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Creepy roads anyone? Stories about rural...
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Creepy roads anyone? Stories about rural roads are the best. I grew up in rural Ontario so I have a few of my own, I'll post one or two now and more when I get home from class.
>be senior in high school
>up late playing vidya
>get bored and feel like doing something more "active" I guess?
>like 1 am so no friends or family
>go for a drive, decide I'll drive to the nearest convenience store
>two ways of getting there, either a dirt road with potholes or a well lit highway
>I aint no bitch
>driving along for a few, come up to a bend in the road, sharp enough so that I can't see if something is on the other side
>come around the bend and probably see the most surreal thing I've ever seen
>just a pack of coyotes in the middle of the road
>at least 10 or 15
>all the glowing eyes and the sudden appearance scare the shit out of me
>slam brakes
>they all just stare at my car
>hit my horn and the scatter
>loud as shit

next one will be paranormal
This one branches off from roads a bit

>driving along with friends and little brother in the middle of the night
>abandoned buildings and property are all over the place, usually totally overgrown
>come up to a barn with several cornfields
>barn is almost completely caved in
>stop and point it out. I've seen it before so I mention that I've always wanted to check it out
>park on the side of the road and we all get out
>we get up to the barn and just start poking around
>at first it's the usual shit you'd find
>graffiti, farm tools, benches etc.
>get bored of the barn quickly
>we go around back, something I should probably mention, the barn was on a hill looking down across the fields
>as we get behind the barn we notice two things
>a smaller shack, and a light across the fields
>looks like a fire, don't really think anything of it because it was a weekend and fires are pretty common place where I lived
>we look through the shack and that's when we start to get uneasy
>find animals bones fucking everywhere
>on the walls, ceiling, floor
>some were crushed some laid out in a pattern
>I recognized squirrel and deer skulls
>obviously we all jump to the cult conclusion
>remember my mom telling me about people kidnapping black cats and sacrificing them on Halloween
>pretty spooped now, too dark to see everyone's faces but I"m willing to bet they felt the same
>little bro mentions the fire at the treeline
>we basically just look at each other nope right out of there
>pile back into car and drive
>not going anywhere in particular just getting away from there
>drive for 20 minutes or so and everyone eases up
>turn around and head for home
>have to pass the place to get home
>gutted raccoon right in front of the driveway to the barn
>didn't really sleep that night

I'll hopefully post more when I get home
cool story anon, bump
Hey, a fellow ontariofag. Where are you settled? im in toronto so, not much spoopy shit happens, but when i drive on those long ass stretches with nothing but woods for kilometres, shit gets creepy at night.
these stories are both from Caledon, I have so many more but not all of them fit with the road theme. I'll probably derail thread after that
Or you could just post them in the weird experiences thread.
>live In UK
>Driving past saddleworth moor
>Driving along with friends etc returning from a trip
>Should mention its pitch black
>Car dies
>Lights, radio, engine
>FML, poor as student so no money to fix it
>Anyway, stop in road
>Everyone gets out
>usually jokes about my car
>Ring insurance and blah blah blah
>Waiting for it to turn up
>See lights on moor
>oh well probably nothing
>Lights get closer
>Many lights now
>Friends and me are getting kinda spooped
>See movement on road, not from car and we all get strange feeling of getting watched
>get in car
>lock doors
>lights get closer, movement keeps up
>after a while Green flag shows up
>Fix car
>We Leave quickly

So yeah nothing over spooky and probes just sleep deprivation but still weird to me.
Sounds like the fey, the iron in the car must have kept you safe
hey where exactly in caledon i live extremely close. in brampton. maybe i could go and check it out
St. Andrew's Road. Just before Beechgrove. Sideroad. Somebody moved in across the road and bought the land a few years ago.
holy fuck go to the place in google maps and where i think you were, has been blurred out
Got one actually and happened probably a year ago.
>Be me at friends place
>Friday night and we had nothing to do
>Call some ladies and decide to meet them up
>They were at a cabin in the woods around 40 min away
>Bus stops in the middle of nowhere
>Its a big field surrounded by thick woods
>There is one barn though at the road
>It was some fog and the only thing giving us some light is the moon
>Meanwhile we are waiting for the chicks we inspect the barn
>We were abit drunk as we had a couple of wineboxes
>As we approach the barn we noticed its surrounded by dolls
>They were dressed as they were persons from the 40s or the 50s.
>Confused and to be honest a bit afraid
>My drunk friend decides to run to a doll and fly kick it
>Just as the doll falls to the ground we hear an old lady screaming from the woods.
>Screaming at us that she will catch us and kill us
>Petrified in fear i look at my friend who is on the ground besides the doll
>We fucking dash from there on to a trail
>Call the chicks and they meet us up
>Go there and fuck their brains out
Thats kind of the story. Also got really drunk and got told the day after that i ran into the woods because i heard someone.
>back when I was living in Ireland
>every so often me and a couple of friends would pile in the car and drive around all the coastal roads
>isolated and narrow and generally creepy
>middle of the night
>we're on this tiny road, barely even one lane
>it's going horizontal on a steep hill, huge rise to the right and huge drop to the left
>obviously driving really slowly so it's taking forever to get anywhere
>turn a sharp bend
>huge crumbling viaduct there
>this thing was massive
>had to slow even more and weave in and out of huge chunks of rock that had fallen off it
>thing was decaying bad
>all of us got a horrible sense of dread as we passed under the huge arch
>got colder
>we get past it and carry on
>feeling lifts
>all of us laugh it off
>five minutes pass of relatively straight road
>suddenly the viaduct again
>same piles of rubble in the road as well
>we all stop laughing and kind of look at one another
>drive under viaduct
>same feeling of dread, worse this time
>get past, no one is joking now
>five minutes pass
>guess what
>the viaduct appears again
>same rubble in the same places in the road
>stop the car
>all of us just staring
>it's freezing
>see something move at the edge of the light from the headlights
>something is standing in the road under the arch
>looks humanoid but lots of shadows so hard to tell
>not today
>start reversing
>reverse for literally ten minutes down this narrow road
>suddenly back out onto a properly maintained main road
>turn around and head for the nearest town
>never go to that area of the coast again
File: spoops.png (1 MB, 865x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 865x623
this is what I see. it looks like the guy that owns it now is really cleaning it up. It used to be totally dead.
The what?
You know how 'traditionally' werewolves have the weakness to silver and such? Fae are weakened by iron. The iron in your car could have protected you if it was Fae.
Hmmm- yeah- Saddleworth moor- dodgy as fuck. Used to drive past it all the time going Leeds/Manchester- always dark, bleak, windy- knowing its where Ian Brady & Moira Hindly buried all those kids doesnt help- and the witches.
My woman lived in rural WV all her life, so she's got a few creepy stories here and there from personal experience and her family.

>Driving back from visit to Grandma's.
>It's a long way, but there's a shortcut down an unmarked dirt country road that we always took.
>The road goes through the woods and is generally a pretty creepy road to go down.
>Doesn't help that by this point it's pitch black outside.
>Mom's boyfriend stops the car and turns off the car so it's completely dark now. (He likes to mess with us a lot, so we're suspicious now.)
>He opens up the door and howls like a wolf, then closes again.
>Wait a few minutes, then gradually hundreds of coyotes start howling back, some sound like they're just a few feet from the car.
>Was really young then so got scared as hell.
>Fuck coyotes
>be driving cross country
>using GPS on phone
>3am back road in the middle of nowhere nothing but fields and the occasional tree (I was in Texas at this point)
>Road is hundreds of miles long with little towns every now and again
>GPS tells me to take a turn in the next mile
>so I get up to that point and notice that the road doesn't end or anything just keeps going but there is a road to the left
>well GPS knows best so I take the turn
>driving down this road was hell on my car potholes large bumps in the concrete that type of shit
>huge back dog runs in front of my car so I slam on the brakes
>it just stops and stares at me
>there's no houses here and there hasn't been any for at least 50 miles
>brush it off and keep driving
>suddenly GPS tells me to turn right but there isn't a road to turn on
>lose signal shortly after but still following this road
>driven probably 3 miles down this road with nothing but my headlights for illumination
>so I decide to turn around and start to head back
>when I go stop my car I hear a loud boom and the car shakes
>I'm thinking holy shit I've popped a tire out here with no signal at 3am fuckkkk
>get out of the car and grab my gun
>a fucking hog smashed into my car and tore up the side panel
>figure oh well fuck it
>as I'm gettin back in the car I hear what sounded like someone talking
>I stop and turn on the flashlight on my gun.
>scan the ditches and fields and don't see anything.
>so I fire off a warning shot just incase
>I get three responses in rapid succession.
>start to hear yelling and shit it's in Spanish though so idk what they are saying
>freak the fuck out jump in my car and get the fuck out of there

>Tl;dr for whatever reason
I was driving in Texas and nearly got killed by Mexicans.
Drugs and money
Have you ONTfags been to "Ghost Road" near Port Perry? Pretty cool place. Went there once and didn't see anything, but I've heard a lot of credible/interesting stories.
Australian here. I happen to drive around at night time quite a lot, generally returning home from big trips to cities. We have a lot of empty roads in a very very big country.

>Last April
>Driving from Gold Coast to home in Central QLD on the Bruce Highway
>I'm sitting in passenger seat and friend is driving
>Passing through Childers at about 3am
>Spot outline of man in dead center of road about 200 metres in front of car
>No streetlights in this stretch of road before passing through the centre of town
>Slow right down to not hit the fool
>As we pass the figure we have an incredible feeling of dread pass over us
>Figure stays completely still, shoulders hunched with hands by sides as in a "prepared to attack" body language
>Figure has been fixated entirely on house in front of it
>We pass by the figure with no more than a metre between it and our car
>Catch a glimpse of tattered pants, athletic upper body seemingly covered in dirt
>We both freak out, we are left feeling incredibly uncomfortable
>After we pass the figure we look in rear view mirror and it has not moved

My friend wanted to go back to check to see what it was but there was no way I wanted that to happen. It was probably just some bogan under the influence.
germanfag here

>driving home late at night
>pass a small town, nothing unusual
>all the street lights are turned of, not that unusual late at night
>see someone on the sidewalk
>since I drove slowly I could see he wasn't walking
>as I'm about to pass him he suddenly turns to the street and just walks onto it
>I barely can react but miss him luckily
>I break and turn in my seat to look outside the back of the car
>there's no one there
>think about getting out the car and search the fucker but I have a bad feeling so I just drive home

some weeks later:

>late afternoon, on my way to pick up my girlfriend from school (I was 19, she was 17 at the time, so no pedo)
>driving through forest, since it's winter it's already dark
>right before a turn a car on the other lane passes me and I'm dazzled by the headlight
>as the turn comes I can see again and there's a person right before my car
>I was driving as fast as it was allowed (100km/h) so I had no chance to avoid the person
>I slam the breaks and stop a good distance down the road
>I get out to see if the person is alright
>No one there, no damage on my car, in retrospect I didn't even hear an impact
>I definately saw a person right before my windshield though
>be me on my annual road trip to bonnaroo
>driving through rural Sweet Home Alabamaâ„¢
>lines on road disappear
>absolutely no houses or buildings for miles
>see a small gas station well lit
>stop for gas as I was runnin a little low
>inside its very cold, even though it was summer
>marble countertop for the cashier
>perfectly clean
>next time I passed through it wasnt there
Grew up in bundy, this excites me.

Have a18hr drive through rural NSW coming up, hopefully no spoopy
Oh I get you now

Never encountered any witches, but I do find the fact the bodies were out there incredibly disturbing.
That's just the Alabama ghost station. Pretty friendly actually. Just don't go too often.
>>17274409 I'm not >>17273818 but care to share about this ghost station?
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I don't have a green text story, but there is Greenwell Springs Road a few miles from where I live. Very twisty, no street lights. Many people have died in wrecks along this road. There is also an abandoned mental hospital along the way. It was state owned, back in the day, families put people there they wanted to forget about. Many of them had only minor depression. There was a story that their was a spring on the grounds that was tainted with some type of bateria that killed off a few of the patients staying there. It may be worth researching if you're interested OP. Greenwell Springs Mental Hospital was the name.
Told this story in another thread a few days ago, but it's relevant to the topic so I'll post it again.

>living with friends on Burnside Island, an island in the marsh near Savannah, Georgia
>riding home with roommate, he's telling me that the day before he and a mutual friend saw a deer in the road that suddenly vanished
>I'm calling him a bullshitter
>we turn on to the causeway through the marsh that leads to the island
>there's a man standing in the road
>white skin, white hair, white clothes, white everything
>my friend turns on his brights and the man vanishes
>I don't really register it until my friend says, "did you just see that?"
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Riverdale road is known for many scary encounters along the stretch of road.
the one that scared me most as growing up was the "Witches tree"
>some say its a witch burned onto the tree and you can see the outline of her body on the tree.
Pic related (daytime so harder to see details)
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No story here but this is what it looks like right now in our street. Though the fog was thicker about an hour ago but you still wouldn't be able to see shit ahead of you without street lights. My only camera is shit so I won't get a better picture of it.
Driving home in rural Saskatchewan a few years back I passed a hitcher in the autumn. It was about 3am when I passed him and there was something about him that really freaked the shit out of me. I figured him for a native guy, about 6'7, 300 lbs in a black leather jacket, jeans and long black hair. I slowly approached him thinking it would be someone I knew and only a few yards and almost at a complete stop he still kept his head down and continued forward. That was when I got a sick feeling in my stomach and got out of there. Spookiest road experience
for me.
I live in southern california in a suburb. This event was pretty creepy even though it wasn't rural. Writing this on the phone so bear with me

>driving in car with bro around 2am
>cross some railroad tracks
>come across an intersection immediately after
>pretty dimly lit with only 1 main streetlight
>see person about to cross the street so I stop completely and just look around
>I can only see their black outline as they cross since the streetlight is across the street
>they're crossing right in front of the car now
>I'm just looking at the houses as the person is crossing
>regularly see people walking pretty late so it's not out of the ordinary
>check for traffic right and left
>double take right
>notice there's no one on the sidewalk anymore
>Look around
>couldn't have been more than 2 seconds since I last saw the figure
>no fences to jump, no nearby house doors
>to my bro "Did you just..."
>"I noticed too, just drive"

There was no stop sign so I know for sure there was a person there when I approached since I wouldn't have stopped. Bro confirmed it too so I'm not crazy. He tells me he's never gone back home that way late at night.
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