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Creepy Phone Calls thread?
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Creepy Phone Calls thread?

Creepy phone calls thread
"Hello, sir. This is Doug from Microsoft, we have reason to believe your computer is carrying a virus."

Lisa's 911 call.


Turns out the family was okay, but it's creepy as fuck to listen to regardless. Not really paranormal, though.

If anyone has any PARANORMAL phone calls, that'd be the stuff.
My dad got a missed call from one of his worker's who died. (His own tractor ran over him, he died in the hospital) and when he called back the number was disconnected. Shit was scary.
I had that happen.

Dude was a heavy breather cause he was kinda overweight.

Well, he died and phone rang at 4:00 am a few weeks later. About the time he'd get up from work.

Picked up the phone and could hear breathing. So I hit *69 figuring I was gonna give some asshole a piece of my mind.

The call came from his apartment.

So yes I had a legit WHO WAS PHONE for real.
>be me
>be 11
>playing crash bandicoot
>my fav game from childhood
>phone rings
>act like I ignore it
>phone rings again not 1 minute later
>don't answer
>3rd time it rings
>pissed off
>"hello" bit I say all angry
>"don't be mad"
>"I hear it in your voice"
>"what're you calling about"
>"it's going to be okay"
>say "wrong number"
>still don't know what was going to be okay
That was the day I started answering in a nice tone
There was this fucker who would call the phone at work in the cafeteria.

He'd ring that phone for like a full hour.

Eventually I got pissed and I answered on day and heard a black man's voice asking for some girl.

That's what it was all about. Psycho McBoyfriend had his bitch on a short leash and he'd just ring and ring that phone until she answered.

No matter how long it took.
Why was the phone being ignored at first?
It was in a cafeteria.

It was just awkward that this phone was ringing. I guess it would just seem 'rude' to pick up a phone to answer a call not intended for you.

Eventually I decided this kind of social conditioning was fucking dumb and I picked up the phone.

After he did it again I would just answer the phone, say nonsense shit and hang it up.

>"Dancing pork chops." *click*
>"Solar walrus." *click*
>be me
>parents are on vacation
>renovating my house, big mess, so I sleep at their place
>middle of the night, their phone rings
>ringtone volume over 9000, because old folks
>scared shitless
>scared because perhaps something happened to my parents
>pick up the phone
>I hear noise, clearly someone there, no answer
>caller hangs up on me
>few hours later check with my parents
>everything is fine and they didn't call.gif
>next night
>phone rings
>I pick up again
>noise, caller hangs up
>this happens every night
>contact the phone company for records about those calls
>"it's a private number sir, you need to fill in all these forms"
>decide to turn the ringtone volume on low
>if there is a call, not picking that shit up
>phone rings...
>phone rings for quite a while before it stops
>quiet now, time to try to get some sleep
>suddenly noise outside
>twigs and shit, like somebody is in the garden
>I go downstairs, cranky + full of adrenaline
>I grab the wrench I had with me, ready to bring the pain
>turn all the lights on, shitload of noise in the garden, must be a person
>I go outside, lock the door again, gonna track that shit
>in the morning see footprints everywhere in the garden
>inform the cops, but they can't do shit
>the phone calls stop
>no more "visitors"
>parents come back home a few days later

After a month or so the cops called my parents. Turns out the travel agency sold addresses + phone numbers to burglars. The burglars would call to check if someone was home, and if not, make their move.
Stay alive, yo.
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I'm surprised no one posted "Who was phone" yet
I signed up for the Call in the Night program. It's basically a thing you sign up for and they call you at 4 am in the morning and connect you with another user to talk about your dreams or other things. So I was up the whole night and I got the call and I replied "Hello?" And I heard a deep demonic voice reply back "Hello". I got quite scared due to it was 4 in the morning and a fucking psycho was connected too me. But I paused after he said Hello and it was just silent, i then asked , "so uh, what's going on" and right as I finished it muttered something out but it was too deep and I heard something rubbing again the phone. Right after that I was disconnected and the swirling portal and eerie wind blowing noise that signals that you were being reconnected to someone else came on. It creeper me the fuck out.
This one time I was on my way to the bathroom at 2AM when the phone rang. Someone on the other end just said "They're coming soon. Maybe you should think twice about opening the door."
This happened to my fiance yesterday. He was at work and received a phone call. He gave them the usual rundown, "Hello, this is (name), thanks for called Home Depot, how can I help you?". Then this deep, gruff male voice says "How is your new apartment?". My fiance answers "Who is this?" and there is just silence on the other end. We recently moved into our own place. I'm honestly a little worried, so I've started carrying a knife with me.
I heard that that one was a reenactment of a call that actually did happen. The dispatcher mentions Lisa's name before she actually knows her name.
ever since i was a child i hated picking up the phone because i thought a dead person was on the other end.
i had a reason to be afraid, since my great great grandmother called an hour ago.
Sims. Nice try :^)
>at work
>answer phone
>sounds static-y
>can hear an older gentlemen in the background
>says "put the dog in the back"
>stay on the line because bored
>minutes later i can hear a young girl mumbling something
>older guy says "didn't know a girl so young could suck dick so good"
>creeped out
>little while later he says "youre going to make me cum"
>i proceed to hear them fucking
>girl is moaning loudly
>too much for me, end the call
>30 seconds later they call back
>answer, same thing, sounds like phone is a couple feet away from them
weirded me the hell out, i mean i thought they had called by accident the first time but i guess not. hope she wasnt raped
Had to post this

I wouold freak the shit out of me if I'd be the one receiving this call. Good prank though.
>in the dentist's office getting a crown replaced
>phone starts vibrating
>keeps vibrating
>can't do anything about it
>40 minutes later I finally check who it was
>three calls from a restricted number
Fucking hell I can't even call back to see who it was
>last year
>mobile phone starts ringing
>wake up
>check time, it's 3AM
>look at incoming call
>"Unidentified caller"

I don't know, at the moment it sent shivers down my spine. Hung up and hid under my sheets.

that was fucking scary bro
please see

but it wasn't OK, was it?
These ones are always scarier to me because burglary is real and can happen to anyone, not some dumb "spoopy skelington call" shit.
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I was alone at home and the phone rang. No biggie, I've answered a phone before. So I whip it up out of the charger and answer. 'Hel-' and I was cut out by a woman voice saying 'After the tone.' Then the standard English tone which sounded off about 10 times(?) And then a slight buzzing sound followed by a man saying a whole bunch of words which if I remember correctly were 'Tango, Hotel, Echo, November *Beep Beep Beep* Whiskey, Hotel, Oscar, *Beep Beep Beep* Whiskey, Alpha, Sierra *Beep Beep Beep* Papa, Hotel, Oscar, November Echo *Beep Beep extended Beep*
This was then followed by a weird ass dial tone, alternating in a higher and lower pitch.

There was then a sudden tap on the window, and through our thin curtains I could see a thin, hunched disfigured shadow extending one horrible lanky finger to my window.
I didn't dare approach nor glance through the curtains but as I sped out the door to the other room a horrible, horrible screech came from behind me as the finger cut through the glass.

I heard a scream and remember falling backwards and awaking the next day in my bed.

Needless to say bricks were shat
yeah that sounds like they were calling to case the joint. probably saw your folks were going out of town too. Ask them if anyone they would suspect of that type of thing live in the neighborhood.

Similar thing happened to my neighborhood. nothing paranormal but alot cars were getting broken into periodically. one of those "golf dads" that doesn't seem to have a job because hes always around but makes bank somehow stayed up all night for over a week and nothing. then he and I are talking I tell him I'm worried about it to since a)privileged white kid, dont want my shit stolen and b)mom had cancer so she was in a very vulnerable position sleeping on the ground floor in a hospice bed.

we stay up one night smoking cigars on his closed in patio, our mutual concern for the neighborhood being the only thing in common when bam a car stops and the end of the street all ghosted and some crackheads pile out and start rummaging cars. they know exactly where to look and shit, looked very organized by now.

I wanna call the cops because theres only one way in or out of the neighborhood, but neighborman says last time he did that the kids ran into the fields/woods as soon as headlights show, leaving the car (stolen last time).

they get to his neighbors cars (a few houses down from me) and they are going thru stuff. as they finish up and walk across my neighborman's yard he gets up, walks out swinging the screen door all "dont give a damn" and unloads a few shots into this kids lower body.

I didn't even know he had the handgun on him, I brought my 'equilizer' (a wooden katana deal my bro bought me that we put a length of iron thru so it would be more solid if needed to actually use it). the other people scatter and cops are called. whole neighborhood is up at this point.

turns out it was kids who lived in the neighborhood that had their friends do the whole thing. imagine thieving out of your own neighborhood, then almost dying when you get caught.
She knew her name cuz she got all the info with the phone number through data base.
>Be me
>Be 16 (18 now)
>Get done reading "BEN DROWNED"
>Loved it
>"Like" a "BEN" page on facebook
>Message page owner for fun
>End up talking quite a bit
>They try to tell me after a while the shit was real, like the moon children. And that Jadusable is just lying about it being a story.
>Tell them I keep an open mind but I don't believe that shit
>They don't really care, we remain friends
>Over the course of a month they keep me curious but I never really believe.
>Find "moon children" website (not the actual one from the ARG, but the website thats basically screenshots of all the pages from the actual one)
>See "contact" page
>Fill out contact form for jokes, but give fake number (don't really need prank calls from some site owner to fuck with me)
>Press "send"
>Page moves nowhere
>Week later get call late at night from blocked number when sleeping
>Hear gurgling and shit
>Ask "hello?"
>Unintelligable language
>Gurgling again and strange music
>They hang up
> e.e
When I was 14 or 15 I was really into comics. Image came out with a line called Cliffhanger. One of the comics was called BattleChasers drawn by Joe Madureira (MAD!) he was my favorite artist at the time from uncanny xmen. I saved up all my money and mailed away to get this issue #1 variant chrome cover (back during the insane variant cover 90's).

>anxiously await the mail everyday
>weeks go by with nothing
>mom asks why im anxious for the mail
>don't explain since she would flip at the amount of dosh I spent on it and it was my first real thing I ever bought with my own money
>eventually stop being excited to get home to see if my package arrived.
>now every day reminds me of being scammed, which I was certain of now
>on day phone rings
>mom yells "anon phones for you"
>weird my only real friend is over right now...
>maybe grandma! I love grandma!
>run to the phone ready to chat it up
>person on phone: "may I speak to a mr....madureira?
>"no one here by that name sorry and hangup.jpg
>internally know the name as soon as she says it
>never told anyone about the package, it was my little secret to myself
>never listed a phone number on order form since im 14 and dumb (and we were on the no call list even back then)

Years later I learned that if you mail out for those issues they can run out since its very limited runs so it explains never getting anything. ask my mom about it as a grownup and she says she honestly has no clue about any of it, she really didn't know anything about the comic or me mailing it. she does remember the strange call asking for me around that time and me casually just 'noneyabiznitch' after I hung up (as a parent you would remember the first time your child tries to really hide something from you, the child thinking they were so smart, and you the parent letting them have that little imaginary victory as she said it).
those are almost always drunk ex's.
You sure it didn't say "November, Alpha, Tango, Oscar" *beep beep beep* "Alpha, Lima, Papa, Hotel, Alpha, Bravo, Echo, Tango" ?
My dad has a old business line hooked up in his garage. He got it back in the day for his mechanic business. He stopped using it/giving it out when he became a truck driver. No one ever calls it and he doesn't give it out. When someone calls the line, a beeping goes off inside the house.

>Beep beep beep
>Go to garage, find the phone on shelf after looking
>"Yeah is (my dad's name) there?"
>"Who's this?"
>"You should call his cellphone."
>"....I don't have it."
>"Who was this again?"
>"...Micha-- Marky."
(I know for fact the guy almost said "Michael".)
>"Okay, "Marky". I'll tell him you called."
>I hang up and call my dad.

Dad doesn't know anyone named Michael or Marky. He can't even remember the last time someone called the phone.

>Next day
>Beep beep beep
>I go out and answer the phone
>"Who's this?"
>"Where's my jeep?"
>"Don't know, dude."
>He hangs up on me
>Never get another call on the line

My dad never worked on a jeep. He only worked on trucks for people at the local Moose Lodge. (Most of which have passed away by now.)
oh shit nigga, I remember shitting my pants when I heard that in the game
>Ring ring ring
>Are you alone in home?
>Yeah why?
>How old are you?
>9 why?
>Where are your parents?
>At mall, they will be back in 5 hours why?
>Whats your direction?
>Ok ill be right there
>omg nuuuuhhhh
>1 hour later
>Nock nock nock
>shit, must he him
>I hide
>in circles
>he gets in
>omg ill bring my sword
>i fight him
>he bites me
>fuck no ill turn into a chupacabra too
>i pass out
>i wake up, look at the mirror, mfw im a chupacabra
>hes there waiting for you
>gets me to a place where chupacabras live
>apparently its an alien race
>i make friends
>meet a hot qt14 gf
>fuck her
>have babies
>get married
>life is good
>i take the phone
>trael to past
>call a 9 years old kid
>Are you in home alone?
This actually happened.
I used to work at a suicide hotline and got some pretty weird calls. Anyone interested?
Always. Theres always someone lurking anon.
Here goes nothing.
> Be from 1996-1999
> Work at a suicide hotline in a relatively small Canadian town
> The job is very simple and I work the night shifts often
> This was during the height of the "goth" culture period so most of the calls are just sad teenagers who are easy to talk down
> Get some serious calls too, and sadly a few live deaths over audio
> One night working shift at around 1 AM
> Only person working my section that night
There were three sections in the whole center, one was designated for the hotline, another for calls from older people in need of assistance; and then a police dispatch. They were separated into three different buildings.
> Get a call during a relatively quiet period
> Turn off game I was playing on the office PC and answer
> "Hello you've reached New Day Suicide Hotline, let's talk."
> Completely silence for about 30 seconds and then a huge blast of harsh noise into my ear
> Literally sounds like someone placed Merzbow over their speakers into the phone
> Let out a startled yelp and then it stops the next second
> Person is still on the other line
> "Sir, if you're calling to prank me I assure you we do not stand for this and will contact the auto-"
> Get cut off
> Something speaks to me in a lush, robotic voice
> "Does the night scare you?"
> Click
> No calls for the rest of the night
I got more.

> Working another night during December of 1997
> I absolutely love the Winter and it's edging close to Christmas time
> Sadly, the stats are true about Christmas time suicide so I'm picking up extra shifts to try to help out more and so I can buy my then girlfriend (Now wife, woohoo!) more gifts
> Get into work at 12 PM
> I'm a huge fan of the cold so I open one of the windows near my cubicle and set down my coffee
> Get ready to start taking calls
> Literally the second I sit down my phone goes off on my desk
> "Hello you've reached New Day Sui-"
> Get cut off again
> "What!?"
> Hear a loud slamming on the phone
> Click
> Get address from the phone
> Close the window and run to the police sector with the address
> Officers go to address after I inform them of the call
> Find a woman in there dead from being beaten with a shovel
> Kids never turn up
Oh yes. Please more.
Just remembered what really bothered me about that woman's call. Why the fuck did she call our hotline?
> Be 1997, January
> Took a week off a while ago after the woman calls in
> Go in for a night shift
> Sit down, the usual
> Get a call
> "Hello you've reached New Day-"
> The same blast of noise from the first call happens
> "Who is this!?"
> "I still have the shovel."
> Click
> Give number to the cops
> They trace it back to a phone booth
> Phone booth is miles away from the hotline building and even farther from where the woman was beaten to death
>be 19
>be house sitting for the weekend
>have a house phone that only telemarketers call between noon and 8
>anyone we actually care about has our cellphone numbers.

>be 3am
>phone rings, scares the crap out of me because it's loud
>answer. some dude in a thick mid-west accent asking for some guy name mark jacobson.
>"sorry guy, wrong number"
>says he is sorry for calling so late hangs up.
-3 minutes go by
>same guy
>"is there a Miranda Elysee there"
>you just called here looking for mark, no one named miranda lives here
>o-oh.. so sorry
~10 minutes, another phone call.
>same fucking guy.
>"I'm looking for a cind-
*gets mad
>"you've called here three times. the same number. none of these people are here. this is a house line that no one ever uses. i'm sorry you are mistaken.
he gets hostel at this point.
>I don't know who the fuck you think you are. or who you think you're talking to. you're fucking covering for people that have fucked me over. and they are fucking dead. now you can tell me what you know and I don't need to add you to the list of people that are about to be erased. you got me?
>scared shitless, did not see this coming.
>d-dude please. im a kid. I don't know anybody, this is 760 xxx - xxxx. no one by those names have used this phone.
>"760? oh my god. i'm so sorry, I was trying to dial 706. i'm so sorry"
>hangs up

I told my parents about it when they got back from their trip. and from that point on I will only use cellphones
Any lurks? I have some from a dude I know that blow all these out of the water
Post it post it post it post it
do you have PTSD?
Ok, so I feel kind of bad because it's my friend's friend who is pretty badass but I know it's a very personal experience for him. I had to essentially get this story out of him. I'll start typing it
your friend is brave for being willing to share something like this, and we are anonymous nobodies on the internet. consider it mutual therapy or something.

sincere thanks friend of a friend of anon!

captcha - escoter appearance
> Fastforward to June 1998
> There have been no weird calls since the shovel call
> Have mostly been working day shifts to counter-act anxiety from the woman call
> Someone falls ill and I go in for a night shift
> Trying my best to stay calm but I'm very afraid and feel like i'm being watched
> 1 AM rolls around and the phone rings
> "Hello y"
> Barely get the Y out before I'm interrupted by a new blast of noise
> "I know you're not supposed to be here tonight."
> Silence
> "That's no way to speak to someone who's s-s-s-s--s-suicidal"
> The word suicidal glitches like crazy when it leaves his mouth
> Sounds like a cassette tape who's tape burns out
> "What..."
> "Pretty soon you're gonna see tha- *Static*
> "And then you'll suff- *More static*
> Click
> Leave early and lock everything down at my home
> Sleep with gun under pillow
got Any more? Enjoying these.
Here it goes.

So we'll call my friend's friend "Dave".

Dave is a father and husband and a pretty nice fellow. He has had some issues which may have led to the events.

He lived at his family home with his wife and baby kind of in the outskirts of a already small town. He started getting phone calls that at first was just general Shit talking. Talking about kicking his and killing him.Blows it off.

The calls become more persistent and much more violent. He is a little bothered but not shaken.

Pretty soon, the caller starts to describe Dave's day schedule down to time's and locations as well as his wife's (she's a stay at home mom)

Dave flips out and is officially worried. He stays home more.

One night, Dave wakes up with the feeling of being watched. He is freaking out but searches the house. He finds nothing and lays down with peace of mind.

This is interrupted when his front door is slammed shut like someone just left.

He runs out but can't find anyone. he Stays up all night and gets a security system installed.

The caller continues and tells him what a nice house he has and ask him to direct his attention to everything the caller has moved in Dave's home.

Dave is loosing his fucking mind.

> Fast forward to April 19th, 1999
> Once again, someone has fallen ill and it's my turn to come in for a night shift
> After a year of prolonged anxiety, I am a wreck
> People have complained at work that they have come in to the building being trashed
> However, no one else has received calls
> I need this job, but I want to quit so badly
> Finally I get the call and the noise, I don't even bothering saying hello because I know what's coming
> "Tomorrow is my big day"
> Click
> Next day, Columbine Massacre happens
> No more calls after
> No more room trashing
> No more feeling of being watched
Now this leaves me with so many questions.
1. Who was calling? Was it one of those boys? Keep in mind, I was in CANADA; and the number was traced to a phone booth in CANADA.
2. Did the boys murder that woman? How did they if they lived in the United States?
3. Why did no one ever get caught on our security camera when the offices were trashed?
Telemarketers usually.
Perhaps what happened was the person decided to lay low after that and they weren't connected at all.

One night, Dave wakes up in the middle of the night and isn't particularly frightened. He looks around the room and realizes something is off. He is half asleep and is ready to go back to sleep

It clicks in his head. His baby is not in the room with them. He is searching his room frantically to a point of tears fearing the worst. He shouts his baby's name waking up his wife. In a rage, he punches through a wall and hears hos child crying from the living room.

He runs to his baby only to find her at the foot of the front door with all of her bags ready to leave the house.

Someone had been in their room, packed the baby's bags, and took baby to the door.

He moved after that.
why would you call a suicide hotline for a break-in?
What the other anon said makes sense. Honestly, that almost sounds like whoever was doing it knew of the office and people who worked on staff, perhaps someone even in one of the other buildings who was genuinely homicidal and fucked with you because they knew you were there, and who you were. Maybe they confided in you a bit? How crazy would that be though, if it was someone you knew and still saw from time to time?
it seems so much worse when something is targeting a loved one instead of you. creepy.
2nd one was most likely someone old who had lost their memory then.
this did not happen
The guys is a brick house. Corn Fed and about 6'4" as well as a power lifter. He isn't the type to worry at all. but he was a mess during all this. Mostly because of his family
I've got a work related one from a few years ago.

>Be me, working a summer job at my dad's office
>It's late, nobody else is around, like 11pm
>Decide to fap and RP online because fuck you
>Connect to someone online, let them verbally abuse me etc.
>Both of us get really into it and then he laughs and disconnects
>Phone rings immediately upon that happening, now it's about 12am
>Sweating bullets
>Pick up the phone and don't answer
>"Hey you had a pizza delivered right? I rang the doorbell but nobody seems to be home."
>"Wrong number, sorry man"
>Windmill slam the phone, missing the receiver and breaking it
>Still freaking out
>Walk to my car with knife drawn when I finish up working
The stalker sounded like he had a sense of humour, at least, even if somewhat twisted.

In the future, reply to your own posts when writing something in multiple parts. It's easier to follow.
Maybe it was his big suicide day
I posted this before a few times but I will share.

I was little. Around six years old in the mid 80's.

Around 10pm I was in my parents room and their phone rang. I picked it up.

>I'm kill you... Bitch... Kill you... Kill you... Bitch...

My parents immediately came in, took the phone from me and hung it up. Just a crank they said.

And Hell, six year old me wasn't worried. Probably just a crank.

Well, several decades later following a link from /x/ I heard that same voice again. And what he hissed. Word for word.


And yes, that's me in the comments.
You sure it wasn't an episode cannibal?
There was an incident not too long after where I woke up and I saw my mom and dad in the living room with worried looks on their faces.

I slept through it but somebody ran around the perimeter of the house in the middle of the night rapping on the outside walls. Things like small rocks pelting the property. They'd even called the cops.

But neither of them went outside to investigate. Thankfully.
The killer wanted the woman to call the suicide hotline so the police would have thought it was a suicide.
Shovelman wanted Anon to know about him murdering a woman with a shovel, hence Shovelman calling Anon and saying he still has the shovel later.
This second part makes less sense, I thought you lived in somewhere that wasn't anywhere close to Cali?
This really creeped me out.
Once, maybe some 10-15 years back, I woke up and found I had voice mail and a missed call on my cellphone. The phone was probably ringing and I was sleeping so hard I didn't notice. As I called voice mail, it was just some music playing in the background with some woman crying. Then came a dude's voice:

>"We just ran away from the hospital! I need you to get your shit together quick and stop crying. We just ran away, where do we go?"

Woman starts trying to recompose herself, says something about dude not caring about her. Dude proceeds to tell her he loves her very much (it was even kinda cute, in a creepy way), but he needs her to help him right now, because he's completely lost. SHe tells him to "make a right" and he seems to comply. Message gets cut off.

It was probably nothing, but I remember it to this day, I don't know why.
When I was a kid I got one call from someone telling me to make sure I didn't forget his drugs tomorrow, or I'd be toast. I just sad "Sure, man. Don't worry" and went about my business. Nithing happened to me, which makes me think it was a wrong number and that someone may have been fucked because of that.
Woke up last Saturday morning to find a missed call alert with no number. Checked my visual voicemail and the number listed was my own for the voicemail they left.

Slightly nonplussed, sometimes telemarketers route calls through my phone but they're finishing a settlement on that and I should get some sweet, sweet Sally Mae money. Anyway.

Go to check it, I hear nothing at first and I go to hang up and delete it when I hear this wet, thick thud. Like throwing a juicy steak on a cutting board, I guess. A sharp ringing sound follows, oscillates, and then cuts off, followed by a few more wet smacking sounds. A few seconds of silence pass before I hear one word.


That's the street I live on, right across from a college dorm.
Bloody murder, dog.
i was doing the halo 3 ARG called Iris and i called one of the numbers they posted expecting to get a block of dialog to advance through the game but instead i heard like metal scraping and a buzzing sound and then this guy came on the line and asked "Are you within the organization?" and then the call dropped. I stopped following it and then just read everything after everyone figured it out.
My girlfriend bought a new cellphone 3 months ago. She kept getting weird texts from the start.
>"They shouldn't have made fun of me"
>"I can't help what I do"
>"Do you hate me now?"
Same person would leave a voicemail of Nirvana playing.
>Nickname the caller "Courtney Love"
I tried to call the number but the person would hang up on me as soon as I said "Hello". Finally, my girlfriend called the number and the person answered.
>"Hey, who's this?"
>"Who's this? Where's Violet?"
>"I just got this number. I don't know a "Violet".
>"Stop FUCKING with me."
I get on the phone and tell the guy we have no idea who the hell he is and have never heard of "violet".
The guy tells us he and his online girlfriend roleplay a couple from a TV show but she hadn't been online in awhile. I told him she probably got freaked out and changed number. He hung up on me and girlfriend never got another call from the guy.
>just got home
>standing outside of my house's front door
>get a phone call
>"blocked number"
>Ah, probably the phone company for another one of their promos
>take the call
>hear nothing
>just static and noise
>what sounds to be a Rhodes piano being played??
>manage to record part of the call before they hang up


>incoming call
>"blocked number"
>take the call and record it
>this time they ask for someone but I won't answer
>operator eventually gives up and says very quietly "...okay..."
>hangs up

It was funny, but I still wonder what the fuck happened with the first call.


Here I uploaded both calls. (I censored a name in the second call and replaced it with a tone)

This is what a Rhodes piano sounds like, btw.
Nothing's happened yet.
Maybe they got jumped by one of my chimp neighbors.

I have felt an unnatural feeling of dread, which is why I've come back to /x/ recently, I guess.
That's pretty fucked up.. Keep yourself safe man, there's a lot out there.

So I just listened to both of those, first one might have been a butt dial in the car? But it's strange. You can hear voices at the end of it it.

2nd one might have just been a telemarketer
Somebody threatened to fucking kill me once unless I gave them a reason not to.

Probably my no-count cousin, who has a hate boner for me.

I told him to fuck off and go sober up.

They were both from my phone company, and the second one came not a minute after the first. That's what weirds me out.
Yeah, I had to move a mattress and box spring out of my place alone and decided to do it at night because then it's not 3000 degrees.

My place isn't the safest, but I'm kind of an intimidating fella so people don't fuss with me and so I never feel threatened, but all night I felt like I was going to get killed, especially 'cause the dumb sodium vapor light in the parking lot near the dumpster kept winking out when I got under it.
Is that how you fight demons? Next time I am spooked by a ghost, I am just gonna say "The blood of Jesus"
>Girl starts calling me all hours of the night, restricted number


Not even shitting you guys, I was damn near terrified
Also kudos to the suicide hotline dude, those were some good stories.
It was probably his birthday, you dick. You didn't even get him anything.
OK this story freaks me out even thinking about
>be 9 year old me home alone for first time scared as fuck about mommy being gone
>Watching legend of hidden temple on nick
>fucking terrified of those creatures that pop out in that show
>on edge, feel anxious like someone is watching me
>Hear door SLAM open downstairs
>FREAK THE FUCK OUT hoping its my mom and shes just being reckless with groceries or something
>scream for her and get no answer
>oh shit shit oh shit
>slowly crouch walk to the stairs look to open door nobody there
>figure it was the wind and mom forgot to close door all the way
>Start thinking about how loud and strong the bang was freaking myself out
>phone rings
>(hesitated response) oh, no this is mommys friend
>w-what who
>Does mommy drive a purple car? does she have brown hair?
>Leave your door open lets talk little boy (followed by a demonic sneer)
>NO SCREW YOU LEAVE ME ALONE I screamed while starting to cry and hung up
>full of tears and having panic attack, slam table against stairs and push it down the stairs against the door and hold it there until mom gets home
Seriously like something out of a horror movie, the buildup from the creepy vibes from the tv show, the door, the phone call, the fact that I never found out who that guy was but it seemed like he had probably rape my 9 year old self. Seriously will never forget that mans voice, it was the creepiest shit that ever happened to me.
*he probably had plans to rape my 9 year old self
Fuck i'm drunk
Oh, that's kinda odd.

Yeah dude, stay safe.

What did your mom say about it?
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>be home a lone sleeping
>phone rings at 2am
>"hey this is your neighbor i live right across the street. Not sure if you know or not but there's someone standing right outside your bedroom window looking in. Not trying to scare you or anything just thought I would let you know"
>still half asleep and delirious from waking up so suddenly
>freak the fuck out
>get out of bed and slap my face to make sure I'm awake
>grab my rifle and sit in the corner of my room all night until the sun came up

I will never forget that night.
What travel agency?
You should've walked up to the window while on the phone with your neighbor with the rifle until you where right where they were on the outside and just tap the glass with it.

That or calling the police, the guy was probably looking to break in and just checked to see if you were still home. Some people who break into houses have been known to study their targets first instead of going in blindly, so yeah they knew where you slept so they could make sure you were out cold or not in the house.

Good neighbor though.
She really freaked out and never left me home alone again. Called my family told them about it, made it a whole ordeal even considered calling the cops. That shit fucked with my head as a kid man.
Nobody ever figured it out though? So strange. Also was your mom the one with a purple car and brown hair? If so, that kind of adds to it. Fuck.

exactly why The Shining is the best horror movie ever made.
>be 15
>friend calls me
>it's a voice i don't recognize
>"hello is this anon"
>who's asking?
>"yeah, uh, friend had to go out of town for a few days and he wanted to let you know that, uh, he won't be at school monday"
>um, okay, thanks, bye
>hang up
>other friend calls me
>"hey anon why did i get a call saying you were out of town? we're supposed to be doing shit tomorrow dude"
>"yeah, some dude called and said you were out of town"
>i got the same call, except it was for friend 1
>"yeah just making sure, i'll call friend 1 and see what he's up to. night anon"
>friend 1's dad commits suicide the next morning

what the fuck
Whats strange is he was wrong about her looks, and I recall him mentioning a car model which was wrong. It's almost like he was looking for someone, trying to threaten them and wasn't entirely sure if I was her son or not (whoever he was after) This is my theory anyway.
Most likely what happened. Fuck though, whoever that was must have kicked your door in and then called? It's just so weird man, hope you've gotten better with that all.

Wait what the hell.

lurking, moar
I can't believe I just read this entire thread. Now I'm too fucking scared to go downstairs to get more Pepsi. I hate you all. Goddamnit.

Get some pringles instead
My mom gave me her old cellphone along with the chip to it. I kept the line since I knew it by heart, it was my phone for about seven years until I left my home country. I guess that once I come back and put minutes into it I can still consider it my phone, though.

I would get "mistaken ID" messages all the time. Some were fairly simple like "I love you, see you after school. Make sure to tell your mom she's a great cook." Or stuff like "I think you left the door open, go check." They all had names addressing the people they were written for, so they never creeped me out.

Then I started getting some intense shit late at night. Almost weekly.

>Get message in all caps
>Freak out and call my mom amd grandma, all okay. They were in bed or watching tv.
>Call back to the number I got the text from
>Loud as fuck female voice screaming "What?!" And "Who is it?! I need help!"
>She says she's out of minutes and needs to contact her mother
>Ask her for the number say I can call for her and can dial for the cops if need be
>She gives me a number while mumbling about needing her mommy
>I called the number like ten times. No response. Called the woman back. No response.
>Wake up in the morning to a bunch of seemingly automated text messages, the kind my service provider leaves to let you know they left a number to be reached at, or that the person has your number.
>One single text
>Don't fucking call this number again.
>It was from the crying lady.
dude blew his brains out. my friend found him. he said he'd never seen so much blood from one person

Holy shit. How did he react? He was his son, right?
I dont know man I was molested as a child and never met my dad I'm pretty fucked up overall bro
>tfw schizoaffective
I have my own beliefs on what happened that day related to the paranormal....but nobody wants to hear my schizo religious ramblings

After that I would get messages that I started tracking to areas around town through the internet. Mostly due to their area code, nothing high tech, though.

Most of the numbers where in the ghettos and really shady parts of town.

One such number called me at two in the morning:
>Wake up to my phone blasting. Answer it thinking it may be a friend of mine.
>Michael! How is it going? You have my fucking money yet?
>Who the fuck is this?
>That's no way to talk to me, I'll fuck you up unless I get what's mine and fucking soon!
>Fuck off.

I hung up the phone but it kept ringing. He would not believe he had the wrong number, since I didn't know anyone by that name. His threats became more and more deranged, so I simply stopped answering.

I got a bunch of text saying that I would be sorry.
It seems you've stumbled upon an abduction. Or someone completely insane.

Sorry to hear all that, man, life it really fucking shitty. I also would love to hear your ramblings before I go to bed.
yep. he told me he just walked out of the room and called the cops, then went back in and just stared at him for a while. he lives just a few houses away from me, and i went over as soon as i heard. i got a nice view of his dad being carried out in a body bag. my friend was just sitting on the front lawn staring at a can of coke

i don't know if he ever cried. honestly he was so distant throughout the whole thing, it was so uncharacteristic of him. he was always really outgoing and all over the place, so to see him act that way was just very shocking. i never went in his house after that day, because i was scared they didn't clean the room all the way. after seeing my friend that day i don't think i could handle it.


Fuck me.

That kind of reminds me of how I had to put one of my dogs in a plastic bag not a week ago.
Change your number.
They just wanted to know who was phone...

>it was all an elaborate scam by the security alarm company
Neighborman sounds like a fucking bro, do you guys still chill and smoke cigars?
You should be grateful. That's stuff is terrible for your health.
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Well I never told this on here before so here it goes

>Be 5-7 years old have full blown OBE and astral projections and never realized what I was doing
>every night was literally a trip into a world my childish mind couldn't comprehend
>very easy for me to make myself leave my body never even question it as odd figure its something everyone does when they dream
>Fondly remember flying somewhere in my OBE where I was not "allowed" to be
>feel myself lose control of my flight patterns pulled into some sort of astral gravity which paralyzes me from moving
>With the force of what seemed like tons my "body" jerks downward through the floor, falling into darkness so abruptly I don't have the mind to think.
>Feel this immense feeling of dread, hate, fear, anger, every bad emotion possible
>can't see anything but feel myself being crushed from this weight that kept getting worse
>feel my "chest" or where my chest would be if I was in physical from start burning and it intensifies the deeper I fall
>wake up
>in tears body full of sweat, shaking, fatigued, felt sick to my stomach for some reason decided to wander into my kitchen stare out the window through the pitch blackness in my backyard
>feel the dread start coming back as my house starts warping with different lights and rays of colored yellow lights changing the color of the walls/shape of the ceiling like a hellish acid trip
>woke up again to the voice saying "this changes you now now now now" as it fades away
Ever since then I have been having strange paranormal experiences, saw a demon with my own eyes, I think that instance when I was 9 was a demon fucking with me. Don't ask how it makes sense, if I told you the demon story you'd understand, My life is a fucking waking dream full of precognitive moments and I shit you not when I'm asleep I feel like i'm in a constant spiritual war over keeping my soul on the right path.
You guys should work answering machines into your stories
File: 1405473363022.jpg (452 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 1920x1080

>nothing to do tonight, I feel like some spoop
>turn off all the lights, light some candles, put on some neo noir and crawl under the covers
>read a fascinating thread of crazy calls, murderers, and home invasion
>eerieness builds, feel like I'm being watched as I walk down the hall, chilling my blood
>crack open a cold one and continue, thinking of scary stories in addition to the ones I'm reading
>spooky is charging up, 7/10
>some anon tells the story of how he was terrified of a woman acting typically
>of a woman

you literally just killed the spoopy buzz I was getting, thanks a lot ya jerk
Then who was phone?
That just sounds like a moody bitch with a wrong number. She probably NEEDED her mom to borrow money or something.
I kekled
Last week I had an extremely vivid nightmare. I was with my father, we heard threat of a nuclear warhead on the
news so we appeared in a ground floor laboratory, facing the glass doors with people running away from
something coming from the right. My mother appeared with them, and they hugged one another right as the nuke struck.
I was alone in the moment of my death, I felt abandoned. As the smoke cleared I realized that I had lived, and everybody
else died save a few random civilians. I then found an old building, the rubble of what was once an apartment complex.
A hermit greeted me, he called himself a sage. I was told by said hermit that I was Azor Ahai, and he teleported me to a
hill overlooking the sea. There were cars driving down the road bordering the water and when I managed to get my bearings
I found a sword in the dirt, and knew it fell from the sky. I then received a phone call at two in the morning from a
blocked number. I woke up to make my dock stop blaring, "Smile", by Tupac.

When I answered nobody was there. I was up all night.
File: 1404249686400.gif (558 KB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the chills rolled down my body in waves, that was some intense shit

heart attack
What song?
Was home alone once, we used to have this old-fashioned phone in our upstairs sitting room. This room was kind of closed of from the other rooms upstairs and was also connected to this old storage room nobody used, so there was this heavy wooden door that was kept locked.
Anyway, this particular night I was sitting there, reading, when the phone went. Nothing too creepy, it was still working, after all. I picked up and on the other side I heard the voice of an old man.
"Uhhh... Why are you calling?"
"Yeah, could you let me out?"

Suddenly thought why the voice sounded so distorted: it had sounded double: I heard it coming from the other side of the line but also from behind the locked door.

Moved away 2 months later. Never opened that door though.
Bruh, it was Anne Franklin just tryin 2 get da fuck out da attic
A Dutch travel agency, D-Reizen.
Love that piano though.
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this is a creepy one, i guess a guy claims his future self called and harassed him.
You must be the burglar lol
Oh fuck, this thread just reminded me of something

I had 2 friends staying at my house one night, we were all pretty high and went to sleep. I woke up at around 4 am and heard knocking somewhere in the house in like a rhythmic pattern (i dunno how to explain it.)

I thought it was one of my friends fucking around so I just went back to sleep. It kept happening and eventually we were all awake. They both swore it wasn't them so I believed them and didn't think anything of it.

Right after this my phone just started buzzing. You know when you hear that loud vibration and you get that feeling like 'oh fuck' like when something goes wrong? Blocked number. I answered it and a person on the other end said 'let us in' in a calm voice.

I kept asking 'who is this, what do you want' etc. and eventually they just hung up and didn't call back, and we didn't hear the knocking again all night.

We woke up the next morning and the trunk of my friends car was wide open.

Sorry for that long essay but jesus christ I forgot all about this and now I'm scared as fuck
I'm inclined to agree, actually, the way she starts to pause as if she's having trouble and then the way she screams "somebody help me to breathe."

Unless someone was strangling her, but she couldn't scream like that if she were being strangled, could she?
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Kevin yeah.jpg
25 KB, 255x326
It will be okay, they won't come back after all this time.

Don't be afraid.
my nigga
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I have 5 different types of PTSD due to that phone call
>be me
>working as a consultant
>me and my co-workers get a company phone
>company bought an entire range of numbers
>one co-worker got calls on his new phone almost right away
>number used to belong to a towing business/garage
>all people with car trouble calling
>spent most of the day explaining people he recently got this number
>we checked if number was still advertised by the garage
>garage was recently out of business
>next day
>co-worker looked like shit
>didn't sleep
>was at the police station for most of the night
>got phonecalls from people in the evening
>not about cars, but drugs related shady business
>guess the garage business wasn't doing that well
>co-worker explained to them he recently got this number
>but the callers didn't believe him
>they thought he was the garage dude and trying to get out of the deals he made
>co-worker informs the cops, but not worried, because it's only the phone number
>they don't know his address
>after contacting the police he gets another call
>"You shouldn't have contacted the police"
>"You've made a really big mistake"
>co-worker goes to the police station right away
>explains what just happened
>he stays there, they send a patrol car to check on his home
>nothing out of the ordinary
>finally goes home with advice to ditch the number
>company gets rid of the number
>new number, no problems
>days later some other co-worker shows the news paper
>the garage the number used to belong to was burned to the ground
>"no casualties, probably insurancy fraud"

We still think it's because the phone calls. And we still wonder how they knew that he contacted the police.
Good to see a fellow /nosleeper here playing make believe with the cape and fedora crowd.

See you at the reddit brunch!
>ADT Viral Marketing

Next time when they offer the "Deluxe" package, Dave will take it.
I'm sorry you've had such a rough time, anon.
I would, however, love to hear that demon story, if you wouldn't mind posting it.
>have massive amounts of unpaid student loans
>have massive amounts of unpaid credit cards
>buy expensive as shit automated phone screener and blocker
>100s of calls daily at all times of day and night sent to phone call heaven
>phone only rings for wanted calls
>get call at 4am from unknown number
>"You think we won't get our money, anon?"
>return system thanks to money back guarantee
>start the blocking process all over again with new fancy system
>get call at 2am months later from sisters number
>Answer in a worry hoping she's okay
>"We'll get our money from someone you know if we have to, anon. Even your sister."
>Tell them, go ahead. She's rich as shit.
>Get restraining order and sue two collection agencies for damages and win
>haven't had a unwanted call come through in 2 years
>still haven't paid a dime towards my debt
>bought a new breitling last week

I am the bane of our financially irresponsible generation.
I love you
This fucking guy
>early afternoon
>home's phone rings
>I answer
>nothing for like 5 seconds
>then suddenly a calm and robotic female voice says "the time"
>cuts off
>happens again 1 hour later
It still puzzles me to this day. The creepiest factor is that I live in Italy, there shouldn't be any reason for the voice to speak English...
File: 1373840443251.gif (997 KB, 500x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An American Hero
File: scared.png (1 MB, 1019x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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or you know, she got stabbed?
Does anyone know how I can remove dingle berries from my asshole without remove any of my hairs?
i actually believe this could happen. All those bullshit rewards card that people sign up for nowadays are just giant info collecting bullshit that is later sold to other companies as 'lists'. That's how you get all of the hard mail SPAM and e-mail SPAM. knowledge and information truly is power.
>>meet a hot qt14 gf
this made me laugh very hard
Shameless repost

>Be me
>Be 16 (18 now)
>Get done reading "BEN DROWNED"
>Loved it
>"Like" a "BEN" page on facebook
>Message page owner for fun
>End up talking quite a bit
>They try to tell me after a while the shit was real, like the moon children. And that Jadusable is just lying about it being a story.
>Tell them I keep an open mind but I don't believe that shit
>They don't really care, we remain friends
>Over the course of a month they keep me curious but I never really believe.
>Find "moon children" website (not the actual one from the ARG, but the website thats basically screenshots of all the pages from the actual one)
>See "contact" page
>Fill out contact form for jokes, but give fake number (don't really need prank calls from some site owner to fuck with me)
>Press "send"
>Page moves nowhere
>Week later get call late at night from blocked number when sleeping
>Hear gurgling and shit
>Ask "hello?"
>Unintelligable language
>Gurgling again and strange music
>They hang up
> e.e
teach me, o'master.
What damages did you sue them over?
This isn't a creepy story and it's more about texting than phone calls, but for almost two years now a friend of mine, who we'll call D, has been texting another friend of mine, S, who does not know D's number. He calls himself jake when he texts S, and pretends to believe he is texting his girlfriend who he believes to be angry with him.
S talks to us about this shit pretty regularly, it's pretty funny actually. He'll say things like "oh, that jake guy texted me again. He still thinks I'm his boyfriend. He said he's moving to iraq".
He will never know.
>Be working fast food
>Night Shift
>Phone rings
>"Hello, this is-"
>Heavy breathing
>Creepy as fuck.
>Lights begin to flicker on and off.
>Now I'm really fuckin scared
>Coworker jokes and tells me to calm down
>Bus pulls up out front
>We all look to it. It's like midnight and the buses dont run this late
>A guy steps out, one hand replaced
>hyperventilating moment
>he comes up to the door and opens it
>Asks for a job application
>Was too nervous to ask on the phone
>Brought his own spatula
>Then who was light
>Turns out it's Nosferatu
does anyone have a link to the 911 call recording of the old/middle aged lady whose house gets broken into and she dies in the call

anyway I'll tell my story

>be me in middle school
>13 or 14
>watching something at three in the morning
>get a phone call
>"Unknown Number"
>assume it's a telemarketer
>do what I always do when a telemarketer calls and awkwardly breath heavily into the phone until they hang up
>all I bet on the other end is the caller breathing heavily back at me
>listen to him for about five seconds and say "what"
>sudden screaming
>I had it on speaker so I shit myself and dropped my phone
>nonstop screaming as the phone is on the floor and I'm sitting on the couch thinking that I offended this person in some way
>the screaming is one breath and it went on for about 20 seconds until I hung up

for some reason these things only happened with that one specific phone I had, I have more regarding the phone if anyone is interested
0/10 saw it coming as soon as you said 'fast food'
Hash slinging slasher
I wish people would stop asking and just keep posting
Sounds like you got a call from Jesse Pinkman.
Does anyone remember the phone number that when you called, it was just a woman repeating "fiesta time, fiesta time, one two three. fiesta time, fiesta time, one two three."?
yeah more
Collection agencies of any sort, shady or legit can't call between 9pm and 8am. They have to identify themselves and definitely can't impersonate anyone. Nor can they make threats whether they be physical or in my case "emotional" since they made me think my sister was hurt/in danger.

First you have to contact your state attorney general with complaints. Then file restraining orders and show evidence of financial hardships. Finally, contact a lawyer who likes to sue and sue the shit out of everyone possible.

Profit. Don't get your hope up about raking it in though, really I eliminated the calls but after the lawyer go their cut my settlement was like a couple grand.
>And we still wonder how they knew that he contacted the police.
>implying the police weren't involved in it
File: 1404880516525.png (269 KB, 354x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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holy shit my sides

How does this guy get a soundboard of clips of this guy? Has he been calling him in the past before and recording, or is the guy famous or something?

Like another fellow anon, I always used to work on one end of a phoneline. I worked dispatch for a tow company, I worked dispatch for a taxi outfit, and I worked as an operator for a company that I will not give the name of for my own safety.

I will begin in chronological order.

I was working in Tucson, Arizona at the time. I was working for the firm that I will not name. There is a hospital in Tucson... Im sure digging deep enough in google will grant you a name. This fucking hospital was notorious. People did not take their friends or family there. People would rather die than get admitted to this hospital. The rumor was that they did experiments on people. Shit like that. A woman would take her son in for a twisted ankle... they come out to the waiting room two hours later. 'There was a complication, were so sorry, hes dead". Petty stuff. Go in for a checkup and no one would hear from you again.

I worked as an operator for a company that got a lot of calls from this hospital. I will greentext some of the stories.

We were told by the company that any calls made to us from the hospital were to directed right back to the hospital... no matter what the caller said. We were scared to disobey, because we had heard rumors about the hospital.

>Hi, operator
>Hey man you gotta get me outta here?
>Excuse me? Who can I patch you through to?
>The police man, and hurry
>Where are you calling from?
>*Hospital name*
>Uhh, let me route you to a supervisor
>STOP MAN, they're killing people in here man, I wanna go home
>*Here yelling in the background, pounding on a door*
>Theyre coming for me man, my name is *Name here*, call my father, call my mother, anyone. get me outta here.

I looked his name up in the obituaries

>Pronounced dead at Hospital, minor injury complication

>Hi, operator
>I need to speak with the police
>Excuse me ma'am, may I ask where you're located
>No. I need to speak with the police
>Ma'am, they may want to know where you're located. Are you in a safe location
>No, I'm not. I'm in danger. I need the police.
>Are you calling from a hospital?
>*Long fucking silence*
>Hello? ma'am? Are you-
>*The longest, scariest scream I have ever heard. She was in pain. Pain I cannot even imagine*
Typical Tucson scum I say.

>Hello operat-
>Listen to me okay, I dont have a lot of time
>Sir what can I-
>They are going to kill me. I am a dead man. I dont want you to call the police, I just want you to get the word out.
>Listen to me. Im at the Hospital. You know which one. They are murdering people in here. There are rooms full of dead people that they... I dunno, tested on.
>*I cant even talk. Petrified with fear*
>Listen, I know you're just going to loop me back to the hospital. Just remember what I said. I have a kid, man. He's never going to see me again.

I quit the job and actually moved out of Tucson after that. I was too spineless to report anything. I was afraid they'd kill me too.

I moved to Phoenix and have lived here ever since. Time for my creepy taxi calls.
File: 1373128872709.jpg (27 KB, 310x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 310x310
>few years ago
>being all depressed and shit
>getting to the point where about to slit throat
>phone rings
>"eh, this will be the last person I ever talk to, why not?"
>it's an ad for funeral homes saying families don't have money to pay for funerals and shit

A similar incident happened like this a few months later. Even though I've thought about suicide since, I haven't gone through or attempted since that second time's situation.
File: 1378818729049.jpg (65 KB, 332x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 332x313
You're so full of shit.

>keeping my creepypasta arm sharp
Phoenix Broskillet

Google the hospital. Then tell me I just made that shit up.
>I had to get away from the monsters I answered calls for, they could get me anytime, anywhere!
>Move 100 miles away

>doesn't provide name of hospital out of fear of dr.boogeyman

Yeah, the onus is on me to prove your bullshit true.
My sides.
Fuuuuck, man. Been there, feels-wise. If I were in your shoes, though, that wouldn't have stopped me, though. Kinda severed my family ties.
Made two attempts, yet I'm still alive for some fucking reason.
On good meds now, though, so that's a plus.
You probably don't need me to tell you, but things get better, at least that's what they say. I feel things are improving, anyway. Not sure what your state of mind is, but stick around, yeah?
You mean the northwest medical center? Seems like a nice place to be with only 3 - 4 hours of waiting to be admitted
This could be a good horror film. The burglars are never seen and never enter the house.
Yet the tension would be through the roof.

i did some googling and found some weird articles about "concerning calls" coming out of st. johns hospital in tucson. this actually isnt the first time ive heard about this
>yet I'm still alive for some fucking reason.

You were only looking for attention and never had any intention nor wanted to, kill yourself. Too bad your new meds don't give you the gift of introspection.

But hey, thanks for the nice motivational post. Hang in there kitty, indeed.
There's no St. Johns in Tucson.
st josephs sorry
The surprising part isn't that they knew, the surprising part is that their guy on the inside didn't obtain your coworker's address from the police report. He's a lucky guy.
Haha, you keep thinking that. I'll tell you, though, I didn't come out unscathed. Nervous system is wrecked, for starters.

But hey, continue being cynical if that's what gets you off.

thats the thing.. they DIDNT know he went to the police. It was a 50/50 shot. they guessed he went to the police. if they were wrong, it still would have scared him into not going. it was just a guess. if they had been right (and they were) it would have scared the piss out of him (and it did).
Fuck. Wanna play sims now.

Realism and cynicism do not go hand in hand.
File: 1356739342922.jpg (22 KB, 480x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 480x461
Prank call.
Lol worst story ever
>dark voice
>must be psycho

Learn to >greentext, nigger.

I bet that dude had a fat cock that he was tugging on
For all of the people replying to this >>14940690

You don't need a person on the inside of the police station, you just need a slightly skilled hacker or even a person that works for communications companies.
Not always, no. But in this case, you are showing to be a cynic, assuming straight away that everything's a cry for attention. Can't really say I blame you, though.This is the internet, after all.
Anyway, forgot my story. The call itself wasn't the creepy part, moreso the event surrounding it.
>be 20
>be 6 years ago
>hanging out with sketchy friend all hours of the night
>get call from some strange number on my cell, all zeros
>caller hangs up just as I pick up
>make a remark about the call and show sketchy the number
>sketchy flips his shit, starts going all tin-foil hat on me
>talking black helicopters, mind-control and other bullshit

As the night went on, he got eerily into his rants. Ever see someone appear so genuinely crazy that you fear for your own safety? Yeah. Fucker was speaking with such terrifying conviction, you can tell he truly believed his bullshit.
He ended up getting physically hostile, shaking me, trying to get me to believe him.
I bolted not long afterwards. Like I said, reading this, it doesn't seem so bad, but this fucking guy...
Never hung with him again. I'm guessing he was tripping balls.

If he would have mentioned succubi or magic, he'd sound exactly like a typical /x/phile.
i have a deep voice at 4 in the morning when i first wake up and when someone takes forever to reply then when they do reply with a retarded question i mumble and hang up oh dear god am i a psycho?
>Shameless repost
Kill yourself. That shit wasn't spooky the first time.
This one happened a few years ago. it actually made laugh. I hope it was a prank call.
>Get phone call on cell
>unlisted number
>mexican dude on other end speaking like cholo
>"Hey yo rico, i got the stuff meng!"
>i just go along with it because im a twat
>Aight... who's this?
>"It juan meng! Listen, i got the blow and a chopper. We meetin up in Soho?"
>"Aight aight cool. throw you phone away."
>he hangs up.

I hope i didnt get rico killed.
>be me, about 15
>having birthday party at my house with friends
>suddenly get phone call
>number is one number different from mine
>"hey is Nuke there?"
>"uhh there is no one named nuke here"
>"yo where Nuke at?!"
>"This is not Nuke. There is no Nuke here!"
>they don't believe me
>hand phone to my big black friend
>he tells them a bit more aggressively that they have the wrong number and hangs up

What made that call so weird is that the number was literally one number different from mine. If our numbers hadn't have been nearly identical, I wouldn't have thought much about it.
shit sounds like the plot of Outlast
Have you ever reported this? They never caught that guy.
i love you so much, i love everyone so much. i know youl be fine, and i know well all be fine
Okay seriously, is this true?
learn how to write, this is such bullshit jesus christ
Well, than they should have figured out that he wasn't the correct dude.They had beef with the garage owner.
Of course not, the moment someone started questioning their story - even asking for the tiniest of clues - the anon vanished.

After taking the other anon's advice about St.Joesph's there's still little too no evidence to corroborate these claims.

Maybe I'm just cynical.

i found similar stories on google. i think its st josephs in tucson. that other anon mentioned that another hospital was reviewed as had 4-5 hour waiting periods and letting people die all the time.
>Maybe I'm just cynical

No, you're actually using your brain.
I almost pee'd my pants

Anon here. Yes, all of my stories about operating are true. I swear it. This was a common thing is the department. "If you get a call from the hospital, just route it back to their main office. They have loony patients that escape and mess with the phones. The hospital has advised us not to notify the police because of court cases/people getting sued."

We were familiar with the hospital as it was. It had a reputation. Don't believe me, contact literally anyone from Tucson. They may not believe the stories and rumors, but they will at least confirm it. Might even name the hospital for you.

Other calls we got out of there did seem to be loonies... people just crying or asking for food or whatever. But then those three calls made me think otherwise. Especially the last guy. I think I let him die in there. I really do.

i honestly think these guys are pissed and skeptical because anon refused to give a name to the business he worked for and the name of the hospital. they're upset because anon is protecting himself not giving up every shred of info he has. instead of doing research they just gripe.

literally the cancer of x
Yeah, we're the cancer for being skeptical of someone who has no sources at all. Are you nuts? Who said anything about being angry? Never blindly accept anything as true.

im not blindly accepting anything... im also not calling fraud the first chance i get because i have to pick up the clues for myself. anon provided stories to a thread that asked for stories, and you tell him hes full of shit. thats called being cancer. if you blindly accept any of these for being true, you're an idiot. not one of these story tellers has provided proof or evidence.. and yet you pick his story to squeak the horn at. google those hospitals. i dare you.


just tell us the hospital? is it St joes?
It was probably too late anyway for the girl, you can't unsuck a penis.
No, we're skeptical because it's reads like bullshit. There's some stuff posted on /x/, both creeypasta-tier shit and 'woah, try this dope man dude DMT roid rage man' shit that just makes my bullshit meter go sky high. They're written like a perfect /x/ story, whether it be about a hospital murdering people or some guy discovering the 6th Dimension full of Satan's Monkeys on his first DMT trip.
You're exaggerating and blowing those posts out of proportion. Don't get all angry because someone responded to a post with logical thinking. Also, sorry, Google still doesn't provide any sources. Wanna link something?
>on anonymous board
>afraid to post the name of a hospital

Chopper is a gun incase you didn't know
It was just random Nirvana songs for 10 secs. each.
#1, No, both of the boys were kidnapped from that home that the woman was murdered in. (HE HAS MY KIDS)
#2, No, the kidnapper did.
#3 I honestly don't have any idea man, but I do know one thing. I still have the shovel.
File: Drums.jpg (11 KB, 225x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 225x224
Hope they played stuff from Bleach.

It's St. Joes. The place is a nightmare.
About a girl was played twice so you're in luck.

Link(s), please? I can't into Google to save my life.
Same. Maybe I just suck at google, though.

this had nothing to do with creepy phone calls
>be 16
>have been getting strange calls for about 6+ months
>all different numbers, all Texas and Florida (both places I lived)
>each one asks for someone called 'Louis', where he is, etc.
>calls get increasingly more violent and aggressive
>"Where the fuck is Louis?" "Uh, I don't know a Louis." "Don't fuck with me, you're lying. I know he's there."
>get call one day from unusual Texas number, nervously answer
>"Anon (says my actual fucking name), are you there?" "..Uh, who is this?" "Tell me where Louis is."
>nearly in tears, tell lady I don't know what she's talking about, I'm just a high school kid, etc
>she starts screaming on me so I hang up
>calls back 3 more times until I block her number

fast forward about three months

>be sleep
>call in the middle of the fucking night, restricted number
>answer hesitantly
>girl about my age on the other end, asking where Louis is of course
>tell her very exhasperatedly I don't know a Louis, I don't even live in Texas, etc. etc.
>she bursts into tears on the phone
>tells me she's pregnant with his baby and he got her addicted to pills
>says she's alone on a dark street in fucking Houston
>stay on the phone with her because soft heart
>she gets more panicked and upset until she's nearly crying
>suddenly gets quiet
>"There's someone following me."
>"Just stay on the line, okay? Are you some place lit? Can you call the police?" etc. etc. trying to guide her while also panicking myself
>"No I have nowhere to go I ran away I'm homeless I--"
>gets cut off by a blood curdling fucking scream that shook my fucking soul
>call dropped

I was so upset I just laid in my bed and shook for a while, couldn't call back because it was restricted. I didn't get any more weird calls after that. I still wonder what happened to that girl.
>Creepy phone calls



You late as hell, bitch
My URL is cleaner, fuck you
>implying anyone asked for the name of anons job
>implying anyone asked for anything that could be remotely considered "personal" information

You belong in r/nosleep you sad faggot.
Like I said, there's little to no evidence that you can tie those St.Joes results with the fantastical claims that anon was making.

>I swear it.

Oh that clears everything up. Sorry for having the faintest notion that you're full of shit and your attempt at storytelling didn't work out splendidly.
That's the definition of cancer, really? Or have you for some reason gotten your butt bazooka'd because people didn't lap up these particular dumbass operator stories?

The stupid shit anon shouldn't have been egging everyone on in their posts with "mysterious" "conspiratorial" components and been more direct.
File: 1404243230388.gif (1 MB, 200x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x149
yeah, the dude was pranked by another soundboard before hand several times. feel for all of them , then they made a soundboard of him and pranked him with his own voice clips and he feel for it. all the calls are on youtube, he's called the irate black man.
Point was made long ago, let's not derail the thread please.
who the fuck is lisa you nigger lover

There's nothing that would lend itself to anon's horror movie claims. Someone dying in the waiting room of an ER doesn't = I'm a call center worker for the murder hospital and I think I killed someone. I really do... faggotry.
Thanks thread sheriff but, eat a dick.
shut up

confirmed fake
Extra spooks if the bulgarians enter the house and you have to fight them in comical situations. Even extra spookies if you're a kid. More spooks if Michael Jackson touched your private parts.
Be me at work
I didnt. I thought he was talking about a helicopter at the time. That is why i thought it was a prank.
Fuck shit just got darker.
-at work 2 years ago in a gym
-empty space for rent in same building for at least 6 months
-go outside for a cigarette
-work nightshift by myself
-nobody in the entire gym or facility lot as it is 3 am
-hear tapping on the glass of empty/abandoned space
-walk closer, see shadowy figure
-run into gym and locks doors
-about to pick up the phone to call police
-phone rings, heavy breathing then I hear a female scream so loud I could hear it through the wall
-I picked the phone back up and hear a man laughing and he says "I've been watching you"
-call police
-they bust the door down and nobody is there but the back window is broken and the area around it covered in blood
-so scared I brought my pistol to work every night that I kept working there (concealed carry license)
-police never found the guy, or a body
-most terrifying part, there were supplies, food and a makeshift bed in the vacant commercial space

I smoked every night about 10 feet from the front window where I first saw him. He could have been watching me for months.

Watch the french horror movie 'ils'

It is this idea and it is amazing
what would be the difference? I'm curious.
>could have

I was.
You didn't even greentext...
I have an out of state friend that has gone missing in the Tucson/Catalina area. Our calls/texts were not going through and last contact was two Tuesdays ago via Skype.
He is former marine corps with bad ptsd, looking to reintegrate back into society in unfamiliar territory.
I rarely ever chan and when I do it's for x
I read this now I am 2000spooked.
Thanks for the stories.
File: 1402102386620.png (137 KB, 500x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 500x496
didn't see this posted but sorry if i missed it.

"This is the recording off one of the victims answering machine, which the police believe to be the original night stalker"


We should make that a thing on /x/. Whenever someone's story has them stoned/drunk/otherwise impaired, we should just all comment on their story saying that everything will be okay, don't be afraid.
Clicked this gif while Around the World by ATC was playing. So awesome.
When I was a young kind in 1998, I got a call where a mechanical voice that told me "December 18, 2005"

When that day came, my father had a fatal stroke.
If everybody in Tucson knows about this hospital the anon would not be giving any info that could out him by telling the name of the hospital.
>Lady calls late Travel Flite company listing entry of a representative of the company a long time ago.
>asks how expensive vaca to Fiji islands was
>confirmed as myself miror and phone
>money mortgage brokers briefed, He then send me itineh & my status is (f) for unknown reasons.
>the challenge of, uh, air confirmashun never caught up in drama, received all messages for next days.
>I call my broker travel, Hey, I have all the details
>but nothing but e mail
>Heh with all that back-end knowledge. He is out of breath.
>I am here a few days, [nights too]
>I was one time an illegal immigrant.
>books, new Office, Hey look all the money back.
>ballots fixed in country to be named later.
>minute or two lost in transit.
>I don't know when ticket prices. I lost plenty of money here. Therefore the fall & I screwed up my own signature;
>go to jail
>try quilting again
>phone rings
>travel agency
>I am so insanely busy.
The plot is cool and all, but it wasn't executed that well tbh
>NATO alphabet
Just a lame joke from anon
> btw im a grill
>Anne Franklin
my sides
Ur prolly right i was pretty high for that one
>be me
>be 12
>"lay down and turn off all the lights"
go on
how do u thnk that happend?
Somewhat tame content incoming.

> be me, 17.
> sometime between 3:15 — 3:30AM.
> doing some bullshit on the computer downstairs.
> didn’t bother turning on any lights, only the computer monitor to see by.
> landline phone (no caller ID function) on the computer desk starts ringing.
> ‘fucking weird’, but answer it.
> loud electronic screeching noises.
> ‘—the FUCK’, and hang up. Not incredibly too weirded out yet.
> receive this same call a couple more times over the following five minutes.
> okay, little rustled. Silence settles in for a few minutes.
> parents keep two doves in the living room and the suddenly go into a ‘night fright’, aka: that shit birds do when startled and they cannot identify the threat.
> HNNNGnope.
> tactically piss myself upstairs.

That damned house, and the town itself, had always been a little ‘odd’ – but strange phone calls were something we didn’t experience too much. Still, this freaked the hell outta me.
ane mour?
Phone call related? Nope -- just more of the same bullshit.
The majority of content I have wouldn't suit the thread.
Ah, godDAMNIT, there goes my inner peace again.
One time on Omegle, I trolled some 12 year old kid saying I was BEN and freaked him out. Good times.
>about 14 years old
>hanging out alone with a friend of mine
>phones rings
>i pick it up
>kinda whitenoise sound with people in the back ground
>got a weird feeling
>"hey bro listen to this"
>hears it too, but we dont think to much about
>i hang up
>10 min later phones rings again
>SAME NOISE but this time some one is on the phone, and we can hear him breathing.
>there was still a whitnoise sound, but thre also sounds that reminded me of a party. glasses clinking, people laughing, talking. but i could not make out anything people said.
>"OK dude stop calling now please"
>hang up, but for the hell of it i pick it up again
>noises are still there
>"ok bro this is ffreaking me out a bit"
>unplug phone, and we both leave and do something else for awhile
>about 45 min, i come back to plug the phone back in and hang it up
>the breathing had gotten louder, and the party noises kinda changed
>from happy laughing kinda sounds, it seemed like people were fighting, screaming, and breaking things.
it really freaked me out, and idk why
even over all theses years
The book was so much better, the movie sucked black horse cock compared to book
I kekled
If this is true, it could've been from multiple cords around your phone picking up signals. I've had some Spanish radio station play through my computer speakers with static loud enough you could barely hear whoever, talking
Was it past your bedtime?
File: 1405622957599.jpg (92 KB, 1208x721) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 1208x721
I was home alone, and it was an old man..
Pretty tame but odd
>Got a new phone around 2011
>Never really used it that much, but whatever
>But every night, around 12, i got this call from a number with the weirdest digits
>Something like 1459854-67832-1
>every time i see it under "missed calls" i think "how can a number be THAT long"
>One night, i catch the guy and i hear silence for 1 whole minute
>Then suddenly, i hear a man with a thick Japanese, in a sobbing tone accent say "Why don't you ever talk to me Sasuka"
>hung up
He never called me again.
File: 186287833204-8.jpg (34 KB, 155x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 155x202
top kek
Louie got her.
>how can a number be THAT long
>Japanese, in a sobbing tone accent

It was probably a call from overseas, hence the thick accent and strange number.

You two must be the saddest, most lonely people I have ever encounter... and I'm on fucking 4chan.

Well this is fucking terrifying. Going to fuckin bed now.
File: mfw.jpg (4 KB, 269x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 269x188
>probably nothing
Then you haven't been here very long.
Not paranormal or scary but it's share worthy

>Be 15 or 16, I know I was either a sophomore or junior in high school
>Home sick
>Shopping for new vidya on Amazon
>Get a call on my cell phone, some random number
>Don't answer random calls cause I get them often
>They leave voicemail
>That usually never happens
>Get a nervous feeling, expecting one of those "I want my fucking money" or something calls as shared in this thread
>I can tell it was a large black woman saying it
>Laugh for fucking hours about it
>Area code on the number was from California
>tfw 15 year old white kid

I wish I would of somehow saved it, it was on my old phone which is busted now. Played it for my friends and we all laughed our asses off over it, always joke around and say I can pick up chicks with my big black horse dick
File: 1404720518571.jpg (7 KB, 255x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 255x200
> Be me, 12
> Spoiled, so have cell w/ internet connection
> Watching some now calssic Nostalgia Critic eps
> How fucking great is Doug Walker?
> Answer: All the great.
> Get call
> Private number
> Hello?
> Hi, who's this?
> Anon
> Oh okay.
> Return to watching
> Get call again
> Same asshole
> *Sigh* Hello?
> I'm sorry who is this?
> Anon.
> Hangs up.
> Asshole.
> Return to watching
>Ring ring, fucker.
> Decide to be stern this time around
> I'm sorry who is this again?
>Listen, asshole,
> I freeze
>... I-I Already told you
> I try to stand my ground, but I'm audibly shutting myself
> ANSWER the question.
> I hang up.
>He calls again, but I understandably decide not to answer
> He doesn't call again.
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