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It's that good ol' jolly time again,...
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It's that good ol' jolly time again, personal /x/-pertinent stories.

Posting my own screencapped story because anons told me I should make a thread with it sometime ago, so here it goes.
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Bump for more
Jesus fucking Christ, that's horrifying. I actually believe it too, so at the very least you're a very good writer.
Many questions:
1.) How did she get to school? If bus then that would have been near forest where house was, correct?
2.) How did she get home after visiting your house?
3.) If she was just 13, house ran on generator, and therefore all appliances ran on it as well, how could she have gotten more gas to run it with her mother being dead for quite sometime. (This is assuming the generator runs 24/7 considering it was running when you got there)
4.) How did mother appear to have died? (sorry if these are was to specific, just extremely curious and i know it was a decade ago)
>be me, 15
>lived in an apartment with mom,dad and younger brother
>birthday coming up,super excited
>dad travels a lot for work and can't make it
>sad because it's one of the occasions he rarely ever misses
>skyping with him
>"So you're really not coming?"
>"don't worry son. I'll be there, in spirit."
>my birthday comes up and my mother and brother wake me up
>I wake up slowly and hug them as they wish happy birthday
>as my head is between their shoulders I can look at the rest of my room
>I notice a strange figure in the room corner
>it was my dad. Same clothes,same build, same everything
>but no face. It was a blank face,pure skin.
>I freeze and close my eyes,hugging my family tighter
>they just take it as a hug and let me go
>open my eyes,Nothing there.

Did you guys crossed the Tua? Was the highway (were you found the driver) pavimented?

Sadly, I'm not in Portugal anymore...
Cool story I don't know if it is true or not but if it is you could quite easily find the house by working out how long you walked for and in vaguely which direction, this would give you a perimeter to search.

Portugal is quite a spoopy country I would love to read some pasta about Sintra and the pagans who live up there.
Inb4, he died on his trip and actually visited you in spirit like he said he would.
Actually he didn't die. But it was still pretty sp0oky.
Give us google maps coordinates.
Happened like last week

>no friends so I take trip to beach
>its 11 at night and not tired
>play the mandolin on beach in chair while drinking lager
>suddenly feel really strange, not just that I'm being watched, but that I need to leave right away
>I obey my instincts, I was getting sand in my shoes anyway
>come back next day to do it again, but in daylight
>see where my chair was
>trail of hoof marks walk up to the spot where my chair was
>and towards where I parked my car
When I was a kid I had a room I shared with my brother. We had a bunk bed, I slept in the top and he himself on the bottom. We were pretty young at the time of this story perhaps about 4 and 5 (I'm the eldest) and often we lived without a concept of time or even days really. I remember that I had just woken up. I remember waking up to the sound of someone moving things I the kitchen. I thought my mom was making us something today so I woke my brother up and told him to follow me. My brother was a pretty shy kid and never spoke to anyone,just small words here and there even to me. Anyway we opened the door to the room and made our way out into the hall and into the dinning room. No one was there. I was confused. I called out but found no answer. It was then that I realized that there seemed to be a shadow of a man with a rounded hat in the room. It was a stiff silhouette coming from the kitchen window. My brother smiled at it as I greeted it thinking for some odd reason that someone was in the house, maybe a family member? I ran into the kitchen and again there was no one. I looked up at the window but couldn't see anything so I climbed the counter up to the sink where the window was just above it and looked outside. Again, nothing. No one. We looked around some more but still no one was there. We went back into the dinning room to find the shadow gone. The weird part is that the backyard where the window looked out too was sloped downward and for the man to actually be seen he had to be more than 7 foot tall.

The weird part about it is that other small things happened too. At the height of my parents divorce and reconstruction of my house my father found a photo album full of photos of some family from long ago in the ceiling behind sheet rock. I don't know exactly what the photos depicted but I remember my father freaking out and burning it. He was always rambling on about some curse on the house too at the time. But who knows.
I have a story that my father told me. It happened to him when I was a highscooler.

>be my father
>live in two storey house
>bedrooms are upstairs, livingroom, kitchen and computer room are downstairs
>nice neighbourhood, but had some unexplained thefts, nothing serious
>sleeping peacefully, when something wakes you up
>look at clock, it's 3 am
>suddenly, stairs creak
>wooden stairs, they creak under weight
>hear it again, just a second, like someone walks step by step or something low weight
>dogs and cats are definately outside
>at this point eyes are open and listening
>see a flash of light coming from the stairs (doors have glass parts)
>hear the creaking again, then one more flash
>finally decides to check it out, can't go back to sleep anyway
>go out of the door, try to reach for the light switch when suddenly a creak
>glance toward stairs in reflex
>see something humanoid on all fours, limbs all twisted, one "hand" grasping a step, holding something in the other
>lock eyes for a second, frozen in fear
>when the thing slightly moves, jump back into room
>run around like a madman, looking for anything that can be used as a weapon
>nothing there, picks up a fucking chair
>storms out, ready to pummel even a tank with the chair
>except there is nothing
>mom is up too at this point, check the house as quiet as possible, so the kids won't wake up
>find nothing, even with lights on
>go back to sleep

He told me next day, asked if I heard anything. I said I didn't, and maybe he just had a nightmare, since mom didn't hear or saw anything. The truth is, I did hear and see everything. You know, I had a curfew at 10 pm, but my parents went to bed before that, so I played some game and finished at 3 am. I used my phone as a light source, only when needed, and went on all fours, because I thought distributing the weight might ease down the creaking. I thought I will die when dad looked at me, but when he went back, I bolted back to my room and pretended I was asleep.
Heh, nice
Gave me a good laugh. Thanks.
So, thats when you discovered you were a goat?

How long was this ago?
The only thing that's "bunk" here is your story, mister!
The Goatman just wanted friends and big nigger booty.
4 or 5
holy fuck m8
that makes me real sad considering she'll probably grow up to be a crazy forest lady
>father tells you he'll be there in spirit
>is literally there in spirit
what are you complaining about?
>she'll probably grow up

Nah, she is probably dead now. You need food, and mummy's credit card won't last for ever.
mine is meh

>be 12
>bedroom closet has 2 sliding mirrors for doors
>one side has all my jeans, other side my shirts
>open side with jeans
>take out and put on jeans
>open side with shirts
>take out and put on shirt
>already have socks on because they go on first
>leave closet door open to side with shirts because lazy and never close closet
>take 3 steps outside bedroom
>hear closet door slide
>go back in room
>door is open to side of closet with jeans
>decide to wear different jeans since apparently ghost doesn't like the ones i'm wearing

nothing else ever happened in that room, though i did hear strange jibberish outside my room one time which i do believe was aliens. i lived out in the woods in northern alberta. my parents owned an oilfield serviced business and had a shop and yard literally in the middle of the woods. another time, i left my big window open (about the size of a patio door) and a bear ripped the screen, came into my room and dragged my duvet to the edge of the woods. i was in the other room playing utopia back when swerve still owned it.
If this was a movie it would be the preview
take care anon because your 20´s are going to get spooky
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