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StonerThread Inexplicable Experiences
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Sup /x
I really don’t know what to think about weed or the experiences i had when I’m high. Even when i get a bad trip, i get illuminated. All my stoner friends talk about how relaxing is the weed and they get a smooth trip, but never had one. I feeling like my mind is over 10 times the normal speed of thinking! Bad ideas, good ideas, depression through, happiness, is like a roller coaster of feelings, at the beginning is feels horrible because I don’t get comfortable around people, but at the end is like... knowledge I couldn’t find by "normal ways". I'm going to talk about the experience i had the last weed.
>Smoking weed with my best friend at her department
>I had class until 5 pm so i stay at her home talking shit
>She had a very bad of case of borderline personality, so i wasn’t feeling ok inside her apartment. The entire place was like... overflowing sadness. When I’m high my empathy goes crazy.
>Really need to get the fuck out of the place.jpg
>Go outside and rest in college green areas
>She was eating a mandarin and she offers me but when im high i have this weird habit that i don’t like to drink water or eat food. I don’t usually like sun like, neither, i use always dark classes (i live in the tropic, also) but when i get stone i want to feel the sun in every inch of my skin. These two things always happen to me, and are very very opposite to my personality.
>When im finishing the effect, I start meditating about the life, human soul, the cosmos, the earth, the humanity, that usually my friends kind of seems very interested.
>However that time i get feeling that im in front of desert and kind of meditating. Sometimes i get that feeling too, but just with the sun.
>Inside my mind, im was getting some images, about old men, dress like nomads, ancient sages, priests in different ages of the humanity but they always was praying the sun.
>The images wasn’t just images, was pretty real and was feeling the things they was experimenting; fear, knowledge, peace, etc.
>My dreams have lots of symbols about flowers and the sun, also
>im going crazy cuz i think i saw one of my past life and don’t know how to explained. Everything in my life could have sense if one of my pastlifes was related with religion and science.
>i tell that to one of my most open-minded friend and he tell me to relax, but i really can’t i need answer!
>When I do drugs I act differently
You don't say...
>some months ago I had a similar experience, but with one of my closest friend and get the same feeling. No eating, no drinking, speed of thinking over9000, images of ancient sages.
>that time, I don’t get weird feeling, because my friend is a “healthy-mind person”. But is always repeats the same.
>im 21 and start smoking weed at 17. Very occasional. Im not a yunkie, im a good grade student, im good at almost every subject I take, creative af, intelligent (not in the normal ways like good grades in math), I even get into a pre-college high school. I love to read, im having possible the two most amazing years of my life, mind-healthy (I used to have depression, but not longer) , kind of narcissist but not in a cocky way im just proud of who I’m, agnostic but catholic education (Catholic church sucks, Jesus was an amazing guy)
>Im afraid i'm going slightly mad
Sorry about my english, not mother language

Fuck you ,Everyone knows that when u get stoned, isnt like drinking alcohol. You are different, but not too much
git gud
Spanish fag or something?
what a newfag
shit is tl;dr
all i can say buy a gram, stay at house, play some good music, watch a movie or read something interesting, just have fun at house if u r so socially awkward lol
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toppest kek
could it be that the different thinking you get comes from being in a different mood?
It not socially awkward. No matter what i do i get the same feeing every time.
It not a bad trip (no too much), neither
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You're a shaman, kiddo. You can hone these blades to feed the people, the hungry ones. With your insight we can cut open the beast and let it's blood bring life to the land.
I got past the point where smoking weed is a spiritual experience, 5 years of consecutive smoking almost every other day will do that to you

>Even when I get a bad trip, I get illuminated

bad trip from pot? bruh the only bad trip is the one you make yourself get
your senses just get a little more spiky and if you misenterpret them it can get real bad real fast
but I wouldn't go as far to call it a bad trip

>when im high i have this weird habit that i don’t like to drink water or eat food.


my suggestion?
smoke a lot, smoke so much alone that you can't move anymore
when you reach that stage just try to follow your train of thought and see where it leads you.
its kind of like meditation but not quite.
Try to have an internal dialogue with yourself. Ask yourself questions. That was one of my favorite passtimes whilst high.
You English are broken to fuck bro
When i try to explain my experience to other, the always said: "its a bad trip, just take it easy" I know that isnt a bad trip, but i dont know to explain it.
The idea isnt that bad, but i dont have time enough to pass out for one or two days. Also the weed i smoke is very crappy.
I get ur point, tks anon
But, how do you overpassed the feel that you got from feel others feelings. (like you feel their sadness)?
I feel like im a shaman, sometimes. Always in the middle of religion and science.
If shamanism still alive, i really want to practice. I live in tropic, but not near to aboriginals or jungles.
All weed does is get you out of your own way. Things that piss me off, bother me, or confuse me can usually be brought into clearer light after a bowl.
I spent days trying to figure out what was wrong with a story I was writing once. My brother suggested I smoke up. I, of course, called him a stupid stoner. But I tried it.
The first time, it was like living in three second increments. Weed tends to disrupt your perception of space-time, so I got nothing but stoned. A couple hours later, and another bowl, I adjusted. Suddenly the story was new, and I understood what was wrong with it.
Now I smoke every night before writing or working with Blender. It's not mystical, it's not magic, it's not aliens. It's chemistry. Fun fucking chemistry.
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>Friends and I get into weed
>Things start off shitty; no place to smoke, no money for kush, etc
>Decide to worship Magu, the Chinese cannabis God as a joke since we've been smoking a lot
>Next day one of my friends who never likes to chill says we can use his house to smoke
>Been getting really good deals on Q's, stumbling upon cheap bongs and free pieces
>All since we've been worshiping Magu
>Draw her sigil on the bottom corner of a whiteboard in the room we bake out
>Since I've nothing better to do I make a shrine with a spot for a candle and a bong
>Every time we smoke we light a candle and keep it lit until we're done
>Very good weed-related things have been happening to me and my friends since

I'd be inclined to believe it coincidence, but that's no fun and I'm quite fond of the occult
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