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Have you had any paranormal experiences? Discuss.
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Have you had any paranormal experiences? Discuss.
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Actually, you know what. I have!

In one whole day I have had 5 threads mysteriously vanish into thin air for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

All I am trying to do is spread the methods of enlightenment to /x/ users so that they can become holy servants of the great wisdom, yet every time I try to do this, the thread vanishes into thin air.

I think the Illuminati are in control of what information goes in and out of /x/.

It's just too much of a coincidence that 5 threads on the topic of Enlightenment just vanish into thin air.
Interesting. I'm new here I came from /pol/
If anyone's interested I could share some minor spooks I've encountered.

I've got plenty and already told these before but I can do it again it's been a while. I'll just do one for now.

>spent the night at a friends house with a few others we used to party a lot and play music together in the basement
>we were still teens in HS
>i wanted to talk about spooky stuff and he mentioned that something walks up the stairs to his bedroom at night
>nobody seemed to believe him
>wake up at 3am and everyone is asleep
>im on the floor nearest to the staircase
>can her slow footsteps as someone is coming up the stairs
>believe it's either his mom coming up to check on us or one of the guys went down to use bathroom and is coming back up
>look at the bodies in the room and see that we're all there
>if it is his mom she is walking super slow up the stairs and being creepy about it
>it's getting closer to the top
>i keep looking between the rails and the floor expecting to see someone's head pop up
>nobody is there but the steps are now almost at the top of the staircase
>it reaches the top and i can't see anything but can feel it there
>speak out loud to my friends "hey everyone wake up" but nobody wakes up
>decide to just close my eyes and forget about it because there's nothing i can do
Nope. Despite wanting very much to believe and searching for the paranormal, I haven't found a damn thing.
Plz man I need moar.
There's no hope for this board. These two posts sum up our damnation pretty well.
You wouldn't happen to be the same troll that was spouting Christian conspiracy theories about a week ago, would you?
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>other friend had a haunted ranch which I spent a lot of time at and practically lived there when working during the summers
>he had been living with poltergeist his whole life
>house felt spooky to me from the first time I ever walked through it especially in the dark
>when trying to find your way through the main rooms in the dark you could sense something floating in front of your face
>whenever you try to fall asleep there something starts tipping things off the shelves or it feels like someone is about to clap their hands in front of your face
>was watching a movie with him in his room and his parents were asleep across the other side of the house (large house)
>if anyone comes over to his side of the house you hear them open doors or walk through the hallway
>there is an attic above his bedroom and a basement beneath
>i am used to this house and spooky stuff there after years of spending time there
>on this night something decided to start stomping above our heads
>sounded like a large full grown man wearing boots stomping angrily above our heads for a few steps
>stops for a few seconds as me and him look at each other and begins stomping more
>"What the fuck" I ask him and he shrugs
>"Is it your dad?" I ask and he shakes his head "Dude my dad is passed out asleep on the other side of the house" which I already knew I just wanted an easy answer that this wasn't a ghost
>stomping continues even louder and stops
>i look up at the ceiling and shout at it "Shut the FUCK UP"
>my friend cringes and kind of shakes his head like that was a mistake
>the stomping continues even more loudly
>we both stare ahead at the tv screen for the next 10 seconds as it continues to stomp around angrily
>can feel the vibrations through the floor
>could practically see dust coming down from the ceiling
>have a feeling like you get when you expect someone to kick the doors open on you
>we just sit and watch the movie not saying anything trying to forget what's going on
Was at grandparents.
Heard voices in my ears whispering
Didn't want to sleep in my room
Same night my dad asked why and said "well that's odd you say that cause just this morning something pushed me off the chair and nothing was there, I know for sure no one was home." I believe there is a good and there is a bad. After this experience I am left confused and scared. I have avoided more negative things in my life since then.
Ok, something odd just happened.

I'm at home, alone, sitting on my bed browsing /x/ on my phone. Something black "flashed" to my left, and I got a very strong whiff of perfume. I can still smell it now. It's a nice smell. Citrus like. Strange. The odour is strong to my left. Now something is tickling the back of my neck. I don't want to move.

The smell has now gone and I gave in and scratched my neck but the tickling comes back... will post again if something else happens.
The tickling and perfume has returned. I also keep seeing a small black flash to my left. I'm just gonna sit here and see what happens. The tickling moves around the left of my neck. I'm gonna take a photo and see what happens...
Your mom's just lonely. I can't be everywhere at the same time.
My mum is actually dead. 14 years now. Bowel cancer. I watched her die, literally.

Thanks anon. Great joke btw.

I've had a lot.
Last time I knew there's someone in my room - the feeling that someone stands there (when you even hear those little movements, you know), but I was alone.

It was creepy.
A few.
When I was younger, I used to see a shadow cat. Pretty sure it may have just been my imagination.
However, there is another experience that I actually have proof of from my mother. According to her, when I was around 3 to 4 years old, I used to point at a hill each time we passed by it and say I used to live there. As a young child, there was no way I would have known about that location and had never lived in the area.
Apparently young children tend to be very close to their past lives, if you believe in reincarnation, and tend to recall memories.
Literally everywhere I go, I find catnip.
It follows me where I go, I even moved over a thousand miles and I still find it.
I've posted this before, but it's been at least a few months.
>around 13 or 14
>staying at my grandparents' house
>camped out on the couch watching Adult Swim
>decide to get ready for bed around 5 a.m.
>suddenly hear whispering
>sounds like a group of people whispering aggressively to each other
>the noise is everywhere at the same time
>it goes on for at least 30 seconds
>sit there in horror, can't make out any of the words.
>not brave enough to get up to brush my teeth
I still wonder about this experience. I was wide awake when it happened, and I can't figure out any logical explanation for the noise. My family still lives at that house, and nothing else has ever happened. It's a very new house, too. It's part of a development that was built in the 70s or 80s.
Not typing this out again, took me days, so read the archive...

Actually, I just remembered, I saw something pretty weird happen when I was in elementary school.

It was at lunch time, and everything was going as is typical. The kid I was sitting next to, however, had some sort of problem. His finger was hurting, and he asked me to take a look at it. There was something protruding from it. It was green and pointy, and I remember it was about the same color as a piece of iceberg lettuce. It kept hurting and growing longer, and when it was a bit over an inch or so, we told the teacher on duty and he went to the nurse's office and didn't come back for the rest of the day.

It wasn't any kind of trick. I saw the tip of his finger, and I saw this thing coming out of it. I still have no fucking clue what it could have been.
Long story short my friend was on 10 grams of mushrooms and I was on 21 grams and my friend ended up becoming possessed by something and we had to call a priest in to cleanse him of it. Pretty crazy night.
I had some serius stuff happening in my wife parents house.

we saw some kids, shadows, and stuff faling in to the floor.

And my wife and kid, can make you do things, and read your mind, true story, they do it a lot, if you think loud, they answer you what you are thinking.
So they can read minds whenever?
Yeah, my wife told me when she was young and still, can see dead people, some of them dont know that they are dead, and stuff like that.

She was used in some shit as catolic church to heal people.
Stop that. Of course we're interested or we wouldn't even be viewing this thread. I'd ignore you but I'm drunk and your reply is a waste of a post just post your fucking story if no one responds it doesn't mean no one reads it or finds it uninteresting half this board is just lurkers for fucks sake. Everyone here is interested in what you have to contribute even if it ends up being stupid as shit we will read every word of it. Stop looking for approval on this board cause you won't find it
Lol, this. As a lurker I appreciate more stories and less asking.
I've had 3 that I remember... and 2 of them have good explanations.

>mother collects antiques (and also lives in a 115-year-old Victorian house), when I was visiting last year (sleeping in the guest room) an old as fuck music box with a little girl painted on it started playing spontaneously in the middle of the night. I nope'd and slept on the couch downstairs.

Apparently old music boxes do this shit sometimes. Still, fuck that.

>When I was in high school, I woke up in the middle of the night (same house as above) to screaming that seemed to be coming from the basement.

Mom had indoor/outdoor cats that would chill out in the basement during shitty weather so maybe they were just fighting? Or it could have been raccoons or some other wild animal fucking around.

>Was ghost hunting at an old cemetery with friends... some graves dated back to the civil war. Nothing happened in person, but after reviewing the recordings, we caught something. A friend called me over to this small obelisk - a child's grave. We asked the requisite questions and moved on. When we went back and listened to the recordings, we heard a child's voice clearly saying "Mom... mom?" We were the only two by that grave, and being the only female in the group, I was the only one with a high pitched voice. I didn't say it... so I have no idea where that could have come from.

In all of my ghost hunting expeditions, that last example is the only unexplainable thing I have gotten.
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>be me
>5 or 6
>playing in back yard during a party
>it was night time but there was a light shining from neighbors house and ours
>in Virginia, fuck load of trees
>look up at the branches
>really windy summer
>a 3foot stick falls off a treehitting other branches on the way down
>look at stick
>look back up
>shadow of a man standing on a branch, crouching down, one hand on tree cant see other
>hes watching me
>get my dad
>ask him who that is on the tree
>look back, hes gone
>"nobodys there, go back and play, anon"
>go back and play
>feel like im being watched
>shadow man is standing on the branch
>get scared and go inside

I dont think about it much anymore, i dont feel like what ever it was wanted to hurt me, but it still creeps me out.

Pic not really related, thats the crouchigg position (except without the knife)
It's your fault
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When I was waking up one day I had a voice in my head saying I will not live till the end of a month.
It was the beginning of the month and it felt like someone decided to give me time to tie all ends, I mean fuck it was like 6 years ago and I still remember how fucking spooked I was for the whole month every day waiting for shit to happen.
Kek, don't be a faggot that's not very nice. She was a great woman.
When I was 8, staying up a bit late, reading a book. Plenty of background noise, can hear my fish aquarium, clock ticking, random creaks in the house. All of a sudden all sound stops, it feels like my ears have just stopped working because i couldnt hear myself breathe. Start noping out but still cant hear anything. All at once hear a cacophony of voices in a language I dont understand, like theyre cheering, or booing, hard to say. All of a sudden it just stops and I could hear normally. Didnt sleep for 2 days after that.
When I was 97 I was walking through the woods and found a hole in the ground with a bright light inside. I jumped inside and was transported back to 1885. Biff suddenly appeared and chased me on horseback for 10 minutes but then Doc appeared and we Delorean'd the fuck outta there leaving Biff looking red-faced. The Flux-Capacitor malfunctioned and we' ended up going to 2085. Biff suddenly appeared, and chased us on his flying hoverboard so we Delorean'd the fuck outta there and returned home. Jennifer was dead and Biff had Leukemia. Didn't time travel again. Doc wanked me off once.
When I was young I used to draw pictures of some scary face a lot. The weird curvy faces and sharp teeth and whatnot were easy to draw and I was trying to be edgy at the time. After drawing most of these faces I would simply throw them away, but one evening I liked what I drew and taped it to the door of my room. In the middle of that night I woke up from my bed and looked to the door, where I put the paper I saw someone's or something's face over my paper drawing.

The face was blurry, and looking around. I called out to it thinking my mom or dad was the face but no answer. I don't know what I was thinking but I got out of my bed and went to see who it was, which became none other than the drawing on my door. I took it down, crumpled it up and threw it in my trash can before going to bed. Then that morning I picked it up and threw it in a bigger trash can outside.

It ain't spookie but it certainly fucking spooked me at the time.
One time I was watching a hockey game and went to the kitchen to get Cheetos, but there wasn't any.
I didnt eat Cheetos for days.
>be me
>washing the bathroom with the door shut
>listen to 3 knocks on the door
>check it out, no one out
>realize that you are home alone

My house is near a cemetery, Im still spooped
No way?
>my friend was on 10 grams of mushrooms and I was on 21 grams
>my friend ended up becoming possessed by something

Yeah, nothing to do with the fact that you were both high off your face, amiright?
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