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.. and others try to guess the movie.

>be around 30
>ima grill btw
>driving to school with son in car talking shit
>not even listening to the annoying little prick
>cars all stop, start honking at something ahead
>people start getting out of cars to be faggots
>starts honking
>asks son if he can see anything

He looks at me and says... "Someone's been killed mom, a persons been knocked off their bike". "How do you know this?", I ask. He replies.... "Because they're standing by the window"

>mfw there was nobody there
Sixth Sense?
The Forgotten?
Sixth sense
Sixth Sense.
Too easy.
>be 40 year old bachelor
>on the prowl for euro-puss for vacation
>take skank to county fair
>get bit by some dumbass dog
>never score
>having crazy dreams days later of blood and shit
>keep waking up with blood on me
>find out about gay ass euro dog curse
>gotta go out and beat this dumb ass dog
>fall asleep again and probably sleepwalked
>people hitting me, loud noises, growling
>damn son
>i'm dead, but hey that's life
>never scored
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Got it, here try this one

>be around 19
>im grill fyi
>meets guy, kinda sleezy
>ends up fucking him in car
>laying there afterwards airing it out
>the guy fuckin lunges at me, puts something on my face
>pass out, fuckin wakes up tied to chair
>he tells me some crazy shit about a ghost or some shit
>tells me i gotta fuck someone
>naked scary woman appears
>pisses myself in the chair
>wheels me ouuta there still tied to chair
>drives me home, drops me off half naked
>mfw he didn't call
Bloody... er..! An American Werewolf in London!!!??
No no shit it can't be... bump
(sh)It Follows.
>be computer guy
>have friend
>he becomes a vampire
>hang out with them
>they think I'm cool
>agree not to eat me
>go to vampire party
>troubles arise
>run away
>run into werewolf guys
>full moon
>chaos ensues
>get ripped apart
>paramedics try to help
>I take off into the night
>werewolf now
>still friends with vampires
>be artist
>storm knocks out power and damages house
>Go to supermarket with my son to get supplies
>a random white mist appears outside
>Guy runs inside saying there are things in the mist
>lose power in supermarket
>Go to back warehouse and find generator
>exhaust is plugged on it so can't run
>teen kid wants to go outside and unplug it
>open warehouse door and scary huge tentacle comes through and kills teen kid
>manage to kill part of another tentacle and close door
>Tell people but they don't believe
of course ;)
Be Jack Nicholson

too easy
The shining.

lmfao. That's all you had to say. Brilliant.
>Be part of a three man ad designer team
>Big assignment, no inspiration
>Go camping to find some
>Retard friend disappears with my girl
>What the fuck is happening
>Can't see
>Clean my lenses
>Push other friend's eyes in
>be john malkovich
>Malkovich? Malkovich malkovich, malkovich.
What we do in the shadows
>Ima psychologist grill
>There's this almost naked psycho telling us that he has to gather some data
>Says he's from the future and that there will be an apocalypse
>Nobody believes him, he seems to like me
>I tell him that his mind made it up
>He runs away from our institution
>Time goes by, I am giving a lecture about my book to some plebs
>Future guy kidnaps me out of nowwhere
>When I start to believe that he's from the future, he starts to think that I was right about his mind making it up
>Now I'm trying to convince him that he was right earlier
>He chases some people
>People are chasing us now, he disappears.
>We went to the airport after he appeared again
>He died looking at himself as a kid
>Be a Jew
>Have this orthodoxic father who's rabbi
>Be interested in numerology and hebraic
>Meet this strange mathematician few times in a bar
>Invite him to our place for information exchanging
>He knows the numbers every Jew in da hood is after
>He doesn't remember them
>He wouldn't give the numbers in the end
>Find out that a secret organisation is after him, too
If you can't guess it, I will give you a hint on that number later.
>Be a girl at around 10 yrs old
>Be a medium, can see things and such
>Take part in a TV program about medium kids
>I'm the best of them, I can even make things appear out of nowwhere
>There's that fat guy asking me and my parents questions later in my house
>Another guy visits me to talk about worms
>A woman kidnaps me and feeds me embryos
>I die
Nicely done!
12 Monkeys
Yeah. ^^
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good one mate
You got it, too.
Fook year, friendo. You got it.
The Ring?
>be 20 something guy
>hang out with a weird shut-in musician
>get paid exorbitant amounts to be his gofer
>selling his music on the side
>asks me to get him a wooden bullet for an art project
>meet his wife and sister in law
>sister is totally into me
>hanging out at his place after the club
>sister stays up with me
>kills me
>Be 30
> I'm a gender fluid plant kin btw
>kid takes a bite out of some vegetables
>punch him in the face for eating one of my cousins and explain why has a carnivore
>can't even look at him anymore without being disgusted by the act of cannibalism
>sell him on ebay
>Blonde hair blue eyes Aryann child
>mtf win raking in the dough and now friends with benefits with a couple of bee-kin
Guy drills a hole in his head, right?
Only Lovers Left Alive!
Nicely done.
Yeah, you are right. ^^
Ok guys. Now it's time for the hardmode.
>Be the guy behind the screens of city cameras >watch them to see if there aren't any accidents and/or crimes
>Be pretty stupid
>Have a coworker
>One day he's kind of different, but I am too stupid to realise
>He gives me power to erase anything from this world just by saying its word
>I say 'No cars', and all the cars are gone. I say 'No legs', and people are levitating without legs.
>When everything is gone, I erase myself in the same way.
Would watch the shit out of that movie
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Thread images: 3
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