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REAL Paranormal Experiences
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I'm sick of seeing RP bullshit that has the title 'spoopy experiences', stop being gay cunts and let's post some REAL, HARDCORE, PORN.. I mean Paranormal Experiences.. can't green text so gtfo if you don't like reading..

So I was at my grandparents when I was about 15. I remember waking up and not being able to fall back to sleep, so I sat on facebook on my phone for a bit. It was dead quiet in the house and any loud noises such as footsteps were picked up by the dogs and they would bark the house down. But as i started to hear footsteps on the floorboard down the hallway and the dogs werent making any noise, I came up with the theory that everyone in the house was murdered and they were coming for me next. I remember feeling the most intense fear ive ever felt as i heard the footsteps make their way down the hallway towards the entrance in my room. As I lay there, a man casually walked into the room and stood at the end of my bed. He wasn't facing me though, he was facing the window to my right and just staring out of it. I couldn't see the top half of his body as I was on the bottom bed of a bunk bed, but I could distinguish that he was a tall and stocky man, almost inhumane. The whole time I was frozen in fear and all I could hear was his deep breathing, like he had stage 5 emphysema. After a few minutes of standing at my bed he turned around and I could hear footsteps going down the hallway, then silence. I built the courage after around 15 minutes of listening out for any noises to finally run into my grandparents room and tell them there was a man in the house. They got up, turned all the lights on, searched the house and there was nothing or no one. None of my family believe me to this day..
sleep paralysis.

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Definitely no sleep paralysis fucktard, as I could move. Shoot yourself in the fucking skull and end your meaningless life faggot
This isn't the most exciting story, but it's the one that happened to me. I'm not making any of this up, if I did it'd be more interesting.

>Living with friends on an island in the marsh near Savannah, Georgia
>Riding home with my roommate, he tells me that the day before he and a mutual friend saw a deer in the road that disappeared when they got close
>I don't believe this shit, making fun of him
>We pull onto the causeway that crosses the marsh to the island

I know this is a cliche, but there in the middle of the road is a man with white hair, white skin and white clothes. My friend turns his brights on and the dude suddenly vanishes. I didn't acknowledge what I had seen at first, then my friend says "did you just see that..."

Neither of us were on drugs or had any mental illnesses that cause hallucinations, and the probability of us both having the same hallucination at the same time for no reason is too small to consider.
Thats trippy bro, that would have freaked me right out! Cheers for sharing your story brother
Trippy as bro, cheers for sharing
When I was thirteen, I watched the movie Event Horizon during an actual thunder storm.
Your grandpa was sleepwalking.

I'm not much of a believer I anything supernatural (fedora wearer here). By about 2 months ago something pretty weird went down while I was drinking. I've been brushing it off like It was the alcohol but always have that creeping feeling...

>be me 22
>drive down to Delaware for thanksgiving with senpai
>big family pretty huge house don't have a clue how old it is
>night before thanksgiving
>me and cousins drinking some beer in living room chillin and shit
>bout 1 am me and other dude cousin only ones left start heading upstairs
>dark as shit cuz bitch female cousins turned all the lights out
>using phone lights
>walkin past bathroom hear some motherfucker coming down the halls
>see motherfucker and me and cousin move out the way
>wait wat.jpg
>cousin asks who the fuck is that old dude
>look back see bathroom door is locked now
>we go look into the bathroom
>see old motherfucker walking towards window
>opens a fucking locked window
>gets up on ledge about to walk off
>cousins screams at top of his voice to not jump
>old fucker looks back
>mfw when no fucking eyeballs
>jumps out window
>cousins who weren't awake came running to bathroom
>dude cousin is looking out window for body
>we don't see shit
>he's spazzing out
>I'm sweating
>chick cousins asking wtf
>explain what went down
>they walk us to our rooms cause clearly we had too much to drink

Never talked about it again.
Sometimes coming back to/x/makes me think I'm locked up in an asylum but in my mind I'm living the American dream.
>being 6
>chilling with older brother in living room watch cartoons
>brother look out window
>clear moon shined night
>it rain earlier that day
>bro saw something in our backyard
>he freezes
>I look and see something shiny a big moving in the darkness
>looked like a big dog but with a fat tail as long as body
>head looked too wide for any dog
>brother screamed when it came towards our direction
>got better look
>"that's not a doggy"
>it's body was smooth and slimy looking like a newt
>it started digging in dirt
>it dug a muddy hole and went in
>it didn't comeback up after 10 minutes
>ran to the nearest adult

The next day me and my brother went to the backyard to see there was indeed a hole but it rained later that night and muddy water filled it up. We later thought it might have been a big salamander but wtf we live in a city.
Now no one want to take your underage ass seriously
There is a old called Cleveland road in nj. I have followed people with no headlights on at night before then turn them on.

Sometimes people did this to me.

Also, I removed some of those plastic dolls from one of the many telephone poles only to see a new one replace the old when I checked next week.

Should I tell it more horror storylike?
>Be me
>6 years old
>On atrip with parents
>I was sleeping in the car
>Wake up
>Dad stops the car
>I get out of the car
>Goes to the woods to pee because I was shy.
>Get too far
>Saw a smily man without eyes.
>He screams:
>I ran like a bitch back to the car
>Pee on pants.
>Tell parents, they don't believe me.
>Start driving again
>Smily man get out the woods
>It's not smily, it's crying
>Waves his hand.
Not too spoopy
>be in alabama with my aunt
>go to cemetary at night to see a meteor shower
>going through a rough time and i love space so this gun b gut
>waiting around, theres some railroad nearby

Train 1 passes

>we're using a flashlight to read some tombstones, talking about my late uncle
>just freaky stuff that they experienced i their old home, Black Well

Train 2 passes
>i start hearing this distant whistling noise
>get headache
>we chill on this bench thats facing a rather large tombstone
>im on the very edge
>so far nothing spoopy, but im on my toes with jitters

Train 3 passes

>the light of the train hits the large tombstone
>we both see this misty/foggy/cloudy figure
>its haunched over and runs toward the bench
>nascar turns around my side of the bench
>disappears into the darkness
>aunt tries to rule out normal causes

Train 4 passes
>figure doesnt appear
>nothing else spoopy happens all night
>we pack up and go home

Next day

>aunt tells me about this native american legend that ths figure reminded her of
>something about a guy with a flute
>description fits 100%
>flute was the whistle noise i heard
>we head back to investigate
>bench was made by a native american man
>for his dead native american wife
>it was sitting in front of their grave

Its not that spooky but it startled 15 year old me
Only remembered this story because I dug the game back up earlier today for a nostalgia trip
>be 4
>late 2001
>mum and dad are split up, were before I was born
>be visiting dad
>step brother is about a year older than me
>dad has an xbox original
>halo 1 just got released
>play it there, don't own an Xbox because 4
>I like halo, only game acceptable for us to play at that age
>fast forward to Christmas 2001
>mum got me an Xbox and halo one
>happy because 4 and I didn't know what was going on
>inb4 bad parenting, I rarely played it and had an excellent childhood
>game was preowned, mum and I dont know anything about games so she thought that was part of the cover
>about an hour in and I've figured it out
>get to the part where you travel through some covenant made tunnel
>you open a laser bridge and it makes a cool pattern under the tires when you drive along it
>hope you know it
>figure out how to activate bridge
>driving along
>human looking character glides along so fast in front of my jeep
>woman in bloody work clothes
>fucking yelling "THEY TOOK MY CHILD MY BABY"
>no comma because she fluidly said it without a pause
>when I hit her the jeep flipped bc halo one physics
>she flips mid air robotically so she's lying in the air
>glides into hole in a wall
>it's black, no light
>dickhead me walks after her, I have an assault rifle
>as soon as I walk in a man in work clothes says something to me
>can't remember what but his voice was off
>think fallout 3 raider pedophile off
>screaming, so loud
>I was crying by this stage so mum comes in and turns off my Xbox

To this day I've forgotten about it, only when I was driving through the tunnel again did I remember it.
I had played halo after that, but I took it to my dads and it broke so I bought a new copy years ago
I guess some nerd decided to fuck with someone, gg it was a 4 year old

> So I was at my grandparents when I was about 15

I take it this story occurred a month or two ago?
>i am still 15
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The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever.
>nipples popping out of the wife's shirt
oh yes, lets just add some sex appeal next to these dead babies. That sure as hell makes sense.
*lights blunt*

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All memes are cancer, but frog shit is the worst. Only stupid "wizards" and R9gaywads post that stupid meme shit. They think it gives them some kind of identity, which is really lame. Only faggos need that. Just go back to your containment board, will you. Would you kindly? DO IT FAGGOT.
Oh dear
>Alice mirror test

jesus you're fucking young
I am 18 though, to 4chan standards I'm young, I guess

18 is fucking young. a smart 18 year old is still a retarded high school educated kid.
That is fact, however this is about my story, not my age. The story would be the same if I was 30
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 4
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