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The thing in the woods
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Hello /x/, let me share a story with you. This is not some made up bullshit, it actually happened. I'll give you guys some background first:
I grew up in the rural regions of central Europe and in my teenage years I became a metalhead and was part of a group of "outsiders". We did many crazy and stupid things back then. But usually it was the guys and me, sitting at someone's place, drinking bear, smoking, talking about stuff, sitting in some bar, strolling around. From time to time we got into brawls with jerks and if they were bold/stupid enough to fuck with us we'd beat the hell out of them. So we were not weak pussies who are easy to scare off. You should also know that we had to travel by train a lot, because most of us lived in different villages - we used to meet in the village, where three of us lived (G., K. & M.)

Part 1:

>be 17
>hang out with V., S. (girl) and B. at G.'s place
>having a beer, being kind of bored and talk about what to do
>G.'s mom forces him to learn for his driving exam and kicks us out
"What now?"
>V. has an idea
"Let's go and explore the woods!"
>it was one of those late summer evenings in late August/ early September so we decide to explore the woods and go to K.'s place after
"Why not V."
>walk through village then the dirt tracks between fields (farmland - mostly grain, wine, corn and stuff) for around half an hour talking shit, making jokes
>woods in sight
>B. gets kind of uneasy
"It's already pretty dark, fuck the woods, let's do to K. place
>B. may be not the brightest guy but stubborn and has never been like that before
>moonlit night, a bit cloudy but moonlit still so we convince him to go on
>get to forest path
>starting to get uneasy too, don't say anything though
>our group followes path using our mobile phone flashlights for maybe 50 meters where the forest starts to get really dense
>V. stops and turns around
"Let's go in right here."

>B. and I feel extremely uneasy now, feel like someone or something is watching us
>can tell by the look on his face, same look i must have had
I: "Fuck this V. something's not right here, don't you feel it?"
V.: "First B. now you. what kind of pussies are you?
B.: "Damnit man, something is odd in this wood."
V.: "You being huge pussies is odd."
I: "S.? What about you?"
S.: "I'll go in with V."
>S. was kind of into V.
V.: "Even the girl is bolder than you guys. Fine stay here and wait for us, calm the fuck down, smoke or whatever"
>V. and S. enter the dense forest, soon B. and I barley can see the shine of their phone flashlights anymore
>B. and I smoke and try to brush that uneasyness off
>Wind got up, gets kind of chilly
>B. gets even uneasier
"How long are they gone now"
>look at phone
"Maybe five or six minutes"
>B. and I getting really restless
>like some old instinct which tells you that you're currently in the deepest shit
B.: "What are they doing so long in that effin' forest?"
>try to calm things down
"Probably they are making out - hey B., if they don't come back soon we'll need to get them, I'm not planning to stand in the middle of nowhere all nig..."
> hear a scream, a girls scream - S.'s scream follwed by V. shouting and swearing in the distance
>B. and I startled, going into alert mode
>see flashlight glows closing in very fast
>S. and V. running like hell
>something chasing them
>can guess it's shape in the moonlight
>looks humanoid - kind of
>S. and V. close to the forest path
>V. calls out at us at the top of his lungs
"Run you idiots! Fucking RUN!!!"
>B. and I start running S. and V. running closely behind us
>on the left behind us somehing moving through the dense forest extremeley fast
>ancient instict provides most intense adrenaline burst ever
>run faster than the wind, have never ran that fast in my entire life
>reach the end of the forest and the dirt track between the fields
>keep running like hell
>after another 200 meters B. running left beside me V. running right before me. S. is gone.
>yell with all the air I have left while running
"Where the heck is S.?!"
>we stop
>we just broke the record of 250 meter extreme panic-sprinting
>heart beating like a steam hammer
>turn around
>can't see shit, moon covered by clouds, absolute darkness
>S. crashes into me,
>she's scared like shit
>look into V.'s direktion
>will never forget the look on V.'s face
Background info: V. is a tough guy from Macedonia, strong like a brute, have never before seen him scared of anything
>pale like a corpse, wide eyes, terror in his face
I: "What the holy crap was that? What were we running from?"
>V. tries to get himself together
"No idea"
>clouds move moon comes out again
>we look at the edge of the woods where the forest path starts
>B. points to somewhere right from the "path-entry"
>something standing there between the trees and bushes half bowed, seems to press down some branches to get a better view of us
>suddenly moves from left to right, extremely fast into the dense forest again
>sound reaches us
>sounds like shrieking and laughter at the same time, something in between
>chill goes down my spine
>we look at each other - terrified - and decide to go to K.'s place asap and spend the night there.
>tell K. about what happened
>expected a stupid comment like: "haha did it fuck your asses, or were you running too fast?"
Background info: K. was a "big joker", always tried to be funny so hard, which was the only funny thing about him
>K. looks at us in a strange way
>K. gets a book about folklore, myths and local history
>looks for somthing eagerly
"I have read something similar to what you told me."
>finds the pages he was looking for and starts reading
>what K. read to us

It was about the village and that very same forest we went to explore. People in the medieval avoided those woods, because those venturing it during dust or after dark went missing. People believed that something unnatural was living in those woods. At some point during the 16th or 17th century a family went home after a fair in the neighboring village. To get home faster, they decided to go through the forest. Bad idea. The next morning their neighbors recognized that they were not home. The villagers formed a seachparty and when they wanted to move out the young daughter walked into the village coming from the forest. She was covered in mudd and blood, her dress was torn apart, scratches all over her. She collapsed right in the street. That girl never spoke a word again in her entire life, lost the ability to speak completely, screamed while sleeping. The villagers and guards tried to find the rest of the family (father, mother, older daughter and son). They searched the woods for days without success, all they found was dried bloodstains. People were freaking out about this incident and the local nobleman grew sick of people getting missing and occupieing his men with searching that fucking forest, so he had his men and the villagers disafforest huge portions of the woods to be converted to farmland and to put a stop to the occurences once and for all. The longest paths through the forest had to be not longer than 100 meters and straight. Also he oredered all bushes in the entire forest to be removed every few years completely, so everyone could see deep inside the forest with ease. From that point on noone went missing in those woods again - well until those stupid local eco-warriors put and end to the forest-dwindling some decades ago. K.'s parents told us, that two girls went missing in the last two decades near the forest.

Continues with part 2 soon
I don't have all day, OP

Where's part 2?
I am writing it right now. Don't interrupt me, or else it will take me longer to finish.
It's really hard to keep track of who's who if you just use initials, better to make up names for your characters.
What was the name of the village, and the forest, and the nobleman? Put more thought into your story anon.
anonvillage, anonforest and anon-nobleman baron of anonia
I forgot to mention that in that story from the book, people from the 16th or 17th thought that they saw the missing family members near the woods briefly during dusk and after dark in the distance.
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>This is not made up bullshit

Finally done
Hey there /x/, I will tell you part two of the story I started. Let's start with a little background again:
During the weeks follwing our "forest exploration incident" I did not sleep very well. I thought about what happened again and again. That thing watching from the edge of the forest, kind of humanoid in shape the size of an average human maybe a little taller than that, odd proportioned, shriek-laughing and moving extremely fast chasing us in the forest. The story K. read to us from that book - man I dreamed about that poor girl. It wouldn't go out of my head. I tried to make sense of it. Well - until I got my hands on TES-IV Oblivion. I was so immersed in this game, nearly like it was with Morrowind. Basically I turned off my phone and locked myself in my room and just left it to visit the restroom and to get a bite to eat.
At some point I decided to spend more time with my horde of metalhead-"outsiders" again (turned on phone dozens of missed calls - Oblivion...)
This is not something, that happened to me, but what happened to my friends.

>be me
>hanging out at K.'s place some weeks after forest incident
>V., M.(best guy), M1.(girl) where there too
>drinking beer, having some snacks, talking about things, listening to Metal and Rock, having a good time
>at some point V. - sitting at K.'s desk, managing the playlist turns the volume down
>V. turns around while sitting in K.'s huge old (a bit fucked up)"executive-false leather-chair"
>looks at me and grins in that way only he used to grin, in that kind of challenging way
"Still wanna go into the woods again, Uhh-Ahhh?!"
>raise left eyebrow and lean forward
"Into the woods? Want to be chased by some fucked up thing again, like the last time.?"
>V. looks at me confused
"What do you mean?"
>even more confused than V.
"What do you mean with "What do you mean"? The last time B.,S.,you and me were hunted by godsknowwhat."
>V. totally puzzled
"Did you suck that beer up your nose and smoke that cigarette through your ear, you nutjob? That was the first time. I am talking about the second time."
>look at V., trying to figure out if he was bullshitting me
"Wait a second. You went into those woods a second time? After what happened? Seems like you are the nutjob in here. And how am I even supposed to know that, you genious?"
>V. tightens his eyebrows
"You were there too."
"Noo, I wasn't. What are you talking about"
"Yes, you were"
"No, I wasn't"
"You were"
"I wasn't"
>that went on for a minute or so V. and I shouting at each other in the end, almost starting a fight
>M. laughed so hard, he almost peed his pants.
>throw my hands in the air out of frustration
"Ok V. when and how did this "second" trip into the fucking woods happen."
>V. lighting a cigarette and sitting back into that huge fucked up chair again
"Alright man, if you think you can fuck with me and make me tell all that shit for fun because you adapted K.'s stupid humor, I am going to kick the shit from your ass."
>starting to get uneasy, he really thinks I was there, definately not bullshitting me
>talk to him in a very calm way with the most serious face I can have
"I'm not fucking with you V. - I really wasn't there with you. Tell me what happened, please"
>V. turns pale
>looks at M.
>M. not lauging anymore, pale too
>V. tells story about what happened when they went into the woods again
Some of my guys met a few weeks before and talked about what happened and the story in K.'s book. They eventually decided to do a little payback and hunt that thing in return. They tried to call me, but my phone was offline (Oblivion...). At some point "I" called them (V.) back and ask them what's up - V. tells me they want to go into the woods again. "I" was absolutely excited about his suggestion and he told me when and where to meet. Some days later V., B., S.(girl), M., M1(girl), J (M1's boyfriend), G. and K. met at K's place. [background info: G. - huge, beary guy with beard - was into everything with a blade on it, had swords in all lenghts and stuff, K. also had some wallhangers] G. brought some stuff. At some point during dusk "I" showed up, acting kind of strange, not like usual. They thought it was because "me" being uneasy, or scared or something. Equipped like a bunch of crazy vikings they marched towards the woods. "I" wanted to go in at that forest path, where V. and S. entered. Where the woods got really dense. But the others decided to enter the woods where they weren't that dense, where some locals use to dwindle the forest a bit at times. After they walked through the woods for some time, "I" time and again tried to tell them into which direction to go. "I" got less "strange" over time and started joking with them. At some point, the forest had gotten more dense, with bushes around everywhere they all started to feel watched and got uneasy. K. was pretty close to freaking out and pointed that pointy wallhanger of his from the left to right and from right to left and nearly hit "me" with that sword. "I" evaded with a very fast move, looked at him kind of angry with a strange emontionless grin on "my" face looking at him in a strange way, like an off psycho-glimpse and said: "pack away that sword, you are going to kill one of us before you kill anything else." Everyone laughed their asses off and they went on further.
They started to hear noises in the distance, all felt watched and really uneasy at that point. The girls, S. and M. startet to freak out a bit in the dark woods and started sobbing. The group decided to go back - which made "me" kind of impatiend. "I" tried to convince them to move further and to "investigate" those noises. My friends decided to move out of the woods again, because of the girls but V. admitted that they all were extremely uneasy and anxious at that point and every fibre of their bodies told them to get the fuck out of the woods."I" then looked kind of disappointed and frustrated at the same time, then looked at my friends - but not really at them - more it stared at their swords, daggers and knifes. Then "I" finally gave up and they went back to K.'s place. I was behind them and turned around time and again while they were marching out of the woods. V. and M. sometimes called "me" to "fucking move my weirdo ass". Back at K.'s place "I" still disappointed asked when they would make their next trip into the woods and that "I" was so eager to go there again but with less people. At some point, around 10pm or 11pm "I" bid them goodbye and left K.'s place.
>listened to it all very closely
>lighting another cigarette
>V.,M. and M1. looking at me, waiting for me to say something
>trying to remember anyhting V. told me
>look up
"Guys, I have no freaking idea who or what you think was with you, but it definately wasn't me."
>K. enters room and tells us that the dinner he was cooking for us would be ready soon
Backgroud into: yes he loved to cook for us from time to time
>M1(girl) to K.
"Hey K., when we were in the woods - anon was with us right?"
>K. looks at us
"Did you guys find my secred weed stash?"
M1(girl): "No, seriously."
M.: You are hiding a secret weed stash from us?
M1(girl): K.?
>K. looks at me unbelieving
"Of course you were with us, you were even more annoying than I could ever be. You even made a stupid comment about my sword."
V.: "See."
M.: "You stupid monkey give us some of your weed!"
>doorbell rings
>K. answeres the door
>J.(m1's boyfriend), S. and B. show up and come to the first floor (K's room)
J.: "Why are you guys that silent and look like you've seen a gay ghost?"
>tell them the short version
>try to prove to them that the other "me" wasn't me
>they won't believe me maybe don't want to believe me
>tell them how I locked myself in my room and played Oblivion for weeks
>tell them that my phone was turned off for the whole time
>get an idea: the mobile phone
"Hey V., you said, I called you before you went into the woods"
"Let's compare our call journals
>navigate to call journal
>V. does the same
>Call from my number in his call journal
>no call from my phone to his phone logged in my phone's call journal
>also show him the "walking counter" of my phone - not a single step taken during the time I was locked up, playing Oblivion and the day the were in the forest with "me"
>everyone goes pale
>the realize something pretended to be me
>that thing was with them all the time
>something that wanted them to go deeper inside the most dense parts of the forest
>V. remembers that I sounded quite normal on the phone except from being excited as never before and there was strange disturbing/background noise and static when "I" called him back then
>meal is ready, we eat in the dining room
>during dinner, it dawns on us, that something/"I" know where K. lives
>everyone looks out into the garden, out into the dark
>everyone decides to stay over night at K.'s place

Noone of us went near those woods again
From that point after the second wood exploration with "me" when we spend evenings, or stayed over night at K.'s place we used to hear strange noises during the night, coming from outside
At some point we decided it was a better idea to meet at G.'s place.

I have no idea what lives in that wood, what impersonated me, I don't want to know it. I startet hiking some time ago. I never enter a wood without my trusty Pistol. I avoid the woods near the village, where K., M. and G. live at all costs.
Ich bin mir 90% Prozent sicher dass du deutsch bist, in welchem Bundesland liegt denn das dorf?
Story is shit and OP is a faggot.
I understand german, but I don't live in germany. I live in a country near germany.
OP please tell us the country at least .
> drinking bear
Do you live in one of those countries : Hungary , Austria , czech republic , serbia ?
Wait a minute, you say you never go into the woods without your pistol but arent pistols banned in europe?
Not in every country. As far as I know, germany and GB have tough gun laws. Not where I live.
I revealed that I live in central europe and that I don't live in germany, you won't get more. I also won't react to a post in my mothertounge. Only english from now on.
I can't deny that.
Do you know if the mysterious thinks that impersonated you was different or was it the same look than you ? ( Same height , same weight skinny perhaps ) Perhaps there were some differents aspects. Also i really want to know what this thing was wearing , is he dressed like yours ? Does at that moment he was with you friends , he wear some clothes that you take usually ?
According to what my friends told me, my lookalike was the same about the same height, same weight, same build. The other "me" wore the same clothes I wore when I was in the woods with S.,B. and V. (black trousers, band-shirt, black army jacket). But now that you mention it: My friends told me there was another strange thing. "I" did not wear the necklace I wore back then and "I" also did not wear my studded belt.
Does this two objects contains some special metal ( Silver , iron , gold ) ?
The studded belt is bade from black leather and steel. The necklace & pendant were made of steel and that other metal which causes your skin to get greenish if you wear it too often.

"I" also refused, when G. wanted to give that huge dagger to "me", which also was strange, because I always was obsessed with his stuff, especially that dagger.
>look into V.'s direktion
kek, you should've stayed in school more
OP your story fucking sucks cock. It's an eyesore to read and your greentext is horrible.
I was writing very fast, using notepad (no auto-correction) also english is not my mother tounge

I am not a "professional greentext writer", this story is actually the first I ever wrote. It is the only one I wanted to share.
OP you are so bad at telling stories I couldn't even get through the first part of your green text. In fact your so bad I quit reading, closed the window, then came back just so I could tell you how awful you are
One more thing, I am online here while getting some stuff done, to answer questions about the content and details of the story, out of kindness. If you find grammer or writing mistakes and you have the unbearable urge to write a post about it, feel free to do so. I won't react to it.
Switzerland ?
>I revealed that I live in central europe and that I don't live in germany, you won't get more. I also won't react to a post in my mothertounge. Only english from now on.
Don't be a fag. The only reason you won't reveal your location is because the story is bullshit.
I simply do not want to because it doesn't matter at all. Believe my story or not. That is not my concern. I wanted to share it for some time and now I did. Make of it whatever you want to.
File: 1303.gif (999 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999 KB, 245x245
>"You were there too."
>"Noo, I wasn't. What are you talking about"
>"Yes, you were"
>"No, I wasn't"
>"You were"
>"I wasn't"
What the weather were like when you were in the forest ? Does this thing avoid human contact ? also does it have eat or drink something during the time when it impersonated you ?
Damn creepy. Kinda makes you wonder about going camping and who are you really bringing back with you :|

Good story, not the worse typing I've seen so don't the A-holes bug ya. Fags are going to be fags.
I guess the weather was quite normal for late summer - clear, maybe a bit cloudy - it started to get autumnal at night. They wouldn't have gone into the woods while windy, or rain pouring.

I never asked about if it avoiding human contact.

They met outside K.'s place - "I" was the last one to arrive and they departet immediately. That was short before dusk around 6pm or 7 pm. It took them about half an hour to get to bigger parts of the woods. They wandered through the forest for about an hour and it took them another ~30 minutes to get back to K.'s place. They didn't mention anyhting about them eating something while "I" was around, I guess they all had eaten lunch at home. But "I" wanted water when asked, what "I" was asked what "I"'d like to drink.

After another 30 to 60 minutes somewhere around 10pm and 11pm "I" left them. I think they said it was sometime past 10pm. That is another thing I also mentioned to my firends when trying to prove that I wasn't with them that day. Simply because I did not have a car back then and had to go by train to get home. The last train would stop shortly after 9pm, if I remember correctly. I would have to call my mom to drive to K.'s village and pick me up - which also did not happen - no call to my mom logged in my phone.
Any idea of the speed of this thing when you first saw it ? Also is there something who happen during the past years( Related to the wood and the strange thing ) ?
We were in advance of it at least ~10-20 meters when running down that forest path, it was definately faster than a human. We all heard, and/or more like sensed its presence on the left behind us in the forest - getting really close - and we started running even faster. If that forest path would have been longer than 50 meters, like 60, 70, or more I guess it would have outrun us by far.

Aside from a little paranoia and watching trekking-mates' behaviour very closely at times nothing like what happened back then.

Maybe it is just my imagination, but I think that this event kind of sharpened my senses. I am/my senses are much more vigilent in general and can sense potentially dangerous situation sooner than most people. Like that ancient instinct - I don't know how to describe it better - which made the adrenaline going rampant inside my body - popped a cork.

We all felt that and talked about it while going to K.'s place. It is similar with V.. He also got more "cautious" after that evening. e.g. During the second trip into the woods he felt that uneasyness very early, the first time nothing until he was deep inside with S.

S. moved away to her mom soon after, so I don't know if she "changed". I heard, that B. became a bit jumpy at times.
Did the girl V,S tell how they first met the creature when they were in the forest ? Did this thing jumped on her coming from nowhere or did they see him from a far lenght ? Also do you know if there is more than one creature in the forest ?
V.(guy) and S.(girl) were in the forest and stopped after V. turned around and advanced towards S. and wanted to kiss her. S. then saw that thing in the distance (behind V.), after a few moments it started to move "kind of awkward" but slowly at first towards them. She pointed at it and screamed, V. said he turned around and saw it starting move faster and running. Both of them immediately stated running. V. shouting and swearing, pretty load. It is like a miracle they didn't stuble and fell in the dense vegetation.

I have no idea, if there is only one creature in those woods and I do not intend to find out. I thought abut it from time to time and we talked about what happened a few times. Since there was something mimicking me and there were noises in the woods, I guess there are more than one.

Maybe the other "me" was just a mass illusion or something, but if it was an illusion, why didn't it or weren't able to make illusions of iron and metal in general (necklace, pendant, studded belt). Maybe it was some kind of biological puppet and there was only that one thing controlling it. Maybe my lookalike was one of those creatures and there are multiple of them.
Dont mind the haters and that was some creepy experience.
I completely understand why would you refuse to say where this paticular spooky incident happened with you which quite left you puzzled especially when that thing tries to impersonate you and luring your friends in the same forest.
Also I forgot to add - we talked about why it took my form/created an illusion of me/created a puppet of me whatever. I used to smoke cigaretts back then which must have had cheap filters or paper or something. Every third or second cig. tobaccoleaf bits ended up in my mouth and I spit those out. So my saliva was on that wood path.
There is one thing i didn't understand how this creature has done to call V back (" "V. remembers that I sounded quite normal on the phone except from being excited as never before and there was strange disturbing/background noise and static when "I" called him back ") He haven't your cellphone so the number of call would be different or was it a private call ? (Which is weird )
Do you know other stories about the town like new people which has been dispearing or acting weird ( Perhaps you are not the only one which has been impersonated ) ?
That puzzled us too. I am sure that this thing is no mindless beast, but highly intelligent and adaptable considering the other "me" used language to communicate and adapted to the social behaviour in the group very fast (joking with them a bit). So it is capeable of learning really fast.

M. (best guy) came up with a weired theory, that maybe controlled me, maybe in my sleep, in a telepathic way for a short time and made me call V. and talk through me. But why was then no entry in my phone, that I called him? I turned him down quick back then, because alone that possibility was giving me the shakes.

Let me think...aside from those two girls who vanished from the village during the decades before I don't know anything. I also don't know if there were other incidents with people beeing impersonated for certain.

Well...there was that strange guy. He was a friend of M. when they were younger. M. once told me that he met him at that hedge once when he did not take the direct way home in the evening (bad mark on a test). Instead he took the way through the fields (close to the woods). He greeted him but his childhoodfriend acted weird, so he left him there and proceeded home.
I have no more questions for now . The story was well writed , thanks for sharing with us .
Thank you. Stay vigilant around woods. ;)
Will try though i am not a very good runner , i will have problem if anything wrong occured . Anyways i forgot to ask the main important thing , does this kind of forest contain a lot of animals ( Like deer ) ? If this is the case i am pretty sure there is a lot of this thing in the woods , if the first accident was reported in XVI century their population has to grown ...
Also i found a creepypasta which is same case as you but different stories :(http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Thing_in_the_Woods )
Do you think it is the same kind of thing ?
Holy shit
This is best fake story that i was reading in my life
Or this really happen
Also bump

Totally fake. Awful writing. 2/10. Didn't even finish it. Fuck you, OP.
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