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Hey /x/

I've been having a lot of dreams lately that seem to fit the mold for a succubi visit. I don't want to describe them in gory detail, but things that definitely involve sex with a demon, disturbing transformations, and me dying in the dream. And I say lately, but I can remember dreams like this going back a few years, they were just more rare.

I wanted to see if other people have had experiences with this kind of thing and what wound up happening. I'm not currently feeling any ill effects physically, or emotionally that I could say are really different from how I am normally.

Anyone else been through this? Did something happen concurrently in life that made you think there was a reason for it? Its been difficult for me to understand because the dreams usually involve me losing control of myself or dying and I haven't been able to focus in on it when it happens.

This is not a thread for fetish material.

Succubi are a common myth, however the truth is they do not exist.

What DOES exist are wizards and magi that are capable of implanting thoughts.

There are also Extra Dimensional beings which can do this, using technology and telepathy.

Be careful who you speak to.
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You are seeking release.
You're lonely and you want to reach out to somebody, anybody, so that you can feel fulfilled and special.

I know what you're going through, I had a spirit lover before, but Lilith doesn't appear to somebody who will see her as a tool, none of these entities do. They get you by the balls, and then you have no way out.

I'm sure 99% of all married guys only did it because the physical succubus was better than the one created in their own mind, from fears and misjudgement, and insecurity.

Lilith left Adam because he was too much of a beta to let her be on top. In otherwords, if you think that ANY woman is made for you, then you have another thing coming. And coming, and coming, and then you'll realize that you're sitting in a basement covered in excretions with nothing gained and so much lost.
Is there more information on this?

Uh... I'm not quite sure how to respond to that. I am married, and I don't feel particularly lonely. I also don't have a basement (in fact because of the very high water table here no one has basements).
sounds to me like you have a deathly fear of intimacy and female sexuality. like you are afraid that falling for a girl will control you and eventually kill you.

don't know whether it's due to inexperience or bad past experiences but you might want to consider my third-rate dream interpretation if it sounds at all relevant.
Happily married actually, though I do agree that the succubus as portrayed in popular culture is an example of that fear.

I've talked to my wife about it but she doesn't seem bothered. She very rarely remembers her dreams, though. I frequently do.
How do you react to these things in the dream? Are you appropriately horrified or are you having a good time until you end up dead?

Its usually consensual, even with the foreknowledge of death.
What's the nature of succubi? Are they demons, elementals, human soul or what?
Appearing as demons or partially demons. How could I know, though?
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but moooooooom.jpg
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Ebola Chan 4U.jpg
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I saw this on another board and it reminded me of how people had /fapped to Ebola Chan and thought it was harmless fun. I even remember seeing people making altars and doing all sorts of strange things.

I have sleep apnea and my sleep is horrible. I have a CPAP mask I have to wear and it is hard to keep that on because sometimes I get panic attacks wearing it.

So my sleep is terrible to begin with. So I don't know if it is sleep related but I often see things that are terrifying and I can't move as an entity crawls on my chest and chokes me and laughs at me. It is the most terrifying experience and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

So you might want to look into seeing do you have sleep apnea or some other sleep problem that might be bringing these dreams.

hypoxia causes brain damage unless you have nootropics
If you are married, then wifey can be a medium, just wait till she is "unholy" if you know my meaning, and eat figs. Lilith loves figs.
Fuck off
few months i had a sex dream with a very scary looking woman ! disfigured body like if someone dropped her body in a fucking shredder ! i was very scared but horny for some reason
we started fucking and as i looked behind her there where two demonic looking guys just looking !
i woke up scared drained and confused as fuck
i dont post on 4chan that much but i thought i should share this
i didnt have that dream again or something similar ...thankfully


>Lilith left Adam because he was too much of a beta

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Well it's true. She didn't want to follow God's rules because she felt that she was already doing that by following her instincts.

"Beastly people follow their instincts" the Proto-biblical scholars said (before camels) and then the people after camels had become disconnected with the actual story where Adam grew up and had the wife of cruel nature, and the obedient slave wife.

But when people who had lots of wifes ,and an obligation to fuck once a week, and a cultlike society where it's impossible to be holy. Guilt finds a way to turn righteous man into a beast.

In otherwords, Lilith is a mother earth Figure. A semitic(not hebrew exclusively) version of the spine/snake/energy concept of Shakti. She's the mother of all beasts, and not in inbred beta-line. She's my mom, and the mom of everything that has a spine and tail. Or all the biblical monsters that scared early mankind. Perhaps gigantic crimson bulls or something.
The sad part about all these myths, is that you need to understand the authors' lives to get their gods, not hailing the scribes themselves as omnipotent.
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Guilt from porn. You see women as a piece of meat and you surround yourself with others who do too.

It unsettles you, not because you are scared of succubus, but because you fear that women are out to consume you like you callously consume them with a few clicks and a wet dick.
sleep paralysis
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