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I would like to hear your UFO stories.
Saw the trident missile test on the west coast of the US, couldn't tell what it was at first I just thought these aliens forgot to turn on the invisibility cloak to their ufo but it turned out to be just a missile launched from a submarine. Or that's the offical cover story (x-files theme song)
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I like to talk about it:

>be me
>be 8
>playing with friends and neighbors in cul de sac
>night time
>tons of clouds
>no stars
> go into neighbors house to get sodas for everyone

Just over the tree line, i can see 2 bright, red lights, illuminating the clouds around them.

>ask neighbors what it is
>"its just a cell tower"
>cell tower has one light, and is on the other side of street, and blinks, not fades.
> 2 more lights turn on
>loud sound, like the sound of a bathroom fan turning on
>2 blue lights start to flicker
>crashing sound
>lights turn off immediately.

I suspect it flew away at suoer speed.
I ask my neighbor about it sometimes and i think it scares him. Nobody wants to talk about it but me.
>be 20
>around 11pm
>goes outside with gf for a smoke
>blah blah blah
>gf says
>"wtf is that"
>i look across the road and see an orange ball of light on the ground, pulsating
>"probably a street light thats fallen"
>who gives a fuck
>gf says
>"no look, its moving"
>it starts slowly rising and pulsating
>i squint at it, cant see outline
>"its a fuckin chinese lantern"
>keep squinting at it
>"wait.. that aint no fuckin chinese lantern"
>the ball of light stops dead about 30ft up and just hangs there, still
>"noo that def aint no chinese lantern"
>the thing sat there for around 2 minutes
>didnt move an inch, just planted there in midair
>suddenly, it started moving south in a straight line at about 20-30 mph
>"what the fuck"
>after a minute it was gone over the horizon

Whatever it was... it was either being controlled or sentient. It moved in straight lines, and "took off" with immediate speed, no build up of acceleration. It was 0-20 in 1 second.

Definitely, hand on heart, was NOT a fucking chinese lantern.

>inb4 chinese lantern
Could've been a Jinn
>be me
>live in middle of desert
>be on shrooms
>walking to friends moms house
>hear extremely loud out of place noise
>friend says jet
>bullshit friend...listen
>something comes flying 100 feet above houses @ about 20 mph
>holy shit aliens
>6-8 blinking lights on back
>resembled pitch black millennium falcon
>friend mom @ bar
>go to another friends house
>friends call bullshit....on shrooms
>did you see spppppaaacccceeesssshhhhipppps anon?
>be gubberment
>let's test a new weapon over a civilian suburb, then tell them after we do it!
I don't fucking think so. Whatever that was, it was not of this earth.
Not my story but my sister's.

> be my sister
> 21 yrs old
> walking down our street with her boyfriend and their friend zak
> get call from mother to come home and assure her they're on the street and will be right there
>see a bright light in the sky
> stare at it cuz it does not belong
> light gets brighter, more lights appear and the they start to spin and move slowly down the street
> collective wtf
> we need to follow that shit
> follow for a few mins
> make it to the next street when the lights stop again and hover
> stare more
> panic suddenly that the aliens can see them following it and will get mad because they're stoners. (But not high at the time)
> lights disappear and they get freaked out and run home to my house
> all in all no more than a 10 min detour
> get berated by mother upon arrival for being 2 hours late and lying about where they were on the phone
Chinese lantern confirmed
>be me
>live in coastl northern california, really small town
>our town is north of sf and there's no bay, just a small point
>out at a friends house one night
>at the cliffs by the ocean
>should have been a bright moonlit night but clouds make it really patchy
>not normal fog though, just overcast
>looking over the ocean
suddenly a large whirring noise
>like HUGE whiring noise, really low
>sounds like many large propellers or something combined with like large mechanical groaning, like when a ship is moving
>friend and i (he was 17 and i think he had crush on me) start to get nervous, we're exposed so we move a little back form the edge of the cliff
>all of the sudden we see some huge shadow moving over the ocean
>it's in the distance but you can tell its moving fast
>no lights, just a huge, fast large shadow
>looks roughly elliptical in shape
>we're freaking out, it's moving along the coast and nearer as well.
we think we see the water moving, really turbulent out there
>the song is building
>the thing starts shaking back and forth out there, but then we realize that it's spinning in circles
>the sound cut out when it started spinning, but the sound took a little time to reach us
>the circles are getting tighter and tighter and the humming whir starts up again, low this time
>this thing is fairly close to the shore now but still way to far to see anything in the night.
>it looks like its spinning really fast now.
>all of the sudden the clouds start to clear around it and moonlight starts coming in
>the shape is still black, i think it mustve just been very dark
>the whining sound almost hurts our bones
>we're literally shaking at this point wondering if we should run
>i'm pretty sure i'm going to die
>the air feels staticy
all of the sudden the thing disapears
>huge water crashing sound
>im pretty sure it went straight up not i couldnt tel, it was too fast
>maybe it just dissappeared
>no more humming, we're just standing there
>after about two minutes huge waves start to hit the shore below us
>we can hear them, they're crashing against the shore
>whatever it was it must've left some massive ripples
>never knew what it was
>no one believed us
>still scared of ocean.
>Be 8.
>With my dad in his 18-wheeler in west Texas heading east.
>Late dusk.
>See a very bright vesica-shaped ufo come down vertically, makes a perfect U direction back vertically up.
>My dad and I both saw it and was amazed.
>Half an hour later I noticed the weird orb light following along side my dad's truck.
>Looked like a car w headlights from a distance.
>Noticed there was no roads next to us and it would appear far and close over and over again, never changing speed.
>Try telling my dad, but he didn't take it seriously, but was weirded out by it.
>Keeps happening for almost two hours, still beside us, same speed, still moving close then far, then close.
>Finally stopped at a rest area where it went away.
>Couldn't see it go away because I got distracted.
>Couldn't sleep all night, not because I was scared, but just dumbfounded what the hell that was.
*a weird orb light
Thread replies: 15
Thread images: 2
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