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David "the alien" Bowie
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what the fuck is up with him x? Im a huge fan and have some theories of my own as to why his art has always been and increasingly become more esoteric, but I want to hear what /x/ thinks about the thin white duke. Is he /x/ relevant or nay?
I'm pretty sure he is a wizard
It's a shape shifter who met Bowie and uses his form. This shape shifter is said to be the creature on the cover of the album Diamond Dogs, and perhaps the woman on the cover of Pin Ups.
Go team Venture.
hmm. i have always thought he had made alien contact at least, or some sort of deal with the nwo or some shit. hes just one of the most intuitive musicians alive. Im curious where it all comes from. apart from drugs.
his self assurance is mind boggling.to me. confidence out the asshole.
I agree about the shape shifter aspect

But human Bowie is looking his age
i think he may be more aware of the way society works and occult knowledge than any other musician... i mean look at blackstar... its like you can tell he has a message, but it isnt clearly stated what that message for the people is...
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He soled his soul...how else could one man be so based?
Those in the know will know...
reminds me of rhcp "if you have to ask, youll never know"
well he's right you know.
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I was having this discussion with my GF yesterday. There was another bowie thread a couple days ago of people talking about all this shit. As someone interested in the occult and a bowie. There is so much deep shit in bowie's lyrics and life. He's not the antichrist. He's just a man who knows. He's cool as a fucking cucumber
I'm pretty sure its because that shit sells
OH, I KNOW XD "seven years in tibet" really changed me as a person the driving lyric at the end "I praised to you, but nothing ever goes away" hes got a very personal relationship with himself and source.
I also agree with this, i dont think hes up to anything nefarious but still it would be nice to get the full scoop and not just what he feels like sprinkling for us XD

heh, I'm going to make an album pretending to be an alien to fuck with peoples mind so they wont think I'm an ACTUAL ALIEN.

about as alien as a human gets if you ask me though.
Death, inevitable Death.
So now You come to show Your world,
Hence the blackened cloak – unfurled.
And peering down upon my form
– Bereft of pity – Your eyes of storm.

Death, inexorable Death.
‘When? ’ The only question out of Thee.
My dream retorts 'But ne’er for me! ’
But now awake, I bid you so –
My giving tears cry ‘Where to go? ’

Death, adamant Death.
You cast Your spell and guide me 'way,
For life and I have had our day.
And what of me? I prey You, tell!
Be glorious in Heaven or gnarled in Hell?

Death, ineluctable Death.
Oh wiry ghoul, I'm here to follow –
I leave my body grey and shallow.
‘Come! ’ You bid in thund’ring tones,
‘Beg farewell to shattered bones.’
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This. Without a doubt.

Is there any argument that he's basically the coolest person alive? I mean, seriously, is there anyone cooler than David Bowie? No matter how old he gets, you never get the sense that he's out of touch. He just is.

And, of course, dat hairline.
I read on a website he is really deep into kabbalah, and i dont mean like some celebrity fad, he legit is into it, also he even name drops lots of occult stuff into his act and songs

I'm closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley's uniform
Of imagery
I'm living in a silent film
Himmler's sacred realm
Of dream reality


you see all those idiots like lady gaga and jay z and kanye west pretending to be Illuminati and into the occult for shock value, but i think bowie is legit into it.
you don't think he's just better at pretending to be into it because he's a real artist and not just an entertainer?
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this was the website, its a long read, but it gives a lot of insight into bowies interest in the occult

read this


bowie is legit into this shit and might be insane lol, his wife talks about how one time he called her to say he got kidnapped by witches who wanted to steal his sperm, or he was auditioning for a role for a movie when he saw an occult book on the directors book shelf and immdeitly left
So, Bowie remained a virgin until he was thirty? I have more respect for him now.
moot cosplayed as Bowie? Sweet!
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In the 1976 song 'Station to Station' he mentioned the occult doorways to other plans of reality when he described how to travel down the Cabalistic Tree of Life
from Kether to Malkuth

i read your post and thought the same, that bowie always seems so certain of himself, and i felt depressed because i almost always feel like a dead, drifting, nothing. but then funnily enough i stumbled upon this article that gives a more realistic look into how things can get alien bowie depressed, when faced with the brutal realities of life that make his celebrity bubble feel false:


it's about how when he was on a train going through russia, in a cozy first class cabin, tons of russians were crammed into the other areas sleeping on hard wood benches.

Me: "Did he believe he could become God with the help of occult practices?"
Angie Bowie: "David wants to be a dictator, not God. His fixation is with himself and he strives to ignore his own self–loathing."

this quote is interesting in regards to confidence. may it not be that those who show the most self-assured certainty of purpose are precisely those who feel they lack it the most and therefore struggle and strive to attain it?

i wonder how bowie's views have changed with aging. has he lost the youthful naivete that seeks in magick all kinds of powers, seeing that with aging comes natural loss of youthful potency regardless of what one does?
I wonder what he thinks of death
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i forget the name of this artist, but he obviously based the look of lucifer on a young bowie. bonus, constantine was based on sting back in his role in quadraphenia.
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>tfw you will never make young David Bowie your woman
>tfw he will never give you talented hybrid alien babies
>tfw your gay galactic music family never conquers the world with the powah of the bay-bae
>he's just David Bowie
He was a rockstar, bruh.

No. He bet his soul and won.
>>he's *just* David Bowie
You take that back right now.
I see these threads, trying to figure out Bowies new songs and lyrics. I can hlep a little.

"If You Can See Me", "I'd Rather Be High" , "Dancing Out in Space", "(You Will) Set the World On Fire", "You Feel So Lonely You Could Die" and "Blackstar" are all about the same person/people.

Hes just been singing about fevered egos, polluting our collective unconscious.
Last song on his first album from 1969

Please Mr Gravedigger https://g.co/kgs/5w146

Please Mr. Gravedigger"

There's a little churchyard just along the way
It used to be Lambeth's finest array
Of tombstones, epitaphs, wreaths, flowers all that jazz
Til the war come along and someone dropped a bomb on the lot

And in this little yard, there's a little old man
With a little shovel in his little bitty hand

He seems to spend all his days puffing fags and digging graves
He hates the reverend vicar and he lives all alone in his home
"Ah-choo, excuse me"
Please Mr. Gravedigger, don't feel ashamed
As you dig little holes for the dead and the maimed
Please Mr. Gravedigger, I couldn't care
If you found a golden locket full of some girl's hair

And you put it in your pocket
"God, it's pouring down"
Her mother doesn't know about your sentimental joy
She thinks it's down below with the rest of her toys
And Ma wouldn't understand, so I won't tell
So keep your golden locket all safely hid away in your pocket
Yes, Mr. GD, you see me every day
Standing in the same spot by a certain grave
Mary-Ann was only 10 and full of life and oh so gay

And I was the wicked man who took her life away
Very selfish, oh God
No, Mr. GD, you won't tell
And just to make sure that you keep it to yourself
I've started digging holes myself
And this one here's for you
"Lifted our girl, she apparently doesn't know of it
Hello misses, thought she'd be a little girl
Bloody obscene, catch pneumonia or something in this rain"

"Little Bombadier"
War made him a soldier
Little Frankie Mear
Peace left him a loser
The little bombardier
Lines of worry appeared with age
Unskilled hands that knew no trade

Spent his time in the picture house
The little bombardier
Frankie drank his money
The little that he made
Told his woes to no man
Friendless, lonely days
Then one day, in the abc
Four bright eyes gazed longinly
At the ice-cream in the hand of
The little bombardier
Sunshine entered our Frankie's days

Gone his worries, his hopeless maze
His life was fun and his life was full of joy
Two young children had changed his aims
He gave them toffees and played their games
He brought them presents with every coins he made
Then two gentlemen called him
Asked him for his name
Why was he friends with the children
Were they just a game?
Leave them alone or we'll get sore
We've had blokes like you in the station before
The hand of authority said "no more" to
The little bombardier
Packed his bags, his heart in pain
Wiped a tear, caught a train
Not to be seen in the town again

Dude is a poet. He likes words and stories.

He was always big into occultism. There are stories of him drawing the tree of life on things between sessions around that time. He even mentions it in Breaking Glass: "don't look at the carpet, I drew something awful on it."

Quicksand is a great song though, easily the best on Hunky Dory, but I prefer the demo version.
For someone who's only recently getting into Bowie, could /x/ recommend his most darkest moments so I can make an "Occult Bowie" Spotify playlist? Please?

Pretty much all of The Man Who Sold the World, the only songs that don't have to do with weird shit on it are She Shook Me Cold and the title track
I'm on it, thanks anon.

No problem, after that just browse other stuff around the same time, early to mid 70s has a lot of his stranger songs. Also check out the bowiesongs WordPress as a companion to whatever you're listening to has a lot of background and such on the songs.
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I think David Bowie might be a serial killer. Don't tell anyone though because it's a secret.
Thanks again, I'm listening to Bowie all day. His music is a lot better when you consider the implied imagery.
File: Bowie Sun God.jpg (12 KB, 350x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bowie Sun God.jpg
12 KB, 350x263

>looks like Bowie
>stand and abilities named for Queen songs

Stupid donut man
which song?
He probably thinks he'd blow our minds
That's def sandman by gaiman. Good read, can't remember the artist.

No. He had a son at 24 and was pretty manwhore-y before he was married to Angie.
the girl on pinups is twiggy
and he mentions Crowley in Quicksand
he was on cocain during most if not all of station to station's songs
Awesome Albums
-Space Oditty
-The Man Who Sold The World
-Scary Monsters And Super Creeps
-The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
-Aladdin Sane

Average Albums
-Hunky Dory
-Station To Station

Shitty Albums
-Diamond Dogs
-Young Americans
-Pin Ups

I still have to listen to the rest.
just when i thought that there was no hope, and /x/ was beyond redemption, this thread shows up and redeems the whole board.

and for reason i see Henchman 21 as OP.
He is interested in the occult. It influences his lyrics. That is what is up with him.
>Diamond Dogs
u wot m8? Give it another listen, it's god tier, along with Hunky Dory. Listen to Let's Dance, Low, Outside, and Blackstar.
File: bowie00.jpg (146 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was hyped for it but at the end i couldnt like it. Too upbeat for my tastes.

So far Scary Monsters and Cygnet Committee are my favorite songs from him.

Also on second thought, maybe Station to Station is also awesome.
No he just took all the drugs
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just wants a quiet life
your list is wrong
most should be in Awesome

>black tie white noise
>never let me down
should be in Average
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