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Experiences in Mental health clinics
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I'm beginning to write/draw a paranormal graphic novel. I'm trying to get details for the setting. I've researched the first two primary places; foster care centers/homes and grade school. The last place I need to research is Asylums and Mental Health clinics.

A lot of people on here have posted experiences working in/staying at mental health clinics so I figured I could start my quest for knowledge here.

To start, I was wondering if people can tell me what daily life in such places is like. I want to be accurate and detailed with all of my settings.

What is a general schedule of ones week?
When are you allowed to interact with other patients? Can you visit each others rooms just to hang out whenever? Is it all strictly monitored? What about interactions with the opposite sex?
What are the other patients like that you've met? who were the most normal? who were the craziest?
What are the workers like? Have you ever met a corrupt worker?
Under what circumstances can you leave the premises to go other places? Do you have to take a guard or nurse with you? Is there a time limit? Or is every outing planned ahead and kind of a group thing?

Those are just beginning questions. I'm sure I'll find more as I go.

And if you have any stories or experiences with being between homes in foster care, that would be cool too.

I'll be dumping creepy pictures and other random bullshit to keep this thread up. maybe some of my art if I feel like it.
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Also, this whole story I have will be taking place in Missouri around the Ozarks.
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There's three primary characters They're all pretty young.
One is a girl, age 12, with PTSD from a car accident where she lost her legs and family. She seems to be developing bad schizophrenia despite her young age.
Another is a sociopath boy, age 12, convinced he is a powerful ancient spirit that took the body he's in because it was so sick the previous owner just gave it to him. He thinks hes just trying out this whole 'Humanity' thing for kicks.
Another is a clingy, obsessive orphan girl, age 9, who is simply there occasionally for mental health checkups.

The story follows them up to their early 20's so far.
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I stayed in a mental health facility twice for attempted suicide

>What is a general schedule of ones week?
Generally the schedule is simple:
630 morning meds
700 breakfast
800 group (Dr will pull you out to talk about treatment)
1000 free time
1230 lunch (meds)
1330 group about meds (mandatory for all)
1400 group
1600 free time
1700 dinner (meds)
1800 visitation
1900 alcoholics anonymous
2000 free time (meds)
2200 rec room closed (bedtime)

Sunday at 900 was church. Optional.

>When are you allowed to interact with other patients?
>Can you visit each others rooms just to hang out whenever?
You could stand outside the room and hang but not inside.
>Is it all strictly monitored?
They're always watching
>What about interactions with the opposite sex?
See above
>What are the other patients like that you've met? who were the most normal? who were the craziest?
Normal were the druggies. The bat shit crazies were usually schizos. Some of the schizos were pretty cool. One guy would be talking to me then out of nowhere he'd just say "shut up I wasn't talking to you"
>What are the workers like? Have you ever met a corrupt worker?
The workers were awesome. Always wanted to help you figure out your problems. The most corrupt it got was 1 worker let me have an extra snack.
>Under what circumstances can you leave the premises to go other places? Do you have to take a guard or nurse with you? Is there a time limit? Or is every outing planned ahead and kind of a group thing?
Cannot leave. Accompanied by staff to meals but unattended to group.

More details? Its been a year but I remember a lot
fuck yeah, man! give me all the details.
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The part about a group session I remember is the counselor went around the room asking why we were there. He would drill you until you figured out your own problem. Reduced a lot of people to tears.
>asked me why I was there. "I attempted to OD on heavy duty sleeping pills."
> what happened that you wanted to do that? "Not sure. My brain just snapped."
>no something made you want to do that. What was it? "Well I hurt myself and didn't feel anything."
> what did you use? "A staple"
> no matter what you use you're still a cutter. Now why did you do it? "I realized I could never pursue my dreams because I'm fucked up in the head."

Not gonna lie, I was balling at that point.

>why are you so fucked up? "Shit my ex did to me. Emotional and verbal abuse"
> That's no excuse. You can't control what other people do to you. Just get away from the situation and talk to someone. Youre a lovely girl and you can't be cutting like that because of some asshole that didn't appreciate you.
And then he moved on.

Anything else you want to know?
I was sent to a loony bin when I was 14 for being violent. This one motherfucker had a habit of picking on the younger kids, girls and boys alike, and he got off on humping them and groping them, and beating them as well. I beat him frequently and the teachers knew it but didn't do anything as they thought he deserved it. One day I saw him groping and strangling a ten year old boy and it was the last fucking straw. He was bruised everywhere, had two broken ribs, and all his front teeth broken. Cont.
Wow, damn.
What would they do if someone just sat in silence when it was their turn? Or just gave obvious bullshit answers?
Good on you!
How were you treated differently from non-violent patients?
The school was reasonably outraged and said if I wanted to continue education I had to go there for an evaluation for three weeks. I stayed two months due to misbehavior, cont.
He would seriously press them til they broke. After 10 minutes he'd move on but you'd still get picked after the next person. Another group was relaxation breathing. So soothing. Imagine the scene in fight club where he goes to his happy place. Just like that.

Seriously in my wing it was very calm but I have a greentext about the day I almost got into a fight with a schizo. Gotta eat first.
All patients were 18 years or younger, split in a teen section of the ward. It was split into girls and boys to keep from sexual tension. There was a retarded
So the groups were basically various types of therapy and then talking about how your medications made you feel.
I'm assuming you weren't allowed to have certain things like shaving razors, butter knives, or anything you could hurt yourself or someone else with.
I'll be here for your story. I'll be in and out of here for another hour or so, probably.
Violent dude from loony bin, won't link former posts because posting from phone. There was a retarded girl 18 yes old, a girl afraid to grow up same age, a girl getting off coke one year younger, dunno why she wasn't in some rehab center. A girl whose father beat her mother with a shovel and put her in the hospital so she tried to kill herself because of what he did to mom, and there was an extremely shy girl afraid of speaking with others even. Cont.
This is true, no metal PERIOD. Cont. The boys had a dude who slept for 14 hours a day and was so silent and still in his sleep he often caught others masturbating just by being unseen. Sucked to be him. We had a priest who was there at a young age and came back for spiritual reasons, he was 21. Best comrade you could have there, sane. We had a dude who knew park our and acted tough, but he was insecure as shit about his faults. Cont.
There was this asshat who was afraid of not waking up, made fun of others but cried If you made fun of him, was incredibly strong. Had a retard who thought he was psychic. Had some cool dude all girls got wet over, dunno why he was there didn't stick around long. We has a bible thumper who got crazy as night fell and he was often tranquilized. Cont.
And a stereotypical gay dude came later, beat him too for sexually harassing us. We were all medicated save for the priest, some more some less, it turned you into a zombie, made you stupid and not care.
could you choose to be unmedicated?
Also, I'm not sure if you saw my question on your first post.
How were you, and other violent patients treated differently from non-violent patients?
After I saw what the meds done, I hid the pills between my cheek and my molars, as they only checked beneath your tongue. The day consisted of listening to shitty Serbian turbofolk, arts n crafts, ping pong, shitty food not fit for rats, schoolwork, and room time. And showers, there never being enough warm water for all.
I was the only violent one, and was provoked more so they could see my anger. They will go out of their way to make you angry, unfair treatment, dick personal questions, threats etc.
No choice of medication. Don't wanna take it? Nurse! The needle!
I'll share a foster home story, not mine but my moms.

>be 12
>father dies
>mother is a dumbdumb
>separated from sister, sent to a foster home
>too old to be adopted, pretty much there until a legal adult (18 at the time)
>forced to wash windows, scrub floors, take care of discarded babbys
>had to do these things the most inefficient and degrading way possible
>im talking scrubbing floors with a toothbrush
>get real tired of that shit real fast
>fuck you i won't do what you tell me
>get punished until the other reject unadoptable kids finish your task
>punishment is holding arms straight out like a "T", with books in each hand
>drop the books and you get a switchin'
>get beat many times
>tie up headmistress and give her a switchin', escape
>dragged back by truant officers
>live there 3 more years, with many switchin's'
>highschool sweetheart (18) adopts you (17)
>go live cushy redpilled life on a farm doing crop experiments for local university
>local prof visits experiment farm and helps you pick magic mushrooms

My ma was born '54, this happened between 1965-71
and this was the same for every patient? No matter how big or small their issue?

Did you know of anyone who tricked the nurses and got away with not taking their meds? Or was that nearly impossible?
Sleep time was always 8pm sharp, if you did not fall asleep fast enough you'd get stabbed with a tranquilizer. I mostly read books as they had a large collection, but it was all very dry, I liked reading the strugacki brothers, I got Ann Frank. Food was shitty and never with a grain of salt or sugar, so I had to ask my mother to bring it for me...nurses took it because of the glass jar. Bitches used the sugar for their coffee and never gave the jar back to my mom. Cont.
Read, I was the only one skipping meds. Read all of it to see how.
ahhh, dunno how I missed that. thanks.
Hey OP I don't have much but I did check myself into one once for a week cause of suicidal thoughts. The thing that made me realize I needed help was my gf at the time and I were driving (she was driver) and we got into a shouting match (one of many) I told her to stop the car and when she didn't I just jumped out cause I didn't care anymore.

Schedule and all that was pretty much identical to what the previous anon posted, but I've got some stories more pertaining to people while there.

Group was always cool, in a weird way. The guy who led it helped me figure out a lot of shit. Still to this day one of the most memorable things was when he said this
>So why do you want to kill yourself?
>I'm just tired. I want people to feel like I feel and killing myself is the best way to make that happen
>So you want them to pity you? Don't. Pity is when someone feels so sorry for you they don't even try to help you. Pity is weak.

I stared back blankly shocked by that revelation. Now I don't give a shit what people think.

Some of the people there (other patients) were awesome. There was this one guy who was a fucking giant, damn near seven feet and probably nearly 300 pounds of muscle, apparently in for anger problems. He was mentally an eight year old but he was actually really gentle (not sure if it was cause of his meds) Anytime anyone said anything mean to anyone else this guy would be there for them and made the asshole back down

Another girl was the quietest, sweetest girl I've ever met, but she'd always make time to listen to anyone. Apparently she'd had severe visual and auditory hallucinations for the better part of her life, she'd see headless bodies floating around the room up near the ceiling constantly, and there was this little six inch tall elderly couple who'd always follow her around and shout mean things at her. She must have had a lot of strength, I don't know if I could have dealt with that. She had pretty bad seizures every now and then, too.
After that my mom brought me a plastic container with sugar, and I always shared it evenly with everyone in the cafeteria, because we all suffered the same. I ate three days a week, and gorged myself. Why? Unbearably shitty food for other days. Showering went cyrillical (not alphabetical cuz serbia) and I was always the lucky second to use the shower, after Ana the shovledad girl. Anything you got from outside would be meaningful as gold. Makeup was banned and valued highly. I had a magazine for kids called zabavnik I guarded with my life. Eventually I got cards in there and some plastic bottle caps to play poker. I hated playing chess because medical zombies can't think clearly. Be back in a few mins, keep thread bumped.
Visitors must pass through a screening device and be cleared by a security guard to enter the facility. Cell phones and objects that might be used to cause harm or injury are not permitted and will be confiscated.
I.e. shoelaces, matches, anything metal.

> be asleep at 5am
> wake up because some asshole is screaming and pounding on walls in the hallway.
> get up and go to the rec area pissed off cuz I barely slept.
> see a crazy looking dude who calmed down for a minute.
> sit down still looking pissed off.
> nurse looks at me and gives my meds and takes vitals.
> dude "hey. What's your name".
>me "im pissed the hell off."
> "hi pissed the hell off. What the fuck is your problem?"
>"you'd be pissed off too if some idiot was being loud at 5 am."
> nurse steps in, he goes crazy again and gets carted to isolation where I never saw him again.
Will do.
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Another question.
Did you have your own room or was there a shared room?
If you had your own room, did you have your own bathroom?
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>Mental Health clinics
I went into one voluntarily back in the day. I told them, I didn't want to be there for more than 2 weeks, ended up there for about 3 months. I was able to have weekend pass every few weeks, meaning I could spend time with family outside of the place.

Basically, the first night there I was shown my room, had a cool roommate. To be honest though, I was so doped up most of the time and it was a long time ago, my time there is blur, aside from several memories.

I remember we had an attic in our closet. Myself, roommate and 2 other "friends" climbed up there and explored for a short while. Male and Female were integrated and I was able to have some "romantic" times with a cute girl.

I was about 16 at the time and I remember they didn't really segregate the adults and minors at that time. I saw someone get tranquilized and put in a padded green room. I was taking stelazine and about 4-5 other drugs that messed my vision up for the time, i had to wear glasses. Also, it caused me to be unable to go to the bathroom at all for about 3-4 weeks. I ended up in the ER with an IV and catheter, i had blood poisoning from all my #2's and #1's being backed up in my system.

I was able to get off the meds eventually and thankfully ended up being a pretty normal guy despite my early hardship. I never told any of my friends or ex girlfriends because of feeling ashamed.
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Hey OP....
sorry off topic.
But where you getting this stuff man?
Im kinda a furniture buff.
OP I'm this anon >>15674636

Shared rooms, shared bathroom. I got lucky and had a room to myself except for my last day. I got there at just the right time that there was an empty room and no one else checked in till I was just about gone.
It was shared with the same gender. 2 people per room. 1 bathroom per room. Bathroom door had a weight sensor in case someone tried to commit suicide. Hence why shoelaces and strings were forbidden. If I wanted badly enough I could have tied a sheet to the bed post. Roommates were a nightmare. They snored, didn't give you private time, wanted to use your stuff.... Ugh. One roommate had a cpap machine. Didn't sleep at all when the fucker was on. Doors were left cracked so staff could check on you every 20 minutes.
That almost sounds like some kinda quirky fucked up movie.
I wish I could remember. All I know is they were made by some artist who used all kinds of animals and taxidermy for them.
Same here for the reason for my visits to mental health facility.

It's in Wisconsin.
I was in the regular ward both times, there is an intensive care ward where things were a lot more strict. You didn't want to get sent over there.

The schedule is about the same but there was usually work therapy maybe, don't remember exactly what it was called ,but it was a an hour you'd go to an arts and crafts room and work on whatever you wanted. Window staining things, origami, woodworking, etc.

You could choose to not go to group and things but then you weren't allowed to go to work therapy, or watch the tv.

>When are you allowed to interact with other patients?
Pretty much whenever except for after lights out.
>Can you visit each others rooms just to hang out whenever?
No, going into another patient's room wasn't allowed, and they preferred if you stayed in the main room/ rooms they kept puzzles and board games in / cafeteria.
>Is it all strictly monitored?
The nurses' station could see right down the hall all the patient rooms were in. If you wanted to go to the cafeteria you had to sign out and in when you got back, that included going for meals.
>What about interactions with the opposite sex?
No special restrictions to my knowledge.
>What are the other patients like that you've met? who were the most normal? who were the craziest?
Most of the other patients were there for similar reasons, or for detox. Biggest drama that happened was a verbal altercation that ended in hurt feelings.
>What are the workers like? Have you ever met a corrupt worker?
All very nice, and polite.
>Under what circumstances can you leave the premises to go other places? Do you have to take a guard or nurse with you? Is there a time limit? Or is every outing planned ahead and kind of a group thing?
Leaving the building wasn't allowed. There was a courtyard where you could play basketball or get some sunlight if you wanted, nurses' desk opened it for you.
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Back. Anyways let's recall so!e events!
>faggot hitting on parkour guy in rec room, getting creepy.
>rec room has two huge sliding doors down the middle so two rooms can be made if need be.
>get sick of faggot eyeraping the dude, punch him in the face
>despite being two years oldwr than me and and about 180lb he starts running around room like a bitch
>as he runs friend pulls out slising door in front of him, runs straight into it and gets a bloody nose.
>nurse walks in asks the hell is going on
>all act like he was acting retarded running and fell
>many laughs are had at fagbashing.
It gets weirder. Sorta. My ma's best friend (who she met like 3 yrs ago) also went to the same foster home, shortly after my mom was there. Her friend tied up the same headmistress and escaped successfully.

My ma and her friend have a long history of being in the same place at almost the same time. Her friend even used to hang out in the same bars in montreal. (we're from toronoto area).

Theyve never met before 3 years ago, as far as either of them recall.
Each of my stays was only like a week. (That's all insurance really covers.) But it really got boring as hell after like the third day.
The second time I didn't recall my first day at all because I had used like 45mg of diazepam as part of my attempt. I had to wear a fall risk bracelet for half the week.

Group was okay, they didn't force you to participate, but they really wanted you to.

They gave you a folder for making a 'recovery plan' for dealing with stuff once you got out. Which was basically everyone's homework.
After two weeks in the doctors and their henchmen had a meeting, and I took this as a chance to try and escape. I broke open the door, when one of the dudes guarding the patients rushed to stop me. I punched him in the face and threw him to the floor, and ran down the hall. Then a two meter tall man lifted me with one fucking arm, and threw me against my bed, yelling at me if I would calm down or get needle`d. I calmed the fuck down. Later the priest told me he was a patient the first time around he was there, when he was 13. The ward was there because of aggression issues and gf issues those many years ago. Why the fuck he wanted to be a ward later I dunno. I was hailed as a hero for punching one of the wards, and had my stay prolonged by two months. Cont.
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cake creatures.jpg
151 KB, 441x521
You are all so helpful, I drew you cake.
After a while a little girl with OCD came along, she was the sweetest thing. She was only ten, and acted proud and stout during the day, but you could hear her weep for her parents by night. I played board games with her and made the other patients treat her with care. That one coked up bitch often picked on her, so I always verbally assulted the cokewhore. She got all mad as hell and wanted to beat me, but I gave no fucks as I do not hit women. The nurses tied her to a bed byy straps and sedated her, and the cunt learned to respect the little girl. If her parents were decent, they'd go to a psychologist and not a fucking psyche ward.
Bitch fights between the gay and the cokewhore were frequent and violent, and hilarity always ensured. The gay always beat the shit out of her, as he was a 180lb man. The crazy biblethumper got into the head shrinks office and wrote bible verses all over important papers, making her buttmad and blaming the nurses. 'Fortunatley' she had copies.
I took an IQ test and scored 20 points lower than my average, due to fear of what they may assume from my answers. The retard girl walked in on the poor priest showering, and refused to leave. Poker games stopped being frequent after a while, and I started viewing the little girl as a daughter figure, and it brought me comfort. On a horrible note, I probably scarred the shy girl... I knocked on the bathroom door once. No answer. I entered, and saw her naked. Our eyes locked. I blurted out a sorry and quickly left. I imagine it was horrifying for her. I feared that would prolonged my sentence...it didn't, thankfully.
I jerked offmwhile I thought I was alone in the bedroom, and the sleepy guy saw me. I was called jerkoff for the remainder of the stay. I eventually got really bad gas from the food and was the subject of many jokes. Time passed, and I was finally released. What did I do first day of school back? Beat the shit out of the faggot who picks on younger kids. Why? Because he is the reason I was in that shithole, and to prove the loony bin did nothing to lessen my violence. Tl;Dr psych wards a shit.
Keep in mind, most of these happenings were in No particular order. If you want specific info, ask!
If I think of anything I will! Thanks. that was a good amount of stuff on types of people and interactions.
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Thanks everybody. That was super helpful.
Now I'm out.
I just got out of one in Phoenix a couple weeks ago.
>What is a general schedule of ones week?
We did the same thing every day. I was there for a week, and I went out once. They woke us up at 6:30 every day, then we had breakfast. There were two group therapy sessions every day, and we spent around two hours in the gym each day. We had free time for around two hours each day, but we were supervised at all times, and if any of us cursed or talked about topics deemed inappropriate (drugs, sex, etc) they would intervene and send us to our rooms. at 8 we turned in to ouur rooms and couldn't talk to any fellow patients. doors were always open.
>When are you allowed to interact with other patients?
During meal times, and the aforementioned free time. Staff was always in the vicinity.
>Can you visit each others rooms just to hang out whenever?
No, we weren't allowed to go to each others' rooms at any times.
>Is it all strictly monitored?
Yup, all our conversations were monitored, and they took notes on our activities and behavior throughout the day.
>What about interactions with the opposite sex? they wouldn't allow rooming with the opposite sex, and there was no potential to have sexual contact because of the rules in place, regarding open doors, and the close eye they kept on all of us. if they saw activities or conversations as flirtatious, they'd intervene.
>What are the other patients like that you've met? There was a lot of variety amongst the patients. Some were extremely belligerent, unstable, and unnerving to be around. One girl I met, Isabelle, was amazingly nice at some points in the day, then would cuss out staff and scare the fuck outta me with her erratic behaviors. Another had a freakout and started throwing chairs at windows and shit. cont,
OP's gone apparently but i aint type all that for nothin so ill finish.
>who were the most normal? People there for suicide attempts were the people i vibed best with, they were the most normal, and the guys who faked it to get outta foster home situations, etc
>who were the craziest?
a couple bipolar people, borderline personality, etc were the most creepy and variable
>What are the workers like?
A lot of them were assholes, most of them seemed like they didn't wanna be there, seemed pretty incompetent. a couple were sympathetic and helpful
>Have you ever met a corrupt worker?
None I knew for sure, but some seemed very sketchy
>Under what circumstances can you leave the premises to go other places? Do you have to take a guard or nurse with you? Is there a time limit? Or is every outing planned ahead and kind of a group thing?
We couldn't leave the premises, period. we could go outside on the premises, but we were heavily monitored, and it was all group, preplanned shit. over the 8 days i was there we spent around 15 minutes outside
Fucked up the formatting but oh well thats the end of my short story
Gone, but fortunately lurking before bed.
If this is still going tomorrow, I'll check back in.
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