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My experience in the dark room
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Im from europe, germany - actual 23 years old

On 01.11.2015 i think i had an out of body experience induced through chemicals (Jamaican Gold)

I consumed it the first time with a friend and after some heads we drank some beer. Later i gave myself a really huge portion which i should better not.

The first thing i noticed was that i started to laugh hysterically high pitched and i could not stop. I thought myself, what the fuck men is going on why are you laughing like the biggest pussy on earth and that was the moment people started rotating around me. Like a fucking carousel but me was the focus. It went faster and faster, my view was getting more and more blurred.

AND THEN i found myself in a place i have been never there before in my life. Its hard to explain how it feeled but i think the best way is it to describe like

a dark room with endless ups and downs - only your mind, memory and thoughts

I felted lonelyness and confusion. Never felt so alone in my life like in this situation. At the beginning in this state i even did not know where do i came from, what was my job, who is my family and other base informations about myself. I felt lost, really lost. I tried to figure out how to get out of this thing, ironically i did not think that i was dead or in hell. But i knew this is real, this felt not like a dream it was real for me.

And then suddenly the circle of portals appeared. Pic related

I could move it through my thoughts left/right swing I looked for my right cramped reality. On each "windows" i could feel different emotions and i really got hastily because i was really stressed. I dont know/dont remember what happened then but i kinda woke up in my real world, couldnt move my body, could not think really and needed over 3 hours to stand up from the bed i lied.

My friend told me i was away for 5 minutes - the "visit" in the darkness felt like 30 Minutes or longer

Any smilar experiences especially the point with the dimensions/portals?
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The darkroom - i could kinda feel distances so i knew its endless and im alone
Think you might have approached the true nature of the universe one step. In the end we are all but thoughts and memories dancing in one mind. Thought is fractal, you notice this when you look at everything you could think about, but will always find more once you go deeper into detail.
Your body, life usw. is but one fractal area you focus on for most time of your life. There is a way back to the source and it is the most amazing journey you can take. It is so great, it was worth making the universe for.
I am not allowed to say much more. But if you are interested in going deeper, the easiet way is probably to take LSD a few times and learn to controal and open thoughtloops actively. Once you can start creating endless good feelings by that and stretch time infnitely your mind will evolve fast and unreavel everything to you. Practice meditation and letting go entirely before.
in the military, the dark room is where you go to get punched in the gut repeatedly for something like forgetting to salute your officer until vomit repeatedly.
Other ways instead of LSD?

Have to correct the Date it was the year 2012 not 2015
This sounds just like my previous experiences w/ salvia, just the whole spinning and then kicked out of reality. Although with salvia it's more like you're forced through those different realities one moment at a time, so you have to try and either adapt to a new universe each and every moment of your new existance or you can take it as it is if you can remember too and then sometimes you're allowed through the cracks. I don't know what salvia's availability is like in Germany, but if your able to get the legit stuff, that's what I'd recommend for replicating the experience, cause it lasts such a short time. Lsd fucks with me for months when I take it, especially too often.
It is equally be possible just by meditation and mental control, but i could never have reached my first breakthrough like that.
LSD is a very good way in my opinion, as when you learn to control it, it doesn't do all that much to you by itslef, beides removing walls and limitations of conciousness and raises your awareness to an incredible level. Also i consider it a very safe drug if used responsibly by the right people. "The truth" i consider way more dangerous, no matter which way you might find to reach it. The higher planes will mess with your mind in a very profound way. You can experience more intense sensations in few seconds than the entire rest of your life added makes up. It is very easy to obsess over these things and lose touch with this life and reality for good - though i might even consider that worth it.
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dark_retreat --.png
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You can take Salvia but Acid fucks you up hard? Interesting. ^^ I mean, i like Salvia, was actually the first psychoactive substance i ever consumed and gave me some great experiences, but i consider it very confusing, as for me it really lacks clarity. It just does with me what it wants and it can be a good experience or be just utterly weird and confusing and fuck your mind hard. After LSD i always just get a strong feeling of clarity. Also in my opinion it's easier to use the experience way more as it mostly allows my conciousnous to stay in control even on high dosis.
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how to take the salvia correct?
>not allowed
Why don't you just say you don't know?
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