanging with, honestly kind of bored
>hang out for awhile til he gets phone call
>recruited to move furniture
>why the hell not
>go with him to church his parents go to
>walk inside, talking to friend
>not even moving shit yet notice dark spot on his pants
>"Hey you spill something?"
>rolls up pants to look
>three lines of blood
>scratches, not deep enough for a hospital trip but pretty bad
>"How the fuck did that happen?"
>"I don't know. Happened last time too."
>remember Ouija thing
>apperantly get really pale
>Jim looks at me pretty confused
>"I'll tell you later"
>religious parents probably shouldn't know he used am ouija board
>tell him later like I said i would
>he shrugs it off
>acts like nothing weird happened at all

>drift apart a bit senior year, still hang out but not as much
>he's turning into a fucking asshole
>develops pretty bad anger issues
>breaks an entire fucking wall down in his house at one point
>kind of scared of him

>five years later no idea where he is
>want to hope he's well off but something tells me he's not

Not the craziest Ouija story but 100% true, swear. Had other experiences as well but that's the one that stands out the most, if only how things went after. Any of you guys have stories you want to share? Want to hear more of mine?
sorry I don't type too quickly

Oh sure. You first.
cant wait fr part 2
The concept of a demon being a "fallen angel" or some biblical bullshit like that out to ruin humanity by making us do naughty things is ridiculous.

Now if spirit 2 said "spirit 1 is a culmination of negative energy that creates a loop to feed itself off of your shit" that I could get behind.

"Daemon" as a word has its roots in something between gods and mortal human. Don't let Abrahamic religions ruin your Ouija.
That's quite a long thing to spell out on an ouija board, however.
Honestly? One of the people using the board with us in that situation could have been fucking with us, and I really can't prove they didn't, but the fact that he later- on multiple occasions- would get random wounds after entering a church is something that makes my hair stand on end even now.
The personality change is strange as well. People change after high school, sure, but no one else I know have changed quite that drastically without at least falling into drugs or some other crazy shit.
I'm just sharing my experience.
I'm agnostic as well, just before people make assumptions. I'm sure there are other reasons that the property of a church would cause a negative reaction from whatever had possibly attached itself to him.
It's an interesting experience to say the least. No harm in sharing.
Fake and gay. No such thing as demons. Ouija boards are fucking games.
The church itself likely isn't causing anything. If someone, or the people observing them, have faith in *something* you can mess with that to evoke a response you're after.

Want to freak out a Christian? Make them think they can't enter a Church without ramification.

Here's food for thought. Maybe the reason your hair stands up on end just thinking about it now means Jim wasn't who spirit 1 was interested in.
Welcome to /x/. If things here were generally accepted mass societal constructs we wouldn't be on /x/.
That's always possible. I'd be lying if I claimed I haven't had experiences of my own since then, though not necessarily more than I had before. I'd always assumed I was just sensitive to it, but if something is hanging around me that would explain some things.
Check the boxes for me.

>People come to you feeling like shit, whinge for a bit, and then feel better but you get fatigued listening to their bitching.

>You have a hard time not mulling over shit that annoys or upsets you. You end up "playing back" the event in your head and it shits you.

>You have a hobby that you greatly enjoy but regret you can't shake (not necessarily negative stuff but shit you wish you could cut down on but don't).
That sounds familiar, not gonna lie.
If you're relatively well off and adjusted I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you want things to change you have an idea of where to start.
Huh. Got a whole lot of information I need to process now. Not where I expected this thread to go.
Not OP, but this applies to me as well. I do not believe that this is anything paranormal. I just think it's part of being a human. Everyone wishes that they could cut back on something and a lot of people regret the negative aspects of their lives. The first statement may only affect people who do not feed off of negative energy that other's bring to them, but rather absorb it and have to carry it more like a burden, but that just depends on the type of person you are and how you deal with negativity. The only reason that I am replying to this is that when I was in highschool I used a 100 year old Ouija Board. Fast forward a couple of years to when I was in college. I was a very happy individual and had a really tight-knit group of friends. One of them had drug-induced schizophrenia from a prescribed medication she took for her fibromyalgia. She used to tell me that she saw something following me, that it was a little girl whom was very interested in all of the weird little things I would do every now and then. Emphasis on schizophrenic, however I always believed that she was just super sensitive to other-worldly entities. Anyways, my life is generally a pile of shit, but I could always blame it on an entity and say it's out of my control.
I tried an ouija board once. My memory's a little fuzzy, it's been several years but it went something like this

>friends and I make ouija board out of paper and use a coin as a plachette
>2 friends and I are using it, 2 others refuse to participate because religious reasons or something but they stick around to see how it goes
>one of the friends participating is a skeptic and just wanted to do it to prove something, while myself and the other friend were curious if it would actually work
>probably wasn't a good idea to let the skeptic join in but didn't think it would be a big deal at the time
>we did it at my place, have a single candle lit next to us in a dark room
>start using the board, other friend is playing as the medium and asks if anyone's there
>nothing happens for a bit, skeptic friend starts being an asshole about it and starts doing everything that you shouldn't do while using an ouija board
>basically taunting whichever spirits that may come our way and being disrespectful
>medium continues to ask if there's anybody there
>suddenly make contact with one after a few minutes
>coin starts moving to "yes" presumably on its own, but I had my suspicion that it was my asshole friend moving it
>my head begins feeling funny soon after we make contact with the spirit, minorly light-headed
>medium asks what it's name is
>then my body starts to tilt forward towards the candle
>medium friend catches me because my face was pretty damn close to the flame
>coin is spelling out "ma-"
>coin seemed to be on its way to "d" when candle goes out
>I fall backwards and feel like I'm about to lose consciousness
>medium quickly says goodbye and they turn on the lights

That was about it unfortunately, I felt better immediately after it was over. I don't think we gave the spirit the opportunity to say goodbye, but we just tore the paper up and threw it in the trash and nothing really happened since. Still have slightly weird feelings sometimes when I'm in that room though
Lots of people may tick the boxes. It's really up to you to decide what to make of it. That's the beauty of something you discuss on /x/. It's context based. Whether or not something is following anyone around "feeding" on them or not is really a matter of individual experience. It is perfectly normal to be emotionally drained by dealing with people that are in a shit place. It's easy to get caught up in shit you don't like and that maybe you can't change easily. It's "human". Whether you think something is out there using humans as a food source is up for date (and here we are).

It's a bit different than saying "Well I'm acting like a complete cunt and being negative because an entity made me do it" depending on your outlook.
Everyone deserves a (You) for taking the time to post here. The board is dead at the moment.

No harm no foul by the sounds of it.
Hmm that would be "debate". C'est la vie.
Yeah, just felt like typing it out because I always wanted to, this seemed like the appropriate thread for it. And isn't this board always dead? lol
Touche. I think sometimes I just like to pretend this place is more lively than it really is.
short one not really scary just strange
>cousin and I decide to play ouija
>rest of the family around us talking and don't giving a f*ck
>start to ask silly question like is there someone
>mfw it's start to move
>continue to ask question
>ghost tell us he/she died in a car accident
>ask what is his name

Now that's the weird part at that time I was a fan of Death Note and I said to myself that the name of the ghost was Kira like I've heard it

>mfw the answer was Kira

I don't remember the whole story, this story happen a long time ago and I never really play it again the other time was short

>drunk with friend
>start to play ouija in the dark
>ma cat freak out and run upstair
>say fuck it and start to take shot
>parents own a bookstore with lots of occult books
>get all into it
>get a ouija
>get some friends over
>lol let's have fun time w spirits ya
>fuck around with ouija
>I'm the asshole that moves the planchette and pretends to be scared
>nothing really happens aside from me being a dumbass
>end up scoffing at the whole thing
>later on start seeing weird cat/monkey black shape in the bookstore where we did ouija
>gives off a heavy negative energy
>my mom sees it too without me telling her about it at all
>it lives in the room with the kids books on a high shelf
>whole bookstore kind of weird and fucked up now
>I'm still an idiot and don't put two and two together that my friends and I probably invited that lil creature into the space until waaaay later

we moved away from that place and I haven't seen it since
>Be 17
>Boyfriend and his friend come over to my house while I'm alone
>Boyfriend wants to try ouija board
>Not much happens really
>Glass moves but 90% sure it's one of them dicking around
>My landline suddenly rings
>All freak out
>It's my boyfriend's mother
>She doesn't even live in the same city as me so there's no way she knew this would happen (boyfriend didn't have cellphone either)
>She claims she could "sense it"
>Creeped out
>Her weird fire dancing hippie/wiccan friend is with her and starts saying weird stuff
>Can suddenly smell a weird smell, kinda like burning
>Boyfriend tells his mum's friend who claims it is her doing it, blessing it or some shit.
>Still sceptical however.
>His mum's friend tells us something bad will happen from it, but not as bad as it could have been
>Don't take too much notice
>Later same day
>Have massive falling out with best friend
>Last time I speak to her...before she's murdered
>Question self forever in case it was linked

I don't really know for sure what happened desu. I don't think the glass moved on it's own, I think one of them were doing it as they didn't seem freaked out. My boyfriend's mum suddenly calling like that WAS weird though, especially as she KNEW what was going on. She was getting all upset and saying how she'd had a bad experience with it herself and that we'd be "looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives". What happened with my friend..I assume was coincidence but I often go over it in my head. Boyfriend's mum's friend told me that she knew because she is psychic...and that I am too. I have never been able to control it but since then I have "predicted" events/deaths through dreams. But a lot of this stuff could be coincidence. I still wouldn't touch a ouija board again though...
This applies to any normal human being.
Not my story, but my mom's.

She once used a ouija board when she was a kid. Asked if she'd ever get married, and it spelled my dad's name letter for letter.

She believes the spirit she invited in fucked up her life, since my dad cheated, beat my family, and then had 2 other kids with another woman without her knowledge.

This ouija shit is fucked up, yo.
Here's a short one just to give you a bump.

> me and my two room mates are hanging out, stoned and bored
> my best friend at the time keeps going on about this black shape following him around
> other room mate claims he's seen it too, and apparently so have others
> decide to try and contact it
> read up on how to contact spirits online
> says you need to make an offering, so we serve up some old canned soup with stale bread
> obviously not too serious about it or expecting much to happen
> still, we sit down and respectfully ask to talk to someone from the other side
> name drop some people we wanna talk to, like Cliff Burton and Randy Rhodes
> getting no response or effect at all, so after about 10 minutes we call it off, saying;
> "fuck this, it's not gonna work"
> not even a second after, the light above us explodes, showering us in glass splinters
> bricks were shat all around, and even though we didn't get to talk to anyone I think we still got the spooky feels we sought that night
This story is awesome, anon. I doubt your friend's death had anything to do with it, however. I can't imagine how awful you must have felt knowing you had a fight and couldn't make it up to her beforehand.

Now, I've never used an ouija board, and u refuse to because I've never heard anything good come of it. It's not "just a game" like most think. I'm actually really scared of demons haha.
OP back glad to see other people's experiences!
Especially with things related happening before/during/after with no explanation.

And honestly, @ >>17275610
I wouldn't recommend them, not that I really think anyone does. Doesn't really stop people from doing it, of course, and thinking that way doesn't always stop people from doing it again.
>be me in college 22
>awesome old abandoned meat packing factory on the outskirts of town
>about 60 years ago a fire killed a bunch of the workers or some shit so now it's apparently haunted
>awesome place to get drunk and take girls for third dates
>some buddies and i decide to take some girls up there and one of them brings a ouija board
>proceed to play it in the room where everyone supposedly burned to death
>I move the planchette all night long and make all these retards think that a demon is in the room and is going to take their souls.
>one of my buddies caught on to what I was doing and started moving it with me
>everyone else was scarred for life and now thinks that all of that shit actually exists
Ouija boards are a game kids.
Okay haven't thought about this in a while, but here goes. This was the last time I used one:

>Be me, about 11 with cousin about 9 at our grandparents house
>Done Ouija once before, but it was completely wrong.
>Being skeptical as fuck, even as a youngin, I decide to test it out.
>Start playing with the board get a "hello"
>Shuffle a deck of cards and ask what the next draw will be.
>Its a five of diamonds. Okay... That was weird let's try again.
>Its a fucking queen of spades.
>At this point I get a super uncomfortable feeling and we stop.

There you go, either there's something to this shit, or my subconscious guessed two cards correct, about 1/2500 chance.
>be me as a dumb highschooler
>hang out for awhile til he gets phone call
>one of the friends participating is a skeptic and just wanted to do it to prove something, while myself and the other friend were curious if it would actually work
>mfw it's start to move
>get some friends over
>My landline suddenly rings
> obviously not too serious about it or expecting much to happen
>one of my buddies caught on to what I was doing and started moving it with me
>Its a fucking queen of spades.
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I'm an atheist, but wish I could believe in God or the afterlife. I'd be so relieved to have an experience that could convince me of this, with other people around so that I would;t just think I'd imagined it afterwards. Is a ouija board a good place to start? How can I ensure the greatest likelihood of a supernatural event occurring? I honestly don't care whether it's positive or completely negative. I'd take demon claw marks on my back or get my house haunted, the relief I would feel knowing that I do have a soul and it will go on after I die would be worth it.

This is the most real ending I've ever seen about Ouija boards. Fucking idiots being scared of them hahaha it's almost not funny but sad
My brother-in-law is a big fan of cursing out God, he credits it with making him a believer after an experience he had. You should try airing out your grievances every night and talk to it like you would any person.
Thanks, I guess I can try that. The only problem is that I will think of it as talking to myself because I currently believe that nothing beyond the laws of physics exists. I suppose it can't hurt to give prayer a go though. Just not tonight -- I'm too tired right now, and have two tests tomorrow. :)
I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. Not only is it dangerous, but the spirit draws on the energy of the people using the board- that's why you all have to touch the... thing that points out letters. I can never remember the fucking name of that thing.
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