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haunted basements, attics
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thread for haunted basements attics

theres actually a couple scary AF


>thermal vision

was just searching haunted basement and found these.
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infiltration: moving units past defensive lines

thermal cameras in the sewers and caves or we gonna get eaten bros
>jk, theory here. mil strategy...

as defense: if all the men left to fight UFOs in antarctica or egypt, the womens and children would be left alone with sewers and attics and basemets crawling with rake

as offense: a suprise attack would be almost impossible defend, depending on how close they were to houses. the attackers would also lose less units being past the military bases, and border patrol and coast guard. houses are farther away from mil bases and borders (front lines)
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this video was scary, but never got to see the creature.
what do u think about it?

this ones just a peeper

heres one from /x/

this guy posted one.avi and two.avi, nobody really commented.
i stabalized one of the vids
cant find the post in the archive


wtf #1 the creature vanishes before it goes all the way back under the table...


basement haunted at youtube: 189,000 results
basement creature at 4plebs /x/ archive: 53 posts
basement alien at 4plebs: 74 posts

lets go guys weve got our work cut out for us
small correction
>the description of as a defense in that post is 'a defensive counter attack'
>however it works as a defense because:
>we would be unable send large # of troops to attack because our base being vulnerable
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one more from /x/, just a backyard creeper though

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one more from /x/, who remembers this?

the poltergeist strangles this guy with a cord, they go up into the attic and find him like this


i want to know what source of weaponized autism conceived that image because i want to go there and harvest more for further amusement
\r\reptiliandata memes sir ;)
>had to make a subreddit for my research, my msgs kept getting deleted about things like Mercury, pyramids, Mk ultra, etc
Yeah. Same here.
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anyone else think portals (game) are sewers/manholes?

ill post more attic aliens later, gonna get some licquor
ill bump for this guys upload, it only got 500 views on youtube, scary as fuck

same repto scream as some other rake sightings
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same scream, same white hoo-ville fag.e.t.
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4:06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIIdRh2SP2o
i think this one is Enterviral's vid, or at least they uploaded it, probably fake :/
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ghost throws shit at camera guy
camera guy flips out

keks were had
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dont worry they are probably only in the attics of the rich and elite and the mental cases

the problem is, theres 100,000,000 cases of mental illness in the USA. (1/3 the population too) thats a lot of aliens mang

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this one is wtf
>i think it might be from a movie clip tho
when he first turns the flashlight on 3sec into the clip u can see a face dip back behind the wall
then theres this guy pic


legit demons:
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first i was like reptilians
then i was like

That's exactly what I was thinking. What fucking six year old put this together. And the "facts"... I honestly can't decide if this person is trolling or mentally challenged.
This is so old. Yeah I'm an old fag, and I must say.
Tsk Tsk Tsk..... Newfags everywhere
Nigga if you think the OP video was real than you're a whole new breed of stupid.
Does anyone have a link to that regular video of some guy vlogging or something and there was a bunch of comments about a ghost thing in the background at the doorway. It was pretty weird.
Gake and fay
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kids are naturally more psychic than adults.

this is paranormal

search haunted basement on youtube. or demon in basement. why are thousands of kids uploading videos saying theres monsters in the basement.

shit theres even a guy from /x/ who posted video of a creature/shadow walking past his door downstairs.

whatever, theres 100,000+ claims of haunted basement on youtube.

explain this >>17254711

its worth checking out, sorry to offend your cyrstal and mandela effect and jesus threads with 10-20 actual paranormal sightings and OC and military strategy

its probably worth noting that:
>Ex SecDef Canada Paul Hellyer testifies the USA is allied with aliens
>there are 100,000,000 mental cases in the USA, and 50 million more that wont admit it, thats half the population of the USA ( 322 million )
>pic is map of people who visiting mindcontrol.se and think they are possessed or mind control
>worth. fucking. investigating when they are puppeting half the population of the world
>please continue shitposting newfag
was it this?

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btw enjoy ur doctor visit
reverse each of the 3 groups around

remember they put Bill Gates the guy in charge of Windows Firewall in charge of Vaccines
>Mercury is a radio/electric conduct, not only a preservative (real preservatives are oil honey salt butter)
>Mercury was known to cause mental illness since 500BC - dartmouth.edu tox history mercury

>its not like they put fluoride in the water
>its not like they put aluminum barium chemtrails in the sky
>its not like they sprayed your food with pesticide for 100 years (to save 15 cents per gallon instead of lemon-juice-water-solution pesticide)
>its not like they put poison in your vaccine
>its not like they advise to swim in chlorine [mustard gas] pools
>its not like they have you sleep on an array of coil receivers (satellite dish)... matresses or matrices?
>its not like they tested syphilisys bioweapons on the US public
>its not like they use drones to assassinate 15 year old muslim kids
>its not like they never cured one mental illness, if any of those treatments (lobotomy, shock torture, tied to bed 20 hrs) worked why are there still 100,000,000 cases
>its not like they put Genetically modified mutant corn syrup in your cereal to save 15 cents
>its not like they put rBGH in the milk
>fuck scientists nigeria.

>to check for cancer doctor headcrab wants to hold your nuts and put his finger in your pooper
>thats the best they got
>the treatments for having one of these demons under ur house (hearing voices)
>used to be shock torture, lobotomy, tied down 20 hrs a day, hand crank drill to the head to drain the blood, castration, toxic chemotherapy drugs like lithium
>not a single cure yet has worked
>the founder of the american psychiatry institute drove around and gave lobotomies to haunted people for 40 years for $25 each
>the lobotomobile
>google it, its a real thing
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ice picks to the brain

to cure hauntings

>trust me guys im the founder and president of the American Psychiatry and Neurology group

The lobotomobile

>not one of their cures has worked yet, to date almost 100,000,000 people hear voicess in the USA alone.
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did you ever see the bushes baked beans commercial?
you know the one with the talking dog?
would it suprise you if george bush was taking orders from his dog, who he think talks btw?

dont worry they are probably only in the attics of the rich and elite and the activists

How fucked we are:
half the population thinks they are angels, and will probably kill or do stupid shit they say

theres 100,000,000 admitted cases of mental illness in the USA. (1/3 the population too). thats a lot of aliens mang

thats the master of puppets

>try to tell people to put thermal cameras in the sewers and caves and they flip out on you
>\r\reptiliandata - cloak videos exist

anyway i made some progress on my searches for aliums
>I found the 3rd paracus skull. its at Malta. Malta is "[fucking] home to the white serpent people" who are 7' tall. its white snake/rake/nephillim, there are no greys i guess
>I also found a reptilian skeleton on google "Kappa skeleton real" on google images, there are 4+ in the museums
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so if u wanna help me and post some good youtube stuff: basement hauntings/attic hauntings/creatures

i feel like ive barely scratched the surface on this
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Thread images: 20
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