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Are today's Abrahamic religions came...
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Are today's Abrahamic religions came from Sumerians or Egyptians?
Apparently the first monotheistic religion was Egyptian.
If you're referring to Atenism, I'd classify it more as monolatristic than monotheistic. Akhenaten didn't try to "eliminate" the other gods, he just picked one obscure deity to worship (for whatever reason).
They came from Semitic Paganism, mostly.(Which contains the Assyrians, who took over after Sumer.)

All of them had versions of the gods the other had. And many similarities. Yaweh was actually (supposedly) Baal's brother in Polytheistic Semitic religions.
clearly, christianity for example, borrowed heavily from sumerian mythology.

>the great flood
>creation of man

just to name a couple

my predecessor did not pick one 'god' to worship, he picked one object to worship, the Aten.
True Christianity predates back to Egyptian times but it was not called that back then.
Yahweh was just an epithet of El; but yeah, for a long time the Semites were monolatristics, too. There were dozens of deities, El/Yahweh just happened to be the Canaanites' favourite.

Fun fact: "Baal" and "El" mean, respectively, simply "lord" and "god" (as in, a generic term for a god, cognate to Akkadian "ilu"). "Baalzebûn" was actually a honorific title of Baal, meaning "lord of the manor"; the term "Beelzebub", from Semitic "Baalzebûb", is actually a pun on the expression devised by the Hebrews to ridicule the rival god: it means "lord of the flies", suggesting it be a pile of dung.
Pre-Jewish polytheism was heavily influenced first by the Sumerians, and then by the Egyptians. So both would be correct.

Later contact with the Persians is likely what led to the monotheistic reforms but Judaism was still surprisingly polytheistic until very late. Late enough in fact to have potentially survived in some form within Christianity, or Christianities clear polytheist leanings may have come from cultural contact with the Greeks.

There was actually an earlier attempt at Hellenized Judaism which equated Yahweh with Dionysus which I can never remember how to spell Sabaysius or something along those lines.
yeah, no it doesn't
You're an idiot
Good point well made.
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Is word of ''Amen'' comes from Egyptian gods?
suck my Aten, christfag
Todays religions come from atlantean folk lore.
Neither, both claim that knowledge was given to them by "gods", aka more intelligent people.

There was a highly advanced civilisation that died out 12,000 years ago with the flood. Places like Gobekli Tepe didn't just spring up overnight.
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What is today Christianity has existed since the beginning. The heretical doctrines of the Vatican, the Talmud, and Islam all trace their lineage from Egypt and Babylon before it.
zoroastrians in ancient persia
Hello OP.

The Old World was broken into Three Regions.

And the First Region was Sumer. Where the Sumerians lived.

These people worshiped the Anunna gods who taught them civilization.

The Second Region was Egypt. And it was given to the rule of Marduk as Ra. The first region was under Enlil the Bull of Heaven.

The Third Region was the Indus Valley. It was given to Inanna, who is known as Isis or Kali.

These gods ruled in the different regions their own people, who made their own culture.

But the first was the Sumerians.
The Hebrew Bible which became the OT is directly derived from the Sumerian Tablets found in Mesopotamia.

This is called Panbabylonism.

The Elohim are the Anunnaki.

El is Anu

Yahweh is Enlil.

Eden is Edin.

The Malakim of Yahweh Fathered the Anakim.

When they the Watchers rebelled from Marduk and took Human Wives to have children with.

These Angels or Igigi then fell and became the Fallen.

They were then known as the Nephilim. For it means to Fall.
nice try but EL and Yahweh aka god father are the same, plus you forgot about Jesus
all religions coming from egeyptan book of death you nubanon go eat heroin or xsmth wtf
No it is literally the word for "so be it" in Semitic/Arabic languages. Pretty much every time Jesus is quoted as saying "verily" or "truly" the original text said "amen"

A son is just a re incarnation of the Father.

But Jesus is not a son of these anunna gods.

Jesus is the son of the Father of All Beginning.

These gods with a little g are below the God with a big G.

The Great Architect of the Universe made them to be his Builders.

And they left the Great Work unfinished.
Tell me more about Gobleki Tepe
Amen derives from the hebrew word Aima which is Binah in kabalistic doctrine, the divine mother as she is forever faithful Amen.
Egyptians co existed wid jews and they hated each other, so it rules out the possibility of egypt influencing them and sumerians were idol worshippers and may hav influenced at early stages, most of the decendents of sumerian civilization have been converted to islam and it is very much likely they hav influenced islam more. Its just wht i think it may be.

What about sacsayhuamon?
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Saksaywaman was another Civilization under one of the Anunna gods.

Many people say that the god known as Hermes / Thoth / Mercury / Ningishzidda became the Feathered Serpent known as Quetzalcoatl when he came to the New World.

Ahura Mazda vs Angra Mainyu

Enlil vs Enki

These are the Asura gods / Anunna gods

The children of Asher and Anu
So the Jews said to Him, "You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?" Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am."
totally looks like shia lebouf
"Abrahamic" religions come partly form Sumeria, and conflict with Egypt but mainly Judaism. Christianity came from Jesus and Islam came from Muhammad.
Ahura Mazda and Ahriman are different than Enlil and Enki, Zoroasterianism trues to catch the feeling of a monotheistic God (101 names) and Ahriman is the opponent to the force of good and evil.

You can associate anything just by saying it, and while it may be true that there is a correlation between them, you have to look what how they describe the "gods".

Ahura Mazda is just an attempt to worship a true God in Spirit and Ahriman is just a recognition of malevolent forces

Enki and Enlil represent their own natures of conflict imo

It's VERY old. It pre-dates all of the accepted archaeological time-lines.

The accepted theory is that civilisation suddenly appeared 6000 years ago out of nowhere, we suddenly started farming and building stone structures etc.

Gobleki Tepe is at least 10,000 years old. The methods used in building it show that the people knew exactly what they were doing. In other words, they'd done it before. Some of the surface stones weighed 20 tons and were 6m tall.

There's huge mysteries surrounding many sites, desu I know fuckall. I've just started getting into archaeology.

I've been spamming this guys videos on /x/ a lot lately because what he and others have discovered has blew my mind..



There's no ayylmao theories or anything silly in the videos, it's all serious work.

We've only scratched the surface, literally, and the entire history of civilisation is about to be re-written any day now.

Fuck I'm stoned af. That weed was the shizzle. Hope that made sense desu senpaitachi
>Akhenaten didn't try to "eliminate" the other gods
Yes, he did.


No they are not different, they are the same entities from different cultures which are given new names from the people of those cultures.

Its the same all over the world.

These same gods were given a new name by the people of the region, because they had a new language.

Let me give you an example that ties in.

The father of Anu of the Sumerians was Anshar.

But Anshar is the same as Asher or Ashur. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashur_%28god%29

The father of the Asura, who are the same as the Anunna.

You see, the Asura is the Hindu name for the Sumerian Anunna.

Inanna in would be a Sumerian name but her Hindu name was Kalki

Enki would be a Sumerian name but his Hindu name was Vishnu, ect.
They're different. Sure, because there is principles of correspondence you can "pick and choose"

I am gonna guess you are going to say Shiva is Yhwh?

Because Shiva is also Ba'al.

Unfortunately for Enki and Enlil, so neither of them are God because they choose to war over something that could easily be solved.

But when you look at zoroasterianism, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman are just representations of the cosmic duality between good and evil

Baal is a title not a name, its a Honorific that is represented by a Bull and means Lord.

Baal Shamin is the Lord of Heaven, the Bull of Heaven.

This is an appellation given to Enlil.
Yes Yahweh is Enlil.

He ruled in the Sign of the Bull. (Taurus)

But in the Age of the Ram (Ares) he had to pass on kingship to Marduk.
Guess that makes sense considering Yahweh and Ba'al come into all kinds of conflicts that they'd be the same person.. just kidding

a Baal or a Bel was a Lord that was represented by a Bull.

Sometimes Yahweh was called Lord, and sometimes Marduk was called Lord.


Jeremiah 50:2

This is what the LORD says: "Tell the whole world, and keep nothing back. Raise a signal flag to tell everyone that Babylon will fall! Her images and idols will be shattered. Her god Bel Marduk will be utterly disgraced.
I call Jesus Lord and Jesus doesn't represent a bull

Look, I am with you that Jesus is good.

Because I dont think Jesus is from these Anunna / Elohim / Asura

I think he is from the Creator of All.

Jesus wants us to have what the Anunnaki try to keep from us. The fruit of the Tree of Life.

He wants us to have their Longevity.
Genesis 3:22

Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever—”

Sumerian Tablet

Now the last bits of our life essence to these creatures you have given,
To be like us in procreation knowing, perchance our life cycles on them to bestow!
Thus did Enlil with angry words speak.
Enki Ninmah and Ningishzidda summoned, with words Enlil to pacify.
My lord Enlil! Ningishzidda was saying. Knowing for procreation they were given,
The branch of Long Living, to their essence tree was not!
message from Enki to Anu:
Adapa by my seed to an Earthling woman was born! So did the message from Enki say.
Likewise was Titi by another Earthling woman of my seed conceived.
With wisdom and speech they are endowed; with Nibiru's long lifetime they are not.
The bread of long-living he should not eat, the elixir of long life he should not drink.
To live and die on Earth Adapa must return, mortality his lot must be,
By the sowing and shepherding by his offspring on Earth satiation shall be!
They said "don't eat the apple" like me telling a little kid not to eat any cake in the fridge before dinner.

Enki and Enlil both have pros and cons.

Yes Enlil didnt want us to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

But Enki gave it to them and Enlil then kicked them out of the garden of Eden to keep them from the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

All of the Anunnaki want to keep us from our Destiny.

They want to keep us from the Longevity that they posses. They fear our Acquisition of it.

The Lord of Eden said not to eat the apple or else we would die, but that was a Lie because we didnt Die when we ate of it.

The Serpent was right, he said that if we ate of it we would become more like them, and he was right. Because when we partook it in we gained the power of procreation and we were then able to procreate like they do.

We became more like the gods and we were then able to have children and a bloodline, just like they have.

Because the first hybrids couldn't reproduce on their own, it was not until after the Anunnaki gave us a transplantation of rib bone marrow that we had the correct chromosomes for sexual reproduction.
What's about cicada 3301 and Anu, Aki?
Some one know if it's related?
When you cross a Donkey with a Horse you get a Mule, but you cant breed two mules.

Or when you cross a Lion with a Tiger you get a Liger, but you cant breed to Ligers and make Liger kittens.

Because they dont have the right Chromosomes for reproduction.

This is what happens with Hybrids and its the same problem the Anunnaki had in the Garden of Edin.

But Ningishzidda the son of Enki knew how to solve the Problem:
In Shurubak, in the House of Healing, the essences of Adamu and Ti-Amat were contemplated,
With the life essence of Anunnaki males and females they were compared.
Like two entwined serpents Ningishzidda the essences separated,
Arranged like twenty-two branches ona Tree of Life were the essences,
Their bits were comparable, the images and likenesses they properly determined.
Twenty-two they were in number; the ability to procreate they did not include!
Another two bits of the essence in the Anunnaki present Nigishzidda to the others showed.
One male, one female; without them there was no procreating! So was heto them explaining.
In the molds of Adamu and Ti-Amat, in the combining they were not included!
Ninmah heard this and was distraught; with frustration was Enki seized.
The clamor in the Abzu is great, mutiny is again in the making! So was Enki to them saying.
Primitive Workers must be procured lest the gold extracting shall be ceasing!
Ningishzidda, in these matters learned, a solution was proposing;
To his elders, Enki and Ninmah, in the House of Healing he whispered.
They all the heroines who Ninmah were assisting sent away,
They locked the door behind them, the three with the two Earthlings alone remaining.
Upon the four others Ningishzidda a deep sleep caused to descend, the four he made unfeeling.

.... cont
From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted,
Into the rib of Adamu the life essence of Enki he inserted;
From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted,
Into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted.
Where the incisions were made, the flesh thereon he closed up.
Then the four of them by Ningishzidda were awakened. It is done! he proudly declared.
To their Tree of Life two branches have been added,
With procreating power, their life essences are now entwined!
Let them freely roam, as one flesh let thorn knots each other! Ninmah was saying.
In the Edin's orchards, to freely roam Adamu and Ti-Amat were placed.
Of their nakedness they became aware, of malehood and femalehood they were knowing.
Ti-Amat of leaves aprons made, from the wild beasts to be distinguished.
In the heat of the day Enlil in the orchard was strolling, the shade he was enjoying.
Without expectation Adamu and Ti-Amat he encountered, the aprons on their loins he noticed
What is the meaning of this? Enlil wondered; Enki for explaining he summoned.
The matter of procreation Enki to Enlil explained:
The seven and seven had failed, to Enlil he admitted;
Ningishzidda the life essence: examined an additional combining was needed!
Great was Enlil's anger, furious his words were:
The whole thing was not to my liking, for acting as Creators I had opposed.
The Being that we need, it already exists! So were you, Enki, saying,
All we need is put our mark on it, thereby Primitive Workers to fashion!
This is where Enlil is almost the good guy.

We don't need procreation, you are only trapping the human soul into a physical body. Sure some babies become great people, and bring great love, yes.

It is a subjective argument.

And, even if we eat the apple, we come into physical death, regardless, no material object lasts forever.

If you are smart enough to understand the Sumerian Anunnaki it helps you to decode the Ciphers.

Because some of the puzzles are based on this old riddle and if you dont understand that then you wont pass.
Sounds like Hypostasis of the Archons and Book of Enoch on crack.

We come to Physical Death because they keep us from the Fruit of the Tree of Life and the Longevity it would bestow upon you.

Jesus wants us to have the Eternal Life.

Which is why at the last supper he tried to show us the Eucharist which is the Bread of Long Living and the Elixir of Life.

The Grail is the Philosopher Stone.
Eternal life isn't physical. Your soul is eternal, it is a matter of bringing it back to God to attain the Supreme Abode and no longer incarnate as a human or a lower form of life.
...China is in the old world homie.
It's this shitposter again.
It's this shitposter again.

Sorry if you dont like Grail Legend.

I have always been Fascinated by it, and its truly what drives me.
the concept of the one and only god was stolen to the Zoroastrians
>Graham Hancock

I kek'd
Any good book or website about summerian mythology and annunakis stories ?
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