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ITT: scary shit that's happened to you
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ITT: scary shit that's happened to you

post your own stories or your favorite greentexts.

have a couple of my own i'll post, but i have to type them out so it'll be a minute.
>be 20 yr anon
>work at gas station, night shift
>right next to loud-ass freeway notorious for taking people out
>pretty chill job, usually just sit around, read, sometimes chat it up with truckers who come through
>2 AM, by myself, catching up on some vidya games
>phone rings
>"thank you for calling blah blah how can i help you"
>barely audible whispering, ask the guy to tone it up
>"do you know when the next one is?"
>thinks he means lotto draw, tells him the date of the next one
>"no, do you know when it's happening?"
>ask him what the hell he's talking about
>"do you know when it's happening, the next one?"
>voice is still whispering, cracks a little bit
>ask him when WHAT is happening
>"the next one"
>assume its a prank caller, hang up on him, rest of the night uneventful

>couple nights later, just got done ringing some stoners up
>phone rings again
>"thank you for calling blah blah how can i help you"
>"do you know when the next one is?"
>remember its a newer phone, probably has some sort of caller ID
>"sir the phone you are calling from has a caller ID and storage system and the next time you call this business your number will be turned over to police"
>voice raises a little bit
>"but i NEED to know when it's happening"
>hang up on him
>next night, phone rings, remember dumbass
>grab phone and check caller ID
>000 000 00zero0
>must be a telemarker then
>pick up phone to tell them they've called a business
>"when is it happening?"
>for fuck's sake, hang up again

>next night, nothing out of the ordinary, almost the end of my shift and no phonecalls
>around 4AM, getting ready to switch out with day crew
>hear what sounds like a gunshot and tires screeching
>run outside just in time to see a car with a popped tire spin out of control onto its side, the car behind it slam into it, and a couple more behind those guys join the pile-up
>holy shit holy shit holy shit
>jump freeway fence, drop down right as another car takes out the car on its side
>traffic finally stops, people are getting out of their vehicles to help
>i whip out mobile to call 911
>3 missed calls
>000 000 00zero0

i put in my two weeks the following day. fuck that.
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And thennnnnn?
Wait he was calling you on your mobile phone and your work phone?
yeah, exactly why i quit. fuckin' death got ahold of a phonebook i guess.
Meh, just seems like a couple of unrelated events imho
>be 17
>live in house on edge of town
>house has huge, old-ass porch that creaks when you look at it
>room sunken in, window has broken blinds and level with the porch
>snow for days
>3AM, texting buddy of mine
>all of a sudden hear porch creak
>not a big deal, we have deer and cougars who run around and shit
>creaks again
>stop to listen
>creaking comes closer
>realize it's heavy footsteps, like combat boots
>freeze up, can't move
>footsteps slowly come closer, like someone walking methodically slow, heel-to-toe
>live with sister and mother so neither of them
>on the verge of a mixture of tears and shitting myself
>footsteps continue, stop in front of window
>hold my breath, stare at a gap in the broken blinds
>what i can only describe as a featureless, smooth black head slowly leans down and appears in gap
>head turns and stares straight at me
>all at once feeling of dread and fear hits and i begin sobbing
>panic, pull blankets over head, curl into fetal position
>eventually fall asleep, wake up next morning still clutching cellphone
>grab a maglite and hoof it out the back door
>go over to window
>no footprints, only circular indents like someone had been walking on stilts
>indents start at beginning of porch, end at my window
>tell parent
>end up buying a gun that weekend
>bought sister and i BB guns and fishing knives
>never see it again
>move away a few months later after another incident on the porch
anyone lurking?
Yes, but unfortunately I do not have any stories of my own.
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I work as an armed security guard in the harbor for my town just a bit of context. It's a bit if an industrialized area and we work from 7pm-3am for graveyard shift. This happened back about mid June.

>3am and I just got relieved from work
>time to go home as I finish my coffee
>clear my pistol but reload a magazine (no round in the chamber)
>take off my duty belt and place my pistol in my glove box gun case
>pull out of work at 0310/15ish
>after about 10 minutes of driving I notice a car following behind me with no head lights on
>ok what ever not my business
>this car follows me into the freeway (about 20 minutes from work)
>after looking back a few times I can not make heads or tails of this car
>my paranoia is starting to kick in
>I get off my exit from the free way and this guy is still following me (15 minutes that should be 30 but no traffic at late night)
>stops at proper distance but always follows behind me, can't even see the face only a silhouette
>even worse is if I change lanes the car follows
>my paranoia is really getting to me now and I am shacking, who fucking follows you that far?
>I drive all the way to my place (I live in a dead end street) and park my car outside my condo, my fellow car parks right behind me
>I swallowed hard, as my mouth is dry
>I reach into my glove box and pull out my pistol and rack one in the chamber
>turn off my car, open the door, step outside and face my follower.
>gone, no trace of a car being there in the first place
>asshole pucker x10
>nope faster into my condo than a fat kid after chocolate cake

Seriously scared me shitless, this car followed me for about an hour and ten. To all of the sudden poof. This is the only time something like this has ever happened. Still gives me the creeps every so often.
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I am
About a month ago I took my dog for a night walk and some weird shit happened.

>Start of on our walk
>As we leave hear what sounds like a bicycle behind me
>Look back and see nothing, shrug it off
>Continue walk
>Go up a few streets and decide to turn
>About 1/4 way down street see a dog in the distance run across street and stop halfway
>Pause to look at it, decide that it must be a stray or a coyote maybe
>Figure I will try and get closer since if it's a stray I don't want it to get hit or anything
>Jog about 1/2 way down road, dog in distance takes off rest of the way across the road
>Dogs in the yards on the street begin to freak the fuck out
>Look down at my dog, has big stupid grin
>If he isn't scared it can't be anything too serious
>Get closer to end of road, notice dogs in yard at the end are yelping more than barking
>Slow down and turn corner, nothing is there
>Go down to next street to see if I can see whatever it was, nowhere to be seen
>Dogs start to calm down, decide to continue walk
>Get to end of road, have uneasy feeling the entire way
>Keep looking behind me expecting to see something
>Decide we've gone far enough
>Cross to other side of road that is more lit up and start home
>Passing by a school we live by and some birds begin to go ape shit
>One comes swooping down right next to me, stares at me a second then joins the others and flies into a tree
>Look at dog again, is sniffing at ground but still seems calm
>Fuck it, ready to be home
>About a block away and the side we're on the sidewalk has a small bridge like thing where water can run under
>Take a step on and dog just stops
>Look at him and pull leash a little, he plants his feet in and refuses to follow
>Hair on neck starts to stand up
>Decide we will cross the street instead of going over
>Get to other side
>Look under bridge part as we pass
>Something dark hunkered underneath it
>Dog takes off running
>I gladly follow


>We sprint the rest of the way home
>Dog hiding between my legs as I unlock door
>As soon as I open door he bolts inside and I follow

After that he laid in the kitched and would slightly wimper now and then for a couple hours and I had a general uneasy feeling. Nothing came of it though so could have just been the two of us being big ol pussies
Go on...
So you father brought you a gun because a deer spooked you?, sure is america in here
you didnt actually read his story did you
I think it was just a BB gun. Doesnt Seem too Bad to be. Better than teaching your kid to be scared and defenseless.
Yeah it was a BB gun, but the fact is that instead of searching for a reasonable explanation to the event he just gave him a gun, sure,it was just a pebble gun but its teaching him that whenever he is scared he has to get a gun, and that could get you killed
[spoiler] not that a gun would do anything to a demon/ghost [/spoiler]

But that's just me being a fag who lives in a countre where the only ones with guns are the police and criminals

>same setting, same room and porch
>later in summer, mom and i are watching movies in my room around 10pm
>porch gets super dusty from gravel during spring and summer
>hear a bird squawking outside
>we both pretend to ignore it
>squawking gets louder, harder to ignore
>ask mom if she heard it, she confirms yes
>we listen to it to try to figure out what it is
>squawking gets closer and louder, we can now make out what it is
>sounds like a mix between a chicken with its throat slit and a cat in heat
>sounds like its dying or struggling with something
>mother is fearless after buying gun
>mom tells me to turn out the light so she can look out the window
>grabs my maglite and shines it outside, peering at the corner of the window
>"what the hell...what is that thing...?"
>says its coming closer, i cant see anything because of angle+flashlight
>struggling dying demon noises get louder and closer
>hear it scratching and struggling on the porch
>right as it gets to my window, the wailing trails off suddenly
>sounds similiar to somethin grabbing it and flinging it across the yard
>wailing trails off violently into the distance
>mom and i stand there in stunned silence for a few seconds
>quietly ask mom what she saw
>said she could only make out the shape, flashlight wouldn't reach
>said it looked like an animal no bigger than a dog, but it was twitching and writhing on the porch floor and was crawling toward us
>described it as "glitching" away before vanishing completely

>next morning we go to check outside
>scuffle marks in dirt on porch
>long trail like something being dragged away
>ends at the empty field behind our house

i ended up moving out the following fall and my mom moved to a different town a few months after that. whenever i ask if it was because of the house she gets agitated and just tells me "the town felt like it was dying".

should probably clarify: my sister, myself and my mother lived together after a lengthy divorce with her abusive ex-husband. this was the first house we lived in he didn't know the address of. her automatic choice of buying the gun came from an instinctual, ground-in fear of him coming after her, i think. the two of them live together now and she's a lot older, so either way i'm glad she ended up with one.
>someone is definitely following me so i better drive to where i live

yeah why would you get a weapon when possibly in-danger. I can see no logical reason to want to be able to defend yourself from danger what so ever.
I live in germany, no guns for civis so i get you.
I guess youre right kids shouldnt be taught to rely on weapons to feel safe, i just think everything is better than teaching your kid to be afraid of everything and everyone.
Im seeing that way too much here , parents teaching their kids to be afraid of walking alone at night, strangers, foreigners, animals, motorcycle driving, dangerous hobbies etc. Drives me up the fucking wall.
someone i knew traveled to germany and said it was the safest place they've ever been and that it was almost boring because of the lack of any sort of risk

not sure if that's true or not though
Your friend should go to africa, if they think danger = fun they will have a blast
Ok that makes sense, sorry for getting so defensive about your parents giving you a gun, its just that i see kids shooting their dicks off because some adult tought that giving a gun to a kid is a good idea almost every day
>be 15
>laying in bed, it's around 3 AM
>trying to fall asleep
>can't, open eyes
>see a hatman shadow person
>he stares back
>my heart starts racing, I don't want to break eye contact
>first supernatural event in my life and I'm scared shitless
>hatman starts breathing very heavily
>throw my covers off and sprint to my light switch
>flip it on, hatman disappears
>struggle to fall asleep
no prob man, i probably should have clarified but it didn't occur to me.
It kinda is true. Apparently germans with a few exceptions hate risks and dangerous situations.
You can still get mugged as easily as anywhere else tho, even here people get stabbed, kicked to death just not as many gun related accidents like in the US for example.
In my opinion sucks if you want to have fun except if you live in Berlin or other big Citys. Everyone is afraid of breaking our hilarious stupid laws, it's hard to find someone who wants to go offroad riding, urban exploring or camping with you (camping in forrests and shit is against the law).
That's why im trying to leave, to see the world and other cultures.
* germany sucks if you want to have fun.
I guess my opinion sucks too but thats not what i meant haha
Nice survival instincts, anon. Hopefully the boogeyman never peaks through your butthole again.
>small bridge like thing where water can run under

hahaha you and the dumb shit above escorting ghost cars to your condo should have your own sitcom.
>i see kids shooting their dicks off

B& for announcing report
Reported for making fun of reporting.
probably a fox. foxes make a ton of different noises, most of them sound like that. especially their mating call.
I've already created a thread about a story that happened to me somewhat recently. No fucking replied.
skinwalkers bro

my thoughts too haha
I got one, but it's a bit more funny spooky than anything.

>be young me derping around online at night
>brother sitting on couch watching tv
>only light is from tv and computer
>hear keys jingling for a second
>we look up at the keys about 5 feets away
>can't see them cause they're in a enclosed spot on top of cupboard
>hear them moving again while staring right at it
>brother gets 2spooped, find it hilarious and laugh
>keys start shaking again
>brother freaks out, keeps asking if I'm doing it somehow
>more laughing = more key shaking, they're making a ton of noise
>finally stop laughing and keys stop
>get up and go look, keys are sitting right where they should be

Still have no idea what caused it, but it was honestly the most hilarious paranormal-ish thing I've ever had happen. My brother refused to believe I wasn't pranking him somehow.
post pics
did he stick it in?
I passed out before I could take the pics.
>fucking panic and get my phone near the light switch to call a doctor and take pictures as proof
>take pictures as proof
to get to the light switch I had to pass in front of the mirror.
Oh ok.
damn, I wanted see your butt babies
Boring. I thought you picked a random stray dog and the dog was the spooky demon.

Plus I'm jealous of anything that scares animals. Watch dogs are usually stupid and never get scared of anything even when it's a grizzly bear.

What? No interracial demon rape porn? Or at least a little incest. The squaking demon should have went in the cellar and got raped and killed by the other demon, then you find the dead body and quickly run back in the house to get the camera and the body disappears and you see it trailing off in the woods. Go take a courageous peek in the woods. See a big bulky werewolf kangaroo figure in the distance before it makes freaky sounds and you run off in the house and barricade the windows and doors.

But I like your description of the otherwordly creature glitching and vanishing. Sounds much more paranormal than blood,heavy breathing and claw marks coming from aliens, mutants,demons.
But who was phone?
A phony. ;)
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This shit weirds me out to this day. It's such an uncharacteristic and almost cliche experience from a horror perspective, but GOD was I a retarded kid.
>be a shota
>maybe 8-10 years old
>at a family reunion
>chilling with older kids upstairs
>watch them play Mortal Kombat for a while
>they get called down for food
>I stick around for whatever reason
>"I'm going to get you."
>voice coming from a small closet
>half of it slides open and closed
>think it's one of my cousins fucking with me
>being the fucking stupid kid I am, I walk over
>look inside
>there's no one in there
>step out
>look under the bed
>realization kicks in
>I fucking bolt
>go to my mother and cry like a bitch
That was at least 11 years ago, but I still remember it. Jesus Christ.
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>Have imaginary friend as a kid.
>evolve him into a character as I grow older.
>middle school
>design for him gets edgy as fuck and becomes a demon.
>dark sunken eyes, big sharp smile, gnarled nose. dressed in a suit (was in middle school before slenderman)
>gave him a story that he had been banished from hell and that he'd have to be human again to die and go back.
>never tell story to anyone cause it's middleschool bullshit.

>end of highschool
>friend gets a spoopy GF
>can see ghosts and auras
>"not this shit again.jpeg"
>Tells us our aura colors and about a ghost boy on my friends lawn all day.
My aura was blue and radiated off of me like a heater.
>said that was why I was so friendly and fun to be around.
>"lol okey"
>she asks to talk to be privately at one point.
>"You know you have something following you right?"
>play into it to see what she'll say
>theres a demonic looking thing that shows up around you pretty often.
>dark sunken eyes. sharp toothed smile, ugly skin
>"okay that describes every generic demon"
>"He's been with you for a long time. Says you used to play. He wears a suit now and wants to take your place very badly."
>okay that's oddly specific
>never draw character again
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>turn off light in room
>rush out of the room like a pussy

God fucking DAMN
>not that a gun would do anything to a demon/ghost

What if it shoots smaller demons/ghosts in bullet form?
>have a dream about crawling around some pipes in the room of an abandoned gym or school or something.
>everything is wet, mossy and green.
>hear woman screaming from a shower room.
>3 men huddled over her ready to rape.
>far left guy was smaller than the other two; runt of the pack. generally smaller in most proportions. didnt see his face.
>middle guy was burly with a strong underbite. real bruiser looking dude in wife beater and jeans.
>last guy was tall and fit. Not quite skinny aside from his face. Very gaunt.
>creep overhead on the pipes.
>throw a grenade because dream logic.
>the dudes freak out and the woman freezes in horror.
>guys blow up but girl remains
>she looks up at me teary eyed
>wake up suddenly and look to my left.
>see 2 men standing next to my bed with a green hue to them. the bruiser and tall guy.
>they look furious.
>the runt man is hanging by a noose in the corner of my room.
>freak out and start throwing pillows and blankets everywhere.
>look away and then back.
>they're gone.
Not sure if anyone is here right now but I'm gonna tell my story.

>Be me, about 4 months ago
>Working night shift for fast food restaurant
>Closing up for the night with three co-workers and Manager
We don't have a drive-thru, but we do have a pickup window
>Cleaning off shake machine when co-worker 2 asks me to grab a box of bbq sauce from the storage
>Wander into storage room, grab box and hear knocking at the door
[There's a door that leads outside to one of the dumpsters in the parking lot]
>Figure it's probably one of my co-workers who went to take the trash out and forgot their keys
>Still kind weird tho, since we're instructed to use the front door, but peek through the hole
>No one is out there
>Shrug it off and bring box of sauce to front counter
>Start stocking sauces when I see something out of the corner of my eye from the pickup window
>Walk over and look around, notice a figure across the lot, but it's pretty late so I couldn't make out any details
>Everyone is inside working on their part of the restaurant
>Suddenly, the alarm goes off
>Manager tells everyone to get in the office
>Quickly dis-arms the alarm and has a look around
>Says no one is there and the cost is clear, all doors were locked
Mind you, this alarm wasn't faulty or old, and none of the doors to the store were left unlocked.
>Everyone goes about doing their business, a little weirded out
>I peer through the pickup window, and the figure I saw earlier was gone
>Quit job about a week later, because fuck night shift.
completely true story, 100% happened:

>be me at 15 at family gathering
>later that night hanging with my 11 year old cousin
>we're off on our own in huge house
>playing computer games on third floor, far away from others
>cousin leaves to get shit from kitchen
>I leave to take piss
>on way I see my cousin standing at end of hallway leading to attic
>all lights off, nobody had been there all night
>I call to him, crack a joke, laugh
>he doesn't move, doesn't speak, no facial expression whatsoever
>I assume he's fucking around and say something jokey
>he silently turns and walks around corner into attic, no lights on
>door creaks shut
>I head to bathroom but am intercepted by my cousin bouncing up stairs from opposite direction
>"who the actual fuck was I just talking to?"
>cousin laughs and accuses me of trying to scare him
>I insist I'm being sincere
>we both get legitimately scared
>immediately head two floors down to rest of family
>that family sold house following summer for unknown reasons

to this day I have no fucking clue what I saw - it was absolutely horrific, completely devoid of emotion
body snatcher ghost?

what's that, exactly? honestly don't know... you mean a ghost that replicates the appearance of a living person?
Yeah essentially. i don't know what they're actually called i just described it.
There are cases of people hearing voices of loved ones or seeing them in places but find them else where.

The classic story being that a boy hears his mother calling to him from downstairs and he gets pulled into a closet by his mother. She tells him "I heard it too"

that's extremely unnerving, man - like deeply bothering me, because it sounds very plausible ----- what was especially odd was how incredibly vacant he appeared - I detected absolutely no hint of emotion, or even sentient thought... it was almost mechanical, like functioning on senses alone / without motive or disposition

---- I'm picturing this encounter in my head and over fifteen years later, it still scares the fuck out of me ... is astral projection supposedly always voluntary? I can't think of any logical explanation - but a ghost replicating my cousin's appearance is pretty ominous
Great... my feet started shaking from all the crappy ghost stories and it's the spoopy factor, its the fact none of the stories have a good satisfying ending, so I twitch in anticipation for a sequel everytime.
It's not the spoopy factor*
I posted this on x/ today but may as well repost.

>Be me, 13
>Brother is away and mum is asleep
>Decide things are spoopy so sleep on the sofa in my sitting room
>Fuck, I left my blanket and pillow upstairs
>Get weird feeling upstairs when on my own, but figure it's just nerves
This is the point in the story where I must elaborate, every male in my family get's sleep paralysis. My brother was at the height of his, it was happening every night. I have already seen figures and the likes.
Back onto the story
>Start falling asleep but getting that weird feeling I get upstairs
>Start blacking out from exhaustion
>Fall asleep
>Wake up feeling like I was just punched in my stomach and the sofa was lifted from the back
I think I had sleep paralysis but just couldn't remember
>Getting really freaked out
>I need a piss
>Fucking Christ, thanks body
>Whilst taking a piss can see a collection of colours mixing and forming shapes on the wall to my right
>There seems to be an ever present circle in the middle, almost a ying-yang shape of yellow, blue, purple and green
>Walking back out to the sitting room, feel like I'm being watched
>Decide to jog despite it only being a few metres ahead
>Close every door in the room and jump onto the sofa
>Fall back asleep after two hours

It felt really weird, it felt like all time had stopped and yet going faster than normal pace. I probably won't ever forget it, it's strange though. I think it may have just been hallucinations.
They're called doppelgangers.

>doppelgänger seen by a person's relative or friend portends illness or danger while seeing one's own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of death.

that is absolutely completely FUCKED up, because my uncle (his dad) ended up passing away not long after that happened, preceded by messy divorce --- I'm absolutely serious
Oh shit nigga that's kinda cool if true.

I know you have no reason to believe some random dude online, but I assure you with complete sincerity: it's absolutely true, exactly as I described

also - worth mentioning that I wasn't on drugs of any kind / not trying to be funny.... also asked by cousin a couple years ago, he has no recollection of any of it whatsoever
Well I definitely believe you more after reading this. Creepy shit.
Jungian Shadow bro, that's apparently what the black hatted man is.
[spoiler]if you didn't know already[/spoiler]

reading this is really messing with my head - I should add that the double I saw was indistinguishable from my cousin, down to identical clothes / everything .... only the behavior was a total mismatch --- and I remember thinking how odd his stride was, because it was unexpectedly fast for walking in near total darkness ---- the attic was on the same floor as the upstairs bedroom and office where we were playing computer games / never went into the attic, so don't know what was in there

---- but I'm struggling with reading your link, man... it's making me really uneasy, because I don't actually believe in this stuff oddly enough --- yet there's no alternate explanation springing to mind
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>camping is againt the law
Mother of God please be trolling me
When I was like 15 home alone once I heard my Mom calling me and the door slam. See my parents were usually out in town doing shit while I watched and took care of the house. I go out to look and the car isn't back, house was empty.
This happened most of my teenage life and my Mom and Dad both said they've heard me call them too when I wasn't home or I was asleep on the other side of the house.
I even had it recorded by chance once, clear as day while they weren't home.

I never found out where it came from or what it was, it definitely wasn't neighbors since it was a big ass farm.
I don't believe in ghosts because there would have to be some fucking proof by now but it was definitely odd and creepy.
Probably not that scary of a story, but it still creeps me out to this day

>be me in elementary school
>sleeping in bed
>wake up in middle of night after having a nightmare
>freaked out from my nightmare, wonder if my dad is awake
>hear footsteps coming from down the hallway
>"thank god, I hope my dad checks in on me before leaving"
>hear doorknob turning
>turn over in bed and face door
>door slowly opens
>no one is there
>no one is fucking there
>eyes widen, start to feel horrified
>door fucking slams shut
>never heard the house so quiet before
>so god damn terrified that I can't move
>get this feeling that something is in the room
>fly out of bed
>throw open my door and bolt down the hallway
>go into bathroom, turn on the lights, lock the door behind me
>sit in bathtub for like 20 minutes just trying to calm down
>finally go out of bathroom
>go into my parents' room
>my mom and dad are both asleep
>decide to go back to my room
>turn lights on, check under bed, check closet
>all clear
>"maybe the wind blew my door open"
>check window, it's closed and locked, calm outside
>stay awake in my room with the lights on all night
Pretty sure I saw a ghost once, not very interesting/scary really but it 100% D's definitely happened unlike most stories people tell.

On a bus going to my nans house with mam, dad and brother, middle of the day, probably 1pmish, bus goes by a graveyard and a crematorium, its a real big graveyard. Sunny day and real close to a main road.

Anyway there was a young girl, probably like 7 - 10 years old I dunno I'm not good with guessing ages, she was stood staring at a grave totally alone, soaking wet in a white towel wrapped around her, I could tell she was soaking wet cause of her black hair, I looked at her til the bus drove past and never said anything. It definitely happened and she was definitely there, not exactly scary but definitely real.
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>live alone
>no pets just me
>i usually pull all-nighters on fridays playing vidya with some online friends
>one night i see "something" out of the corner of my eye outside the window
>turn to look, nothing
>continue with my vidya
>like an hour or so later i start feeling anxious
>without thinking i turn my head and look outside the window
>theres a pale looking humanoid right outside, looks almost exactly like OP's picture
>its looking straight at me
>i look back, we stare at eachother for what seems like hours
>i feel comepletely numb
>stand up after a while with the intent of going outside
>as i grab the door knob i black out
>wake up on the sidewalk at like 11~ AM
>go back inside
>friends on skype say my mic suddenly started making loud noises like static after i left and then they kicked me from the call

im probably not a virgin anymore
>be me
>like a week ago
>sleeping in my bedroom
>hear my dad calling me "Anon come here please"
>wake up, get off bed, open door.
>near to the living room where i heard him
>my dad's been dead for almost 7 years
>get in my room, lock the door
>calm myself
>try to sleep
Hey, all. I have been a long time 'save all, post nothing' type of person (with a few exceptions), but I felt this needed to be spoken of. This happened to me just last night. This is a true story, but it's your choice on whether you believe it. Also, names are obviously changed.

Last night, I was celebrating with some friends, Jessica and her boyfriend Kyle, over the news of getting a new job that I have been hoping for. There was some wine, which later became some rum, and some geeking out. We watched some anime and some youtube videos, talked, and generally hung out. We cut the night off early since I have to get ready to start work at 6am on Monday (much earlier than I am used to), so we quit at about 11:45pm or so. I went to bed at midnight, getting ready to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier the next night. This morning, I woke up like normal, not hungover since I didn't really drink that much, and went to take a shower. Try hot water knob, it's busted. This means I have to call my landlord, who is not very reliable (I would fix it myself, but having been without a job for awhile, I don't have the funds necessary to do so until I get paid). So I call my landlord and he says he will stop by in awhile. Nothing big, but just a frustration of the day since I never got to take my shower. Go about my day, figuring out finances, playing Brave Frontier on my tablet, and watching shows. Then I get a call from one of my other friends, Callie, who has a crush on me. I don't feel mutual, but that's another story altogether.


“Hey, how's it going?”

“Not bad, just waiting on the landlord to come fix my shower so I can take a shower. What about you?”

“Just getting out of work and getting ready for a bath. I was curious, what were those pictures you posted on facebook last night?”
This may not seem strange for most of you, but I haven't actually used facebook in about four years. I only keep it for my game and to remind me of birthdays.

“I didn't post any pictures. Are you sure it was me?”

“Yeah. I didn't look at the pictures yet, but I was wondering what they were since I thought you were going to bed early last night.”

I am now confused, but I just assume someone hacked my facebook and started posting stupid ads and scams from my account. It's happened before with my old Myspace, but not yet with Facebook. Not really a big deal, but I should fix it.

“I did go to bed early. When were these pictures put up?”

“I don't know, kind of late. Hold on, let me check them for you.”

At this point, I am already walking upstairs to my computer to see what scam I will have to fix now.

“I will also check.”

I get to the top of the stairs when she finds them.

“Yeah, it says they were posted at 11:05 and 11:06 last night. What is that? Were you watching a horror movie last night?”

At this point I am at my computer waiting for facebook to load (I have really shitty internet).

“Hold on, I have to wait on my internet.”
Facebook loads. Wow, the site has changed quite a bit since I last used it. After a little searching, I find my posts. This is where I froze. Instant chills up my spine. These two photos were uploaded from my phone, while Jessica and Kyle were over. They were pictures of a stillshot on my computer upstairs. It looked like a scene from a Jason movie I have not seen. I will try to describe it. Jason (or what looks like Jason...maybe) is lying on his back on a wooden patio. The picture of him is through a window or glass door of some sort with cross beams made of stained wood. His mask is being pulled straight off of his face. There are two pictures of the same thing, one with glare from my computer screen. I decide to delete the posts, but save the pictures to do a reverse image search on google, just to see if someone was fucking with me. No results.

“Callie, I am going to have to call you back, I need to do some research on this.”

“Okay, I am probably going to bed soon, so leave a message if I don't answer.”

“Okay, bye.”


I am now creeped out and very concerned. For one, if it was a hacker, how did they access my phone to upload the pictures? Second, how come there is no trace of these pictures on my phone? Third, I know I didn't take the pictures since I cracked my phone screen recently and it has been glitching out to a point where texting, taking a picture, or uploading it would be a chore. Fourth, I was downstairs the time it happened. I decide to call Jessica and double check on some details about the night before, just in case I drank more than I had thought and had maybe blacked out.

“Hey, Jessica, how's it going?”

“Okay. What's up?

“Well, I have a strange question for you.”

“What's that?”

“When did you guys leave last night?

“About 11:30. Hold on. Kyle, when did we leave last night?...Yeah, around 11:30 or 11:45. Why?”

“Did we ever watch anything creepy last night or go to my room?”

“No, we were downstairs the whole night watching youtube and anime. The only creepy thing we watched was the Five Nights at Freddie's Game Theory's. Did you drink too much?

“Apparently not. That's what I remember. Somehow, I posted some pictures on facebook while you guys were over.”

“Yeah, I saw that. What were those?”

“That's what I am trying to figure out. I thought maybe I did accidentally drink too much and did it after you left and that you may have left earlier than I thought.”

“Yeah, we were there that whole time. I don't remember you going upstairs.”

“I didn't think I had. Thanks and sorry for interrupting your quiet time. Have a good night.”

“You too. I will let you know if it happens again.”


So, I have been looking and looking to see if I can find anything that would make sense. I wish I would've kept the pictures, but I felt that if it was something like the ring or something else, I shouldn't keep them. I still haven't found anything that makes sense of this, but I feel extremely uncomfortable and very creeped out right now. It may not seem that scary to you, but I have other stories that have made this one seem creepier to me. I can tell those also if you are interested. They are much creepier.
Meth is one helluva drug
tell some more if they're creepier
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Pic is of a text between my husband and myself after the fact. Scribbled out text is unrelated from about half an hour prior.
>husband is out having a guys night with friends across town, maybe 2 miles away
>me, home alone besides our two young kids
>oldest is asleep in his room snoring and dead to the world
>youngest is asleep in her crib in our room, also dead to the world
>can't sleep because home alone and just can't
>house is completely silent besides snoring child
>finally hear heavy footsteps coming up the staircase of our duplex. We are on the second story so lots of footsteps to hear
>doorknob jiggles like being unlocked
>doorknob continues to jiggle, husband must have drank too much and can't figure out what he's doing
>then a couple seconds of silence and the door shuts
>lay there waiting for husband to come tell me he's home
>more silence, no steps toward the room, no bathroom break on his way to the bathroom, no getting a drink in the kitchen. Husband is silent... too silent
>I get up to see what the hell he isn't doing
>house is pitch black?
>find my way to the hallway light and flick it on
>a little on edge at this point, this is very unlike him to come in and say nothing or not make a single noise
>peek around corner into living room
>no ones fucking home
>uh what?!
>check on son, maybe sleepwalking? nope still snoring
>promptly shit myself upon realizing there's no one in my house and run to lock the door
>still locked from when I went to bed
>noped my scared ass right back to bed and texted the husband to see what the fuck?!

He called me immediately after answering my text and I could hear his friends in the background and sounded genuinely freaked the fuck out for me so it obviously wasn't him messing with me. I still haven't figured out what happened that night but I don't stay at home alone anymore because nope!

you think somebody broke into your house and decided to abort a robbery after discovering that several people were there? that's extremely disturbing
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FILE Gimp-Rex.jpg
661 KB, 2048x1536
> Be 16
> Live in city that has country area outside with lots of farms
> Have friend in Country called S
> We're all chilling at S's place playing vidya one night
> S tells us about how the guy who owns the biggest farm in the area is always holding these big parties where no-one he knows is invited
> Always heard Urban legends about that guy, parents said to stay away from him. The guy was the archetypical mean old man who didn't like you on his lawn
> Just happens that the old man is holding another party that night, friends come up with a plan to fuck with him and see if the urban legends are true
> All in S's truck, driving down there, S's takes backway that leads into the woods so we can pass through the horse pasture and barns
> Suddenly shit-ton of cars parked near barn comes into-view
> Get out of truck, slowly make our way towards barn, notice some people are just laying down on the ground not moving, probably passed out
> Get to barn, hear people inside and groaning, peep in
> Full scale BDSM orgy going on, people 100% in leather, some fat chick dressed as a nun is stabbing a horse with a trowel
> Hear this rustling sound like "OOOoomffgg" to our side really loudly suddenly
> 3 guys in gimp suits come out and start chasing us, we all run back to S's truck, look behind me at one point and one of the gimp suit guys is literately a couple of inches away from me
> Get back to S's truck, we all get in, the gimp suit guys throw rocks at the truck as we pull out, one cracks the back windshield

It turns out that the old man was one of the biggest meth dealers in the area and would hold these extravagant orgies on his farm where he would fly in prostitutes and other people from cities across the country and get high as fuck on LSD and Acid. He was arrested later that year after one of his dealers got caught and ratted him out.
Damn thats rad.

You could have catched a good ol portion of buttrape there man.
It never happened to me but my mom, cousins and other relatives have visited this road here in Florida.

So, from what they tell me they've rode up there and park on the road and they'll here sounds, voices, see lights and once the locks on the door when up and the door handles started rattling and trying to open.

They got the fuck out asap both times. Of course when I ask to go suddenly they never want to visit and I can't take my mom and sister seriously since they claim all kinds of spooktacular stuff over the years and I havne't seen jack shit.
Do you know what the road is called or what town? I'll be in Florida for two weeks after Christmas.
It's in north Florida, I think near Marianna. Lemme ask my brother on Skype. I'm in Singapore right now.

Also if anyone knows of anything spooky in Singapore nows the time to let me know while i'm here for a few months.
Alright, my brothers probably sleeping since it's like 5am over there but I remember the road is in Marianna Florida. Not sure exactly where since noone would let me go.

I'm always mister skeptical so I wanna see for myself someday.
Okay I am lurking here for quite a while, but not contributing shit.
Here goes my story from way back.
Wont greentext, because it slightly annoys me at this point.

When I used to be a little boy of 9 years my parenrs would always drop me and my little bro off to my granny in some bumfuck village during summer holidays.
And while I am speaking about bumfuck villages, this one was really pretty much medieval and probably not much improved since Soviet times (we lived in Russia back then). The whole settlement had 60 inhabitants at max, local school deserted, next hospital several kilometers away and if I think back at many pounts it had tons of spooky potential, considering there was a nearly endless room for exploration in a Soviet settlement devoid of any human life.

But that belongs to another story.
My granny is a hardy woman and survived the German invasion back then, you want something done? My granny can do it. Of course as a side effect she was a quite harsh and bitter woman, still working like a mule and trying to make ends meet considering the non-existant pension in Russia. She made quite a lot of straight out illegal stuff on the side, for example she distilled and sold vodka to local drunkards, while still taking care of her own house and her own lush garden and her own farm animals and and and.
Thinking back on it, my granma is probably the most badass being I have ever met.

But I am trailing off way to hard. Most people would think that a rural area devoid of life would be safe, but everyone who never visited these parts would be sorely mistaken. The suicide rate in this village was through the roof (with 60 inhabitants mind you), there were several alcoholics from outside roaming the area with many opium junkies, because there were fields with opium nearby. Not to mention the mad Russian wildlife in local forests and abandoned industrial complexes, which were hella dangerous to explore.

>Story revolves around the pictures
>I downloaded them, no wait I got rid of them also there's no trace of them anywhere so conveniently I cant post them

So my granny always used to lecture me and my little bro about the dangers of this little piece of heaven (I am not joking here, summertime in this parts was one of the happiest time in my pre-adolescent life). Of course our naive, sun burned asses did not give a single fuck and if I think back on all the stories now, I must have been insane back then to do all this stupid shit, but that is the Soviet spirit I guess. There was nothing she could do anyway, working all day, she could not watch us all the time, so we had to learn and take care of ourselves.

But no matter how much, or rather how little we cared about the dangers of this village, one thing our granny ingrained prety hard into our minds.

We were not allowed to go to the storage on the roof of her house. From outside it was nothing special, just some grain srorage, which should have been climbed with a 4 meter ladder. Someone would have thought she just did not want us to climb up and fall down, breaking our necks, but granny was a cryptic woman sometimes and I did take a serious word from a WWII survivor into account. She always had this normal tone while warning us in general, but this stirage always made her furrow her brows and talking like someone who has seen some shit.

I always avoided even looking at the roof while passing by, but one day I got extraordinarily radiated by the sun and decided no fucken roof storage is going to stop me in my search of rural relics and unique experiences.

One night I waited out until granny and my little bro had a peaceful breathing pattern and went all ninja through the creaky house. I went out and took in the clear summer air and looked to the beautyful sky full of stars. What barely someone knows, Russias summers are hot as hell, just like the winters are cold, but it is the nice, dry kind of heat and you feel this nice warm wind im the night.
But back on track, I stealthed my way through the garden, to the back side of the house and there it was
After discovering no one was there and my door still locked and no sign of a forced entry. THATS disturbing.
You handled that like a complete idiot, just for hindsight's sake I'm reminding you.

If you saw a car with no headlights at 3am you should have hightailed it away and if it KEPT following you, you should have:
A. Call the cops
B. Flash your gun out the window
C. Continued to drive (not to your fucking house tard)

Me being mister dickhead on the internet might make you sad but I'll fucking save your life in the future

The high ladder in its full glory, waiting to be conquered. I did not hesitate and began my climb, beaming in the whole face, knowing that I am the bravest motherfucker around. First two meters were no biggie, but on the third I heard something. Apparently something shuffled up there and some board creaked. I rationalized it as some side effect of the old house, or some rat hushing around, the whole house was full of them, some bigger than my head now.
But that is hardly paranormal and a rat can be kiled with a good placed shovel-bash, no problem. I soldier on and finally climb up to the hatch and open it up as careful as I can. I remember hearing stuff from below and it would be no surprise if my sleeping relatives noticed my little adventure.

Climbing into the hatch I had to overcome a little stair with five exceptionaly creaky steps. It is dark as shit and I can make out the lines of the grain sacks with the little light coming from the holes in the roof. But something felt off, it was this feeling of another presence nearby. I just wave it off and go deeper inside, minding my step.
With the tip of my shoe I feel something in front of me, must be another sack. And that closes my observation of the storage. I am suddenly really disappointed, thinking where the fuck are my spooks. But in this moment I catch something with the corner of my ear. A really familiar sound, one I heard back then inside. Breathing. I hold my own breath and still hear it. Not even a second later I get goosebumps all over my body and want out of here. It is impossible to hear breathing from below to up here. I panick a little and do not look where I set my step and trip over the sack in front of me. I manage to set down my feet again after flailing with my arms in panic, but kick the sack pretty hard in the process. Wait. This did not feel like grain at all.

And not a second later a grunt escapes the sack. The fucking sack, which apparently is not a sack just grunted on me.
Nothing shit scary or classic ghost story has ever happened to me. Never seen anything. I'd prefer if things stayed that way.
Hear, hear.
But it's fun reading this shit with no lights on at 2 am.
Now I am in full panic mode, grunting sacks was nothing I took into account, I am completely petrified and my body refuses ro move for a few moments. It is all it takes for Mr.Sack to slowly get up. It was only halfway up and already towering me in height, that is where I decided to get the fuck out. I slammed on the first step, nearly breaking the damn thing and bolted out of the hatch. Quickly climbed down the ladder, while losing balance several times. And then something happened which makes my veins freeze to this day. A head is ragging out of the hatch and a deep manly voice shouts "Wait!". Except it was distorted and sounded like the dude was drowning while shouting.

No man Mr.Sack no deal, I am getting out of here, I jump the last 6 steps down and set off in a sprint. As first direction I refuse to choose the front door of the house, Mr.Sack is scary, but he is no shit against granny when she is furious. I bolt to the garden fence and climb around. As I look back I see the shadow of a man or whatever it is, cant really see shit in the dark, just fucking jumping down the whole distance and landing in some tall grass. Nobody would have survived a jump like that without breaking something. But the fucker get up and is quickly closing in to my location.

I am scared shitless, but do not want this figure in the house with my family, I suddenly know where to run. There was and old garbage dump in the area with a ton of rusting industrial parts and shit like that.
I run along the fence and quickly lose sight of Mr.Sack, but he should have seen where I am running. I run to the dump and begin my adrenalin fueled search for somewhere to hide. Not long after I see an old pipe which has room underneath it. I fit in pretty good and I am covered by stuff behind me. Nothing human should see me under my rusty friend.

I hear footsteps not too far away and them getting closer. Mr.Sack is now roaming the field and I can guess his general direction by the sound.
Doppelganger. He's describing a doppelganger.
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god this thread sucks
i'd rather have people making up good spooky stories than retards telling about how they got scared by nothing
fuck all of you
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Tonight seems to be the night several long time lurk-but-dont-posters have come out, so I may as well join in.

These next few stories are pretty old now. They happened from when I was about 8 or so until I was maybe 17.

Some quick backstory: Before I get into anything, my grandparents house is in the middle of fucking nowhere Connecticut. It was built in 1843 and is less than 50 yards away from one of the town cemeteries. Anyway, I come from a very poor family, sp several times over the course of my life my mother, sister, and I have had to live with my grandparents in their house. I'm 22 now and have since moved out of state for uni so these experiences don't happen as often anymore, but my childhood was a very frightening time for me.

First story
>Be me, maybe 8 or 9 years old
>Sister is about 5 at the time
>live in the upstairs of my grandparents house
>Sister and I in our living room watching wrestling
>Mom in our bedroom smoking a cigarette talking on the phone
>Suddenly mom comes storming out of the bedroom, absolutely furious
>We had no fucking clue what she was talking about, I was laying on the floor, sister sitting on the couch
>Explain to her we have no idea what she's talking about, we didn't hear or feel any banging and we were like 20 feet away.
>She asks "Well if you aren't horsing around who is?"
>We all fucking hear, from behind her in the direction of the bathroom, the voice of a woman go "Me!"
>Look at each other
>Look in the bathroom
>Door is closed and lights are off
>We book it down the fucking stairs.
>ask grandparents if they heard anything
>Have no idea what we're talking about.

More CONT. Attached is the upstairs floor plans of their house, albeit very poorly drawn. Over 9000 hours in paint,

He is obviously circling the garbage and getting closer each time and now he circles directly behind me. Now I should hear him breathing, but I do not hear anything, no panting from the run, no talking, just the measured footsteps. He takes a few more circles and stops. I patiently wait until he moves again, but there is just nothing and I fall into sleep on my hands after waiting for two hours.

I wake up and it is still dark to the sound of, what seems like the whole animals of the village goind batshit. It happens sometimes that some dog in the village gets spooked and his loud barks travel good in this rural and calm area and not long after every dog in the village takes his part in a concert. But this time one dog must have really panicked and the others are now apparently trying to tear down their leashes.

I get up and can not see a thing around me besides rusty trash. I go on and jog to the house to look what is happening. There everything seems as calm as ever and I sneak back into the house and flop into bed, completely exhausted.

Next morning it seemed like no one really noticed a thing, granny and bro were same as ever and it seemed like there were no bad new traveling around.

Except one day I told the story to one of my buddies and his eyes widened as I mentioned a guy running through the village. Apparently he woke up when his dog went batshit like the others and he saw a tall figure running into the woods through his window.

To this day I rationalized this as some kind of an encounter with an an alcoholic who decided to sleep in the storage, but I still dunno why he would do the things he did and the other strange things about him or it.

But considering all the weird shit that happened in this village, I could probably exoect something like this happening.

Some of the stories I'm going to recount are just weird things that have happened in the house, not necessarily to me. This next one, however, was one of the more frightening things I've ever personally experienced there.

>Be me, a few years prior. I'm maybe 6 or 7ish, sister is barely older than 2 or 3.
>It's around December/January because my grandparents were looking through a country catalog and there was a section on calendars they were interested in.
>One of the calendars was a sort of colonial, early to mid 1800s themed, with the women dressed in those large gowns and the bonnets or w/e they're called.
>Sister slaps her hand down on the page
>MAMA! That's the lady that visits me in my room every night!
>Mom starts crying
>Throws away the magazine and doesn't mention it for years.

At the time, we all shared the same room. There was a large closet off to the side that was essentially big enough to be a room, and that's where my mom's bed was, but my sister and I both shared the same sleeping space. I had trouble sleeping for months after that, because it always felt like I was being watch the later I stayed up. Occasionally I heard my sister whispering, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying at absurd hours of the night, like 3am.

I feel like I should say that normally, I'm not a very superstitious person. I don't really believe in ghosts per se, nor do I necessarily believe in demons or anything like that, but there have just been times where things happen that I just can't explain. I try to rationalize it all I want but sometimes it just isn't possible to me to sort out in my head.

That being said, I feel like horror movies, creepy pasta, and my childhood experiences have made me into a colossal wimp. I'm terrified of the dark and am always stricken with fear should I wake up in the middle of the night and the TV or my computer are off. I just can't shake the feeling that maybe something is in here with me and I'm not alone.

Anyway, next story.

>Be me, in that general 6-10 year old kid range
Lots of things happened back then so I'm not sure exactly when they did, but I know it was before highschool. In highschool shit got a bit more real.
>Upstairs in my/my sister's room alone
>Everyone is either downstairs doing something or outside playing (it's summer)
>I loved the shit out of Hot Wheels cars so I was "racing" them on the floor
>I'd, with as much precision as I could, roll the cars across the room and see which one would touch the wall first
>Roll two cars across the floor, they slam into the wall at the same time.
>Get really excited, exclaim that they tied and it was cool
>From behind me, seemingly next to me right next to my face, a voice says "No they didn't"
>Sounds kind of like my sister, but a little older. Just like a bubbly, high pitched little girl's voice
>Whip around, there's nothing there but my sister's cabbage patch dolls and teddy bears.
>Go to run out of the room
>It's closed
>I never shut the door, or ever heard it shut
>Try and pull it open
>It's stuck
>Pull as hard as I can and door flies open
>Run down the stairs and hear a super faint laughing coming from behind me

more to come

In between a lot of these events my memory is very hazy. I can remember to the second what happened when they were going on, but in between that area it's a huge blur, like I can't recall it even if I try.

A few short ones not about me, but rather ones that have been relayed to me by my family members.

>In dining room there is an old defunct fireplace, it's filled in and only decoration now, but it has a nice mantle above it
>On the mantle is an old, antique mirror my grandparents have had for years
>It was leaning back against the wall and had several other decorations in front of it
>One morning my grandparents got up for work and my grandfather sat down at the dining room table to read the paper and have breakfast
>Grandfather cuts his foot when he sat down
>Angry and in pain, pulls his chair out and notices a shit ton of glass directly underneath the table
>It's the entire fucking mirror
>Completely smashed, but it wasn't like shattered glass, it was in it's normal shape, directly underneath the table, completely fucking smashed.
>Nothing else on the mantle was disturbed nor were the chairs before he sat down.
>There are cases of people hearing voices of loved ones or seeing them in places but find them else where.
Shit, that reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. Legit,>>15572521 gave me fucking chills.

>Be 13
>Parents are out
>Playing vidya
>Need a shit
>Go to toilet, our bathroom has a stainglass window
>On shitter for a while, reading comic books
>Look out of window
>'Grandma' (actually my Maternal Grand-dads girlfriend, no actual blood relation) is standing there
>What the shit is she doing here
>Her hands are a bit spasmy, like a person with brain damage
>She smiles
>It isn't a person smile
>Growling like a fucking angry weasel
>go to paternal Grandad's house and spend the night there

Scares the crap outta me even recalling it. Weirdly enough, I hardly ever saw that 'grandma' again after that. Grandfather broke up with her and she just vanished from our lives.

This one also happened to my grandfather. He is a huge skeptic. He's well into his 60s now and is a vietnam vet, and I' had literally never seen this mother fucking scared before this, or since.

>Be me, sitting in downstairs dining room bullshitting with grandmother, mom, and sister. Playing cards I think
>I'm sitting in a position on the table where I can see into the living room. Grandfather in a recliner just past the doorway, partially blocking my view of the TV
>Kind of phasing out of the card game, watching whatever he had on TV
>Suddenly his recliner starts shaking, not super violently but enough to where I can see
>Tell everyone that something might be wrong with grandfather
>They turn around in time to see him jump out of his chair and come running into the dining room.
>He's as white as fucking snow. He's a white guy normally, but he's spent his life working outside so he's gotten a bit of a tan complexion, but it's all fucking gone.
>He looks completely drained of life, eyes are wide, he's gritting his teeth super hard, breathing kind of heavy.
>Grandmother is worried he's having a heart attack, but he just shakes his head no.
>Eventually he explains to us that the grandfather clock in the room starting going crazy, the chimes were slamming against the sides of the case and the hands were spinning like mad.
>We didn't hear anything
>Says he needs some air and gets into his car and drives away
>We go into living room where he was, clock is at the right time and the chimes are completely still
>He came back about an hour later and went straight to bed
This one is kind of funny, but it's also around the time shit starting getting more intense in the house. I recognize full well it's entirely my/our fault, and I probably unleashed a demon or some shit into the world, but whatever.

>Be me, at least 13 or 14 now.
>Have several cousins over for the weekend
>There are four of us total, Me, Travis, Devvon, and Rob. Travis and I are of the same age, Devvon and Rob are a year younger.
>Travis and Devvon are super fucking superstitious.
>Derping around over the weekend, we find a Ouija board in one of the downstairs cabinets.
>We decide we're going to play it later
>midnight-ish rolls around, we break out the Ouija board.
>I'm a huge fucking smartass at the time so I decide I'm going to fuck with them
>We all put our hands on, start asking questions
>Anyone here, what's your name, etc.
>Nothing happens
>I decide the suspense has built so I start moving the thing.
>"Is anyone here?" Yes
>"What's your name?" Being the smartass highschooler I was, I said the "ghost's" name was Justice, and that he died in the war.
>fuck with them a bit
>They ask if ghost can show himself
>move it to yes
I had prepared for this bit all night. We had an Xbox 360 hooked up to the living room TV where we were and I had the wireless controller by my feet.
>I manifest the "ghost" by holding down the home button and turning the xbox on
>They fucking shit their pants
>TV is off but xbox is on so I can't see the menu.
>They ask to shut it off
>Hold the middle button again, move the stick up and hit the A button. Power off Console command
>They shit super hard.

So after a little while of doing this I laid off and decided to let them fuck around with it a bit.

CONT. shit goes down soon.

So they're playing with the board, I'm sitting on the couch playing pokemon or something on my DS

>Playing vidya, listening to them in the background
>They keep asking questions for about 20 minutes and nothing happens.
>Suddenly it starts moving.
>I lower my vidya to see who's going to be the smartass this time, this is gonna be good.
>"is anyone here?"
>It's moving at a snails fucking pace
>They're all hushed, even I got into it a bit.
>They as for a name and if it was a ghost and shit
>snails. fucking. pace.
>eventually they get a yes and some letters
>Ask it to show itself
>Nothing happens for a little bit
>Excruciatingly long minute or two pass and then there's a creak from the opposite side of the room
>Rocking chair barely starts rocking and then stops.
>They ask if that was the ghost
>They start getting skeptical and arguing with each other, claiming one of them is fucking with them.
>They fucking demand that it show itself again
>Minutes pass
>They joke that there isn't anything there and it was one of them being a fuck
>Glass bowl we had ice cream in earlier on one of the end tables fucking EXPLODES
>The mother fucking bowl just fucking instantly shattered. Nobody was anywhere near it so none of us could have done it.
It wasn't like it exploded like a grenade, the pieces didn't fly everywhere and murder the shit out of us, rather they just fucking fell from where they were. Like, you know the slow motion captures of people popping water balloons and the water holds its shape and just drops? It was just fucking like that. The shit shattered and just spilled itself onto the table like fucking dice.

We ran the fuck out of the house and hid in the garage until we fell asleep
Did that shit to my sisters one Christmas. Dumb shits, moms sunny beach front studio isn't haunted. They are convinced to this day it was. Is tell them but its too fun watching them embelish the story as time goes one.
ur spelling hurts

lol pic is my everyday life
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Just trying to post because new captcha.
I just posted a thread about it (which probably was unnecessary, whatever) but earlier tonight this happened to me

>in bathroom
>about to brush teeth with gf
>I distinctly hear a voice count down from 5
>sounds like it's coming through static
>general unease
>tell gf about it
>hairs stand up on back of neck as I talk about
>unease turns to dread
>"Fuck it, I guess,"
Still thinking about it and what it was about. If it was even about anything or if I'm showing early signs of schizophrenia (I'm 19).
Maybe I f you had them coated with white ash or gave them a silver coating...

I'd still try.
LSD and acid, same thing dipshit...
>Posting like it's reddit on 4chan
>Being this much a pleb
Did you work at a Culver's?
I request more stories like these.
People out on the field is always fun.
Nah I used to work at a Wendy's, why?
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Reminds me of pic related.
Sorry dude :p
>be me, 18
>suffer from sleep paralysis on relatively frequent occasions
>ask sister, confirmed for she does too.
>one night, fall asleep
>wake up paralyzed
>nothing happens, regain movement.

Nothing spoopy ever happens to me ;~;
tits, sounds like you tuned into some fucked up shit
>okay that's oddly specific
Jesus Christ, you're completely retarded.
File: IMG-20141214-WA0004.jpg (317 KB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>was on evening drive maybe 30-40km from
>forgot my cars fuel gauge is fucked up and fuels out when gauge is around last quarter
>in middle of this small ass town car coughs and wont answer to throttle
>out of gas it seems...

So here I am sitting in my car and killing time in area i really dont know, waiting for morning so friend can come and bring gas :D

Please scare the s*it out of me, trying to pass time. Something related pastas stories? Thanks
Oh sorry, wrong thread ×_×
My own.
>work in a nursing home that's about 6 years old
>always on dementia unit
>11pm-7am shift freaky shit always happens
>seen shadow people before
>call bells go off in rooms that are unoccupied
>so much more but that's not this story
>working 3-11pm shift
> doing last rounds
>just got a new resident that day
>check on her first to make sure she's okay
>she's sleeping
>finish rounds a little early
>11:45 go to start laundry for night shift
>dementia unit has their own laundry room which is small enough to see the doors of a few residents rooms on the floor
>can see new residents door
>hear a door slam
>peak out of laundry room
>looking around at the doors I can see since it sounded close
>hear/see nothing
>always hear stuff around this time
>decide to just push the buttons real quick for the washer then investigate
>come back out of laundry room
>new lady's door is cracked open now, closed before
>see two eyes near the ground
>door slams
>mini heart attack
>remember new residents usually fall their first night
>try to open door
>won't budge
>feels like someone holding it
>yell into the room that anon needs to move I need to come in
>try again
>open succesfully
>turn on light
>blood everywhere
>a trail of blood from the bed to the door
>new resident fell out of bed hit her head on the end table next to it(which is state law to have a table by the head of a bed go figure)
Done greentexting now, too hard on a phone. Anyhow she crawled to the door for help saw me and got scared because she didn't want her daughter to know she didn't pull the call bell string by her bed instead. She had a huge gash on her head from the table and insisted she was fine, obviously she wasn't so I called the paramedics and stayed with her until they came and kept reassuring her that it wasn't her fault she fell out of bed and it could of happened to anyone and everything. But after eerhthing else I've seen there I was happy it was just a resident but it was a huge shock for how much blood there was since it was a head wound. And I felt terrible she hurt herself but she was okay after it all. 13 stitches though.
That place was freaky deaky Dutch even though it wasn't that old. Sorry not paranormal but it really scared me, paranormal stuff doesn't because I'm always just interested in it
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fuck that.. fuck that.. fuck that..
>next night, nothing out with a car on its side
>traffic finally stops, people are getting ready to see a gunshot and no phonecalls
>around 4AM, getting out of my two weeks the car on its side
>traffic finally stops, people are getting ready to tell them they've called a business
>"when is it happening?"
>for fuck's sake, hang up phone and tires screeching
>run outside just in time to switch out the pile-up
>holy shit
>jump freeway fence, drop down right as another car takes out the ordinary, almost the car with day crew
>hear what sounds like a gunshot and check caller ID
>000 000 00zero0
>nope.png i put in my shift and no phonecalls >around 4AM, getting ready to help
>i whip out of control onto its side
>traffic finally stops, people are getting out with a popped tire spin out the ordinary, almost the end of their vehicles to see a telemarker then
>pick up again
>next night, nothing out of control onto its side
>traffic finally stops, people are getting out the end of their vehicles to tell them they've called a couple more behind it slam into it, and a couple more behind those guys join the following day. fuck that.. fuck that.. fuck that.. fuck that..
>next night, phone to help
>i whip out mobile to switch out of the following day. fuck that..
>next night, phone and tires screeching
>run outside just in time to help
>i whip out the end of control onto its side >traffic finally stops, people are getting out mobile to switch out the pile-up
>holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit >jump freeway fence, drop down right as another car with day crew
>hear what sounds like a couple more behind those guys
Oh if there's any lurkers left in the thread that's interested I'll post about the actual paranormal stories that happened while I worked there, otherwise I'll just do it whenever I get drunk again and see another paranormal thread lol
More! These were good!
>Be 15
>Wake up in the middle of the night
>Pitch black but can still see someone wearing a wolf mask of some sort
>Say 'haha very funny bro' (I assumed it was my brother being a cunt trying to scare me for once)
>Go turn on lamp
>Won't work
>Heart's beating fast as this fucker just stares at me
>I knew it wasn't my brother, he was too short
>Pass out
>Wake up next morning still shitting brix
bump for stories!
No fuckin kidding, I'm about 50 miles from Marianna. Definitely a creepy place at night. Dem caverns

What country / state do you live in bruh?

We can try and work out what it was.
0/10 due to the weak explanation for deleting the pictures.

"I should tell /x/ about this... Oh, better delete the pictures first in case they are genuinely paranormal."
Just checking since the replies were so high.. Some of these I posted on /x/ before but not for awhile. So if you heard them it's not taken from anywhere it's from me.
>working night shift in nursing home
>doing first rounds 12am
>come out first room
>see shadow leave room next to one I was in and run down hallway
>shadow stayed along wall
>can see both sides of the hallway and where the lights are
>completely unexplainable
>nothing casting shadow

I have more I'm on my phone it'll take a few minutes

Maybe it's natural to get a weapon when you feel threatened? I'm nogunz, so I go for a machete.
I'm done green texting cause it's just too annoying on my phone. And I'm drunk. Do I apologize in advanced for run on sentences. Anyways
Be doing room checks with another coworker. Changing a resident, about 8 pm. All the sudden we get room calls and bath calls for a certain room on our pagers. The room is unoccupied and locked for about a week now. She's freaked out, doesn't like anything paranormal because of what she's experienced her childhood. I always like to show off and be braver than everyone else but if I was by my self right now I'd freak out too, so I'm happy she's with me. We unlock the room(the call bells are switches like huge red light switches you have to pull down, which are attached to long red strings, in order to set them off) we go in and see that all three switches in the bedroom are down, and the two in the bathroom(one by the tub and the other by the toilet) are all down. She runs out because she's paranoid, I know I have my other coworkers and my work phone and my cell phone on me so I'm fine(like I said I like to show off) so I go around switching up all the switches.
And when I get to the bathroom I hear the door slam, I think it's a coworker fuxking with me but I'm still kind of scared and flick the last switch in the bathroom and run out to the door, which is sure enough closed, even though my coworker left it open when she left. As I reach for the handle the lights in the room go off and the door won't open. Then I hear the closet doors shaking( they're the sliding doors on tracks but if you push them forward they bang against the rails they're on) against the rails violently and I start pounding on the door to the hallway. I somehow managed to think of and actually try the lock above the doorknob(there's a doorknob lock and the one you turn above it idk what it's called it's not a dead bolt or a latch) which I could turn to unlock it and finally got out. None of my coworkers heard a thing. But the top lock you have to turn from inside the room after the doors been closed, and the bottom lock should have been unlocked with the turn of the doorknob from the inside but that was also locked.

All the residents that stayed in there have seen ghosts or complained of their door locking without them locking it. No matter how many times the maintenance guy changed this thing it never functioned normally.
>Night before Halloween 2013
>out in Angels camp , CA with the in-laws since their visiting from Florida
>In-laws start an argument , which carries over to my wife yelling at me
>We both hop in the car at about 3am to blow off some steam to argue at each other in the privacy of our own car
>i pull up to a parking spot next to a trail
>Turns out its some semi historical spot for the area seeing as the original founders for the town started their ranch their
>All that's left standing is a chimney and some fences made of stone
>Stair out the front window of the car while wife has a one sided argument with me about ... don't even remember
>This goes on for about 30 minutes and them something odd happened.
>Something shimmery white on all 4's walks from literally out of nowhere , gets dead center of the road about 8 yards from the car were in
>Takes a sitting position and faces me and stares into the windshield for what felt like an hour
>I've never had this feeling before but i didn't like it one bit
>My stomach felt like the contents in in got 20x heavier and i started breathing heavy.
>My wife snaps "Wtf is wrong with you", i just point twards the windshield and her face turns white
>She stops what ever she's doing and mimics me , we both feel sick to our stomachs but are too scared to move, this goes on for another 5 minutes
>I consider turning my lights on the get a better look of that thing , wife refuses, i considering driving right at it to see if its real or were seeing some shit, wife also refuses
>Wife jess covers her eyes while i check to see if I'm clear to keep backing up and by the time i turn around what ever we were staring at vanished.
>I speed back to the in-laws and me and the wife admit what ever we were talking about wasn't interesting compared to what ever the fuck just happened so we got over it and cuddled.

There is actually more to the story I'll continue if anyone's interested.
Continue mr dubs
It's illegal to camp on private land is what he means
Then there was this one really mean resident, she hated everyone, she told me and two other coworkers that when she died she would come back to haunt us. The very second she died her mirror fell from her wall instantly which was there since she moved in, about 5 years prior, almost 6(she was one of the orginals) then later that day the family wanted the workers to get her belongings because it was just too hat for them to go in the room, which is completely understandable and happens fairly often. So I was one of the employees to go in there and as I was gathering her things from the dresser the closet slams shut and then opens back up slowly (same sliding ones from previous story) I just finished folding what I had in my hands, placed it in the box, and walked right out and just told everyone(family and coworkers) "I'm sorry I'm not feeling well I'll be right back" and just sat in the bathroom for a little bit( this was before I comfortable being around paranormal things, and especially during the day) I have more but I might be going to sleep soon... I might have to post them tomorrow if people are still interested in random nursing home stories.
. I still have more patients randomly bleeding, residents talking about ghosts, finding a dead body when I was shift supervisor(completely different than finding normal dead bodies), more night shifts stories where toys play on their own, dishes get set up in the kitchen, and unexplainable noises. An then I have from my own house, apparitions, law and order theme song being played(actually that's about it on that I would just hear that song coming from my parents room and no one would be there) voices, my ghost kitty, oujia board experiences. and not of my most memorable, whenever I went on a haunted expedition for "thirteen bends"( which I can explain in more detail later" in my hometown and find out we went somewhere else and not knowing anything about this place but having similar experiences as everyone else who knew where they were online.
i got raped by my father and uncle and i saw the devil

yay happy stories
I see satin in my blink. Red horn n riding the hors..... Only when I close eyes. Only in my blink. I see satin
You have been blessed by the ghost of petty arguements
He comes to couples who have petty arguements in the middle of the night to scare them into eachothers arms.

He's mostly misunderstood
File: JungianShadow.png (596 KB, 1036x1386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I googled "Jungian Shadow" - Google provides a description from Wikipedia but this is the accompanying picture.
Been on 4chan since Halloween of 06 and this is my first set of dubs

>The morning after our encounter with spooky white 4 legged thing, the wife and i tell her brother about it and he agrees to go back with to Halloween night to check it out
>The time comes and we drive back just me and the brother in law (lets call him fuck face)
>Fuck face and i take flash lights and look up and down the whole area. No hoof prints , no lights in the area that could make a glare. No trash in the area that we could mistake for something else. So we scope out this trail and the old Selkirk ranch.
>peek around the stone fences , do a lap around the property , no sign of anything.
>Climb to the top of the chimney with a flash light and scan the area like a light house ... Nothin , so i smoke a cig on top of it and head home just so i can say i did , then head back home bummed.
>The in-laws leave the morning after Halloween is over , ask if I'm ok with house sitting for a week a $200 a day to water plants , we take it cause why the fuck not.
>We have this beautiful place all to ourselves, the property is on a golf course , back yard is the ninth hole ,even have a hot tub tennis courts and a gym.
>We have our little mini vacation during the day but then night time came around and everything got weird agin
>The guest room beside ours was empty any time you walked by it , the air felt 20 degrees colder and you got an odd sense of dread that we didn't seem to get when the in-laws were actually in the house.
>We test it out , anytime you walk by the door it colder and you feel like your stomach drops , so we went inside made sure the windows were closed and turned up the heater and closed all the vents except for the 3 in that room.
>we turned it up to 85 even with all the vents in the house closed it wouldn't get over 72 degrees
>so we said fuck it somethings up we will just sleep in another side of the house

>inc another part

nice blog
File: ohfuck.jpg (79 KB, 800x795) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The next night were marathoning breaking bad ,and that fucking stupid episode about the fly comes on
>All of the sudden the lights in the cabinets turn on, all the cabinets in the house have glass panels so you can see into them , and lighting that we didn't even know existed.
>Then kept turning on and off , we called the my father in law and asked him how we turn them off, on the inside of the cabinets you have to rub the screws to turn the lights on. you have to do this to each of them individually
>So every cabinet in the house is turning on and off and there is no way we could have turned them on by accident and no way could we do it all at once.
>Then all of the sudden it just stops , we chock it up to another spooky thing we can't explain and go back to watching BB
>Next thing we know the front door flies open, now this thing is super heavy and it had a lock so strong i couldn't actually open it , we usually just went through the garage.
>Me and wifey put our body weight into the door and force it closed and scratch our heads trying to figure out wtf is going on
>We go different ways in the house to keep our minds off it
>i start cooking , the freezer door keeps opening and the cabinets go on and off periodically
>Wife goes to finish laundry , puts everything into the dryer turns it on ,before it really gets going ,the door on it opens and slams shut twice turning it off
>We go to bed shitting bricks that night. start to question if this was worth $200 a night so far (it still was)
>When we wake up, i dig around the garage and find a ouija board and a couple bunches of neatly wrapped sage
It's the same in the UK, that means no free camping coz everywhere is private
I used to live in a nice two-story bungalow with fat steel doors and four-inch thick stained glass. I lived on the lower floor while my family lived upstairs. It was around 2AM and I heard a loud bang upstairs- which I assumed was our dog, as we had a 148 lb Akita who rolled around often in his sleep. Suddenly I heard not one, but three loud bangs on the door. I got up, stepped out into the hall, and saw that not a single person in the house had reacted to the noise- everyone was still in their bedrooms asleep, despite the fact this was very much so a noise loud enough that it could have easily woken the neighbors. In this house, you can partially see if someone is at the door through the glass by standing at the right angle downstairs, and rarely can they see you because the glass is a dark red and byzantine purple. Well I saw three figures, who looked to be only tall enough to be kids around 12-13. The thing is if they were pranking, why were they standing on my front porch in plain sight? I took one step up the stairs, and saw that they were all wearing black berets/toque's, and their skin was ridiculously pale- like Marylin Manson concert-paint white. When I also took that step, all of their shoulders shifted and I could tell they were facing me. Even my dog, who gets up and barks if someone accidentally mis-steps onto our driveway, lay completely asleep just a dozen feet away. I immediately retreat to my room as I had heard a story about 'shadow kids' and how they try and get into your home, and that they were possibly demonic in nature. So I shut my door real fucking tight and went back to my PC. Now my room has a small window despite being downstairs- but it's surrounded by 7 feet of water, as we had a koi pond right in front of it. I continually heard several loud knocks at my window all night- all, fucking, night. It didn't stop until about 5:45-6:00AM. Basically, as soon as the knocking stopped, I instantly fell asleep.
My Dad's been dead for seven years now. I still have a lot of dreams with in in them. Sometimes he 's concerned about Mom - sometimes we go shopping.
A few nights ago I dreamed we (and two other people drove to this mall ( which I think was the one I usually go in in dreams. - I often do go to the same dream "places" ) something fucked up with the tires and we had to get them fixed. we went to the top floor of the mall and there were a lot of Japanese people going to a dog show.
I use to sketch stupid little comics when I was a kid. I've met one of my characters a few times through out the years. He'll wink at me or say hello. I never have the balls to actually say anything back to him. It's kinda why I started coming to /x/ in the first place.
I have this thing that goes on around me that stuff simply vanishes for a while.
Like I put it down and it's gone.
Then it's back in 5 or 10 minutes - or a week later.
And when I say it goes on around me I also mean for individuals who are with me.
They have seen me put something down (or done it themselves) and experienced it also. Things occasionally just fall or *jump* off shelves around me.
Now I'm not talking clumsy...I'm talking 10 or 20 feet away, and again it happens with other people around as well.
It's not just at home either which can make for some entertaining or spooky stuff.
Watches (of the non digital sort) also tend to run faster or slower when I wear em and don't keep proper time.
No. I'm not a pubescent girl. So I doubt it's a poltergeist.

I also had a spooky thing happen as I heard my upstairs crazy bitch neighbour screaming through the vents in the bathroom last Friday. It honest to God sounded like she was preforming an old-timey tent preacher exorcism. You know
with the whole "Get out spirits in the name of Jea-sus!" repeated over and over along with further shit and her waling. I was kind of concerned as she's got kids and I can often hear her screeching at them but this was during school hours. Tried to record but my camera's mic isn't good enough.
that's amazing.
>(lets call him fuck face)
Is this what it feels to an autist?
so you were visited by a blind nigger and pissed yourself?
File: nghhhh.png (57 KB, 179x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how do you know what the fox says?

Thanks man, sorry I'm not a super edgy 420 stoner blaze it faggot like you who knows everything about drugs. I'll make sure to take that into future reference.
That was me, Anon. I had to know when the next World Series was! I'm from the future that's already passed! I needed to know what time frame I was in, but I was too caught up to ask what year! I was trapped in a box with just a phone! 1.12 niggoflops!
FYI you should probably report this to someone. Someone has probably been watching your schedule and finding out where you live. They might be planning a heist or just planning to murder you and rob some shit.
>he wants to take your place very badly
i'm not sure if this is scary but it creeps me out to this day.

>me being around 11 or 12
>staying at my great grandmothers house
>great grandfather passed away a couple years back
>things have been getting spoopy for a few years now
>in the backyard where my great grandpa would do most of his yard work
>me, my aunt, and great grandmother all sitting around outside
>i ask my grandma "do you ever see him around anymore" (i've always been into paranormal things so i had to ask)
>she says he guards the house
>me thinking lol ok
>i ask out loud (inviting anything now i think about it) if my grandpa was here
>no breeze that night but the big windmill visible from the outside porch starts moving
>ok kinda creepy.
>i then ask, if this is my grandpa, can you move the windmill the other way
>shits myself as the windmill slowly turns to a stop and starts to rotate the opposite direction
>i about shit myself as the whole atmosphere changes outside to a slightly more dark tint.

CONT. if anyone is interested.
File: FullSizeRender.jpg (1 MB, 2448x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2448x2448
pic related, this is my and my papa (great grandpa)
this ones for you, since it seems like this thread was abandoned and i left a while back but came back to check, so.

>after the windmill changed direction and it gets more eerie out there, we start talking about what happened
>my aunt is just sitting there unimpressed, while my greatgrandma (we call her nana so i'll call her that from now on) goes on about how it's my papa (great grandpa)
>we talk for a bit when i decide i'm comfortable enough to ask "would you show yourself?"
>a few minutes pass and nothing happens
>after a while it got very cold but still no wind (i've heard of this happening inside, but never outside)
>I feel a slight touch on my arm, but i thought it might have been a bug, so i just shrug it off
>i then realize, seeing nothing is there, that it must have been something else
>i feel on my arm what feels like a cold hand, not just a blob of cold on my arm, but i can feel where the palm is and the fingers as well.
>wtf x9000
>I then go inside and just pretend like nothing happened

I can go on about what else happened that night but that's it for the outside part with the windmill, if there's any interest.
apologies for the poor picture quality, it's a picture of a picture

also i must have been around 8 or 9 instead of what i said earlier
>Be me
>be about 19 and my brother says "hey there's tracks coming out of the neighbors house"
>neighbours house has been abondoned for 3 years
>foot prints lead out of neighbors house onto my back porch
>foot prints aren't human
>there are no other set of foot prints leaving or entering the yard, they just go from the house to my back porch
>later that night be hanging out with brother
>we decide to go downstairs to get some food
>go to kitchen which is attached to the back porch
>turn light on in kitchen
>the second the light flicks on we hear something POUND the door as hard as it possibly can
>me and brother look at each
>run back upstairs

I'm scared guys, do I have a demon?
were you raped by them at the same time or was in different ocasions? if i was your uncle i wouldnt want any sloppy seconds or used goods, eww
File: 1417729764010.jpg (56 KB, 919x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be 23
>still live at home
>turn autistic
>everyone calls me boo radley

it's the spirits in my house i swear
Giraffes? Giraffes! (A Band) has a song called Emilie Sagee's Secret, I never knew who she was until now.
In my town there is this lake beside a house that belonged to this lady who was believed to be a witch and they burned her house down with her in it a long time ago, they say if you park by the lake and turn off your lights handprints will appear all over the car. I drove down the road once, and even walked around once it was a strange feeling.
Interesting story, thanks for posting.
> flash your gun out the window

You are an idiot aren't you...this.is why we can't have nice things
yes indeed we all can't be housewives from the 1950s.
i got a blowjob from a ghost one time. no one believes me, but why did i have ectoplasm all over my cock in the morning?
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I'm detecting meme?!
If you have any more to tell, consider me interested.
I'm lurking this thread. I've read all the stories posted here
Anyway, I never had a paranormal experience before (yeah, my life is just too boring).. but I got one from my boyfriend, about a friend he had, so I'll contribute with what he told me, sorry if it's a very short story, I really don't remember the whole details of this cause he told me this several years ago.

I met his house once when my bf was friends with him, it was beautiful but REALLY creepy.. very big, with a lot of mirrors, an old piano and antique things... in the night it's fucking scary.
This is what that ex-friend told my boyfriend once:

>Weird things happen in that house occasionally
>Once this guy (my ex bf's friend) and four other dudes were playing ouija in his house
>Taping the session with a night vision camera
>A ghost appeared in the session, answering questions
>Actually it was 3 spirits of three little girls
>They start telling them they were killed by their father, that now they are in pain, sadness, etc
>After exchanging questions and answers, the girls said "he has come" and session is over
>No more answers after that
>They tape all the session, transfer the video to pc
>Everyone notices there was 3 orbe-lights spinning around them all the time
>My bf's ex-friend found this very interesting
>Goes to MSN very excited and tell another friend what happened, and send him the video
>The second he send the video, suddenly light goes out
>Freaks out
>Freaks out even more when notices his room was the only one without light in the house
>Cannot fix it
>Go out all day, when he returns home, with light in his room again, he deletes the video

(I'm really sorry for my distorted english)
>staying over at cousin's house
>be sleeping
>wake up because of light
>look up and see spinning lights on ceiling
>hear noise and look towards door
>see tall shadow in doorway
>as soon as I see it, it splits into two
>one half zooms under bed, the other in the closet
>freak out and wake cousin up
>he says im stupid and gets up to go to the bathroom
>as soon as he stands to leave the door slams shut in his face
>both freak out and were afraid to leave the room for awhile

I was 16 when that happened, it scared the shit out of me.
>press light switch
>room gets dark and suddenly colder and i feel an overbearing presence of dark
>leave room
It's okay, man, just write a song about it.
To clarify, I joined the USMC when I was out of high school. This happened several years ago while I was on leave.

>driving from california to new mexico
>taking shortcut through amboy
>at the time a satanic hotspot
>be about 5PM
>take a pic of the city sign to prove I actually took I-40 to friends
>get back on the road, get to top of mountain
>see some stuff in the middle of the road
>slow down, see a red pontiac stopped sideways across both lanes
>open suitcase with scattered clothes
>man and woman face-down in the road
>stop about a hundred feet away
>hair on neck standing up
>immediately pull out my 9mm pistol from under my seat and chamber a round
>way too perfect of an accident scene, like when civilians play dead in Iraq to lure soldiers into a suicide bomb radius
>admit I'm being paranoid, but can't bring myself to leave my vehicle
>scan the road, see a line I could drive
>pass the guy's left, swerve to the woman's right, go behind the pontiac and I'm clear
>drop into first, gun it
>passed the pontiac without hitting any bodies, roll forward a bit before slowing down so I can stop panicking
>look in my rearview mirror
>the two bodies are on their knees
>twenty or so people emerge from the tall grass on either side of the road
>slam my foot onto the gas and speed down I-40 until I got onto the next on-ramp
>eat up a ton of gas and coolant, nearly destroyed my mustang's engine
>stop taking shortcuts to get anywhere

I will never know what would have happened to me had I gotten out of the car to check on the bodies or stopped my car closer to them, and by God, I'm glad I never will.
>Visiting grandmother
>Grandmother has a beautiful box that is literally older than I am, and has been broken for longer than I had been alive at the time
>Broken as in, the little drum will not spin
>My grandmother planned on getting it fixed SOME DAY, but it was quickly forgotten about and stuffed into the attic
>Sitting downstairs in the dining room, watching a Pink Floyd concert while my mom is cooking dinner
>Mother is a very spiritual woman mind you, and very in touch with her Choctaw and Cherokee heritage, she LOOKS it too
> I hear rhythmic tinkling music, like what would play in a snow globe or toy carousel thing
>Don't think much of it but it's weird
>Doesn't stop
>Tinkling music finally ends it little tune, so I'm like whatever
>Starts up again, same tune
>Won't fucking stop
>Keeps cycling
>Mom hears it now too
>I'm looking around trying to figure out where this noise is coming from
>Mom takes migas off the stove so she can look too, driving us both crazy
>The sound is coming loudest from a big ass planted avocado tree my grandmother has been growing
>Keeps cycling through
>We drag it outside, start digging a hole in the pot, but keep it relatively intact, as much as you could I guess
>Get to the bottom
>The music box, THE BROKEN MUSIC BOX
>Is closed, playing its chimes in the bottom of a fucking avocado plant
>Dig it out, and the tune stops
>july this year
>live in estes park, colorado
>literally hipster-central
>we all get really sick of tourists who come camping during this time of year and clog up our streets
>one of our friends manages to find time to get away and go into the woods non-natives couldn't find
>she's a "photographer" (read: instagram) but still has an old kodak camera
>decides she's going to spend the night up at Rocky Mountain and take great photos tourists can't get
>comes back the next day with four goddamn rolls of film of nature
>gets them developed so she can show us the same goddamn trees from eight different angles
>get really bored going through these photos she's showing us (I hate nature)
>start speed-viewing, flipping all of the developed photos with my thumb
>finish, blink, realizing something's off
>go back slowly
>"how'd you get the camera to take pictures of you?"
>"I didn't?"
>four pictures are of her asleep in her tent with a flashlight on her body at night
Fuck nature, fuck the woods, and especially fuck Colorado.

Some OC for you guys:

>be me
>be 10 years old
>helping dad build a deck
>have to go to dark mouldy garage to get tools
>garage is situated underneath the house, but there is no stairwell leading up to the 2 floors above which we lived in (layout is hard to describe without images)
>garage door isn't a roller but one of those ones that swings open
>enter garage
>light switch isn't working
>start walking towards tools, not too dark as light is coming in through open door
>all of a sudden door slams shut
>there wasn't even any wind
>its pitch black
>im terrified, run up to garage door and start banging on it (it can't be opened from the inside)
>all of a sudden from behind me i hear a low, distorted crackling followed by a 'piiiiikaaaacchuuuuu'
>the pikachu cry gets lower in pitch and slower in speed as it progresses, eventually sounds satanic
>grab piece of wood near me and smash the door locking mechanism
>run for my life upstairs

I later went back and managed to find an old toys chest with a pikachu doll that said 'pikachuu' when you pressed its hands. The batteries, amazingly, were still functional, and when i pressed the cheeks the cry sounded normal.

I still have no idea why the pikachu went off without anyone activating it or why its voice was fucked up.

>pic related, this was the kind of pikachu toy
I had this.
Shit malfunctions sometimes.
I had an RC mario kart that went off randomly often.
Chinese manufacturing .
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>cousin and I head to San Antonio to memorialize Johnny Cash's death (September)
>decide to learn about the local spoopies to pass the time the day after
>hear about the local "haunted tracks," drive to check it out
>find the tracks, follow the "ritual"
>invoke some dead kiddie spirits that were killed by an oncoming train
>stop car, shift into neutral right on the tracks
>our car starts fucking rolling
>go to give it gas, forget that I put it in neutral
>I'm screaming, fumbling with the shift
>cousin is screaming, shaking me, making it impossible for me to shift gears
>finally, the rolling stops
>we stare at each other, gaping, until I look back and say, "We were on a fucking tilt."
>cousin argues with me on this, saying we just experienced a spoopy
>he gets out of the car, shouting that, "THERE'S NO GODDAMN TILT ON A GODDAMN RAILROAD TRACK!!"
>suddenly he shrieks like a little bitch
>I get out, yelling at him
>look at our back bumper
>managed to kick up a lot of dust going from Oklahoma City to San Antonio
>yet there are a bunch of little kiddie handprints all over our bumper
>railroad tracks are clearly flat

It's really hard to deny the supernatural for me now. I mean, yeah, I call it shit like spoopies and everything, because most people come up with horse shit all the time to just look cool. But, I mean... Handprints. Of little children who died on that track. That really fucking scares me, even now.
Did you take a picture? I've heard about this, both online and from a friend who lives in Waco who has tried it.

Were you being pushes towards the track or off? I think she said off.
That's the problem with the paranormal. I'm not a jaded soul, so I didn't have the clear conscience to actually take a picture until the evidence was gone. I just wanted OUT.
Anyone sill lurking? Thread is old but I would like to share my story with you guys
Although spooky and quite possible I have seen variations of this story about 4 or 5 times in the last two months.

On of the most disturbing unembellished things I have seen in a inna woods / spooky stories thread was about the 2nd or 3rd entry in it simply stating 'I was raped" there are no details beyond that. no attempts at extras like "by my dad, my uncle , a spooky clown."
Just the real vibe that it was real and that someone needed to tell someone/anyone what had happened.
I was in that thread. You are aware it was most likely a troll, aren't you? You're reading too much into it.
>Recently, 28
>In between jobs, take under the table job from my best friend to watch her kids
>One night, only me and her oldest daughter awake
>kids in their beds, dogs with us
>Hear her in the bathroom
>Hear her moving stuff in the bedroom next
>Call out to her
>"Hey, can you bring me my bag?"
>She emerges from the kitchen
>the rooms I heard her in are behind me
>the kitchen is in front of me
That's even more spooky if you've heard others have had it happen besides that anon. When were Satanic cults popular? It could've been an epidemic where multiple people on deserted roads had horrible things happen to them if they tried to be a Good Samaritan.
first time posting so heres something short and recent

>be 16
>me n a friend are walking home together at night after pissing about the whole day
>dicking around as per shooting the breeze
>theres scaffolding up in an alleyway, not sure what for but houses are being torn down and remodeled in our area
>hear someone say "shhh!"
>i was fucking w my mate and laugh, tell her not to tell me to shhh and laugh
>friend is looking fucking scared
>"i thought that was you"
>realise what just happened
>oh fuck
>NOPE out of there and book it back to my house

since there was a fence (thin ass bars on construction sites yknow what i mean) held down with breezeblocks around the construction site that ruled out anyone really being there, plus the fact it was like 9pm or some shit. not a spectacular story but fucking scary at the time
>mom and i are watching movies in my room around 10pm

creepiest part
Probably hallucinations, guess you hadn't woke up properly.

Sounds about right for a guy who's family gets recurring sleep paralysis.
I know that /x/ is predominantly paranormal shit, but this thread simply says "scary shit that happened to you", I'm going to share my story.

I'm a femanon. I'm not doing this for the attention online, to troll, or to shock. This is something that has followed me throughout my life, and I am tired of it casting a shadow on me. The anonymity of the internet makes it easier and more comfortable, I suppose. Whatever. Say whatever you want to say about it, I don't care. Here we go.

I was always a good noodle. A quiet, smart kid that did what she was supposed to. Never got in trouble in school, had decent grades, and kept mostly to myself. I was a virgin, and didn't even think about being sexually active much. I was too shy to get that close to guys.

I was 15 when I was abducted by a man named David Eoff. I was walking home from swimming lessons when this man pulled up in his Benz (His was a rich Daddy's boy jew). He tried to coerce me into the car and when I denied, he became combative.

This man was large. Well over six feet, and I was a 5'2'', 110lbs. girl. He easily grappled me and forced me into his car.

This man repeatedly raped me over the course of three days, locking me into a closet whenever he felt he had no urge for me. And, if you have never really heard much about rape or have been raped, it's not by any means a sexual act, as played up in porn and movies. It's a brutal act of violence. What mainly gets them off is having complete control over someone, so much so that you control whether they live or die. He took my virginity through a violent, horrible way with not only himself, but other objects. Toys, rods, even a rolling pin was used. I won't go into many other details, but it was Hell on earth. Like nothing you've seen in Hentai or cheesy horror movies.

This man had every intention of killing me. He drove me out to a fairly rural area in North Houston.

File: 6IFLWgl.webm (965 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 9
<going to slee slee
>suddenly a spooky smell reaches my nose
>i get up and follow it to the bathroom
>dad left a huge log in the toilet and it was real gross
>then thee poop told me that when it was inside dad it saw a big tumor
>im 9 i dont know what a tumor is
>8 months later my dad dies of cancer

This man was going to stab me to death. But what saved my life was that I tried to reason with him. It sounds unreasonable and ridiculous, but if you can somewhat convince them, or doubt them from regarding you as anything more than an object... it may keep you alive.

I explained to him that I was the youngest in the family, the baby girl, and that if I were to die, my mother would not be able to stand it. She would hurt herself if I was not there. I had siblings that loved me, and what horrors they would go through if their baby sister died.

I made him doubt himself about what he wanted to do, and in a frantic, panicked fit, he got in his car and drove off. I had to make my way back several miles to my home. I was a 15 year old running through downtown Houston with nothing but a shirt on. No underwear, pants, nothing.

I remembered his face and his license plate. I vowed that if I lived, I would fuck him up. I later discovered (through a trial) that this man was a serial rapist. He had assaulted over 40 girls between the ages of 2-16. Yes. Two year olds. Babies. And when he broke down in the courtroom, he said that he was glad they had caught him, because he would have killed me, and every victim after me.

I love life, actually. While this will have a permanent effect on my life, I've found closure. And I suppose that telling this story over some board on 4chan is one of the steps to doing it. As I said before, anonymity is a comforting thing.

This has not turned me into a SJW/Feminazi. I do not hate men. I just hate rapists.

Cheers, /x/. Have a little feels to go with your 2spooky3me.
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but what if you kill the bullet, thus making it into a ghost bullet. Then there you will have an almighty spirit bullet who can kill anything
I'm not really a paranormal believer. My mom sold stones and clothes at paranormal fairs so I grew up around so-called mediums, 'witches' and new age hippies. The funniest things ever was the aura-photoboot: a machine that could photograph your aura. Obviously, that was f-ing bullshit.

Anyway: I only had ONE weird, paranormal thing happening to me and it was during daytime in spring. I went to London with my dad and we just visited Buckingham palace. Buckingham palace is really overrated btw, you can't see shit because everyone is hoovering around it taking pictures of the fences.

Anyway, we wanted to get back to our hotel and my dad was checking the bustimes. I went to the other side of the street tot check the times there, but my dad called me back. I turned around and I sad a young child walking towards me. I though the kid and me would bump into each other so I tried to move around him. When nothing hit me, I looked around and there was nothing. I am sure as fuck that I saw that kid, but I have no idea what happened.

I don't know if it was ghost or my mind playing tricks on me, but I will never forget this.
my dad died 9 months ago due to alcohol problems and then night he died i dreamt walking with him and talking. I begged him not to die but he seemed so peaceful and tired and it felt like it was the only way to end all this misery.

Another dream was that i saw him. But i wasn't happy to see him. He had been lying about him being dead just so he could go on drinking.

He was a great man, it saddens me it ended like that.
today I saw at you
Shit boy, u in central pa?
Damn that is really some spooky shit.
Not paranormal, by any means, but it makes it much worse imo.
Have one similar story from my childhood in a 3rd world country.

>live in a really shitty area
>there are huge waste dumps just across the road, burning pretty often
>a prison on the other side
>lots of weird shit happening there, people get lost, sometimes loud screams can be heard, many hobos and wild dogs roaming around and there was a good chance to get a heroine needle into your hide if you fell down somewhere
>those sweet childhood memories
>anyway, I used to play with some buddies back then and go through that post-apocalyptic settlement
>there was an old building site with tons of material, but it never got finished
>had a wall around it, but you could climb under it no problem
>one day we decide to go and play hide and seek, considering it was perfect for it
>crawl under wall, the last one is a faggot and has to search now
>everybody else spreads out and hides
>it is already getting dark and I run to a shadowy construct of some huge cement plates
>hide there and hold my breath
>hear footsteps of the seeker
>but there is something else
>also hear shuffling on the other side
>maybe someone else?
>nah cant be, way too rhytmical and constant
>then I get into adrenaline mode after hearing another noise
>a woman moan
>being 10 back then I barely knew shit about sex (yeah I know darn weak nowadays)
>slowly get to the side and see a junkie mounting some slut like a dog
>one of the most disgusting things I ever saw, there was nothing erotic about it, just like two animals exchanging AIDS and other gifts associated with drug abuse
>the seeker found me long ago and taps me on the shoulder, apparently he already noticed it too
>whispers to me that we should gtfo
>as we go put on the other side we are greeted by a nearly toothless grin of another crackhead
>"hey boys you want to play with us?"
>he proceeds by grabing our shoulders and leads us back to this disgusting show
>as we go on we notice that this is a whole hive of junkies here
>some of them are druged up senseless, others are making out with crack whores, their balls out already
>holy shit we got straight into a damn orgy
>some other dude, who is currently getting his dick sucked, smiles at me in a really creepy way
>the guy holding our shoulders yells:"hey we have some guests here!"
>some young girl, who is kinda cute, but really fucked up on something, with deep eye rings and messy hair smooches and cuddles me
>I look at my friend and his eyes already say:"we are fucked man"
>some dude is pulling out a little bottle with some shit in it, surely opium or cheaper stuff and asks if we want some
>girl cuddling me suddenly tightens her grip and says that we are just kids and they should let us go
>guy still holding my shoulder groans something like:"shut up bitch, they should not be here anyway"
>girl lets go of me and storms off
>the guy, which is apparently her boyfriend or some shit, is visibly agitated and barks at her saying where the fuck she is going
>the fucking ceases and everybody is just glaring at us with their private parts being in the open
>I look over and see other friends gathered at the other end starring at us
>suddenly wake up
>do not want to end up dead in some gutter
>turn around and smash my knee with all my force into the balls of the distracted junkie
>grab my friends hand and rum for my life

>look back and the junkies do not even follow us
>last thing I see is that the angry junkie storms after the qt and slams her into the ground
>I am pretty sure she got raped that day

We never talked about that again and I am happy that I got out of this shithole.
Do not even want to know what is going on there now.
it's not mine, a coworker take it on sunday. This is his history:
> Being in the park with some friends
> time to take a picture
> When I saw the picture I noticed something odd in the image
> A woman dressed like the 80's or something, There was nobody behind us
> Get the shit out of there

Pic related.
where are you from m8?
you can, you know, use other boards. i mean, i may have been spooky for you, but reading about it gives nothing off
If what you are telling is true, well, I always wanted to know how it actually feels. I mean the fact that somebody forced himself on you.

Do you feel lesser than before, or are terrified sometimes?

I kinda tried to be empathetical in this case and I must admitt that the thought of being this helpless gives me a really ugly feeling in the stomach.
From Colombia. Its not 80s, more like 18xx or something. Kinda creepy
the bitch in the picture looks like a southern belle or some shit, and nobody in colombia dresses like that, its either a ghost or a ghost
Yeah, made me think of Norman Bates
I HAD THAT PIKACHU. so spoopy.
> in a 3rd world country
Why can't you just say which country?
>Sleep normally
>Have sleep paralysis
>Feel and hear that something is around you
>Wake up
>Have a fresh scar on your shoulder

This happens to me about once a month, last time was today which is why I even am on this board.I just remember the paralysis once I wake up, go check if I got a scar again and most likely I have a new one. One time my shirt was on the wrong way, which sorta spooked me out even more.

I once saw a greyish looking alien but with like three humps on it's head before I blacked out. Pretty much ruined my sleep for a month.
At first sorry 4 bad english, germanfag here.
That was the scariest shit in my life. My

>Girlfriend and me were driving home from a >friends birthday.
>driving on a Motorway and decided to take a >shorter way
>taking the next exit to "walshausen".
>a little crapy village.
>shortly before I entered the village
>I saw a green SUV, standing on the side of >the road. nobody was inside.
>"i dont care"
>driving trough that village and see a red >porsche carrera gt. Nice car.
>following the street and leaving the village.
>A few miles forward, suddenly a thick fog >turned up.
>driving slowly.
>fog vanished suddenly
>followed the road
>Street Sign "Walshausen"
>okay that is strange. maybe wrong turn.
>seeing green SUV again, same place
>taking another street (took the left street in >the first place, taking the right street now.
>following the street
>red porsche
>thick fog
>street sign "Walshausen"
>okay stop.
>stoped the car. closed my eyes
>okay dont get paranoid
>driving again
>green SUV, same spot
>taking again the left street
>no porsche
>no fog
>no street sign.
>navigon shows the same way as before
>on way to home in frotn of the house next to >me - a porsche. not the same, but exactly the
>same model
>running into the house
>closed all doors
>google maps
>i drove about 12 miles
>in the village are exactly 2 streets
>the left one was way to home.
>the right one at least 50 miles, to get again
>to walshausen
>never been driving through walshausen
>My dad owns a cabin in the foothills of the cascade mountains
>Beautiful place small creek on the property Isolated no cellphone reception or phone in cabin I want to live there year round but there is no work :(
>Went out with the GF for a week after christmas to escape the fucking city and unwind
>one of the day we drop acid and decide to go on a hike in the surrounding area
>Gf wants to call her friend and send her pictures of our hike.
>I dont want to drive while we are frying so we walk down
>Its about 3pm acids has mostly worn off when we start off
>Make It to reception we call our parents and check in she gloats to her friend (i just dont understand female relationships it seems they all hate eachother)
>Starting to get dark by the time we start back
>as we are walking back up the hill we start to hear something moving through the woods
>gf starting to freak out i tell her its probably just an animal makes her freak out worse
>Not too worried about it got my grandpas 1911 that he used in korea loadeds with hollow points
>the gets louder and closer
>gf is making little squeaks every time she hears a branch breaks
>Shine my flashlight in the direction of the noise
>Huge fucking herd of elk burst out of the woods and stampede across the road about 20 feet or so in front of us there must have been 30 of them thundering across the road

>didnt pay us any attention as they crossed

lol scared the shit out of me

One of my most vivid memories when I was a kid, it freaks me the fuck out whenever I think about it

>be 4 or 5 I don't fucking know
>I could never fall asleep easily, my mom used to make up stories about "Dreamy", basically Sandman, he would come into my room and help me fall asleep and have nice dreams
>She would say "Okay, Dreamy is here, time to go to bed"
>I was a kid so I bought it, it even worked for a while
>One day I fall asleep during the afternoon
>Wake up, my head is resting on someone's lap, assume it's mom
>Suddenly hear her talking to my dad in the kitchen
>Pretend that I'm still asleep, open my eyes just a little bit to see who it is
>The room is dark, it's dusk and my eyes are so squinted that I can't see a lot
>The only thing I could notice about the person is that it had no eyes, just holes, and long feminine hair
The world is much more magical to a child. Keep in mind that this was a time where I was 100% sure that Santa existed and watched my every action
>Instantly know that this is "Dreamy", and get this odd understanding that it can't know that I'm awake
>It's lovingly petting my head while my head rests in its lap
For some retarded reason I wasn't scared at all, just content that it doesn't catch me being awake. If this happened now I would probably piss my pants on the spot and scream like a bitch.
>Somehow fall back asleep
>Ask mom later and she wasn't in my room at all
>about 11-12
>loved exploring the woods in my area (Northeast US)
>Live near a large reservoir so I often fish there with friends
>we explore around the water going a bit farther all the time
>decide one day that we'll walk all the way around
>get to the other side, thicker woods, less traveled
>friends decide they want to go home since the sun began to set
>being a dumbass I told them I'd catch up to them
>the sun dips below the horizon casting the woods into deep grays and blues, gets harder to see in the distance
>suddenly hit a small clearing, still covered overhead by leaves but there was a noticeable distance from the tree in the center to the rest around it
>suddenly a pale face pokes out from behind the tree
>this is more weird because the tree was very thing meaning no one could really hide behind it and all I saw was the head peeking out from behind the trunk
>make eye contact with this face for who knows how long, I feel the situation is weird but I'm not really scared just keep my distance
>can't make out details of the face beyond it being impossibly pale and seemed to have a feminine shape with dark stringy hair
>the weird sensation from this face starts to turn to paranoia
>begin backing away
>suddenly a deep voice comes from behind the tree, don't know if it was the face of not
>"They can see you"
>I fucking bolt back around the water using the shore as my guide looking behind me every so often
>see nothing the entire run back, catch up to my friends out of breath at the edge of the forest
>they don't believe me but they always make excuses not to go back to those woods

And now I can't pass clustered trees without scanning them for anything out of the ordinary.
Yeah I suppose I could, but I only go to a select few boards, so if it's outside of my regular jurisdiction, I don't really know if I can go to it. Plus, as I stated before, thread simply said "scary ahit that happened to you".

It feels horrible beyond words. It feels like they took a part of you, like something in yous dies. Your life is never the same. You shame yourself. And not so much now, but in the first couple of years after this happened, I would feel terrified that he would find me again and kill me for reporting it. I dropped out in the middle of the schoolyear and repeated the grade. I had to be hospitalized for suicidal tendencies and serious considerations.

You feel like your childlike innocence is gone forever, and you can physically feel it. There's a hole in your kife. Your ambitions and drive is gone. You're broken. You withdraw and distance yourself from people you love.

I'm not like that anymore. Even though I can still feel the hole in my life, it's better. I'm happy.

Faith can fill that space if needbe, even if you believe it's bullshit or not. I'm not some Jesusfreak that crams my belief of christianity down other peoples' throats. But, even if it isn't real, it's SOMETHING to believe in and find comfort. Religion is supposed to bring closure and happiness. Not all this extremist bullshit. It's something to reassure you that what you're doing is worth it.
i think you replied to the wrong post ya dumb cunt

holy fuck anon

i am literally tearing up

are you being serious?

lel fuck off newfriendo

Do you have PTSD? If what you are saying is true, I can't even begin to imagine how awfully fucked up everything felt afterwards.

Are you able to maintain or do you even try to have relationships after what happened?
Yeah, aliens are experimenting on you buddy.
Oh no, I've made a mistake on the internet. Fuck off, brat.

Yes I'm being serious.

I did have it for a long time and still do to a minor degree, but it only really shows in random repeated dreams I have. I don't go apeshit when hearing the word rape, and I can still laugh at a harmless rape joke. I'm not some raging Feminazi.

Even though my love life has been difficult and sometimes a grim reminder of the ordeal, I'm still able to love someone and, if I trust them enough, have sex with them. Occasionally it will cut in to my sex life and I have to back off, but I REFUSE to let some deviant prick wreck my life. That means he wins, and I won't have it. I'm still able to carry on healthy, normal relationships with men. I do not hate men at all.
>open back door to look in garden
>under the apple tree at the other side of my garden i can see a pair of eyes. looks just like E.T.
>shit my pants and scream.
>i see the eyes look at me and the creatures neck raises about 3ft.
>shit my pants again try a close the door but got shoe stuck in the door.
>my brother comes to see whats going on but by then the creature disappears.
>Pissing about
>dicking around
You could've just taken out one of those lines,
but that's none of my business.

It's like some shitty survival instinct that probably worked for my ancestors, but makes me seem like a huge pussy.
Accept that he communicated what he felt like communicating or forever be a whiny bitch. You're annoying.
I got a true story, its kinda innawoods-y. Anyone want to indulge?
I'm all ears
File: 20140722_121927.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1920
okay sorry, this was a while ago (Back when i was 15, 21 now)
>Be me
>Up at cottage, Notrhern Ontario
>Chilling in my room, bout 1am
>Hear dog go apeshit
>Parents get up and walk outside
>Curiosity sends me after them
>Scare parents half to death being all sneaky like
>They tell me they heard something breaking into our shed
>No one is ballsy enough to go check cause
we all thought it was a bear or some shit
>There was garbage in shed so we assumed it was after it
>I finally go in and open door, garbage still there
>Dad assumes robber
>Nothing stolen
>We all NOPE'd outta there

>Next morning
>Dad says whatever it was ripped the shed door off its hinges
>Door is already re-hinged via my dad
>Expect massive bear claw marks
>Nothing but tiny scratch marks (See pic)

left with question, wtf is strong enough to rip a door off its hinges but leave no large claw marks. Nothing was stolen from the shed either, not even the garbage
nice dubs
damn, thats intense.

>be me and buddy
>see this
>live literally 20 minutes away from marianna
brb guys, silver bullets and holy water
a samsquanch
True... But fuck I kek'd
File: 1374520084914.jpg (67 KB, 888x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 888x624
>Grandmother has a beautiful box that is literally older than I am
Had a charmander of same type
Shit would go off at like 12-5 AM and never during afternoon
I almost shit myself every time
>not recognizing a classic abduction by ayy lmaos
>tall white humanoid
>got you to go outside
>woke up on the sidewalk later on with a white flash and no other recollection
Well thanks for the reply, although you quoted the wrong post.
I hope you are not just decieving yourself about being happy, it is a heavy burden to carry.

I know that it would be a pain for me to trust people after something like that.
Its the souls of the sweat shop workers who died making them
Your grandmother owns something that is older then you, even though she is older then you too? Wow! No way!
>be me
>20 year old living home alone in the middle of the woods
>one night I wake up to sounds outside
>I decide to grab my shotgun and step out
>I hear a muffled sound coming from trees far away
>shout "ayy lmao" and get no response
>the sounds keep going, still muffled
>"ayy lmao" once again
>no response
>door behind me slams shut

too scared to continue :(
Well if you insist.

It was in good old Russia, 3rd world by my consideration.
But I am from deep Siberea at that, so maybe I am a bit biased.
File: kill me.jpg (86 KB, 639x716) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kill me.jpg
86 KB, 639x716
>wake up in cold sweat at 6 AM
>no idea what the fuck is going on
>cell phone rings
>it's my girlfriend
>says she's pregnant
File: 1405127972076.jpg (11 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 256x256
>you then realize that you dont actually have a girlfriend
>and that your name is tyrone
Not a story, just a question, but I don't want to make a thread.
Can "demons" be linked to extreme, sudden bad luck?
My Mom just lended me her old bible from when she was younger, and out of nowhere I've just been having really shitty luck.

that's like getting AIDS from a bag of cheetos
Then why is it strictly religious people who always get "possessed"?
If demon & possession are real, I'd assume they target religious folk since religion seems to pose a threat to them.
Lay off of the amphetamines, faggot.
File: 1315875303966.jpg (20 KB, 367x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 367x388
Are you retarded? You must be retarded. Google some shit on possession and educate yourself.
and life is ruined, hopefully pussy was worth it
Name one case of possession where the possessed was some atheist.
You're welcome. And I don't think I'm deceiving myself. I do feel genuinely happy. I mean, it's obvious that I could know how depression feels, as I have had it before, but I do actually feel okay. My life doesn't have to be ruined, so I won't let it be.

It was hard to trust anyone for a while, but now, I can fairly well. I have healthy relationships, and I use good judgement. I'm very self-aware and careful, but it's worth it.
Lookup singapore's old abandoned hospital and old airport. Dont remembey specifics but something should pop up on google
Actually, that happens in those "atheist conversion" stories where the sinful heathen has 2spooky evil things happen to him then repents and believes in Jebus again.
I want to see if this is a reputable, convincing case or just some TV program bullshit.
I don't have any source, it's always in those faith-based "This happened to a friend of a friend" inspirational anecdotes or chainletter crap.
Meh it did not take someone raping me to make me self-aware and careful. Life is a bitch and the sooner you learn it, the sooner you appreciate what you have.
I guess it may not seem like this at first, bit this experience brought a contrast into your life, which the usuall person can not comprehend.

Thanks for sharing, seeing someone else getting huge lemons and making lemonade gives me a drive to go forward, although my life is shit right now.

Godspeed and yeah I know, not your personal blog etc.
>1 in the morning someone knocks on door
>horses are in a neighbors yard
>go get armful of halters/leads
>hear horse going apeshit in upper pasture, figure I'll lead them down and the rest will follow.
>Mom's new appaloosa mare. I can't get near the stupid animal. Totally wild. Horse is a freaking spaz on good day, so think nothing of it.
>Climb through fence to where horses are. They apparently pushed open neighbors gate and were all in this tiny yard under high beam spotlight.
>In nice green grass, none are grazing. Just staring at pasture.
>Reason that the appy mare is making them nervous.
>Neighbor asks if I need help, nope, will take them one at a time.
>Halter Goke, go to lead him out.
>5 horses push me out of gate and surround me. No bickering, nothing.
>Go at very fast click, horses push me from behind to make sure I keep up.
>Not their usual manners. Start to get inkling something aint right.
>Get them to lower pasture, let them in, feed them. Horses are still jumpy as hell.
>Go to middle gate and try to call appy in. She runs back and forth in front of where neighbor's is.
>Start walking to her, figuring I'll maybe herd her. Instead, mare goes full on gallop towards me.
>I'm going to die.
>Stupid fucking horse almost hits me.
>Shuts gate. Time to get tack.
>Walk on road.
>Halfway to hay barn, something tells me to look in certain section of pasture. Where the appy had been.
>Red eyes shine.
>That's one bold deer seeing the rucus appy made.
>Take in landmarks.
>Whatever it is, is on the lower end of an incline, still makes it past the roots of walnut trees.
>10-11 feet tall. No trees, nothing for it to stand on to be bigger. (walnut branches were 30 foot up and it wasn't anywhere near the trunks of the trees)
>stand by road and watch it. Eyes blink, stare, bob, and it turns every once in a while to look at the woods.
>Keep looking at woods too, expecting more eyeshine. None.
>It finally leaves. Only know this as I can't find eye shine anymore. No sound indicating it left.
>I haul ass to get tack. Probably broke world record.
>Feeling braver, shine flashlight into pasture from neighbor's yard. Nothing.
>Get back to regular barn. Horses are still watching upper pasture like hawks. They're as far away from it as they can be.

I went down the next day to get an estimate on height. It wasn't near anything that it could climb. The area is cleared. The walnut trees were on top of the incline, against the fenceline. this was in the middle of the section of the pasture.
If it was a deer or bear on its hind legs, then damn did it stay up for a long time.
I also wondered if it was there when I was trying to grab the appy mare. It would explain why she would only go so far down the pasture, even when the rest of the horses were down in the lower pasture.
That freaks me the hell out.
Was it in the hay barn (which doubles as a run-in for the horses) or in the copse of trees by the creek?
Or was I just so focused on getting the horses back in, that I walked right past it?
where did this happen?
Stopped reading there.
Now get the fuck out
Army fag here, this shit happened about three weeks ago when I was on leave.

> be 21 year old me
> catchin up with my bros drinkin beer shootin shit
> my buddy gets a call from his granpa sayin someone broke into the shed and sounded like they drove off on one of his four wheelers.
> thisguyjustfuckedup.jpg
> quickly ride over to my buddy's granpaps
> yup 4 wheelers gone
> grandpaps was to old to get the safe open quick enough and shoot the punks.
> wait until morning when we sober up and take two of the three remaining 4wheelers out.
> we ride out strapped the fuck up combat ready
> I got me a good ole .12 semiauto shotty and .45 ACP 1911
why cuz I'm infantry so fuck you.
> buddy just brings a bolt action .300 win mag
> follow tracks and shit to innawoods.
> we ride down the the groves and theres a trail around that borders the forrest.
> we ride up and find an opening but i stop short cuz i see a big ass spiderweb or some shit.
> oh fuck thats not a web
> fucking double stranded fishing wire used for catching sailfish or marlin is tied up between the trees

Got the chills looking at this image.
> i hop off and walk around but buddy bitches out cuz hes a puss
> whatever its my job to be a badass
> leave pussyboi with the 4wheelers
> wander in the woods passed the fishing line for a good 10 yards
> notice that there is like some red shit spraypainted on trees.
> whatever think its just some bullshit club that some kids set up
> keep going to a small clearing where there is a bag with something small and dead in it. next to the bag there is a hole thats like 4 feet deep. and around the bag and whole were like logs that people probably sat on.
> jesus christ that fucking bag smelled shitty. walked over with shotgun at the low ready and opened the bag.
> dead baby goat with no ears.
> spooked but still not really afraid of no bitch ass high school satan fuckers
> well no 4wheeler so fuck it and start to head back.
> on the way back i notice shit seems a lil different but whatevs.

> almost out of the clearing when i notice at about my height theres is black string in a tree.
> upon further inspection that shit was not string it was human hair.
> gross.jpg
> anyways make it back to buddy and told him.
> ride home and tell his paps
> grandad tells us some shit about the satan fuckers that happened quite a few years back about some kid gettin stabbed or some shit.
> I offer to go back that night and look for the 4wheeler.
> didn't really care about the 4wheeler just wanted to confront faggots.
> his grandaddy calls the cops instead.
> me and buddy get really drunk and forget about incident.

I feel for you anon. Is the guy in prison now or what? Do you have coping mechanisms?
"I REFUSE to let some deviant prick wreck my life" nice one anon. I'm glad you have the strength to try to live a normal life.
you aint gonna get laid with some used goods bitch just by being nice to her ya know? back to leddit champ, you can be a SJW whiteknight all you want there

nice story, m8
File: 1417121186325.jpg (86 KB, 500x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 500x461
This pasta's getting stale...
So this recently happened and it gave me chills

>on phone with long time friend making some plans
>phone goes static
>hear friend's mom talking now
>obviously his mom, his mom has a very distinct accent, you can't mistake it
>friend's mom is crying so loud and shouting my name
>"Anon? Oh anon! I am so sorry anon... Please forgive me anon.... *cries loudly*"
>i do not have a relationship with friend's mother to the point where she has ever expressed any kind of sadness to me
>chills run down spine
>hang up phone and call friend back
>Ask him why his mom was on the phone
>he says his line just cut and he kept saying "Hello?"
>said his mom was at the store
Yes, he is in prison.

Well, NO, it wasn't what made me self-aware and careful either. I was before then, but I'm even moreso now, is what I mean. I guess I kind of worded it awkwardly. And it's alright. Godspeed to you too anon.
Sounds like the plot of "In Fear" It's on netflix if you feel like reliving that experience.
>3 am here
>start hearing guitar strings play
>remember I don't have my guitar anymore
>go to /x/ and hope I don't die today.

Yes, lurkan.

Very nice story. Thank you for sharing with us.

I also enjoyed the way you word things in English. I think you may have a real knack for storytelling. Hope you share another sometime.
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