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scary nope Stories, both OC and saved, that are short. I don't feel like reading paragraphs in these threads, so if you cant do it in 1-2 pages don't bother
>I don't feel like reading paragraphs in these threads
>retarded cartoon image
>too lazy to read other threads or look thru catalog -- wants to be spoonfeed

>NEET detected
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>in highschool
>have an older brother whos a real artfag, loves to take photos
>one night its snowing pretty out, im up late watching a movie
>go downstairs to get a drink
>see bro from the kitchen window out on the porch in a puffy coat and hat, probably taking pictures to "capture the night life" or whatever he calls it
>tap on the window, shrug and give him the "the fuck are you doing look"
>see him motion and motion for me to join him
>fuck that, its cold
>watch him for a bit, hes just staring at the houses around the block. then he starts walking away down the street
>we lived around the corner from a playground, will admit it made for some pretty good pictures
>walking back up stairs when I hear
>'what are you doing up" in the dark from the living room couch, and nearly crap myself
>its my older bro, passed out on the couch
>"what do you mean what am I doing, what were you doing outside"
>"youre retarted, ive been in here all night"
>next morning check outside, footprints on the deck confirm what I saw

we live in a very nice, quite suburb with no criminal activity, mental houses or anything around us that could explain who that was and what they were doing
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>used to be a drug dealer, occasional user and all around degenerate
>meeting up with some people in a public park
>not a nice public park, but at least a public place
>was told by my other dealers these guys had a lot of money
>I show up expecting college frat boys or rich kids, the usual crews
>full on biker gang, the hell's angles
>nervously give them the stuff, take the cash, they pay in full and give me a case of beer
>then a second dude comes out from the van they drove up in
>I sneak a peak in the back and see a shotgun on the floor
>"we just wanted to make sure this went down...smoothly"
>later find out their supply of drugs got confiscated in a bust and they were just making up for lost merchandise

Ive got a handful of stories, but OP's got a page limit apparently and im not going to bother if the thread dies. Ill check back later
>be me 17 years old
>live in a nice suburban neighborhood
>I smoked bud a lot in my highschool days but mother and father didn't approve
>Used to have a pattern I'd follow every night
>Step 1: Wait for parents to go to sleep
>Step 2: Roll up a blunt in my room
>Step 3: Sneak out through my window
>Step 4: Walk 2 minutes down to small elementary school
>Step 5: Smoke there, then go back home
>School is surrounded by very thick woods on the back and right side
>I used to sit on these stairs right next to a corner of the building, next to the woods
>Regular night, smoking and listening to music
>Hear the sound of twigs breaking and leaves being crushed
>Probably just an animal; go back to smoking
>Hear loud thump as if someone jumped off a tree
>"Hello?"........No answer
>"Is anyone there?".......No answer
>Go back to smoking
>Giant ass fucking dog walks out of the woods
>Thick ass meaty ass huge ass brown ass dog
>Probably about 3 feet high on all fours
>Had these bright white eyes
>Stood about 20 feet away
>Im standing there scared shitless and high as fuck
>It takes a few steps forward and sets off motion sensor light on school wall
>Its face looks all bitten/abused
>Guess it got spooked by the light and ran off into the woods
>Toss the blunt and run home
>Jump in my window, lock that bitch, and play skyrim
>Masturbate and fall asleep
After that I've never gone back there at night because I'm scared of running into that bitchass dog again
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>im socially awkward but trying to branch out
>somehow make my way to a party, actually be able to mingle and not hate myself
>talk with this other girl, we hit it off
>she asks me if I want to go for a walk upstairs
>holy shit holy shit this is real It was so easy
>we're on somebodys bed making out, when we hear an argument next door
>hushed at first, but quiclkly gets louder
>she stops, baby why?
>"should we like...call the cops or something"
>bitch youre not in the justice league let it go
>now we hear shouting and things breaking
>ok..maybe we should leave
>on the way out we walk by the room
>two jocks, naked, ons crying saying "how could you do this to us you fucking whore"
>I look past him
>older bald guy on the bed, head in his hands and looking ashamed
>tells my roommate later
>roommate asks what they look like
>shows me a facebook picture
>it was two football players and the guy on the bed was the schools coach

college is weird
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