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The House on St.Charles Sreet
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hey /x/,
i went through the most traumatic ghost experience of my life.
it involves blood,and my old childhood house that "was destroyed in '99".
have i gotten your attention?
because if i did i'll tell you about
The House on St.Charles Sreet
I'll take attention whore for 100, Alex.
I don't think I'm ready for that.
Tell me about the less traumatic ghost experiences you've had.
Have you ever sucked ghost cock? If so, did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
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Remember CabinMemories?
When i read that i said lol that could never happen and went back to doing my thing when i came across my old SNES.
"Oh Fuck Yes!" i exclaimed as i pulled it out of its box and thought about the good times i had playing Super Mario RPG in my room in my childhood home.
We moved out of the house on some unrelated incident and i felt real sad when i left.As i was thinking of all of the good times there,i remembered something weird.It was the outside of my house,and all the windows were open.
I thought "Why the hell am i remembering this" and shoved it away,not thinking about it.It stayed at the back of my head for quite some time,so at dinner i asked "Hey,Dad.Remember our old house?" "Which one?" he says,considering we have moved alot.I say "1990-98" and he stops.he says "Y-yes,I remember you were raised there" and stopped.
I asked for more and he didn't comply.I was forced to bed that night.
Still interested?
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"What were the names of the Columbine Shooters?"
well,my grandpa haunted our house (99-2005)
until we got the house blessed.
sorry,i'm ghost straight
go ahead
20 mins to post fragment of a story, FU pretype and get to the point already, eh? obv some fags are here waiting to hear your what i assume is write as you go creepypasta.
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Fuck it,i'll continue.
So i went to sleep.i woke up.It was normal.I try'd to figure out why i thought "Why would this memory of my house at night with all the windows open stick out?"
Then i remembered something.
I was play SMRPG when i remembered something about that image.
so,picture a 2-story house,at night,with all the windows open.Then imagine a boy,about 7-8,walks up to the window and closes it.Then,a light comes from the room,and in the window you see the reflection of SMRPG.That's all i remembered.At this point,i try'd to remember more,but i couldn't remember more
More Anon's?
we're here but we won't be here forever
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I'm goin'
So at this point,i'm intrigued.I'm going Sherlock Holmes on my memories,searching them like the Police a drug dealers home.I decide to get some help,not from my parents,but from my lil bro.I tell him about what i remember and he tell's me about a night mare he had about that house where he was killed.I asked him about the details,but he said he couldn't remember the details.I say "Fuck it" and go on with my day as i felt as if i had no leads and got no where.That night i was going to sleep when i heard quiet sobbing in my parents room.Being the worry willie i am,i walk by their room.I hear my dad say "First he ask's about the house,now he ask's Lil' bro about his nightmares.We gotta keep it a secret MomAnon" I head back to my room,the flame of interest re-ignited,as my parents were trying to hide something about my childhood home.
4chan: Where to go when even the Creepypasta Wiki turns you down.
Why would you walk away at that point instead of staying around to eavesdrop more?
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I ask my brother once more the next morning,and he finally spills after me nagging him (And offering him a new phone) he tells me his nightmare
>Shot of house from outside,at night,with windows open
>instead of me,it's him who walk's to the window and closes it
>he starts to watch TV as shown by reflection
>The window slowly opens
It's at this point my memories flood in
>He walks over to close it again,when he turns around
>The window closes,the TV shuts off
>the TV turns back on,blood on the window
>slowly pan towards front door
>it flies open
>doesn't remember anything after that
When he told me that,i remembered my dream was the same thing except with me.I tell him and he shrugs it off with some gay reason,and makes me leave.
Did you run out of Rugrats images?
I'm listening for what it's worth. I just hope it isn't bullshit.
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>tfw i try to tell a spooky story and i get instant hate
Because my dad had stopped talking and i heard him start snoring when i got to my bed
After my bro had told me about his nightmare,i was fucking spooked outta my mind.I didn't have any doubt in my mind that this was paranormal.I had also grown some balls at this point and decided to ask my dad again.
I told him about the dream and how me and my brother had the same dream.He told me we probably had watched some scary movie and that caused the nightmare.I knew this was bullshit and told him exactly.He told me to go to my room.My mom comes in soon and tells me not to bring it up around my dad.All she tells me is that he was never the same.
keep it comin anon
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No,as shown
It ain't fake,bro.
I ask her how he wasn't and why.She mutters "Jack" under her breath and walks out.I Try'd to figure out what that meant.
It then hit me.
Uncle Jack
Jack was killed on "Unrelated circumstances"
I went to sleep.Thats when the nightmares started.It was me,sleeping,when a gloved hand
holding a knife slits my throat,cuts of my shirt,and draws a line down my body.It stops right there every time.I always wake up screaming.Rinse and get spooked.I hadn't gotten a new lead in over a week.Then we're all crowded into the car because family trip to New York to Aunt's.As we're trying to find her house,i look at a sign and memories of me and my friends flood in.
"St.Charles Street"
"Mom,our old house is down this road! Let's go visit!" i exclaim because i need lead man.
"I-it was destroyed in 1999"
We get to Aunt's house,and im ready to ask her about Uncle Jack
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Hmm, go on...
I sure will my mane
I walk in,we get settled for the 4 day stay.We're all together for the whole day when i finally get the chance to talk to my Aunt.
>"Hey Aunt?"
>"H-how did Uncle Jack die?"
>"Aunt Anon,if you don't want to tal-"
>"He killed himself"
>We hear MomAnon yell "Dinner!" from downstairs
>eat mac 'n' cheese
My Aunt never wanted to be alone with me anymore after that,but that night i had another nightmare as always.But it was different.
>My childhood room door
>it slowly opens
>a man stands in the door way,only detail on him is a mask with blue and yellow stripes.
That's all for the whole dream,i wake up screaming again. Those 4 days passed quickly.
When we were leaving,my Aunt looked worried as we left,as i was watching her stand on the lawn as we pulled away.
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As you wish
2 days pass.We get a call.
Convo between DadAnon and UncleAnon
>"Ahh! Uncle Anon! How have you been?"
>"AuntAnon died"
>"...Mom died?"
"Yes....it was a murder"
>"You don't think its happening again,don't you?"
That was all i heard as i was rushed out of my house for school.I told everybody about what i asked and what she said.
I wasn't invited to the funeral.
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Yon 3.png
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O-oh my
You have my attention, continue.
As Wished
At this point,i had told my friends my findings.All of them being plebs meant they wouldn't believe.School was fine until i looked out the window during lunch and saw a shadow move into the shade down the street,got spooked as hell.School ended and I'm walking home because my car broke down and was still at the shop.This is where i blacked out.i woke up on my lawn with cuts down my arm.This is when i started to get "Jack sightings"
ITT: One person responding to himself to tell a pathetically bad creepypasta.
This entire thread would be more believable if the grammar wasn't so laughable.
Did SlimeBeast write this?
Down in front, how are we gonna archive this masterpiece if he stops half way through?
Keep it goin!
Even as far as crappypasta goes this shit ain't funny.
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This gets worse,in my opinion
Thank you sir,i shall continue
He would appear randomly,like down the street and on a school bus.Crap like that.My Spook meter was as high as the sky,i slept with 3 night lights now.I decide to try and end this.By going home.i get 2 friends,we pack up and head to NY.Using MomAnon's van we get to the Hotel and we unpack.We then get a bite and head to my house.I thought this was useless because it was torn down, right?
Still Standing
Sitting on St.Charles Street like nobody's business.We decide to go inside.We grab a few flashlights and head inside.we split up,Bro 1 Goes into basement,Bro 2 on main floor,and i go upstairs.I walk upstairs,and i head straight to my room.It was empty,but i opened the closet door and my mind went blank.
Then a scream.
I run downstairs and see Bro 2 and Bro 1 run up from the basement.So i start running.We run like hell,someone was chasing us as well.We're about 7 feet from the door.
Bro 1 trips.
Bro 2 looks back and screams.
idgaf,I keep running to MomAnon's van and start it up Bro 2 runs in and yells at me to floor it.I obey and we head back to the Hotel.We have dinner in silence.
Bro 1's body was found.it was made to look like a suicide.
Bro 1 will be missed.
So when does your dad walk the dinosaur?
There could always be a nugget of corn somewhere in the shit pile, David. You give up too quickly.
Well you dont seem to be really be sad or guilty about one of your friends dying. And how did you casually just go in your old house knowing that it is probably occupied by new people?

Continue anyway.
They're Bro-1 and Bro-2, duh. First one died, but he had a backup. End up conspiracy. Jeez.
Op are you done? I want a better climax...
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I ain't even made,people are entitled to their opinions.
I can't take it anymore.
The Deaths.
The Jack sightings.
I try to hang myself.
I failed,though.
Someone cut the rope.
Not MomAnon,she found me passed out on the floor with the rope cut.
Taken to the hospital,i'm treated.
It's here i tell my mom everything.She starts crying.She then blabs and tells me my Uncle Jack try'd to murder us.
It all makes so much sense.She told me he snuck into our house using a spare key wearing all black except for the mask.
He was wearing a mask with Blue and Yellow
I eventually get out of the hospital.That's when
we got the news OtherUncleAnon was murdered.
A week later,MomAnon's Dad dies,Murder.
We move state.
2 Weeks after move,5 of DadAnon's new coworkers were murdered.
We move state again.
I get a job.Start saving up.
Another Murder.
Start earning more.
2 more murders.
I have enough to move into an apartment.
Move to NYC.
Work as an executive in a company now,make enough money to support myself.
drive to my childhood house.
light a match.
throw it at the building.
watch my nightmares burn.
drive 5 hour drive home.
Go to sleep.
No Nightmares anymore.
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He never does.
Don't know if you like my Ending.
That's the story of The House on St.Charles Street
I'm happy now,for the first time in a while.
I Wrote this while watching The Splat
>inb4 advertising for Nickelodeon
I love Hey Arnold and Rugrats,Okay?
Thanks for reading '.If anybody has any stories i'd love to hear 'em
Nobody lived there.It was abandoned
>Work as an executive in a company now
Yet somehow, I still don't have a grasp on concepts such as "grammar" or "a narrative".
I'm sorry, sir.
I never did have the best English grades.
I'm surprised i even got to where i'm at now.
I bid farewell,to this thread.
Thanks to those who read it all.
Sorry to those who now have headaches because of my bad grammar.
I'm glad i got this off my chest.
Why didn't you call the police or witness protection? How is he haunting your dreams when hes alive and killing people? Most beings in the spirit realm don't have enough spiritul energy to do physical harm let alone murder.
So you pretty much committed arson and potentially murdered your murder uncle?
Eh, I would've liked your dad ending up being your uncle and murdering you instead...
Don't get all defensive and butthurt.
Write multiple drafts, proofread and get feedback from people you trust before you show your work the public, even if it's anonymously.
fake as hell
This thread just screams mental illness. No sane person would tell a story this bad with shitty vague details and shit-dick grammar. OP was probably molested by his uncle in his childhood home and his memory was distorted by it so he could cope, so he came up with this story where he's watching his uncle harm other people from the outside. Face your problems OP, get help.
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