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Has /x/ ever met anyone that creeped them...
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Has /x/ ever met anyone that creeped them out? Like something genuinely was off?
>be me
>go to uni in city and come to my home town to visit
>go to bar with some friends
>It's the kind of bar where people wear jeans, flannel shirt and a Jacket
>lots of older regulars
>a man comes in, about mid 20s and sits at the bar
>dress unusually nice, wearing all black, a long top coat, shirt, tie, seater and fancy boots.
>he's pale almost ghost white, with longer than normal black hair slicked back
>he didn't talk, only to order a drink
>his eyes would seem to glow when the light caught them
>a general feeling of uneasiness filled the place
>Everyone was quiet
>usually someone would comment and call a guy dressed like that a "fag" or "homo"
>no one made eye contact with him
>My friends and I go out to smoke
>He's right behind me
>he ask for a cigarette, so I turn around and give him one
>I feel like he's looking into my soul
>he lights the cigarette and leaves
>as soon as he left everyone started talking louder
>everyone was saying how creepy he was
>No one knew who he was or even where he could come from
>I don't live in a tiny town but people knew each other
Did you just post this on /b/?
>be me
>mid 20's with an MBA, basically an acting VP at my investment firm
>driving through some shit hole town on my way to a meeting with potential new client, huge account
>decide to stop and get a beer
>all the inbred cucks are staring me down, looking at my 3,000 dollar Versace suit and expensive watch
>place jovial and animated when I come in, suddenly silent
>I realize I'm overdressed, but I believe in always dressing for your part, and mine is a fucking badass banker wunderkind, so I wear suits even casually
>see particularly insecure red-neckbeards go outside
>never smoke on business trips to avoid rental car and suits smelling like shit
>fuck it, I deserve one. Follow them outside
>ask anon if he has a smoke. He visibly jumps
>I look at his eyes searchingly, wondering why he's so fucking frightened
>see deep-seated, almost complete terror as his eyes meet mine
>he fumbles with the pack and extends a cigarette and lights it for me
>thank him, finish smoke, pay for drink and leave
>everyone is still dead silent after I leave
>fags were so intimidated by my high-society appearance they treat me like some sort of creep
>never coming back here

The whole thing was really unnerving. Should I start taking a gun on my business trips? You know, in case some little redneck Podunk town decides I'm some sort of threat, and goes all Wickerman on me?
that's funny
>in a New England town populated almost exclusively by poor whites and hispanics
>in a local college bar
>I'm in my late 20s, and I dress a little better than the average fuck
>I'm wearing a button-down with a dark blazer, jeans, and some brown cap-toes
>at the bar closing my tab
>only black dude in the bar starts commenting on my jacket
>he's friendly, I thank him and complement the leather bomber he is wearing
>start to ask him about where he got it
>black dude starts insulting my manner of dress in a friendly tone
>think he's joking, try to run with it
>black dude gets more and more hostile in his speech, but is still smiling
>dude starts threatening to beat the shit out o me
>say "Whatever dude" and walk away
>guy pushes him, I give him a dirty look, and he says "I WISH YOU WOULD"
>walk away, he pushes me again
>i turn around and punch him a couple times in the face
>shatter his nose
>he charges, we tussle
>get broken up and thrown out
>owner is pretty racists, doesn't like blacks in his bar, just happy the cops weren't called
>for the next 3 weeks I was the talk to the college campus as the "White racist guy who punched a black gay for no reason"
>MFW no one knows who I am, and only a couple people saw my face
underrated post
> Walking home from school one night
> Live in a kind of shitty neighborhood
> This homeless dude comes up to me and asks me for a cigarette
> Nope, sorry
> Asks me if I can give him $5 so he can buy some
> lol no
> Says some other shit to me but I just ignore it and walked past him
> feel him grab my shoulder
> I swing around and punch him in the jaw
> I'm not a big guy or a tough guy or anything but I hit him right on the button and he went down hard
> His head its the pavement with this sickening *thwok* sound
> See his eyes rolled back into his head and his arm still outstretched like it was when he was grabbing me
> I get the fuck out of dodge

I don't know if I killed that guy or what but it was pretty fucking scary
I'm a drifter. I live out of my van hopping from place to place. Mostly I cook but sometimes I do other jobs. You met some of the best, worst and strangest individuals leading that kind of life. I'll just give you guys a short summary, in greentext of the types of people I met.
>PA. A microbiologist/pathologist who worked on the grid project, (HIV/AID'S) back when Nixon was in office. He and his team sent samples all across the world when the fed cut their budget. Translation they didn't want it cured. Many involved were charged and jailed.
>TX a few bull riders and modern day cowboys all out of their fucking minds. One rodeo clown who the others claimed was unkillable guys been shot twice. Gored by a bull, completely penetrating his abdomen. Trampled at least five times, knocked up 20 feet into the air. Kicked in the head by a horse, beaten to a pulp many a times in dive bars and he's wreck his car over a dozen times. Show's no signs of any of these incidents save for a few scars.
>AK I was working as a carny at the time. This was when I first started traveling Met a satanist. Not the type You'd find here on this board. More of the 2edgy4 u kind. He wore all black had those blasphemous black Rosemary beads and upside down poorly done crosses tattooed on his forearms, oh and of course he wore mascara. I really wish I was making this up but there are people like that. Dude was a freak. Human garbage even by carny standards. He wound up dead lying in his own shit and piss an expression of terror on his face. We found him clutching some decked out fetish item made form a human bone and some other shit.
You shittin' me on that last one? Ending was almost too good to be true desu. Also can you elaborate on this "fetish item"? Maybe he had an orgasm-induced heart attack.
Where the fuck did that "desu" come from? I don't even know what that word means.

Also I would love to hear more stories man. I bet you have a ton
if you say t b h it filters to desu.

blame an hiro.
Why tho? Fucking faggot mook needs to gtfo and go kill some dolphins or rape schoolgirls or whatever the fuck they do for fun in Japanaland.
no idea, he did the same with cuck (turned it to kek, it still happens if you do cuck in all caps), tb.h, s.mh, and f.am
Cuck baka senpai
Fucking slanty eyed douche nozzle
no man its more like KEK
Many years ago when I was a kid with my mom in a grocery store, I saw some guy with a backpack, trenchcoat, and sunglasses walk into the store and we both just looked at each other while he walked in
few minutes later he walked out with a box and triggered the alarm, he just stole a thousand dollar tv
It seemed like I was the only one who noticed him, literally just waltzed out in front of everyone, and no one noticed or cared about the box

I don't know if people were more trusting and casual back then, or if he was one of those wiccans that did one of those spells that makes you more... Incognito, less noticable or something
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