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I saw a thread on here earlier, what exactly...
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I saw a thread on here earlier, what exactly is a tulpa?
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It's a monster that becomes real if enough people believe that it's real. There's a bunch of complicated stuff, but I'll get right to it.
If a hundred people watch Paranormal Activity and believe it and think deeply about it while looking at the symbol in pic related, the shit in Paranormal Activity will become real.
The incarnated form of the dumb shit in those movies is called a Tulpa. (Sorry for the shit explanation, kiddo
A halucination brought on by self inflicted mental damage.
I guess its something people imagine because they really really want it to be real?
Like an imaginary friend?
That's what I'm drawing from this info, anyway. Thanks guys
An obscure concept found in Tibetan Buddhism completely misinterpreted and blown out of proportion by charlatans like Lobsang Rampa, that view Eastern spiritual practices like some sort of technology.
So it's a spiritual thing?
Its an entity that resides in you're head, a separate you, that can feed you its thoughts.
Of course, there has been no research on this, so I don't really understand it but i know pretty much all mystical texts have a basis in reality and from my experience I believe that by thinkiing upon it deeply enough you will sever a part of your brain and give it some kind of instructions and it will follow them, and continue on after that.
This is in the mind. Anyone who thinks that a Tulpa is a physical entity has completley misinterpreted what the texts say.
That doesn't make it any less paranormal though, its still unsettling to this day for me to know that my thoughts may not have come from me.
That's a very interesting idea, actually

Yes. I'm no expert on Dzogchen and Bon, but i seriously fuckin' doubt you can create a Tulpa after learning from 4chan image macros. I doubt anyone below the level of Buddha himself has the ability, if the whole thing isn't a metaphor, like most things in Tantric traditions are.

That's why Tulpa threads here are hilarious.
Well I might aswell give the millionth warning on this tulpa stuff (same poster btw)
No one knows for sure why ANY of this "magick" stuff changes peoples/lives.
So, like any good magician, before attempting ANYTHING you read in a book, or online, you should seriously have a good grip on YOUR self, your true self. You should know how you think, and what you think, or else something might change on control you, even something you created in your head, your "imaginary" friend.
Seriously, if you tell this "tulpa" to tell you about reality in its entirety (Thats what I did) and you start getting all these thoughts out of nowhere, like revelations, you won't know if you are fooling yourself, spiritual epiphany, delusional or worse, losing yourself.
It does something. Just be careful.
Now I'm all the more intrigued. So it DOES do things?
YEAH but I haven't met anyone else whose attempted it so i have nothing to compare to.
It can think for you, or, it just thinks on its own and shares thoughts with you. I assume, if it is real, it could also take control of your body, but at that point you wouldn't notice and just think it was yourself.
I say it does things because shortly after I "summoned" it into my mind, well, its not like I knew at that moment that it had done anything, and given it my intent to know reality, I was overwhelmed with visions in my dreams, in waking life, and thoughts that I could not explain without saying to myself "Its just all the books you have read, going through your subconcious and manifesting as thoughts".
I was doing alot of drugs during this time, so the memory of me summoning it into my mind, the fact I tried to do it faded from memory.
But I still have this feeling that something is giving me thoughts, like it does all the thinking and hands me the final thought.
Thats not to say I don't think, I know I think, but some of the ideas I get I haven't thought about before but suddenly know all its aspects crystal clear, which simply doesn't happen normally.
If you want instruction on how to do this, I'll be happy to explain, without all the bullshit everyone else will tell you.
Alright, you have my interest
Start by meditating in a dark room, just to get your mind focused, really anything that helps you focus your mind is ok, just as long as your mind is cleared from all distraction.
Now, simply focus upon what you want the tulpa to think about/do. Then, you must think of a separation in your mind, whilst having this other thought (your intentions) still recognizable in your mind. It is almost like the string of conciousness in your mind will be folding if that makes sense, you will know if you did "it", if anything has been done at all.
Then you wait and see, if it works there is really no way to control it beyond keeping it from taking control of you beyond what intentions you give it and what you yourself are exposed to/what your memories are and etc.
Good luck with it, you have to really know how to think to be able to do this.
It's a silly forced /x/ meme, along with skinwalkers.
>doesn't consider a rational explanation for ancient mans mystical ramblings
Lurk moar
You should read the creepy pasta
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