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Possible to have sleep paralysis while awake?
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Hey /x/, I have a question for you.
Is it possible to experience sleep paralysis while still awake? I'm just wondering because something really weird just happened, and I've experienced sleep paralysis before but this was...different, I suppose?

>Laying next to my cat with the light on, pillow over my head because I'm trying to ignore the light I'm too lazy to turn off
>Start to hear voices that sound like my sisters, talking to eachother, just assume they're awake now
>Can't hear what they're saying at all
>Suddenly I can move and I feel a shaking tingle all over my body, and I hear it to.
>Can barely make out something kind of humanoid in the darkness in my pillow and I feel it holding me down
>Try to scream out for help, but I can just hear my voice sounding hoarse and muffled as I continue to lay there, unmoving
>Eventually I lose the ability to scream and just lay there, slightly terrified as the figure vanishes, leaving just a vague outline of a human head
>I can move again
>Lay there in shock, cat still laying next to me, light still on
>Realize later I wasn't actually screaming, but rather thinking I was, like mentally screaming
>My eyes have been aching since then, don't know why

So I know it's probably sleep paralysis, but I know I was awake when it happened, my body just...stopped for a few moments as it happened, and this isn't the first weird thing that happened in my house.
I've told a few of my stories in a true story thread a couple of days ago.

What do you think happened /x/?
Shit like this happened to me few times but I never thought anything of it. Just sleep paralysis imo.
Yeah probably, but it still just felt a bit strange, you know? So you can get SP while awake then? Fuck nowhere is safe
Sleep paralysis is basically your brain fucking up and not detecting if it's sleeping or awake. If you were lying with a pillow over your head your brain might mistake it for being asleep.
Hm, that's what I thought it was, and I made the post while still freaking out about it

Brains are real cocks aren't they?
They sure are. It usually doesn't happen that often though.
If it starts to happen often just go to the doctor, it could be tumor or some shit.
Well counting this time, I've only had it happen four times in my life
and how often is often?
>Is it possible to experience sleep paralysis while still awake?

Yes if narcoleptic.

Or if you have untreated sleep apnea.
Well I'm pretty sure I don't have narcolepsy
might have sleep apnea but I'm pretty sure I don't since the symptoms don't match up
I dunno, probably like every week or so.
Well, hope I don't have a tumor or some other brain problem, but we'll see next week I guess
or if I just fucking die or something
It's highy improbable, everyone has this kind of shit happen to him sometimes. Just if it happened very often it might be a problem, but I doubt there's something wrong with you. Don't stress yourself about it.
>Possible to have sleep paralysis while awake?

go ahead and read that back to yourself

fucking dumb motherfucker
thanks anon. Nice to see some people are willing to explain things like this.

I'm just glad it wasn't something spooky again
No problem senpai.
Do some other spooky things happen to you?
Yeah. I've had a few experience, as I said in the OP.

I was worried it was connected to them because I've experienced most in the same room. Nothing to major, saw some eyes that didn't match up with any of my pets watch me once, a big figure of shadow rush down a set of stairs after I smelled wood burning for one moment, a face in the mirror of the bathroom just as I closed the door, you know minor encounters that last just long enough that they stick with you.

I've had encounters outside of the house, but most of them have been inside of it, and none where too...threatening I guess, just surprising.

I can explain in further detail if you want
If you can be bothered I'd very much like to read more about those.
Oh I don't I love sharing stories like these
I'll start with the eyes

>I sleep in a large open room, right next to the front door
>there's a set of stairs leading to the second story of the house on the right side of the room, with a couch between where I sleep and them
>Messing around with a shitty twist on flashlight one night because can't sleep
>Shining the weak ass light on walls and ceiling because I'm bored as fuck
>Decide to shine it at the top of the stairs for some reason
>Heart skips a beat as I see a pair of eyes looking back at me, with a vague silhouette of a human head
>now I tested it later, and neither my cat or dogs eyes were the right size or color to be the source
>it was like if humans had evolved eye glow for some reason
>Anyways, I stare at it for around...five seconds or so, before I twist the light off and lay down, trying my best to not look at the stairs or anywhere near it the rest of the night

Never saw it again, or at least so far. no idea what it was.

Now for the shadow

>Same room, browsing my computer at... around three in the morning
>Can't remember exactly what I was looking at
>But anyways I smelled the unmistakable scent of wood burning, which worried me because I tend to have several candles burning at any give time
>Turn to make sure nothing is on fire
>Scent vanishes
>End up looking right at the stairs
>See a figure larger than anyone in the house booking it down the stairs, noislessly
>Vanishes at the bottom
>stare at the stairs for a few moments, shrug and go back to what I was doing

I have a few more, if you're interested
How do you stay so calm anon? I'd go apeshit if I saw either of these and would probably have to recover for weeks. I never saw shit like this in my life except for few sleep paralyses and I'm paranoid and scared all the time while in the dark anyway.
I'm interested, yes.
I don't know, maybe because I believe, or because other people have seen the same, or because I quite like the dark. Honestly I have no idea, it just happened and then stopped really

Well here I go.

the pale face in the bathroom mirror.

>Now the room is pretty much just the an open space with furniture cutting it up into separate "Rooms"
>right behind where I sleep is a table that's covered in crap, and just next to that is a hall with the washer and dryer and door to the garage
>The door to the hallway is gone, I can't remember what happened to it
>and at the end of the hall is a bathroom with a mirror right in front of the door
>so one night I need to take a piss
>And I'm lazy so I don't turn on the hallway light as I walk down it
>turn on the bathroom light and close the door with my other hand
>and right before the door closed, I saw something
>It looked like a snow white face peeking down the hall, like it was either crawling on the walls, or attached to something seven or eight feet tall
>Blink, must've been the duck decoys on the wall opposite to the hall, do my business
>later, decide to recreate what happened, and I realized two things
>One the decoys weren't the right color at all
>And two, they were too far away for me to see them in the edge of the hall

Again no idea what it was, but I never saw it again, yet at least

and that wasn't the first time I saw something around there

>Again, going to bathroom in the dead of night
>Some people watching tv in the room over
>As I turn down the hall a shadow rushes past me, very clearly
>looked about the height of a big dog or hunched over person
>Ask if anyone else saw that
>they didn't because they were watching tv
>turn on the lights and go to the bathroom

Not to mention the bathroom itself used to have a hole in the ceiling,

You could seen the pipes through it, and I hated using it when you could, I always expected to see something looking back

have a few of more if you still want to hear
I do.
Did anyone else ever see something in that house? Is it an old house?
Yes, my older brother and mother have seen and heard things, and no that house doesn't look that old at all

Now this story only got creepy later on, and its because of my brother

>See we used to share a room with eachother when we were kids
>two beds on opposite sides of the room, so we could easily see eachother
>And as a little anon, I was terrified of the dark, so I often saw things crawling on the walls
>Which were of course the spawn of an overactive and scared imagination
>But one stood out in my mind, see the only one I saw more than once was this... little withered old man, covered in scars with skin that looked dried, almost mummified, almost looked like a goblin in some ways, and this man would crawl on my walls like a spider
>eventually I stopped seeing it and the other things
>Now me and my brother were hanging out one day, and our conversation turned towards the supernatural
>what we saw, what we heard from others, ect..
>and he told me, how when we were young and shared a room, he heard a ragged and hoarse breathing from my side of the room
>and he turned and saw, from this board pinned just above my bed, a little, old withered man, covered in scars and looking dead, slowly crawling out from behind it
>He looked away from it and nothing came from i
>Now...I had never told anyone about what I saw, because I "knew" they were just night terrors, and yet my brother had just told me about a figure that was identical to the one I saw so long ago
>And I told him this
>and we both freaked out for awhile

and then not long after, the eyes and the shadow happened

Writing up another story, since I ended up having to rewrite this one after my computer decided to send me back a page on random
Now this story is from my mother, from before I was born
>She had just moved in with my father
>And was sharing the bed with him
>And she couldn't sleep, since she wasn't used to having a room so big and because, well she had just moved in
>and as she laid there, worried
>She saw a white figure walk across the room
>A woman, to be precise
>and she is convinced it was her grandmother watching over her
>She also heard her voice when she went into a coma for a short time

And besides that, both of them have heard in the past, my and my younger siblings calling out for them to help
when we were at school
or somewhere else

Now I've heard..something calling my name, but not in that house

>See, my family went on vacation once, to this little mountain town, to spend a few days in a cabin owned by a family friend
>wasn't wild enough for my tastes, I could see houses from the window and the trees weren't thick enough
>so needless to say I spent most of my time inside brooding on this
>and one day I woke up late, and the rest of the family, besides my younger sisters, decided they'd go to town to get something to eat
>I don't care, I brought a laptop, so I went to playing some video games as my sisters did whatever, Touhou to be exact.
>And then I noticed, after dying like a bitch, that my sisters were gone
>I started to feel uneasy, and heard someone call my nickname
>Not saying HEY anon, or We're going out anon
>Just, Anon
>So I got up, and looked down the stairs, and saw the door open
>and then I felt terrified, and I felt like I couldn't stay in the cabin anymore
>So I ran out of it, and started pacing down the front of it
> I walked up and down the drive way, waiting for someone to get back
>and my family was very confused as to why I Was standing in the street with no shoes
>turns out my sisters left to visit another cabin without telling me
>And when I heard my nickname shouted...they had already gone to the other cabin

Yep, this shit is interesting.
It seems as if not the house, but your family itself was haunted. It's interesting how some people never experience supernatural shit in their life, yet to some it's their daily bread.
Oh it isn't daily by any means, I've just experienced some shit in my life is all, might be because of my heritage, don't I doubt it heavily.
And that wasn't the first time I heard something with no explanation

A girl's voice talked to me once
>I was never a social person, I prefer my own company to others most of the time
>So as it stood, when I was in highschool, waiting to be picked up on a raining day, no one was around me
>most of the other students were rushing to escape the rain or leaving already
>But I was pacing between two portable buildings, those little trailer looking this you sometime see in schools
>Just alone in my thoughts, enjoying the rain as I walk back and forth next to a generator
>And then I heard it
>Whispered in my ear
>Clear as the rain around me
>A female voice, saying almost teasingly "I can see you there, you know?"
>Now, I've never been popular with the opposite sex, and I did not know the voice
>So I turned and looked
>and looked, and quickly realized, no one was close enough to whisper in my ear
>I was, as per usual, alone, besides some other kids walking a good...twenty or so feet away
>I shake my head, and walked out from the buildings. not telling anyone because...well I was still kind of in a daze about it all

And I've had other weird things happen in that school, but it was all just dreams, since I enjoyed sleeping in class more than doing actual work

but I don't think you want to hear about dreams I've had

Instead, I'll tell about some weird things that have happened in the woods to my grandparents house

Which would you like me to start with?
the time I saw a ufo?
or the time I may have seen bigfoot or something similar?
The bigfoot senpai.
>My grandparents live in the wooded hills a short drive out of town
>Wonderful place, that I would love to live in
>Well awhile ago, my dad called me up, saying they needed help moving in a couch
>Now I was doing nothing at the time, so I saw no reason to not go and help out
>So I hitch a ride with my dad, and drive up there, in the dead of the night
>get up there without a hitch, move in the couch, and start to go back home
>And as we get to this corner of this little patch of wood filled with these spindly and at the time leafless trees, Looks like a drawing from an emo's note book, desu,
>I see an orange glow off the side of the road
>And dad fucking floors the car all of sudden
>He stops at the corner, and looks around, before turning to me
>did you see that anon?!
>I nod
>See I didn't get a good look at it, but my pop saw it better, since he's a very experienced hunter and I am...well someone who spends most of their time doing nothing
>But he did, and he saw that it wasn't just an orange glow
>it was eye glow
>Standing a good eight feet in the tree line
>From a ditch

Now we didn't see what it belonged to, but we talked about it a bit, and did some searching which led us to believe it was either big foot, or a cougar. I don't know to be honest, since none of the branches close to the road were big enough for a cougar to rest on to me, but what do I know.

I just know it was gone by time we got up to it

Now for the ufo

>this happened when I was a little anon
>See my grandparents got a lab and my brother had a really good hunting lab
>So we being rednecks decided, We need puppies
>So we took the old boy to get his dick wet, and of course I decided to come with them since, why not
>Now it was past sunset when we were driving and well nothing was going on besides our dog getting excited
>And then as we went down a road with a field on the side of it
>A light rose up from the ground
>with the vague shape of a bat shape
>and my dad started to speed up, to try and lose it or catch up with it
>No sure which, but it kept up with us, flying to the left of our car in the air
>We caught glimpses of it through the trees
>until we go onto these hills and it sped off
>Faster than anything I have seen before, or since
>one moment it was there, and then it was gone
>the rest of the trip was normal, besides us talking about it

And the stories I have after that are...less fantastical, either being dreams, sleep paralysis, memories to distant for me to trust, or these I just consider to be me over reacting.

Like when I thought I saw something in the trees while watching a herd of goats, but it was probably just a goat that managed to get past the fence and into the woods, even though it was a bit tall for a goat.

But honestly, those woods aren't spooky, I've walked through them once with my grandpa when I was young, they look creepy, but I've never seen anything to paranormal in them, and neither has my dad or anyone else

I have a few other stories that are creepy that aren't supernatural or are from people who I don't know or were under the influence of certain products at the time, so they fall into the same category as the above

Hope you enjoyed these stories, anon
Anon, you likely drifted off without realizing it. That can happen sometimes when in a somewhat relaxed state (lying down or sitting and doing fuck all). Sleep paralysis can't happen while awake, that's why it's called SLEEP paralysis. However, you can drift off without realizing it and then enter a hypnogogic state rather quickly if you are prone to such episodes.

tl;dr yes it was likely sleep paralysis but you weren't awake, you drifted off to sleep without being aware of it.
Still freaked me the fuck out

You fool, sleep paralysis always happens. If it doesn't sleepwalking happens. When you wake up in sleep paralysis you experience a short sensory overload which makes you thing there are spookys, and since a part of your brain thinks you're asleep it spawns them. You were just trippin' balls
>When you wake up in sleep paralysis you e
I was awake awhile before it happened
but I probably just fell back asleep like >>17246312
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