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I'm being tortured by aliens and/or...
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I'm being tortured by aliens and/or ghosts or something, but my brain is physically tortured, and it seems that they have taken some control of my body. I don't know what to do, can anyone help?
yeah, mental health professionals can help. go talk to some.
Physical torture of my brain is a mental illness? This is real dude, it's not mental illness, I don't have any other options but this place.
And what happens to you then? how are you tortured?
the psychiatrist will know how to kill the evil aliens :)
Make an excuse for an mri, if there is actual physical damage they will be able to see it.
no other options but /x/ ?

hanz, plz go. get help. fucking stop posting this shit here, nobody here can help you. you need therapy. lots of it.
they keep popping these things in my head, it feels like i have things exploding inside my head, and they pinch my brain, it feels like they slice my brain with a knife or something, and they rock my head side to side.

Then my fingers move on their own and hit objects that are close by to inflict me pain and to annoy me. They use my own arms to beat my head and my body.

These aliens are trying to brainwash me into being friends with people that I don't want to be friends with and are also telling me that people that I know are in danger.

I really need help, I may see a mental health professional, but this is not mental illness.
I'll see if i have health insurance, but my brain is in some serious pain, it really hurts a freaking lot, have you heard of mental illness that physically tortures the brain?

I know it's aliens for sure, but I can't prove it.
Good luck man

They just told me that people do this to get me to spend money to heal it.

I saw the aliens that are doing this to me. They present themselves and dress like fairies, but they are so freaking evil. This has been going on for more or less 3 years, and I'm tired of waiting for them to go away.
lmfao shut the fuck up you autistic shit poster

>dress like faries

lmfao are you fucking 15?
But they do... I upload a YouTube video of they making sounds in my house, but I deleted it. I really need help with these aliens, that's why I'm asking here and not some shrink who will give me drugs. Seriously, they keep making a big deal about people in my city, and wants me to go see them or something, wtf is this
I guess I will write down what they do to me. They keep trying to force these locals onto me. They tell me that these locals are messing with my head. That we've known each for since birth. These aliens really want me to know these locals. I don't want to see them or be friends with them, so they are torturing me until I do. They keep telling me that I have magic and want me to pull something out of my butt to please them. They want me to go outside and fly. They tell me that I'm God and that I'm responsible for everything. They keep telling me that these local dudes are beating me, I don't know what the hell they are beating me in, but I think that they want to feel better off of me.

They play games in my head, and now the game is that these locals died or killed themselves and are haunting me. But then they tell me that they will come and kill me. What they want is to break my silence and want me to talk to them so I can feel bad about myself. And then they want me to be with these locals. Oh and it seems like these locals are haunting me, but I'm not sure if it's really them or alien trickery.
oh and I dont trust anything that requires money, or forces me to be friends with other people
Oh and one of these locals kept calling me and was trying to mess with my head. That's one of the reasons that I suspect that it's really aliens.
So you don't trust grocery stores either because you have to pay money to buy food there?

Ok. I posted that that link to give you an idea. It sounds like you need a form of psychic surgery. If I could remote view, and do it for you I would. I wish I knew more techniques to help you. You have to step into your power and command these entities to leave your field. I'm sorry.
They get me to do things, either out of dumbness or possession, and make me feel bad about it. If I do or say something that they don't like, they will taunt and bother me about it, and then they just taunt and bother me about everything that I do, everything and anything that they can taunt and bother me about they do. They convinced me to go here on /x/ and ask for help, and now they are trying to make me feel bad about it.
There's neurological conditions that can cause hallucinations and several head pain. Off the top of my head, trigeminal neuralgia can cause stabbing/burning pains in the head/face that feel real. You can hallucinate from migraines and/or cluster headaches due to the pain, as well.

Brain tumours can cause both hallucinations and pain. Hallucinations from pressing on parts of the brain that it shouldn't be pressing on, and pain from having a fucking lump of flesh where it shouldn't be.

My suggestion is to have an MRI. You say you don't trust things that cost money, but if it costs money, then you know they want the money. If it doesn't cost money, there's something else they want...
I'm such a nub with these things. I just took their torture hoping that they would leave, but they never do. Maybe someone can help me.
Nah you've gone beyond the paranormal/oddity zone and have gone full blown schizophrenic. Seriously go to a hospital or other mental health professional before these "aliens" tell you to hurt someone or yourself

Hell if you arent lying be rest assured that the story of the first medically recorded alien contact will get out somehow. Otherwise youll get help with your mental illness. Mental illness can defintely materialize as hallucinations and physical symptoms as you describe

I know that schizophrenics arent apt to believe that theyre crazy because its a hard pill to swallow but no "guide" on internet is gonna help you man
Anon, don't pay money to New Age therapies. It's a scam. Anything they can do, you can do.

For example:
well an MRI is one thing, I would totally do one, because it's scientific and proven, but I don't trust gimmicks. Anyhow, what you described sounds like what's going on. Could my own brain me possessing me or trying to convince me that these locals are possessing me?

It's trying to make me feel bad about all of these things that im telling you guys!
Apparently epilepsy can cause severe pain and hallucinations while seizing..
I suggest it because if they find anything, they can fix it. Either there's no aliens and the hallucinations will stop because it's not real, or the tumour/whatever is a link between OP and the aliens and getting rid of it will stop them.

If there's nothing, them good luck, OP.
I knew that schizophrenia is not curable, so I never bothered with doctors. But an MRI may be really needy given this brain torture.

They aren't trying to get me to hurt people, but they have gotten me to hurt myself.

In fact, they tell me that to write and tell you guys, I don't know where these thoughts are generally coming from.
you're hallucinating, bro. please see a mental health professional. i know you hate the idea, but you're never going to get over this if you don't learn about what's happening to you. you've known what you need to do for a long time now. years. you need to help yourself.
Schizophrenia isn't curable, but it is treatable. If you have it, you NEED to get treated, OP!
Oh and they make these conspiracy theories about these locals. Locals from my university, and everywhere in general. Everyone is either out to get me because of this conspiracy surrounding my university, or it's the aliens using them. Whatever the case may be, they want me to lose to something, and magically drop dead. They really want me dead, they keep getting angry that I don't die.
gr8 b8 m8
I have access to a free psychologist here in my university, I'm a very sane and intelligent person, and I will give it a shot, but this is much more than my brain.

Why is my brain forcing locals on to me that I don't want to be with???
Dude I'm either crazy, or something terrible is happening to me, but in any case, I'm not making this up, and I really need help.

As soon as I go to bed, they will make me feel bad about doing this, and there will be repercussions, etc etc, I will die, etc, I will restart and suffer the same life, etc, these locals want to get with me, or they are in danger, go rescue them, etc, trying to convince me that I'm losing to men, that I lost these girls I used to like to men, or that they were taken away from me, and making me feel bad about anything and everything that I do.
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yeah i'm being mentally attacked, and shit is becoming red pill mode for me, like undeniably.
Do it. And if your psyche suggests drugs, do that too. Give it a shot for at least six months. Antidepressants and antipsychotics have been known to stop paranormal phenomena.

tbh I think it's more to do with the fact that they block the phenomena, rather than it's not real. I'm having the same problem and real phenomena (ie stuff other people are experiencing) is not getting through to me.

tl;dr even if it's real, drugs might help.
unwanted hallucinations can be a terrible thing. i highly suggest talking to a mental health professional. if you're showing signs of a physical brain abnormality, they'll be able to help you see the right kind of doc.

Cut the sugar
Refined/substitute sugar is what is messing with you.
That shit is the most dangerous shit ever and your body and mind can't take it anymore
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I'm just trying to tell you as many things that I can that are happening to me.

It's making a big deal about these locals again and the fact that I'm telling on them and these locals.

This always happens, its making a huge deal about these locals, and tries very hard to mention them as much as they can, and force them onto me.

Conspiracies about me loosing girls or they being in trouble.

Telling me that my family members are inside my head.

Playing these stupid mind games to get me lose to locals and people, and to hurt my ego.

It feels like I have people inside my body, I feel peoples faces in my head, and they move my eyes, my face, and my body.

Idk what the psichyatrist will tell me, but I will tell him/her all.
I don't think I consume that much sugar, but I will watch my sugar intake.

I will definitely take the universal advice on this thread and see a psychologist.

It keeps making a big deal about me telling on them and the locals, like I lost some game because I told on the locals. I don't know these people...
It keeps making a big deal about these locals, and they are trying to get me to feel bad about telling you about them. It's a game that involves me losing to these locals for any reason whatsoever. Even aknowlodging that they are being forced upon me or telling you guys about it.

It keeps telling me that I spoke too much about the locals, and they are trying to make me feel bad for it.

Some of these locals are from university, they are from classes that I took. Apparently they think I have magic or that I'm god. They want me to lose to them somehow.

There's a guy in my head laughing with his nose. He might be one of these locals. Now I lost by bringing him up... Or hesitating to... I'm to lose to this guy so he can feel better than me.

Now the university is in on this and the psychologist too and he/she wants to verify that they are messing with my head. I will supposedly lose for doing this.
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Sugar is a big deal. Refined carbs and gluten cause brain fog eve in people who aren't carb sensitive/gluten intolerant. Eat protein bars instead of candy (the expensive/small ones taste good), cut the bread, and stop using sugar for a few weeks. If you don't feel any better, then obvs it's not causing you issues.
Because I ignore them and to talk to them, they make these huge games and they mess with my head to make it seem like I'm not ignoring them.

Like if I'm reading something, and have it read it twice, it's because I was listening to them, and not because I didn't comprehend what I read.

They also control my eyes and physically move my attention to whatever im doing and onto them, and the whole game is over because I'm not ignoring them anymore, and they keep going.

I have to hear about these locals 24/7, these dudes and girls that I don't know or want to be with, but I have to hear about them 24/7, and it's getting annoying.

They tell me what to tell you guys. They want me credit check me for these things. They credit check me for everything.

They're asking me how is it that they tell me to write these things but they attack me.

Again, it's a game, and I "lost," and they want me to drop dead.

"Because I left these people"
"There's something about us meeting and we should be together"
They want me to have sex with them, just now after typing this they made me have second thoughts about typing that...
I rarely eat candy, but I'm open to all possibilities.

Apparently nothing will happen from telling you guys about whats happening to me, and I lost a game, or didnt lose a game, it's like a freaking game with them...
They ask me why I do things, as if, I do them because I'm not ignoring them, and just now, I lost this game because I stopped ignoring them to rat them out here on /x/

I lost this game apparently...even though they lose 24/7, but they never go away.

They want me to tell them to stop, to go away, but why would I? They know that I don't want them inside my head. They just want to get anything out of me. Be it a response or a reaction of some sort.

They're telling me that I'm afraid to break my silence and tell them to stop and go away because I don't think that they will leave, and of course, at the end of every argument, I lost to someone. The focus has been over one local, they really want me to lose to this person somehow.

Now the focus was not about that person, what about the rest? They do this 24/7.

Now they are asking me who typed this stuff.

They're sorry now...
By who? Aliens? It's possible.

I used to say that if aliens can develop space travel, they are good aliens, and wont hurt us, and that I'm learning my lesson.

Right now they are trying to make me feel bad about telling on them.
I wish I had sought help for this sooner, but they were nice at first, and then slowly became evil, and it's my fault.

I masterbated, and masterbated to things that I shouldn't have, and they tried to make me gay. Now they want me to feel shame about telling you this.

But I was possessed, or I'm not, it's a mind fuck they say...
This guy, who is my head, is trying to make himself feel better from this torture, and I "must" lose to him somehow.

He keeps "trying" me, and I lost for "confronting" it here on /x/, and they make a big deal about it.

They just threatened me with torture, apparently so I can tell you guys.

Oh and they take words and things that I saw and relate them to me and/or whats happening, and they do a lot of confirmation bias. A lot of logical fallacies, a lot of superstition, oh wait i wasnt supposed to say superstition, "who told me to write that, I lost, i forgot what else they told me"
Apparently I acknowledged and accepted that this person is inside my head by complaining, or telling you about it.

They tell me what words to use so they can use them against me accordingly.

They keep making me feel that I lost to this game, or competition.
They become increasingly angry and violent because they wont get a response out of me.

I broke people apparently, and they tried to make me second guess typing that.
This has nothing to do with modern psychology, and a psychologist will not be able to help you.

You can tell that these entities are evil and have it in for you. Also that they are compulsive liars. I propose a simple experiment: invoke a higher power. There is a very simple way to do it. It might sound silly, but it's very simple and easy to do, costs nothing, and doesn't require you to be friends with anyone. What you're really looking for, at first, is to see how they react to it. If they try to stop you from doing it, then you know you are on the right track. If they say that it hurts them, or anything like that, then you are really on the right track. But it is important to realize that this is not some technique that you are doing, or that comes from you: it is a request for help from someone else; a higher power than either yourself or these entities. So there's no point in trying to put any "emphasis" or "energy" of your own into it. The higher power does everything. This higher power will help you unconditionally.

The invocation is a nothing more than a simple gesture with your right hand, performed as follows:

1) Take your right hand and place the tips of your thumb, index, and third fingers together.

2) Fold your ring finger and pinky down so the tips of those two fingers touch your palm.

3) Keeping your fingers in this configuration, with the last two curved down to the palm and the first three poking out a bit, touch those three fingers to your forehead.

4) Move your hand down to the middle of your waist in a straight line. Ideally you should be standing up. What you are doing here is basically drawing a line in the air with those three fingers.

5) In the same way, draw a line from your right shoulder to your left shoulder. It's fairly important not to go the other way. Go from your right to your left.

Done. Return your arm to your side.

Might seem silly, but see how they react.
Apparently I got "horny," but when they were nice, they told me to and that it would make these voices go away, and they obviously possessed me and made me masturbate to things, and it's all my fault.

Now they are trying to make me feel shame for telling you this.

They are telling me that the thread will die because I brought this up.

"This is how they kill people."

They keep bringing up girls, "that i lost to them," or that I lost them. That they want more men. They want to hook up with me and be with other dudes too. It's really disgusting.
Oh yeah, and obviously ignore everything they say about locals or whatever. They are compulsive liars and their only goal is to manipulate you into doing things by whatever means possible. Guilt is a big one. And getting you to masturbate? Classic. Absolutely classic.
Then they have philosophical debates about what is rape, what is violent, what is not. And I know it's me not because I'm not this retarded. I know what my thoughts are, or the the little that I have, because they are 24/7

Apparently I was supposed to do this tomorrow, or wasnt, because Im seeing my family tomorrow, and these aliens or whatever they are.

Now some chick is in danger...but I dont buy these conspiracies.

Apparently now I lost a chick to some guy. Or I didn't tell on him enough.

It's really aliens and they think I'm powerful and they are trying to kill me.
I do, I ignore them 24/7. Basically, these fairy aliens were nice, and were punishing me over some messed up things that I did, and then they told me that we were fighting evil, but then they never stopped, and kept forcing these locals to me, and keep torturing my brain, and keep making my life a living hell. So I stopped trusting them, but I'm 100% sure that they are real.

Now they are trying to convince me that the only reason or proof that I know that they are really aliens is because they used the locals, and like always, I "lost" to these locals.

I don't want have anything to do with these locals, or intend to do anything to them. I'm not going to to the cops or anything, because for all I know, they aren't really part of it.

I'm keeping it all to myself until I see a mental health specialist.

They got me to go homeless, to burn myself with cigs, to tell people awful things, to do dumb things, to steal, all so that they can use it against me, because they are "judging me."

Now this game they have is to go back in time, bring up something that I did, and give my brain hell asking me whether if it was because i was possessed or not, and if im wrong, well, I never respond to them, but they pretend to be me responding to them, and i always lose the arguments, or I win them, etc etc
They aren't aliens, but aliens is the currently popular label for them.

They make you feel guilty for listening to them and talking to them because you shouldn't be listening to them or talking to them. They try to exaggerate the guilt because they are trying to control you, but you really should not be listening to them or talking to them.

The fact that you have tried to ignore them is how you have lasted three years. If you had listened to them, they would have talked you into killing yourself by now.

So don't start listening now. You asked for help, so look for someone who might be able to help. Don't look to them. They don't want you to be helped. That is why they are distracting you.
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Op you have a hole in your brain.
What did you masturbate to?
Also have you dabbled in the occult?
It feels like this person is possessing me, and really wants me to know. He/she, but apparently it's a dude, goes crazy trying to get me acknowledge that he, they really want me to know that its a dude, and its a particular local from my university, ooops, I said too much they said, they make a big deal out of this person. They spent months making a big deal out of this person, and apparently, he "beat" me.

but they got me to masturbate telling me that girls were inside my body and wanted to feel me.
They are compulsive liars. When they appear nice, it is only to get you to trust them. You can't trust them at all. They hate you and want to kill you, and the only reason they haven't is because they can't. But if you don't break contact with them, they will eventually succeed.

Did you notice the suggestion that I made in the big post a few posts up?
My head hurts right now because they got me, or possessed me to beat my head up. But my brain is in so much freaking pain, it really hurts when they physically torture me. I feel so bad for my brain.

The biggest mistake I ever made was trusting them and not getting help, or telling people about this. I really wish I had gotten help sooner.

Usually lesbian porn, local girls I liked, and then when they made a game out of me not being able to move, when I was hoping that they were nice aliens, they either possessed me or made me masturbate to gay porn, and for as much as they accuse me of being gay and try to make me feel bad about it, I'm not retarded and I know that I never enjoyed it, and it always felt like I watched someone else do it.

I'm not into the occult. I haven't made enemies to be honest. Oh wait, apparently I did, they just told me, I made enemies in this college class, because these locals didn't like me, or I said things I shouldn't have.

Apparently I lost a game, and it's either to these locals, or some girls, or some other people.

They keep telling me that I have locals inside my body and they use their voices and their mannerisms.
Repost for science:

1) Take your right hand and place the tips of your thumb, index, and third fingers together.

2) Fold your ring finger and pinky down so the tips of those two fingers touch your palm.

3) Keeping your fingers in this configuration, with the last two curved down to the palm and the first three poking out a bit, touch those three fingers to your forehead.

4) Move your hand down to the middle of your waist in a straight line. Ideally you should be standing up. What you are doing here is basically drawing a line in the air with those three fingers.

5) In the same way, draw a line from your right shoulder to your left shoulder. It's fairly important not to go the other way. Go from your right to your left.

Done. Return your arm to your side.

Might seem silly, but see how they react.
Yeah, the thing is, is that I dreamt of these fairy aliens way back when I was 8-10 years old, and they apparently came back for me, and they gained my trust, just like you said, and did a complete 180, and are making my life a living hell. But I messed up by masturbating, even though they told me to. They told me to stop, but I didn't, and I can't recall why I didn't stop. But I do know one thing for sure, they are as evil as evil can be, and they want me dead.

They want my body too. To take it, and give it to someone else.

I just noticed your big response, I will read it, thnks a lot.
>all of these people getting possessed lately

Focus yourself on innocent happy shit. Seriously. That sounds dumb as fuck, but it'll beat them back. Shut them out, get in touch with yourself.
>did a complete 180, and are making my life a living hell
Also this happened to me too.

>They want my body too. To take it, and give it to someone else.
And so did this.

Actually it's still happening, but it's not as bad as it was before. You're not alone.
When I began putting my fingers together, they told me that I couldn't do it, but recalling things are hard because they mess with my head when I try.

I had trouble putting my ring finger and my pinky down to my palm, so I did my best.

When I moved my hand down to my waist, they mentioned my penis, and that my hand was close to it.

When I finished, they sarcastically made it seem like it worked.
It's either aliens or evil entities, or these gov't like theyd want me to believe. I'm just really helpless, and but I want to seek ways to help me myself now, trial and error.

I will. I'd lay in bed for months getting my head rekt, and the more i entertained myself the less they existed, but they never go away, they really want me to make them happy, but they dont want me to be happy, or unless they are happy, but one of them apparently, the tough guy in all this, really hates me and doesnt want me to be happy.

It sometimes ends with this guy beating me in some way, or it ends with these local chicks who want me to hook up with them, but they want to me to live with them, or some dudes, because i have magic or im powerful, whatever crazy crap they think, classic gold-diggers.
Those are not my thoughts... and I'm definitely got gay... although they accuse me so
Interesting. The next step is to keep in mind that you are invoking a higher power. There's more you can do, but for now just try to do it while remembering that you are invoking a higher power and work on not paying attention to them.
*not gay, apparently I lost again for that grammatical error.

These locals keep telling me that I caused them their bad childhoods. It's like they really let themselves go on me, it's really disgusting and pathetic. They got mad about that remark.

Apparently im going to die tonight. And that I shouldn't have spoke about the fairy aliens, of whom they keep trying to convince me that are not evil, but are just "punishing me."

Apparently I don't their punishing me because they are quite disgusting, but it's because they never stop.
I have no problem ignoring them, and they became increasingly possessive, violent, and torturous because i'd always ignore them, or because I lost to them, but then when they argue for me, because apparently they came in my defense as well, if they really beat me, why dont they just leave, why do they need me to acknowledge it? Then it's obvious that they didn't beat me at anything, and want to feel better over me.

Oh and they are so superstitious. They talk 24/7 so that when something useable happens, or I see or come accross something, it's because of whatever is happening and it confirms their beliefs. Pretty much confirmation bias.
I really hope I invoke a higher power, and a good one, because apparently I have trust issues because of these fairy aliens, but they just dress that way. Now their asking me if I really have trust issues, and I don't, they tricked me into believing it, and that I lost to them. But they never leave me alone, even though they basically "beat me" every time. So they want me to drop dead, but I can't possibly die to this crap, and it's really torturous.

Now these fairy aliens are not evil, and I lost this game, I should have kept their faith in them.

Im not making this stuff up.
They have arguments amongst themselves, sometimes against me or in favor, and at the end, they just look at me, expecting me to drop dead.

They tell me its these locals from my university and that they were/are stalking me.

They repeatledly try to convince me that these locals are stalking me and that I have something to do with them.

Apparently these locals got inside my head and/or are now haunting me, either dead or alive.

When I make a simple mistake, its because one if them apparently.
They keep insisting that I'm gay, even though they just tricked me so they can use it against me. And they bring up stuff that they made me masturbate and call me gay.

One thing is for sure, they are pussies and won't come up and confront me in person. They just now recalled awkward moments with locals claiming that they were confronting me then, even though they were not.
I really need an MRI, my head is in pain, but I don't have money. I feel like crying but I'm so exhausted.
Apparently I will meet these girls, and they will try to kill me. And if I avoid them, its because I'm "scared of them." When in reality, I'm just avoiding trouble and looking out for myself. Apparently I'm immortal and I should not be concerned about them wanting to kill me, but that's silly.

They tease me with sympathy but I never fall for it, or anymore.
Well, I believe everything you say because this stuff is older than dirt. It's two thousand years old, and nothing has changed.

The sign that I described is the sign of the cross. The person you are invoking is Jesus Christ. One of the lesser known facts about "aliens" is that they have an unusually strong adverse reaction to that name, and to the sign of the cross, for beings that are supposedly not plain old fashioned demons, doing what demons have always done.

The sign of the cross will probably work in proportion to your faith and trust in God, rather than obviously evil entities who are endlessly screwing with you. I don't know what you believe about God or about Jesus Christ, but it worked for me. And for many, many, many other people.

You may be interested in the following article, which is not a religious tract, but a traditional Orthodox Christian view of what aliens most likely are.
Apparently the world will end, or an astronomical event will take place soon, and they want me to feel bad telling you guys about what's happening. Like I should have ignored them to death, or until a astronomical event takes place. Apparently they will follow after death and bug me until I succumb to them and be friends with them.

And when I beat them, they want me to acknowledge it, or they never go away. But not being acknowledged is part of getting beat. So they are being stupid.
Another article that you might find relevant: http://orthodoxinfo.com/death/cyprian_justina.aspx

This is stuff that most people will poo-poo, but then again, most people are not going to believe that you are actually experiencing what you describe either. I was an atheist myself, but demons are pretty persuasive. And once you are convinced that bodiless entities really exist (as most sensible people throughout history have always known), the obvious next step is to figure out who the top dog is.

There are a lot of liars out there. Accept no substitutes.
Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. Right now, I'm so used to waiting for someone to rescue me that's its hard for me to find help for myself. I'm not a religious person, but you are right when you say that stuff is old as dirt, and these entities never learn their lesson, and will continue to live in misery and we will fight them until they stop being evil. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in goodness and being held accountable for your actions, and perhaps we can all fight evil together with whatever faith or higher power we believe in.

This evil wants me to feel bad about doing the cross on me btw. It tries to make me feel bad about anything and everything though.
They keep telling me that this guy from university is the top dog, and then they shoot him down at the same time, and then they make a big deal about him, and then its a game and I "lost" to him. Now their claiming that I put "lost" in parentheses out of fear that i really lost to him.

Apparently they are evil emotional and are blaming me for their bad childhoods and/or terrible lives.
Well, my suggestion is to keep making the sign of the cross. Even if it seems like it's not working, or only working because they are pretending.

But it really isn't some magical charm. It works in proportion to your faith in the person who was crucified on it, and who rose from the dead.

We really can't fight the demons. They are angels. They are way more powerful than us. If they were allowed to do what they wanted to do, we'd all be dead. We wouldn't last a fraction of a second. They are allowed to go as far as they go as a test for us, to see if we will realize that we can't beat them on our own.
A word of advice to you guys, SEEK HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and don't be afraid to do so.

These evil entities or aliens prey on the weak and vulnerable.

But really, seek help as soon as possible and remember that its never too late.
Whatever they are, they keep trying to convince me that they are good, but they never stop, and they tell me because I'm being "punished," and then they ask me if I was possessed, like its a game. And they repeat themselves all the time.

I will continue to ignore them, and i will seek help, but im so exhausted.
It's not to late for you either, Anon.
role players
do they ever stop?
They keep telling me that I lost a girl. That they wait me out until I tell on them, and that I lost a girl. It's old and tired, but they don't go away.

They keep imaging me doing things in the future. It's a habit of theirs, and then claim that they prevented me of doing those things because they imagined it. But that's silly, my life is so routine, and things can be so easily forecasted, that its another desperate and pathetic tactic of theirs.

Apparently the tough guy, the top dog, is inside and he's laughing. He's laughing now. Apparently he had a pretty rough childhood, a lot of gay sex with men when he was a kid.
Woah nice this was good.
Please elaborate, they do role play a lot. They tend to imagine scenarios and conspiracies with me and them and others.

Apparently its these locals, or not, they always say so and then say no, and they envy good people like me, and want to be friends with me.

I have nothing to fear because I'm good person, but my rescue is taking too long. I'm so tired, so disappointed.
>Yeah try this OP
Try again
And they have a habit of pretending to be me, responding and participating with them. Either because its their way to bother me or because they will torture me asking me whether it was me or them.
Thank you for your help, but telling on them seems to be helping. Apparently I needed someone to tell these things to.
File: 1413511255632.jpg (17 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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have you tried the tin foil hats? they have worked wonders on me!
They love telling me that I have people inside my head, be physically or mentally, they also like to force girls that I don't want on to me, and then losing to the top dog. Apparently I'm not supposed to confront or talk about the top dog.
You gotta go for the higher power route.
Maybe if some of us Anons can focus our energy on OP, it'll give him a shot at tipping the scales
They are only pretending to be human beings. They aren't.

If you're reporting on what they are saying and doing, then you're already paying too much attention to them. Obviously it's hard to ignore them. Their whole gimmick is to make it as hard as possible to ignore them. The longer you go without finding and using the key, the harder it's going to be. But part of it is that you have to get desperate enough to look in places that most people don't look any more. Too old-fashioned. Out of date.

Yeah, right.

True story: I knew exactly where to go for help, but it took me nine months to make one phone call and go the last few miles. Of course, they never stop. But breaking all connections with them is pretty much the entire purpose of this life. If you do that, you win. You may be poor and alone and dead, but you win.
I'd be so grateful if you could, you people are really amazing, thank you very much.
I've been ignoring them for the past 2 years, and now its the first time that I seek help. So I pretty much dominated them, but I can't get them to go away. Like I said, I should have sought help sooner, but its never too late.
Heh. You know, OP, they would be happy to turn you into a cult leader. Or a bigger one would take over and do it. They will use you to fuck with other people, one way or another, if they can.

Thinking that you're a good person is a trap. Thinking that you energy, or the energy of a thousand Anons will help you, is a trap. You gotta go all the way to the top. Anything less is just another game for them.

You have to find the people who have actually beaten this, and listen to them rather than to the demons.
I hope they aren't using me to haunt others like they do to me, because I'd never do it to anyone. Thinking that I'm a good person gives me hope. Anything helps at this point. I will take your advice and seek people who might be helpful. Perhaps yogis.

But that anon who mentioned role players, this is pretty much it, it describes hem the most accurately.
They know I'm too mentally and physically exhausted to try to stop them, and they use it agaisnt me. As I was typing this they made funny sounds with one of my nostrils. They are having a laugh I guess. They don't like it when I say "I guess."

They hate that they are punished for what they do and want to topple the system, but they will continue to fail and be punished incrisingly until they stopped.
They pretend to be me thinking about these locals and then use it against me, and then they made a big deal out if me typing this. I think that they are trying to glorify themselves.

They make me type things and then use it against me too. They are so desperate.
The Blue UFO of Wisdom
Another habit of theirs is to imagine me having a conversation with or telling a person something.

Apparently I lost for making this thread, but then they assure me that its okay because I'm possessed. They do this to drive me nuts, but not giving in to their dumb arguments works.
Make a tinfoil hat it shields access to the brain
Apparently I was supposed to make myself happy enough to expel these evil entities out my life and allow these fairy aliens to rescue me. The point is that these evil entities are not present for the rescue so they are kept out of my life further, but I wasn't able to make myself happy enough for the past couple years. Take my advice and don't make the same mistakes that i made. And do tell on evil as soon as possible, do not wait for a special occasion.
I'm trying a tin foil, I felt a lot of hope as I made one and its on right now. It felt like with enough hope or placebo I could make this torture go away. I'm not sure if its the power of placebo or if it really works but I feel better.
This sounds like gang stalking
do you feel like you're being chased and stalked by people?
Do you have neighbours making noise to annoy you?
Do you feel someone broke into your house?
Do you also feel like someone is messing with your phone and computer?
A lot of people get targeted by the satanic gang stalkers in america.
Thing is, part of the brainwash is that these people from my university are stalking me. While they were shady and did not like me at all, I don't think I've ever caught them stalking me. But I did have neighbors and people making noise, and acting strangly around me. I wasn't interested so I just ignore them, but they really persist and don't like being ignored. What are these satanic people after?
I don't know, they usually go after people that speak against the government or sometime choose random people. There are videos on youtube from the gang stalking victim, they talk about hearing noises and stuff too
Fake and gay.
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OP Listen. You have to ignore all of these people talking about aliens and evil beings and promising whimsical solutions to your predicament. It will delay your treatment and prolong your suffering if you explore delusional thoughts further while being psychotic. That is what this is. A psychotic episode. I've had several and gone through very similar things. You describe thoughts coming from somewhere other than yourself, this is known as thought insertion. It is a delusion. I've thought all sorts of crazy shit. I thought something was communicating with me too, nonverbally. I'd avoid windows because there were snipers outside, all the time. I've freaked out and thrown up while a seven foot tall monster watched me from down the hall. It's not real, and it can be treated. The longer you wait the harder it will be.

Something that people don't realize is that psychosis legitimately damages your brain. It cannot be defeated with willpower or wishful thinking. You need to seek help to ensure your future and your own safety. This isn't a good place for someone as mentally tormented as you. Wish you luck
Very good advice
go to the psyche ward
you have schizophrenia

Claim the blood of jesus christ, and tell the aliens to go where he sent them.

Then repent your sins and pray for christ to heal you
Everyone realizes that the mods made this thread right?
op you are sensitive to spirits, but unfortunately some fae from the court of winter got to you. there are two options of any worth. one, you go to the shrink and they give you pills to put you into a deadened haze. or option 2.. you fight. now i could probably banish them for you, but unless you learn to fight back some other entitie(s) will possess you.

there are many ways to fight them. one, you use your imagination. visualize fighting them. use whatever weapons you can imagine. another thing you can do is call on other friendly spirits for protection. one that has worked for me flawlessly is the archangel michael. all you have to do is say out loud. archangel michael please come to me and free me of these spirits. alternatively look up the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram on google and follow it, though its pretty complicated. its worked for me many times as well. if you are anything like me you will be constantly harassed by these type of entities.. UNTIL you can fight back.. then they stop fucking with you.

too all the haters and trolls, i used to be like op and be "schizophrenic", but i learned to fight back against the evil spirits and now.. im cured. nothing has messed with me in over a year. oh did you think schizo was uncurable? its not you just have to do it the old fashioned way. VERY old fashioned.
Ghosts are actually demons. Aliens are actually demons. You're being tormented by demons. Pray to Jesus.
Obvious. Most of the time the thread with most replies has all the mods in it. They really must get bored
File: thorazine_bottle2.jpg (38 KB, 401x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ive come with help anon
File: Prometheus_David.jpg (123 KB, 658x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Of course anyone who doesn't agree that OP is being tormented by spirits or aliens is a troll or a hater.

There is no cure for schizophrenia. You either didn't have it and are just weirdly imaginative, or you'll have an episode sometime in the future. I'm bipolar and haven't become psychotic in two years. I'm not on medication i'd consider deadening, but its just a matter of time and several factors.

The kind of advice you're giving to someone who is legitimately mentally ill could get them killed, and you should be ashamed. I only really post here to try to mitigate the risk associated with asking for advice for mental illness on a paranormal board. Its serious and at best your advice is a dangerous placebo.
This isn't the forties. There are far more effective and gentler anti-psychotics now.
I like turtles
Fucking hero!
I have been through everything you are describing and the only way i got free was through the power and authority of Jesus Christ. these are demons tormenting you, aliens are demons.

they really don't like this, anon, try it and report back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYZB1tk5FJ0

Don't try to argue with their minds rationally, just make fun of them for being give ins.

Their cult has offered them a poor method of expression/"mind reading"...

Ham it up and give them enough false positives over the next few months by thinking through obnoxious violent scenarios.

Why do you fear these things happening?

Let them into your body...

What harm could it do?
My advice. Don't take any advice from anyone who hasn't experience this on their own. There is not negotiating with these things. Banish them as soon a possible. Drugs don't help.
You don't understand. These things will tear you apart. Every fiber of your soul. Nothing will be the same. Your whole life will be gone.
ha yeah i used to think hard and pretend i was gonna do shit or switch my thoughts up randomly and they seemed to not like it. or pretend i was gonna do something i know they want me to and then say "nah that's retarded as shit why would i do that lmao" to myself and they would get all uppity about it, lol. hell, just sit there and repeat the name Jesus Christ over and over and pretend with intent that your not about to ever give that shit up and they start raging, which was real nice having them rage for once instead of me. eventually i believe they really came to resent being in my body, lol.
Lesser banishing ritual. I didn't experience multiple demons, only one. My psychosis consisted of my thoughts no longer belonging to me. Nothing helps. Medication does not help. Relaxation is the key. Lesser Banishing ritual will remove these demons from your mind. Seek help afterwards. Let your identity come to you again. Do not come back on /x/. Not until you have regained your sense of self. If this is truly the case, you will find no comfort in all these spiritualist recommending you do things that have no clue what to do in such a situation. Light and Love my friend. I hope you regain your consciousness.
Although yeah i did come to realize it's better to just cast them out, i only did all the mind games in the earlier stages when i was still desperately trying everything and anything.
Yeah same here.
That part isn't very enjoyable.

Do something athletic. Your lack of exercise is making these jocks fuck with you in their heads, you are sensitive enough to hear it, especially due to how little you do physically.

Walk around somewhere without people, the more plants the better.

Arm yourself with a pocket knife if you feel so threatened being alone somewhere. If you have to do it at night to avoid them, do so.

If you have to exercise in your room at first due to them/the weather, do so.
Visit montalk.net
You'll find answers and solutions to your problem and more
There are worse places than death. This is it.
Good luck to you friend. I hope you regain your place in our world. Light and Love. FIAT LVX.
>can anyone help?
yes. A doctor. go see one now.
File: 1420511165792.jpg (110 KB, 488x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You aren't crazy, you don't need medication or brain scans, or counsellors.

They are only attacking you because they are allowed to. The reason that they are allowed to is because you deserve to die and have not repented of your transgressions of the Lord's commandments (sin), and have not accepted salvation (His promise to you), so essentially you're stained with sin and not washed clean with the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

The voices will go away if you ask the Lord to help you, though. So will the stabbing pain, and the harassment.

Citation: it happened to me relentlessly after I read the gospel, until I was baptized, and then continued to happen to me until I had said prayers of deliverance and realized what was happening. They can still attack me if I sin, especially intentionally, which is such a horrendous act in itself, and if I do not confess or repent of sins. For example, if I went and pirated a movie or something now, I will have committed theft, which is a sin. I will feel a pushing sensation against my face, and a stabbing in my ear and brain, and other electronic-sounding harassment, and will probably get attacked in my sleep (sleep paralysis) if I took a nap. From what I understand, their goal is to just make you go to the lake of fire with them, because they are bitter, and they literally hate you with all their being, they are jealous of The Lord God's love for you and how great it is. He is going to throw the things that are harassing you in to the lake of fire after the great judgement. Don't you want to accept His promises to you?

Captcha: Aymen
File: truth.png (409 KB, 992x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
409 KB, 992x510
More specifically, to the extent of being attacked for sin, I discovered that it's a sin to doubt the bible, i.e. the Word of the Lord God. For example, many people (mostly Jews) will rip pages out of their bible, and say "That does not apply to us", or "I don't believe that part", and I found that the things that were harassing me were trying to get me to think 'outside the box' and see the things in the bible as metaphors, and to doubt them, and to turn away from it and go back to new age shit on /x/, and every time I had a thought that doubted what was written in the bible, I would be attacked. After I KNEW (without question, it's the 100% truth) that the bible was all 100% literally true and real, it stopped happening, and my relationship with the Lord God improved so much. He's so faithful and perfect, and a loving father.

It's interesting to me that you confirmed what I already knew, you say they 'appear' as fairies, and act all nice. It's true, the bible says that Satan masqerades as an angel of light. Those little balls of golden light shit, and the sense that you are going to die when they appear, they're just jelly that the Lord loves you. They don't want you to have a relationship with the Lord God, they don't want you to repent, they don't want you to see through the hidden door (Jesus Christ).

Christianity is the only red pill, all the rest are just varying shades of blue. You're going to see more bible scripture fulfilled, and many people will be called back to the Lord.
File: 1419104987804.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448


Yes, 1 in every 1000 living beings are honest.

so much truth and yet such lies as well

have you considered that they stopped because you turned to yet another demon for salvation?

god may exist in some form but do you really think that the bible is a true representation of him?

or maybe of someone else?
File: 1419651045362.jpg (77 KB, 482x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you turned to yet another demon
Isaiah 5:20
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

>so much truth and yet such lies as well
Matthew 12:
25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.

28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.


>do you really think that the bible is a true representation of him
It's His Word, our history, His promises, and His prophecy.

All old souls beg to be disintegrated.

i wish i could truely explain to you what i mean and not be held back by this medium and your own perceptions of my intentions, but i fear that this may not be possible

i agree with the passages you've posted here.
they make sense.

but as you quoted light can be used for darkness.
with this you are drawn into what appears pure but is corrupt at its heart.

>It's His Word, our history, His promises, and His prophecy.

passed through the hands of men.
men who lie
men who cheat and steal for their own benefit
men who murder

how then can you still trust that this is his word?
You're right in the assumption that the Lord God is the only one who doesn't lie or murder or cheat or steal, etc. But you have a big problem, in that you have disassociated Him with the bible. It wouldn't surprise me if you had dabbled in gnosticism, to be honest.

Let's look at your statement, you said you agree with me, in that I cannot establish the Lord's goodness with my testimony, if I were to post both truth and lies. So, essentially I should either post all lies, or all truth, in order to be consistent, right?

The first person to murder did not write any of Genesis. Can you find any examples of the prophets or apostles cheating, stealing, or lying? David had a woman's husband killed, and it angered the Lord, and He chastized David and made him fall on his face and deeply repent. What does that tell you? Are you really going to call Him a demon when He punishes unrighteousness?

What light can be used for darkness? When Catholics took their religion to south America, they took with them the Word of God, and also the traditions of men. It was men that did the killing, and men that told people to worship and pray to Mary and angels. The Word of God stands on its own, for all to read. What I'm saying is, it wasn't the Lord who did those things, it was men. He can use our mistakes, and evil, for His own purposes, to do His perfect will.
>dabbled in gnosticism
like... Catholicism?
At least Catholics acknowledge the Lord, instead of assuming He is evil because He drowned abominable and wicked people.

Catholics might have stupid traditions of men, but at least they recognize the trinity.

it is clear you are not an unintelligent person, although i cannot help but to feel as though you are seeing through a tunnel.

you are right to say I have no faith in the bible, this is part of what I am trying to commuciate.

bible is gods word passed to men

is what i have a problem with

for the reasons I said earlier

light and good can easily be perverted, evidence for this is seen around us everyday and reflected in most of the major problems in the world. good intention doesnt always lead to good outcome.

religion helped you to find sanity in a time of crisis I cannot comprehend, because I am not you.

I appreciate that it has done this for you.
abominable and wicked people whom wouldn't exist if God had his shit straight*
Not the Lord's fault evil shit betrayed Him.

But like a loving father, He will protect His children, and punish the abominable shit. He is so lovely.
aww, whose an adorable little demiurge? you are!
>light and good can easily be perverted
Only the Lord God is good. He cannot be perverted. I take your observation as a compliment, to bolster my faith. I hope that one day you will understand it from my perspective. I don't want the words of men to guide me, but the Word of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I have no religion, but Christianity as a general umbrella term. It is not a crutch that I took up, to help me, but until you are in my position you will not understand.

May the Lord bless you anyway. I hope one day we can be siblings.
It's me again, OP.

These evil entities have a tendency to micromanage my activities, and thus, they are discussing this thread, but in such a way that they pretend to be me thinking.

Given the possibility that this is all my brain being mental, I will consult a visit in the hospital for an MRI, and afterwards, or before depending how long it takes, I will also see a mental health specialist.

One thing for sure, my body is possessed by one or more of these evil entities. I definitely hear them, and it might be their trickery, but they also make it seem like I feel them.

I don't normally drink or do drugs, but when I got drunk the past couple days, they seemed to have gone, but they always come back once I'm sober.

A game they play is that they tell me to write things here, and then once it's written, they stop and ask me if I should have written it, and whether it was me or not. If I erase a part of what I write, they interrogate me about it as well.

They do the same with my choice of words.

The brainwashing aspect, like I mentioned earlier, has several parts. One is about these local girls who are trying to get with me but want to have sex with other men as well. They apparently became evil because I refuse to be/have sex with them, but will be good if I do hook\be with them.

The other part is that they want me to be friends with some people from my university. I've had them in classes, but I don't want to be friends with them. Apparently they are a group, and work as one, and are evil. But they are only evil because I refuse to be friends with them.

The games involving those people include me "losing" to them, me doing/saying things because they told me to, going back in time and analyzing the little contact that I've made with them in my university class, and trying to push them into my life as much as possible. I have to hear about these people 24/7 and it's been happening for the past 2+ years.
If i proof read something, after or before posting it, they interrogate me about it. Usually, they try to make me feel bad about things, and try to get me to "lose" to one of them.

They have gotten repetitive and have been for a while now. It's the same crap over and over again, and whatever comes up in my life, is their new material to use against me.
Of course its his fault. He made them. Stop being such a ridiculous kiss ass.
They do try to make me paranoid about the people around me, telling me that their in on it. They'd make noises and tell me it's those people.

They control my body, so they make me casually interact with some of these people, so if they can get a response to use against me, they will.

It's mostly confirmation bias. They talk about the same crap and people 24/7, so if one of their names ever comes up if I'm reading or watching something, or a stranger or classmate with the same name comes up, they try to make me feel bad about it.

And they doomsday for anything. If I'm running late to class, the world is ending, if there isn't enough milk for my cereal, I better drop dead. If there is an undesirable person near me, it's all over.
Pray and repent. I've already told you. I can't do any more for you, only He can.
File: 1419635401517.jpg (1 MB, 2417x3174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2417x3174
Daniel Johnston wut?
I'm just reporting on their habits and games, so I can compile as much information that I can on them.

I have already owned up to my sins, but they are not many. I accepted this torture as punishment for these sins, however, they promised to stop at specific dates, and never did.

They are telling me that it's typical of a possession, or a haunting. But they would do trivial things like brush my hair, or scratch an itch, and interrogate me about it, including torture of my brain.

The thing now, is that when I move my arms or legs, they must hit a part of my body or an object close by.

They are bothersome, and my brain feels like is on fire at times, but they aren't getting what they want from me.

They are trying to doomsday me for this thread as much as they can. For example, they're telling me that I should have kept waiting for them to leave because I started classes today.

I'm writing this in class, apparently I've ruined it by coming to this thread.

They keep trying to make a big deal out of the same group of people repeatedly.
>I accepted this torture as punishment for these sins
The Lord blots out your sins and doesn't see them any longer, when you confess. There's no reason to accept this. You're obviously being chastized. You're doubting the bible, you need to be baptized and say a prayer of deliverance.
Things are magically supposed to make them go away, like my new classes today.

It's like a court case sometimes. They start their own arguments, defend me, and then my defense loses, and I lose, and if I dont acknowledge it, they become angry and torture me.

If I win the argument, they tease me about it not stopping them.

When I'm near people, if they make trivial noises like muttering to themselves or sneezing, etc, these evil entities try to make it seem like the noise is directed at me.

I also hear them angrily shout at me that it's [insert person's name], and its usually the top dog, or a girl. They also make fun of these people, and imagine these people in my head and in my inagination all the time.
Okay, thank you for helping and I'm grateful for your help, but repeating yourself is not going to do either of us any use. I got your point and your advice, you can stop here.
Apparently I made some locals, like from my university, "look like shit." And then they interrogate me on whether I was possessed or not. They tell me to call the cops on these locals but without any proof that its them, there's nothing I can do.
These evil entities want me to fight them and to fight my possession, but I feel like I'd be wasting my energy given that they don't take defeat and must be forcibly expelled out of my life.

One or more of them likes to laugh for me. And they are obsessed about making sure that I acknowledge them and the things they do.

They refuse to acknowledge that I beat them and won't leave.

Things that they stubbornly shout:
"They're gay"
"Save men"
"You're obvious"

They attached objects, words, letters, and numbers to these people so they can bring them up as much as they can.

They are telling me that these people tried to make themselves feel better about me in person by trying to make me look bad. In my university class for example.
They are super edgy too, their mannerisms, they seem like they are trying to look cool. Apparently, the top dog's only way of coping with his childhood is to be evil. They've made a big deal out of the top dog since they started, or wait, since later, they always second guess the things they tell me, or correct themselves, just to bother me more.

The top dog was tired of me ignoring them so he killed himself and is now possessing me, using violence and using aliens to torture my brain to make sure that I don't ignore them, or the conspiracies they make about the people around me.

As pathetic as this stuff sounds, I'm not making this up. This is the usual garbage that I have to deal with on a daily basis.

They are so desperate to get me to stop ignoring them that if I make a trivial mistake, like forgetting to reCAPTCHA my posts here, it's because of them and what they do. And not me just being an imperfect human.
I'm being told that I should have confronted them, or the locals, since they play this game about who is what, and who is doing this.

They always want me to explain myself. I don't, so they make arguments for me.

They try to defend me, but they suck so badly, that I think it's them making me lose to their arguments.

Their telling me that this is good for me, and that they will credit check me afterwards.

They keep mentioning these girls and how they are related to me somehow, and that they cheat on me with other men.
One of these girls, wanted me to be friends with her and her bf. Apparently, I say apparently too much. Just to recap, these are locals that are being forced into my head, but I've made little contact outside of regular university class work.

They also micromanage my vocabulary and grammar, and then interrogate me about it.

They're telling me to write about their habits and games, and not about the people, especially the girls.

Apparently, I'm supposed to keep some of these things a secret.
They also mess with my memory. Like when I try to remember a word or something, they will be there to bother me about it.

They justify themselves by blaming me for doing something, usually about the little contact I've made with them.

Another habit is that they take noise and sounds that I hear and re-interpret them to use them against me. Usually, when it's not clear or audible enough for me to understand.
Apparently, I caused them misery and unhappiness, and they intend to ruin my happiness. I'm supposed to feel bad for them, but they only wish me harm. Because I did something to them, and/or I won't comply to their demands.

Another habit is that they tell me to do something, sometimes trivial, and make up an excuse for me not doing so, despite the actual reasons, and torture/interrogate me about it.

Women in my area are similar... throwing their weak men at me and get them to act all burly... talking complete drivel to get my attention.

They are stuck in something... it's... odd...
Apparently, they may be inside my head, and they don't care for the repercussions of being evil. They don't believe in karma, or want me to succumb to their demands so they may be forgiven of their bad karma.

They also have a habit of making it seem like they get to do or say things, so that one of their predictions, come true.

They also have really low self-esteems because they try to make me feel bad about the silliest things.

Yes, they absolutely LOVE when I have to look away and down to pay attention to something in public, it's a big fucking carnival when I'm forced to stare down.


Except I do it all day long, staring down hundreds every week or so. It's literally impossible to stare them all down, plus most look so fucking disgusting and degraded I don't want any contact.

They could never fight me... they aren't worthy to fuck me...

Just latching at people that have worked harder in life...
They keep making excuses trying to make me feel better, either to credit check, or to turn around and rebuke these excuses so i can feel worse.

Another game they have is that these fairy aliens are on my side, but these evil entities have turned me against them and are winning, and torturing these fairy aliens.

They also have a habit of making fun of people or insulting people and blaming me for it, then they may interrogate me whether it was me or not, and/or torture me for it.

The top dog is a joke, they make a big deal out of him, make fun of it, put him on a pedestal, they do anything they can with this guy, and he must "beat" me. It's really pathetic.

They also remind me of their habits to post in this thread but I somehow forget, and they tease me about it.

Can you describe your sins in the thread?

Not that I recommend it if it's too severe...
Oh yeah, they do love to stare me down, and they are so pathetic. What the hell are we fighting? Do they use locals against you and make huge conspiracies about them too?

Apparently my old thoughts and mental habits are used against me, but I'm told that it's all fabricated that way so I can blame myself, or so they feel justified.
mostly pointless things, like anything that they perceive as negative in their own beliefs, will be used against me, and right after, they do this torture/interrogation thing asking me whether i was possessed or not. This is how it usually goes.

Their reason for doing this is either that I have magic powers and I'm supposed to use it to make them happy, but im not allowed to save the world, or because they want me to be friends or have sex with them.

Thing is, it's evil aliens or entities using these locals and my family/friends against me. Telling me that I was bad to these people, and my sins usually involve mean things that I've said to them, or the lack of "love" towards these people.
Before I started posting this thread, they mentioned the pronunciation "Ah" because according to them, they knew I was going to make this thread and use the word "Apparently" a lot. So what they do is imagine the pronunciation in my head, with some torture, and then glorify themselves and tell me how they beat me because they knew I was going to say "Apparently" and now they want me to drop dead.

They also make dumb predictions about trivial things that are routine to me, and want me to drop dead.

They either made my brain a germaphobe, or they are germaphobes, because they hate touching after other people's stuff, and they hate touching dust.
Female entities talking inside my head, telling me im doing to die, etc etc, they even imagine the stuff they do, as they do it, and in retrospect.

They pretend to be thinking a lot, they make me "forget" things a lot, they make a huge deal out of me saying that they make a huge deal out of the top dog.

They tell me that their evil, but I also hear some of them crying and getting emotional over me, but none of these entities are of any help and I pretty much think they're all evil.

They are adamant about telling you guys that they are trying to get me to sleep with "slutty women."
They repeat after each other a lot, and they deliberately sound like their acting or being edgy.

They are making a big deal out of this thread because today is my first day of class. So it's the usual, I "lost," I "confronted," "acknowledged," them, etc etc

They keep insisting that we have something to do with each other.
They have philosophical debates about life, good and evil, karma, etc. Apparently, I know it all, but then they want me to feel bad about the stupid arguments they make.

For a good while now, they would tell me that they are coming for me to rescue me, etc, etc,
"Were on our way" like so many times a day, so they get off of it it seems.
They use my nostrils to make noises, like talking through my breathing.

They threaten me, etc, tell me to watch my back.

They move my head to the sides a lot, and move my head to stare at people, and then interrogate me about whether I did it or not, and why I took so long to turn my head back.

Thing is, these fairy aliens showed up in my dreams a while back, and promised me something, but that never came true, so I figured out that they were evil masquerading as magical fairy people.
I'd spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym, and they would still be there bothering me. I'd go to the pool, same thing.

What happens is, when I'm completely focused on something, they seem to disappear, or they are almost gone, but they always come back, or show up anyways.

Oh yeah, and one more game, is that they pretend to leave, but surprisingly show up inside my head, but that has never worked ever since they started because I knew they were evil then.

They also keep mentioning that I restart, as in, die and have the same life again, or not, these entities can't seem to make up their minds most of the time, they usually have different opinions among themselves and treat everything like it's a game.
They interrogate me about not giving enough attention to these locals from my university in this thread. Like, as if im scared of them, or im hiding them or something. They are definitely trying to pry something out of me that involves me "losing" some way to these people.

Then they tell me that these people are not aware that they are being used inside my head, etc.

I don't intend to confront or call the cops on them, because like I said, it could all be false, and I'm not dumb.
They describe me, obviously lying, and then try to defend me, only to be shut down by "better" reasoning. Like, if I watch something on the internet, some bad happen, they would claim that I liked it, and then I would be justified, and then shot down.

I'd be browsing the internet, and they would quickly make me look at something, and then bother me about it, and bother me about why I took so long to look away.

They subtly move my fingers as in to let me know, for the billionth time, that they are possessing me, because they are angry that I don't care, or freak out, or react the way they want me to.

They basically micromanage this thread and what I'm telling you guys. They keep telling me that these locals want to be in my life as much as possible.
They also make conspiracies about the government, and then shoot down those conspiracies right after. Like, one conspiracy was that the government does what they do to me to others to get them to go out and buy things, drugs, food, goods and services, etc to make them feel better. But then shot it down saying that people buy these things anyways.
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Are the voices saying "ayy lmao" and persuading you to mail out more anthrax packages?
Please get help. I don't care to read your guilt ridden self harm and mental illness, but you clearly see affected by it, so as if it were even a question go now and get help. Right now. Or it'll just get worse for you. If you want a normal life, go to the hospital now.
Now can /x/ get back on track?
hi /x/ i never post on here but i have a serious question. i'll make it short.

when i was at the age of 5, my uncle had a baby. he was 6 months old and was named bruno. one morning my mom was crying and i asked what was wrong. she told me bruno passed away. i asked how and she said he never woke up in his bed. so its SIDS.

annyhow a year ago she was talking about the incident and what she had seen the evening after when she went to sleep. she only told this my father and nobody else. which i found weird. she said that when she went to bed there was a sudden bright light in the bedroomcorner, it had a shape of a mother holding a child. it peacefully said " dont worry, its in good hands" (but then in our native language) she told me it was so real because "the light lit up the room so bright so i could see your fathers pimpels on his back. (he was just sleeping).
i asked her, mom maybe you were dreaming.. but she told me she didnt even had the time to lay down.

so 22 years after that, she tells me this now, and what spooks me or makes me think about it, is that she takes this really serious, she isnt even that catholic, but she now really beleaves there is more after death. i just think her brain gave a reaction because her brother's baby passed away, something controling your brain to ease it.

annyway, are there more stories like these, could it be real? or is it her brain messing with her..
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