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Weird things that happened to you
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Post any weird stuff that happened to you.

> Be in high school
> Keep waking up at night thinking "Mom's dead."
> This happens on and off for a few months
> Start getting concerned about it because it's happened for so long.
> Going to tell dad about it but I don't cause he'll just think I'm being an idiot
> Wake up one night to dad screaming and crying
> Mom died at some point during the night.
> Feel guilty because maybe if I said something I could've helped somehow.
I could literally zone out completely and disconnect from reality at will as a kid. When I did, it would go black and there would be silence. Time still progressed as normal though.
when I was a kid a lot of times sounds would get really messed up and I would be viewing the world in 3rd person. stopped whenever I was forced to take anti depressants. I feel like they've ruined me, im off em tho.
Yeah, most people refer to that as closing your eyes...
Closing them twice if you're a reptillian
as a child, i was perfectly able to envision something or someone in my head, and then insert them in real life. I would create some amazingly detailed person or animal or book or game or whatever, and instead of playing with a regular toy I would play with the "psuedo toy" This could lead to problems though, because sometimes what i imagined stuck around long after i was done playing. If it was a pokemon ( no matter how silly that sounds) it would still trot after me and try to get my attention even after I didn't want to play with it. As I got older my "pseudo-toys" would warp and change the onger i had them, and i realized they all had "lifespans". Towards the end of it's lifespan, the apporition would become a shadow person. Sometimes I wonder if those things were ghosts, other times I think it could be schizophrenia. Either way it freaks me out still to this day.
Woahh. How old were you when you used to do this?

Woah. So you were essentially a natural at creating tulpas as a kid, or are they different from what you are describing?
>At the cabin in the country that my parents bought a few years back
>Get there before the sun sets, continue playing frisbee after it gets dark
>Start hearing what sounds like either a little girl or female animal screaming, can only describe it as if they were being raped
>Friend, gf, and I comment on it but keep playing
>It gets closer, but not much. it couldn't have been more than a half a mile to start but definitely not 2 houses down.
>Ends up happening for so long that it becomes very unsettling, and in addition the not alone vibe that always comes at that cabin at night sets in like a thick blanket of rain
>Get in the car, drive home at a good speed. Hear it once or twice more as we're leaving
>Chilling, all relaxed at home an hour or two later
>Hear that same exact terrible rape scream somewhere behind my house, which is in town and a good 15 miles away
i have many more of varying degrees if anyone's bored/interested

What time of the year was it? Bucks can have frightening human like screams.
aughhh, you're pressing me here. late summer? and could you point me towards a buck scream? can't find a recording
i found the screaming deer vine but that's not remotely similar =/

Honestly I'm no expert on animals or anything, now that I think about it they might have more of a barking sound. Regardless there are a lot of animals that scream. Here is a screaming rabbit that sounds pretty scary, altough not 100% humanlike:

your thoughts killed your mother

they manifested into reality and you thinking that your mom was dead, made you believe it, and thus you believed it, and so it happened

but there is good news, your mom isn't real, nothing is real

just you

floating in a world with you dumb thoughts and dead mother

I feel you man ,same thing happened to me, except i had weird feelings and notiong ,for songs and tv that showed the mom dying and it always stuck with me i guess she died in her sleep as well
i doubt i'll ever hear something similar, but thanks for trying as i wish i could know. and the closest i could describe is a girl screaming in a way that was part shriek and so loud her vocal chords sounded like they were ready to bleed, and in a way that was either rape-terried or animal terrified for whatever reason they would be. it had an animal tinge to the scream but could have gone either way
> be me, about 16 years old
> have sleeping troubles, use controlled breathing to help relax
>do this every so often even today
>time passes, starting to sleep
> suddenly am fully awake
> clearly see what looks like a command line input
>in my head, like superimposed in the black of the ceiling
> silence
> words start to appear, as if being typed

"Have some faith, kid."

>one sentence, seem to hear something after typing is done
> like when you overhear a conversation in another room
>can't make anything totally out but sounded urgent
>image fades
> go to sleep

Still no idea what it could mean or if it was just a weird half-dream. I know I was awake for it but don't think much about it anymore
>be me
>20 y/o
>never remember any dreams i ever had as a kid or teen
>go to uni last year, study nursing
>no sleep
>Start having weird dreams of people I went to highschool and church with when I was young.
>Example: I saw my pastor's son crying two nights in a row.
>I saw a girl I was friends with "renounce salvation" in front of the congregation (churchfag)
>then I get really cold and its dark and a horned, bald girl with wings comes and takes her by the hand and leads her away.
>It doesnt scare me or anything just kinda makes me wonder why Im just randomly having dreams now.
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> Me and cousin home at 4 am
> Thunderstorm
> Big lightning strike outside
> Brain warp randomly turned itself on
Shit....so sorry Anon....dunno what I'd do I love my Mum SOOOO much, she's the best.
>be me 16
>be home alone
>mom is traveling because of job
>dad passed away year ago
>sister pretty much disappeared for a few days
>"muh freedom" she says
>be 10pm
>in my room doing fuck you why you wanna know
>hear the 2 dogs going apeshit in the backyard
>rush to the back door, look out the big ass window
>dogs are growling at some shit in the edge of muh property
>keep in mind i live in a town
>think neighbors dog was being an ass again
>get dogs inside
>after a while go to sleep
>wake up at like 2 am
>door to my room is closed as always
>hear steps outside muh room
>force hitting the walls
>suddenly noises stop right at my door
>something hits the door
>the force opens the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
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>watching DVR'd "Big Bang Theory with wife
>wife -"I've seen this one anon, delete it"
>me - "... what?" I had headphones on, playing a game on nearby computer and the cable remote was closest to me
>reach for remote
>watch in horror as the DVR menu pops up, highlighted option moves down to "delete", and deletes it
>look at wife for explanation
>she's terrified
>windows have blackout shades, no way someone from outside messing with us
>absolutely terrified

We got rid of that DVR/cable. No seriously, this happened.

>>everybody walk the dinosaur
DAMN IT ANON! I haven't been fooled like that in a while! Fuck...
while i don't know about what happened with you, but that'd freak me out. is that a one time only deal?
it reminds me of what's happened to me. i dont think it's someone negative, but someone communicates through my television regardless. if you press on it, it cracks a little as if you were squeezing a settling house. granted its plastic you hear crack. but there's absolutely no other reason for it to crack other than pressure. and if i try and correct my posture some days, i'll slouch by the end and hear it crack. i'll write in a journal about it and it will only crack as soon as i start writing about whoever that person is messing with the tv. the worst time, i was thinking about how beating off when i have a gf who lives with me but doesn't know is terrible, and every time i used to think about it it would crack. well one night whatever it was fucking slammed their fist/force whatever on the tv just about as hard as they could. it was so loud we freaked out, as she knew something was up with the tv too (house is haunted and have a lot of other less BS sounding stories).
Did it sound like some woman screaming "HELP"? That would possibly indicate a mountain lion/cougar
Not to be trifled with as they go straight for the neck
yes please
Can't remember what grade in middle school but I always had 4 hours of sleep, my mom would wake me up every morning and I would eat , brush my teeth, then get dressed. After i got dressed I had ~10 left until I left for the bus stop. So, I would usually fall asleep for about 5 minutes, have some crazy dreams where I felt like I spent a day in, and be fully energetic right after with only 4 minutes to spare
I kept thinking of the number 34 in my head when I asked my inner self what numbers I saw in the future for Powerball. I heard a voice say hehe Rule 34. Then I looked at the power ball and it was the fifth number pulled out. I feel as somehow I talked to myself in the future. I did pick 34 for all my lotto picks but didn't win.
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Weird stuff happened at this house. I can green text if anyone is interested. Notice the girl in the weeds and possible spirit above the porch. Sadly its the only picture I took of it.
Audio for you as example of cougar/mtn. Lion/Bobcat

> Be in high school
>Get there before the sun sets, continue playing frisbee after it gets dark
>do this every so often even today
>go to uni last year, study nursing
>"muh freedom" she says
>look at wife for explanation
Yes, tell.
nah it was half just a normal scream as loud as you can noise, no words, and half frightened shriek aspect to it
here's one.
>sitting in bathroom, didnt feel like showering
>gf is showering, i'm bored as fuck, on the toilet but not going and the lid is down of course
>get so bored i pick up a toothpaste tube and start reading it
>3 minutes go by
>gf turns off shower, i walk up to door and slide it open
>asks if i got up during shower
>explained no, was staring at toothpaste tube the whole time
>she explains she cracked her eyes open as she was washing her hair, and thought it was me who stuck their head in the shower and stared at her
>About three years ago, riding with two friends. We will call them A and B
>Riding in A's truck, looking for a party we heard about down dirt roads (I live in the sticks
>Drive for about 20 mins
>We find the house
>Decide to explore
>Its midnight, so we walk up close, look inside, then all take off sprinting back to truck
>Drive to parking lot and talk about the house
>Its winter out, so naturally the windshield fogs up
>I swear on my life, with A and B as witnesses, there was a handprint on the windshield. A child print the size of my palm. I point it out.
>Friends A and B goes ape shit. We all go home
>Go back a second time in my truck.
>Another friend is with us.
>We plan on going inside and chicken out again (don't worry we actually go inside the house later. We aren't total pussies)
>Back at the parking lot talking with new friend about the house
>Me and friends see it. We all freeze. We know that this isn't just a coincidence anymore. We need to find out what's in the house
>Continue? There's a looot more to tell (no this isn't a 'walk the dinosaur' story. This happened and there are a lot of witnesses)
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>be me in early teens
>fall asleep and in my dream I wake up in my bed
>hear groaning and raspy shit outside my window
>start getting weirded out, call out to my mom (just me and her live in the house)
>no answer
>she must be asleep, try again louder as I open my door
>hmm okay, begin exploring into living room etc.
>still hear groaning and shit
>dude this is fucking wack, go look out the front window
>fucking zombies everywhere
>panic ensues
>look out back sliding glass door where I can see to the porch and my mom's bedroom window
>undead busting open my mom's window
>run to fireplace and grab fire poker
>Sprint down the hallway and kick open my mom's bedroom door
>zombies eating her crawling through window
>start clubbing zombies with poker and trying to get them off my mom
>get swarmed and getting bitten
>extremely painful and starting to fade out
>suddenly wake up screaming bolt upright in my bed.
>it was just a dream thank fucki-ow... hurting on my arms and back and neck and legs
>wtf, pull off sheets and look at legs and arms
>bruises shaped like bite marks all over
>go to bathroom and look in mirror
>bite mark bruises on my back and neck
So needless to say shit was weird as fuck. Never figured out wtf caused the bruises or how they even got into those odd locations.
>making the 3 hour drive back from gf's home town to where we live at night
>she keeps getting this eerie feeling
>she ends up getting chills but only up her right side (passenger seat, far side, i was driving)
>ends up seeing a black shadow/figure come up the right side of the car and to her window
>gets more chills, and a feeling of death approaching only goes stronger.
>try to drive faster, only get more chills
>get off interstate in order to ditch it, stop at a mcdonalds
>we park and as she gets out she glances out the windshield and sees a black figure cross the hood
>we're freaked out that it's taken it this far
>we eventually leave because we can't stay at mcdonalds all night and get back on the interstate
>chills happen again
>car passes us going over 70 mph. comes from behind us out of the darkness. only one other car in sight distance a little ahead of us.
>that car, we realized, was driving without headlights on, or even fog lights. had no lights from behind us and after zooming past re-entered nearly complete blackness. yet somehow it drove perfectly
>had a really bad feeling all night, and with that i immediately had a certainty feeling that whatever just passed us wasn't human
You little attention whore, just fucking write
ffs why wouldn't you continue man? i'm all ears
And look up a few more vids of cougar, mountain lion, and bobcat audio, they have a variety of calls but they tend to sound like a shriek or woman screaming occasionally. Just be careful innawoods bro, mtn. Lions are a terrible way to go.
my cousin had a dream someone was stabbing him with a sword in his chest and woke up with blood right where the sword entered.
I'v been having dreams about my aunt having a heart attack. We'll see if true I guess
Shit's fucking wack anon. I'm not superstitious and come here for the epic stories and creepy pastas and pics, but sometimes shit happens that I can't explain or understand
i tried and they're closer but it was just so much more human, with just a slight tinge of feral quality. thats why i couldn't say if it was a girl or an animal. i dont know how to describe it any other way =/ but it wasn't any of those 3
>cleaning room, slow day
>hear the most beautiful singer in the world, literally a sirens song
>cannot comprehend, but fuck it keep cleaning
>look outside 5 minutes later to see if anyone has their car running and music blasting
>no one in the neighborhood
>ask mom if she heard it, as she was inside
>yeah it came from the room above me (my mother is the only woman who lives in the house)... but it all makes sense, i have great aunts who lived and died here and no one could get that good at singing in a lifetime
Sorry just wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting time!
>Second handprint has us freeeeaked out. We need to know what is inside
>Third time I go with friends A and B we actually go inside
>Its a small house but relatively solid
>Back part is completely collapsed
>Nothing in the house. No furniture or anything
>We walk upstairs, nothing there either
>Well this isn't so bad
>I'm the last one out. Friends A and B are on the porch waiting for me
>Just as I am about to step I look down through a broken floorboard
>A fucking shoe
>A child's shoe
>Down in the crawlspace
>I freeze. I don't say a word and just point down
>Friends A and B both come over and look. Friend A just simply whispers "handprint"
>We haaaaaaul ass back to the truck and spit rocks getting out of there.
>Its the last time we visit the house in a while. Then I find out some back story on the house by mistake
>Friend A's brother knows the house...
>Nobody knows its history, but some meth-heads that live around the area have tried to burn in down
>17 times
>It won't burn
>Blame the bad wood or whatever you want, but there's no burnt wood anywhere in that house
>One more creepy thing happens
>Some girls in the class above me at the time wanted to see it
>I go with 4 girls, two bring their boyfriends
>I show them the house, we walk out, Im relieved and also disappointed nothing happened. Then something did
>We are all in the van and one of the girls is getting in the front seat.
>Her door won't open
>All doors are unlocked. She keeps pulling on the door handle but it won't open
>We are all inside yelling at her to get inside
>She is screaming trying to open all of the doors
>None of them will open from the inside or out even though none are locked
>Finally her door randomly pops open and she literally dives inside and we peel out
>She swears she felt something coming out of the house to get her
>That night the girl who was driving had a "car malfunction" at text limit
that very same room is my first paranormal experience, or at least one i remember
>every night i used to go to sleep in that bedroom, i wouldn't feel alone
>as a little fucking kid, you don't know any more than to just try to talk it all up in being in your head
>still freak out inside every night at bedtime, to the point where most nights lights out equals eyes closed
>one night i wake up in the middle of the night, and am scared as shit of course. i decide to open my eyes though
>i see the towel i used from bathing that had been resting atop a tote of hotwheel car tracks is now floating, suspended as if someone was holding the towel wide and at the top 2 corners
>close my eyes almost as tight as i can for the rest of the night until i fall asleep
>She came back to school and was obviously sleep deprived
>Her car kept honking
>All night
>For long stretches
>Her dad finally went out and disconnected the horn
>It went on for another hour then quit
>I haven't been back to the house since.
>But I swear that girl in the pic is some mischievous spirit.

Boom boom, acka lacka lacka boom.
Boom boom, acka lacka boom boom.
When I heard one for the first time I was about to go running off into the Fray to find the woman in distress but thankfully my buddy stopped me, it sounded exactly like a woman screaming bloody murder "HEEEEEELP"
an hour later we saw the cougar at the edge of the light from our campfire. So yeah...
When I was younger I could bring up better memories of the event that I'll discuss. It happened when I was really really young, but I have a really really good memory. My memory is the only real reason I have that off-the-books stuff happens right under all our noses. I swear to god I remember an attempt on my mind at a very early age. It was my grandma of all people. She took me to see a few other men and women in a back store room. It's a small town, that room is a place I could walk to right now. Nothing bad, just questions and a puppet of a dragon with fake smoke. To my credit, I remember not being scared but asking questions, childlike questions. I remember getting the sense that they were getting frustrated with me. And that's it, nothing happened. My grandma was a JW though. She still is, though the church seems to have abandoned her since she's developed demensia. The puppet thing was about a dragon that breathed smoke if remember. I remember wanting to play with the puppet, not being terrified by it. And this whole this happened at night, and I was the only child there. They fucking do this to kids, and they don't tell people they do it. My fucking grandma was made to think this shit is ok.
Tell her u asshole
You lose your hearing when you close your eyes too?
"Do people get their sound back? I don't know, maybe."
-Daniel Plainview on the condition of H.W.
>gf wanted to go on a camping group trip
>was going to go
>1 week before I feel really uneasy about it
>stomach aches and strong headaches the instant she brings up the trip
>3 days before trip I bail, say I've got college shit to do
>they have a horrible crash
>person who went in my place died
>gf goes nutz
>somehow feels I caused it
>dumped her ass
>yesterday started getting the same uneasy feeling about her
purely coincidental, all a delusion
Most likely an animal, perhaps a bird of sorts. Maybe a small primate depending on location.
REM sleep hallucination, not uncommon.
Lack of sleep will do that to you. usually dreams happen about family members and areas that you frequent. very common.
She lied to you.
fake again.
effect of boredom or fatigue. Dehydration seems to be the best bet.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but paranormal entities do not exist. They are a fabrication of the human mind though other factors.
About her, or about you? The first time the feeling was just about you. Now you say the feeling is about her. Fuck. WTF.
She gon' kill yewwww boyyyyy
I had another aunt die just last week. Hopefully it's nothing but a random few dreams
That honestly sounds like a seizure. Complete lose of focus is a symptom.
I should know I watch house
What about >>17258043 is fake?
Listen, I know what happened to me was a complete 100% legitimate experience. There are about 12 witnesses to paranormal shit happening in my account of it. I'm not on this thread to impress you. Therefore its not your job to judge me. I posted that story because other people wanted to hear it. If you don't want to believe it fine. And not just me, that's for everyone. You act like you are some divine ordained judge of the holy paranormal board. People like you just make other people angry. Thats all you accomplish. Congrats.
I get the same feeling when she comes up in my head, or calls, texts, etc... says she wants to get back together and shit...
Very vague story, little to no detail given. Usually if something tragic happens to a human they tend to remember it in more detail. Either (A) the headache/ stomach ache was purely coincidental giving you the notion of a para-normality or (B) you want to feel included in the thread and made up some last second story.
He had pulled it out of his rear. (He made it up because he wants to be included or "cool")
anyone ever hear shit slam when there's no way someone in your house did it?
>sitting in bedroom which has stairs going down to locked doorway
>someone slams their "foot" on the stairs nearly as hard as they can
If you are not here to impress anyone why do you take offense to one who questions the validity of your story? If you knew your story is true why even respond at all? You say it is "fine" if i don't believe it, but the whole comment is bashing me for my reasoning?
Claiming to have 12 witnesses does you no good here, for we cannot call upon them.

Verdict: fake. Like the rest of this damn board.
For me, it's usually
>hear suspicious noises in the night
>"eh. it's just the cat messing with something."
>cat dies
>noises continue
>quickly adopt new cat so i can pretend it's just them
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Hmm... okay.
I'll make sure to remember next time there's a "weird shit that's hapen ed to you thread" to not include my weird shit that's happened to me.
I find it odd that even with my perspective of "idk wtf caused the bruising but it was there and it was weird, though I don't think there is a need for any supernatural explanation" led to your conclusion that it's BS.
Just a thought. To each their own though.
I must have read over that line in my initial read though. My sincere apologies, I had a simple misinterpretation of the last line. Thank you for your clarification.
>only got chills on her right side.
That's a stroke.
Especially with visual anomalies only in the right eye
This guy knows what's up.
People think these are just trolls, and at first glance they appear to be. But what if this is actually an example of a fleshgait with internet access?
The phantom folder strikes again
Clarify. Can you rewrite that in a non-autistic manner?
Had something similar a couple of times before. Once had a dream that I was bit in the leg by a crocodile, and when I woke up had weird bruising on my leg where the 'teeth' had sunk in. Could barely walk on that leg the rest of the day.

Will have dreams every now and then that I get shot in the chest. Always in the same place, just under and to the left of my heart, scraping the left lung, and every time it happens, there is a blackish round bruise that appears on that spot and a random, sharp pain goes through it throughout the day.

My best guess is that some very vivid dreams can trick your mind into doing some weird matrix-like shit (the mind makes it real)
Don't do it. Getting back together will probably result in you dying. Besides, fuck her for blaming the other person's death on you in the first place.
Then why are you wasting your time here? Fuck off somewhere else then.
Never said my nights I woke up about my mom were of paranormal nature, anon. It was most likely just a shitty, creepy coincidence.
I hate rooms like that, when I was younger i had to sleep in a bedroom with an attic entrance like that.

Would regularly hear crying, have feelings of dread, hear shit move.
This is happening atm. I know it's just my imagination, but...

>visiting gf's brother and his wife for a night
>the brother is a mechanic, came a long way to see them, get her car fixed and save money
>they just moved into a house in the woods
>got it for cheap, was repossessed and totally remodeled, didn't really think much about it until now


>arrive earlier, get tour
>the entrance, kitchen, dining-, living- and bedrooms are on the second floor
>finished basement with garage attached to tv room, stairs leading up to living room
>cute house overall
>we arrive at 8:30 pm, visit till ~11, all retire
>gf and I in guest room, her brother and sister in law next to us in the master bedroom
>be me fucking around on 4chan
>around 12:30 heat what sounds like the door leading in from the garage own and close quietly
>happens again 30 sec later
>intermittently continues for the next 40 mins
>keep telling myself it must be their heating system, the pipes or somethin

>like the rest of this damn board

>half this board is non-believers

>hive mind

u2 m8

>notice it's gone from a quiet shutting to nearly slamming
>occasional banging on metal from down there, wtf they said the water heater was only 2 months old
>finally quiet
>go to piss, no noise
>get back from piss, come on /x/, read about shrodingets damn cat
>loud snapping noise from downstairs
>can feel it thru the floor
>slow, one loud snap every minute or so
>try to sleep
>try not to imagine some horrible monster in the basement snapping bones, but
>realize halfway thru writing this the snapping is actually the clicking of something coming up the stairs
Final destination? You cheated death, he will get your soul.
fucking kek
>>Ends up happening for so long that it becomes very unsettling, and in addition the not alone vibe that always comes at that cabin at night sets in like a thick blanket of rain

Please try again. Ffs
>>17257569 skinwalker probs
File: 1453300800616.png (443 KB, 556x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When i was a kid I dreamt i was in playground in sandbox, maybe iI was playing with my one year older sister. suddenly my older brother took me away from the sandbox, showed, or pointed something in the bushes on the wall of apartment house. I went up and looked and suddenly a giant spider came out from the bushes and looked at me, thick and big as a dog (a bit smaller). After that I dont remember what happened. Weird thing is my sister remember the same thing from same time period and area we were playing.

What if it happened and the spiders just erased everyone memory. It was something very alien about it

Some weird things I can remember is that as a kid, sometimes I would have what I believe are dubbed "reality glitches."

For instance, one night back in Kindergarten, I was getting ready for bed when my mother was telling me something. I remember her saying "Good night," and the second I closed my eyes, everything flip-flopped; It was now morning and she had me up so as to get ready for school. No notable difference in time between; It was just immediately morning.

There was also something more mundane and cliche one time around when I was 7-8. It was a normal morning, but we heard a knocking at the back door. My mom had gone to see who it was, but there was nothing there, just the back yard. Note, prior to this, a family friend of ours had died in a car accident, and I had a fascination with ghosts and the like, so I was sort of suspicious about it. However, I think she wrote it up as nothing but one of our cats smacking its tail against the door(though, I don't think were any cats near the door, either on the inside or outside of the house).

can't see shit
Sounds like a baby fox to me. Those things are fucking freaky.

I have a lot to tell.

A friend of mine visits the hell house on Kirby road.




He tells me him and his friends tried to record everything, but the camcorder malfunctioned. Supposedly there is one picture of a little girl looking very angry coming out of the fog/mist taken on his friend's cellphone. We speak about this incident for a few nights. He was a classmate of mine and we'd toke up almost every night.

A few days later I go to pee at my home and a small plaque frame that was hung up above the toilet falls down. It struck me as really strange, since the nail was hung upwards and there had to be something that pushed it down. That night I had a dream I was dating a random girl, a bit younger than my age. She was very sweet and caring.

The next day, I opened my mouth to tell my friend "Yo, I have something weird happened to me. My friend gets wide eyed and cuts me off, proceeds to tell me a table top photo frame of him and his girlfriend in the living room fell frontwards. It's supported by a rear easel. I tell him my story and right then and there we vowed to never speak of it again.
>not keeping it and examining it

What the fuck can a haunted cable machine do to haunt you?
Like srs tho, you ever heard peacocks? Those little shits roam where my grandma used to live in Northern California. Creepy shit.
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>be me
>couple months ago
>just took 2 hits of acid and downed 2 pot brownies
>beforehand meditate on taoist philosophy
>hang a blue light over room
>it starts talking to me
>tells me all things have a natural order
>tells me natural order is perfect
>and this perfection comes from something higher
>gives me its proof of God
>i see a spiritual energy all around me
>completely fade out visually into a vision
>voice (God perhaps) tells me LSD was invented by Him for this specific purpose
>forgot what exact purpose was, but it was personal
>tells me something about how this existence is just a movie
>and then something about reincarnation or damnation
>an angel congratulates God on his perfect plan
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>voice talks to others in a room
>says "are you ready to see the next great figure?"
>commands or nudges me to helping all people to the best of my ability
>implies I am going to be like the next ghandi
>but also reminds me of the images of heaven and hell
>reminds me that i cannot know what is to happen after death
>start crying when i believe I am communicating with my mother
>start crying from the euphoria of the moment
>it all goes away
>tv starts communicating with me on netflix shows
>fits exactly what I'm doing in an inexplicable way
>urges me to always hold up my left pinky
>urges me to contact aziz ansari
>to tell him i'm the second coming of jesus
>tells me what is to happen next will determine my fate
>tells me that I am to banish satan
>hold out left pinky
>an animatronic satan in a cage appears before me
>i swipe my left pinky over him
>nothing happens, satan still stands watching me
>i look away in fear from the sight and the ominous sound it made
>it all goes quiet for a while
>a giant head of a woman with snake hair appears before me
>yells at me for a while before I look away
>peaceful for a while before fear and loathing grow within me
>thoughts keep racing in my head at the speed of light
>remind myself constantly not to bite off my tongue
>see images of me biting my tongue off
>disembodied head appears before me
>tells me how much of a piece of shit I was
>yells at me about how much it hates me for what it did
>it was my soul or the soul of another or some spirit
>disturbing, senseless rock music plays
>face opens up to a nightmarish world
>eventually i gather myself and put on a show for 30 minutes
>i stop it and another face comes up and reminds me that i'm still in hell
>opens up again to horrifying sounds
>see tortures set out for me
>i was to have an alien burst out of my torso violently
>i was going to be forced to shrink into a loop for eternity
>after a couple hours of psychological torment i break free from the vision as I start to come down
>has lasting effect on my psyche
>doubt I will ever understand or come to terms with that descent or look into hell
>can't smoke weed anymore without it bringing me back to it
>obviously never going to touch lsd ever again
> Be in home
> walking through hallway
> Light turns on
> assume it's wife
> "Hey baby, you want to watch a movie?"
> light turns off a split second before she rounds the corner to me
> wtf.jpeg
Lol, if its so fake, and you have such a deep rooted issue with it, Why art thou still here? Cuck
I'm sure I'm just being paranoid but I just got home and when I was walking inside I saw 3 helicopters flying on after another (the first two were one right behind the other and the third was lagging a bit behind) a little bit a ways from my house and they looked completely black. Apparently black helicopters are linked to government conspiracy shit and I thought it was weird as hell. Wish I could have been closer to see better if they were completely black or not but they looked like it.

Helicopters aren't weird and I see them occasionally but I've never seen 3 helicopters so close to one another and them looking solid black weirded me out too.
or maybe you have a serious disease which is causing you immense pain in the night and in your dreams your mind let's you get shot to give the pain meaning? Just a thought...
I've had something like that before too. I had a waterbed when I was younger and it wasn't well put together or something. One night I had a dream where I was boxing and getting hit in the head/face and when I woke up I found out that in real life I was hitting my head up against the wood side of the waterbed. Sometimes happens with sounds too, like my alarm will go off and something in the dream will be making the same sound.

The mind can do things if you believe they're happening enough though I'm pretty sure. Maybe not to the extent that these stories are saying happened but I've read some weird shit about it.
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What the hell, dude? The time lapse happened to me once and it has never happened again.

>about 11
>in the t.v. room with my younger brother and mom
>we're watching that Brothers Grimm movie
>it's about 20 minutes in and I blink
>credits are rolling
>I felt so confused
>"What happened?"
>mom and brother say I fell asleep hard

I couldn't wrap my head around how I could just blink and have time pass like that.
Prolly not. Can't believe I posted that. Drunken 4chaning. True story. JW's tried warping the mind of a very young child without asking anyone, for some reason.
>be me 16
>stay up late in my bed
>more or less 2 am
>suddenly feel fear
>i am scared of something
>i am truly terrified I almost start to shiver
>feels like there is a presence in my room
>also feel cold
>it wasn't sleep paralysis because I was fully awake and I could move
>lasts like ten seconds
>next day skype with older cousin
>tell her what happened
>she says she jerked awake last night
I didn't think she lied because she I very scared and paranoid about paranormal stuff, she wouldn't joke about that. and even if, the part when I felt cold and scared is pretty strange
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>Since I can remember, street lights always go out around me.
>At least 3-4 times a week different lights will go out as I pass beneath them, be it walking or driving
>Parents have to change lights a lot, even the mercury vapor long-lasting outdoors one that's supposed to last about 7 years went out once a year.
>First year in dorm, our dorm lights in the main hallway would go out every now and then.
>Only on the floor I lived on
>Roommates I've had get these long lasting high efficiency bulbs that should last a decade.
>They go out so often one friend who lived in two separate towns and two separate apartments with me noticed.
>At new career now
>Lights have started going out
>People starting to notice and in casual conversation bring up how often the lights have gone out the past 3 months.
>I've been working there 3 months to the day yesterday.

What's going on?
Not that creepy but still cant decide why this happened.

>be me about 12 coming back from vacation with family
>finally home and its about 2 am and starving
>get some cereal and go up to room to watch tv (old ass tv this was back in about 2005
>turn tv on to fresh prince of bel-air
>start to watch and eat delicious mouth watering cereal from the gods
>tv randomly starts flipping channels and eventually comes back to da fresh prince
>all happened while i starred right at the remote
keep in mind no other tv had a compatible controller in the house
Make you what the big bang theory obviously
>talk in my sleep since I was a kid
>usually "No. No. Nononono. No. No! Nono! No. No. No. Nononono!" etc
>thought it stopped after I moved out
>wife told me the other day that I was doing it and that it's been happening every now and then for the last few years
>to this day have never been able to recall the dreams

I also had a form of sleep paralysis when I was a kid, except just the waking dream portion without the paralysis. It would always be my teachers and classmates standing in my room, being very annoyed with me for sleeping. So I'd get frustrated with myself and the situation, and sit up in bed to oblige them for what always felt like a few dozen minutes, then lay back down. Sometimes I'd even stand up in my room if I was dreaming that it was the marching band director and everyone else from practice standing there.

But these aren't paranormal, just vaguely creepy.
you probably killed her yourself and then blocked it out of your mind, you schizophrenic fuck
lol that was her side man that died, faggot.
i havent experienced the concept of time since my freshman year of college
you have a ghost following you around that doens't like light.
Something similar happen to me. I was getting ready for bed and I closed my eyes, and it seriously felt like I had my eyes closed for 5 seconds and it was morning
>Get deja vu incredibly frequently as a kid
>Eventually find out that it's due to poor transfer between short term and long term memory causing my mind to replay the event immediately as a long term memory the moment it's observed
>Ignore it as sources say most people grow out of it
>Gets more intense as I get older
>Instead of having false memories of what's occurring at the moment it becomes foresight into short term potentialities
>Now it's to the point where I regularly experience moments where I know exactly what's going to happen if I do certain things

The skeptic in me wants to say that it's just because I'm incredibly intelligent and my deductive reasoning skills are very well developed, but it doesn't stop it from being weird when I can stop someone in the middle of a sentence and tell them what they were about to say without being able to draw any logic between what I knew before and my deduction.
Number of times as a kid think 'Such a such a movie hasn't been on tv for a while" and, that week, the movie would be on (happened a number of times). (Think there's actually a word for this or something).

Talking with a friend one day and ask him his mothers name. Just before he answers her name pops into my head. I'd never heard it before.

But this is the one that really gets me. Thinking about this boy I kinda liked one day. Get this weird thought (wasn't a voice or anything just this weird 'thought'). "He isn't the one but here's the name of the person that is. ___".

I didn't know anyone with that name at the time but two years later meet a boy with that name, same spelling and everything (and fall for him hard as fuck); Thinking of it now I think the days actually matched of me having that 'thought' and meeting the boy properly for the first time.

Funny 'coincidence', right?
>that car, we realized, was driving without headlights on, or even fog lights. had no lights from behind us and after zooming past re-entered nearly complete blackness. yet somehow it drove perfectly

Kek, I do this sometimes. I work night shifts and so I end up commuting home down the interstate at unholy hours. My night vision is pretty exceptional, and by that point the light can start to bother me, so if there's no one on the road sometimes I just turn out all the lights on my car and go for a while like that.

I don't know what it is though, it's not just the relief from the light and the eye strain either, but for some reason the drive feels more real when the lights go out. Probably because when everything is washed out in the light of my headlights, it makes it that much harder to conceive of how fast I'm moving, seems like the logical thing there.

I would never turn out my lights if there's another driver near me though, because I'm not a dick.
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you were probably abducted by aliens man, do like in the movie "encounter or the 4th kind" and do some hypnosis and report to us what you see
fucking kekosaurus
Wake up and accept the responsibility child, only you know what you see
>just took 2 hits of acid and downed 2 pot brownies
nobody cares what happened next. fuck off with this.
years ago i woke up in the middle of the night with my hands up in the air. as my hands where going up i woke up

i then fell right back to sleep and had a dream that i heard a chain rattling and some one say "time to die" then my hands went right up in the air and in the dream i open my eyes to see from my point of view blue arms out side my arms i realize its a double of me because of the position of the arms and its slightly off to the left and being pulled down through the bed and i fall asleep in the dream cut to black

then when the dream ends its all still black and i hear "he swam away" and i wake up

5 days previous to this i had a day were every cell in my body felt more alive than ever

no real point but its the oddest dream i have ever had

My older brother had a similar experience kind of

>be my brother, a huge cringy loser who wears trench coats every single god damn day of his life
>bro has paranoid schizophrenia
>has weird dream that he died and was sent to hell
>somehow escapes hell on a motorcycle
>says he distinctly heard "damn it, he's escaped!" as he was waking up and was very hot

Should also add that he's a super lame, immature fucking moron who would definitely be the type of person to RP this to his family 'cause he's so hot topic grimdark
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>watching The Ring movie
>movie end
>watch the creepy video
>the phone ring
For almost 2 decades?

Those are some big words ya got there son, I'd better believe you because you're so extra super smart and I know that because you're wasting your time arguing with people on 4chan. Oh wait, that's more than half the people here, you're not special, and if you were a rooster, you'd say cuck-a-doodle-killmyself

>especially with visual anomalies only in the right eye
>there were 2 people in the car, and the woman in the story isn't the one telling it
>nice try though
saw a couple
about a week apart back in october/november 2014
2nd one had yellow sparks going off it and shit.
Yeah I had doors slamming when I was alone.
U ded?
>come home from work
>sit down in a chair, literally do nothing for a few minutes
>no tv or radio on or anything, just sitting for a bit after a hard day at work
>overhear a conversation, as if there were 6+ people in the next room having a meeting
>none of the voices sound unfamiliar, but I don't recognize them either.
>kinda like overhearing a conversation in a classroom, you know the voices but can't pick out which one is which person
>Start to get a bit anxious, as my previously silent house now has background noise of a meeting
>They're all talking about normal stuff, until one says "Wait"
>all voices stop, then I hear what gave me chills for weeks
>"Can he hear us?"
>the voices never spoke again. And I've never had another experience like it.
>Tried to play it off as oh I'm just tired, but to this day I'm kinda freaked out by it.
I told a friend about it, he asked if I'm Schizophrenic. I told him that was the first and only time I have ever heard voices. He was kinda freaked out too
do you live alone, or could anyone else have made that "sounds"? (playing a youtube clip on phone or something)
>be me, around 7/8 yo
>on way home with mom, we have to drive by this gas station that's still in construction
>it looks weird because it's just like a hole of dirt on the ground, wich i don't understand why someone would build a gas station there
>i look at it and say to mom "mommy mommy, this is where i died"
>mom gets spooped tf out
>we later talk about it
>apparently i said i was some king of warrior that fought against the english people a long time ago and died specifacly in that area
>years go by, now 15 yo
>mom and sister bring subject up
>sister being a conspiracy freak googles the area to see if she can discover anything
>discovers there was a kind of ambush against "my people"
>a lot of people died on that "war" if you could call it that
>me, my mom and my sister are mind blown
I haven't had any situation like this, I'm now almost 17 yo and still don't know how the fuck i remebered such think.
I lived alone at the time. Not in an apartment building but in a standalone house. Had neighbors, but they would've had to be yelling for me to hear them and it sounded like a casual conversation in the next room.
Past life stories are the coolest. You're lucky you remembered.
my mom sure became a lot more open minded about past lifes and life after death after this situation
my 29" ctr flatscreen tv (yes crt flat screen huge box) used to do that, the sound was fucking loud, when it got hot from using it cracked and then when it was cooling off it did it even louder, normal, just platic dilatation contraction due to temperature
did it sound something like this?

>be young
>watching movie with family
>starting to doze off right on floor near couch on a pillow
>little sister sleeping on couch
>fall asleep
>wake up in a desert with a large trash dump in front of me
>lightning strikes top of largest mound as a body falls onto it
>the gate then opens and it flys at me
>wake up as it hits me
>sister falls off couch onto my face.
its weird how it happened , has anything like that happened to you guys before?
don't know if this is a weird thing, but i remember it very clearly

>be me, 8 y.o
>dreaming about something
>I'm lucid dreaming
>feels like iv'e been sleeping for a year
>the dream was the inside of my house
At this point i walked around my house only to find a giant teddy bear i had in my room in the living room
>i couldn't leave or really do anything
>go to the giant teddy bear
>i hug him, he hugs me and everything goes black
>wake up in my bed, same dream, except now there's a different object.
while i'm writing this, this sounds like a video game.
>In my living room was a fish tank with a cymbal-banging monkey in it
>see my parents sitting with some stranger and talking to him
>go closer to them, but walk like a snail, slowly
>as soon as i go to them, i find out they're made out of cardboard.
>look behind me
>monkey is now huge and coming close to me, banging his shit
>try to run away, but very slow
>he claps on me with his drums
>wake up, same dream.

sorry for my bad writing
It was like every time i interacted with something
it did something and killed me, and then i respawned and other shit would happen
there are plenty other of these stories that i haven't forgotten
what? your gradma took you to speak to some of her friends? very strange and paranormal
I remember things I've been told as experienses of mie sometimes, you probably told her on that time and now she remembers as an experience
I once had a really vivid dream that I was drowning, I woke up to my dad pouring water on my face because I wouldn't get up. reality can effect your dreams a lot!
Every thread ever on /x/:

we were so drunk/stoned
thought I saw/heard something
scared the shit outta me
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>Be me, Demon lord Xlerok from 10th dimension
>go to other realms bcuz business
>later that day, go to meet old friends
>We go out to the woods, make a fire, set up a altar, drink virgin blood. Just having plain fun
>demon grill, hitting on me hard
>we leave the group for privacy
>Sexy time
>then suddenly when i'm with my tongue half up in her skull, she screams
>i ask what's wrong
>she tells me she saw a human somewhere near some bushes
>we run back to base, tell demon friends about this
>we pack our stuff and go to 6th realm for motels
Shit was cash tho
Dat story tho
Nice and calssic. Remembered the good times in 4chan
It's possible the print was from earlier and it just appeared later cause of science. Like the heat in the air.
There is no girl in the weeds, and that isn't a spirit above the house. Its a smudge on your windshield. I know this, because I take lots of pictures from the inside of my vehicle.

Stop trying to make something of a picture you took while trespassing. Its boring.
>Halloween, friends and I want to visit haunted house
>Have to park by fire station to get in
>Walk a mille through woods through dirt path in darkness surrounded by trees
>Reach empty looking, broken house, has some broken windows on second floor
>Look inside through windows, scary as shit. Dark and abandoned, broken and old furniture
>Friends dare me to go inside, I say ok
>Opening one of the windows to get in, making a bit of noise, poke head inside
>About to go in, suddenly loud banging and other movement noises coming from second floor
>I turn around and everyone is already running
>Start running away as well, back to fire department
That is cool
I don't think so. Since there are a million animals slaughtered per day, if you believe in past lives you'd likely have been one of those rather than another human. Why do humans get special treatment?
I'm a pretty normal person, I would say.

Sometimes in random situations my brain will go all tourettes and think of the worst thing (or close to it) to do at that time.
>getting a ride home the other day and I was afraid I might whip out my dick and rub it on the guys arm.
I'm not even gay.
>taking a test and I was really worried I would start barking.
>getting a ride home from a different person, in back seat and afraid I'll start attacking the people up front
The urge/thought goes so far as to make me question reality. Am I doing these things I imagine? Am I insane? Then I say that insane people don't question their sanity and feel good, then go in an endless, vicious cycle.

What am I?
Omfg, this happens to me, I thought I only person in the whole fucking world, I thought I was insane. Now I'm thinking about exchanging contact info w/ you and it cracks. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE???
My parents once had similar dreams where they got cuts on their heads and woke up with small cuts on their head. Wouldn't think anything of it, but it happened to both of them on the same night.
I wish i can do this for work, but not fall asleep.
>just now walking back from getting water from the kitchen
>Spare bedroom door completely closed
>Opens and cracks about a foot open as I walk by
>I look back and my cat won't walk past the door cause it spooked her too
>Grab her and head into my room, shut the door, goodnight motha fucka
Because the earth is made for humans. Why would you want to come back as a gnat?
I have a few stories of weird shit thats hapened to me, all revolve around dreams

First: I got into bed and instantly fell asleep and woke up a splitsecond later, and it was the morning.

Second: I had lots of dreams between ages of 10 and 12 inclusive that were just all black but then a single image would burn into my mind. I wouod remember it in the morning. then at a later stage, i would see the exact image in real life. this isnt just deja vu it leads to next story.

Third: I had a very vivid dream about a camp that I was on. There were very specific names and events that occured in the dream. Roughly a year later, i went on a camp with a friend of mine and a lot of others I had never met. Events of the camp matched up perfectly to the events of the dream including the names of the people. Some i met on the camp are now my close friends. through the whole camp i felt very distant and would jolt awake when one of the events would occur feom the dream.
Got two weird experiences that come to mind
1. When I was around 5-6 I used to have a reoccurring nightmare of a line that crossed my bedroom and would have mice running over it. Thing is, when I woke, it was still there and I would scream at my mother to not cross that line. Don't have the dream anymore
2. I get very weird deja vu sometimes. I remember having a dream in the past about the current experience I would be in, but it can only give me setting and some things like what people say. The outcome in my dreams never becomes reality.
An example would help 2. I remember I once had a dream about kayaking at a camp, but there was a dispute and two kids began to fight. A few months down the line I was at a camp and about to go kayaking. The dream came up as sort of Deja Vu and it followed the dream perfectly until the part where the fight occurred, since it didn't happen in real life.
Fuck, he ded
I did make a thread about this experince, but this thread is probably a better fit

I was about 19 or 20 and drove to this place to smoke some reefer. You could lay down and look at the stars. Anyway I smoke my joint and am looking at the stars. I see about 6 stars start to move into a triangle formation, I immediately think Ayys are afoot. Then it gets strange, when I focus to the center of the star formation my vision starts to get blurry. I look away and start staring again and the same thing happens. After I do this about 3 more times I get freaked out and book it to my car.

I did used to be a really paranoid stoner, but I've never got that freaked out before.
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>Got a TDiesel Benz from mom's presumed dead friend, just by attending her memorial service.
>Both my mom and her friend pretty much say that the car is not even fast at all.
>But you know, woman drivers that have shit all over inside the car.
>It was slow and pretty much blew coal when I drove it home.
>So car is cleaned out and does not have that musty smell.
>So I got a new air filter for better airflow.
>I threw away some diesel booster snake oil that actually made engine run rich, I.E. blow coal no doubt used in the fuel.
>Got B-05 to B-20 blend fuel, not only does it burn cleaner it smells cleaner too you idiot.
>Took it in the mountains to try and drift, nope because german engineering almost makes it so it turns in instead of slides.
>Found out a brake problem that has been dragging the car down some time when I heard a faint scrape on my left wheel when window down.
>Car is washed cleaned from dust, mold, and bird droppings.
>A year later when I still have the car I took out the trash late at night.
>Had a glimpse of my car and a white robed figure for one frame out of probably 100 per second was on the front passenger side looking inside.
>I walked back inside my house.
I got one

>be 9
>be in car with dad and little sister on out way to get some pizza
>bored, getting late, sitting in traffic
>staring out the window up into the sky
>see something in the night sky that just... Doesn't belong
>Large diamond shape aircraft, appeared to be rotating, lights going around the middle of it
>going vey fast, gauge it's speed based on a airplane traveling towards it
>much faster
>thought they were going to collide, but I guess the "UFO" must have been traveling at a lower altitude
>can't even speak, grab sister and point her to it
>we eventually lost sight of it

To this day, I don't know what the fuck that was. I'm pretty skeptical, but I just can't logically explain what the fuck that thing was
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Was an artist at the time so I did some things.
>Summon some demonic shit that haunted me in San Francisco.
>Got touched of icy coldness later that night when I seen some shit.
>Had bad dreams every night, could not sleep in the darkness or in a small room alone and felt paranoid, not myself.
>Got phone calls with 666-6666 on cellphone but no messages.
>This went on for nearly two months.
>Christmas time nearing so one night I decided to fuck that shit and walk alone at night.
>Went to Grace Cath, because nearest church nearby.
I'm not a moralfag, or religousfag to know that a Lutheran sect is no bullshit. >Along the street I heard someone say my name, but no one else was around.
>There is circle of power in front of the doors like a maze.
>Confessed in front of the doors about what's going on.
>Exchange for maybe some things, like never hurting my brother and being poor getting a PS3 for Christmas.
>Walked back feeling better and for the first time I went to sleep at night.
>I slept at home at night and saw a dude face smiling in greyscale and people's voices of tangible language celebrating and laughing were heard with my eyes closed till sleep.
>They found a decomposing body in Golden Gate Park the next day.
>I noticed that my eyesight worsened.
>found a latest drawing of Martin Luther nearly two years later.
>That was the dude smiling at me.
I have this too mate, it's called being autistic
I've never actually told anyone about this. Why not tell anonymous people?

>be me, about 5 or 6
>my mother, older brother, and I live in a small apartment
>my brother (about 13 or 14) and I were shooting at each other with nerf guns, or at least pretending to as we didn't have the little nerf darts
>we were just running around kinda pew pewing and I remember chasing him into his room but he was nowhere to be found
>I go to the living room where my mother is watching tv and ask her where he went
>"he's at his friends house"
>i just shrug it off and go walking into my moms/my room(small apartment) and as I walk by the bathroom I see what appears to be a human figure crouched on the other side of the toilet
>my child mind is telling me it was my brother hiding from me and my mom was in on it
>looking back on it it was a totally black figure even with light shining into the bathroom
>exclaim that I found him and walk towards the bathroom
>no response
>walk into the bathroom
>memory ends

The following memory, I think, is the C. I just told A but B is nowhere. This part felt entirely like a dream.

>wake up in a violet lighted room
>a couple people are around me and my mother is there as well
>the other people appear to be doctors but it was so blurry I really can't remember. They felt like doctors I guess
>they were running what look like one of those sonogram devices all over my torso and I even remember the screen and the jelly they use for sonograms

And it ends there. The first part I remember clear as day. I even remember the nerf gun I was playing with. It was gray and had a scope with the batman symbol in it. I just want to know what the black thing was and what happened after I went into the bathroom.
Basically you were given higher consciousness and you parents are dumb and nerfed you. We see in two
dimensions and if you were over yourself then you were seeing in three dimensions.
It means you should believe in god stupid!
this picture again?
Im not mad at him. he kinda quitened my anxiety by letting me write those stories off as fake or otherwise.
Weird dreams used to happen to me a lot. But not like, regular weird dreams, I assume these happen to everyone. But extremely weird ones.

Like, sensations and "things" completely out of this reality, things that can't be explained with words. I tried to explain several times but I found that I'm just trying to translate something that exists outside of language and conscious thought into it. I still don't know what it is and what it means.
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thats a fox anon
>slip on ice
>as i'm falling someone catches me
>stand back up then turn around to face them while thanking them
>nobody there
>there is literally no way that i stopped myself from falling in the position i did
fucking ghosts man
that's... not a rabbit
File: 1445382778507.jpg (118 KB, 550x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck no. If my mind determined it necessary to bury some memories that deep then they're staying right fucking there.
>that pic
What is this Bloodborne shit
>any weird stuff
I just spent that last eight hours hopping between /x/ and /sci/, speaking to archetypes of shills from either seven or eight different densities, and I think I just ushered in a new era of peace across history.

Ten of thousands of timeline's worth of synchroncity had to happen to make this possible. How can I deny time travel? How can I deny that it isn't used fairly? How can all the various future still think they're the only history out there? Do I need to write a goddamn guide so you can see how the world fucking turns?

I'll be here, lurking page five. Waiting for the mass to get done with their opinions. Only when a thread drifts down to me will I bother replying to anything. If you want anything bumped, just call me the bump monster. There's no point trying to hide temporal information from me at this point; I'm only doing this because there's no other way for the world to sanely interact with me. And this isn't sane.
Something like this happened to me as well, where my mom and really young me (like, 4 or 5) were driving and I said "Mommy, I used to drive on this road on a motorcycle, but I can't anymore because I am little now."
One time while hiking in Oregon I saw a Sasquatch. There's not a whole lot to tell. I was walking and he was there in front of me. We both got spooked and he ran away. Nothing else happened and I never saw one again.
I've seen this meme so many times that I went and looked up this song. It's as painful as I remember.

Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom
Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom

Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom
Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom

Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom
Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka lacko boom boom

It was a night like this forty million years ago
I lit a cigarette, picked up a monkey, start to go
The sun was spitting fire, the sky was blue as ice
I felt a little tired, so I watched 'Miami Vice'

I walked a dinosaur, I walked a dinosaur

Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur

Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
File: 1437005868735.gif (247 KB, 319x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I saw my roommates doppleganger about 3 years ago

>About 7am, just got out of the shower
>walking back to bedroom to get dressed for work
>Wearing only boxer shorts
>Walking to bedroom I pass the stairs
>Out of the corner of my eye I see someone standing on the stairs
>The instant that I perceive person I hear, in my roommates voice, as clear as a bell, "Anon!"
>"Yeah, hang on, man... lemme throw a shirt on." I open my door, grab shirt and put it on.
>It took all of five seconds maybe
>Poke my head out the door, "Yeah?"
>"Roommate" is gone
>I lean over the banister and look to the bottom of the stairs and calkl out again, "What you want?"
>I go downstairs and look in the living room. No one there
>Dogs are looking at me like I'm crazy
>Go to kitchen. No one
>Go in garage and look out back window. His truck is not there
>Look out front window. No truck there either
>Call him, "Hey man, where you at?"
>"I'm at work duh... why?"
>"I'll tell ya later"

Was seriously freaked out for the entire day. I debated on whether or not tell him because I imagined it would freak the shit out of him. I eventually told him and he took it extremely well. I think if it were me, I'd be freaked out to hell. Spoopy shit
thats an interesting question
fuck. me too. I sometimes imagine hitting people or driving them over or something and can't stop imagining it. Will it get worse? / Will I do it someday?
I once had a dream that I was a werewolf and woke up with my claws tearing through my sheets. No, I didn't have super long fingernails and toenails or anything, but my sheets were all shredded.
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I used to have a defence mechanism for this shit, used to just read the last line
Haven't seen this in ages tho, cought me so off guard I actually cursed irl, fuck you anon keep it up
>Sorry to rain on your parade, but paranormal entities do not exist.
And you would know this how?
>has one bad trip caused by a subconcious burden from the past/present
>blames it on lsd

please never touch it again you don't deserve it
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Do it. It's hilarious.
Extreme depersonalization/derealization

Had the same thing happen to me when i was about 7

>At table with family in early afternoon eating diner
>Have a brother 3 years younger than me
>we are all eating, casually speaking about nothing of major interest
>Brother throws his cup of milk splashes on the table
>at this point my t-shirt is litterally soaked in milk
>mom proceeds to clean the mess
>she takes off my shirt
>soon as my t-shirt is off my head, realise I'm in my bed and it's night time
>Mom just changed my shirt for my pjs, getting ready to sleep.
>questioned this moment all my life
>I am now 25.
Why do people "vow to never speak of it again"? Like, goddamn, unless some demonic shit happens to you when you do, why never talk about it? When people do this, it makes it sound fake and/or edgy as hell
My gf has been doing this all her life.
>be in 8th grade
>walking home from school alone
>large ass tree branch falls in front of me and almost hits me
>run home scared af
>the next day my friend asked if i want to walk home but i decline because im busy
>I get a call from my friend the next day saying that my other friend got hit by a tree and suffered a fatal blow to the head and bled out
>realize that i could have helped him and feel guilty af
>the next day i keep seeing him out of the corner of my eye and start to get freaked out
>see his death in my dreams
>spend 6 days in my room alone contemplating life and how i just killed someone
>on the seventh day i have a dream on how i killed him with a stick like knife
>wake up and cant remember his face after never being able to forget him
>never bring it up to anyone and forget about it for like 2 years
How is any of that your fault? Are you the tree whisperer?
Fuck that gif and fuck this. I opened it, knowing it was a gif thinking 'on it can't be that bad' and it wouldn't have been, its kind of ridiculous looking. Just as I opened the damn thing the music I've been listening to all fucking evening STOPPED. I got goosebumps, shut the window, fucking music immediately starts playing again.
I'm going to go ahead and nope the fuck out of here now.
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