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I've had such strange dreams /x/. Ever...
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I've had such strange dreams /x/. Ever since I was little. Such strange dreams. I never dreamed about flying or falling or anything in my normal life. People tell me my dreams are so strange.

>be me, age 8
>dream that I'm in a treehouse in the middle of a great glade
>sitting at the edge of my treehouse, staring down into the gray water
>start fishing
>get a bite
>start reeling it in
>hear a low moaning sound, like some horrible whale
>suddenly see something on the end of my line
>a great, evil thing from the deep
>a face like the skull of a cyclopean eel with a mane of shaggy gray hair
>the moaning gets louder as the thing nears the surface, shaking the earth
>I cut the line and stare into its empty, black eyes as it sinks back into the depths and fades away
>wake up

Will share more if interested. Also, general dreams thread.
I had a dream I was driving a fuck huge monster truck with my two brothers in the dead of night. I don't remember if we crashed though.
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Sounds pretty interesting, I'd like to hear more
>Be me, 17 at the time
> Have a dream, with everyone I'm close too or people i assume i am close to
>Everyone is telling me ridiculous things like, "Anon look! The sky is red!"
>Don't really buy it, start to think I'm dreaming
>My sister's boyfriend comes up to me, "Anon look a UFO!"
>Say "Okay this is a dream isn't it?"
>everyone stares at me deadpan
>Sisters Bf: "Oh no, I didn't mean to"
>Everyone else stares at him, saying slurs and calling him an idiot
>"He was believing it! Look at what you did"
>They all gather around him, i hear muffled screams and a clear beating
>The crowd disperses, BF is nearly dead, mangled lying on the ground. "I'll do better next time, please don't"
> Best friend throws a pretty big rock on his face
>Wake up
Scared me shitless, I honestly thought something /x/ had infiltrated my dream and was trying to make me insane or something
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>>Say "Okay this is a dream isn't it?"
>>everyone stares at me deadpan

This is because during your dreams you are being manipulated by other-wordly entities and the Illuminati.

They try to make absolutely sure that you do not become aware that you are dreaming.

If you, by chance, do become aware they will almost always become immediately silent, akwardly stare at you, or try to immediately change the subject.

Try to become aware of your dreams, but do not take control of them.

Be wary traveler, they are watching you now.
How do you post in every thread man, or today at least.
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I don't post in every thread, I only post in threads which are of interest to me.

Perhaps we share the same interests.
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Suppose that's true then

>age 12
>in a white void with childhood friends and a few cartoon characters
>I ask if we can play together
>they all say we can, but this will be the last time
>many streams of technicolor liquid appear and we surf on them
>flying through the void on these beautifully colored fountains
>the freest and most joyful experience I've ever had
>suddenly, everyone screaming
>"goodbye anon."
>I slip away from the rest into the shadows
>so quiet, so cold
>I wake up, knowing that my childhood is over
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I had a dream about a woman getting fucked in the throat by a dick and a cactus. The combined scratching sounds of the cactus spines against her throat and her blood curdling scream made me shudder awake.

The rest of the dream was weird too, but fuck if I could remember exactly why after that.
Actually, it's a well documented phenomena. In dreams, your subconscious tries to keep you dreaming normally because it's how your brain cleans out excess thought data. If you go lucid mid dream, your projections can freeze, because your in control, but haven't taken control yet. From there, you become stressed by the sudden stillness. If you let the stress take over, your projections can become hostile, reacting to the stress and forming a nightmare.
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What you have been told is false.

You feed on lies of the Archon.
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A friend of mine often had similar experiences while we were learning how to lucid dream. Eventually, we learned that if you become lucid in a dream, everything freezes until you issue commands, if you let yourself get stressed by it though, they can all become hostile, feeding off your anxiety
>age 14
>in my dream, I'm on a long, straight road in a dusty waste
>the sky is red with black clouds
>before me is a great staircase built out of human bodies
>they're bodies are mangled and twisted in unnatural shapes, covered in blood
>a voice that is mine and yet not mine, coming from with in me, and the bodies and the sky and the earth speaks to me
>the voice of God tells me "anon, humans are born with wings, though you have all forgotten them. Those who came before you are stepping stones for your ascent."
>I suddenly recognize my parents I. The stair steps, and their parents and theirs. I can see all of my ancestors stretching back to antiquity as the stairs reach into heaven.
>"Anon, you must step over them to fly."
>I begin my climb
>"In your lives, all humans have the chance to fly."
>I reach the top of the stairs, high above the clouds
>"you must choose. Choose to take flight and be free, or fall and become a stepping stone for those who will come after you"
>I look down over the edge, spread my arms, and step out into the air
>I wake up.
Bump for interest
Anon this is anime af
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Yeah I can hardly believe it either

I read that as "dream that I'm a treehouse".

That was the strangest part to me. I was ready to just call you insane.

But yeah, no, if you're consistently dreaming about strange creatures and that's the strangest parts of your dreams, you're possibly an astral projectionist.

I say "possibly" because it depends on whether or not it's an actual thing. I'm still on the fence about it. It explains a lot. And, I've been in a similar situation as you for my entire life.

Let me ask you a question. In your dreams, have you ever looked out a window and seen a massive king cobra? This snake would be large enough to fill a good percentage of the window with it's hood open. It's a gold color, like actually shiny. It has orange and/or purple stripes. When you look at it through the window, it will smile. A few moments later, there will be a blinding flash of light. Once you're able to see again, it will be gone. If there was anyone else in the room, they'll be made of stone now.

I've run into many people both on here and a few in real life who have described this exact phenomenon without me prompting or leading them in any way. Either this is some Astral Being who gets around a lot, or there is something deep within the psychosis of the human mind that makes people see this in their dreams and it's heavily symbolic of something.

Interestingly enough, I find it easier to believe that Astral Projection is a thing than I do that our minds are inexplicably wired to portray things so symbolically that we don't even understand what it means. The point of dreams is supposed to be to help us break down and process our day, not confuse us more.
No, I've never had that appear in a dream. I once dreamed of being in heaven and seeing god as this big ball of feathered wings with many venomous snakes coming out of it. Actually inspired a drawing I did in college.

Other than the above ones, I've had a lot of other strange dreams, but it's honestly a lot of the same type of stuff. Very bizarre, surrealistic imagery and voices telling me things that have changed my view on life. I remember one from highschool where I split open and a human shaped tree grew out of my mangled body, growing glowing golden fruit from which many snakes were born, but again, never that exact dream.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 11
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