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So what's the big supernatural story...
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So what's the big supernatural story that your family has /x/? it seems like every family has one. Whether it be a haunted house, or some paranormal incident. The famous one in my family is that my great,great,great, Grandfather (who was a fur trapper in the Rocky Mountains apparently) came into contact a very large and dangerous creature. I honestly don't buy it but i know the story if any anon cares to know
>but i know the story if any anon cares to know

Post it or don't. Wanting to be begged to post is attention_whore crap.
Well i didn't mean for it to be
I wrote this last xmas, my first post on /x/


Had alot of shit happen over the years, decided to share it with anons
For some reason the archived thread has been edited. There were around 10 more occurrences I'd wrote in that thread. Fuckknows why it was edited, anyway, enjoy
damn anon. anything else happen?
Most of that thread was me, but yeah it's been edited. I'll look for the original...

Let me try this..


Found it

If any of you lived in Lancaster, you've might of heard this one. Well, the story in general, but not my experiences.This is a statue of her, marking her grave. Supposedly she died by falling down stairs on the day before her wedding. It's not exactly family related, but it played a big part with my family. So keep this alive as I type this up
So her name was Augusta Bitner, and as I said, supposedly she fell down some stairs and died. And on the anniversary she died,the statue walks around the cemetery, searching for her Fiance.

I'll keep going with my stories if people are interested enough.
I think my family has been a pulling a running joke on me for over two decades now.

I remember that when I was in middle school, I started having this recurring dream about a man in my basement. I have a giant curtain that blocks off a section of the basement, and I've always been deathly afraid of peering behind it lest I find someone. In this dream, there would always be an unconscious man slumped over a desk, surrounded by poorly tuned radios emitting static.

I mentioned to my mother once, and she initially kind of ignored it, but I kept having the dream so I pressed my father instead for more information. He told me that when I was around 2, someone had actually broken into our house via one of the basement windows, where he was found dead with a stab wound. He collapsed in our basement behind that very curtain, where my father had found him while he was up late one night and had heard something in the basement.

I was obviously too young to remember anything, so I find it kind of weird that I kept having that dream. I think my family is bullshitting about the story though. No clue why there are radios emitting static in the dreams.
Glad someone's here. Well I'll start with one of the tamer ones.

I was cutting through the cemetery to get to a friends house, and of course, I was walking past the statue. Now, the statue looked odd. The head was at a different angle. I noticed that out of the corner of my eye, and as I turned to look, sure enough, it was looking in a different direction.

I noped the fuck out of there. Came back a day later, and it was normal. I then noped away once again.
ever been to a shrink? maybe you're repressing something? i dunno, sounds pretty trippy anon
You got more stories?
Just read this on another thread a few minutes ago and lost it so I'm glad you posted this. Wanted to ask if your friend ever told you what he saw before he freaked out and ran out of your house.
Just a smaller one. I don't know what to think of it, a long time ago I thought that my mother was a total nutcase but now I'm not sure anymore.
I'll post it in parts.

>mother believes in ghosts and shit
>says she's a medium
>not an esoteric bitch, actually someone told her when she was younger and she didn't know shit about it
>was pressured into doing some seance-like stuff back then by that person
>she's 60 now

>saw a ghost of a young man in her old flat
>saw a couple in our garden from the window
>also saw an old lady once in our attic
>told this my father
>apparently an older woman lived and died here before his family moved in
>attic was a laundry room at that time
>won't tell me everything she saw in her life
>"because she doesn't want to make a fuss out of it"
>also said "i can only believe what i saw myself"

She moved in here about 40 years ago, thus i've been living here my whole life.
There is a lot of shit happening from 'paranormal' to non paranormal but our house is actually the last one build in our street, about 80 years old.
My mother, brother and I were living together at that time.
fyi, you could live pretty well in our attic and there was no possibility of animals up there.
Hooray for germany.
Some things that are still very livid in my memory:

>be 7
>living in attic
>suddenly all brass rings fall from the ceiling lights with 4-5 seconds delay
>"mooooooooom im scaaaared"
>"don't be scared it's just our poltergeist"

>be 9
>bathroom mirror bursts open in the middle of the night
>go and look because it was fucking loud
>things inside are scattered on the floor (just a few)
>mirror was secured with magnets and you had to use a bit of force to open it
>(half asleep) "its just our poltergeist"
>didn't got to toilet that night

>be 10
>dont really remember much about it
>i think i saw a ghost in my room
>scared shitless, afraid of the dark from that day on
>repressing that memory until now

Me and my mother exchanged rooms, she moved into the attic and I moved downstairs.
It was convenient at that time, because I had a lot of friends over daily.
Loved our attic though.
You could hear footsteps when someone was walking above and some creaking of the floorboards, but that's because our attic floor is really fucking poorly made.
My brother finally moved to his gfs place.

>be 12
>in living room with mother
>hear creaking, not the footstep noises though
>ah well its just the wooden floor, it's been getting pretty cold lately
>perfectly normal
>10 minutes later
>it doesnt stop
>scared of the dark, didnt look up the stairs into the attic
>at some point my mother yelled from her couch
>"goddamnit stop it already"
>kek mum as if that'd do anything
>continued for 2 minutes
>"our poltergeist, remember? he's a good one though"

>be 15
>sleepover at my place
>tell friends that they can get some cookies or whatever from our small "storeroom"
>there wasn't enough space for a person to fit in
>"anooon i tried to open the door but it was jerked back instantly, is it stuck?"
>go there, open it without problems
>he looks baffled
>r u srs dude

>be 16
>some other smaller occurences happened, i don't remember much
>"mom stop talking shit about a poltergeist or something if something happens, i know it isn't real"
>"i've grown up you know"
>start to ignore each and every thing linked to ghosts
>fuck the darkness and fuck ghosts, i'm not scared

Everything is chill until now, but in the last years things got a bit different.

>be 18
>first sleep paralysis ever
>gollum/wrong turn like creature with yellow eyes
>looking at me while creeping from my door to my table
>scared as fuck, almost broke arm while trying to move
>"mooom can we talk i dont feel well"
>"yeah calm down, remember that time when I told you about the devil that sits on my chest at night?"
(Actually later, I found one single image that depicts sleep paralysis like this. thx mum)

>be 19
>my mother came into my room, panicking at noon
>"i didn't sleep well"
>apparently she saw a man with corrugated metal standing in front of her bed
>making really loud noises and looking angry
>when she started waking up, he was gone
>"yeah mom you just dreamed it"
>"i don't know, i'll sleep in the living room today"

>be 20
>suddenly i get afraid of dark corners again
>shivers down my spine as i'm typing this
>actually had to turn on the lights
>afraid that there's something in the dark i can't see

There have been some minor things that I can't clearly remember, but in my opinion the "things" happening have become more agressive over the years. Mostly it's just my mother that's affected though, and not me.
I think my mother has either gotten me paranoid and scarred for life with her freaking ghost stories or i'm something like a medium too.
I still don't really believe in ghosts and shit like this, but my mother is not a person to just make up stuff either.
Also, she's in a very healthy mental condition
The texted stories are harmless though. These were just the ones I could clearly remember.
A pretty standard story, really - nothing ominous. My grandpa would go to my aunt's house every morning and help get my cousins ready for school. He died of a heart attack around 6AM, but that morning, my aunt says she passed him on the stairs around the same time. She asked if he'd eaten breakfast yet, and he didn't say anything. When she went back upstairs to ask again, he was nowhere to be found. She got the call a short time later.
I don't see what a psychiatrist could do for me. First of all, I think my parents are just bullshitting about the story. Secondly, the curtain is pretty ominous and it conceals a dark, rather isolated section of the basement, so any kid would be afraid of it. Even if the story was true, I think that the dream is just an odd coincidence.
wow. a similar thing happened to my grandpa. grandma woke up one morning. went to the bathroom. saw my grandpa. asked how he was, "fine". went to her bedroom again. she noticed he was laying in the bed not breathing. freaky man.
Should probably salt up your doorways anon.
Apparently, according to two people who can see ghosts and have never met one another, my grandmom's ghost follows me around as a guardian spirit kind of like a Stand.

I only half believe this shit since I'm open to the existence of spirits, although skeptical, but the one thing that bugs me is the fact that two separate people have told me this and I know for a fact they cannot know each other.

But, as I said, I only half believe it. I'm very skeptical about things I can't see with my own eyes and since I don,t have the gift of seeing ghosts, well this one is in the dust.

Aside from that, the fact that my uncle may have encountered something akin to a skinwalker at one point during one of his hunting trip and a few other minor paranormal stories from relatives such as the typical haunted house story or "I saw our dead grand uncle I swear and he told me this thing that totally happened not long after.", nothing much.

It's funny how most of my family dwells in the paranormal, though. One of my mom's hobbies is to visit cemetaries and she used to drag me along as a kid. I do admit, however, that without all the oooo dead people scary shit, it's really interesting to go around cemetaries and try to find the oldest tombstones you can find. In some cemtaries I've found tombstones that were as old as the 1600's where I come from. It's a colonial area so it's not uncommon to be able to find really really old graves around here and there's kind of a funny feeling about witnessing the grave of someone who was buried nearly 300 years before you were born.
I think there's only been a few cases unexplained things occurred and I feel like it just was a dream or something.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw something trying to grab my brother off his bed he was crying and calling for my help and I grabbed him away from it. It then dissapeared, sort of vanished.

The next morning I was sure I dreamt the whole thing up but every so often when my brother gets like a high fever or something he would tell me about a reoccurring dream he gets where he was at the old house and he was grabbed by a shadow man.

So I dunno.

Also I was 9 while my brother was 5 at a time.
Aww the last time we did anything with salt was a mess, but if anything happens again i might do it

We fooled around with an Ouja board last year when we were drunk and my brother plus gf visited. Salty mess. In hindsight, we shoudn't have done it.
Not that paranormal spooky ghost storie but i was born 10 years after the exact day that my uncle died. My grandma think that i really look like him!
>Grandad spends my whole damn life trying to fix this old grandfather clock that just sits in his living room
>Never achieves it
>Clock suddenly starts working on it's own
A girl in our family is allegedly able to "sense things". There have been a few weird things like she will have dreams that seem to predict the future. Possibly the weirdest thing about her is that each time an elderly relative has died she's found out she's pregnant..and then shortly after a terrorist attack has happened AND the same band has been number one in the charts each time these children are born.
I'm currently visiting my grandparents in Mexico and they are extremely religious (They're Catholic) and I am fascinated by the paranormal.They don't seem to be upset about it but I have an aunt that refuses to speak me because she thinks I'm satanic.


My uncle came over and my grandmother asked him to tell us about the experience he had in the room that I was sleeping in.

He said that not too long ago, my grandpa found multiple Satanic books in the attic (Cliche, I know) and decided to burn the books right in front of the room.
Time passes and creepy shit starts happening.My uncle says that he once went to go to the bathroom until he saw some tall ass shadow man standing right in front of him.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one that saw it.I had other cousins,uncles, and aunties that saw a tall man when they slept in the room.

My grandmother did some religious thing with holy water in the room and put up religious paintings to get all the shit to stop and it luckily did.
Does this girl have Russian Hebrew in her blood? It's fine if you don't know, most of us seem to have covered it up pretty well.
anyone still here? might have a few stories if anyone's interested
Nope,he never spoke to me again. Just ran out of the house, across the road, and to his house. I tried calling for him a few times but was told "Lee isn't allowed out". Fucking killed me, he was a good mate.
>3 years old
>Great Grandpa dies
>At his house after funeral looking through his stuff
>I'm standing at the end of the hallway, looking up at a blank wall
>Mom asks me what I'm doing
>Don't respond and don't move
>She calls my name a few more times
>I quietly say okay and turn around to walk in to living room
>Mom asks who I was talking to
>"Grandpa Lester"
NOBODY called him Lester. Ever. It was just Les.
I obviously don't remember, but my mother has told me the story and apparently everybody who heard me say "Lester" freaked the fuck out
Only things my family have are things that I ended up disproving. My mom would tell me stories about my grandma that turned out to be sleep paralysis thta I also suffer from. And when we moved here, the upstairs bathroom faucet would turn on randomly. Turns out that happens a lot with houses built in the 50s and 60s like ours.
My question is has anyone ever screwed a ghost?
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This is a story I don't normally tell as I don't have a chance to, but this thread gives me a shot.

>be 4
>in my room, playing with toys
>parents are down stairs doing parental things
>baby monitor flares up downstairs
>it's me singing
>parents haven't heard that song around me
>mum comes upstairs, asks who taught me that song
>i say "the lady did"
>mum says what lady
>i point at the window
>my grabs me and nopes the fuck outta there

>be 7
>only a few weeks after my dad left as he had an affair
>looking at family pictures on the wall
>start laughing
>mum asks why
>i say the pictures are telling me they love me and that it will all be okay

My mum, to this day, says that our old house was haunted. I have a few more stories, mainly consisting of a single entitiy in which my mum souly believes in my deceased grandmother if anyone floats the single ghost boat.
My dad tells me about the Hairy Alligator up near Moose Lake in Canada.

Waaaay back when my dad was in his 20's (the 60's), my grandpa would take him fishing up there, since the fishing was crazy good. They would stay at a cabin on the north end of the lake that some surgeon owned back in the states.

They were out fishing with their native friend that lived in Moose Lake near an island when they saw two things sunning themselves near the water's edge. They drifted up closer and saw that they looked like brown haired alligators, about 20ft long, muskrat like tail, with a scaled man's head. The indian dude shot one, and it bounced around like a dead animal, then splashed into the water with the other one. They cruised away and didn't do shit about it other than look for a dead one for a bit.

That night at the cabin, they woke up to the sound of something pounding against the outside walls. The pounding circled the cabin for about 10 minutes, then went away. The next day, the log siding about 1ft above ground was splintered in a bit all around the cabin.

That's the end of that story. My dad would take my oldest brother up there when my bro was in his teens. Nothing crazy ever happened, except for them staying at some indian house in Moose Lake, and there being dozens of dead chickens in the tub.
My Grandad had a near death experience. Saw the tunnel, light at the end, and the figure of someone he used to know. But he said that guy was a bad 'un, so he came back. Never told anyone except my mother. Reckoned she would understand I guess. She only ever told me. Now here I am on /x/.
He was right, dude was prob Jesus. Gtfo
why are you mad anon
>Great-grandma and sisters were some kind of witches
>Made deal with spirits or some shit
> Demons now fuck with my mother and I.
>Constantly fighting them
All because of those greedy cunts. thanks a lot bitches
fake and gay
A friend of my fathers told me a story about when he was a truck driver in Australia. He mainly used to drive between Melbourne and Sydney, but he was filling in for someone that had to drive between Melbourne and Mackay, about an 2700km trip, the route he was taking. He decided to go inland, as opposed to following the coastal highways, so that he could avoid the tourist and retiree traffic. This happened sometime in the late 1970's or early 80's.

He spent all day on the road before pulling up in Narrabri, a town in northern NSW, near the QLD border. He went to a local service station for a meal and asked about accommodation. The only place in town that was available, he wasn't happy with, as he would not be able to keep an eye on the truck, plus he was pretty tight with cash, so he decided he would just drive for another hour or so and sleep in the truck cabin.

He was talking to another trucker and the lady running the service station restaurant, and when they found out he was heading north, down the highway through the Pilliga forest, they gave him a weird look. "No one camps in that forest at night". At first he thought it was unruly locals or other criminals they were worried about, eventually they told him the story of the Yowie, which is like an Australian bigfoot, but the name refers to the call it makes. He thinks they are playing a joke on him, to have a laugh at his expense, so he finishes dinner and drives out of town.

He drives for another hour or so, finds a spot where he can park off the highway and tries to get some sleep, because he is only halfway toward where he needs to be to make the delivery.

He said he woke up at midnight due to some animal call. He thought it sounded like a woman screaming. He heard it again and decided it was a fox. He tried to go back to sleep and he heard the scream again, it was not a fox, or a person, or an owl. He said the hair on the back of his neck stood up.

Grandfather apparently worked at area 51 or something. I have no contact with him, but my dad says there was something weird. He had all kinds of books about ancient aliens. He was an alcoholic, and would let small stuff he otherwise kept secret slip when he was drunk. My fathers parents were also both Russian immigrants. My grandfather used to take trips to the USSR

My fathers friend was so rattled, he was afraid to make noise by breathing. He heard something moving around outside the truck, but he was too afraid to poke his head out and see what it was. Then he felt something rocking the trailer of the truck. Not just pushing up against it, but rocking it.

At this point he decides "fuck this, I'm out of here" and shift in order to get in the drivers seat, start the truck and drive away. He said that the moment he jingled the truck keys, he heard the shriek again and he was paralyzed with fear.

He does not know how long he remained perfectly still for. He said he felt like a mouse hiding from a cat. Eventually he saw some lights moving down the highway, the headlights of another truck. That was his chance.

He waited until the truck was closer, then jumped in the drivers seat, fired up the engine, turned on the lights and drove away. He did not stop driving until dawn and even after he pulled over in another town, he was still too shaken to sleep.

I don't know if this is a true story, partly true, or if my Dad's friend was just telling a 'ghost story' for laughs. Every time I have asked about it, he says he's telling the truth, but I don't know.
My great great grandfather from my mother side of family, was some kind of a shaman that has an attachment with tigers. He got two tigers as a pet or some sort of guardian. The tigers are inhereted to every daughter ofy mother family.
Everytime there's a kid coming to our house they'll be like shock and says...oooo there's a big white kitty. Sadly no adult can see the kitty cat.
Interesting stories, anon. Thanks for sharing!
When I was born a couple of fatima statues started playing music on their own
When my mother went into labour to give birth to me the ambulance had to drive down a highway in the middle of the night. Every 100 feet or so on both sides of the road there was a tree completely engulfed in flames. They were almost completely evenly placed along the entire highway and they didn't drive past anyone else along the way. Despite having to drive 30km along this road the clock in the ambulance didn't change at all until they turned off and there were no more burning trees. Upon arriving at the hospital the ambulance drivers alerted the fire department that there were burning trees all along the highway and of course people were dispatched but they found no burning trees or signs of anything burning. Also when my parents were coming home with me for the first time along that highway it was midday and at some point along the way there was what sounded like a woman screaming and the sky went green for about 5 full seconds.

Oddly enough nothing spoopy or paranormal has ever happened to me since. On a related note when my mother was pregnant with my older sister whenever she went outside crows would always gather over time and just stare at her. My mother actually panicked at one point because she'd been doing some gardening and looked up to see at least 150 crows all sitting along the roof and fence silently and staring at her.

Are my sister and I devil children or something?
My grand grand mother or something went to a gipsy to tell her fate.. she told her that 3 of her sons would die.. (big family idk how many kids) in 2 weeks 1 son died , after 1 month another one dies again and finally in 6 months or something dies the third... my father told me this story..
A friend and neighbour of my parents had his father very sick and ready to die ... he told the friend not to worry because he will die on saturday.. and he actually did ... those are true stories but i dont really believe them
Uh no. I can't explain the burning trees, probably the story is a bit distorted in that case but crows, crows are extremely curious animals and if they see anything shiny (possibly some gardening tool reflecting the sun) they will observe for quite a while. So no need to think you're the son of the devil.
>>i say the pictures are telling me they love me and that it will all be okay
This is a common fantasy pre-4chan. Now losers just come here to seek approval from online images rather than from family portraits.
My families, from both father and mother's side, are knee deep into the occult and paranormal events. But while my mother's family seems to be blessed by being in contact with "good things", on the other side my father's family had deep roots into some heavy occult things. I inherited both. Starting with my father's family tho.
>my dad got 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and all of them have been living experiencing paranormal things on daily basis
>everyone in his family knew that their grand mother was possessed by "something", due to her personality splitting and voice changing or overlapsing (7 different and accounted voices/behavior)
>his grand-aunt, just like his grand-mother, few minutes after being deceased would have come back to life just like nothing has ever happened, changing voice and personality. This was witnessed by everyone in that room for a total of a dozen times. Eventually the priest had to bless the room, the house, and to perform a ritual
>his grand-mother and aunt couldn't be recognized during their funeral, since their faces were different. Not deformed by death, since my father is a medic and could recognize post-mortem effects on corpse. They were just something else. Those events were witnessed by the whole family
>I've been things since I was a child, but one of them really got me scared for good. It was a huge monk (and for huge I mean at least 6'8" wearing an old saio with the hood covering his face), outside my room's door and looking at me. Talked about my father about this weird apparition, but apparently he has seen it too since he was a young man. Same goes for all of his brothers. His family told him that's a family guardian, and that there are other guardians in there with him watching for my family
>his old house had an underground desacrated church under the basement. It was hidden behind a tiny locked door guarded on sight by my grand-father. It came to light because the building had to be demolished since too old and shaky
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My mom's side of the family was haunted by a black guy that they left to die in winter.
All of my mom's sisters are scared of black people because of this.
That's pretty fucking freaky.
Wut? You mad bro?
I have one from when I was like 5 or 6. My mother and aunt both experienced it and they swear it's true.

>20 years ago
>living in house with mom, dad and aunt because new country, new lives, aunt was in process of looking for own place.
>dad works full time, comes home late tired, always sleeps as a rock.
>mom obviously sleeping in same room as dad, aunt has her own room.
>mom wakes up middle of the night.
>hears sounds coming from downstairs, the living room.
>sounds like a lot of people talking, music playing. A party or something, right under her bedroom.
>gets up and sneaks into the corridor, sees my aunt peeking out of her room.
>they both hear it, scared as shit
>(me in my room next to aunts sleeping)
>they quietly argue whether or not to wake up my dad, who is sleeping through all of it.
>they decide it might be a tv or radio on (for whatever unlogical reason)
>slowly walk down the stairs and to the closed living room door.
>sound is coming right from the other side of the door, it sounds like there's 10 people walking around, dancing, talking, music playing.
>mom and aunt scared shitless and looking at eachother.
>aunt decides fuck it and leeroy jenkins-busts through the door.
>all of a sudden no sounds, dark, quiet as hell in the blink of an eye.
>turn on the light and everything seems normal.

They went to wake up my dad and told him everything. He laughed it off as them dreaming or sounds coming from the outside or something. Still doesn't believe them.
>be my great-grandmum 70-something years ago
>live in the middle of nowhere
>son (my grandpa) is playing outside
>it's getting dark
>dogs start barking like they've never done before
>"ohshit.jpg gotta check if my son is ok"
>sees one of the dogs flying
>sees another dog flying
>realize something is throwing/lauching them
>sees big-ass dark-furred animal with wolf face
>"Oh nay 'tis a werewolf!"
>grabs son in the arms
>nope the shit back to inside the house
>sits right in front of door. got no time to go deeper inside
>there's a cat-door (those little openings in which cats pass in)
>feel something biting her butt
>spend entire night praying

My father said she even had the scar.
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