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Alright /x/ I have a story for you, so sit...
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Alright /x/ I have a story for you, so sit a while and listen.

This takes place three summers ago during a boar hunting trip, down in a very rural area of the Ozark south. My main reasoning for sharing this here is that, ultimately, I don't believe in the paranormal. However, I believe I may have run across something that I couldn't explain and I want some input. Fair warning: I'm no good at greentext. However, I'm not going to assault you with a wall of text.

In any case, enough pretense aside.

>Be back from College and wanting to get out into the woods.
>Be bored as fuck on a Friday night, and decide to head out super early for boar hunting with a buddy of mine (J.D.)
>J.D. is an eagle scout, not prone to being spooked very easily, and I have been hunting in places ranging from deep south swamps to Alaska.
>We pack our shit up, and leave his place around 12:30 am.
>After stopping for energy drinks and beef Jerky (every hunter's best friends) we end up getting out there at around 2:15 am.
>We'd hunted this area for boar many times in the daylight, seen tons of deer, squirrels and even a baby fawn that fell asleep by the warmth of our car engine once. Basically: a nice place.
>We pull in off the gravel tract: 40 miles from town and 3 miles from a podunk gas station/deer check station.
>Decide not to fuck about in the woods at night (we'd had a mountain lion walk IN our tracks on a previous hunting trip).
>Roll down windows and try to take a short nap.
>Instantly we're hit with this nasty, cloying, sickly sweet odor.
>I just brush it off going "just some wet deer, haha, should mean our sent wont travel far in heavy damp air".
>JD just looks at me and says "that smells like death, bro, like a cow that's been out in the sun too long".
>I launch into a diatribe about him being a gigantic pussy and how he should deal with it.

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Go on
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>In any case, since we don't want either to be muckin about in woods home to mountain lions in the dead of night, or be accused of night-hunting by some faggot ranger, we decide to go check and see if the podunk gas station is open.
>Surprise! JD's shitty old 4-banger wont start.
>Fine, looks like it's a nap followed by hunting while we wait for some toothless mechanic to come jump-start his car.
>All the while, this smell just seems to be seeping in through the vents, and the cracks in the windows.
>It gets to the point where I'm actively retching in the car.
>Enough's enough, and we decide that if something had gone and died we'd prefer not to be stuck in a gigantic tin can right beside the corpse.
>We get out of the car, parked in the middle of this gravel parking area surrounded by tall grass on the north side, and woods on all the others.
>A swamp was to our direct west: full of boar, deer, and critters.
>As I'm sitting there loading up the magazine to my rifle, JD just keeps scanning the treeline with his eyes.
>(To the yuropoors and northeners, hunting in swamps is close quarters, we hunt boar with semi automatic rifles in the south: you want a quick follow up shot in case the 400lb ball of muscle with 8 inch tusks decides to charge you from 25-30 yards out).
>Something's got his hackles all up, but I'm feeling fine so I just dismiss it as faggotry.
>Anyway, suited up, we make our way down to the small footpath (1-2 feet wide) that winds its way down into the swamp.
>However, reaching the treeline, we just both stopped, staring into the woods for a few minutes before either of us spoke.
>It was almost like shining a flashlight down a mineshaft: where the darkness sort of dissipated the light.
>I could feel my skin crawl, and something deep in the hindmost parts of my mind told me just to walk right back to the center of the clearing and wait for light.
>So, we do what any cave man would have done in that situation.
>We grunted out a few excuses to preserve our manhood, and went and sat the fuck down by his car.
>Like fuck I'm going to bumble through woods with mountain lion, weed growers, and God knows what else at 3:15 (by that point) in the goddamn morning.
>The mood lightened, and the smell had seemed to recede a bit, so we just busied ourselves checking our rifles and talking about girls, politics, and history (we're a weird bunch).
>After a while the smell started coming back, and we began to voice our concern that something that smelled fucking dead was moving around .
>As the smell starts growing more and more oppressive I start hearing branches and twigs break in the undergrowth.
>Whatever it is, it's moving.
>I don't like that one bit.
>At this point, I'm thinking it's a mountain lion that's all covered in gore from a recent kill that's about to go full territorial mode.
>That wouldn't have been out of the question.
>But it wasn't.
>As I strained to hear where it was, I noticed that the snapping didn't come from the "pat-pat--pat-pat" of a four legged animal.
>It resembled the crunch---crunch--------crunch-crunch of a novice hunter picking his way through the undergrowth.
>My first thought was we either had a ranger with a sick sense of humor, a drug grower with a great sense of humor, or worse: a motherfucking serial killer.
>Either way: weapons were shouldered, bolts closed on loaded chambers, and lights pointed towards where the sound was.
>It's fucking nothing.
>Just the smell
>And a, slower now, crunch--crunch.
>And it stops.
>The smell is everywhere now, and whoever it is, is sitting far enough back in the treeline not to be silhouetted by our lights.
>Smart asshole.
>No eye-shine either, which ruled out just about any animal other than boar (which make enough noise to be easily noticeable).

you have my interest. you are a missouri fag aswell? though?

i havent had any experiences with MTNL but i hunt up north more.
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>semiauto for hunting

You fucking cunt real hunters use bolt actions only.
not for boar...
Not op, and I'm not a usual hunter, but I've been boar hunting once. Shit was intense, those fuckers come out of no where QUICK as fuck.
>One again, the caveman brain rears up deep within my psyche and tells me : fire.
>A fire you idiot, build a fire.
>So, what do we do?
>J.D. and I build a fucking fire.
>Throughout this whole affair, other than a few moments we'd been mostly quiet.
>However, the fire gives us comfort.
>And whatever it is seems to back off into the forest, if only for a while.
>As the fire burns hot, we start joking again, having a decent time.
>Convincing ourselves it was only a cougar.
>However, there's only so much timber in a gravel clearing, and after a while we'd have to venture out of the firelight to keep the fire going.
>That time came, and as the fire burned down to embers, the smell came back more oppressive than before.
>And with that smell, come an almost oppressive feeling of fear.
>Not regular fear, but an intense guttural fear that made your muscles tense, your stomach turn, and your eyes go wide.
>Every fiber of our being told us to get more wood, to keep the fire high: only with fire would we survive the night.
>So we cautiously walked to the closest treeline, barely able to see from the dying light of the fire (we'd been trying to save our flashlights).
>I was on guard duty, as we figured that my Cetme (.308 semi automatic) would be a better standoff weapon that JD's small carbine.
>I'm "tacticaling" the fuck out at this point, adrenaline flowing from a profound feeling that something just isn't right.
>JD leans down into the undergrowth to pick up a stick: reaching into the treeline.
>He screams and falls backwards, while branches break right in front of him.
>He gets up, freaking out, dusting himself off.
>Saying he saw something, staring at him first.
>Sunken eyes, a thick brow ridge, ashy-grey skin.
>Then, it smiled at him.
>Not so much as smiled, but curled back its lips in a Cheshire grin.
>We are at nopecon 1 gentlemen.
OP here, a quick break from my story.
I've hunted Alaska for bear, everywhere for deer and upland game.

My usual rifle is a Mosin Nagant (trashy I know), and when I hunt bird it's a break open shotgun.

However, if you're hunting 400lb boar that can zip through knee-high water as if it weren't there , it's one of the few times you'd want a semi-auto. Trust me.
ever hunted elk or moose?
i'm from the ozarks too.. northwest arkansas here. missouri will pay you to kill feral hogs, but arkansas won't.
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bump. hurry up OP
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no OP just lurking, same here. It is a small world.
I wish, but sadly no.
My family's from Northwest Arkansas, but I'm currently living over in Northeast Oklahoma so I can commute to work.


>I'm going to ignore the next hour of this hopscotch game of the fire dieing, the smell growing more intense, "him" (as we call it now) drawing nearer, building the fire back up, and "him" retreating back to stay away from the firelight.
>However, it should be noted that this entire time "he" was circling us.
>Probing our defenses, seeing if it could find a way to get up close without being seen.
>By the time 5AM rolled around, we'd exhausted almost all of the dry firewood that wasn't within the treeline, except for the tall-grass on the northeast side of the road in.
>We of course, do what we have to do, and slowly pick our way over to the tall grass.
>By this point I have taped a flashlight to my rifle, and switch it on as we leave the fire to get some dry grass.
>As JD is filling his hands with tinder, I check my right hand side, and look down the road.
>I wish I hadn't.
>Just as I swing my flashlight over the road, I see "him" for the first time.
>It's grayish-black, with either sloughing skin or matted grey fur: I honestly couldn't tell.
>It crossed the 10 yard wide track what seemed like instantly.
>Hunched over, maybe 5.5 to 6 feet tall, moving like a gorilla does.
>It's over
>Something in my head just starts screaming "it's over".
>It knows you've seen it.
>It's not just being territorial.
>It's circling like a predator.
>It IS a predator.
>That feeling hadn't been one of fear, but of impending predation.
>Somehow, the lower parts of our subconscious had known what was going on long before we did.
>In any case, we ran back to the fire, popped the dry grass on top and waited for the smell to recede.
>It didn't, it was close, very close, and this time it wasn't moving.
>So we pussed out, and got in the trunk of JD's car, and listened as it passed behind the front of his car back into the trees.

>In a burst of brilliance, I decide that we either make the three mile run, through dark countryside to the gas station: and pray the lights are on.
>Or, we build a fire big enough that one of the farmers or someone driving the main road can see it.
>We end up deciding that sprinting three miles through dark countryside, guns on our backs, could at the worst get us devoured by "him" or shot by a terrified farmer.
>So, we do the next best thing.
>I pull a fucking small tree out of the ground.
>I'm not talking about a bush, I'm talking a small eight to nine foot tree.
>It's amazing what adrenaline can do for you: so much adrenaline where your facial muscles are drawn tight, and your eyes dilate to being nearly black (JD's description of my face).
>In any case, the fire burns bright, very bright, after a while and "he" retreats further into the woods.
>This fucking tree burned a long ass time.
>Eventually, maybe 30 minutes after throwing the tree on the fire, three lifted trucks come barreling down the road and fly into the gravel parking area.
>The first truck had an obscene amount of those off-road lights on the bull bar and roof: which lit up the whole glade like the fucking sun.
>The smell almost goes away entirely, still there, but almost imperceptible.
>No one gets out of the first truck.
>A man wearing a national guard t-shirt, and acu pants hops out of the second truck with his hand on his hip (concealed pistol).
>He questions us for about 10 minutes, makes us disarm, clear our chambers, and set our rifles in JD's car.
>He tells us there's a burn ban , we shouldn't be out here fucking around, etc etc.
>We explain our car died when we came out hunting, and made that as a signal fire.
>He just looks at us strangely at the word hunting.
>Walks back to truck number one, comes back, tells us not to come back there unless we "have all of our ducks in a row".
OP pls
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Not sure if I believe this
I believe it enough for the both of us. I'm almost trembling it is so well-communicated. OP please continue. You can't leave us on the climax.
>Truck three drives over and a man hops out to jump-start our car.
>I shake his hand and thank him profusely, and he gives me a worried, but sympathetic look.
>He doesn't say much but walks back to his truck and drives away.
>Truck two drives away shortly thereafter.
>One we've got all of our shit packed up, truck one's window rolls down and a rather fat man in a polo calls me and JD over.
>"There's no boar here, boys"
>"If you're hunting for boar you best be looking further on down the road".
>"At least on the other end of (County Redacted)".
>Bullshit, tons of boar in there.
>But I don't say that.
>I'm not going to mouth off to the hillbilly-militia that just saved my life.
>So I thank him for his advice.
>JD and I get back in his car, debating whether "he" had gone away with all the commotion.
>Just as soon as fatty-McLightbar had pulled out, the smell returned yet again.
>We're out.
>Hop on the gravel road, drive to the highway, drive past a few farms, and make our way towards the western border of (County Redacted).
>We notice we're being followed by a small white honda.
>Guess who' sitting in the front seats?
>Fatty McLightbar and Hillbilly Militiaman
>They follow us all the way out of that county, then turn around.

So ends my experience. It's hard to get green-text to express emotion, the exact description of the smell, or the fucking primal fear we felt. I wrote an after-action-report of sorts the morning after that hunt, but haven't been able to find it after I moved: hence the green-text.

In any case, I've debated going back with more than two people to hunt "him", but I'd like to know what exactly I was dealing with. This is of course, not touching the fact that the hillbilly-militia-patrol seemed to know more than they were letting on.

Ideas, /x/-philes?
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Great story OP please finish. I need to go to bed soon and I want a good nightmare to wake me up at 3am. Don't leave us hanging
OP, I hope you die from a gunshot wound like the animals you kill for fun. I hope it hurts the whole time you're dying too. Faggot.

OP here, If you're referencing the tree bit, it was already half fallen to be fair, and I'm 6'3" ex football full-back so I'm not exactly small.
Jesus christ man. I have no idea what it was but I would not go back. You're out of your element. There are stories of shit like this and some of them include the fact that the fuckers, similar to what you described, shrugged of rounds like nothing leaving behind black blood but seeming no worse for the wear as they casually loped away. Lurk a bit and you might find some goof deterent stories.

I've heard you words and internalized them. I'm gonna look for the story I'm talking about and come back to post it. I'm 90% sure I have it bookmarked.
OP here,
I eat them broseph. I prefer not to support factory farming when A). they treat the animals very poorly, and B). it destroys the economy of small towns.

But sure, keep buying your meat at the store and feeling morally superior.
>Fatty McLightbar
>Hillbilly Militiaman

Haha I have two friends that fit these two's description perfectly.
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>>15584583 here.
Motherfucking this creepypasta, OP. Read it again and tell me if you rethink going back to hunt "him." Please take not of its apparent imperviability to bullets. I'm not a hunter so I can't contextualize the size of the bullet in the creepypasta.

So, what I'm taking from this is...

>Two rednecks go hunting
>By this point they've smoked 4 joints and downed a bottle of moonshine
>Car dies
>They start to mad trip balls
>Some very nice military gentlemen see their fire and come to aid
>They're kind enough to point out better hunting location and escort them to a higher populace in case their car dies again
I doubt anyone on here will know what you're dealing with, you'll get all kinds of theories though. In my opinion you should go back with more than two people as you stated, a group, armed obviously and search for the thing or let it come to you.

If you can't sense the truth of OP's story you must live life in a really poor state devoid of belief, faith, and meaning. OP is even responding to ever post.

Absent OP = bullshit.
Present OP = truth. Unless the stuff OP is communicating smells like bullshit.

You suck. Go away.
OP here

That was proven to be a llama some retarded farmer died red to keep track of it. Blood mixed with hair dye made it black

The guy posted on /k/ a few months later after having killed it.

He never got a clean shot on it and the bullets all glanced. He killed it in daylight later.


I wish I could say I was high as a kite, or drunk, but I wasn't. I was stone sober.

Drunk driving is stupid, shooting guns while drunk is stupid, Drunk driving to drunk shoot guns while drunk hobbling through woods and swamps at night? Fucking retarded, my friend.

As far as drugs, I don't do drugs, they're not exactly my cup of tea.
>OP trying to samefag
Sounds like a squatch, healthy population of boars around.. The yokels probably knew about it

why would it smile at your friend?

that would insist that it was intelligent. a predator would have bit the top of his skull, killing him instantly. predators dont bear their teeth to prey, they bear their teeth as a warning, or use it to intimidate. so why would this creature bear its teeth? the only logical explanation left is that its at least somewhat intelligent.

so they if it is intelligent, why then would it be scared of fire?

if something is a predator, why would it have a musk? an animal could smell it easier. and judging by the fact it sat and watched you guys for a good bit, it stalks its prey, why would it smell? an adaptation such as that would go against it.

also, why would its eyes not reflect light? at some point you would have shined it on it. unless its not got night vision, which would mean it hunts in daylight. more reason to not be afraid of a lightsource(fire)

that, or its intelligent and hid its face from the light. which would still point to. why is it scared of fire?

explain op, or fess up.
dont go back wtf do u want to die have u ever seen any horror movies
also, you can tell its a predator by the fact you said it was looking at your friend. predators have forward facing eyes for better depth perception, where as prey, have sideways to perceive motion better.
>>15584607 here.

You're wrong. I know better. There are horrors in this world that make grown men weep. The government actively covers it up. For reasons that make sense to the kind of people who gravitate to positions of power over other people.

Militia hillbilly wanted you to not return for your own good. If he doesn't know exactly what it s he at least knows its character and want that people should stay away from its territory.

Fuck around and die. Fuck around and see something you don't wanna see. Fuck around and see nothing. Those are your three options. I won't ignore your heedlessness. This communication is for the benefit of anyone who keeps themselves open to communication for the benefit of themselves and others.


Nope that was me too.
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>why would it smile
>they use it to intimidate

going off bearing of teeth you fuk.
The burden of sussing out the nature of the unknown doesn't fall on the unknower, fool. It falls on the knower. Be a retard more quietly.

I believe OP described as much of the truth as was advantageous to himself but at its core I believe what he described is the truth.


That's creepily perceptive. I've never thought of something like that. Now I think about stuff like that.
>bearing of teeth
>not similar in anyway

OP here.
The way I understand it, is perhaps it was smart enough to understand that I was right behind him with a gun? Perhaps it knew that darkness aided it and knew to stay far enough out of the firelight to avoid eyeshine and to not expose itself?

As far as the smell, have you ever been around any animals? All animals have a smell, from cougar to boar to deer. A lion covered in a fresh kill will smell like blood and death, and I assume it was the same in this case.

I have just as many questions as you do, my friend.
Not the anon your arguing with but they are different. You ever seen cornered dog bear it's teeth at you? It's not smiling you fucking twat

I think he means they use it to intimidate as a way of keeping distance between itself and that which would threaten itself. What anon is implying is that if OP and OP's friend were being hunted that instead of bearing its teeth the predator would have pounced on the vulnerable person.

What anon is ignoring is that shit like that undoubtedly happens. Those people don't life to come back home and tell 4chan about it. If that happened in the story we wouldn't hear about it. That that didn't happen is necessary for this greentext to exist.
Sounds to me like a sasquatch or bigfoot.
Apes bear their teeth or "Smile" as a threat display or a way to say "Back off"

Dont go back to hunt "him" OP, unless you have the firepower to down an animal that is intelligent, strong, and sneaky enough to move basicly undetected.
Tell me about these horrors. Or just give me an idea of what were talking about.
confirmed for nogunz
Could it be the smell you were smelling wasn't it's odor but rather a pheromone it was secreting?
A predator pheromone that was extremely pungent perhaps?
Us humans did evolve from animals and maybe your natural instincts as a prey were kicking in? Hence the adrenaline rush and heightened sense of smell

All the old and new stories of night-horrors you've heard are true except for the ones that are not yet true. When the government gets involved they cover it up for reasons that make sense to a person that wants to have power over others and to control them and mold them to their needs and wants.

Imagine is the populace knew that spirits, demons, and cryptids were real. It would be all out anarchy. Witchcraft would rise in the population. People would be cursing each other left and right. Mistrustful, misfortunate, killing each other for fear of being skinwalkers, vampires, werewolds, and other shit you've heard of in passing or never heard of in passing.

That is the society we are heading towards.

The comment I've made is a whole truth which is not the whole of the truth. There are are players and factors which are not to be expressed until they become relevant. What I speak of has been revealed in part though and I can speak of more.
OP here
I'm not a biologist, my education is based on languages and history. The extent of my scientific education was college level botany and analytical chemistry, so I can't even begin to touch the notion of pheromones.
Not OP.

>Could it be the smell you were smelling wasn't it's odor but rather a pheromone it was secreting?

It could be that. It could be not-that. You are suggesting something surreptitously that I don't believe to be true though. I believe you are suggesting "The threat is not as bad/big as it may seem on its face." You are being heedless and seek to engender heedlessness in others. Heedlessness is an unskillful quality. It's a quality of the unfortunate and the always disturbed. It is a quality of the people who can't count on the patterns in their life.
OP Here
So, being your average member of the southern upper class, a man such as myself has one question.

How big of a gun do I need to kill such things? I used to have an old S&W .500 single shot rifle. Would that suffice? Or are you hinting towards me having to go to the reservation I grew up on and speak to some old medicine man wannabe?
Why are heading towards this? How will the populace know?
Screen-capped it for all the /x/philes that would like it
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those are both my posts.
so lets look at facts in this situation,

it is a predator.
why do we know this?
1.) it stalked
2.)it had forward facing eyes

i would also be willing to bed, that it had canine teeth, a large sagittal crest(bite strength) and judging by the fact that it moved like a "gorrila" it also probably carried its prey via mouth. this suggests that its neck muscles would be strong, like a bob cats or coyotes would. which is typically found in predators.

furthermore, lets look at mammals in the ozarks.


basic things such as this. would also point to it being a carnivore because in the ozarks, when it gets cold, vegetation is slim. which means either you store food for winter. or you can hunt for food.
I don't think it stored food.

so we can assume its probably a carnivore or predator.
this means that it either saw OP as food, or as a territorial issue. but if it was territorial why would it linger so long? why would it not show its dominance as all other species do in order to preserve territory(up untill the fire) it did nothing. so we can assume it is Hunting the OP

introduce the fire. this is what im questioning. The animal bared its teeth. there is only a few reasons for doing this
1.) it feels threatened and its cornered and is using it to intimidate like a dog.
2.) its toying with you and understands what a smile is
3.) it was just chance or your friend was lying.

now. since we can assume it is a predator, and that it has not attacked you yet, its not being territorial. I think it is also safe to assume, that your friend didnt walk up to it, and it walked up to him, and showed its teeth. this means it doesnt feel threatened.

it had the intelligence to know how to toy with you.

so then, if it understood how to toy with a human. why would it be scared of fire?

if it understood you had a gun. then we come to the simple conclusion of "don't fuck with it"
Nope sir you're wrong. I was just rummaging through my thoughts and found this to be a good statement question.
I've no facts to prove myself with nor do I know one thing about pheromones besides that animal can detect them
and yes ive smelled animals but you also stated it was EXTREMELY strong. and its in open air. that would be ONE hell of a scent. Im imagining the ape house at the zoo kind of smell. except its outdoors. so why would it smell so bad?

if it was a pheromone, than the adaptation would go against it.

though the fight or flight thing is a good explanation to that

but pheromones are only used for a few things
1.) to attract a mate
2.) mark territory
3.) find a mate
4.) communicate a message.(ie queen ant telling babby aunts to make a food storage room)

and i don't see any of those things being helpful to a predator who would have been forced through rigorous adaptation like any other animal.

The only thing im seeing from this, is either we have an intelligent, not documented, species.

something supernatural

Or OP is lying

also where would grey skin or fur help in a predator? what was the terrain like.
quads dont lie
It was just a thought. I thought it to be slightly interesting. I do wish you luck if you're actually dumb enough to fuck with something that deliberately smiled at you and smelled like death
>How big of a gun do I need to kill such things?

I have no idea. I'm not a gun person. I don't use them. My weapons are intent and energy: spiritual weapons. What you encountered may be gun-invulnerable. The kind of thing that bleeds but doesn't feel pain and has a large store of blood. That can generate more blood using energy and intent. On that premise, which in my experience is a credible premise, guns worthless.

> I used to have an old S&W .500 single shot rifle. Would that suffice?

On the premise I described, it would suffice insofar as you really wanna see this things blood but not so far that it would take it down or wound it in any meaningful sense of the word.

>Or are you hinting towards me having to go to the reservation I grew up on and speak to some old medicine man wannabe?

I've said in no uncertain terms: Do not return. Give it up. You are outclassed and out of your element. A man of order and propriety will tell you the same. A medicine man would probably tell you not to speak of such a thing again as it brings it upon yourself.

You are a heedless man though. I know none of this is sinking in except anything that edifies the notion of "How do I kill it? How do I approach it? How do I assert my dominance?"

>Why are heading towards this?
Such is the wheel of karma. The world ascends and then it descends again. Until one reaches enlightenment they follow this up-then-down-then-up-now-down-now-up rhythm or the world.

This is the Kali Yuga. At its end earth will be as hell. Then the world will tend in the other direction and in about 2 million years Satya Yuga will start, which will last 1,276,000 years and at its end earth will be as heaven. Even this though is inferior to the joys and bliss of enlightenment and the pure lands. Just saying.

>How will the populace know?

Everyone knows the positive qualities of the world and its inhabitants are declining. It is known.
OP, here's an idea

it doesn't like fire, right? what about dragon's breath?

i mean, seriously OP, if you're fucking crazy enough to go back there, then you're crazy enough to fire incendiary rounds in the woods.

you should fucking do it
I guess pheromone was the wrong word because it has a specific definition but what I was trying to describe was that he could smell it's emotion that it was conveying. The smell of bloodlust
he is right though. you are out of your element. your on its home ground. it stalked you. and its intelligent.

either it was scared of fire or scared of guns. either way, i don't like the options you faced.

is it kill able? no doubt. everything dies.

should you risk it? fuck no.
Didn't happen. Nuff said.
>brings it upon yourself
Not OP but do you mean if I think/talk about this thing it'll manifest?
OP here.

For what it's worth (coming from a random on a Mongolian picture board), I'm not telling a lie.

As far as the grey skin/fur, I think I could hazard a guess. Have you ever noticed under moonlight how everything takes on a washed out greyish color? I would assume it's almost simple natural camouflage.

As for the barring of teeth, I still don't have a guess to that. It may have just had its mouth open preparing to strike before he jumped/fell backwards.

I wasn't trying to be rude, I just don't understand the intricacies of pheromones.
how could you smell its emotion?

he smelt it before he even realized anything was there?
thats true. and it would further point at it being nocturnal. which would also point at it having large eyes which could detect trace amounts of light. (night vision) which would have glared off your flash lights.

that or it hid its eyes because it knew that.

and if thats true, then yeah. dont fucking go back. itll kill you.
Oh no don't worry I didn't take it as rude. Sorry if I made it seem that way but I must be quite blunt with you about this.

You really shouldn't fuck with "him". In the battle of man vs nature, nature is usually victorious
also why would there be a burn ban in the fucking boonies ozarks...
File: 1400570216696.jpg (15 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 480x360
Because dickbags go out and start fires out here when it's dry as fuck or they're burning trash before there is dew on the grass?
You guys found the skunk ape of Arkansas Op
It's just an extremely rough theory. I don't know how but I guess you could say my intuition tells me this is right at least to an extent. Don't believe me though.
I've just always had a feeling that more confident people have a "good" or "nice" scent to them. While the shy and timid or meek type had a less pleasant scent. I guess you could say I think scent is connected to emotion in a way. It's rubbish. I know.
Once again, OP here.
You seem to mistake me, friend, for some base gunman who would dance over his quarry, or watch the "outdoor" channel. Perhaps I was writing in the wrong tone.

You are correct in assuming that elders never speak of "big medicine". Neither Cherokee, nor Caddo willingly speak of or trifle with such things needlessly. I was approaching this topic lightheartedly, perhaps needlessly.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm trying to truly understand what exactly it is. If it is un-killable in the physical sense, then it is not an animal: but a spirit. I have not as of yet been exposed to proof of such things. If it is able to be killed, it is an animal: albeit a smart one.

Could you elucidate this further?


>So then, if it understood how to toy with a human. why would it be scared of fire?

That is a question.


>I was just rummaging through my thoughts and found this to be a good statement question.

Questions aren't statements. Questions as statements are a tool of suggestive speech, like I said, which is unskillful and dishonest in its way of communicating.


It is an tradition. One does not speak of things they do not wish to see/experience. I believe the children are not more skillful in the world than the parents. I believe that heedless children experience greater horrors than their parents, necessarily. I believe it is unskillful to think or or talk about things one does not wish to manifest.


Sorry for misunderstanding. I take responsibility upon myself for infringing on your reputation.

>What I'm trying to say is, I'm trying to truly understand what exactly it is. If it is un-killable in the physical sense, then it is not an animal: but a spirit. If it is able to be killed, it is an animal: albeit a smart one.

Your view is not accurate. Something un-killable in the physical sense can be animal-like yet possess a significant spiritual component. Spirits die.

I will tell you these things. Body and spirit are both important. One thing rooted in physical body and the subtle bodies possesses these qualities: it is physically capable of enduring difficult conditions and possesses a self-awareness/spiritual competence allowing it to do those things which are implausible for those things operating not-in-spirit to do/conceivable do.

I feel like, somehow, I've drifted off topic and am running around a point.
Alright then. Agree to disagree m8. I was just thinking out loud and you're trying g your best to shoot me down for it. Which is fine because I've no credibility.
What if I want to find one? What happens if I destroy its physical body? I know you'll say I'm foolish but I'd like to know.
Not the same person but I think destroying something physical body would bring to a "spiritual" realm or dimension maybe. Leading to more possible danger.
Or by Skyrim logic you will be rewarded for killing a most sacred and legendary beast by the god of the hunt.
I had a moment of "why is he bringing up a bear? this isn't a bear..." and then I realized you just can't spell.

If you destroy its physical body it may be that it sticks around as a spirit. Or it will die spiritually too and be reincarnated elsewhere. I have said it is much hardier than you are anticipating it being though so what I have said it set on a premise of lies and non-reality. In reality, the question you ask is moot.
What about finding one? Is it as simple as going into the woods looking?
Sorry I don't language arts very well

They sense and are viciously exploitative of vulnerability. To find one you have to be in its territory and vulnerable. I'm not gonna ignore your heedlessness by warning you again.
I think your best bet for finding it would be to act like your vulnerable. It'll find you. Don't just think it either, really feel it. Like carry extra firearms but co deal most of them and have only one gun in hand or something ya know?
Though if it really is intelligent, it'll approach with caution. Just like it did the first time

It's fine anon. They are homonyms. Also the right to bear arms.
>also where would grey skin or fur help in a predator?
Doesn't matter if it helps or not. As long as it wasn't ever disadvantageous enough to prevent reproduction it can exist. Natural selection does not result with 100% optimal beings, only beings that are capable enough to continue their genetic line
File: librarian.jpg (299 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 1920x1200
pretty sure OP ran into a librarian.
I think OP should go out again and hunt this thing. I don't know the area, but it probably was just a normal predator covered with dead prey and in the darkness visuals weren't interpreted correctly. I know that experience of the darkness dissipating the flashlight. Its hard to make things out if they aren't completely in the light. Who knows though, it could have been an ape escaped from a zoo (or an illegal exotic pet). It could even be something bizarre and undiscovered like a sasquatch. The only chance at finding the truth is to go back out there and hunt it.
File: nope.png (85 KB, 309x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 309x312
You arent very old or worldly are you?

You think some booze and a puff is going to do that to anyone who isnt a little bitch with zero tolerance? (and even then.)
Humans happen to be the single most dangerous species on this planet by a fuck load, so its possible this thing was flipping shit at having its hood invaded by gun monkeys.
Deep calming breaths, and repeat after me.

[spoiler]Its ok to be wrong over the Internet...[/spoiler]
>but if it was territorial why would it linger so long?

Because thats what you do when something is encroaching on your territory and youre not confident you can fight it off cleanly.

Think of it from the creatures perspective if its intelligent in the least which does somewhat seem the case and near any population centers or even well traveled woods its going to know humans are really really fucking dangerous and probably isnt dumb enough to oppose two of them directly.
Makes sense as to why it preferred to try and move in in the darkness. It figured/knew that humans need light to be effective.
No worries, I'm just tired and was being quite literal. Also...that's a funny homonym so a useful touch of humor for Creepy Thread.

To OP, if you try to go after the mystery predator with BO or whatever it is, pls report back, with photos/video. Also, for fuck's sake equip yourselves properly this time. Good luck.
>county redacted

Fuck right off, OP. This is what ruins stories.
The amount of paranoid children being encouraged to romp around the woods with high caliber weapons..
Half of me want OP return so we have more story,half of me don't want OP to put himself in danger again,bring along 2 person this time? what is that bring courage some more? I'm sure OP and 3 others still scare shitless with guns.
Its clearly fiction. The only thing op is in danger of is diabetes.
This. Huge fucking faggot vegetarian hippie here and even I support OP's hunting. If you're going to eat meat, make it a quick kill of an invasive/overpopulated species. Factory farming is literal evil.
if its a sasquatch its not fully animal that would make it part human you fucking idiot

think before you post

and plus what op described sounds nothing like a sasquatch more like the rake or a werewolf
What happened to your car?
sadly this x is full of it these days
Fuck off faggot go back to tumblr or reddit or whereever u fucking cunt
Sounds a lot like a skunk ape didn't like you being around its patch of the woods.
Drugs are bad kids
no they're not
>sit a while and listen
Diablo IV approved
This. Were nasty evil, demented, scheming fucks. I'm actually ashamed.
OP here, back after some sleep.


Whatever you two need to say to help yourselves sleep at night.

I'm not planting a big red X over my general AO, Sorry bro.


More men means more guns, more people to watch each others' backs, and lastly more cars in case another one's battery decides to shit itself (please buy new car batteries kids).

>Anno Domini 2014
>Still imbibing the narcotic jew.
>Shiggy diggy etc etc.
People that have been around animals know they stink. Dogs, coyotes, bears, etc have a smell. And animals like rolling in smelly substances. Even horses and chickens.

Now, with the gray coat, the lack of eye shine, and the fact it was on its knuckles like a gorilla (I'm assuming that's what OP meant), anyone think this is an old skunk ape? Cataracts would kill eye shine. And if he was old, possibly he can't take care of himself, has infections, and therefore would smell horrible. Yes, most skunk apes are said to stink, but not to the point of making someone vomit.

I lived on a farm for almost three decades, and infections, especially in long haired animals, are rank as hell. My double coated dog had one recently. He smelled like rotting flesh. Had to shave him bald to find the abscess. Opened it up the rest of the way and cleaned it out. If I wasn't used to disgusting shit like that, I'm sure I'd be vomiting too.

I think it was on the fence on whether to chase you off or eat you. It was debating and sizing you up. If it was old and injured, it was probably hungry and trying to decide if it was hungry enough to risk injuring itself further. Hell, maybe it was wondering why two idiots were out on a gravel road at night instead of a campground.

Most bigfoot attacks involve thrown rocks and twigs. They used to straight up murder people in the past. Actually he didn't do much to try to intimidate you. He crashed through the woods a little.

As for the bearing of teeth/smiling, it probably thought it was hidden until it realized your friend saw it.

Fire deters a lot of shit. Fire is something all animals are instinctively scared of. Even humans, except when we control it. We know campfire=safety and wildfire=death.

Light would also expose it. You guys were in an open area, if it came out in the firelight, you'd see it. It obviously needed the element of surprise to attack or it was using the dark to observe you.

Live-stream the hunt.

That would be all. Thank you.
thanks anon
If it was smelling bad due to infection then its color could also be attributed to something like mange or another condition like that which affects the skin/hair. Just a little speculation, no expert
>>spiritual weapons

Sounds to me like your just a pussy

What the fuck are you talking about?
Sasquatch has allways been described as an ape-like humanoid. Wouldnt you expect an animal thought to be some kind of a large ape to show threat displays that regular apes use?
It is still an animal, just like other apes, even if it is "Part human". It would still act likle an animal, and live like an animal.

Think before you post, cunt.
best post in the thread so far, barring the story itself.
>moist nugget
op you're a gentleman and a scholar

Ever tried to stab one?
Tis a windego, if this story is true, try stabbing it in the head with a silver knife, or lighting it on fire
Quite an interesing hypothesis, anon

You must hate stories that start with "Once upon a time in a faraway place." That must make you livid. Faggot.
OP experienced a Wendigo.
How the fuck has nobody here brought it up yet.
Swear to god everyone on this board is just trolling one another.

"I'm sad. I can't discern real from false": the posts.

>Anno Domini 2014
>Still imbibing the narcotic jew.
>Shiggy diggy etc etc.

OP gets it, guys.


But I lift, bro. Sounds to me like you skip Spirit day.
you made me kek but still you are an ass
sounds more like a skinewalker amigo
forget going back with a gun, take a lighter and a can of hairspray. blow torch that sucka
Assuming it IS some intelligent creature that's toying with humans, and assuming it can shrug off bullets, or even knows what they are and isn't used to hunting unarmed humans, who's to say it's fireproof?
I just read the 1st line to that in deckard cains voice

Based on the argument thus far, there are two options:

>As for the bearing of teeth/smiling, it probably thought it was hidden until it realized your friend saw it.

This is the first one. Simple territorialism or half-committed predetation. Implies a predatorial creature, not necessarily intelligent, although at least as intelligent as the average predatorial animal.

Or, it wasn't "scared" of the fire, but was intentionally avoiding it.

When you try to stay unnoticed by someone, you conceal yourself in a crowd / locational concealment / distance. If the target notices you, it may look like avoidance out of fear, when really it is avoidance out of purpose.

And when does something purposefully avoid detection, only to let itself be seen briefly, when it decides to be seen, later?

When it is playing with its' prey.

This thing wasn't scared of the fire, and judging by OP's description, it wasn't a normal predator. It was playing with them, not intending to strike, but to induce the fear of the possibility of a strike. It never intended to make a move. It was playing a game.

To me, that is terrifying.
I'm a biologist!
Even if it was a pheromone, then there wouldn't have been any effect. Humans have lost our vomeronasal organs, so we can't detect pheremones at all. Feel that little indent behind your front teeth? That's where it used to be.
Opie's in the Ozarks, yeah? A lot of the trees down there have greyish bark, and few animals have color night-vision in any case. Grey fur would help Him blend in better.

Of course, if it's a failed gov't Bioweapon, then all points are moot. It can probably sneeze nerutoxin-laced flechettes, too.
because it gets dry as fuck in the Ozarks?

Also, I have some spoopy Ozarks stories I could share
Please share with us
Ive been lurking in this thread on and off all day,
and more stories would be great
Clearly it wanted to stay hidden. If it wasn't scared of the fire then it would show itself. After that it would probably get shot and wounded.

I'm guessing it was a sasquatch and the locals didn't want the hunters to hurt it.
File: zarks.jpg (164 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1024x768
Alright, here goes. Not gonna prewrite because fuck that noise.

>Have dad that lives in the middle of the Ozark Mountains, stay with him for a few weeks to a month every summer
>Mom has custody, but she and dad are on good terms
>house isn't gr8 m8, but he made a lot of the furniture out of local cedar and he's a pretty skilled carpenter/engineer type
>has his own sawmill and woodshop that we (brother was with me) used to make candlesticks and tables and things when we got older
>house had this little screen-wall porch (important later) on the side 90deg away from the door. it has a sliding door, but it's busted so you have to walk about 20 feet around the house each time you want to go in or come out

>be 11/12
>few days left until we go home to Mom's, excited to go home and play vidya
>it's nighttime
>me and bro's bedroom is on second floor, only window has good view of "front yard" (read: trees to left and right, driveway and road to front)
>trying to fall asleep, but 2excited.
>hear dad and stepmom talking downstairs (which is weird cuz they're always asleep by tennish)
>this is weird
>Look out window, see dad walk out with a flashlight and his old double-barrel (don't know model, sorry /k/ommandos)
>goes to leftmost treeline and shines light here and there
>debate waking brother up about this, but he gets pissy real easy
>hear gunshot and nearly shit myself whipping back to window
>look back in time to see dad thumb another shell into the breach
>whatever he was doing, he wanted two shots at the ready
>so nervous I actually hear the 'clack' of the gun
>see him walk backwards all the way to house, trying to hold his gun and flashlight up at same time (it was one of those big clunkfucking ones that used the massive battery)
>he makes it uneventfully, I'm too wired to fall back asleep
>next few days, he seems weird and more quiet than usual, doesn't want to do any of the stuff he normally leaps at with us
File: Dad's Compound.png (75 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dad's Compound.png
75 KB, 1600x900
We left a few days later and I was too chikunshit to ask him about it.
The next year we visited, though, things were...different...around the house

>Drive up to his house
>rode there with a half-grown English Mastiff taking up 80% of the back seat. Friendly enough to us, but slobbery.
>Finally make it around late afternoon, suddenly
>floodlights at each corner of the house
>lights on posts
>goddamn CHRISTMAS LIGHTS strung up around the outside
>honest-to-god watchtowers set up on three sides of the house
>sawmill's been moved
>new platform on top of the woodshop
>four or five new guns, all high-powered rifles (again, no model because I was a kid. All I have now is a 700 ADL for durr huntin')
>my fuck, there's even a concrete BUNKER
>It's /k/'s wet dream

inb4 fake, I shit you not my dad's place is still set up like this.
It was in the days before cameraphones (early 2000s) and it never occurred to me to take pictures of his shame until now.

>ask him what it's all for
>Platforms: deer stands (four of them? All within 200 feet of the house?)
>Bunker: auto maintenance (nice roof on your "auto maintenance pit")
>the LIGHTS: to make the place more cheery (or to blind commercial aircraft)
>the dogs and guns: to keep weirdos off the property
>the ways he answered my questions still bugs me. They sounded 100% rehearsed.

Anyway, thanks for reading past all the expository bullshit. Needed to set the stage for next post.
Thanks for sharing your story so far, anon
RIGHT. Now for the shit my dad doesn't like talking about

>go to bed that night, there's a new heavy curtain on the window.
>because the lights are ALWAYS ON
>Wake up that night to a gunshot, look outside
>MY EYES.jpg
>See dad on one of the "deer stands," working the bolt on one of his new guns
>something's up
>next morning he's practically vegetative
>ask him about last night
>"trying to get us a deer to barbecue"
>ask if I can go outside and play
>he thinks for a moment and says yes, but not to go off into the woods
>super intense eyes when he said that last thing, despite being raccoon-eyed
>go outside, make a beeline for the stand he was on last night
>feet clink on pile of .30 shells
If you've been doing your math, all the new gear PLUS those 'spensive-ass rounds should be adding up to quite a sum. His job's not terrible, but that crap must have been expenside
>fast forward a few days
>dad got a pig from one of his neighbors (closest one is at least five miles in any direction) and we spent the day learning to barbecue properly
>Dad has the shottie on standby and Fonzie (his old German shepard) nearby the entire time
>that evening we're all sitting on the screen porch, licking our fingers when Fonzie starts barking his head off, staring at the ravine behind the house. The dogs on the other side start barking and growling too
>Dad starts up and nearly knocks the plate off his lap
>He grabs the gun and stares down the Ravine
>"Kat(stepmom), take the boys inside"
>suddenly hear sound of branches snapping from trees near the bunker
>we're being flanked
>brother and I are swapping nervous glances, just about pissing ourselves
>without a word, Dad hands Kat Fonzie's leash and takes the rear while she leads us inside
>once inside the greenhouse it's straight shot to the door and the six of us go in
>Dad grabs a flashlight, a new gun, and a bugout bag filled with rounds and goes outside with Fonzie
Thanks anon.
it's not the most exciting or spoop-inducing, but it's one of the absolutely weirdest and scariest things that's happened in my childhood
Im sitting here with a fresh cup of coffee. My body is ready.
Thanks for sharing this man,
This has got to one of the best threads on /x/ in the last few days. Maybe even weeks.

>kat tries to keep us entertained with a stash of old kid's tapes, but neither of us are interested.
>Brother wants to "go out and help dad"
>I'm pissing my britches
>for about half an hour it's nothing but gunshots, growling, and the occasional yell from Dad
>the window-mounted AC is running and there's a weird smell to the air
>Old barbecue, gunsmoke, and something absolutely awful.
>not trying to copy Opie, but it's almost exactly how he put it.
>Rank horse-sweat mixed with something like old manure and hot death and stale piss
>Kat decides to risk it and opens the door to see what's going on
>when she does, the house is IMMEDIATELY flooded with the stench.
>she shouts out to him, he barks back "keep that closed!"
>she keeps that closed
>eventually bodily needs overcome fear and I walk off to the bathroom
>It's set on the wall that faces the ravine

this next bit's gonna sound seriously fake, but it's the reason I keep all my windows covered to this day

>as I'm shitting, I look up at the bathroom mirror
>Something in the reflection looks back at me
>It's illuminated by the light from inside and outside, so I get a better look at it than I ever would have wanted to
>Bullet-shaped head, but not in the traditional sense. Stand a 9mm round on its base and you get the idea
>rough grey-red fur with a forward-facing whorl (that little swirly thing on the back of your head) and what looks like a /part/ on one side
>Eyes? Fuck me, the eyes are thea bsolute worst just no tjank tou
>its face is sort of lopsided, but the nose is large and squashed, the mouth is hanging open a little and the teeth are sort of tombstone-shaped and cruddy
>my butthole nearly explodes from the sheer force of my fear-shits
>I just sit, shit and stare at the thing's reflection, my mind failing to change gears
>then it leans forward and I hear the clunk of its face hitting the glass above my head
thanks for reading. The more I type this out, the more comes back (like it always does in stories like this, yadda yadda) I'm at my mom's on winter break right now, it's innawoods, and I have a thick blanket tacked around my window. Let's continue.

>the new source of input recalibrates by brain, it realizes that this thing is RIGHT THE FUCK BEHIND ME
>I start wailing like a banshee, hear the thing gurgle FUCKING GURGLE through the glass
>flailsprint my way through the bathroom door, trip on my pants (still around my ankles) and get a chunk of wood from the kitchen's shitty particle board floor lodged in my knee
>too scared to feel pain or embarrassment, kat and brother come into the kitchen, see me panting and sobbing, sprawled on the floor, pants around my feet, staring at the bathroom
>I didn't even have time to wipe
>Kat asks what happened and as I pull my pants up, Dad comes barging through the door.
>guess he heard my screams and thought I was being befuckled by some big gurgling monkeydog bastard
>he sees me on the floor, bleeding, and immediately starts yelling about how "I raised that much of a racket over a busted knee"
>I see his fear/relief/anger and raise him the hurt and pure terror of a tween that lost a staring contest with a fucking MONSTER
>tell him about thing I saw
>he tells me and my brother to go upstairs
Don't remember much after that except that he went back out, left one of the other dogs with us, and that Kat helped clean and bandage my knee

>the next day, Dad wouldn't let us go outside, but the smell was still in the house
>he called our mom up to come to Springfield (halfway meet-up point) the next day
>Pig was gone, about eighty pounds of exquisitely barbecued leftovers and carcass that Dad had promised the neighbor in exchange for the pig
>One of the dogs was missing
>Dad stayed inside with us that night
>I was too afraid to go downstairs to bathroom, so he gave me a milk bottle and an extra blanket as a privacy tent
lurking good shit op
and that's really it. He took us to springfield the next day after making us promise not to tell Mom. I might not have shown it very well, but he loved the hell out of us and didn't want her to stop bringing us.

I was there again a year or so ago, we barbecued in his new (hand-built) smokehouse, drank, shot the shit, but the second I brought up the incident I've been posting it killed the mood immediately. All he said was "we haven't been having any trouble for the last few" and went back to drinking.

It's worth mentioning ,though, that there's another new addition to his place. A concrete slab off past the trees in the back of the house. It's not raised off the ground, and it's not very cleanly laid out.

It's about five feet wide, six or seven long, and if you kick up the dirt around it you dig up a thin layer of black shit, like soot. Now I'm not saying that he managed to kill one of the things, burned its corpse in a pit, and buried it all under concrete
but if he did, I hope it was the big gurgly bastard.
Oh my god man,
That gurgling sound, I have heared it before, except i live in australia. I Have posted my story in a couple of Spooky Australia threads before, but it isnt very interesting apart from the bit where me and my two friends hear something circling our tent gurgling and growling/laughing at 2 in the morning while camping in the middle of bumfuck no-where bushland.

Please continue,
I need some more coffee for this story it seems
Ignore my "Please continue"
But jesus man, i would have been shitting myself in that situation man. I couldnt imagine actually seeing on of those things.
Thanks for the read mate, i really appreciate it
>i would have been shitting myself in that situation
So was I
>gurgling and growling/laughing
That's...that's way fucking worse.
Was it sexual in anyway?
Like, looking back the big gurgling bastards' gurgle is really fucking disturbing
>but maybe I'm projecting my "more adult" fears of being violated and shit, being bareassed at the time
It just sounded like the thing wanted us out of its territory or somthing. It was deep, guttural growling/laughing, and really deep growling.
It probably stayed around our tent for an hour or so, then backed off a bit, and started communicating with what sounded liek a few others way deeper in the forest.
Ill be going back to the same spot in a few weeks, to take photos at night and day, and hopefully catch some sounds on video.
On the one hand, I hope you get something.
On the other, I hope you don't find anything and have a pleasant but uneventful camping trip.

Know what? Good luck, strayanon. Just, good luck.

Captcha: yedys
>my fuck they're on to us
File: 1412045333791.gif (862 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
862 KB, 500x500
Haha thanks mate
OP here again, back again after another night's sleep.

I just want to clarify that only the first story is mine, the second (ozark nope-fortress) was a another based anon's tale.

Also, a bit of an update on the possibility of a return trip. JD is back in town, and I'm going to try to get a few more of my buddies to head on out there after Christmas.
Nopefortress anon here, good luck. Remember to bring a camera!
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