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Mexican spooky storys /
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Mexican spooky storys /
The scariest Mexican story there is is living in Mexico.

Era hora.
Mexicans go on Hobo thread. Fuck it up. by making it a Mexican scary stories thread.

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Feels bad man

Eres mi héroe.
You are my hero.
getting fucked in the ass by almost every political figure and ones who operate behind the scenes truly is scary.

Alright, now the question is... how we can tell stories like that? I mean, for example, The Shining by Kubrick, cover up with a horror story but in the background there is something more bigger.
pero en inglés weyes, para que no nos caguen y participen todos, a menos que haya un buen porcentaje de mexibros aquí
>be with friends on camping trip
>night falls, we're a bit drunk
>guys go out, leave girls in the cabins making tortillas because mexico
>come back, girls aren't there, the place is thrashed
>look for girls, they're in a different cabin, they said they had no idea what we were talking about
>we think elves did it
>then they confess it was them
>we leave again, now all of us together
>dark as fuck, we're all really close to each other
>we all hear roar behind us
>nope our way back to the cabins
pic related
En español wey, se que hay mexibros de a madres por aquí y si nos joden hacemos otro thread vale madres
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I have a few from quite some time ago
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if my english is shitty it's because I'm tired
>later that night
>we are all drinking and discussing the roar we heard
>say it's a fucking chupacabra or shit
>skeptical friends say it's wolf
>obviously not a wolf, no wolves there, and it didn't sound like a wolf
>we forget about it for a bit, keep drinking
>we're all drunk now, female friend decides to exit the cabin
>we don't care, we're drunk
>"guys, anonette isn't here"
>start looking for her, pitch black
>find her under a tree, she's crying
>ask what happened
>"an old lady told me to watch out for the evil witch"
>fat friend laughs because he's drunk and this is mexico
she really doesn't like spooky shit so she had no reason to lie.
she also didn't want to talk about it the next day
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fuck you. speak English and not your dirty peasant language. we all want to enjoy your OC you wetback.
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pterodactyl bitch.jpg
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i have one story from the family in mexico, will post if interested pic unrelated
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anybody has more on witches/brujas shit is good
This happened on Yucatan, to get a little context here, Yucatan is mostly flat as hell, very little of the territory has geological accidents like hills.

>We're a group of friends, we decided to take a little advantage of a friend having a small shack just beside the road, we just wanted to spend an evening there.
>We get there, get set up, buy Sabritas, Ruffles with cheese and some motherfucking cocacolas
>We start getting bored, and it's pretty early, sun hasn't gone down, it's 4 o clock
>We decide to go out and explore a bit.
>4 of us, one swears someone is throwing him stones, we tell him to stay in front of us.
>little high pitched laughter heard in all directions
>bueh, que mierda no?
>we laugh, laughter around us intensifies, nearly deafening, but the guy who was getting stoned didn't hear shit.
>we go back to the shack, the laughter has gone down
>suddenly shack is getting fucking PELTED WITH ROCKS, and yet as e lok outside, there's nothing even touching the shack itself.
>tengo que estudiar tengo un examen mañana
>we walk out calmly, get on our cars calmly, and slowly drive away, one of our tires get blown.
>it's 7 and it's a little dark out there.
>as we look around us, our friend's car turninng around to get us, we see a bunch of cat eyes staring at us, not blinking.
>we try to ignore.
>change tires, get in the car and DRIVE FAST AS FUCK AWAY FROM THERE.
>as we get home, apparently there was a thump in the back side of the car.
>somehow there was a rock inside my pocket.

fucking Aluxes.
what the fuck is it with the picture? Interested.
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post story please
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something similar happened to a friend, something kept threwing rocks at him and then at the shack he was staying in.

> Great Grandfather 40 years ago
> Returning to his village from the city at midnight
> Carries pigs (because of that lived)
> Unpaved road
> Hear noise and rider wagon (horse whip shots)
> Keep walking down the middle of the road
> Sound of the cart is close
> walking along the edge of road
> No one goes on the road
> it is put back in the middle of the road
> sounds wagon again
> Fuck it, walk in the middle of the road
> arrives in town
> no wagon behind

Fucking this. Come live down here, you don't know how tragicomic the thing gets until you experience it yourself
>mfw i'm in/from Yucatan
turkey buzzard
where is 1?
No chingues...
This one's a classic
>taxi man going around town looking for people to pick up
>she sees old woman, very elegant looking, dressed in black, old clothes
>taxi man asks lady where she wants to go
>lady tells him to just drive around town for a while
>they drive for an hour or so, then she asks him to take her home, gives him the address
>they get to the place, lady says 'I'm sorry, I have no money with me, let me go look for it inside'
>Man waits, lady doesn't come out, man gets anxious
>he bangs the door, young lady answers, man asks for old lady
>young woman tells him only her and her children live there
maybe I am your friend :^)

I have another story, I knew a man who used to go around in rural towns teaching mayan speaking people to talk spanish, during his travels, he heard stories of stuff, he told me a lot of those stories, here goes one:

>A man living in a farm, a large house and a small barn just outsside.
>Starts hearing sounds around the barn, but the moment he enters the barn, it's dead silent.
>keeps happening every day for around two weeks, until the man gets tired
>que puta madre
>Grabs an old ass rifle, all it needed was a bayonette and it looked just like one of those british empire standard rifles.
>sits on a window of his house looking at the barn, waiting anything to come up.
>just some stray dogs, birds, and suddenly, a bigass puma with bright red eyes walks silently to the barn, smells it, and just as it's about to piss on it
>he shoots it once, his ammunition runs out
>starts reloading, the animal is no longer there
>goes down and finds his door slammed open
>checks his house, sees trails of blood everywhere, ending in the room he just came out of
>there's nothing there
>barn has a hole on a side, all animals are dead
>the hole was done and they were killed without a sound
>the blood left permanent marks and stains on MARBLE FUCKING FLOORS
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9 is missing dunno why

forgot the spooky part
>young woman tells the man that once a woman lived there according to his description, 40 years ago
>Great grandfather again
>Returning to town again
>smoking cigarettes
>He turns to look toward the woods
>Can see as the tip of a cigar is moving with him through the woods
>Keep walking
>Keep seeing the tip of the cigar through the woods
>Shout "stop fucking around, fucking devil"
>The tip of the cigar turns off
>MFW my great grandfather was a badass
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that one story about the chupacabra having his way with you then he blasts his man mayonaise in your asshole
>be 87 year old grandpa
>still living in his house, my grandma had died 17 years ago
>father decides to help grandpa and rebuild his house, add some floors, fix some walls, etc
>one of the working man didn't come back and refused to go back
>father asks why
>man tells him "I saw doña Guillermina's ghost"
>Father tells grandpa, grandpa says he's seen her too but didn't say anything because no one would believe an old man
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buenas noches anons, I hope to see this thread tomorrow
la llarona is 2spooky4me
Nice!, I have one story, I will post it
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>30 years ago
>The family dog just died
>Only my grandmother and my dad know
>Grandfather lying in the hammock
>Shout "over here (dog's name)"
>A few minutes after
>He gets up and tells my grandmother "that dog of yours is going under my hammock"
>My grandmother tells him the dog died in the morning
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So here goes this: when my grandpa was young they used to have chickens, a lot of them. In those times one elder guy (70 years lol) went to the house of my grandpa and asked for his dad (my grandgrandpa) and they chatted a bit but this nigga bring to the house Refino (low quality alcohol and cheap but was free so fuck it) then he asked for the hand of one grand aunt. My grand grandpa refused, so the elder guy pissed off left the house, then the next nights chickens will appear dead or missing, so my grandpa had to do patrolling on the chickens area with a shotgun, he spotted a big fox and was like WTF man, he aimed the fox and pulled the trigger but the gun just make the *click* sound, so the fox left. My grandpa told this to his father and he said: "You are pendejo, you have to put a hair on the barrel" (weird beliefs in the farm lol) so the next night the fox appear and my grandpa shoot the fucker, the fox left but for the shoot left a blood trail, it ended on the house of the elder guy.

Pic related i think it was my grandpa face
> year and half ago
> lying in bed
> dads went to casino
> about 2 am I feel a breath near my ear
> I do not care
> return to my parents about 2:20
> say that my mother's brother died half an hour ago
> nopeeeee
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>custodiando gallinas con una escopeta
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I know but in those times your father will fuck the shit of you just for not doing something against those events.
>be in cabins out in the woods for birthday
>take dogs with us
>one of them is a poodle mix, barks at absolutely everything and everyone
>the other one is a GSD/husky mix, only barks if necessary
>we're out there around a fire, everything else is dark
>suddenly husky mix stands up and stares at something
>she's on the leash but still not going anywhere
>Poodle mix gets alert too
>husky mix starts barking, angrier each time
>poodle mix follows and suddenly they both start pulling
>we have flashlights with us and point in the direction they're barking, there's nothing there
>we go to sleep after a while
>I woke up in the middle of the night a few times, heard a few birds but dogs didn't give a shit
>wake up again, hear this fucking loud shriek, I don't know what it was, dogs lose their shit and bark like there's no tomorrow
poodle doggie master race
l m a o
In Mérida, for those Yucatánbros or penínsulabros, there is a McDonalds near Sears, close to the exit to Progreso towards north, that has a McDonald statue in a bench, it's said that the McDonald reaches out to grab you and returns to his position, I know friends that told me that as they were taking pictures with them, he grabbed them by the shoulder.
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Dude, I have a similar story i heard in my country( Belize) like this.
>There's this couple going out
>Girl lived with her grandmother, grandmother she doesn't like the dude
>Every time he visits he gets chased by a large turkey
>dude got pissed, hid a matchet behind his back and sliced the shit out of it till it ran away
>Next day he visits turkey doesn't attack, but noticed scars all over grandmother's legs.
Old has fuck story, fake btw
Yucabro here
Do you sell stuff in the colosal free zone?
That sounds like some Panamanian witchery shit right there
oh yeah it's old as hell, the first time I heard it was... 2005 maybe? but I heard of this recently, in 2011, and I tend to disregard these kind of stuff, I figured I should mention it.

also, ANOTHER story from my spanish teaching friend >>15036182
He was leaving to a town which actually had streetlights, in Yucatan, rural areas have orange hued streetlights, I don't know why, but he was going to this town and when he got here, he had to stand in a street to wait to get picked up by his caretaker. And so it begins.

>standing in deserted road, orange streetlights, dead silent
>look to the sides every 15 to 20 seconds, waiting for a sign of these people
>look up, a white owl is passing directly over him
>generally it's a bad omen, an omen of death, so if you insult him, the omen is lifted
>ey chinga tu madre maricon puto perro
>that must do
>10 minutes later, he's been waiting for around 30 minutes, a streetlight goes out
>streetlights start going out, like someone is walking and the darkness is concealing him
>he is in direct line of sight, if there was someone, he'd see the silhouette
>there's no one
>all lights go out, and the only one on is the one directly above him
>huh, this is strange
>starts hearing breathing and apparently, the area that the streetlight lights is getting smaller, closing on him
>huh, this is really strange
>suddenly all streetlight turns on, car comes to pick him up, he leaves
>there's apparently a brujo that can do that, and generally does that to steal shit from other towns, but he doesn't damage people
>but the brujo's prescence attracts the attention of other... things, which dragged them to him.
Una historia similar a la de la anciana sin lengua.
En el tiempo cuando Nuevo Leon era rural
Cuando mi abuela era una niña, no se pero creo que tenia como 7 años, mi bisabuela acababa de tener a la hermana de mi abuela.
El sol se estaba poniendo y mi abuela estaba jugando cerca de un arbol mientras mi bisabuela terminaba de lavar la ropa y tenderla, mi abuela trepó al arbol y se encontró con un pajaro enorme casi de su tamaño, ella lo miró por un instante y entonces escuchó al pajaro hablar.
"Mira, tu"
Mi abuela se quedó impactada y lo unico que pudo contestar fue "Que?"
El pajaro no dijo nada mas. Mi abuela aun sorpendida bajó del arbol pero no apartó la mirada del pajaro que de igual manera no quitaba la vista de ella.
Mi bisabuela le dijo que se metiera ya a la casa porque se estaba haciendo de noche y mi abuela asi lo hizo, pero no le dijo nada de lo que pasó, pensando que alomejor lo imaginó todo.
En ese tiempo mi bisabuelo trabajaba y siempre llegaba ya tarde por la noche, asi que solo eran ellas 3 en la casa, ademas de una perra llamada chaquiras, cayó la noche y llegó la hora de dormir, en ese entonces dormian en el piso y mi bisabuela ponia a la bebe en medio de ellas 2, despues de un rato mi bisabuela despertó porque la perra estaba ladrando y se estaba aporreando con algo, ese algo era el pajaro que habia visto mi abuela en el arbol.
I have friends that worked in that McDonalds, they tell thay nothing spooky happen
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The last Mexican in the world sat alone in a room. Their was a knock on the door, "Border Patrol open up."
Reminder: This is an American imageboard, not a mexican one.

Take this shit to /int/, if you must.


Nah, fuck you paco.
looks like you were right.
>20 years old
>Start renting a house
>Working late by myself
>Getting a break at 2:00 AM to eat something, because I will be working all night
>A taqueria which opens really late is near
>Going to eat tacos, because Mexico
>Go outside and look around for a second
>Really cold and dark
>Street lights are shit (still are), there are almost all of them turned off, for some reason, just in corners they are turned on
>The neighborhood is extremly quiet at night, it seems very weird, mostly because there are A LOT of cholos living around, you can see them at day, but there is absolutly no one out at night
>Start worrying about it, but still going to the taquería
>Arrive and eat my tacos normally, finish at around 2:50 am more or less
>They close at 3:00 am, so I was their last customer
>I paid for the food and leave
>Going back to home and I hear some steeps
>Turned my head around and see nobody, obviously I didn't stop walking
>A few meters later, I hear them again and they seem faster and closer
>Turned my head around and I could barely see some guy, I just barely took a glance at him, but for what I could saw, he was oldish (50-60's), short hair which was dark, brown jacket and jeans, and he had a mustache
>Trying to look back again to get more detail
>There was no one, at least no one I could see
>Get back to my place kinda confused, I thought he was trying to mog me

>The next day I was talking with some of my neighbors
>He is an old man (70 to 75 maybe)
>I thought about what had happened so I asked him why is so silent at night and why there is nobody out?
>He said that recently, some narcos left a car parked with a man's corpse on the trunk, the car were left unattended for months and teenagers abussed the car every day until it was descovered.
>The body was in a plastic bag with cal, so it didn't smell, at least not much
>He didn't knew the name, but since it happened, people say they're being chased by some man when they walk that street, it's feared much worse because it gets closer and closer, even if you walk there in different days, no one want to risk to see what happend if it gets you.
>I don't usually believe in that kind of stuff, but I found it very interesting, I still live here, so I could investigate further
El Cuycuy
File: 1383191702893.jpg (50 KB, 498x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>One day I went to el mexico
In case of someone wondering, this is in Morelia, the taqueria is the one that sell tacos al pastor for $1.50 mxn and they're famous between Michoafags because of it

PS: Those tacos are delicious!
Second PS: The street that the taquería is in, isn't the one I talked.
Yeah yeah, very funny, now go back to /b/ where you can make friends with other faggots
Go pick my tomatoes, ese.
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Looks like someone Enojado. Did brother Pablo get deported?
Mi Bisabuela tomó el machete y un palo y comenzó a darle de golpes y machetazos al pajaro que trataba de llegar a donde estaba la bebé, a pesar de los machetazos el pajaro parecia no recibir algun daño, despues de un rato mi bisabuela logró sacar al pajaro de la casa, este volo hacia el arbol donde mi abuela lo habia visto y comenzó a reirse a carccajadas.
Mi bisabuela se quedo en el marco de la puerta por si el pajaro intentaba meterse de nuevo, pero no lo hizo.
Horas mas tarde mi bisabuelo llegó, mi abuela y bisabuela le contaron lo que habia pasado, el fue, sacó su revolver y con una franela roja salió a donde estaba el arbol y se paró debajo de el.
Amarró la franela al rededor del arbol y comenzó a recitar el rosario al revés, al terminar el pajaro cayó en seco y ya en el suelo mi bisabuelo le vacio los 5 tiros de su revolver y entonces volvio a la casa.
A la mañana siguente se encontraron conque el pajaro no estaba ahi, habia algunas plumas pero nada mas.
Tiempo despues se enteraron que en una propiedad cercana, una pareja que recien habian tenido a su bebe, al despertar en medio de ellos se encontraba solo la piel.
Sin sangre, carne, ni huesos.
Solo la piel.
I told this story before, but whatever.

>Be a while ago.
>Some unnamed town in mexico.
>Me and friend staying in a hotel.
>(insert title card for Hunter S. Thompson movie).
>We were there to meet a friend and possibly score large amounts of various product... mainly some kinds of cacti.
>hear knock at the door to our room.
>open the door.
>Scraggly haired hippy dude (looked like shaggy).
>wonder who the hell this guy is and what he wants.
>Before I could ask anything he vomits a viscous, red liquid onto himself and falls down, I would say blood but it was a fairly bright red when I look back on it.
>Look at the guy and proceed to look down to either end of the hall.
>See a group of eight or ten tall, dark, well dressed Mexicans.
>I know shady figures when I see them.
>also didn't want to deal with La policia.
>Close door. No locks. Put night stand against it.
>Look to friend.
>Proceed to jump out of second floor window.
>fucked my knee up, still creaks to this day.
>Proceed to run down the block until we see our friend in his car later that night.
>Go back to states.
>never want to deal with Mexico again.

Mexico's a ghost story in itself my friend.
Yeah, who wants creepy stories on /x/? It's about as ridiculous as /v/ talking about vidya.
dude investigate, just don't be kill
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Que gran cojudez. Metele el palo en elculo a la abuela y lamele los huevos plumiferos al pajarito, anon cara de culo.
My family owns a summer home in Cuernavaca. I've been told that story before, by different people.
All scary stories are welcome here, the country of origin doesn't matter. Besides it's interesting to read about other cultures and their urban legends
Top kek

>q-quien es?
>*in deep, long, booming english*
"La migra"
Ey brose, r u enojado? joto?
One time I bought a box of Coco Bombolins but when I opened it they were tamarind flavored
So this happen 2 years ago
I cant greentext on my phone

Me and my mom go to mexico city to visit family and because its 2 year anniversary of my grandpa dieing.

It was a saturday 8:00 am, apparently i was still sleeping.

My mom and her sisters and basically everyone who lived in the 'neighborhood' (everythere was family).

So they are eating breakfast and they hear grandpas voice 'horale' or something along those lines(basically scoot over)
Yeah, but for those of us with shitty phones that won't copy the text or translate it, it's hard.

I only have a phone to read these.
Everyone creeped out but happy to know that he is still in our prescence.
there should be more mexi-threads
All day it's just gringos with their shitty
Skin walker stories
fuck tamarind i fucking shit on tamarind FUCK tamarind
tamarindo is bomb bro.
this just happened some months ago.

>live in an old colonial town
>mum works in a restaurant
>one day she sees a kid in the kitchen
>she tells her to piss off
>no one else besides my mum saw her, mum's very sceptical of ghosts and shit, oh well.
>some days later an old man comes and randomly starts to tell my mum that in that house(very old btw) a kid died and very weird spoopy stuff happens
>mum = NOPE!!!.PNG

she doesn't believe in that sort of stufff, but she got pretty scared after the man told her that story. she's not the kind of person that experiences this sort of thing. pretty spoopy.
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What's it taste like??

Also pic just happened to me. What the fuck, captcha
File: punto cero.jpg (1 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
punto cero.jpg
1 MB, 4608x3456
>go to punto cero in atlixco, puebla near the volcano
>people say its a magnetic vortex and the ovnis land there
>look at 2 different compasses and they're spinning all over the place
>park car near big ufo monument
>hike up to it with crystals in hand
>sit down to meditate for a lil bit, nobody else was around
>suddenly something smacks the ground hard right next to us and rolls away (or something), didnt see what it was because our eyes were closed
File: crystal.jpg (921 KB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
921 KB, 4608x3456
I have more.

This happened like 6 years ago.

>be me
>playing futbol with the lads
>7 pm, getting darker
>we stop and decide to go home
>suddenly while walking with a friend we fucking hear LA LLORONA!!!!!!!!!!
>[spoopyness intensifies]
>we arrive to my place
>the screams stop
>ATM we are shitting bricks.
>we wait and he goes home.

where I live there are a lot trees, nature and shit, it looks pretty fucking scary at night. there aren't many houses. we never heard la llorona again though.
File: punto cero2.jpg (966 KB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
punto cero2.jpg
966 KB, 4608x3456
I never heard of this place, I want to go.
It's got a nice sweet and tangy taste to it. If you get the chance to pick up some tamarindo candy, try it out. It's my favorite kind of candy.

Also the fuck's with those captchas? You're not the first to get a picture, but I haven't had ones like that...yet.
check it out for sure. I have videos of the compass settling on N only to switch to S a few seconds later
>tfw no pulparindos
por que ;_;
Oh man seriously. Pulparindos are fucking amazing.

>Now I have the craving.
do you have a link??

also, what's up with the ufo??
ai cabron, un pinchi huevo volador, aguas.
that little powdery shit that's on them.
fucking good.

them gansitos tho.
and las paletas de bubaloo.
>no paleta payaso
u serious ese??
im uploading them now. The UFO is supposedly a man made monument but it's really big and made of really thick metal. the whole place has a weird vibe
paleta payaso u say?
that bon bon con chocolate taste that it has is bomb.
Hmmm, I dunno if there's any place near me that might sell it. I know we have a Korean market about 45 minutes away, but that's the only one I heard of.

I read about how a lot of Mexican candy mixes spicy shit in, which sounds oddly interesting.
damn I need one right now.

>I read about how a lot of Mexican candy mixes spicy shit in, which sounds oddly interesting.
the flavour it's GOAT.
File: popo.jpg (1 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: mexican candies.png (2 MB, 949x807) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mexican candies.png
2 MB, 949x807
tienes manos de vieja :^)
Ah, that may be your best bet. Or online? I've never thought to do that but it might be the only way for you.

Some of the tamarindo will be spicy. Pulparindo will be. Some might have a chili flavor but not that spicy. You can also get bags that have the pulp that usually doesn't have any spice to it.

Since I've been derailing, I'll try to contribute too. I'm a gringo in Arizona who's got a close friend in Mexico (his family got deported, sad day). I've visiting him several times and his mom would tell me stories. Tired as fuck, but I remember this one:

>Be friend's mom
>Be kid with some siblings, cousins, and friends
>Christmas Eve. Being dicks and pretending to be diablos and brujas (I think there's a name for this).
>Relative warns against doing that.
>Fuck that, keep playing.
>Kid notices something on the roof.
>It's a fucking monkey with goat legs and red eyes.
>One kid tried to climb a sharp fence, slipped, and pierced his chest.
>Fucker was centimeters from hitting his heart but he lived.
>Next day there's burn marks on the roof.
>Kids, now adults, remember that shit to this day but the older folks don't believe them.
what were you doing there m8???
was visiting my gf at the time. She was all into aliens and shit and i was down to check it out. it ended up being pretty skoopy.
Bendito sea dios de los dulces cielos azules.
can't you see? It's a bitch pterodactyl
>this thread
not a single
>im not afraid of la muerte.png on your pastas
you are all disgusting maricones batos, pinches pussies
So this thread needs a real story most are short and no details.
Not sure if my phone greentexts but whatever

>Uncle rebellious leather jacket slicked back hair stereotypical greaser Mexican
> always carries a 38. Revolver cause Mexico
>late party ends at 2am in neighboring village
> it is a 30 minute walk
>not even half way through there's an empty street
>big black dog my uncle will always compare it to Batmans dog Ace a black Doberman with strange eyes. ( if you dont know batmans dog fuck you )
>My uncle tried yelling at it to scare it off fucker wouldn't move an inch
> uncle pulls out revolver and points it at the dog
> dog gets up starts walking towards uncle
> uncle pulls trigger he will always vivdly remember what happened next he said the gun went off it cycled to the next round but there was no bang nothing just the sound of a water drop hitting the sink
> fires 3 more times same thing
> dog is within 3 feet and looks almost as big as a person height wise
> red demon eyes
> uncle runs to near by house mooches his way in asks to stay random family that he would pay them
> wakes up next morning checks gun bullets are still there like if they had never been used
> goes to woods fires gun shoots perfectly every round cycles.
> this all happened in michoacan a smaller city called zinapecuaro
>tfw never gonna be on a spoopy case being the bad-ass mex
and just wait until Gus from "the strain" starts kicking-ass, im just ashamed that you all are me/x/ican bola de putos, up your game bitches
>no son machos pero son muchos
You forgot the part where the guy leaves on his taxi and the old lady happens to be in the back room
>did you tell him I was a ghost?
>yes mom, he believed it! haha!!

Que wey tan pendejo
fake and gay
Sounds like a personal problem to me
>friend of mine had a really big house bear the municipal jail
>we used to make party's in that house until we started hearing lamentos/wimps, we saw a hot ghostcrying
>it was a casa de citas/prostíbulo it was closed because a man killed 3 of them and the place lost his "charm"
>to scared to party again cuz every time it gets worse, I want to play ouja there probably in the next month
This happened when i was 7 or 8, it's not spooky but it is supernatural

>be me
>be on vacation, travelling to queretaro
>we are taking a tourists tour
>we taker a break near a forest
>i ask my dad if i can look around the woods a bit
>he says ok but to be careful of snakes and shit
>i end up walking for some minutes and come across two chairs like in pic related
>i am kinda tired and sit on one
>i stay quiet and meditate for some seconds
>suddenly hear "hey mijo"
>look and see an old lady, short hair and with a sweet smile, kinda pretty
>"hey" i say back
>we start making conversation and she asks me how I'm doing in school and how I'm enjoying my vacation
>i don't usually talk to people, but this old lady seemed really nice and somehow familiar
>we talk for about 5 minutes and she says
>"well, i think it's about time you left, your dad must be worried about you"
>i nod and get up from the chair
>i wave goodbye and she gets up too and walks away
>last thing i hear is
>"adios anon"
>holy fuck, i didn't tell her my name and she said it
>look back
>already gone
>walk back and reunite with group
>months later
>looking through some old stuff and find a photo album
>in one i see the old lady carrying me when i was a baby
>ask dad who she is
>he says that was my great-grandmother
>she passed away some years ago
>mind = fucked
>never have anything like that happen again
I've got other ones I'd be happy to share
That's really nice. Please go on.
File: glkeanedoll1.jpg (92 KB, 627x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 627x640
Okay this is about some dolls and toys i had in my house
>be me
>be 12
>it's my sister's birthday
>she gets some bootleg snow white doll like pic related
>she keeps it on a shelf in our room
>shared room because house too small for separate rooms
>be on bunk bed at the top
>i look at the shelf that the doll is on
>it's dark but i think i can see it slowly close its eyes and open them
>look closer and the doll stops closing it's eyes
>it keeps staring at me for about a minute
>it suddenly falls
>i keep staring at it
>It doesn't move for the rest of the night
>my little sister picks it up and plays with it the rest of the week
>another night
>on bed again
>doll is in an toy bin
>suddenly hear shuffling from somewhere
>see doll fall from bin even tho it was burried under some other toys
>i see the fucking thing use it's plastic arms to fucking CRAWL
>it turns to look at me
>i stay frozen in fear, ready to scream
>it stops moving and stays in a mid crawl position
>i get down from bed to grab it and put it back at the bottom of the toy bin
>put a lid over it and go back to sleep
>next morning sister picks it and plays with it
>doll starts acting weirder
>doesn't blink when tipped or blinks randomly
>only me and sister notice, but she's to young to care
>i always put it at the bottom of the bin and put the lid on it
>a month later, we are throwing away old trash
>i sneak the doll into a bag
>they take the bag away and with it, the creepy doll
>sister doesn't seem to affected and plays with the other toys we have
>crisis averted
That's about it for me, nothing spooky has happened since
Sounds like you're a privileged asshole to me.
you mean aluches o its writte aluxe
im more from the nort no im only care about nahuales and withches in la sierra
really soo cheap where i live the most cheap is $5 mxn
When did they start offering wifi in tomato fields?
This happened to an aunt in Reynosa, for what I know it really happened. She's not dumb and she sounded serious

>be my aunt
>she's a devote christian (not catholic)
>sometimes she talks to her neighbours or they come for advice on the Bible, etc
>there's this strange woman neighbour
>she says she is a servant of "La Santa Muerte
>her house is all dark, black drapes, black bed sheets and all dirty
>she says it's because "that's how 'he' likes it"
>my aunt tells her to follow Jesus and all that
>the woman says that she already made a pact with the devil, so her freedom is not optional
>she says the devil gives her everything she wants
>the woman was almost unexpressive, seemed abscent, but was very polite
>anyways, my aunt kept going to her house to preach her, because the woman said she liked to hear about Jesus
>there's one night, around 2:00 am
>everyone in the house is asleep, nobody is in the street in that hour because of narcos
>a knock in the door begins to hear, very loud and fast
>also the woman yelling "help me!"
>my uncle opens the door and asks the woman what's going on
>she says she wants to see my aunt
>my aunt goes out kinda freaked out and tries to calm the woman
>the woman is crying and yelling nonsense about someone trying to kill her and put her in hell
>my aunt offers to pray for her
>she says yes
>when they are about to pray, the woman recovers composture and says it's not necessary
>she turns unexpressive again and says she doesn't know what she is doing there
>the woman apologizes and leaves walking through the street
>everyone freaked af
that bitch be possessed as fuckkkkkk
free bump
>Be 10 or so
>Live on a home near a forest outside of Mexico city
>Sleeping early because I had school next day and I was that kind of faggot.
>Hear something moving outside "it must be a fucking cat"
>Peek out of the blinds.
>Fucking "animal" climbing the fence.
>It is a grey.
>It turns it's head towards me and I feel like blacking out when I look in it's lifeless eyes.

I don't remember what happened later that night or the next day but that kind of shit happened with some regularity, specially lights moving on the woods and shit.

Want more?
Call your aunt. Ask her to give you an update, then report back here.
ok here's mine but not really spoopy

>at gramp's house
>big ass house because old mexican family
>pretty much laberint because albañiles lol
>bunch of primos around the same age in a room
>playing and shit, but getting borred
>ones come out with the horror storys
>pretty much shitty or movies lies and laughs
>sudently one of the primos face goes pale and you can see the terror in his face
>whe know the story was bad so no reason to freak out
>fucker can't make a word, but looking at a window on the room
>many of us look back to window (it' a big window but glass is not clear)
>long ass black shadow with arms (around 2m or 6'feet soemthing bad at inglish sistem)
>stays there silent like watching
>all of us watching (around 5 seconds)
>shadow just goes up like floating flying but still, no arms move(this the creeoy part), like it's pulled
>whe all NOPE... and someone says -is there anyone ouside- zero answer
>a primo opens the window and the small backyard its alone, closes it
>some of us go to the backyard and to see te rooftop
>window has steel bars like prision cel Because of Mexico
>some uncles or tall cousins sometimes go to the roof from there "trepando como changos"
>but you need to move the arms to grab the bars and there was nobody on the roof
>go back and cousins says they could see or color shirts windows glass no that bad
>whe all gtfo of the room and stop talking about horror shit
>fucking Shadow People stalking kids like pedos

also there are others from same gramps house is pretty haunted, but gotta go for tacos, coming back maybe i tell a few
continue pls
Pls, lurking for more
Do go on
I'm not going to greentext because I suck at it...

Like I said we lived on a house just outside a forest, lots of shit happened there (I'll strat from the "benign" to the fucked up shit). There was this old man who kept appearing on the house from time to time. He was white, tall (1.90 m), white hair, around 60, beard, green eyes. I shit you not, he looked just like Hershel from TWD series, anyway we used to see him specially when the lights went out on the city (which is pretty common on this shitty country). He never talked and just stare at you and after a couple of seconds he was gone (when you blinked for long or looked away and then back at him). We never felt threatened by his presence but it was unnerving to see that kind of things. Anyway I moved out and my family did the same some time later but we still get reports about that guy from time to time.

I'll continue
Mexico is much too hot for Fuckfoot. The hot sand gets under his foreskins on his penis toes
Que rolen los tacos
¿De qué parte de México eres?

The other "benevolent" thing we saw was a kid, young male kid around 8 I saw him once but he left some marks around the house and I found out who he used to be. It happened one day, my brother and I were playing outside on the mud (building "mud castles" and shit) and he came to us, we talked a little (we said we had an SNES and he was like "what is that?", he was kind of "outdated" if you get what I say) then he said "my mom is calling" went away (he jumped a little fence we had which connected to other backyards). A few days later we found out he was a boy who used to live next door but died on an accident just outside of his house (the street was slope with a sharp turn on the end and the cars had a tendency of losing the brakes on it, lots of people died there). The "marks" I mentioned happened twice, one time we woke up to find hand marks on the stairs (the marks were made from an oily substance and the hands were too small to fit anyone who lived there). And the same marks over the chimney. Still he never did any harm and we did nothing about "him".

When I was young I liked to stay at home alone, when I was there I would ALWAYS see what we call shadow people, I even saw the "hat man" a couple of times. Needless to say I was scared shitless every time that happened. I remember seeing one of them "peeking" from the door frame to my room and then hiding behind the wall, then peeking again a few seconds later. I remember trying to focus on the TV show I was seeing (DBZ I think) hoping that it would go away if I ignored it. Lucky for me my mother arrived a few minutes later and nothing happened. (But I almost wet my pants because it looked so real, also I was like 6).
>be mexican living in Juarez
>think i see some cartel members driving towards my house
>freak out but its not
>say fuck this and sneak across the border
>think I see la migra
>its not

>Be me.
>Be 14.
>Alone in the house and hungry.
That happened like two years ago. What we know is that the woman took out all the altars and black stuff and quitted serving "La Santa Muerte," but she's still a creep and sees and hears stuff

Last one I post for now (It is also the last chronologically).

I was drinking (beer ftw) with a friend some Saturday just talking about girls, school and shit. After a while the topic deviated into paranormal experiences and local legends and I remembered that once I heard the story of a "dog" which attacked drunk people (specially anyone who get violent while drunk) and which protected pregnant woman when they were outside at night. Anyway it was getting very late (5 am) and I decided to get back home. When I arrived home I went down the car to open the door and "lock" the car inside. I looked at the street (because getting shanked by criminals is as scary as any of this things that happened to me, just a little more "real") and there it was. Around 5 meters away from me, a black big badass dog. By black I mean as dark as the void, there are lights on the street but it still looked totally dark and by big I mean it would probably kill me if it wanted (I am a big guy [~1.90 M ~100 Kgs] but this thing looked so enormous I feared for my life). We stared at each other for about two minutes without moving it didn't bark, it didn't move, it just stare at me with its black eyes shining with the street lamps. I felt sober because of the adrenaline the encounter produced. Then It ran behind my car and when I followed it was nowhere to be seen.

Thanks god I wasn't that drunk and I don't get aggressive when drunk...
I've seen latin american threads here before, they're very succesful.
File: 1404242110660.gif (733 KB, 233x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw Durango's catedral
>mfw I'm from Durango
ok tacos where good,so a little from the same house, but not happened to me
some backstory the house was big because pops ended up buyin 2 houses patch'em up like one with two doors, the second(house) had that shadow person actually was like the resident ghost family endend up nicknaming him "el gorilla"(because big motherfucker) or "el negrito"(because black shadow)

>one of the worst-best encounters
>political uncle with aunt living there because just married a couple years or more, pops lend them the house bottom floor
>one day the house was almost empy
>only people was on the other house if i remember well
>he goes and takes a shower
>mid shower soaping up nothing unusual
>he turns,close is eyes or something like that >and sudently out of thin air
>fucking big ass person but shadow like in front of him
>uncle proceds to tactical loud scream is lungs out
>family in living room, just -whut?
>uncle2 says is going to bath maybe he falled-trip and broke a bone from the sound of it
>as soon has he leaves living room he hears uncle still screaming but getting closer and closer
>uncle in runnin like madman nude wet soaped and screaming
>gets to living room freaked out telling evebody about a gorilla or someone in the bath
>uncle2 goes to check
>nothing in there, doors to street closed
>no signs of intrusion, no mess(except water trail of uncle) nothing out of normal
>uncle still scared shitless goes to dress
>they keep checking house nothing
>all NOPE'd for a couple days

before that many had see the big shadow and keeped seeing it, usualy it lurked on the first and second floor of the second house but around the same space a room with the bath, and the room with window
some years after pop's calls a "curandera" and decide to exorcist the place, makes "la limpia" and tells that it gonne aparently was a dude killed there by crime related stuff when it was farmland and was carring sins, no more "el negrito" since la limpia
My dad told us some nice stories by campfire about when he was a kid in mexico.

He told me one about how it was like 7-9 pm hell I forgot the time he mentioned but it was starting to get dark. Well he was riding his bike along with some other family member his age and they were like we gotta get back home before it gets too dark because witches were something to fear especially being alone at night out in the open fields. He said they were quite some distance away from the ranch and it was over the hill out of sight. Well as they were talking about kid stuff screwing around joking about witches and whatnot he mentioned he saw a ball of fire that was pretty bright on a field he told his relative to take a look and they were scared. He mentioned how the belief is that flying balls of flame are traveling witches and then it start to slowly rise to the air and from a field away probably a football field distance I guess. They started to notice the flame accompanied by other one starting to move in closer to their direction as chase them down. They promptly NOPED the fuck out and started to run with their bikes up the hill and tried to make it to the ranch asap. He mentioned how he can see the lights from the ranch in the far distance as they started racing over for safety. They kept looking back I guess it stopped going after them once they reached the ranch or got close.

My dad is a hardworking honest man and he really doesnt joke around much. I hope my story telling was half decent, but I got a couple more like witches, "la llorana" if anyone else wants to hear
My dad told me that they take their eyes out and its black. He mentioned they keep frogs also or some shit. Halfway through the story I thought you were talking about my great old alcoholic auntie shes like a demon today she just got kicked out of my aunties place after we kicked her out of our house shes unbearable.
The fucking horror

I live in New mexico and we have stories about the balls of fire all the time. Brujas, dude.
My dad did the exact fucking thing with his house
We used to go to my grandmother's house in rural Jalisco for holidays, she used to tell us all kind of spooky stories which unfortunately I don't remember, but here is something that happened while I was there.

>be young and playing canicas outside said house with cousins
>All dark now, grandma tell us to stop playing and go to eat
>we don't, parents, family etc to busy to pay attention to us
>grandma ask us one more time to stop playing, this time she says that when is midnight we no longer control the canicas, but the devil himself plays them
>lol k.jpg
>we start to become exeptionaly good at this, even me that suck balls
>shit hits the fan when I land a clear strike from like 7 meters (25ft?)
>we start to remember what our grandmother said and stoped playing right away
>never played canicas during night time again

some other time

>be playing loteria late night
>not drunk or anything just a good family time, but very loud
>grandmother can't sleep because of noise and comes to tell us to stop playing, same storie, is late and the devil and all that usual mexican granma stuff
>we say that we'll keep it down, we do actually for a while
>but not for that long because soon the next cards wher el diablo, la calavera y la muerte in that order
>we all nope and look at each other
>fuck it we'll finish this tomorrow
>we dind't played loteria for a while after that
hah nice luck

My mom said she would sleep in the room with 8 brothers and sisters as a little kid and at night she would hear the canicas rolling on the floor still still making noise but by themselves at mightnight when everyone is asleep. They turn the lights on and nothing no movement.

She also mentioned something about an old lady ghost that would wonder around the house.
Holy shit anon, me too except it's my aunts house.
My aunt told me the same exact thing.
File: 1359677341852.png (328 KB, 651x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328 KB, 651x431
>Staying with Grandpa not too far from border
>Probably Christmas, been awhile
>Everyone goes to sleep
>Can't sleep from chronic fear of scorpions.
>Sitting there at like 3:00 AM
>Look out the window
>Fucking huge red eyed thing staring at me
>Slowly move around room
>It's following me
>Fuck that and try to sleep
>Wake up and go look for where it was standing
>Area where it was would have been straight down a steep ass hill

Probably Mothman or some shit
>gets chased by a large turkey
I lol'ed
>Next day he visits turkey doesn't attack, but noticed scars all over grandmother's legs
Mfw shit just got real
File: redrerew.jpg (6 KB, 284x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Off topic
Mexibros, saben como puedo evitar el servicio militar? hace 4 años que tengo depresión crónica y
pensaba usar eso como pretexto, porque tengo muchas cicatrices notables y una vez vi que un chileno uso ese pretexto y le funcionó,
pero pienso que me van a decir que se esperan a que se me pasé y luego lo vaya a hacer.
Fuck off I like Mexican people.
>American imageboard
Well, mexico is still in America, isn't it?
If you mean a 'murican imageboard, I'm sorry to tell you I've seen many Britons and Europeans around.
yo nunca lo hice...

doesn't look like any turkey vulture I've ever seen(assuming "buzzard" is some murican word or something)
No it's an English image board, but fuck it as long as images get posted.

my mother grew in the same circumstances in that same house, I think I probably heard that canicas noise, but maybe in another house, they do mention coins noise, that particular sound they make when you spin them and slowly hit the floor

another story not from that house but from the subs in the city we live

>be somewhat young again
>be celebrating one of the younger cousins birthday
>one of the cousins around my age starts to call me names, dickface, assface that kind of stuff
>the others follow, first to me then to each other but still mostly towards me
>again grandmother warns us not to be cursing, specially since is close to midnight and the devil and all of that again
>all cousins desist but the one who started it
>hey let's play escondidas (hide and seek?)
>first turn, one of the older cousins start to count
>I stay close and get safe prety fast, the cousin that started the cursing goes with one of the other elder cousins, but the elder cousin comes out not long after I do and gets safe
>the cursing cousin appears out of fucking nowhere runing at full speed, literaly beat the older cousin to count him
>he doesn't "get safe" he just gasp for air, he cannot speak also, we question him and just stutters, heart beating fast, eyes watered trying to cry, face pale full on despair
>we take him inside the hose, he starts to make some sence now
>he says eldiab over and over, one mentions el diablo? (the devil??)
>he agrees with his head

that was the end of the party, days later all pieces fell into place, they where hiding inside a small garden block with a big tree covering all, very dark, the older cousin gave him the cue to move out to safe but he didn't move, the cousin that saw the thing says that he didn't head the older cousin, and that when he realized he was alone, then he started to hear a deep laughter and turn to his back to see a large figure with a huge smile and very red eyes and that's when he ran.
Go home, the Internet is not the USA

that's known to be behavior of sasquatch in my area
kek you mean exorsist or run around naked
Pregunta o has un hilo en hispachan > /mex/
hispachan es una mierda. No gracias, una vez hice una en /b/ pero quería aprovechar que había carnales aquí pero gracias igual
They probably hustled this man
Im from Juarez too, top kek.
tahts a urban legen pretty cheassy and changes cording location
>in the original history the woman was the deseased mother of the one in the house
>also many say that she gives a ring or watch random jewelry to the taxi driver and ask to come back in the day to change it for money (you know it's old because honestly giving a ring back in todays mexico)
>The ring-watch-neckchain was something she was buried with and wanted to give her daugther
Reminder: You're an ignorant twat. Get your head out of your ass you fucking insignificant little bitch. :)

I saw the devil near my grandpa's ranch in Ojinaga. Willing to share if people care.

worst two words ever if combined
Take this shit up your ass if you must.
Go on mexibro
send some thugs to rape her, see if she likes it or turn to be more expressive. Tell the thugs to tell her they're angels trying to cleanse her with their holy cum.

>Cousin and I bored of playing gamecube all day in grandparents living room.
>Decide to go outside around dusk and walk around the outer gates
>Was around winter so the sun fell really fast
>We are near the entrance gate and witness a man smoking a cigarette walking along side of us around 10 ft away
>Notice that the cigarette always stayed on the same level and never changed its red color.
>My cousin and I notice that two glowing red eyes turned around and stared at us
>haul ass back to grandpa and tell him what we saw
>He hushes us and tells us not to go out at night
>The following morning we go back to that area and notice hove footprints walking the same direction as the so called man.
>shit bricks and never tell anybody ever again

We were young so nobody ever believed us any ways. It was around that time that we started finding out about my grandpa's dark past. He had run ins with witches and those lechuza. He ended up murdering a man in self defense and going to prison for a couple of years. My grandma told me they put a curse on our family.
as in they i ment the person's family.

The only evidence they claim is that my grandparents first born and their second born died in horrific deaths when they were around the age of my grandpa when the incident happened. One was murdered by a gf and the other was killed in a car accident.
De la verga anon que mala leche
I don't really believe in it. If anything the more you believe in the curse the more you manifest it. Yo se que my tia ablo con un adivino y le platico the la maldicion.
El adivino le hizo poner las naranjas en sus ventanas. Onced eso sucedió que dejé de creer en ella. lol
google translate sucks lol. Sorry I only speak spanish. Not good at writing it. I know. Freaking second generation mexicans.
File: 1376361110777.jpg (41 KB, 323x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Esta es una historia muy conocida en mi rancho

>vivir en un pueblo pequeño
>hay una señora ya anciana que tiene fama de ser bruja
>varios días antes de que alguien muera dice que habrá una fiesta el día de la muerte de la persona
>nunca se equivoca
>se dice que hace tiempo perdido ambos ojos
>pero que hizo un pacto satánico para recuperar su visión
>y el demonio le dio unos ojos de vidrio que son la fuente de su poder
>los habitantes del poblado ya spokiados deciden hacer algo
>mandan al más valiente (o pendejo) a que se meta a su casa y los robe
>esperan a que sea la próxima "fiesta" para ejecutar su plan
>el individuo espera fuera de la casa de la bruja hasta que se vaya
>se mete por la ventana no nota nada extraño y decide esperar escondido
>se hace de noche y la bruja llega bastante feliz
>se va directo a su cama y se quita sus ojos para ponerlos cerca de la ventana
>el joven ve su oportunidad, los toma si sale corriendo como alma que lleva el diablo
>poco después de que sale de la casa escucha un ruido desgarrador
>corre con todas su fuerzas
>voltea de reojo y nota a una especie de cuervo gigante siguiéndole en el cielo nocturno
>al fin llegue a una mansión de lo más elegante
>le dije al taxista ponte desodorante
>mirando mi reino finalmente pensé
>ha llegado el príncipe de todo bel-air
File: xl.jpg (4 KB, 256x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this kinda shit >>15040128
is what makes people post this kinda shit >>15036350

en serio necesitas preguntar eso en /x/? no tienes hermanos o amigos?
also, a lot of this mexican sure don't sound mexican to me.
wey, yo fui el que al principio dijo que en inglés para que no nos caguen los gringos.
Sólo hice una pequeña pregunta rápida en vez de hacer todo un thread de ello. Y no, no tengo amigos, por eso estoy en 4chan
ok i already posted a couple originals greentext so here goes another before bed

>be like 11yo summer vacation go visit gramps
>spend all day playing with cousin at big backyard with huge walls because of mexico
>at night whe stayed mostly playing super nintendo
>sometimes elder cousing goes partying
>if he comes back early(11pm) sober and >wants to play football with us
>sometimes he comes back late(2-3am) drunk >but stills goes and play football by himself
>he basicaly just kicks the ball hard to the walls
>normaly for 3-5mins like for my gramps to >know hes at home or because his drunk who knows
>but is like a regular thing for him
>one night whe where still playing until late, fucking last level
>be like 1-2 am
>whe start to ear the ball getting kicked and >how it crash with the walls constantly
>cousing room has a door to backyard
>think it'll be funny playing with him drunk
>go and open door to the backyard
>ball still there rolling on the floor but no sign of elder cousin
>lol whut
>whe think he's gonne to bed he was kicking a while so he got sleepy
>the backyard has 3 doors from cousin room the kitchen and hall to the living room
>so whe think nothing of it
>end final level and decide to go sleep
>ball starts to crash with the walls again big noise because all silent and eco from big walls
>think this pinche borracho cabron
>he must had water or snack from the kitchen and got at it again
>continues some a couple times really noisy
>whe go to sleep anyway
>morning after habing breakfast with gramps
>front door opens and elder cousin screams Ya llegue!!! (im back!!!)
>young cousin and i look at each other
>grantma ask if he wasn't already here because noise at the night
>he says no he sleeped at a friends house
>NOPE that night whe lock the door sleep early
>whe also get yelled because they though it was us playing

dad always says that the house was haunted worst but changed since grantdad died like he kicked the old ghost but shit happens
No hagas el puto servicio y ya wey
My aunt used to live in a ranch with her mom (my grandma) and her grandpa (my great grandpa) and I asked her if she had any spooky stories to tell from those times.

A little back story, my great-grandpa lived on a large plot of land, he built two houses on this land and a lot of people worked for him so they called him 'Amo', however this land he lived on was very old, and there were a lot of bandit attacks, so people died often, and as a result, spooky shit happens.

1st story
>be great granddad
>one early morning a tenant comes to his house all spooked
>She says someone was in her house the previous night.
>thinking it might be a bandit, great grandpa decids to wait in the house during the night to see who it is and catch hem.
>that evening, sure enough a person shows up
>its a woman
>great grandpa and tenant are both shocked
>the woman runs out of the room and out the back door
>great grandpa and tenant follow her outside
>there's no one there

2nd story
>great grandpa has a mule he loves very much, he raised it from birth
>one day the entire family is having dinner
>suddenly a loud thump is heard by everyone
>my aunt swears that she heard a load moan say 'AMMMMMMMOOOOOOOO' from outside
>great grandpa immediately runs outside to the guamuchil
>the mule is on the floor, dead.
>nothing wrong with her, no bleeding, no bruises, just dead.

3rd story in another post.
File: ElMorro_Cerro.jpg (64 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 600x450
>great grandpa has a friend that lives on the other side of a cerro
>every so often he makes the trip on foot to bring my grandpa some crops that he harvested
>melons, nuts, mango
>Everytime the friend makes the trip, they have drinks and great grandpa invites the friend to stay the night because the walk back takes a full day.
>friend would sleep in the kitchen downstairs
>one day the friend arrives completely out of breath
>great grandpa asks him whats wrong
>friend still can't talk so he just puts a raised index finger to each side of his head
>great grandpa looks shocked and asks him 'are you sure?'
>friend nods yes.
>aunt is watching this unfold and she understood what the friend meant as well
>the devil is in the mountain
>immediately great grandpa goes into full happening mode.
>he tells my great grandma that she and the kids are to sleep in the kitchen that evening and they will be locked in.
>and these aren't tiny little master brand locks, these are giant iron locks that require a big ass key
>great grandpa tells friend "te va a buscar, hoy en la noche va a venir por ti'
>they both go into the stable
>there they store the tools they need everytime they have to travel the cerro on foot.
>they return with large machetes
>my aunt along with my grandma and my great grandma retreat into the kitchen and lock themselves inside.
>my great grandpa planned on waiting for whatever the fuck to come for his friend, and then hack it to pieces

I wish I could give a definitive ending to this story, but this happened like 50 years ago, and my aunt doesn't remember what happened afterwards. I'll ask her to see if she's got any more stories to tell.
These are called nahuales i think, something like that happened to my grandma

>some guy proposes to her, offers her parents some lands and money, the usual stuff back then, guy is rich and has a bad reputation (has a lot of women, drinks a lot, mistreats his children etc)
>nigga is old as shit, like 49 iirc, she's 13-14 at the time, grandma always told me she was still a kid at that age, ie no breasts or anything, literally a loli, but she was the prettiest girl there (seriously)
>his dad was your stereotypical hardass macho, but he always cared for his wife and especially her daughter, he used to drink a lot but never in front of them, and he never hurt his wife
>"yeah no fuck off bruh, or i'll shoot you in the ass"
>dude says he'll regret it
>grandma had sheeps and chickens, more or less like 30 of each, 3 dogs and 2 cows
>cow dies, looks like the fucking chupacabras got it
>chickens start dying, it looks like someone stepped on them and then ate the innards
>sheeps just dissapear
>grandma's dad now keeps the cow inside the house (kek)
>one day the kill his favorite dog (named "Mugroso")
>"nigga you done fucked up"
>starts patroling his lands with all his brothers and 4 of his friends
>they find some big ass wolf a week later, he was about to steal another sheep
>one of his friends shoots him
>yells like a possesed woman or some shit, erryone gets spooked and doesn't follow the animal
>the rich guy ended up leaving the town, apparently he got "shot" in a bar fight

Mind you, this was like in 1930 or so.

I dunno why but these stories seem extra spooky
cabron estupido...
Best candies.

>mfw pulparindos, bubu lubu, mazapan, those watermelon lollipops and cocadas

No wonder everyone is fat here, even the children
>Mother used to practice brujeria
>she worships la muerte
>claims that she once saw it at a party
>told me she used to see black blobs near my crib when i was a baby
>used to see weird shit as a kid
>heard people yell my name, saw once a floating bearded man with a red light around him outside my room
>had a dream where i visited my great grandma house and in her bed i fond a skeleton
>a week later she dies
>recently has been seeing shadows and some weird white creatures in the corner of my eye
>ive heard whispering coming from my earphones
No lo hagas hasta que adelgaces algo, porque algo me dice que eres demasiado obeso y te da pena hacerlo, asumiendo que ya tienes la cartilla tienes hasta los 40 para realizarlo, yo tuve suerte y me toco bola blanca (o era negra?) y ya no tengo que hacer nada, solo voy por mi cartilla en diciembre y ya.

Tambien me han dicho que si te convierstes en un jehova's witness te dejan en paz.

Oh shit i forgot.

>burgers burgers burgers barbara streisand feminism doritos tumblr xbox mountain dew homosexuality FREEDOM
Here's one I heard from my mom

>mom's young, like 7
>has younger twin brothers
>one of them is sick with a high fever
>grandma goes out for medicine
>asks my mom to keep him warm
>grandma comes back
>mom tells grandma he's complaining about chills
>grandma tells her to make sure the window is closed, the air must be coming in
>checks window, locked
>he's hearing voices now
>grandma chalks it up to delusion
>they both step out to get him a bucket of cold water and towels
>he's dead Jim
>window is open

Let it be noted that I have heard of this twin from multiple family members, and he did die young. I've never brought up the story to my grandma though, as she entered a deep depression afterwards and I know it's a touchy subject

as someone living in the States right now, I can tell you, nothing compares to those fruit-shaped gummies covered in sugar. All American gummies taste like artificial ass in comparison

>echate unas x mi

That's just NSA spying on you

When people start having trouble regulating their body temperature (hypothermia or too hot), their mind starts playing tricks on them. Often, people who have died of hypothermia will be found with close to no clothes on because at the last moments on their lives, they thought they were too hot with their clothes on.

Her brother prolly just opened the window cause he had a moment of feeling too hot

Well, I can't say I was there to confirm or deny the possibility

It's the only spoopy story I have though, outside of dreams and crap I've had but those don't count for this thread
Yo. Story. For mexibros, you guys have heard of lechusas?
Grandmothers story:
>Grandpa used to travel the states to work the railroad while grandma stayed in Mexico
>Grandpa had side action
>While grandma was in town trading farmed good, a lady comes up to her and claims grandpa is hers
>Grandma says "Hell no bitch."
>A couple of months later, grandpa is home from making railroads
>They're in bed and grandma is hearing strange noises outside
>Looks out the window and sees an owl fly down, turn into a human silhouette and walk away
jajajaja pinche mierdaaa lo lei todo
My grandma's ranch has many stories as well about the fireball witches.
There was a huge river where they lived and a tree sort of deep inside the river.
>Be my great uncle
>Is walking from his house to my grandma's house
>It's really foggy and it's dark, he has a flashlight with him, no street lights.
The walk is a bit long.
>All the sudden he sees a fireball and it's like he's hypnotized and starts following it
>He keeps following it for a while and starts to see more fireballs
>He notices the tree and that's when he snaps back and he realizes that he is pretty deep in the river, the water is all the way up to his neck.
>He sees that the tree is surrounded by those fireballs
>Gets freaked out and starts running out of the river all the way to make my grandma's house.
They think the were trying to get him killed.
We no necesitas la cartilla mierdalitar para nada, no hagas el servicio y ya
My grandma used to live in a ranch where a lot of weird stuff happened.
>Be this 14 year old dude from the ranch
>Riding horse from the hills back to the ranch
>Dark as hell and the only one on that trail.
>Start hearing noises coming from the bushes on the left side, noises are following me
>Then I hear galloping behind me, like out of nowhere.
>Gets faster and closer
>All the sudden feel a really hot sensation on my back
When this happened he was already close to the ranch
>Scream in horror and pain
>Horse starts going faster but I can hear the galloping coming from behind
>Finally reach the ranch and the galloping stops
They said they heard the screams but when they asked the dude couldn't talk for days and when they checked his back they saw slashes on both sides, he still has the scars and he never dared to go out there at night again.
i got a good one

>moms from nayarit
>she lives in a pueblo
>streets are made from pebbles
>a large creek runs through the whole pueblo
>story goes on that creek a long time ago alot people died from flooding or someshit
>i go and visit
>house next to us is abandon and broken down
>fucking creepy as fuck
>grandma tells story of hearing horses hooves at night
>says its the devil looking for more souls
>been there for 3 days
>night comes i fucking hear clacking outside
>i fucking swear my body freezes cold sweat
>nope the fuck out
>im sleeping in the living room my mom is the back of the casita
>i feel like my legs are pulled from underneath me
>go into fetal position
>noises continue
>close my eyes as hard as i could
>morning comes
>for some reason i look under the bed and
>fucking doll is underneath there all creeped out
>fuck that place
Another Juarezbro here. From Erendira carnales. I'll bump with a story.

> Be mi tío
> Female friend asks for help to group of compas to move some stuff on her new house
> Couple of friends arrive early and knock on the barandal
> Her abuelita se asoma por la ventana
> No esta anons, no estén chingando
> mecargalavergavenimosdeoquis.nomames
> Let's call her cellphone
> smartguys.bin
> What up anons I'm on the patio i'll go open the door
> Your abuelita just told us through the window that you were not here
> wut
> There's nobody in the house but me
> She noped the fuck out of the house and didn't go back inside not even for her shoes

Kind of lame story but I believe it because I know mi tío.

Another Juarez dude... from Jilotepec. The fuck is up with all of you gathering on /x/
la llorona is the best story.

wow, this is sudenly funny again
> Be upper middle class white male child living in SoCal
>Truck full of illegal immigrants makes it all the way to San Diego with popo in pursuit
> Manages to escape into the canyon behind my neighborhood
> We were all ordered to lock our doors and turn off our lights while cops searched everywhere
>The Mexicans were caught with weapons and drugs

Just out of curiosity, are the younger generations in Mexico also superstitious like the parents/grandparents seem to be?
Or is it more due to living in rural areas?
I don't believe in them, neither does my dad. I think it's just the rural areas.
Well it depends on how your parents raised you and how involved in your heritage are, but meh. you could say we are supersticious as any other nationality when strange things start to happen.
>I'm mexicant

Even if i respect that part of my culture, i dont really believe in that shit
However, a lot of cartel members are extremely superstitious, theres a malverde church in my city and when you dont even have to get in to know its full of drug dealers: the whole car park is full of Hummers, Vipers, Escalade, etc
Apparently, the drug dealers thing that by praying to him they can go Holmes's style and they can still go to heaven
Just old generations, or if the child pass time with his grandpops.
And i guess that is mostly believed in rural areas
Yup, my grandpa says it was a nahual. And maybe i sound Stupid but i would like to know some one who is a nahual lol

this on of the best

This has an aura . . .
Even scarier is that your continent-squatting ass is far from your ancestral land and the bones of your ancestors.Cultureless nigger.
So... I just recently moved to Cuernavaca and don't really have many friends, anyone know of some interesting places I could go to?

Si quiere trabajar en el gobierno sí la necesita pero

>empleado de gobierno

Stfu, you filthy contient-squatter, you're wetter than any "wetback" around.Go back you Europe on a colonist ship - fucking wet/oceanback..
This is a story from Colombia. This guy lives next door to my grandma and looks fucking insane. This is apparently the story of how he got insane.

>Very devoted Christian preacher who is respected by the community
>He would go to peoples houses and pray, talk, etc.
>He has a five year old son who unexpectedly dies from leukemia
>The man is distraught and obviously depressed
>About 2 weeks after sons death there's a knock on the door
>It's some weird dude
>"If you want to see your son again walk up the mountain trail and go to the house with the red flower garden"
>Guy leaves and this preacher is surprised and confused
>Goes to my grandma since she's his neighbor and he tells her
>Grandma tells him to definitely not go
>Curiosity gets the best of him and he does as the man tells him
>Finally gets to the house with the red flower garden
>Knocks on the door
>The person to open the door was his dead son
>Runs full speed to my grandmas house and tells her
>My grandma says that's the last time she ever talked to him

My grandma lives in a town called Quinchia in Colombia. It's up in the mountains. The nearest hospital is 2 hours away. It's really beautiful but there's a lot of weird shit going on there. I have more if anyone is interested.
Please go on.
File: 23958273.jpg (39 KB, 438x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One of my great-uncles/relatives or whatever fought alongside Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution and amassed a great wealth which he hid in a cave. Only blood relatives are supposed to be the only ones to be able to access the treasure because his apparition appears and scares off any outsider who may wander inside looking for the treasure.

Unfortunately, if you haven't guessed, nobody knows where the treasure is.
fucking bubu lubus man that adictive even on that price, planing on go to the states a couple years you know if they sell those or something like them
also Krankis man fucking Ricolino

Also apparently my grandma's house in Mexico is haunted by one of my late-uncles who died at a young age.

My grandma has had items thrown at her. Other things moved around from one place to another.

I've heard second hand accounts from a cousin of mine who stayed there for a while. He said that he would hear footsteps coming from the upstairs floor even though he was the only one in the house.
mmmnnhh not sure if you writed "doritos" in english or mexicanishs
watch your back here in texas whe don't like your "Sabritas"
Made me jajaja
After reading these stories, it's not just me/x/icans who have a lot of these encounters, you can find similar stories all over Latin America, I'm from panama, we have la tulivieja which is la llorona with a different name, we also have lechusas, duendes, brujas, etc... Maybe it's something cultural or maybe it's something real. Anyways back on topic, I can't green text from phone but I got a couple of good ones from both me personally and family members:

My uncles told me once that when he was younger he used to drink heavily, one night he was drunk and driving back home because DUI weren't a thing back in those days, he was passing through some woods late at night when he saw a woman in all white walk Infront of his car. He swerved and slammed on the brakes to avoid her, he ended up spinning out in the middle of the road and coming to a stop. He caught his breath and immediately sobered up. He walked out of the car to investigate, but no sign of this woman anywhere. He took a piss and got back in the car, turned around and headed home, he happened to glance back in the rear view and saw the woman, she opened her mouth as to scream, she let out a shriek so loud it shattered the rear window, he said her mouth opened wide like a snakes. He slammed the brakes once again and came to a stop. Looked back and saw no one in the back seat, only thing back there was the glass that was shattered from the rear window.

He never drove that road at night or drunk after that.

I got a couple more if anyone is interested.
File: 1399507233447.gif (1 MB, 250x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 250x205
I can't find the video anymore, but it's that one where the statues where moving in some abandoned place, and you actually see the statue blink in the video. I'd love to see that shit again.
it mostly rural areas but it's like america many people belive many don't like 50/50
there are still paranormal programs fulls of shit that do stupid investigations for audience
a while ago they catched a lechusa(owl?) and claimed it was a witch
whe also have a radio program "la mano peluda"(the hairy hand) that's similar to "coast to coast" but more spooky only paranormal and horror storys for all night
You mean the White Snow statue in Veracruz, place in an old park?
That pic is of Zapata and his brother.
>White Snow statue in Veracruz
Here it is, I remember my cousin telling me about this and showing me the video.
File: fuck this I'm out.webm (634 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck this I'm out.webm
634 KB, 960x540
nice emails fags.
how new???

Lol I bet you have European blood too so you should go back aswell.
good thread, will eat tacos tonight in appreciation
go fuck yourself
hell no bro
tamarindo and chile stuff tastes like shit
es pura mierdaaaa
na fuck off cunt.
File: 65454546.png (11 KB, 425x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tried to draw a basic outline of my buelo's house but you get the gist.

>Witchcraft practicing woman who lived right inside my grandma's property in the little shack on the right moves.
>Grandpa cleaning up the place after her because she left a fucking mess.
>His dog had puppies and one of the puppies has been gone for a while.
>Gets to room with only the bed.
>Starts stuffing sheets into trash bag.
>Hears loud thump in another room.
>Goes to check. Nothing.
>Immediately walks back.
>On bed there is a pile of organs. No bones, no skin.
>Small like the missing puppy's.
>Wonders how the fuck that mass of organs got there in the six seconds he went to check the noise.
>NOPES outta there.

Apparently that lady always tried sprinkling shit and trying to put spells on them. Great grandma always would wash off stuff with bleach. I remember looking at my buelo's front door and noticing a bump on it. It was a skull hanging on the cross, with white paint over it to conceal it with the door.

Anyone know what that's for? Either way, he moved out since he became a US citizen.
big property now is US resident
posting on internet like nothing
you're gonna get kidnaped anon
Nah, it was pretty small. And that was back in the 90s, he doesn't own the area he lived in anymore. He didn't own the space that lady lived in either, I just worded it wrong. He had to clean it up because whoever was going to own that lot wanted to demolish the house the crazy lady left behind. And being the asshole that she was (I heard stories) she didn't do it so the job was left to him. He didn't own the business though. He was more of a distributor for whoever ordered something from the company he worked for, and since there was an okay space there, they moved some of the merchandise there. "Warehouse" is too nice of a way to put it though. More like a regular room with a bunch of shit piled in. It was pretty much just dishware, cooking utensils, and like, cabinets. Just had no other name to call it.

So I mean, anyone trying to kidnap anyone from the family wouldn't get anything, since he owns nothing there, lives in a crappy house, and is poor as hell. And we're not that better off lol

I'm thinking storage closet? Store room? Tool Shed?

>Como un almacen no?
Actually yeah, I think the correct word would be storage room.
Thanks anon
I'm talking Tina, and I don't like you.
good try really nice ;)
but your not fooling anyone
That's obviously bullshit because the Murican posted that BEFORE the mexibro did. People do that because they're dumb assholes from America.
Bitch tamarind shits on you. Basic ass nigga.
Is that from The Twilight Zone?
Good shit.
Carlos Quinto chocolates - THE best
Yup! Love that shit.
>1930's mexico
>be abuelito, a young man
>traveling on donkey, living that ranchero life
>travel to other town for some shit, probably for farm shit or to bone some puta
>town is fucking far, not unusual for him to travel there overnight
>locals think he is a pendejo for traveling at night, cause of robbers and animals
>gramps doesn't give a fuck, has gun
>passes this forest or maybe something like a dense overbrush
>"forest" is notorious by locals for being cursed or frequented by brujas
>nobody fucking lives there due to that
>3 AM, traveling back home, alone
>pitch fucking black
>a new born baby starts wailing
>wailing gets louder
>gramps thinks he sees figures nearby in some bushes
>hears whispering and crying
>sees a bright otherworldly red light to his side
>light starts to get brighter, wailing intensifies
>fuck this shit, it's el diablo
>hauls ass out of there
Bullshit, this a well known urban legend in mexico, step it up
kek, all this image needs for your stereotypical mexican is an altar to el santo in the background
10/10 anon, would read again.
>Greatgrandpa fighting the devil with a machete
How can someone be so badass.
Read some paranormal stories from 1980's mexico or older, it seems like mexican men were unable to give a, ghosts? werewolf? possesed people? the devil? pffft, fuck them, this is my house/money/lands.
Please continue.
This is actually a legend from the country i come from , not mexico really , its a legend from el salvador, the "carreta chillona" supposedly it follows drunk or tired men home , then when you turn its not there.
Just curious Mexicanons, what is the public opinion on the worship of Santa Muerte?Is it considered absolutely batshit or just eccentric?
It's just like praying to the devil and other edgy shit like that.
You don't mess with El Santo
Happened to my grand grandpa in México, my friend
If you were raised Catholic it's seen as almost blasphemous.

basically what >>15047506 said. Just like praying to the devil
¿Que onda pinches animales?
Si saben algunos programas del radio al estilo de la mano peluda? ¿O programas de television como septima puerta o archivos del mas Allah?
Bullshit, they are little white lizards, they eat spiders and scorpions, they are called "besuconas" because of the kiss-like sound they make. Witches turn into bigger animals.
>"archivos del más allah"
Search "Más allá de la realidad" the guy narrates good stuff plus his master got the weird psicofonia of all times, or at least he said it.
stay mad cletus
File: 1366346939357.jpg (23 KB, 450x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 450x600
Supposedly it's not supposed to be bad, per se, because you're worshiping death, but from what I've seen it's always people who practice witchcraft and/or worship demons or the devil who do that shit.

My uncle used to buy a lot of that demon looking crap from the flea market and once bought a Santa Muerte statue from the store. Needles to say after that, this freaky ass black shadow kept harassing him and his family, so my aunt called a priest to bless the house. She said there's this one spot in the bathroom where you can feel the presence, and there's a physical spot there that hasn't changed its brown color no matter how many times it's been painted over. Kind of like it's been trapped there. Idk either way, his atheist ass worships God now.
>The scariest Mexican story there is being a mexican
The scariest Mexican story there is being a mexican
Paleta payaso taste like shit buey.
Tell you aunt to convert to Catholicism and stop worshiping the redneck version of Jesus Christo, maybe shit like this wouldn't happen, if your not catholic your not Mexican.
bumpity bump
File: 1404904287996.gif (938 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
938 KB, 400x225
>if you're not Christian, you're not Mexican
What a fuckhead
When the day of the sword comes, all non Catholics shall die.
Well whatever that shit is, if you buy an statue and put it somewhere inside the house of an skeptic without him or her knowing its there they will notice subtle changes like someone whispering, crying at night, things dissapear and shit like that, probably the only paranormal shit ive seen that does work
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