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lucid dreaming general
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You guys have any special reality checks ?
Any "routines" before sleep to make yourself lucid dream ?
Have you tried exploring space, the ocean, etc while having full control ?

Also share stories and experiences.
You can start
I always check my phone's clock, numbers used to scramble and randomize, lately i need to really focus, and just one number changes, don't know why.

I don't have a special routine but i can't fall asleep without music playing on my IEM's. got a playlist of some songs and use "sleep timer" to turn it off after about an hour, the music is not related to lucid dreaming and i find out that without the sleep timer app i get more vivid dreams.

I have yet to explore anything big, but had enough control to teleport myself ( or change the surrounding ? ) to different locations, i close my eyes and really focus on the place , usually say it out loud too, managed to fly and throw people around freely.

I don't keep a dream log tho, always wondered if i should.
I would also want to try to recreate old memories to be an actual scenario in my dream if that makes sense.
do NOT learn to lucid dream

it WILL bite you in your ass

YOU will not get a good nights sleep ever again when you really LEARN to lucid dream

why you ask?

Its simple science, your brain doesnt hit REM sleep for a few hours FOR A REASON!!!!
Elaborate please.
you dream anyway
there is no difference in brain activity between lucid and normal dream.
don't lucid dream or this may happen
Really long, tldr please?
Also i don't know what a tulpa is.
Tried astral projection/mediation/lucid dreaming/whatever for the first time, 3 hours ago.

I'm cant remember if if fell asleep or what, but I've suddenly woken up an hour later covered in hot sweat, with no memory of what happened.

Actually kinda spooked, feel liked I blacked out or something
If you can't differentiate between them, don't think you can succeed.
tl;dr read the first post
either contribute or kindly fuck off.
It's just a creepypasta you aren't missing out>>17192863
Just did some googling, a "Tulpa" is basically an imaginary friend that someone can conjure up. With enough thought they become "reality" in ones mind and has sentience and can interact with the world through their eyes.

TLDR: Guy made a Tulpa and kept giving it power until he had become extremely overwhelmed by it. Ppl gave him advice to take power away from their Tulpa but they didn't listen and eventually just gave in and now Tulpa owns him. That's what I got from it.
Thanks for thr tldr man, but lucid dreaming intrests me more, care to contribute ?
Of course! I myself have been into lucid dreaming as well. I tried keeping a dream journal to help me remember my dreams better to hopefully lead to it but the more and more I dug into my dreams the more nightmarish they became and I was a little shook by it so I stopped. This was when I was a lot younger years back and I haven't tried since the last nightmare. I definitely will pick it back up and see where it takes me since I'm more willing to face my fears now.
Jesus , makes me not want to keep track of them.

How old were you and how old are you now ?
I am also still scared before i fall asleep, but i don't know what I'm scared of, really confused.
what the actual fuck?
is OP dead?
It's fake
I don't have any routines or checks.
Sometimes I feel it's a dream, like "this is not how it's supposed to be and then I lucid dream.
Almost every dream is lucid. I just find a place to sleep in most dreams and go to sleep.

fat weebos roleplaying, his tulpa is some imaginary anime girl who can doi magic tricks and he goes full autism and do full greentext details of his relitionship and sex life with his tupla
i had a lucid dream last ngiht actually.

i was dangling off the tail fin of jet plane that piloted by kramer seinfeld. we were high as fuck, miles up in the air and then all of the sudden we started to lose altitude and the jet was losing control. i let go of the tail fin and started my free-fall down to earth. it was cool as fuck, i was probably falling for about 3 minutes in the dream. when i hit the ground nothing happened, it didn't hurt at all and there was no blood. that's when i realized i was dreaming. then i shape-shifted into a zebra because why the fuck not.

ask me anything.
>kramer seinfeld
Are you high as fuck right now?
lel, no. i wish. i meant to say kramer from seinfeld.
how is it fake?
it's a real thread
and it seems OP's tulpa is real too
Greentexting a few of my lucid experiences
First ever time lucid dreaming using sleep paralysis method
>typical sleep paralysis, for me:
>crazy vibrations, sudden energy in the room
>feel it running lightspeed around my bed
>get caught up in the tornado shes making
>tamping down any creepyfeels, I don't belive in 'entities in the dream realm waiting to attack', that's all bull
>suddenly windchimes
>listen for a moment, enjoying it, cementing it
>open my eyes and I'm in my childhood home
>so fucking real
>I am here
>Go to the kitchen and tell my mom 'I did it! I am master of dreams!'
>too excited, world starts fading, run outside, see a snake climbing up the tree
>most beautiful shades of green I'll never see again
>jerk up, sitting in my bed
>new foreveralone hobby achievment unlocked
To be continued..
Im really eager to start lucid dreaming, I bought melatonin recently too, does melatonin help you lucid dream better?
Why would you buy something without checking if it would work beforehand?
no. it will help your dreams be more vivid IIRC but it doesn't help you get lucid.
I have noticed that I'll remember my dreams allot more when I take it.
I checked it but I wanted to hear you guys opinions

Thanks for the replies, its really interesting what dreaming can do. And I mean were a sleep for at least 20yrs total, might as well make the best of it
if I see women I make a reality check to make sure if I can rape them (cuz of dreaming)
How about making a "dream general" next time?

There'd be more traffic to the thread, and we could cut even more threads off the catalog
i like that idea. we need a good op though.
I've done that in dreams before. I wonder what that says about me.
What do you mean ?
an informative op maybe linking to guides and basic information. maybe an FAQ.

how about

Dream general

If you want to talk about dreams, post it in this thread, rather than make a new thread about it

It doesn't matter if you want to go lucid or astral, an interpretation, or just to share your creepy stories about dreams, or whatever, post it here.

Even if you don't think this is paranormal, you gotta admit, it would cut down the amount of dream threads
Is any of this shit even real
What ?
Lucid dreaming is real.
At the very least, the illusion of LD is real.
could work

>tfw i had a dream i was floating around the moon and then decided to earth
so, schizophrenia?
Actually, it has gone pretty well when I made threads, usually they get a couple hundred posts at least, definitely cuts down on number of threads started and gets more feedback / discussion for peeps
I haven't had the time to talk about people's dreams lately, but I could keep making the general threads, I suppose.

I was kinda hoping someone else would keep it going and just copy the OP format or whatever since I'm busy nowadays like I mentioned

Here is my history of dream threads; as you can see, with around a dozen of them, most got a lot of responses, so I would call it a general success...


I could even add a FAQ to the OP maybe instead of just discussion prompts.....

Idk, what do you think? I've kinda abandoned this idea for a while, but seeing this thread makes me feel hopeful about it
>blacked out
you fell asleep
yeah, that sounds good. we just need to make sure the thread op encompasses all the shit that people would need to make a new thread for

>dream interpretation
>lucid dreaming
>precognitive dreams
>astral projection/OBE
>general dream discussion

feel free to add more. it would be nice having a general for all this stuff. i would use it daily.
Someone should also add links to lucid dreaming techniques that are easy and work so people can learn it the right way
Or add it to the sticky
Literally everything about dreaming is already on dreamviews.org


idk how to link shit just copy and paste
I've projected into neighborhoods/houses of people I've talked to on 4chan..

this is the shit that should go in the general.
More like to deliberately impose a hallucination on yourself. You literally for hours keep concentrating in a illusion, your brain can do it and will do it.
Fuck all this shit, here's what you must know:

>this is no astral projection bullshit, just your fucking subconscious, and in that note, it's even more mystical than spirit flying silver line shenanigans bullshit

>to lucid dream is to awaken the logic side of your brain that usually goes off when you sleep, that's why you go along with any insane monstrosity you sickfuck may dream

>sleep paralysis is an oneiric process everyone goes through when sleeping, but the point is, you are sleeping (also you only have a bad time if you are biased with pussies wimping about my scary sleep paralysis, if you want to have sex with that girl next door you better man up)

>reality checks will help you to get lucid in the middle of a dream, which is the ideal method to lucid dream

>while in a dream, numbers will change when you look again, texts will change too, you may have more fingers, you can breath if you cover your nose and mouth, and the list goes on, these are all reality checks you can do anytime

>people usually turn reality checks into a daily routine so next time it will come naturally in dreams

>if you ever think you are losing lucidness in a dream, do start to spin around, it helps to keep focus

>there are people who naturally becomes lucid in their dreams, and are not aware that this shit is fucking unfair

And this is a dream too, WAKE UP.
Ive tried making dream generals. They get pushed off the board while 20 separate dream related threads get more replies and last longer. It sucks.
That's not true at all
I use two reality checks. One, I look at my hands and feet daily. Keep track of the length of my fingernails stuff like that. It really helps. Two, I keep a hair tie on my wrist during the day and change the color of it often. I check it daily and remind myself what color wearing.

Astral projection is bullshit.
I've had a few lucid dreams, but I must admit most have been sexual. For example, I'm doing some dream thing, going through whatever weird storyline my brain has created. I'll just snap you reality in my dream and look around. The characters around me will continue the story, but if I interact with them they will follow me or do what I want. It's almost scary how realistic it can be. I can still vaguely remember...but it gets hazy
I've tried but never been particularly good at it. Ironically, I usually lucid dream when I'm very ill. And it sucks, because like others have mentioned earlier, I don't feel like I get a restful night of sleep afterwards.

sometimes I think lucid dreaming may not be a good idea

>got into a good pattern of lucid dreaming, getting too exited though and often being sucked out too quickly
>manged to keep cool well once, deep breathing and hands on the floor etc
>was literally 2 mins into exploring my dream world then I saw a man who felt like he wasnt part of my imagination

This is when it got creepy

>stares at me from across the street and says "no you dont" in the most cruel way
>suddenly dream world falls apart like inception and the man is zoomed into my face
>get sucked out of dream and get put in a state of halfway between awake and dreaming, loud "whomp whomp whomp" ringing sound feels like im being teleported into my real body
>end up awake but sleep paralysis, shadow person in my room

>tldr get sucked out of lucid dream by something that wasnt part of my subconcious and end up in a horrible sleep paralysis episode

Never had something like this happen, maybe you weren't in "full control" state ?
Wow, that is absolutely 100 percent the most terrifying thing I've ever heard.

Youre just walking through your dream scape and you see that man, so out of place and just knowing he isnt part of what your suppose to be dreaming. Then he catches your ass looking, as aware of you as you are of him and straight up fucks up your mental doing some sketchy ass shit like freezing your ass in your dream and zooming into you within a second and BAM. Face to fucking face with an entitie more powerful than you in your own dreams.

burning the image of his black soulest demonic face as hes melting the dream scape around you with the loud peircing noise of you being shot back into your body at mach 2.

Then you think your safe when you wake up, but realise you cant move. First thought is "im fucked" and there he fucking is standing over your bed. Jesus fuck, it fucks me up just thinking about it
I've only had two or three lucid dreams. Every time I realize it's a dream I start punching people in the face.

I'm not good at lucid dreaming.
Haven't had THAT happen to me, but I've had lurkers or watchers creep in.
>Doing my dreaming
>slightly become lucid, just enough of a grasp to look around to process what is going on
>see someone stare at me, usually with a mean look
not sure if it's my own mind in a created form getting pissed that I'm fucking with the dream or something else

Your mind doesn't want you to do it.
yeah, I have small recollections of being chased in dreams. Most of those were when I was younger, I'd wake up in the dream and things would get darker and part of the characters would change and start to run after me.
>Its simple science, your brain doesnt hit REM sleep for a few hours FOR A REASON!!!!
That's why we WBTB...

nice digits anyway
It's actually totally possible to have a lucid dream and not remember it. Generally speaking that's one reason why its very important to keep a dream journal: it promotes good recall of dreams.

Another important reason for keeping a dream journal is in case there are recurring patterns in your dreams. These patterns can be used to become lucid if you prompt yourself that you will be dreaming when you see them.

So, basically I highly recommend keeping a dream journal
>Any "routines" before sleep to make yourself lucid dream ?
Oh I'm sure you'd like to use those against me, wouldn't you?
This is really good information. This information should definitely be in the general

>to lucid dream is to awaken the logic side of your brain that usually goes off when you sleep, that's why you go along with any insane monstrosity you sickfuck may dream
This is a really important thing to realize. When you are lucid dreaming you are effectively awake but receiving a virtual, made up world from the rest of your brain (whose job it is to give you that information in the first place). In this way dreaming != lucid dreaming. The brain is doing its dream simulation in both cases but you aren't aware of it when you are asleep. So when you are not sure whether or not you were lucid just be sure that you WILL know it when you are its really unmistakable just as being awake is unmistakable. And as long as you keep recollecting the information in that 3 minute buffer period after waking up you will remember the lucid dream.
Every time I dream I lucid dream and I have been lucid dreaming since I was 7.

>My first lucid dream (that I remember)
was a dream that I couldn't wake up from
>every time I woke up from it, I would wake up in a parallel dream of my reality then when I looked at my window I would fall back into the dream
>it started to become a nightmare
>the dream was the Super Mario 64 level where you do the penguin ice slide
>every time I woke up in the parallel dream I would fall back into the slide and have to complete the level again
>the only problem was that I would get stuck in a pit of ice spikes and not be able to get out
>this was when I first began lucid dreaming so I was not able to control my dreams as I do now, I could not just fly out, or banish my surroundings and create new ones.
>felt like it went on for an eternity
>finally wake up for the last time in the parallel dream
>refused to look at the window again for fear that it would pull me back in
>scream at the top of my lungs
>feel as if a giant bubble in my psyche is popping
>open my eyes and its morning
>mom is in my room picking up laundry
>asks why I slept in so late
>felt like an eternity

Since then I have been able to lucid dream almost every single night. As I became more experienced with lucid dreaming I could do more and more. The most important thing I found out through experience (because I was all self taught and I thought lucid dreaming was normal) was to fully believe in yourself in the dream world. If you have confidence in your choice and action, then you will succeed in your actions.

For example:
>11 years old
>just began masturbating at 10 so horny as fuck
>I'm in my elementary school
>decide I'm going to ask a girl on a date
>Think I'm not good enough
>get rejected
>go up to next girl with confidence
>begin fucking every single girl in my elementary school and grabbing the tits and asses of everyone I see
>teachers are chasing me down the halls
>sexually assault 15-20 girls
>get caught my teachers
>force myself awake

As I grew older my lucid dreams became far more disturbing. I would try everything that I couldn't do in the real world.

I fucked/sexually assaulted all my female friends and my sisters friends and my mom's friends. I fucked/sexually assaulted my teachers, my aunts, my sister.

At age 12 and 13 I lucid reamt a lot about murdering others.
>I'm in a white maze, completely white from floor to ceiling
>I'm in a white ninja suit with a samurai sword
>maze is full of large pulsating monsters
>begin hacking at them
>starts as a nightmare, begins to be fun
>every time I stab or slice multicoloured blood spurts from the wound all over the white room
>kill everything I can until dad wakes me up for school in the morning

After that I began to have dreams of murdering my family, friends, and strangers.

I wanted to explore everything I couldn't in the real world.
I use NLP and "personal anchoring", it takes time to learn this method but it's really powerful. Here's a short guide in the last paragraph: http://astralworlds.com/how-to-stay-lucid/
All my dreams that i remember have been lucid to some degree since i learned to astral project. I just feel different and more more in control and take it from there. One of the most fun times was a dream about a zombie happening. I actually reached behind me and pulled out an automatic rifle from out of nowhere cartoon style and started going to town. I fucking love dreaming.
>>Get sentenced to prison

>>Takes some time, I do bullshit with friends and family, can't remember and it drags on forever

>>Suddenly appear in prison, my head is shaved, so are my genitals

>>Reminds me of my middle school

>>Have a feeling that I've been here, but I've never been arrested, might be a pre-21st century prison, though feels like I've lived through it

>>Two dudes I somehow know but can't remember names 'reunite'(?) in prison

>>Suddenly end up stabbing random person with a rusty metal object

>>We find a random window with sawed off bars and escape from there

>>We suddenly appear in a completely different place, I turn around and the prison is gone, this place is familiar, it has a couple of bricks laid infront of eachother forming a small staircase leading up to a cement wall

>>I've been to this place in my dreams a couple of times throughout my life, I somehow end up here whenever I'm running from something

>>I sprint first, knowing where it leads and I end up on my childhood homes neighbours house roof

>>I look in the distance and it appears as if everything is on fire

>>I turn around and notice the two guys are gone

>>Jump off the roof and suddenly wake up, feeling like I died

This just happened, after two years I ended up back in that place. Throughout the whole dream I retain my whole memory and am always confused about how I ended up there. Once I enter the last sequence of the dream I'm completely aware, once I see the fire and try to run away, but once I enter the shadows I wake up and feel as I've died.
Also, when this happens I usually sleep for a very long time. This time it was 16 hours. I have a regular sleep pattern and don't stay up too late.
idk, I had a dream I woke up and the shadows on the walls were dancing around, and all this talking couldn't understand. very groovy.

Then had a dream I couldn't breath,and woke up and couldn't breath.
I really want to share everything about who i am and how my brain works, but even here ill just get labeled as a troll, or a "work of fiction" I would give everything I had to just have a few hours with some shit hooked up to my brain.
I want to hear all about it bro, post it, or gimme your snapchat .
What do you want to know? I dont even know how to start.
I dont have anything, no social media or shit like that. So ill just talk here for a while if its all the same.
Ok heres a good start I guess.

I once asked my "dreams" (which is more like a mediation i guess?) how free will and destiny can co exist.

Pretend you are an artist, who has been asked to paint something on video.

While it is being filmed, you are free to make any choice, you can paint a flower, you can paint a mountain, or halfway through you can set the whole thing on fire, but once you are done, its done.

Due to the dimensional shape of our universe, and "time" acting as our ability to move around, rather then some mystical thing we make it out to be. To every higher dimensional space our entire lives would be little more complicated then looking at the video of someone painting.
File: 1450944138188.jpg (42 KB, 550x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>walking around the block
>thinking about my faggot ass landlord
>wait, didn't I move back to my family last month?
>I did, why am I here
>must be a dream
>see qt I haven't seen since high school
>she hated me so let's test this
>we chat a bit, gives me her number
>damn this really is a dream
>a naked dude appears out of nowhere
>stabs me in the neck with a knife
>wake up
>neck hurts like a motherfucker
I use to Lucid Dream in my younger years, and stuff like this use to happen to me all the time. Particularly the "whomp, whomp, whomp" sound. Whenever I hear it now in my dreams, I instantly panic, and force myself awake.
it's funny how your dreams react to rl stuff, I bet you were laying at a bad angle on the pillow and it was hurting your neck

sometimes my dream will switch to me having to piss...and when i do I have to pee for extremely long periods, I mean it feels like hours peeing and when I wake up I gotta pee of course
I had the most Freudian dream of my life, and I doubt anyone can top it:
>See a small child
>Recognise him vaguely; had some familiar physical characteristics
>He siccs a woman on you

>The woman is your own mother, only with a twisted grin and a good degree taller than IRL and clad in virgin white
>"Kill him, Gramma!"
>She floats above the floor, her neck twisted to an unnatural angle
>The boy commands her to protect him, and again, to kill you
>Realise you're dreaming
>Place your palm on her forehead
>Exorcise her hostile thoughts like an evangelical preacher
>Force thoughts of lust into her mind
>She can barely keep off your dick
>"Time to put it back where it came from"
>She rubs against you until you're edging
>"Hold on, Mum, I'm going to cum before I get inside you"
>A look of maniacal enthusiasm accompanied by the lewdest friction causes you to erupt in your jam-jams
>Wake up next to your boyfriend, covered in your own watery cum
Has to be fake lol
File: 1332505150227.png (51 KB, 200x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 200x202
It is not. I swear, this happened last night
i fucked a panda on the dining table in my dream
Shit thread desu
whats so fucking hard about reading the first post

The best thing to do while lucid dreaming is to find other people in the astral plane.
Thanks saved
Thank you!
The real question here: is your mom hot?
I've never lucid dreamed before but I'm going to make my first attempt tonight very soon. I have a question though, I have this idea for a reality check and I'm not sure if it is good or will be effective at all. My idea is to twiddle a tube of chapstick with my fingers in a very specific way that forms a looping pattern, I've been doing this with pencils and pens for years. My logic behind this is that I'm not very good at it and it usually slips from my fingers easily, I don't know if it's from a lack of hand-eye coordination or what, but I've never been great at it and I can't do it very fast. I don't know how that experience will differ in a lucid dream world though. Anybody got any advice?
I lucid dream at will. WILD during a nap when I'm not super tired, always during the day. I put the TV on in the background so just as I'm sleeping I get woken up then I lie still until I feel sleep paralysis hit and then I step into images. Full expectation that I'll be lucid is key.

I've never had a bad lucid dream to be honest. I typically do a lot of base jumping for some reason, and I've walked on the moon, which was weird but so vivd.

I also enjoy talking to my own entities. Weird experience one time where I couldn't just wish one away and it kept arguing that it was dreaming me. Made me wonder how many other seats of consciousness there might be in my head.

Like, when you're driving your car and thinking about something else, but you make it home, who was driving? Or if you were on the phone but are writing, then who was phone?
Does anyone else have semi-lucid dreams? As in, you aren't in the 3rd person or 1st person of your dream, but a between state where you can think and contemplate? More often than I lucid dream, I'll start to have thoughts that are sort of "behind the scenes" I guess. Like I'm somewhere else thinking different things while the dreams are going on. Sort of both places at once. I can't figure out why it happens. Sometimes its while I'm dreaming, sometimes everything is black, but I know I'm asleep.
I've never been able to do WILD, just DILD. I can get to the point of sleep paralasis, and then just sleep into stage one sleep. Do you have any tips? I try it during naps or with the sleep-wake method but it never works for me.
realizing you are dreaming is real..

last time I did it was the first night I bought a bag of Glycine and took about four grams..

In a dream I had a car accident and while i was looking the damage over I realized I was dreaming and just quit that scene.

I did not think of what to do next though so I just shifted to some other dreamline ..

I think you really need to be far from any kind of sleep deprivation to be successful in orchestrating a lucid dream .

if you have not been sleeping enough or well for some time you really need that deeper sleep and functioning in a lucid state in the dream seems to require enough energy that you don't need to stay in deeper states of sleep.

I wish I could fly like the OP pic on demand.. I've never known the feeling of liberation from the weariness of life as after having flown in a dream..
I'm pretty good at flying in lucid dreams, not much else though. I daydream about flying a lot so I think that could help.
>>172032that really cool.
i never had a lucid dream.
any good advise, for getting one.
I've never done anything in particular to get them but I do lucid dream a few times a year.

It just suddenly occurs to me mid dream that I'm asleep. Usually just end up going around fucking everyone. Never tried flying or any of that.
Yeah it was pretty horrible.
Woke up eventually sweating etc couldn't get back to sleep

Sometimes I have a theory that characters in your dream are not formed of your subconscious and are just taking part in your dream or creating a story for you.

For example

>In dream prior to the lucid dreaming
>Talking to my stepdad and he makes a comment that is totally out of character
>Thinking shit this isnt him and realise it must be a dream
>Say to my stepdad your my stepdad are you
>Stepdad in dream stares at me and says "oh you've figured it all out haven't you" in the creepiest way ever
>Wake up in the next dream where I ended up becoming fully lucid
> " you figured it all out haven't you "

Creepiest thing I've read .
I can't take from the ground until I started to see the sky when I was awake. Now I can fly without a problem. I think I was looking too much the ground because I was depressed.

Also I can go back in time a few seconds and use some force power like force push (I was playing Jedi Academy that time and stuck with me)
Pinching your nose and trying to breathe through it is the best reality check. It always works.
projecting your own fatness onto other people to humiliate them because you know it works so well on yourself
see tulpa.info
>doi magic tricks
read again
projecting your own autism onto other people to humiliate them because you know it works so well on yourself

you also missed the giantess fetish and the spiritual aspect

1/10 summary, a retarded moron could be proud
In dreams there are different location with it's unique laws. I've been in places where I can jump high and slowly descend and some where I need to hold on to the ground stuffs to stop myself floating up high. I have more options in dreams than in my earlier days I guess you can learn to control the dream as you grow up though not lucid level. Yesterday night I accidently visited a zombie town by climbing up hills and trespassing broken walls in an abandoned place.
> few times a year

I feel so bad for you.
I'm gonna be honest with you

I only want to go lucid so I can fuck famous girls
Greentext some stories bro, i wanna hear it.
File: static rising.gif (233 KB, 267x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
static rising.gif
233 KB, 267x375
>I doubt anyone can top it

A nigga can try

>dream starts
>I'm in some huge dome the size of like 20 football fields, with a huge pole rising in the middle
>the sky is of a sickly red color, like very cloudy but the clouds and the light behind them are the color of blood or pimple puss
>all across the dome there are people, hundreds of them, having sex
>not just regular sex, perverse shit like S&M to the point of mutilation, scat, even bestiality
>don't really remember my own reaction to the sight, probably just "wtf is going on"
>all of the sudden, a loud, mechanic noise pierces the air, like a mixture of an air-raid siren and metal screeching against metal
>there is a HUGE ass blade coming my way
>realize the blade, the pole in the middle and the dome are just parts of a really big coffee grinder
>the double blade keeps on spinning, slicing all the things having sex in half
>I'm the only thing alive, knee deep in a mix of blood and cum
>wake up

Had this dream maybe 3 years ago, still the weirdest and most disturbing one I've had
Unfortunately I can't, I'm yet to have a single lucid dream. I'm working towards it

I've dreamt of boning Halle Berry and Monica Bellucci though, shit was cash
It's kinda dumb thing to say, but fucking in dreams is even more fun than irl for some reason
Fuuuuucckkk, I get the same thing all the time. I take a break to go piss and I'm there forever. Just endless amounts of piss coming out of me. I hate it 'cus you never feel any closer to being done.
Aww that's too bad, hope you succeed bro.
A few days ago I had a weird lucid dream that I visited another alternate dimension, even more weird was that I remember the name of the planet and the galaxy I visited. Woke up feeling like I fell off a cliff.
So what are the names?
Most annoying thing is forgetting the names of stuff you heard / saw in your dream.
The planet was called Neilath, for some reason. It was an alternate version of our Earth, except the continents and countries were different. The galaxy itself was called Gavarix. Tried googling it and nothing came up. Still leaves me thinking to this day.
I would hope so it's only been a few day apparently.
I remember visiting a twin Earth in my dreams once. The same night I dreamed I went to Mars. I've had several dreams about the moon. And almost weekly I dream of things happening in the sky and me watching. Either UFOs or warfare.
Oh fuck, you just reminded me of a dream I had of watching these guys in crop dusters fight off an alien invasion. It was crazy as hell. Explosions all over the sky. They were going so slow compared to the aliens but they won some how. It all happened really low to the ground as well. So I could see it in great detail. Scared as fuck knowing that my life and the planet's depended on these guys in crop dusters. I waved to a few of them after the battle and they waved back. God bless those fools.
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I was buying magic cards from this store all night. Thats my dream.
I could go into more detail if anyones interested. One thing I can tell you about this planet was that America didn't exist.
Haha. I never see the people involved. Its always just me looking at the sky as its happening. Most of the time Im trying to convince someone else of what I see and they cant see it and dont believe me.
If it's not too much to ask , be really specific, also thanks for sharing, I'll read it in the morning since it's almost 3 am good night and thanks again !
I'd find it weird if it did, go on.
Oh, I hate that. I've had dreams where people got mad at me for trying to help or warm them. Those are the worst. Well those and the endless pissing dreams.
I've had a lucid dream once and only once. I can't remember the dream but one I realized that it was one, I could suddenly feel my real body. I tried as best as I could to stay dreaming, it I woke up immediately after that. I want to be in that state again. I didn't even get to do anything cool :(
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Sure go ahead,and I'll tell mine as much as I can remember it.
It started on Mars. Or what Im assuming to be Mars. Definitely a red planet. Red dirt as well as a red tinge to the atmosphere. I walked over to this part where there was a small limb sticking up out of the surface. Actually,more like a small tree rather than a limb. Only a few leaves on it though and the branches didnt extend very far out. There was a "rover" type vehicle turned over on its side and damaged pretty badly. At this point,I was given some sort of signal that I could go anywhere else I wanted to go,but to make my decision quick. I dont remember choosing,but all of the sudden I was on this hill. For some reason it registered in my mind that it was a twin Earth. I saw people walking down the hill,but it was weird,like the gravity was almost even more powerful. Because the hill was so sloped that walking down it on normal earth would surely cause someone to fall. But they walked down and were able to stay upright,even walking down the side of the hill. Thats when I noticed the wind was blowing really really hard. So hard I could see it. It looked like clouds swirling around me. I also noticed the people were scared of the wind. And for some reason my mind told me that these people were clones of people from Earth. I dont remember any of them looking like anyone I knew. And I dont remember what any of them looked like other than a lady with short bobbed blonde hair. So..yeah. Thats my story.
I dont think I've ever tried to warn anyone of anything. At the most,I just see the UFOs or the fighting and Im so transfixed that nothing else ever really happens. But Im always so enthusiastic in trying to share with people and they never seem to care as much as I do. I did have one a couple of weeks ago where I was standing outside with a news crew as ISIS was using UFOs to try to attack wherever I was. That was really interesting.
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I'll post one of my lucid sex dreams with a celebrity
>somehow on a tour bus with young people
>some faceless girl next to me talking
>sorta wake up in the dream and kinda 'snap my fingers', she turns into miranda cosgrove
>she's wearing this lose, white tank top and a mini shirt
>I lean into her and she leans her head back against me, her long neck sticking out
>I start kissing her nice..I can actually feel the pulse and I slide my hand up her arm to her chest inside her shirt..no bra
>I tweak her hard nipple and she straddles my grinding up hard against me
>the smells, feels everything is so fucking real
>a horn honks and I'm fucking walking in the goddamned woods in some other dream adventure, my grasp of lucidity slowly slipping
>wake up pissed
Well, if you did it once you can probably do it again, yeah.
based kiri im jealous

Its a bit long, so i'll break the story into pieces

Mine begins with me floating or flying at the speed of light, is the best I can describe it. I stop at an unknown Galaxy, its light blue and has a bright white center, I approach a part of this Galaxy like I somehow knew where I was going. I stop at a planet that resembles just like our own, only a few things are off. As I'm approaching the planet, I see the entire midsection of the U.S was underwater, only the upper north and southern parts remained. I don't know why, maybe it had to do with earthquakes or oceans rising. So, in this world, obviously America was never formed. I land in what I think is modern day London, only they looked slightly technologically advanced. I looked around and I saw that the sky was crystal clear blue, like if pollution hadn't hit this world yet. I approached a guard and he greeted me like if I was from their world. I clearly remember asking "where am I?". He responds with "Planet Neilath" I guess he saw through me that I wasn't from here or something. I continued walking and saw futuristic looking cars and very luxurious buildings. After a while, I found a holographic computer screen and on it was the location of the planet, and the name of the galaxy itself, the Gavarix Galaxy.

This is seriously so cool. The fact that you can even remember names is awesome. Do you remember enough about the futuristic cars to describe or draw them?
first lucid dream
>hanging out in my childhood house's kitchen
>realize somethings off
>notice that i am viewing myself from a 3rd person view
>realize that i must be in control of my dream
>wonder what i have control of
>have the idea to try and will myself awake
>wake up

I slowly zoom out of the area and see that England had more land than it should have back on Earth. As I scan more of the planet, it looks like the oceans have been rising at a crazy rate since most of the continents that should appear, were underwater. The last thing I saw was that Brazil was practically made of islands, God knows what the fuck would be living in their Amazon since that part was completely underwater. 3/4 of Africa was also gone. Same goes for the eastern countries, Russia had also lost a 1/4 of their land. And the Philippines, gone. I flew back out of the planets atmosphere and got one last look of the Galaxy before waking up.

To conclude, it almost felt like this planet was struggling to fight its oceans rising waters, and maybe England had enough tech to stabilize the water around them or something.
They had a more bulky build but one of the car brands I did see was a Peach metallic Renault SUV with a hydro-electric engine. The design itself screamed future more than luxury.
Bullshit. It's a well known fact common to anyone that's actually had a lucid dream that text in them is almost always indesipherable. It's so common in fact that it's used as a reality check in a lot of SILD techniques because text just doesn't work right in the dream state.
Not him, but while that may be a general rule I don't think it's impossible. I've been able to read things in my dream before, including text.
yeah, a few times I've been lucid and tried to read stuff in books and on walls, whatever. it's all jumbled like my eyes are blocking the words from being definable

the creepiest lucid I've had was being in a closed in society. It was divided into 2 factions. I snuck to the other side as was walking down what felt like a food bazaar, it felt very indian. These guys were selling food and there were rows of cooking meat and vegetables on these grills. The scary thing was they were grilling themselves alive. This one man was against the wall and he was cooking his legs...it smelled extremely good too
no u
That sounds so cool. I dont know much about cars but wouldn't it be weird if you had dreamed up an idea for a car and then in the future you see it. Actually,that could be really frustrating at the same time. It would probably almost feel like someone taking credit for your own creation.
Dreams have no rules buddy.
you ate my fuckin shitzel@
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No, actually some people can read stuff in dreams no problem. Straight up.
Probably everybody potentially can...
For me it's annoyingly difficult, but if I'm lucid enough, I can do it.

haha noob
I tried melatonin recently (5mg in the evening) and I confirm the dreams are very vivid and I now remember dreaming 2-4 times each night, while I could not remember a single dream before.
Haven't gone lucid yet, but having them that vivid seems to be a good way there.
The drawback is I tend to wake up at night, right when the dream ends. It has never happened to me before, I always slept whole night long without waking up.
wtf is this? I really have no words...
but I'm curious what happened to OP later
did he die?
alright so here is mine lucid dream

>I am at the main square at my town
>walk into a farmacy and exchange 10 bucks for a bracelt you can pay with
>get an amazing idea that i could use this a lot of times
>meet my friend there he brings a wheelchair for some reason
>i get into the wheel chair and we fly to some castle
>meet my other 2 friends there
>we walk around and 1 of my friends gets onto some fence while hes holding my vape
>he accidently bangs my vape onto the fence
>vape doesn't brake, i'm glad
>all 3 of us get onto the fence and we brake it
>6 kids start chasing after us
>i tell my friends to go
>i beat the shit out of those 6 kids
>suddenly i'm in school
>some guy pushes me
>i push him back
>i spawn in a black room and change the color from black to white
>suddenly feel wierd
>feel like something is with me in the dream
>shave my arms but there is still hair there
wake up
Why do people think it's serous
I have a question, why are my powers as a creator limited even when I am 100% I am dreaming and am 100% concentration to manipulating the fabric of my dreams? Some examples;

>can fly in dreams, but it follows the logic of needing something to fly ON like a branch or a broom
>even so as I get higher it takes more concentration and effort to go higher than roof level, and my flying is really wobbly and unstable the higher I go
>try to transform the shapes of things, but only partially works and gets stuck in between two things
>try to control people in my dreams, but they only behave as if under minor hypnosis and can break out of it
>if I try to teleport I can travel to logically associated places, but not completely to a new area

Its like someone put a dampener on my omnipotence. There is no logical reason that I shouldn't be able to do what I like once I'm lucid.
well, u do need to concentrate on what you are doing, try thinking very hard on what you want in your dream
You need more experience or you don't concentrate enough.

Oh I have been concentrating hard and have lucid dreamt for years now. Since I am conscious of this issue I been trying very hard to overcome it but it really feels like I am being stifled somehow. Its like trying to force out a gush of water out of a blocked opening. I get SOME result, but not at the levels I am trying for.
Maybe you just need more practice. Maybe you're not as all powerful as you thought.

A neat thing I do to fly is the triple jump from super mario 64, like when you wear the wing cap. That always works. Sometimes though it's more like I'm controlling the wind and using it to lift me up and away.
I can spawn things but only if I don't see them appear(like just pop into reality), so I carry around a back pack and just pull whatever out of it, a scooter is my go to.

Try to find a work around is what I'm saying.
No idea mate, everything should be possible regardless of logic, it shouldn't effect the dream world.

Maybe you're too serious, think too much.
I really don't know.
try to change your surroundings
I do that by running without paying attention and when I stop I'm where I want to be.
i meant irl
try to get your bed in a diffrent angle or something like that
Try to do it like me, close your eyes, imagine the place you want to be in, say it loudly if needed and open your eyes.

Worked for me.
btw you can also try looking up places you want to be on the internet
>i meant irl
>try to get your bed in a diffrent angle or something like that
Are you sure you know what you're talking about? This is lucid dreaming we are discussing right? Not astral nonsense.

Sure that works sometimes, but when it doesn't my way works for me and I'm fine with it.
If it doesn't work you're not completely in control , might be what's causing the barriers.
idk i havent tried that, myb it will work
Btw that guy is not completely wrong, on my bed i get amazingly vivid lucid dreams, on the couch i barely remember my dreams .

Don't know if it's relevant.
I'm not the guy asking for help. I'm suggesting alternate methods that have worked for me.

I'm not worried about being in control. Actually I don't actively pursue lucid dreams. They just happen occasionally. I personally prefer my dreams to be crazy adventures and stories that I have no control over.

Ohhhhh, my mistake, I thought he meant trying to move it with my mind or something while I was dreaming. Now I see what he meant. This is /x/, I guess I just expected that. My bad.
kek, i forgot to ask in the original post if you guys keep a dream journal, i want to start writing down my dreams on a note app as soon as i wake up.

Don't know if that really helps or not.
is it true what they say about apple juice?
What is it they say anon ?
I really get the impression that a lot of people who claim to have lucid dreams or actually believe they do are actually just lying in bed and having conscious daydreams.
No but I just got a really nice journal for christmas, one I don't intend to ruin with my scribbling, and thought I'd use it as one. I just poor a lot of effort into remembering my dreams. Mostly because me and my freinds like to share them with each other. I can remember about 3 or 4 of my dreams a night with little effort, if I take time to recall them after I wake. Regardless, you should, it's a good practice.
Well, I've read in a number of seemingly reliable spots that apple juice induces lucid dreams.
That's silly anon.

Haha my writing is horrible, that's why i want to use an app.
Unfortunately i got no one to share my dreams with.
You're lucky !
There's probably more than a few.

I think I've heard this too. Not sure, but it wouldn't surprise me. Sure is tasty. The sweet tang is what makes me think this is true. Probably anything that you eat or drink will affect you in some way and it may differ from person to person.
You got /x/. At any given time there's like ten dream threads, minimum, up. You're guaranteed that one of those is a sharing thread. People even shared in this thread.
That's why i made this thread.
I meant no one in real life, people take dreams for granted.
I dont need reality checks. I start the dream while beeing aware.
I have trouble mantainig the dream. It usually feels like ive been dreaming all night but when i wake up its only been 10 minutes.
What is real life, eh. But yeah, not everyone puts as much importance in them as some. Which is kinda understandable but sad to see sometimes.
I get sad 'cus I have, what is apparently, a strange obsession with the sky. Not anything mystic or spiritual. I just like looking at the sky, enjoy a rare view, and often point it out to others. But others never seem to care.

>be me
>hangin' with friends or family
>notice a rad looking pink twilight lit sky or some shit
>stare at it for a while
>decide to speak up
>"hey, check out how cool the sky looks"
>they look for like a second
>"yeah, cool"
>back to their phone or weed or whatever.
>die a little inside
Sorry for my not so perfect english but I'll try to explain my weird morning

> Need to wake up early to study for exams, wake up one hour before and decide to stay in bed a little more.
> Fall asleep
> It seems I'm sleepwalking in my house doing weird things like moving objects, putting them in odd positions
> Wake up
> Search around the house for misplaced objects, see nothing unusual.
> "It must have been a dream"
> Walk in the bathroom
> Wake up
> "Oh, a false awakening"
> Get off the bed
> Do a reality check (even if I'm sure I'm not dreaming anymore) it doesn't work
> "Well, time to study"
> Open the curtains, see the trees outside, green, full of leaves
> It's winter
> And this is not the view from my bedroom but from the kitchen
> "Something's not right"
> Immediately become lucid
> Realise I don't know what time it is and it feels like I've been dreaming for ages, I still need to study
> Concentrate on my body in the bed
> Can't wake up.pnj
> I feel, see and hear a lot of things and details. It really doesn't feel like a dream.
> Turn on my alarm clock and hear a perfectly normal radio program.
> Look at the cover of the book on the nightstand. Also normal I can read the title and the autors's names
> Begin to doubt I'm dreaming
> Now there is a loud guitar sound, the same note every second, it's in my head, not from the radio
> "Nope, definitely dreaming"
> Suddenly wake up
> Look at the clock. Only 7 or 8 minutes have passed since I first (really) woke up. It doesn't seem possible.
> "What"
> Do a reality check, it doesn't work
> I need a moment to really be sure I'm in the reality.

I didn't try to lucid dream for a long time (several years) I know I don't really need to train, I could do it without trying when I was a child to wake up from nightmares.
But when something like this happen it doesn't seems like normal lucid dreams so I'm wondering something: Is it possible to dream that you are lucid dreaming ?
Yes, happened to me alot, never panicked tho, i just throw my head backwards and wake up.
At some point over the past year I've been able to read complete sentences in my dreams, and then I'll go back to read it again and the content will be the same. So that's cool.
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image (1).jpg
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>be me, younger
>anywhere from 8 to 11
>having some basic kid dream
>in a toy store lined with star wars action figures
>suddenly a werewolf appears
>look it straight in the eye and say, "you can't hurt me, I'm dreaming!"
>wake up
Yeah, but these two twings aren't really connected...
I had a fairly successful lucid dream a few nights ago. But my problem was slowing down. As I would look at different things or go different places, I would rapidly teleport to and from them. I could slow it down some but it was extremely difficult to maintain a slower speed.
i had a dream i was lucid dreaming before, yours sounds kinda scary. Mine wasn't interesting at all, just king of confusing, but yeah it can happen,
maybe because it is, at least very plausible
have you ever had a tulpa?
In my dreams when they go on and on, I think like "This can't be real! It's awfull!" Then I like, bite my lip, then don't feel it, then giggle, and wait for me to wake up
I've been having a lot of apocalyptic dreams recently, most I can't remember because they happen with such frequency I cannot recall all the insane details of them but;

>live on a ridge overlooking the city of Calgary
>dream of being on this ridge, sitting on a bench overlooking the city
>Suddenly become extremely nervous
>See a plane in the sky it drops what seems to be a bomb
>Massive flash of light, wake up.

Another one;

>Be downtown in an apartment complex i've never been inside
>Go onto the balcony with a friend, cant remember the conversation
>Suddenly a plane crashes into the Calgary Tower
>it didnt really seem like a terrorist attack, whoever was flying the plane was just full retard
>freak the fuck out, jump off the balcony(its like two stories so whatever)
>Look up
>Massive fucking aircraft carrier in the sky or some shit I have no idea what the fuck this thing was just randomly explodes
>Run to a bridge, wake up as I hear the wreckage behind me

And to top it off(mind you these didnt happen in order but this is one of the earliest ones I remember that fits this theme)

>Hanging out with friends outside of my apartment
>Decide to go to Mac for delicious pretzel pieces
>the complexes are 4 identical buildings in a row
>half of them are completely gone, nothing but a crater
>for some reason this doesn't bother me at all and I slide down like a little kid

And a completely unrelated dream I still remember to this day because of how vivid it was

>be about 6-7 years old don't quite recall
>keep having a dream about standing on the very edge of a tornado
>i mean literally standing on a quickly shrinking current of wind
>Always freak the fuck out ,scared shitless and fall in wake up sweating and crying
>Eventually it happens so much I'm not afraid of it anymore, jump right into it laughing

I've had some really fucked up dreams I should start keeping a journal but the first thing I think of when I wake up is to either jerk off or poop.
Oh and another one that is probably the most /x/ dream I have ever had.

>With friends downtown, but this is like Calgary in 2025 or something everything is very advanced, trains travel super fast and everything has a very high tech feel to it
>Just going from station to station for some reason
>Eventually we end up in what seems to be a science lab or something, it was very out of place because it was dark and dingy
>Friends and some random people I don't ever remember seeing are freaking the fuck out
>This black goo comes out of nowhere and devours someone
>Everyone panics and freaks the fuck out, running in different directions trying to hide
>It oozes everywhere and gets through almost everything, door cracks, windows etc
>Me and a half dozen people trapped in a room with no exit, try to shove towels under the crack to prevent ooze from getting through
>does nothing, i hide in a closet and wait for the ooze to take me, wake up.

I also had a lovecraftian dream in a coastal city that was completely alien to me.

>City seems like an old rust town, vast amount of water surrounding it
>The water is pitch fucking black
>You can see strange shapes and odd protrusions coming out of it
>No one seems to notice but me
>Suddenly shit hits the fan at mach 9001
>Crazy, unexplainable abominations start marching out of the sea
>They start just taking people and dragging them into the depths at random
>Make the most god awful sounds imaginable
>Gather together as many people as I can, mostly kids I've known from my past
>We hole up in this massive cargo container and lock the fucking doors
>Hear all sorts of insane shit going on outside, everyone including me is panicing
>Eventually sounds stop and we decide to open the door
>Everyone is gone, water has gone back to a tranquil black state
>What the fuck, wake up.

I think my dreams are trying to tell me something is going to happen soon.
1. The realization will come when it does.
2. They're interesting, but for whatever reason I'm not really interested in starting them.
3. I don't do much with mine. Those do sound interesting.

I had one yesterday. I had a handgun and broke into someone's house through the back porch I think because I was looking for a code to something, maybe a safe. I don't know if I was the good guy or the bad guy, but after awhile (particularly as I realized I was dreaming) I was just doing it because it was fun. I found it painted on the back of the person's bathroom door. I kept the gun pointed at them while I either recorded or entered the code into whatever I needed.

I ran out of the house through the front door. A sniper hiding in the trees started shooting at me. I did this really retarded dodging that somehow worked. Started sprinting over to the street on the other side, though I felt that I had still evaded him despite the fact that I hadn't really done anything to escape.

At this point I became aware I was dreaming and decided to have two wishes - granting myself unlimited energy and endurance, then making the sky blue (I think that it was more like that faded green effect that you'd see on Portlandia's intro) but have it be closer to dusk.
You put a damper on yourself. The key to dream control isn't wants, it isn't desires, it is expectation.

It's a different feeling, but you have to cultivate a feeling of expecting/knowing yiu can fly, or expecting /knowing yiu can do anything. The thought that it is difficult or requires something makes it difficult because the dream is the world of thought.

There is a good excersize to prsctice, look at the ceiling when your awake and expect it to look like it's rising up and down like it's breathing. Know it is. When it looks like it is, remember that feeling and unleash it on your dreams.

Total dream control once you're lucid.
Exactly. They just can't see their dream boundaries, so they aren't trying to overcome them
My grasp on reality is fading.

I have dreamed multiple entire lifetimes. They usually start out as lucid dreams, I gradually lose powers, flight often goes first, but usually teleportation is the last to go.
As the dream world solidifies and begins to follow consistent internal logic, I begin to question whether I am dreaming or if this is the real reality, and have I only been hallucinating that or something.
Days go by, and weeks. I usually have a job, and it's usually decent. I've managed restaurants, been a code monkey, a truck driver, an electrician, lots of things.
When I sleep, I occasionally have dreams, never lucid.
After a few months it's pretty clear that I used to lucid dream, but don't any more.
Eventually, something happens and I die. I never get to die of old age, but after about 10-20 years of adult life, I begin to get very depressed and develop a feeling of intense forboding, a certainty of impending doom.
My death is usually an accident, like losing control of a car and going off the side of a mountain, or slipping and breaking my neck. Occasionally I am killed, usually by gunshot, once by stab in the chest.
When I die, I wake up to this one, consistent life.
This life sucks. I have terrible luck, every decision I make is wrong no matter the strength of the basis on which I make it, I work very hard but earn very little, have no personal life to speak of, and most worryingly, I have an extremely bad memory. I am 30+ years old but can only remember snippets of it, mostly of negative events.
I am also aware that I haven't had a lucid dream in years, except the one I just awoke from.
I mean, I can remember dozens of lucid dreams, have a vague feeling of dozens more with no details, and can recall having lived about ten seperate dream lives. But they were all years ago.
Only every time I wake from one, I seem to have been about 30years old, in this same dreary life. Not possible.
The worst part is, I'm feeling the old sense of depression, and forboding, only I have never felt it before in what seems to be my "base" reality.
I'm getting lucid dreams again, the regular kind, not the ones that segue into new lives.
I feel that I am about to either live another life, or die for real. Maybe both.
I don't even know that this is real.

A side note: I've never watched inception. The entire idea of the movie disturbs me on a level I can't begin to describe.
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I've been thinking about getting into lucid dreaming again just to help combat my bad dreams recently. I tried in the past and didn't have a lot of luck, but I'm hoping this time around I can actually gain and maintain lucidity.

I remember my first (accidental) lucid dream vividly; I was standing in my front yard with my dog on the leash so she could do her business. She assumes the position, and her anus starts to expand, opening up into a huge dark cavern. Naturally I'm horrified, but the expanding continues until it became a massive, blue flame spitting jet turbine.

"Well, I this shit has got to be a dream."

All the terror is gone, I'm the god damn God of this world. I shapeshift into a fuzzy/feathery dragon thing (pic related) and take flight to the nearest metro area and start tearing shit up in dragon form. Banking around buildings, crashing through skylights and mauling tiny humans is all good fun, but being able to roar like a monster is so satisfying.

Now, whenever I accidentally slip into lucidity, I go straight for that form and just run amok. My second lucid dream was me in the same form having aerial dogfights with other dragons through a Zion-esque landscape. That dream was better than sex. Now if I could just force lucidity at will...
Start writing more. No one's memory is perfect, but you can better recall your dreams and your real waking life with a higher accuracy when you write things down directly after they happen to you, or the same day they happen to you. Just the act of writing these things down reinforces the memories because you have to recall them in order to write them down. This could really help you out. Take advantage of this very powerful tool.
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Lucid dreaming is not real.
You should seek to empower yourself. Look into chakra work, because you have some growing to do on multiple levels. Your fears are holding you back from enjoying life more fully. Inception is a great movie, and it can be just that: a movie. Don't be scared, have courage, be strong, strong in heart, and strong in mind.
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>new age bla bla hippy garbage
Tried LD a few years ago. I saw something on tv about it, which piqued my interest. Read a few online guides and attempted, but I'm rarely conscious of dreaming and I tend to only remember vivid dreams that get the adrenaline pumping.

A few months after trying and failing to be aware I was dreaming, I had what you might call a semi-lucid dream. I became aware I was dreaming, but I would forget and drift along, then remember I was dreaming.

It was like I was in a computer game, like Skyrim. The sky was orange, like a sunset. there were plants and trees around, but I could not focus on them properly. I was being 'chased' by this angry looking giant guy wearing medieval armor and carrying a ridiculous hammer. I did not have to run to get away from him, but I had to keep moving. I wasn't afraid exactly, because I knew I was dreaming, but I still did not want to get caught.

Every time I turn around, I would get lost. All my bearings and the scenery would change. Sometimes new things would appear that were not behind me a moment before, like a road, or buildings.

I ended up hitching a ride in a pick up truck while the giant chased me, rolling barrels out the back of it like Donkey Kong. I started to get a bit paranoid after a while and looked for a way 'out' of the dream. The truck dropped me off at a town, I looked around for a way out. There was a building with an exit light on it. I went in, closed the door behind me. There was a well lit room with no furniture and no obvious light source. I looked around for the light source, realized the door to the room had disappeared, realized I was dreaming again, then woke up.

Nothing exiting or educational, really. Kind of fun though.
I should probably add, in this life, I seem to be pathologically incapable of strong emotion.
I can feel feelings, they're just...soft. fuzzy.
Somebody cuts me off in traffic, I cuss at them and forget about it 30 seconds later.
I can enjoy doing things like playing games or watching a movie, but if you ask me if I want to, the answer is no, and I tend to get bored quickly.
Challenging games or work hold no interest for me. I never get a sense of accomplishment. Everything seems pointless.
I also can't get panicked. At all.
Bricks remain unshat in any situation. Attacked by a dog? Completely calm as I kick it until it fucks off.
Gash open my arm on a twisted piece of steel? Fuck, that's gonna need stitches. All this blood is making a mess. Fucking ER visit is gonna cost a fortune.
Get T-boned by a pickup? Huh, I think my arm is gonna need surgery, feels broken in at least two places. I hope this asshole has insurance.(I was right about the first part, but it was only one really gnarly break).
And worst of all, I feel absolutely nothing for people I used to care for.
My parents, my siblings, my friends...keeping in touch is too much of a hassle. Literally facebook, an occasional call, or text are too much bother. Grandparents dying? Don't care. I should care. I want to care. Literally can't.
I'm not even afraid of dying. I just don't want it to hurt.

But, isn't "reality" like that? We don't really know what the fuck is going on "out there"

This reality is just one of the myriad possible ones. We are just subjective interpretations of the same thing.
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is the thought of a unicorn a real thought?
Is the thought of yourself a real thought?
>wake up in room and look in the mirror
>no reflection so i think "oh im dreaming"
>walk out the room door and try to fly through the ceiling
>the ceiling hits me and i end up doing a spiderman crawl on the ceiling
>look at the living room
>see some spooky shit and went back to room
>finally, i try to jump out the window but i keep bouncing back

How do you guys fully control your dreams? Like summon things and go places? When I have lucid dreams i'm literally trapped in my house.
File: 1439737875425.gif (1017 KB, 126x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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as real as the unicorn thought
Just woke up, had a very fucked up dream.

I was going somewhere and someone gave me an old helmet.

I then found myself feeling like things were moving inside my head

I calmly began removing long earthworms from my ears, nose and mouth.

Like the biggest earthworms on earth.

I was calm the entire time, surprisingly. However I could physically feel as I removed each one. Then had a sigh of relief when the last one was removed.

Anyone have some insight? Ive never had a dream even similar to this befor.

You have to be like " I am in control now"
I know it sounds cringy but if you don't believe you're in control you won't be.

Read the thread, alot of ways people summon or change/ teleport were said here.
File: 127551397333.gif (506 KB, 125x63) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My dreams are like this most of the time, or I'm the narrator of the dream, jumping between 1st and 3rd person, and being in between them, or in some kind of limbo of my own thoughts. I think it's not actually that rare, I don't really talk about dreams with people, but I still know at least 3 of my RL friends/family has these kinds of dreams too.
What sounds weird to me is people who say that they dream in black&white.
I've lucid dreamed naturally since I was little, and always thought it was something everyone did naturally cause like 80% of my dreams were and still are lucid. A recent, pretty scary one happened a few weeks ago.

>be dreaming, starts becoming lucid.
>find myself walking around this antique store (I call them pood stores btw)
>digging through stacks of strange art and paintings in pood store (as I often like to do when at one)
>uncover this painting that has an evil feel to it
>it suddenly flies out of my hands and is levitating
>the pood clerk starts telling me about the painting, as I can now see it clearly, and I mean it is CLEAR, as if I'm awake.
>clerk tells me the story of the painting, and how it's evil and blah blah blah.
>I can literally feel evil from every inch of this thing, so much so I force myself awake.
>still remember the painting perfectly, have been debating whether I should try sketching it out for weeks
>too scared to, as if I'd be releasing whatever power it contains that the pood man warned me about
>don't really think I should even type out a description of the thing, but I might if anyone's really interested enough.
I like to stare at a spot on my ceiling for about ten minutes and continue to envision it after I've closed my eyes. On the bridge between being asleep and awake, I start to think up a story or small happenings. I usually just think about when my ex would go down on me, to be honest.
Sounds like a nice thing to think about ;)
>Was in some library or something
>Remember reading online that if you look at your hands in a dream or if it's hard to read in a dream, you can tell it's a dream by how weird things are
>hands are really wrinkly
>can't read words on a book
>realize I'm dreaming
>stab the two guys next to me like in an action movie and jump out the window (I was on the second story)
>fly away for about 5 seconds
>wake up from excitement
I think that's damn cool. His subconscious has a sense of drama.
The first time had a lucid dream I thought to my self " if I am lucid dreaming then I can wake up" and then I woke up and I have only had a few lucid dreams after that. This happened a few years ago.
Im interested OP. And why Pood?
Sure, but why pood stores?

Such violence.

Nah but seriously am I the only who goes lucid and just wanders around to see what my subconscious has cooked up. Like I'll be dreaming and the go lucid for some reason and proceed to abandon what I was doing and wander around this crazy place my mind built. I can find some crazy stuff back there and around the corners, that I would have never know if I wasn't lucid. One time I found a school playground where a girl was swinging on a swing that went up into the sky and some guy with a jacket made of duct tape was watching. I tried to say hi but no one "behind the scenes" talks to me, they don't seem to notice my presence.

At one point I wandered into a building that looked like a school (I dream about schools a lot even though it's been quite a while since I've been to one) and the inside was done up like an office. Well lit but barely any people. When I did find them they were working at computers or doing paperwork on desks in the middle of the hallways. Occasionally someone would rush by with papers or books or something and give me a cold stare. The people who noticed me would only stare at me like I was not supposed to be there. Not menacingly but like I was a annoyance. All kinds of people young and old dressed in all kinds of stuff. Nothing like you'd expect to see in that type of place. Outside the windows was complete blackness and it felt weird to stare at it too long. I reached the end of a hallway where even more people where working at desks and there was this little girl talking on a phone when she looked up and notice me she laughed and had a huge grin. She insulted me but I don't remember what she said. Then she challenged me to rock-paper-scissors and when I lost I woke up.
anon you need to seek help...
ok look if u dont naturally lucid dream dont try it your brain has to be set up for it.

You won't get many good nights sleep and wake up most morning surprised you woke up in this reality again.

Serial dreams are the worst as you can not distinguish reality from this or that as wehn you go to sleep the dream continues from where it left of so you wake up in the other world.

ok while these are not quite lucid they are close

I seriously wonder whre a lot of thshit comes from in my lucid dreaming....but it is all so real and different, each on a fully realised alternate dimension or universe

also often involves architecture....which I think symbolizes going through portals / dimensions and this is the best way my mind can represent it.

yopu end up spening alot of time explain to people in dream that this is just a dream...and they probally don exist.

some times if you can you can controll the dream and prove it to them

all normal sensations should exit eg taste etc.

sometime I can see my self cleary in the room I am alseep in.

You ahve to think of clever proofs to remeber you are dreaming etc....I took my shoe of and touched the road, but it felt like a bed sheet.

Quite often get a look forward in time, but it does not help as those events come to pass not matter what.

Lots of flying that does not quite work right.

The only real advantage is you can solve problems.

Eg went to bed with intractible formulas/maths/logic etc and you can work out soulutions while asleep, they just come to you and you can remeber them

I would remember about 75% of all dream, but it usually takes a trigger during the day, then the whole thing comes back, but can be quickly locked up again. It does come back as you go to sleep the next night often.

some side effects eg, you can see through your arm as its over your eyes, becuase your brain just projects vision to you of the room you are in

often wake wondering exatly who I am and have to wate for the "startup" to dump all data to recall what you are up too.

On one hand it has some good proprties on the other not so much.

I am quite pleased when I dont lucid dream or quasi lucid dream as you wake feel more refreshed.

last nights dream:
saw old friends, went to one of their houses, couldn't GPS location insisting this was an issue.

Went to GF / my house remodeled to much larger office warehouse, all my lights ripped off replaced with hooks..explain to GF why that sux and time it took me to install. 50 people there working for her doing stuff in all different rooms. Get iphones etc of lots of people to try and get my location...always fails....this make me suspicious not real. Got on train that missed stop.

Went back to house next day....everyone gone, completely empty GF explains they are just rental people and house/office also.

Goto other old friends....interested in architecture of their house....don't initially like them, but know they are good people....
few other points

I woke up once with a sort of static fuzz...which meant this is the day go and buy lotto tickets.....the fuzz was sort of a probability obfuscator...which meant the real work had bled into the dream world for me anyway.

So went down to get a lotto ticked and won $2000.

the other is one I actually forced something to happen inrl.

I was in japan and badly badly wanted to see a certain person. So i got a bikecycle and sat on a rand street. I literally shat bricks of mental will power and eventually that person turned up. took about 3 hrs. I did not know here the person lived or where they go or were going to or the town I was in.

another time I was severly fucked over in china....to the point a part of me was splintered there and it wandered around....but I saw forward and saw that i would be back there in a particular spot and reunite.

4 years later I was back...reunited and replayed history.....and sorted its all out. I would have had no closure if I did not.
Cause they're full of old shit. Shit=poop. They pood stores mane. Great for vinyl record or old knife hunting.

The painting in my dream was made up of 3 long panels, top to bottom. The first was a landscape with grassy hills and a road, with 3 golden rings floating in the foreground.
Thw second panel was a middle aged woman sitting in an apartment, with a window to her right.
The third panel, the bottom of the painting, was a view from the same woman's window, showing the rings had moved from this grassy area and were now right outside her window.

I got chills typing this shit, if someone has decent art skills and wants to make it, go ahead.
My first successful lucid dream:
> Starts off in a hospital room
> I notice a man lying in a bed hooked up to some sort of machine, has that line thing that beeps.
> For some reason I feel like approaching him
> I lay my hand on his forehead, and suddenly become overwhelmed by powerful emotions, as if I could sense a great struggle. Very bizarre.
>Just then, a family and doctor enter the room. Realize it must seem weird to have a total stranger in their room.
> They start talking about how it is all over, the chance of recovery is pretty much 0%, and that they should unplug him.
>Realize that while they were talking, I am still more or less leaning on the guys forehead, feeling the struggle intensify
>As I pull up my hand, I notice a scratch on my thumb; not only that but the scratch everything else looks exactly like the mans.
> I start to panic, as I come to the conclusion that the comatose man is me; that was why they didn't freak out seeing a stranger in the room.
>They start leaning towards the plug, and I am shouting at them to stop, but they don't listen.
>Finally, I scream at the top of my lungs. Afterwards, there is an eerie pause which felt like forever. They slowly turn their heads to me as if now aware of my presence, give the creepiest inhuman smile I have ever seen, and yank the cable.
>Everything started to fade into blackness, I woke up in a cold sweat with some sleep paralysis

It has been 2 years...I don't know if I should try it again...my dreams normally involve something scary or confusing, but that was like it was taken to 11 or something.... maybe it is best not to tinker with things I don't fully understand...
Was the woman still there too in the third one?
>for whatever reason, in my dreams, I'm a woman
>transition back to being a man when I become lucid
>sometimes though, I like to stay as a woman
>have had sex with myself on a few occasions
>very odd experience though, having my consciousness be in two different places at once(three if you count meta consciousness)
How is that lucid? Sounds like a normal nightmare.
Well, the first half was not lucid. It only became lucid once I noticed the scratch. When I was yelling at them, it was as though I was fully awake and aware that this was a dream, and yet I was still terrified. I had never felt this awake in a dream, what would happen if I died in a dream while aware of it. I thought that this was how people ended up in comas in real life or something.
Damn, I can definitely feel you there. Not sure if I'd call that a successful lucid dream, though. Unless you went to sleep trying to induce it or something. Even still.

I've had dreams where not dying when expected was how I became lucid. Like I fell off a cliff, fell forever, hit the ground and didn't die. I was lucid for like a couple seconds but the shock of not dying kinda caused me to much excitement or something and I woke up.
I dont think so, as it was a close up on the window.
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I periodically look at the front and back of my hand throughout my day to day.

After awhile, I tend to do it in my dreams, and my fingers are always blurry or there's too many of them, then I realize I'm in a dream.

Once you've got control, I experiment with things like flying (I can only glide really), moving things with pk, materializing things, and weirdest of all is eating. I swear I've tasted things in my dreams. Oh, and fucking (obviously),

When stuff gets a little crazy and my body starts to wake up, my dreams start to spin. I stare at the ground at that point to keep it going.

Also, when you wake up, I just think about the details of the dream as I go back to sleep and usually I'll be back in the same dream.
Spooky. Sounds like a neat painting but I ain't makin' that shit. Nice try, demon.
>and weirdest of all is eating.
Nah man I do that too. There's some great tasting stuff in my dreams. I found these weird pink and purple fruits that were sorta transparent, kinda like water balloons actually (I say found but really this tree way off in the distance threw them at me). Best thing I ever had. I pretty much almost become completely addicted to eating them I stopped everything and pulled people aside to help me collect as many as possible.
This. Senses work just fine in dreams, even taste and smell.

One of my favorite things to do in a lucid dream is barbecue.
It's funny I think I might actually eat more than do anything else in dreams. I'm not even fat, I swear. But fucking hell man all I do is eat in dreams. It's great. Sure I fly sometimes, or explore crazy worlds of my own imagining, or run around naked and fuck everything, but man when I get it in my head eating is all I do.
My thoughts exactly. I may sketch it and make a new thread for it.
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i was on a long fast last december and i remember stuffing my face with the most exquisite dream cake. and then garlic bread. and cheetos. wouldn't touch that shit in real life but it tasted as real as anything. i woke up numerous times in one night thinking i had broken my fast. wasn't really hungry, more just lusting after food. aside from that, fasting and falling asleep with kammarheit - starwheel in my headphones gave me the most peaceful and desolate /x/ kind of dreams
So far I haven't had any luck with getting music to effect my dreams. I listen to thunderstorms mostly actually 'cus I want to sit in a field and watch a nice storm to relax but no dice so far.
File: 1425054684688.jpg (606 KB, 1600x1608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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that sounds pleasant. no doubt efforts will produce experiences! and at the very least a nice bedtime serenade

i hope you get your thunderstorm anon
I can nearly always read text in dreams. It may not make sense but the words are clear enough.
I am sorry for not posting this elsewhere but there wasn't any dream general and this thread seems to have a lot of anyone and I know you guys have had a lot of rp fags but please give me some advice.

Ever since I was about 8ish I've had these intense vivid nightmares that I have never been able to tell that I am dreaming in them, and they are all really bad but the worst freaked me the fuck out. I dreamt that I was trying to go to sleep in my bed and I couldn't sleep as a few minutes go by I suddenly feel this really bad/evil feeling as time goes by it gets really intense but now I feel it differently and I can sense that it isn't evil that men can do it but this feels like an older and ancient evil and by this time I know that it's resonating? Just near my bed in the dream I'm facing the wall lying in my bed paralyzed from fear (literally) and then whatever the fuck it was it started to sit on the end of my bed on my foot and the feeling of this evil is so fucking the intense at this point, I lay there for about a minute and then I woke up panting and sweating like I do for any of these fucking nightmares that I have.

I have had several other nightmares if any anons want to hear them and if it helps my brother said that because our dad has premonitions and that my mum (different mums) has gypsy descent (slav) it's not going to to be easy and my attempts to contact him haven't been successful since but he seemed to know what was going on.

Thanks to any anons that decide to help and sorry for not posting a lucid dream experience In your general.
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Here goes..
So I woke up early at about 5am and ate breakfast and decided.."fuck it I'll go back to bed" So i hop back in and start having heat flashes. I end up falling asleep and this is where things got weird. I woke up in my bed but things felt off, I walked outside my room and saw some family members and old girlfriends. I then realized it was a dream and that I must just be self aware and thought maybe i could create people or make them do whatever. I then procede to do what every horny 22 year old male does.. Start imagining old flings and sexy super models and having a little fun. It wasn't, too squishy. Anyways I started doing whatever I wanted.... summoning AK47s and shooting furniture, going on joy rides in my neighborhood. Hanging with family in Paris, etc.. I think this is lucid dreaming? NOW heres where it gets really weird. This isn't the first time I've had a dream like this, the last time I played "god" in a dream rebuilt a city and then got really lonely, a deep sense of universal loneliness.

Back to my original story. So I end up realizing everything is fake and I didn't want to be "God" anymore. Then "The Creator" shows up. He looked like old school Willy Wonka mixed with the guy from the Matrix that watches all those TV monitors, but his eyes were perfect circles. Not ovular like normal. Perfect circles with black eyes that had a tone of benevolent love and irreplaceable hate and malice. I asked him "Are you the creator?" He answers "Yes, I am and so are you. We all are." I pretty much tell him im done in this dream and am going to try to wake up. I then chuckle because I'm trying to explain my intentions to a figment of my imagination. I try over and over to wake up only to find that im still in my dream. "The Creator" is trying to prevent me from leaving, I can just tell. Keep waking up to weirder and weirder settings and situations. Dark halls with figures at the end
Sounds like textbook sleep paralysis. How often do you have them and are you sure they're dreams? If you don't know what sleep paralysis is you might be experiencing that. Look up some stuff about it.

Lights going out, weird symbols of the sun on the walls and aztec looking monoliths, etc. I then realize im stuck and I won't be able to get out. A sad and lonely existence as a "god" that just wants to know that this place has a purpose, some sort of real emotion. I eventually am stumbling through very creepy and symbolic environments, but am no longer scared, just tired and alone. I stumble across my grandma in a bed and see her sleeping. I begin to cry because i feel like theres no point to this anymore... yada yada. Pretty much apologize for all the wrong I've done in my life and feel this intense sense of warmth and love. Like i was forgiven and accepted. Then I woke up. I am not christian by the way, I'm agnostic.

TL;DR? I became god, met god, got trappd by god, escaped.
If it helps I've had a vision of my future/premonition that turned out to be 100% true except it was in black and white not sure if that's because of my dad or what and if so that's the only nightmare that I've had sleep paralysis.
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OP of that story. Does this sound like lucid dreaming or astral projection? I don't a damn thing about either or but the descriptions kind of fit
most of the time i go lucid , i get into hellish nightmares where ive to fight monsters or get severely injured and wake up sweating , then i go back to sleep and have 2-3more episodes of lucid short or very intense long dreams.

i stopped trying to force it because they became progressively worse and demonic in nature.

at first the "demons" didnt talk or acknowledge me , later on they started observing or attacking me and i could actually fend them off.
yesterday i was in what i would describe hell itself and had to run away from them once i was spotted.

the demons / or singular one i could hear in my head "you do not belong here" or stuff like "wtf are you doing ?!"

i can´t really wrap my head around it but i was also scribbling demons ufos aliens pentagrams and violent stuff since i was 4 or 6.

also had some awake encounters but i could attone that to imagination or vivid hallucinations.

anyway my hint is - do not try to force it and once you encounter monsters or anything of that sort altf4 your dream by forcing yourself to wake up.
Yeah, it sounds like lucid dreaming.
Don't fight it. The more freaked you get and the more you struggle the worse it gets. I know how annoying it can be to hear someone say "just relax" and that sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds but if that's something you have a problem with regularly then you might want to learn to relax.

Not sure future vision has anything to do with sleep paralysis. SP is basically the situation you just described (Laying in bed, intense fear, can't move strange shadowy figures, voices and crazy noises sometimes).
Thanks for the info I had considered that it might have been sleep paralysis but I didn't look into it bug I will now, but I also have a reoccurring nightmare but it's completely different from the one I described. Thanks for that though.
>Someone should also add links to lucid dreaming techniques that are easy and work so people can learn it the right way

File: could it be.jpg (41 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
could it be.jpg
41 KB, 300x300
That seems like a bullshit advertisement.
"Out-of-body experience [OBE] and lucid dreaming: how to, free ebooks and videos"
Had something really interesting happen to me about 8 years ago.

> sleep paralysis
> can't move just open my eyes and look around
> get annoyed by the sound of the TV coming from the living room
> as soon as i think about it the volume lowers
> think about how i would want to turn off the night light in my room,
> 2 seconds later mom comes and turns it off
I had a lucid dream last night. I became lucid through blocking my nose and then blowing through it, and then I somehow forgot that I was in a lucid dream and therefore lost lucidity. I hate when that happens, lol.
This shit could be cool if it didn't devolve into a gay as fuck RP every time.

Fuck you

I was pretty good at lucid dreaming. Nowadays I don't get them so often because life is a bitch.

But they NEVER interfered with my sleep. Fuck you through and through for discouraging people from such a life changing endeavour.
>The drawback is I tend to wake up at night, right when the dream ends.

When you wake up in the middle of the night after a dream it's easier to consciously sleep back into it and achieve lucidity.

Nice post.

Try being creative. If you can only fly in a broom, try "draining" the flying powers away from the broom to yourself.

Change the shape of things with brute force. Conjure heavy objects or beings to do it for you.

Punish people for breaking out of your control and do it again.

The thing about a new area, well... I've heard you can only dream with faces you've already seen, no matter how passing. Maybe it's the same with places. Try going to somewhere you've seen in a movie.
Compared to telekenesis and manipulating time, how difficult is it to summon people?
So far I can levitate, move objects with my mind, and alter time, yet I find it very difficult to summon people. What gives?

Not difficult at all, in my experience.

I've summoned people by, opening a door expecting to find that person behind it. It worked flawlessly.

That said, I've only done it once.
I've tried that strategy several times, but no avail. I suppose there must be a better way, or perhaps I'm not willing them into presence well/hard enough

Ideas from the top of my mind:

Try turning a dream character into someone else. Maybe with a person-shaping gun or something.

Try to call that person and tell her you want them to meet ASAP, or to wait around the corner
Yeah, I've tried that too. Weird thing, if there's a crowd of people in my dream, I can seek the desired person out from the crowd, and I would find them and interact with them. But getting a singular person to appear, not in a crowd? Nope. Perhaps I should summon a crowd, and then find people in that crowd or something...

Ah well, I guess I'm just not supposed to do it.

Great idea too, didn't think of that one.
>slicing open killer cyborgs with my ninja sword with badass music like in metal gear rising

Lucid dreaming is fucking cool
Large amounts of b12 can help
I'm a lucid dreaming veteran. I'm one of those lucky bastards who learned it naturally at an early age.

I've done everything imaginable in dreams.. everything from something as mundane as flying to literally conjuring new landscapes, jumping out of an airplane w/o a parachute and hitting the ground, drowning myself, I fought, burned, killed, stolen cars, teleported, etc.

DESU most of it sucks though. The physics engine doesn't work, no memory retention, AI is overridden the moment you touch it, and so on.

One thing I will say though, you can have consistent environments in dreams. I sometimes realize in dreams that I have memories of those places from previous dreams. Which, considering that nothing else remains static and that those places don't exist in real life, is interesting.
You drowned yourself..in your dream. Hahahaha. Why? How? What happened when you woke up?

>you can have consistent environments in dreams.
Yeah I'd say lots of people realize that. People will dream of the same places multiple times. I know I have. And why not, it's in your head. You dreamed it once, you should be able to do it a again.

>DESU most of it sucks though. The physics engine doesn't work, no memory retention, AI is overridden the moment you touch it, and so on.

It's a real eye-opener. That's the insides of your mind. How fragile it all is. Yet, how powerful you are.

You have a God in you. Think about it.
You mean a real eye closer...get it..'cus you're asleep. Anyway calm down you dork. It's just your imagination. Careful you don't delude yourself.

>It's just your imagination.

That's the thing.

Your mind can conjure amazing things, both good and bad. When you see how powerful it is, you understand how people can swear they've lived through abductions, seen angels and demons, ghosts, doppelgangers, and all the fake crap /x/ babbles about. You can put more thought into what you experience, or think you've experienced. Not deluding yourself is the point, "dork".

Kinda like that Sagan book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

I only achieved it twice for short period of time. The problem is i am paranoid about spooks which means spooks will occur so i avoid it. The first time i did it i deliberately destabilized because of above. The second time was more recently and i didn't even bother stabilizing and immidiately tried to summon the spookiest spook and some weird corpse thing appeared for a split second but i just got really enraged for no reason

short version: if i try it i may try to deliberately scare myself shitless

this is stupid, i stopped meditating and doing reality checks in real life and i stopped lucid dreaming after some months

you can go back to normal dreams everytime
Im getting really frustrated. The last two nights I've had nightmares and there was no lucid aspect at all to my dreams,I couldn't control anything and could only wake myself up. I hate this. I feel like somethings wrong with me.
lucid dreams i remember

>at this point i'm dreaming normally
>go to a party
>meet faceless people
>suddenly i'm lucid dreaming
>the girl of my dreams is there
>we talk for a while, drink
>cannot describe it but i was like drunk in my dream, i was incredibly happy.
>go to bedroom
>kiss, i touch her boobs
>felt so fucking real
>take off her panties
>just when i was about to stick my peen in her vagoo i loose it
>wake up, start crying

pretty depressing and dissapointing. i think i sub-conciously couldn't seal the deal cause i'm still a virgin, but i have touched breasts before so idk.

another one, this time coupled with sleep paralysis

>wake up in my room
>need to pee, flick the light switch
>the light doesn't turn on
>shrug it off, probably nothing
>i move incredibly slowly
>try to get to bathroom
>take forever, finally arrive
>see a light coming from the kitchen
>'dad?'...'mom'...'anon's sister?'...
>no answer
>i move closer
>it's a person with it's back turned on me holding a lantern
>start moving towards the light
>somehow realize i'm in a dream
>suddenly wake up
>just in time, sleep paralysis in the beginning state
>manage to wake up completely
>don't sleep for the rest of the night

most 'real' dream i ever had. for some reason it didn't seem really scary when i was in the dream but i'm spooped as fuck every time i picture it. when i 'woke up' in my dream i also thought that my heart had stopped, but for some reason i didn't mind. it was like an out of body experience. but i didn't see myself. it felt really weird and wrong when i woke up irl. i felt really uneasy for a week or so after that.

got more, but those dreams are mostly generic spoops, flying, etc.
I've been having nightmares about not being able to move and I feel this incredibly oppressive force right behind me, all over my entire backside. What does it mean?

You will be raped by a rapefugee
But I'm gay and enjoy it up the ass. How come I feel fear when I have this massive oppressive force behind me?
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Fear that the bbc is too big and will destroy anus
Nope I still don't see that being a genuine fear of mine. The biggest dick in the world is 13 inches and the world average is 6 inches. Only 10 inches would be too much for me imo.
>who was phone
I only do lucid dreaming to discover this

No need to be scared of sleep paralysis, or anything in your dreams for that matter.

Love when I'm in a nightmare and I get lucid and pull up all sorts of weapons to deal with the threat.

Relax and have fun you virgin bastard.
fear is just a mechanic your brain uses to test if you are asleep.

Quality posts, friends.

You as well
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Didn't read the thread, but I figure I'll give this advice to anyone wanting to lucid dream

Viva Zen. It is a product similar looking to five hour energy, only it's marketed as a 'muscle pain reliever'
The Kratom in it really helps to lucid dream
I've been having lucid dreams for months now since I last took one. Almost regret it since my sleeping isn't as restful anymore. Really hope it wears off eventually.
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>tfw wake up trying to bite into a juicy burger
>hand halfway to face and everything
make a sound, dont look dont move
Yeah nobody cares about the beauty of nature anymore. Everyone I know is just glued to their phone.
One time i lucid dreamed
I realized I was in a dream about mid way through the dream and my body got all tingly
All the people in my dreams suddenly stopped doing what they were doing and looked at me like the projections in inception
Woke up after they all started screeching
>I'm afraid to go to sleep because I fear i will realize that i'm just in a dream
How the fuck do I lucid dream guys?
I lucid dreamed last night and in the dream i died and when i woke up i was dead and im still dead to this day i dont recommend lucid dramin
Anyone here keep a journal of their dreams? I think I want to, but I feel like I'll be the only one that ever reads it.
I used to get sleep paralysis all time. In fact, i would feel it try to come on as i was falling asleep and would "snap myself out of it". I remember on one night, i felt the paralysis try to come on 3 times and would snap myself out of it. Eventually, i gave up fighting the sensation and i would get paralyzed for a bit. Those experiences helped me get used to the sensation. It wasn't until i got into lucid dreaming that i found out of astral projection. I only had 5 OBE's so far and when i try to leave my room i quickly go back to my bodies. Although the last too times, one of which happened last night, started off as a "dream" & then me "Waking up" and then feeling vibrations, starting from my groin area and moving up towards my heard, with the sensation of my getting pulled away.
Last night i had a dream where a phone was ringing in my house (we have no house phone) I get out of bed and get my cell phone so i can use the light as a guide. I notice my house is very dark and my phone's light wont turn on at all. After that. i'm back in bed and i feel the sleep paralysis come on. I relax myself and then feel the vibrations or energy in my groin area and it keeps getting intense. It actually feels pleasant. I feel a presence in my room so i close my eyes. I can still see for some reason but i relax. Then i felt my body move upwards. My eyes are still closed but i can see my bed. I am not in my bed unlike my past experiences, the lighting in my room is the same, but there are no sheets on my bed. I proceed to go back into my body but only to be pulled out of my body once again. I soon woke up asking myself if that really just happened. I chilled out for a bit, went to sleep & when i woke up i had nearly forgot it all happened despite me being awake for 20 minutes after it all happened. Weird as fuck !
I've contemplated keeping a dream journal, but I'd feel embarrassed as I write it down and read it back to myself.
https://youtu.be/UDVK9keWQzc this should help
I rarely venture here on this board. But I'm going to tell you it's genetics. After a decade of it you grow tired and bored of knowing you're in your own world that's not controlled by you. You may often think what is happening is your will, but the amount of imagination, as I've learned, solely depends on the amount of energy you've had when you layed down.
If you're imagination grows small like mine, you begin reliving 'realities,' points in your life over and over again. The line between your dreams and reality blurs and you're presented with a choice. If you're dreams prove better than reality, you contemplate suicide, as I have. If you admire reality, you dread sleeping. You spend every second in bed doing just that. Sleeping.
A major side effect from something this long term is feeling old. Feeling tired. I'm not some neckbearded fuck with a black book at his nightstand. Feeling this old makes it enjoyable to talk with people twice my age at the bar.

I'm not going to discourage you or anything.

But I want to warn you.

Be careful with lucid dreaming. Don't make the mistakes I did. Because lucid dreaming is basically being a god in your own universe.

Go too far, and you'll fuck up your real life. You're playing with your own mind, your own body's productions. You can conjure up things that nothing, in real life, will come close to. You can give yourself /bliss/.

But that bliss comes at a cost. You'll become dissatisfied with reality. You'll start desiring sleep more than anything because nothing ever goes wrong in a lucid dream. You'll yearn for things that never were, places that were never traveled to. Emotions and senses will feel dull. Nothing but your dreams will feel satisfying anymore - and you thought you hated up waking up before? Wait until you've built yourself a whole universe in which you're fully in control.

Make sure to stay in control of the dream world and do not abuse it lest it control you.
Had my first lucid dream tonight! I was outside in the wilderness (I've been in and out of dreams all night, most of them had this theme)
I had the feeling I was being hunted. I saw several wild cats, and one snake. I started running from the snake. I went past the treeline up above me, where it turned into snow, and reached some houses. I pulled at the words "I'm just dreaming". It was fuzzy, then behold, came perfectly clear. I achieved flight/levitation on my 3rd jump, my 2nd just glided slightly. I didn't stay in for very long.

Kek, sounds like the black ops story with Mason and Reznov
I don't want to make a new thread about my little problem and this is the closest thread on /x/ in relevance I can find.

Half an hour ago I fell asleep and then after a few minutes my eyes were suddenly shined by white light, like when you close your eyes in a well-lit room. I get this feeling of sudden desire to wake up but I don't know why, but I couldn't wake up, I can open my eyes, or move. I struggled for a while and then after a few moments I was finally released and woke up. I surveyed the area, nothing out of the ordinary, my room's lights are also turned off.

Now what the fuck happened here? I'm guessing sleep paralysis, but I heard you can open your eyes and stuff while in that state and also I did not hallucinate or have the feeling of someone else being the room, just the strong feeling of needing to wake up.
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>tfw Reznov was just a tulpa the whole time
would doing reality checks constantly throughout the day increase the chances of lucid dreaming at night?
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