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Welcome to the Paranormal Healing General!

In this thread you can ask and / or give distant healings from / to each others!

Every style is welcome: Reiki, Quantum Touch, pranic healing, Taoist techniques, etc...

One more thing:

>This thread is transforming into a healing thoughtform itself.

>We're constantly charging it with thoughts, attention, emotions, and - that's the important part - with healing.

>And this energy is becoming stronger and stronger with time... and also its power.

>So yeah, we're suddenly in a very exciting experiment here!
>We can help many anons with this unique opportunity.

>no fights
>be nice
>religious and fedora tipping posts will be ignored

inb4 "why is this thread on /x/":

/x/ is the paranormal board of 4chan.

>paranormal (ˌpærəˈnɔːməl)

>1. (Psychology) beyond normal explanation
>2. (Alternative Belief Systems) beyond normal explanation

>3. (Psychology) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally
>4. (Alternative Belief Systems) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally

P.S.: I'm a Quantum Touch practitioner and an ex-Reiki user.

If you want a distant healing session, you can ask me anytime!

Also this is my address:
[email protected]

You can contact me anytime.
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So here we go again: I'm back and ready to help your self-healing processes.

I'm working with Quantum Touch - they have their own Youtube channel with a lot of interesting videos, so you can check this thing out if you want.

>How to ask for healing?

Just post a request, that's enough.
I don't need your name, address or whatever - your post is a perfect focal point.

>How does this healing work?

Everything vibrates, resonates - even your body.
When I "heal" you, I focus my positive attention to you (kinda), so your body can heal itself quicker.

But there are many healing methods, QT is just one of them.
Anyone can heal Anons in this thread - Reiki or Qi Gong practitioners, etc...

Any help would be much appreciated!
Hello! Would I be able to get a healing?

Thank you!
I'm hear to corrupt your healing thoughtform, unless it can overpower my corruption in which case that is the best case scenario for us

Give me your best shot coolguy
I've already lost to your awe-inspiring power
This only makes my wounds fester and grow in power
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A few tutorials:

>Neiye, a Taoist meditation:

>Reiki self-attunement (not a traditional method, but it worked for me):

>Quantum Touch Youtube channel:

Of course.
I'm sending the vibes, Anon! ;)


I'll send as much Love as I can! :)

Also thank you for your focus - perception can only strengthen things.
So you basically heal the thread; I appreciate your help. :P

Namaste, my friend!
ty big H :)
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not bearanormal
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Hey OP

I've spent the last 3 hours getting all worked up about how I've fallen in love with my housemate, I'm feeling pretty damn low, Any help would be really appreciated.

File: harmony.jpg (74 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 700x525

You're welcome! ;)


Hey dude,

Relationships can be difficult, but remember: You're the first.
You can only love others if you love Yourself.

If you're in harmony, balance and your self-confidence and integrity is all right, then your external relationships will also be harmonic and balanced.

You're going to be ok, trust me.
"Been there, done that."

Anyway: I'll send the vibes.
(It basically helps you to repair your connections with your body, other people, everything)
You just want to bone him/her mate. Lets accept it.
It's a good sentiment, but I have to fundamentally disagree, at least on the love yourself to love others shtick.
Would physical healing be something your able to do? :)
Thanks man, I appreciate it

Honestly? That probably is a large part of it, but unlike most girls in my social circles she actually has a bit of fire to her, whether that's a good thing is debatable but I like it.
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Can I get some of your energies, anon?

Also, what would you suggest to someone trying to balance all their chakras for the first time?
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23 KB, 445x644

No problem, we all have our own perspective.
I always tell my personal experiences, that's all.

I know this "Love" thing sounds awefully "hippie", but I use it to describe the universal inter-connectedness of... well: everything. :)


We'll see.
But yeah, of course.

I use Quantum Touch: I hold a healing space where your body repairs itself faster.
So basically I assist your self-healing processes.

But it can be physical, emotional healing, or even the repairing of your relationships with people, etc.


You're welcome, Anon!

>Can I get some of your energies, anon?

You're next. :P

>Also, what would you suggest to someone trying to balance all their chakras for the first time?

I don't work with chakras.
But I'd say meditate - that's the ultimate technique.

Also try to focus on the dan tians, maybe you'll like the Chinese version better.
Pic related.
I've got anxiety and a glitched sense of defensiveness/self hatred that benefitted me when I was trying to get out of being an autist freak who never left the house but now has turned against me as I move into more physical disciplines. Any help or positive energy would be beneficial. Thanks.
Stop shitposting, that's a good way to start
Awesome! Would you need to know the exact location of said issue?

Also, sorry for so many questions.I'm new to all of this. :)
I would like one for my friend.
Emotional healing maybe, I am not really sure what's really going on, though I know I want this person's wellness in the inner self. There is also physical ailment, I'm not asking that, but it's up to you if you want that too.

I would be grateful if you do. I'm not demanding, it's up to you.
Hello, I would like some healing done. Special focus on my root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. :3

Ok Anon, I'll send the vibes!

>Awesome! Would you need to know the exact location of said issue?

You mean your location?
No, your post is enough.

>Also, sorry for so many questions.I'm new to all of this. :)

Ask as many questions as you want.
If I can't answer them, there'll be other healers in this thread, I'm sure. ;)


I'll send as much Love as I can!


Ok, you'll next, Anon.
can you heal my left knee please? thanks.
My back has been a bit messed up since my friend convinced me to go to a sketchy massage place

It hurts whenever I left my arm and look right at the same time

Could I get some healing, please

Sure thing.


1. Maybe you should see a doctor.
Just to be sure.

2. Healing the spine is not impossible.
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..." ;)

So: You're next, Anon!
could I please get a helping of these vibes, OP?
Gotta love myself like I used to! Thank you
File: IMAG0974.jpg (271 KB, 1635x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271 KB, 1635x549

I'm not entirely sure what, but, something's not right with me lately.
How do I help and add to the healing? Do I have to be completely healed before I can do so? I'm going on an Ayahuasca retreat soon, should I try and help after that?

I want to help :3
can one of you healers help my mom?

she's really sick :'(
You want the power of the Phoenix, yes.
File: IMAG0901.jpg (136 KB, 1032x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 1032x1520

Yeah, I'm fond of a few firebirds, wanna fight about it?

I genuinely don't know what you mean though...
Heal me OP
my cat needs help, he is a lover and a snuggler, but about 2 months ago he got the shits bad, he eats plenty and we have changed his food several times but he just wont put weight back on. he is skin and bones and looks bad. he is a happy cat and acts like he is fine but he needs to put weight back on desperately. we are too poor for vet care. send him luv and luck plz
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You want good vibes?

Use your dads vibrator.
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Is there a way I can project my hatred??
No I was just trying to psychically figure out what you want mystically. I admit wrongness, however.
I could use some healing

I am completely getting off of drugs/ alcohol etc as of today and could use any physical/ mental assistance. Thank you.
I recently lost my dad earlier last year and I've been stuck in a sort of depression. Me and my girlfriend are having a child and I am excited for this but at the same time I think about my dad a lot and how I wish he was still here to see my first child.

I need some healing /x/
Could I request some healing please?
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>I could use some healing
by strangers through an anonymous image board over the internet and behind 7 virus blocking softwares?

How exactly do you think life on this planet works?

You just pray to some powerful, wise and unseen benefactor, who grants your wishes with magic, and viola everything is good again?
Did you know the word "doctor" comes from the Latin word "doctor" which literally means "teacher" or one who professes doctrine
>behind 7 virus blocking softwares?
More like 7 proxies, pleb.

Suggest me some of those softwares anyway anon
Best virus blocker I've ever come across is this one I purchased off steam for like $1, called Mountain,
but other than that I have Norton, MacAfee, Reimage, Bumblehind, and Google Silver
>needing to run steam first to run antivirus
how awful

>no malwarebytes on the list
anon pls
>tfw you try to insight people but they always assume you are even more oblivious than them
feels bad man
Could someone try to heal my from my Depression? I have outer body experiences, after the first one i started to fucking break, panic attacks, depression, i think im going mad.

I am thankful for this gift, but now it's all getting worse, it seems that im getting sucked into madness, i think my mind is getting into a new state of existence, but i just can't stand it anymore, it hurts so much. If someone could help me, i would be very grateful.
how old are you?
21 why?
Are you a girl?
Do you throw your menses in the trash?

Are you a boy?
Do you wash your semen down the drain?
do you smoke cigarettes?
I thought he said be nice cocksucker
Kek, okay let's begin.

I am male, it all has begun when i was 8.

I don't masturbate very often. My room is pretty messy. I smoke yes.
Is op dead? :(
File: 3MOwZGN.jpg (76 KB, 474x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well then the answer is simple

You need to bleed out the curse, bleed it out and wash it away
and I'm talking about paleblood, not red blood
insomnia ever?

and how would you describe your mood in general?

Yes, everyday.
sorry i meant, yes every day, can't sleep.

I sleep some hours on the day, but not much. Much of the time i try it with alcohol, my mood is like i said depressive, tired.
anything else odd going on? hearing things that aren't there? bothered by human contact? racing thoughts?
minor problems really bugging you?
forgetful or clumsy?
ever find you're talking to yourself?
Hate human contact, yes every night at 3:00AM i hear knocking in my wall, but i think it's just the heaters. Talking alot to myself, about meaning of life and other weird stuff. I forgett alot of little things, but i think that's because i don't get to sleep that often..
a lot of these are early signs of schizophrenia. And it typically sets in between 16-25, usually fairly rapidly.

70-90% of schizophrenics are heavy smokers.

1.2% of Americans are believed to have it, that's 3.2 million people.

please do some research and seek an evaluation if you keep feeling this way. A lot of schizophrenics never even realize they have it, even when they are deep into it. Modern medicine can really help, but you have to seek treatment while you still have some mental faculties.
It's just random, trust me. I'm an alumni
I had a friend who was schizophrenic. We weren't best friends, but we hung out in the same group all through high school and a few years after. I would say good friends.

He was always a normal dude, smoking out and drinking, playing smash bros etc.

But then, he started acting a bit odd, we didn't really notice at first, but one night he called one of our friends at like 4 am, asking to talk to his two year old daughter, saying he had something important to tell her.

We noticed him saying things that were kind of off occasionally, heard rumors of him stalking girls and creeping them out. Just thought he was being kind of weird, and we also didn't see him as much, he'd spend a lot of time alone.

One day he shows up at my friend's apartment, asks him to hang onto some things and keep them safe.

They were piles of notebooks and papers, all filled with intricate nonsense, outlines of alien civilizations, tales of how witches were trying to control him, all sorts of strange incoherent word strings.

Last I heard his grandparents were taking care of him. Hope they got him help and he's doing OK.
I did an online test and almost everything was positive, but this isn't a proof isn't it? Alot of this are also answers to social anxiety..but now i realise, i never thought of "schiziophrenia" fuck. Shit. fuck. Shit. Can this be cured? I live in germany.

No, it's not proof. You need to see a doctor, it could very well be nothing, but why take the risk? Worst case you get some help for your symptoms.

Cured? No. But treated, yes. Medicine can be very effective for some people- and the earlier treatment is administered, the better the long term outcome.

There is definitely a genetic link to schizophrenia, do you know if anyone in your family tree had mental illness?
I think now you're worrying yourself over nothing
No no one.
at the very least look in to it. do some reading, watch some documentaries.

I don't want to scare you, but to me, the scariest thing is that untreated, severe schizophrenics never realize that they are sick.
Give me violet eyes lads
Please heal me, I'm having strange pain all over the body, specially the kidneys
You are cured now.
And stop drinking, and start mixxing smoothies, oh and exercise.
I don't drink, but thanks for the assistance
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On my way.jpg
135 KB, 453x634
Ok, here comes the curse
Stress and insomnia

Please send some juju my way thanks
Hey OP these last months i feel my shoulders and upper back very heavy, and i feel like i can't find myself, i meditate but sometimes all that weird stuff comes back, i feel grumpy and irritated
i knowin wich state of consciousness i should be but i dont' know whats took me down,
hope you can help me with my pain in the back
I'd like to try a healing please. I have emotional pain (recent family deaths) and depression from chronic physical pain.
I guess the universe has no love for those that were made to truly suffer.
Feels like the world has turned grey today. Everything in me seems to have drained away. All I have has lost all meaning. This work night is eternal.
If nothing else thanks for listening to my stream of consciousness.
Ive been having pain in my mid/upper back and shoulders. pls send some vibes
I need help healing, I was suffering and since then I started to get a little better, I realized I was toxic and that made the one I love go away to a better person. Since then I cannot sleep, or eat without feeling stomach aches and at night my ears become red and hot, I feel only fueled by rage and euphoria. It feels like I am into a long journey of sadness that is just starting, can someone send me good vibes please?
File: cat-351926_640.jpg (36 KB, 640x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 640x426

Yepp, you're the first. ;)


I can't perceive energy (or anything like that), I just "blindly" send vibes / Love.

But if your body / whole being needs healing, it will make use of these vibes.

So You're next.


Thanks, you're very nice! :)

Quantum Touch is very easy, for example, and you can do it even if you're sick or whatever.
You're not healing, you just hold a healing space for someone (also the feeling and "sending" of unconditional love is a good technique).

Check their Youtube channel, especially this video, for more info: https://youtu.be/jw6xaIdkSIQ?t=3m35s


She is next, precious Anon!


Oh, another cat, then! :P
We had one in another thread, I hope he's better now.

Yours is next!


You should let it go.
It poisnons your life.

I'll send Love to you, it'll help you to release these "knots".
Can you heal my girlfriend? she is having very bad nightmares and is afraid to fall asleep at night if i'm not around. I think she is a bit traumatic. the death of her grandmother made is very bad.
File: jtjhysf.jpg (675 KB, 900x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
675 KB, 900x627

Addictions are the signs of an unloving and uncaring society, Anon.
You are not alone.
Many people choose drugs to escape this cold world.

But remember: we're all connected, even if you don't feel this (yet).
Any of us can be healed, even if "health" means: re-connect to society.

You'll get better, I believe in you, dude.
You'll fight this war and you'll win. ;)

I'll send you the vibes.


Here's the thing: there is no such thing as death.
Our ancestors knew this.

Back in the ol' days, we had shamans - they were the masters of "the vibes", they were the librarians, priests and healers of their tribes.
... and they communicated with the dead.
Because they knew that there are levels of existence, only we can't perceive some of these layers / dimensions.

As I said: everything is connected, and these connections don't end with "death".
Your dad is still "out there", in fact, he's probably "with you". ;)
He can see his grandchild, I'm sure of that.

Just close your eyes, relax a bit and think of him.
You'll feel his love.
That's the strongest "vibe" - Love, you know.
It connects us all and knows no limits.


I'll send Love to help you heal yourself. :D

>by strangers through an anonymous image board over the internet and behind 7 virus blocking softwares?

That's how we can make this planet a better place.

>How exactly do you think life on this planet works?

Just like that.

>You just pray to some powerful, wise and unseen benefactor, who grants your wishes with magic, and viola everything is good again?

Your body can heal itself, all we're doing here is a little help to these self-healing processes.

Thanks for the info. :)


1. If you need medical help, please see a doctor first!

2. Depression, panic attacks, stress, mental imbalance (etc) = unloving states; lack of One-ness and harmony.

Most of modern people are in this state, Anon.

Sometimes we have to let go of the stress and all our problems.
It kills us.

Lear to relax, to meditate.
I found out that if you can meditate and relax in bad situation / circumstances, than you can win; then you can survive anything.

We think that anger, hate and other negative emotions can help us, make us tougher, but they'll drain our energy, make us weaker and weaker, until you'll give up.

Love and relaxation is the opposite of that.
You'll let go of the mental baggages, you'll have extra energy, and a good mental health.

But first you'll learn how to "not give a sh#t".
Yepp, that's The Great Teaching.

When you're stressed, your entire body / being is stressed.
Your cells, organs, everything.

When you're relaxed and feel good, every cell in your body feels good.

Anyway: I'll send the vibes!


Please don't give such dangerous advices!

Also we don't need personal information from you (like age, name, etc)!


I don't know it is possible, but I'll give you a healing session anyway. :P

If it doesn't stop see a doctor, please!

I'll send the vibes, of course. ;)


Cursing = "I'll send vibes, and I'll hate myself in the process. You'l feel better. I won't."


Sending the jujus. :D


Sometimes meditation is too "yin".
Try some "yang" exercises, like qi gong.

Also don't overthink these things.
Maybe you just need some physical activities, like jogging.

Plus sometimes it's better to relax and have a good time, instead of some serious meditation or yogic technique.
Have some fun! :P

And, of course, you're next.


I'll send you as much Love as I can!


I don't think that the Universe wants anything at all.
We're conscious, we can change our own vibes.
So basically we can help ourselves and others.

It's up to us (you, me, everyone) to change this world into a better place.


You're next, Anon!
Anytime you feel down, try to focus on the "big Picture", try to feel the inter-connectedness of this Universe.

Protip: you'll become luckier if you do this.
Give it a try - when you, "little drop", realize that you're part of the "big ocean", you won't just feel much better, but good things are going to happen to you, too!

You're next, buddy!


I know that feel, Anon.
I've been there a month ago (for about a 1,5 year!).

An advice: learn how to send vibes / Love.
Check the links in this thread.
You don't have to "believe" in anything, just try it - you'll feel much better, I guarantee it!

+ You'll have your healing session.


I'll send Love to all of You, precious Anon!
Please anon, give me the strenght to seek the peace of mind. I'm trying to quit smoking but is difficult and I feel very sad, maybe for the lack of serotonine. I miss my girlfriend more than ever despite the fact that the broke up decision was by me (seems dumb but I have my reasons) and I wish the best for her, so please let good things happen to her

I'll send vibes to both of you.
If you resonate in harmony, things will work out.
Thanks anon. I hope everything is fine for you too!
Thank you so much :) today I woke up feeling better I will give my best
I don't really get how to use neiye can somebody explain?
Severely depressed guy back again, thanks a lot! I feel slightly better these days but I request some more healing.
Very nice to see hou are keeping up the good work Heron!

I got out of a relationship last month and I am trying my best to let her go.. Things are getting more bearable every day! Could you spare some juice?

P.s. I'd love to send out love as well, any tips on where to start doing what you're doing? Much love x
Hey, /x/. If I am not too late to cash-in on this, I could use some healing. I broke my leg not long ago and would really love to be out this cast by the 21st or so.

Hit me with your best healing vibes, please.
I ask the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, who is God, that those whom the LORD wills will be healed of their infirmities, to know that He is the LORD. That their souls may be saved from destruction forever.

That they may also forsake foolishness and wage war against the devil here on /x/.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Believe on Him and it shall be so /x/.

>Has faith in the Christian hod and hopes to banish devils from the Internet

>uses DuckDuckGo over Google

You're welcome! :)
Have a nice day!


Oh, great news! :P
I'll send more good vibes.


Now that's a tough question.
Are you familiar with Qi Gong or Taoism in general?

Anyway: Neiye basically tells you that being relaxed and in a harmonic, balanced state helps you to achieve a healthy and good relationship with your world, your body, other people, etc.


Sure, I'll send more Love. ;)
File: Bcc-Petri.jpg (244 KB, 1123x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244 KB, 1123x794

It is my pleasure to serve the Anons.
You are AWESOME, all of you! :D

About your request: I'll send Love to help you guys; my method is about repairing connections, so it surely can help you.

>P.s. I'd love to send out love as well, any tips on where to start doing what you're doing?

You can check this https://youtu.be/jw6xaIdkSIQ?t=3m35s

Or just try to relax, feel good, feel an unconditional, powerful Love and just focus on someone who you wants to help.
Anyone, really.

Protip: If you want insanely powerful healings (in your life and everywhere else) send Love to people you don't like.
It'll make both of your lives much better; it'll help you to live harmoniously in this world, together.


I'll hit ya' with da vibes! :P
Also you don't have to believe in it at all.


>"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."

Jesus is a real role-model; he even died for Love, for all the people.
Bless you, brother!

Please accept this beautiful music, as a token of friendship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE1FzSC8DBs
I am quite familiar with qi gong and taoism, though I personally do more tai chi.
But I have read a lot of stuff about qi gong and taoism online.

But thanks for the explanation, it made it a bit clearer.
I'll try to do it then, since it looks really good.
Some healing would be nice!
Most likely worms, you can get a wormer fairly cheap anywhere normally $2-$7 on what kind. Repeat the treatment once a week for a month to kill the larva.
File: gewewgpegr.jpg (87 KB, 437x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 437x573

I see. :)

I heard Neiye is special, because it lacks many features of "newer" Taoist texts like Tao Te Ching or Zhuangzhi - no morals / ethics, no theories about society, no dan tians (well, not explicitly), nothing "extra".

Just a simple meditation.
And let's not forget that this is (one of the?) oldest text about Taoist meditation!

Well, maybe it's just me: I like minimalist stuff. :P

>Some healing would be nice!

I'll send the vibes, Anon.


I'm not that Anon, but thanks anyway! :)
I'm reading some on Neiye righty now, is it about being aware of energy and to accumulate it? Am I missing the point?

Oh and thanks on the healing vibes earlier, I always feel a static presence, like a static extra layer on top of my skin when someone is sending :) that sound familiar?
File: image.jpg (374 KB, 849x1018) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 849x1018
Hey X. Have three exams next week. Could I get some good luck vibes? Thanks
File: hfhrrrr.jpg (65 KB, 570x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 570x452
>I'm reading some on Neiye righty now, is it about being aware of energy and to accumulate it? Am I missing the point?

Yes, you are right.
I suggest to read it many times - in time you'll "feel" what is this text about.

>Oh and thanks on the healing vibes earlier, I always feel a static presence, like a static extra layer on top of my skin when someone is sending :) that sound familiar?

Well, it can be the feedback.
I'll send more vibes and we'll see. ;)


Sure, you're next. :D
anyone who needs good vibes post a picture of yourself and I'll jerk off to it, ya know, for good vibes.
Oh yeah Indefinitely feel what I described earlier. (again) Its not bad or anything , its just a presence as in a static film over my skin. Very interesting! Thank you, and again praise the love work :)
I never felt anything but I do enjoy the nice words.. Can you try again?
I just want some good vibes to turn my confidence on, i really need this, i want to change myself, stop being this shy faggot and get some pussy
I'm interested in start reiki, I want to help people and heal myself but I'm having a little bit of obstacles to get the energy through all my chakras, I'm still trying and cheking the links. I would like to now if I need to do something extra to get the energy through everythin please :)
I've been getting into spirtuality recently and I've also been told I need to let childhood wounds heal. I think the wounds are caused by a girl I liked in high school that I talked to for a while then she got a boyfriend. She was the first girl I ever liked and I don't think I loved her, but I might have. To this day (almost 10 years later) I can't seem to develop feelings for anyone. It used to be just as a significant other, but now even my friends I don't feel any connection to really. I have to basically read my own body language and decrypt how I feel about people from my thoughts. I don't know how to feel again. Anything will help. I also think it's possible that I just haven't found a person that I CAN love for who they are.
I'll take some good vibes, please. I'll pass it on to the people I talk to at work
If you are so shy around women, why don't you start your sex career with guys? Once you get good at hooking up with men, then you can transition over to hetero relationships. If you still want to.
File: djzks.jpg (66 KB, 561x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 561x381

I know you guys are hurt and desperate.
I know you need attention

... and it's all right.
We're here to help.

You don't have to hurt others if you need company or attention; you can be in this thread even without believing in spiritual stuff or without asking for help.

When you feel hurt or alone, come and join us, but with kind words, instead of trolling.
We're here for you, too. ;)


I heard that this "feedback" can be different for everyone.
QT practitioners even say that when the "healer" gives a session and feels this, then it's not the patient's feedback. It is, in fact, his own healing space what "navigates" him.


Just as I said above it's ok if you don't feel anything - you don't have to.

And of course, I give you as much vibes as you need. :)


I think we discussed sexuality and relationships in the thread before the last one.
Maybe it's in somewhere in the archives.

Also I suggest to learn meditation.
It'll give you confidence, strength and a lot of luck in everything, so you'll love life will also improve.

+ You're next.

First of all - you should really check out James Deacon's wonderful site about Reiki: http://aetw.org/

Also you should know that in the original, Japanese Reiki there were no chakras at all.
Japanese people believe(d) in "hara", which means stomach.

It's basically the same thing as the Chinese dan tian (I believe they called the energy center in the stomach area "dan tian" originally, and the other two center had different names).

So you might need to focus only to that one energy center.

And, of course, you're next!
(Reiki practitioners said that Quantum Touch can boost the Reiki, so this ession can really help you)


Sending the Love, Anon! :P
thank you! I'll give my best!
Sorry to ask but I'm having some joint pain. Could anyone send some of their touch over here?
I asked for healing/help with finding a job a little while back from you and I have two interviews this week so thank you! Please send me some positive attention for the interviews and for some anxiety I've been feeling lately (unrelated to the interviews).

I'm sending you and everyone positive vibrations and attention. But again thank you Heron, you've helped me<3
>This thread is transforming into a healing thoughtform itself.
On whose authority?
I have chronic fatigue symdrome and since theres no accurate mainstream medical treatment for it (trust me, i've tried everything from nootropic drugs, stimulants, antideprssants, add meds, thyroid hormones, whatever you can imagine I've taken it.) and I'm pretty desperate because it's seriously limiting how much I can work. What kind of healing therapies does anon reccomend i try? any other spoonies out there on /x/ care to share experiences?
enroll in an mma gym and get punched in the face a few times.

not joking.
it will wake you the fuck up.
I'm being serious here anon. this isn't fucking fight club.
Have you tried psychedelics? Not saying it will work and not really sure why it would work, but I know a lot of people take high doses of acid or DMT and that can change their life. I know it sounds dumb but if you've tried everything it really can't hurt.
I am currently doing wmh myself, it's currently being scientifically proven, with some parts already proven.
It's quite simple to do, I suggest you check it out on youtube and google it.
Try the breathing exercise first a few times, if you think it helps concider doing the 10 week course.

Some of the effects have to do with better sleep and having more energy while awake.

Btw I'm only in week 2 myself, and since most people only feel any big changes on week 3, I can't confirm myself if it works yet, if you want I can post the results I have had in 2 weeks in a /phg/.
*whm, it stands for wim hof method.
Sorry forgot to add that.
supplement with magnesium, 300mg a meal and maybe at night for sleep. That's what I'm trying. Lower dosage if you get muscle spasms or something.
Please help me anyone.
Meditating? Seems nice, but i don't know shit about. Any recomendations of sites, techniques or something that can help me to do it?
I Cant seem to keep a job and i have a lot of bad luck.
I am a good person who always helps others and i cannot seem to understand why all these bad things keep on happening to me. not to mention my dad dying in my arms a few weeks back. Please help
File: fhzkzt.jpg (1 MB, 1000x766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x766

I'll send more vibes Anon.


You're next. :)


Oh, that's very good news! :D

Thanks for the positive feedback!
I'll send more Love. ;)


I'll see what I can do.
While I can't recommend any therapies, I can send vibes. :)


Sure, Anon!
You're next on my list.


I'll send as much Love as I can.
Also see this >>17202731
I hope it's gonna work for you, too!

Can I have a Healing? I've been suffering depression for a while as I've been alone for some time. My bad luck is winning a fight against me and I cant find love at all. It seems like life is telling me I shouldn't be alive or at least is kinda letting me know I'm not really going to fit in this world in the future... Like If I was a waste of space or something... Maybe you can help me a bit.

Thanks anyway mate.
Oh ooooooooooop.
File: dgrhrur.jpg (167 KB, 615x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 615x300

I know that feel, Anon.
We live in a cold world, where love seems to be unnecessary (or, at least, we can't find it anywhere).

People lost their connections to each other, to this world.
We're like ghosts, floating around without goals and emotions.

There's only one solution: you have to become a candle in the dark; love / loving in an unloving environment.

It is possible - when you start to exercise unconditional Love, your connections with everything and everyone else will start to get repaired.

Or: imagine that we're all cells in a body.
If you can become a balanced, healthy cells, then other cells around you will also get better.

Anyway: you're next.


Sending the Love.
I didn't ask for love and the idea that you'd respond to my question with that is an insult to the idea of love at all. There's not a snowball's chance in hell I will accept such a primitive sentiment from you in this context.

On whose authority do you call "thoughtform" ITT?
File: buddha-namaste.jpg (35 KB, 400x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 400x266

Believe it or not, you did ask for Love. :)
Not a sentimental form of love, of course. I don't even know you, after all.

I'm always talking about unconditional Love.
That's the force that connects everything and everyone.
I hope you already know and feel this powerful "thing" - and, if you don't, then I hope someday you will.

>On whose authority do you call "thoughtform" ITT?

I find this sentence very funny (no offense).
I'm sure you must be trolling or just simply over-analyzing things.
Also I'm sure you won't be satisfied with my answer (whatever that will be).
I think you're just hurt, angry or simply lacking true Love, and that's why you're pushing these questions.

Anyway: I don't know what do you mean by "authority".
This is a thread, there's a main "theme" of this thread (paranormal healing) and I use the thread itself as a focus to amplify the healings.

And maybe - maybe! - this makes the thread like a healing thoughtform.
Everyone focus on it, and the thread also gives / receives this focus.

Let's make this even simpler: we focus on Anons and creating "healing spaces" with unconditional Love.
And we give / ask for healing sessions through this thread.
So the thread is - from a spiritual point of view - "full of Love". :P

I suspect you won't be satisfied with my answer.
(Well, if you do, then I'll be very happy, of course!)
Fortunately we're not here to discuss philosophy or occult(ish) terms. ;)

Have a nice day, Anon!

P.S.: I'll send more Love.
I asked for no such thing. If you can't answer the question, I can and will work to eradicate yours.

>Not a sentimental form of love
Then don't call it love. Call it compassion or something equally impersonal. Trying to be personal with a total stranger is a conman tactic. I absolutely will not accept the sentiments of a fool that wears wolf's clothing while walking among sheep.
And if the thing that hurts me is still alive, what do you think you can possibly heal without killing it?

>the thread also gives / receives this focus
Be precise. State the intent behind this phrase of yours.

>P.S.: I'll send more Love.
I said don't. Back the fuck off or you will suffer it.

Problem with the world is that people try to love when they don't really have any fucking love they just pretend to love and even when you tell them this they are so blind they think they actually have love. World would be a better place if people were more transparent and showed their anger when angry and showed their love when they are really in love you flakey mother fucker.
There's no particular NEED for that kind of negativity here, provided OP doesn't NEED that kind of negativity right now.
positivity wouldn't be perceived if there wasn't negativity to be perceived you fucking idiot.
Yes, and the question is whether or not OP is too far gone to see that. If they are, then they'll NEED to experience some powerful negativity before they have a reason to seek BALANCE again.
Words don't mean shit unless someone perceives them to be positive or negative. You can call a dog a dumb mother fucker and he wouldn't give a shit. You only give a shit because you perceive them as positive or negative. So don't blame me for making negative remarks. Blame yourself for perceiving them as something negative.
File: nzjxr.jpg (32 KB, 500x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x357



Beautiful. :)
Thanks, Anon!
What movie is this?

Also yeah: Love is all you need.

Many people can't understand what unconditional Love is.
It's not a personal thing.
It's harmony, balance and one-ness.
It's peace, abundance and serenity.

Life force, in it's full glory.
It's the Love that feeds the baby insinde her mother's womb - does the baby know about the womb or the mother?

Do we know about this unconditional Love, this life force that "feeds" us constantly?

That's why the Bible says that God is love, you know.
That's why Taoists say that the Tao gave birth to us and maintains our existence without asking anything in return.

And yeah: Love is the rhytm of life itself.
So, again - thank you for the video, Anon! ;)
>It's harmony, balance and one-ness.
That's not called love. That's called unity. Don't you dare make a thoughtform called unity under the guise of love. The spiritual world does not suffer fools gladly.
You knew they were negative long before you ever thought to post them. If you didn't assign them any meaning prior to posting them, then your post was a miracle that should've manifested as gibberish, but didn't.

Perception is not the sole designation point of all communicated meaning.
File: wolfs.gif (374 KB, 480x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 480x321
Hey OP. I've been trying to get into paranormal things, such as distance healing, OBE's and lucid dreaming for a long time but I think there's some self-developed blockage that keeps me stuck.
Thanks for the help

It's a pop song, but still:


Also I deicded not to post that thoughtform part in OP from now on.
I see it caused some misunderstanding, so let's leave that behind.
It was really redundant and unnecessary anyway (thanks for pointing that out for us, by the way).

See, it's an act of personal love.
It made you angry, and I didn't mean it.

God bless you, Anon!
File: dsgs.jpg (470 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
470 KB, 1200x800

I suggest to check these links:

>Neiye, a Taoist meditation:

>Quantum Touch Youtube channel:


There are many ways to learn distant healing, and these are only my recommendations.

Unfortunately lucid dreaming is not my thing, so I can't help you with that one.

I think meditation could help you to make that blockade disappear.
Maybe you just "overdo" paranormal things.

Sometimes you need to relax and stop pushing yourself. ;)
>See, it's an act of personal love.
Eh. It's debatable. I won't say that I don't have my issues with your...Intent. But I also have the sense not to pollute yours with mine.

Thank you, if you do end up removing that part. It's a danger not worth risking. Uncontrolled thoughtforms tend to be exceedingly volatile, and implied thoughtforms are directly dangerous by the same principle. Directing intent in random directions and hoping something sticks will summon endless amounts of manipulative entities who knew well how to manage misdirection. Take care that you separate yourself from the wolves.

Thank you for your advices and your understanding!
I really do appreciate your help.

I'm happy that we could solve this problem peacefully. :)
How do you know I knew they were negative. Are you a psyhcic? Or are you just assuming the worst and acting like a victim? Words don't mean shit unless you make them mean something within your own mind.
Oh man, good to see the thread is still around!
Hey OP, how do you keep your vibrations ncie and high? How do you keep up with this?

Anything I can do to help out? Honestly?
I could use a little love right now, just processed some tough stuff - even a thumbs up would do really :)

Many blessings!
>Oh man, good to see the thread is still around!

Yeah, it's awesome! :D

>Hey OP, how do you keep your vibrations ncie and high? How do you keep up with this?

Sometimes I can't (sorry that I'm too honest here).
We're all humans and life can be tough.

But to answer your question: one needs to exercise - to remain calm, to do a lot of meditation and relaxation.
... even if you have stuff to do, even if you don't have much time!

You know, if you taste serenity and real, powerful peace, than you want to taste it again - then you'll know what true harmony is.

(Un)fortunately it's a thing you have to experience yourself.
It's not just a momentary satisfaction, simple fun.
When your body is relaxed, then your entire being stop to swimming against the tide in the "Greaaaaat River of Life".

You have to live harmony and balance.
Maybe there's a state of nirvana, I don't know.
But I do know that life is a dance and if you learn to relax and to be in balance, then your entire experience of this dance will be much more enjoyable. :P

>Anything I can do to help out? Honestly?

Thanks, but I'm ok.
You're very nice.

>I could use a little love right now, just processed some tough stuff - even a thumbs up would do really :)

I see what I can do. ;)

Namaste, Anon!
The movie is across the universe, and the song is by the beetles
I don't know why but i kept not seeing this thread and he just popped up right now. This is awesome work guys.

I have hard time digesting since 2-3 months. I don't know what have changed. I would be happy to be helped by you.
Thank you very much :)

A healer once told me that i could heal too if i wanted to. I will read your links .
That's bullshit, they say that to everyone
Can i get some general healing?



Thank you, Anon!

Well, if this problem is present since 2-3 months, then maybe you should see a doctor, just to be sure.

Also stomach, skin and lung problems are the best examples of problems with connections / inter-connectedness.
Your body can't take in and take out stuff with organs that are designed to do exactly those functions.

I'll send the vibes.

>A healer once told me that i could heal too if i wanted to.

Depends on the paradigm of the healer, really.

Because >>17206400
>they say that to everyone

is kinda true, and not even bullshit.
Although it's not a conscious decision.
Your body / being can repair itself and "healing" can speed up your own self-healing, BUT it depends on how powerful "healing space" can one gives to you and how your body / being can use this healing space.

Also we don't even understand (yet) how energy healing works.
I hope one day we will. :)


Sure, you're next.
Times are tough. I could use a little extra love these days. For anyone that decides to send a little my way, thank you deeply.

You're going to make it, Anon! ;)

Sending the vibes right now.
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