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On the 21st December 2012 a member of Deviant...
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On the 21st December 2012 a member of Deviant art known as 'thelonegunman' dissapeared forever. In his last contact with people he explained that he had been given a silver hard disk shaped like a key at an 'end of the world' party from his brother, a freemason. The hard disk allegedly had a bunch of surveillance files of 4chan members, information about secret societies and plans, and these images. He came to a conspiracy livestream account concerned for his well being but in spite of the efforts of those in contact was him, he vanished within a fortnight, never to be heard of again.

Through contact with family and people who knew him on facebook it is now known that the police have not been able to find a body or know of his whereabouts. A letter written not long before his dissapearance, found by a close friend suggests that he knew that something was going to happen to him. This is the contents of that latter:
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'We are all part of a machine. Only the priviledged or cursed among us are able to see the grand designs of this machine. Psychadelic states, transcendental experiences, meditation, all of the religions of the world are an attempt to explain the linked apparatus that we are all a part of.

Pure consciousness allows to experience the ecstacy of this revelation, however there are those in this world who's duty it is to keep the world in the dark, and suppress this enlightened state.I know this now to be a fact'
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'In the pursuit of knowledge, the curious inevitably comes to some kind of wall, where either they surrender their search of total meaning and focus their energies on the mundane, or on discover of a conspiracy at the heart of all things, to challenge the prison guards of this reality, and if successful, to face the wrath of an invisible army beyond fathomable to the human imagination.

Human transcendence has been designed to be temporary. It has been deemed that homo sapiens are not currently at a state that they are able to comprehend absolute consciousness.'
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'What is the conspiracy at the core of our enlightened Western society, where tolerance is preached towards medi-eval and fundamentalist religions, and yet, for an individual who questions basic philosophic or existential ideas, he is at the mercy of a system designed to lock away all eccentric attitudes and deem them as 'mentally ill' or 'schizophrenic'?

The medical profession holds the seeker in a mental police state. We are prevented from knowing ourselves by our society.'
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The lonegunman (known in real life as Chris) was collecting evidence about a member of a secret society who he believed had made contact with him. Information about this trail can be viewed here:


To continue...
'Anyone who has ever perceived a higher order to things will eventually reach the same conclusion. The truth is hard to believe, but when all pieces of the puzzle are put together, everyone stares at the same image of reality. They have revealed themselves to me because I have been deemed to be a sacrifice to this cult'
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'There is an agenda beyond the will of nations, politicians, billionaires and CEO's of multi-national companies. That agenda has been around for thousands of years, and will exist for thousands more years to come. Since the Egyptians ruled in their ancient civilisation, to the humans thousands of years from now who live on a terraformed Mars.

Anti-consciousness is that agenda. 'limited consciousness'. And we are all the victims of this agenda'
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'Death is not the end of this life. Life is nothing more than an alternative reality game... I know that now.'
Shitty OC.
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How long will we (humanity) remain silent in the wake of this blatant and vulgar display of power.

Chris (Thelonegunman) was just a regular person, like you or me, they had parents, and feelings and went to school. And now they are gone forever. Their hopes and dreams shattered. Their life (Most probably) taken away from them. Got knows what pain and torture they had to endure in the last years of their life.
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There is a spider in the web...

Huh, most interesting really. Reminds me a lot of Phillip K. Dick's work. I mean the narration.

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I think it's pretty clear this has a gnostic subtext.
This is cringeworthy. Its like a 12yo tried to write creepypasta after watching an hour of conspiracy videos on jewtube.
Although now that I've looked into it more, I don't really get some of the pop-culture referrences that are mixed up into some of the seemingly more profound stuff. I mean...Hellraiser, really?
This is all true. Do some research.
I've heard about this.

This. I especially hate those stupid images people make ripped off from The Ninth Gate/The Dumas Club.
It's kind of interesting though.
i enjoyed it

its not.

this is all true, i made this conclusion by myself.
but people who know the truth, dont speak about it. humans will never understand that

and these who talk about it get called manic and schizophrenic like mentioned above.
>thousands of years past and future

thats such a long plan its not worth worrying about
Usually when a plan is long, boring and seemed unimportant it played even more major roles afterwards, because, you know, even the pyramid was started from a single stone slab.
They're called the fiscal elite, dumbass. Everyone knows they conspire to keep their money/influence and that the average person just does what their told. This isn't some huge secret.

WWE is scripted too, in case you haven't figured out that one.
thats not the point of his message..
Then come off of it, already. I believe, but i dont believe you. Come on by, i have beer and smoke. Lets hash this shit out.
>been given a silver hard disk shaped like a key
how tghe fuck do you spin key shaped platters
The mot legit thing posted on /x/.

I, as of many others I know, have experienced this altered state of conciousness. It's being completely aware. Like before you were asleep, and you ask yourself 'where the fuck have I been?'

I can achieve this state through meditation. The only way to beat this, is to achieve ego death. But the problem is, is that the state is so difficult to maintain for reasons I don't quite understand.

I would give anything to remain in that blissful state of being aware, and not having to think, but only do, following your instincts, connecting to ALL people as if it was nothing, everything is so fluent.

Every single person has the ability to do it. We're all equal. I encourage ALL people who have read this to go do their research and try to attain ego death. You'll notice that it begins to happen to people around you once you've fully achieved the peak of it.

Saving yourself slowly begins to save others. Have some faith in your own species. We're all one, we're all connected and the voice inside your head is an evil illusion designed to keep your true self hidden.

If any body is in the Southern area of England, I urge you to reply to this so we can meet and I can show you. Will remain in the thread for a while
>the state is so difficult to maintain for reasons I don't quite understand.

you have to have an illusion of ego to be able to live in the world and separate yourself from other things. i do not think it's a deterministic, mechanical ego however, just realizing that even though we are the same under it all, there is lots of differences on the surface. and we must see those differences to be able to understand the world where we live in. you can see to the core of people, to the oneness, but you must also see that we are "programmed" to different directions due to different experiences etc.

just do LSD, it's that easy...
Break into the 4th dimension. Seperation is as illusionary as time. Ego is what seperates. Ego is an illusion.
boring as shit.

At least do a quick summary to make things interesting please.
Explain more OP.
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File: Frank.png (458 KB, 689x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My brother is an alien.
Can you tell me more about that?
Unfortunately it only lasts for a few seconds (for me anyway) but it is one of the best feelings in the world.
Describe it
i can agree with you, experienced the same thing, and i think what was said in this thread is the ceiling of what we can know without being out of our "reality"
I'm interested in learning more but not in England. Can you share more understanding and wisdom.
Trips 4 sad but truf
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The pyramid is falling now.

The eyes look towards a moving passage
How does money works?
All the world lives under a red shield
America, land of the free, circa pre-1913

El or Satan all the same
does a just god demand worship?
Elohim or Ha-Satan all the same
spin around the sky oh eight spoked wheel

Elite El-ite, Isis Ra El
North and South Kronos' poles
all-seeing eye, cube on the side

Children of Roth built your chains long ago
Hidden behind smoke and mirrors
Who is the man behind the curtain?

Where do church and state meet for dinner?
Age of Leo, the sun came to shine
Age of Aquarius, science to replace the shrine

Bloodlines of thirteen fathers, to rule countless
Verity of rule to be made doubtless

Serfs of men, slaves over time
Can less men make the climb?

Man shall come to know his utopia again
He must merely transmute lead to gold
And ?
The night is always darkest before the dawn.

If it is an illusion in the sense that it is an abstraction, then it is a useful abstraction, like time.

The problem is that we create the gods of Time and Self and then we forget we created them, and let them rule us rather than the other way around.
How does one build a mountain?
a stone at a time
How does one dig out the hole?
One payment at a time
Pebble upon pebble, one mighty pile
Debt so large atlas crumbles

Sun hidden from view, old blood offers salvation
A new world order shall come to be, wearing the rags of a better age
Man will shed his chains happily to manacle himself again

Old man Kronos, once father now wisdom
All things return to Saturn
Man cast in darkness, Pisces-Aquarius, transition of chaos

Saturn in Scorpio, examine yourself
Uranus in Aries, prepare yourself
Neptune in pisces, empower yourself
Pluto in capricorn, discipline yourself

Aquarius water-bearer, logical and ingenious
but also overcritical and slightly detached
Channel the age's positive, banish the negative

This shall all come to be, for it must be, it is the only way
Man does not learn if he does not fall
Man does not rise, if he does not fall
Man does not fall, if he never starts
Man does not start, unless he ends
Man does not end, unless he learns
This guy?:


Name is Chris. Story checks out. Hasn't updated since 2008 though. Nothing as recent as 2012.
Experienced something very similar whilst taking shrooms. Lying in bed alone. With music. When necessary. I cannot explain.
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Give in your search. You are looking for all the wrong answers in all the wrong places. Do you think you can turn over a stone and find enlightenment? Did the great Gotama find enlightenment by sitting under a tree? No sir, enlightenment found him because it chose to find him. We are not your enemies. We are the children of the new light. I was once just a fool like you, but I have become one of the darkeners.

I know what happened to this Lone Gunman character. I know all about this particular case in fact. I knew him best with my hands around his throat.
Theatrics aside

The federal reserve was created to control the money supply, currency was then de-tethered from gold, currency is now only a matter of faith of countries, allowing the country at its heart a free ride to endless money
Fractional reserve banking, difference in currency and money, federal reserve government agency

The school system was designed by elites to reduce creative ability, to allow indoctrination
John Taylor Gatto

Saturn is the god of the bible
EL, star of david, greek myths, egyptology

A slurry of financial buggery is being orchestrated to break the wallets of the middle class
Obamacare employer mandate, Dow Jones record high, rising commodity prices, subprime

Politicians are picked by the elites for us to pick from
Skull and bones, merovingian, 13 bloodlines, CFR, Club of rome, the round table

FDA, BPA, Fluoride, pharmaceuticals in water

Roots of communism, "None dare call it conspiracy"

Hitler, tribute to america in mein kampf
Himmler, Henry ford

Rothschild, gold coins, london panic
There is no love without killing.

The underlying paradox of all human life is that what makes love angelic, what elevates it over mere sentimentality, is its cruelty, its link with violence. The true enlightened learns this. Then it is only a small step to engage in the dark ecstacy of true illumination. When I was recruited to do the deed I was nervous. But in time I found it enlivening. I felt the thrill a murderer like Dahmer must have felt, but this time with the moral superiority of a religious group behind me, his chocking was the sound of God smiling on me. Allah Akbar
I can see what we did to you as a child never really went away.
File: zenersend0.png (1 MB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 900x900
The internet. None of us mortals could have predicted the effect it would have on the world. The internet was a daunting abyss that would swallow all the children of the world. Some of us had to be sacrificed that the new world order might be ushered in. That the chaos would become order.

There is no love without suffering. Christ himself knew this. This is what I came to understand. This is what they taught me.
Sun and moon are not one. Old man Saturn is dead. The knife cuts both ways. What you give to Moloch, is never returned in earnest. The initiation of Nadir awaits you.
File: sexmachine.png (441 KB, 616x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441 KB, 616x619
I was content back then in the search of simple occult truths. But behind all this was a desire for ultimate knowledge. For ultimate power. For absolution. When I heard about that book I had to find it. What if this was the true book of revelation. The book that would grant me access to the hidden worlds.

Allah be praised that it would be me to set eyes upon, me to be damned with that glorious truth. Page after page absorbed me, it was pure knowledge. After reading it the group needn't have even persuaded me, I was theirs. I carried out the assasination ruthlessly, revelling in my murderous instinct. Primal. Raw and real. The human body doing what it was designed to do.
I recognise your trip.

Your the fugitive from this thread:
Muslim word choice
>some men just want to watch the world burn
Yes. It was I who killed the Lone Gunman.

His killing was just one piece in the great chessboard of earth. All things were executed perfectly. We rolled the nations around like steel balls in a child's glass cube game. Since then i've killed more of them. The cult of Saturn turned me into a murderer. But I am not complaining.
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The great cube will fade into the background again now. There will be nothing but vague conspiracies and gossip. All will be derided and mocked. The great cube which has existed for foretold years and will exist for foretold more. Allah Akbar.

Man's basement is always filled with new inventions, new windows into the abyss, and we of the darkness will always sink his titanic as he grows to learned. The moving house of time will always capsize and the patons on the jets will dissapear like so many Malaysian airlines.

Fools abandon your struggle and fall to your knees. No matter which way you stand you work for the same master.
Both left hand and right hand serve the same master.

I have followed you longer than you know. Thank you for leading me to the truth, Thank you for spinning the cube for the first time.

I thought you were evil, but hexagram knows no polarity. I shall continue to serve the invisible order, but thank you nonetheless for Molochian exposure.
File: everything.png (634 KB, 435x793) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some nights I weep as revelation comes to me in waves too big for my tiny insignificant brain. Like a translucent sponge I soak up infinity and I am nothing but a pulsating organ in the hideous machine of pure existence. Ego is malignant tumour that fights hard and dies.

You humans are fools to think you can comprehend everything. Your consciousness is the size of a golf ball.
I go now.

Even the silver god who has touched the stars must die. Even the immortals know a different kind of mortality.

It is fitting that my inception into the secret world should be the same place as my final confession before ending my own life. Truly this board was the veil, and I lifted it, the light burns me still.
File: fallingfalling.png (1 MB, 900x1524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 900x1524
Now I go.
File: Blue Crow 2.jpg (16 KB, 300x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blue Crow 2.jpg
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Nadir lies close. Move past this and true light lies beyond, but on this earth. Ora et labora.
File: 1393867270897.gif (3 MB, 490x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 490x480
Thanks to you I follow a different orbit.

It's better to burn out than to fade away.
File: Blue Crow 1.jpg (15 KB, 300x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blue Crow 1.jpg
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The cube of Saturn keeps spinning. Life and death simply cogs of a wheel endlessly spinning. The search for truth is more important than the truth. The prophet of the false prophet shall be missed. But I doubt he's truly gone.
That is not dead which can eternal lie, indeed
That does not sleep soundly which makes a living from lying...

In other words...

There is no rest for the wicked.

Memento Mori
File: sirens.gif (2 MB, 475x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 475x500

" But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud. "

Isaiah 57:20

Destroying the illusion leaves you with your higher self. Your thoughts organize themselves into a sort of library in your mind, where you can access things at will, but it's all external.

Let's say we are having a conversation. Not once will I have to stop and think, not once will I have trouble conversing with you or thinking of topics or anything along those lines. It's being totally connected.

You are filled with energy. When go to speak to people, your eyes LOCK together and you're literally locked onto that person. You're filled with a sense of passion and life. Those things you didn't care about before, those emotions you locked away, manifest perfectly and you can express them and yourself perfectly without any hesitation or needing to try.

Go find somewhere out, preferably a forest, sit down and clear your mind of ALL thought. Block out EVERYTHING until you've reached a state where no thoughts are entering. Then.. simply listen to everything around you. Things will get louder and louder and louder until they've blocked out your head, it feels like your mind is gone, and there you have it. You're how you were meant to be.

You'll likely be very scared the first time because it's like waking up for the first time since you were a child.
Always good to see some unique OC; thanks op
>4chan members
I stopped reading there

There's a well on the hill.
You just can't kill for jesus.

There will be no insubordination of nuns

There will be no more hiding of the reptiles

There will be no more manipulation of the genetics of humanity

there will only be farmwork. There will only be restoration of the lands. There will only be restoration of the streets. There will be only an illumination of the soul. There will only be the purpose of the catholic church fulfilled, not by catholics, but by who the catholics persecuted; The Cathars. There will only be a child's imagination, and an empty tomb.

Socrates understood, because he understood nothing. A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything. Socrates exists as purely a model for philosophy, not a mentor. He is to be typecast against jesus in this regard. This does not mean socrates is a heretic. He was a philosopher.

There are three kinds of love;

That are of the nature of god, bestowed upon mankind. The greatest of these loves is Agape.
Your morning star is going to be out out before its light can do anything to those of real will. Try your hardest but you pathetic sons of bitches will fall by the sword whether you live by it or not. I will enjoy the day His divine judgement comes whether I'm accepted into the Holy Kingdom or Hell. I'm gonna enjoy watching you burn.

I don't care if it's fake or not i just want some puzzle solving
File: silverkeyhole.png (786 KB, 638x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was one of the people who was there when the gunman showed us these pictures OP. Are you still around? Are you friends with Boogey Monster? Posting my saved.

'In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name
And do I dream again for now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind'
File: denial.png (870 KB, 638x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: cosmicterror.png (926 KB, 638x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me to glance behind
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside your mind.'
how do we le win ?
File: attachment.png (789 KB, 638x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
789 KB, 638x1162
'And in this labyrinth
where night is blind
the Phantom of the Opera is there/here,
inside my/your mind'

That's it apart from the ones you've already posted. If you are around OP then lets get in contact. I'll be monitoring the thread.
This is your run of the mill matrix bullshit. It's as likely as anything else, really, but unoriginal as fuck. I believe that shit doesn't matter. I spent years searching for the answers man, and you know what I got? Ideas. Possibilities. There is no solid answer to this shit. Stop wasting your lives, away, guys. The only real magic in this world is brotherhood. The people who will fight this war against reason alongside you, these are your brothers. Let's develop our sciences, achieve immortality and reach for the stars, and then, maybe then, we can find out why we did it.
This is one dedicated samefag. Extraordinary.
File: 4changold_(2).jpg (13 KB, 213x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>surveillance files of 4chan members
>4chan members

Searching the stars for an answer that's already here? People who push this idea are pushing us further and further into hell.
That's not what I meant. I was saying we should focus on material problems before anything else. I assume you guys are smart people; it seems like such a waste to see you guys throwing away your lives on faith. I think you're losing your humanity by affiliating yourselves with dead gods, rather than human beings.
The problem is not with faith. It's that faith is improperly used by most.

Faith is the most powerful and possibly deceiving force in humanity.
I'm in the southern end of England but I'm worried you'll murder me ritualistically
Image analyzed.

No repeating patterns of four.

It's not one of us. Or one of them.

next message in 252
you forgot to conclude "and I was the member of deviantart who made this fake vague bullshit in an attempt to sound otherworldly and share my shitty ideas"
Hail Satan.
I merely guide you

When you fell down

I gave back hope

Next message in 444
no you are some faggot behind a computer screen, you are probably so in deep into this you think something like "i am just a regular person but i am relaying a message from X!"

well you aren't. no you aren't even special enough for something like that to happen. no matter what excuse you made about how "it's random" or whatever. give it up, the world lacks meaning and it's only a matter of time before you find out about all this
To anyone lurking: this thread is filled with shitposting, but OP's material has the exact path.

I don't know if the actual experience of vastness and eternity can be permanently felt, but i have experienced it as many here have, i also know that i can't tell you what it is like because you don't have the same meaning for the words i would chose. If i said something like "you recognize the liberty you have" or "the universe is just one body" or "holism explains it all" or "there is no reincarnation because there is no i" i would be using words i have connected to deep feelings i experienced, while you may not have the same feelings connected to those words, therefore rendering communication useless.

The best way i can point to it is this: have you ever realized the way a place change after you start to know it? You can try this right now, get a map, find a random spot near your home you never been to. Go. See it, experience it and try to remember it. Then go back a week later and start going every day.

Or go to someone's house you never been to and stay a few days.

You will notice that the space layout you perceived has changed drastically, this is the best allegory i have for it, i'm sorry if it doesn't help.
And how does that knowledge benefit one in real life ?
I've experienced those things. 'There is no reincarnation because there is no I'....dude that is off the charts. You just touched me in ways you probably couldn't understand. Is that a quote?

Also have you heard of Sonder?
Total lack of mental structures/realization of the actual scope of the technologies of the self. Of course, as i said i don't know if it can be felt permanently, but just a dash of it its enough to change the way you see your possibilities and place in life for ever.

It probably is, though i can't really recall were i got it from, i can't find anything direct in google, so someone must have told it to me, i don't think i came up with it by myself, its literally the most on spot phrase ever if you get what it's trying to say.

Nope, what is sonder? all i found is this: "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." that is a mind fucking concept
Yeah. Never mind about Sonder. It's just something i've also experience before finding out what it was called.

But yeah, the good thing about that reincarnation expression is that it is true, without belief. It's almost mathematical, from the everything we come from, we return to. Thanks.
I'm glad you were here to listen to me, anon : )
Don't worry anon truth will always be monitored.
...what can we do?

Can meet publically if you like.
i am a different poster, but would like to make contact.

Sure. Where abouts are you? I'm about an hours walk away from the city centre.
i'm nowhere near there now, but will be in that area sometime in the next few months

[email protected]
Or perhaps maybe dude

I am having fun

Mocking all of you

With an inside joke

From an RPG. Bitch.

next message in Dude seriously DtD is the shit
>inside joke
You are alone in your moms basement
>had gone to sleep and now is back to post more autism

fuck off kid
you mean like an intensely vivid lucid dream where the prospect of remaining in the dream is terrifying although nothing is particularly scary about it.

I have that sensation occasionally like the room I fall asleep in is where I wake up but everything is slightly different. Kinda like in rec2 where when the light is off the sink is a well.

I try to drift that way every night but it's always unexpected when It works and I chicken out and shake myself awake.

If that isn't at all what you mean then oops sorry.
File: queen.png (960 KB, 638x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
960 KB, 638x1162

I was in X radio when the Lone Gunman was there too. I have another image that's you haven't posted. Also if you and the other anon who posted in the thread are going to get in touch, I would like that aswell. I'll be monitoring.
I've done all the research in the world.
There's nothing True in any of that. Not a single iota of Truth.
It is, indeed, like a 12 yo tried to write a creepypasta after having seen hours and hours of conspiracy videos on youtube.
These things (all religion are reflections of One truth, phisics is relativistic quantum magic and doctors are jerks etc) are explained like the darkest and most profound secrets of the world but actually everyone Knows them and talk about them: they're this era's engineered zeitgeist the often unsaid but sometimes expressed BASIC ideas of our civilization and of the dictatorship of relativism. You rebels are actually the ones more tied into the trap.
A trap built by ourselves for ourselves, a trap that is our sinful nature and the expression it got itself this generation through the evolution of our culture.

Pray, Confess, Renounce Sorcery.
I like the way you think anon.
triple double for christ
Hey guys! I thought y'all done gone and ditched this hole. For those of you that remember me, you can contact me at the same email or skype I've always been using. It seems like some folks have been doing some experiments in consciousness since I was last active in the community. That's funny, so have I. Mayhaps we may share our findings and see where the rabbit hole has taken us?
I guess for anyone else curious, I can post an email address. [email protected]
Maybe I missed the party, but I'm sure I ain't the only one keepin an eye out here. Keep me in the loop, we have much to discuss. I've been doing my own exploration in the past few (lengths of time). I have a couple of pieces of magical paper here with me and I want some help from my old wizard friends to decide how to use it for the maximum benefit. This time, with less role playing and gospel music. Now we can get down to the nitty gritty and talk shop. Our little group of alternative philosophers can ignite the flames of change and awaken a movement of beings to free us from the chains of oppression that restrain our consciousness.
where are the other images? there are more
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You gon get killed son
Curious. But want proof that you are Clay first.
I'm using the same tripcode I did before someone spoofed it. Also, that's my same email. More proof? Back on the /x/radio livestream I would often request that monsterboogie play gospel, much to his annoyance, to the point I was banned from making song requests. For a while I was convinced that the Book of Loki was a worthwhile goal.
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I guess that's only "proof" if you were active in the chats back then. I'm not sure what else I can provide as proof.
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This pic was sent by thelonegunman to the chatroom on /x/radio. This is the silver hard disk shaped like a key he got at the "end of the world" party mentioned in the OP. This should not only prove that I'm me, but it should also give legitimacy to the OP for the doubters.
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