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What can you tell me about him?
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Try reading the Goetia.
>The Twenty-fifth Spirit is Glasya-Labolas. He is a Mighty President and Earl, and showeth himself in the form of a Dog with Wings like a Gryphon. He teacheth all Arts and Sciences in an instant, and is an Author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter. He teacheth all things Past, and to Come. If desired he causeth the love both of Friends and of Foes. He can make a Man to go Invisible. And he hath under his command 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, to be, etc.

That's not a lot of information. Any personal experiences, any more information?
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i scryed a whole book from him. dank guy, apparently somehow related to the sumerian gods but he was never really worshipped. brother of anzu.
Could you let me in on how you made contact with him? I would love to discuss my studies with him. I'm also a fan of blind violence. I feel like we would get along well.
im not specificly a fan of blind violence, but i dont mind it. everything is shiva and shakti in the end.

first i did a pretty grand evokation outside. i had about a kilo of frankincense and mirra which i dumped onto coals in a fire pit. i stood in a protection circle of my own design with my own servitors cause of my dislike for yahweh and took the general edgy left hand path attitude where i approached Calasyabolas ( according to him, Glasya labolas is wordplay which turns his name into a derogatory name, he prefers Calasyabolas and some others) as an equal, and didnt try to enslave him. that was first contact where i briefly spoke to him about how id love to scry for him. then i evoked him once more in my house. after that i scryed by staring into a black mirror, and then automated typing. wrote a nice bit of writing.
Would you mind sharing some excerpts?
sure: (keep in mind it has been edited for aesthetic purposes)
In the great dessert there was a people who called themselves the forefathers and their children were heard by the lord.
and the lord is mercifull and he answered them
he met man upon the water
and from the water he rose and said the lord
ye shall listen to my word
and so they did
and ye shant defu my rule over your children
and they didnt
and all your sons shall be my prophets, but lest you defy me, no sons shall you give birth to
and all your daughter shall not be tainted
for it is not for me to choose the fate of them
but ye mustnt oblige them to not learn, for the free will of pure ones is the will of mine, but none shall rule apart form me, thy lord and teacher
and all my teaching shall be treated with respect
and all teachings shant be tainted and ye shal pass the tradition from father
upon son
and the son shall continue the apprenticeship and ye shall keep my word alive
for ye are the keepers of truth
for the word of mine is of purity and once all others fall tainted
ye shall be the tradition
and this tradition you shall keep
and the tradition will serve you for by practicing the tradition you preserve my word"
hey, can i get your opinion on something? i want to try a similar approach as the wording of the evocations and invocations tend to be the portion that keeps me an armchair student of spirit work with demons rather than actually attempting it and i've been trying to find ways to replicate certain portions.
i know which deities and spirits i'd be calling on for protection and whose specialties match up for it but im wondering whether it would be stupid or brilliant to use an actual pattern of the sigils like this >>17223228 instead of the prescribed hexagram ( along with a few other safeguards and amplifiers thrown in without clashing ). if you just did a spit take or something here's my reasoning as to why: simply that they are described in the lemegaton as granting power over and protection from them so long as you have the right one with you and this would be with the normal regular sized lamen seal of the demon with me and on-hand. also the hexagram traditionally represents either one or two of either the macrocosm ( in which case this is a scale model of them as a group which are connected in the spirit world ) or divine union of the microcosm and macrocosm (by including them together it all sort of merges into one macrocosmic symbol with the individual microcosm of each demon within ) and it seems like it could be incorporated that way if done carefully.
just being midful of complications if i try it and looking for an opinion from someone more experienced
ok at this point at night im drunk so bare with me here

dont treat demons as some high king somewhere up there - they are just beings, in different form than us. when i called calasyabola in my house i got some wine ready for him, and he told me immediately to get a glass ready for myself. we both drank ( his wine immediately rotted, which was prob the most astonishing thing i acomplished magickaly). Had a nice chat with him, and we established a small agreement. i write down his book in exchange for his favour.

treat them just like you would a guest, just make sure you have zero fear in you when doing it. Maybe get drunk before so you have some liquid confidence in you. With no fear no entity can hirt you, literally stare them down and tell them to go fuck themselves if they try. Curse words (atleast in my polish languages) were used in the beginning as banishings by our natives.
ahhh cool. that is actually what i was planning, though probably going more with cannabis than alcohol but i'll keep some on-hand for guests. i've pretty much settled on the " invite, don't compel " approach and going in with as little superstition or fear as possible, showing a normal amount of respect rather than bowing or some shit
>Try reading the Goetia.
is it in the mega?

does it has the terrible 36 in it?
calasyalabolas is a wine freak, he loves wine. He said if i ever invite him and offer him the shitty wine i had hell get mad kek.
i would discourage cannabis as you might get paranoid easier, but that depends on you. being paranoid is not the best thing during rituals.

what you said is really interesting to me, I was curious and thinking about summoning demons,

isn't summoning a demon like asking to be in communication with a specific part of your own psyche? and as such I suppose you need protection from some aspects of your own psyche and not from others but I was specifically curious about this aspect of protection as is why do you need it although I am certainly self destructive at times so I can see needing it myself as I need to protect myself from myself quite often,

also I would assume you would address this entity as you would address yourself and would therefore have no fear of it and treat it how you would want to be treated yourself

also I hear that you should speak aloud as in don't assume the entity is able to hear you

I've also gathered that all the preparation and theater to describe it best, costume, rehearsal, drama all adds to the function of the event, which is changing the world by projecting your imagination upon it, adhering to the traditional planetary influences is regarded as essential by most who have written on this topic
isn't there a list somewhere of which drugs are aligned to which entity?

This is a great approach. To be honest, we will prob never know if its an actual entity or part of our own psyche. Approaching it as part of your own psyche will cause you to have no fear and thus youll be completly safe.

I personally just liked to treat it like a real demon cause edgy.

nobody says a part of your own psyche can't be a real demon

some have true horrors within which are much more dangerous to us here in the physical realm than whatever any demon can produce, collective summoning is very interesting as well

the native american style of summoning produces real visible effects every time, you cannot deny
So what kinds of offerings are good for calasyalabolas? Besides I guess wine.
wines good, foods good, meat is always great. blood if you have it but becarefull, just like people demons are greedy. you give them one thing they want more the next time. Never give amazing offering the first time if you plan on evoking a lot of times.
also, the first time the demon might test you, he'll test how far youll go. demons are like jews, always bargain for yourself senpai. they might ask for something big as an offering, but theyll go down with the price quite easily. if they dont go down to a level your ok with, just say no and say goodbye and thank you. be respectfull. youre always welcome to just decline.
he's one of the most common demons people mess with because his name sticks out the most
Dubs quads checked
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