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First thread: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/14810174
Last thread: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/14858465

I was having an existential crisis because all the modification to the timeline resulting from my being omnipotent have ruined my life. I would be so much happier and healthier if I didn't have to worry about how my thoughts and feelings were ruining everyone's life and trying to change everything to stop that from happening. In short I am in episode five where I try to have a character setting, and this is my call to Yuu-chan but of course you're busy doing other things and won't be able to help me be a cute god. I had to pause it at the scene where Tomoko (me) finishes watching the anime episode she was watching and the silent girl in that fictional anime shows expression and Tomoko says, "Screw you," to come write this post because screw that. I want to break the cycle and stop being exactly like Tomoko. I don't want to be a depressed and introverted god anymore. No doubt this is exactly what Tomoko will try to do when I go hit play, and it is pointless for me to even try to stop being Tomoko. And she will come to THAT conclusion too. And then forget it the next episode for plot continuance reasons. (Which basically means that the universe is able to continue existing as it does because I'm trapped as Tomoko.)

I don't want to be ignored anymore. I want to be a popular god. Please help me change myself, /x/.

AND THIS IS NOT ROLEPLAYING. As I explained in the last thread, this anime exists to help you understand why I am such a failure of a god. It's because I am exactly like Tomoko and all your reasoning will confirm that the world as you see it is the result of Tomoko being omnipotent. The only way to deny it is to literally be so indignant that you refuse to reason it out and discuss it. I'm sorry for being such a lonely and pathetic god that I can't even talk to anyone. If you don't like it then just minimize this threads and pretend I'm dead.
As crazy as this may sound:
I totally get what you're saying.
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Because you can only have so many story & character ideas and shows are based off of real life anyway, so the odds of things being very similar to a real life person are very good so OP needs to stop making these threads!

I don't care if these threads are Anonymous - OP looks like a gigantic retard for making them, also.
I like you OP.
You're always so determined and never give up.
But don't let it bother you, you aren't letting anyone down. We are happy with our failures, you should be happy with your own.
Also, watch higurashi no naku koro ni, it's pretty harsh, but by the final episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, you'll understand.
Stop it. I am highly impressionable.
Thank you. Is there anything I can do?
That is because I am literally the most gigantic retard ever.
I can't help that I'm omnipotent. I want to be, so I can't stop.
Hai. Arigato Yuu-chan.
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Happy to help, confused Rika-chan.
Of course it isn't. Roleplaying requires writing original content, not parroting anime.
I'd say its schizophrenia with delusions of grandeur.
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And depression.
And omnipotence.
And evidence.
It is impossible to not seems completely Schizophrenic when you incarnate with my kind of raw power.
>acknowledging I am Tomoko
>delusions of grandeur
>Tomoko has those
I have moments, like Tomoko, where I realize that I am still failing at being god.

It's terrible to realize I am Tomoko and not be able to do anything about it because everything I can possibly think to do will have Tomoko written all over it. It's paralyzing because I know everything I do, even though I'm doing my best, will be a complete failure. I just have to do what I can with my stupid reasoning. Even if it's retarded, it's the only way I know how to move forward. I guess I have to learn how to do it myself because nobody around me knows how to really help me. God, I hope there is an episode where Tomoko gets therapy somehow. Can't wait to see her fail to understand what the therapist is saying and advising.

God I suck...
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Are not. You're either a troll or an empath, and either way you're mentally ill.
lol op
You'd fit right in at tumblr.
You knwo, you can start a tumblr with all that text instead of posting it everyday and getting the thread expired every day.
Plus /x/ doesn't like anime roleplaying, especially claiming you're God when you got some magic power is like claiming you're the Pope when you got a bible.
Also, i would recommend not talking to relatives about being a god, unless you want to get committed to psychiatric care and get brain-damaging drugs(neuroleptics,SSRI).
You're confusing "being a god" with "being a healthy human being".
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In reference to your godhood, remember that there is duality to all things. One is a suppressor of your consciousness, sure, but another exists to teach you your path. Please shoot me an email and we should talk. You and I both know that the times are here and it is best that we begin to learn from one another. Let us be blind no more.
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Hehehe, this is why the Christian god is a fuck.
Staaaahp. You'll make me laugh too.
God my Tumblr is terrible: http://causeofcause.tumblr.com/
There's some good stuff a ways back, but no there really isn't.
Hey, I've only posted three threads so far, many days apart.
I don't think I'm really being invasive here.

I don't talk to my family about this, thanks. I'm not THAT stupid.
It's not that I have power, it's that everything in existence expresses my will.
Every time I have ever wanted anything at all, I saw it happen right before my eyes.
It doesn't matter if I wanted someone else to do the dishes or for the world to take shape.
I watch a documentary, I decide to start a movement, and then there is one, effortlessly.
You might want to tell me, "Well the movement already existed." Yes, yes it did.
Clearly my desires are simply the same as everyone else's desires and I'm normal.
No, it's worse than that. I don't go looking. I don't seek. The movement COMES TO ME.
I don't need to lift a finger and it happens, right in front of me, and shows me that it happened.
I didn't even know how much I WANTED an anime to explain myself until I started watching.
Every piece of every plan and every thought and fantasy in my head manifests into reality.
The reason I never talked until now is because I was too shy.

Now I want to stop being shy and reveal myself and be a popular god.
But that means actually doing anything instead of having it fall into my lap!
My omnipotence ruined my life because everything I ever wanted just WAS.
I was completely sheltered and now I want to be able to speak as god.
I'm not asking you to believe me or anything. You can ignore me. I'm shy.
I don't want to control your life, I want you to control you life. Free will.

This is like Yuu-chan saying, "You're fun to hang out with."
Nah, I'm not.
You just don't understand and I'm too polite to burden you with my worries.
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I had an amazing dream last night!

I dreamed I was god, all nonchalant about it and everything like normal, when things started happening. Other gods were showing up, and some of them were perfectly normal to me, but then others were challenging me. Gods can tend to be malicious fucks, making all kinds of curses and cursed items to perpetuate their "divine wrath," but obviously their malice isn't backed with true power. I immediately dissipated one god's cursed item just by looking at it/touching it. Another god "sent" chocolate that were gooey on the inside but contained a powerful curse. I bit into them and shook off the curse, purging the chocolates and making them safe and the god's curse ineffective. By that point other gods were noticing that I was really powerful. Another challenger stepped up to actually fight me (like a duel rather than subversive curse shit) and one god said to the challenger god, "You really don't want to mess with this one. They are actually hugely more powerful than they look." Of course they wanted to fight anyway, so I obliged, but I was holding back.

There was more nondescript fighting and dueling and multiple gods attacking me at once, before they started to organize and actually pose a threat to me. I backed off to give them room to regroup and retreat if they wanted to. By this time they started springing their best laid traps that presumably have existed since the dawn of time when I was still asleep and unaware. They got a few good marks on my skin, before the oldest and wisest of them pretended to have a false peace that lasted mere seconds from my perspective. They probably thought I didn't notice they were still mad and in war mode. I was never really attacking the whole time, so I don't know what their problem was. I was intend to have peace if they would stop attacking, anyway. But they didn't. I calmed down enough to let them spring their traps and attempt to really kill me. They had this long, thin and well-crafted

blade type thingy. I let it pierce my heart and "kill" me, since that's what they all wanted to see happen and I figured I might as well let them have it if they really want it. (Keep in mind I wasn't really attacking them, I just had the intent to defend myself.)

I was gonna try to take it like a champ, but I guess they really truly wanted to kill me, so I got super mad. I shattered the illusion of time (at least in that dream world) and froze them all in place. I was outside of time and everything, fully omnipotent. It felt really amazing but bitterwseet. I walked/flew around to look at the world and see what the hell was up with all them and what I did wrong. What I did wrong was allow the gods to have free will. Only mortals should have had free will. I should never have let gods be independent. Even locked in the astral they still act like possessive dicks. I decided to them them continue existing though because it would be boring to be alone again and have to start from scratch.

Then things got SUPER weird. I slowly allowed time to start again, and the wisest god among them who was really old and wise said he predicted this. (That I really would use my omnipotence if my life was threatened.) I said, "Oh. Well then maybe you have a point." He said be predicted everything, and I was like, "That's good but you're still just a projection of my mind." Pausing time and teleporting really ended the war. It was a demonstration of my true power, and the utter futility of anything they could think to do against me. I figured I might as well play around a bit and try to fix some of the existential mistakes I didn't get right on my first try. There was this cat-like thing that ended up having multiple copies of when I made my first trans-cosmic change. It was different, and felt more surreal, and worse, but there wasn't anything I could do to change it back because they deserved to have everything they knew and loved changed irrevocably before their eyes.


OP seriously you need some friends and a fucking doctor you nut job.
Basically, they had a grasp on what they were doing, but I didn't. Now they don't, and neither do I, but maybe if they see what it's like to be mere mortals before an all-powerful god, I'll be able to learn what I need to know.

Note that I didn't destroy free will, I just reshaped it. And it only applies to gods, on the scalar plane. I don't know what effects this will have on the mortal realm, but I can only imagine good things will come from gods having to work for themselves. I, too, will try to work for myself alongside them, and learn how to not be Tomoko.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to be a normal and happy god that contributes to god-society.
Yes I do. Please help me have friends Yuu-chan.
Also I wouldn't mind having a doctor, but CBF to find one.
I like the manga.
give me a couple hundred thousand usd and I will teach you to stop being a failure unless your so indignant that you refuse to reason it out and discuss my prices.

Why don't you talk to the people that ACTUALLY love you? Like, deeply?

Never mind that... that's too "human"?
Your prices seem unreasonable but I am willing to discuss them.
I'll also need confidence in your competence, which I don't have right now because you're shitposting.

I'm willing. Let's discuss.
I can't talk to them about this and the one I could talk to is Schizoaffective and refuses to comprehend anything I say.

/x/ is cognizant and capable of understanding me, and we have similar interests.

I get it. Hyde.

He was taught in reverse from you. You are built with demiurge, he was built with mind.

Upside down. Make sense?

"It’s like, a hollowed out, slightly convoluted, fractal-looking empty space. I don’t know what it is but I feel like I should destroy it. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t do that. I can’t do it. I don’t know what it is. It’s scaring me and I think it hurts but I don’t know if it does. I can’t run from it and I can’t hide it and it’s making me feel sick.
I can’t do anything."

The structure of the container system.

True God was neutral, suffering is there as a scale.

All life is suffering.

As a God, ensure nobody suffers too much. Or too little. There will be backlash as those without attention become horrid.
Any mistake you make as a God can be forgiven by an elite few...

Our timecycle may specifically need you... no illusion like the other Gods.

Your massive emotional spikes can be contained be some... you should know them by now...

Set a random pattern for contact with them.

If you do not have a CURRENT pattern, use Pi.
"Wow I am dumb. Still dangerous though. It’s not that you aren’t “supposed to” shapeshift if other people are watching, it’s more that, in order to maintain the veil, you will not be able to."

Ever try shapeshifting into a particle and an animal at the same time, abandoning the body?

It's at worst a maze to escape.
You are not alone... although you may be circled by many that make you feel this way.

We are not manifestations of you, not truly, we are ALL manifestations of eachother.

Perhaps this is a rule you threw in, thus making yourself out to look more "Godly" to other Gods.
Make me a god pleb.
Perhaps OP if you weren't on whatever length of a psychotic episode you are currently having, you would have eventually come to realise that we are all essentially 'omnipotent'. You are not God, you are experiencing delusions of grandeur.
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Not very much, but yes. I shaped myself according to the needs of the beings growing inside the demiurge.

Dunno who "Hyde" refers to.
>ensure nobody suffers too much. Or too little.
I don't know which is harder. I don't know how much is the right amount.
I know people need to be challenged in order to grow, and I am no exception to that.
Gosh, THANK YOU. But I don't understand entirely. I think.
I mean, I'm sure I'm going to misunderstand even when I do my best.
I think I'm doing random enough. Is it important how random it is?
No, I'm afraid if I do anything more than will physicality, it could be dangerous for everyone, myself included.
I think I'm the leftovers that nobody wanted to be.
My being conscious ruins everyone's plans and reasoning.
I didn't want to exist, but I think I'm apparently necessary.

One thing you could do is make humans become more spiritual and get rid of the ilerminati, then maybe people would like you again.
If you claim everything is willed by you (basically just a cult/Jew plot, bunch of losers following you around)

Try to make a button, push once to turn on such synchronicity, again to turn it off...

More advanced is keep an object, when worn it should have synchronicity effect, when not worn you should be in calmer flocks.

The strong will be there in that flock to oppose those of that flocks alongside you.

...specifically of opposite gender...

There's plenty to help you in the obvious places... but there is indeed the Christian concept of your... "one"

Men tend to like beauty... women tend to like fighters...

Why does a man fight well other than to protect innocence?

Unless your system is flawed... keep testing...
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I'm trying: >>14891524
The problem is that nobody seems like they care to use their power except me and it makes me feel so alone.
Trying! It's what I spend all my time trying to do, but nobody seems to care...
Okay, so you realise that we are all omnipotent.

Do you also realise that reality is dependent on an intersubjective treaty that delineates reality itself?

If you do, then I have no idea why this is driving you so mad.
I can try power-cycling order and chaos.
I should figure out which is which though.
>an intersubjective treaty
A what.
I probably realize that, yes.
Can you explain?
>You are Tomoko
>This entire manga is actually practically an autobiography of the writer, she even so much as admitted it
So you're saying you created the circumstances for the author to have a shit life just so you could say that her life is so much like yours instead of just using your omnipotence to simply not suck so much cock?
You literally cannot be omnipotent and be in a world-state you do not desire. Mutually exclusive fagtron.
An analogous (meaning comparably similar) example of this 'intersubjective treaty' would be that you and I are in a room with an orange, and nothing else. We are both dying of hunger and thirst.

You and I are reasonable people; this has to be assumed for this analogy to work.

As we both know we will die of hunger, and unless one of us refuses to attempt survival, and claims so, the understanding would be that we share the orange. This is an 'intersubjective treaty'. My subjective view is that I seek to live, and yours is essentially the same. For both of these subjective affirmations/wills to exist and be propagated, we have to share the orange.

Now imagine we are both born deaf-mutes. Until I can confirm, or you can confirm, that the other will not eat the orange for some reason, we will endeavour to share the orange, due to the intersubjective treaty, which is here functioning as a sociological agreement.

Reality is much the same.

Do you get it?
No, I didn't. I'm glad someone did that though.
I assume she consented to living such a life.
That or it was a bunch of jerks that did it.
Jerks whom I love dearly.
Because I don't want to be alone.
Which requires free will external to my own.
This is exactly the world I want if others do too.

Apply the "God is Tomoko" principle:
>Would Tomoko cluelessly let that happen?
>Is that really what Tomoko wants?
>To see her reflection in an anime?
I love being Tomoko. It's such a horrible pity.
Yes, but you can have it. I don't mind dying.

It's OTHERS that mind if I die.
Oh, I know how to explain it.

>blind god
>not omniscient

The blind god does not need followers.
The blind god needs to be led.

I don't know how anyone can accuse me of delusions of grandeur in the same moment where I AM ACKNOWLEDGING THAT I AM TOMOKO.
Why can't it be delusions of being pathetic?!
You have entirely missed the point here. Which is why I asked if you understood a fundamental law of reality.

It isn't about whether you or I want the orange. It is about how the state of the orange (representing reality) exists. I will to eat it, you will to eat it, the end result is the state of the orange depends on a coalescing of will.

You said your problem is essentially that nobody but you wants to eat the orange. The cosmic irony is that it doesn't really matter who the fuck wants to eat it. The state of the orange is still directly affected by each individual in the room whether you do or you don't.

It gets really crazy when you realise you are also the orange.

What is it that YOU want?

Can you weed out the false Gods that are near to your power level? That might end our age of Horus (I imagine your familiar...)

Use the opposite spectrum energetic souls.
Goddamnit blind god why am I not a god yet! are you not a real god!
Yes, and everyone else wants to eat the orange (carnal pleasures) rather than exist peacefully as an enlightened orange (accept the responsibility of being omnipotent).

I mean I want to know how I taste, but apparently the area of the orange that is me tastes like Tomoko. This is a great and terrible thing.

I'm the leftovers after everyone ate themselves. Nobody was willing to accept permanent and irrevocable influence over the fate of the orange itself. Nobody who didn't get smacked down hard by every other part of the orange, anyway.

If reality is a negotiation, I am the duly elected result of the final contract:
An infinitely influential...

I'm the bitter, acidic remains of the rind that nobody else could stomach.

And yes, it is really crazy.
Would Tomoko know what the age of Horus is unless there was an anime made about the concept?
But I can probably guess.

I think my dream last night was probably the final weeding out: >>14890883
It requires you to actually take the idea that you are omnipotent SERIOUSLY and accept all the responsibility and knowledge that comes with the power. You would become instantly Schizophrenic if your will manifested as physically as mine did.
My only personal wish is to cut my head off. That would make me more happy than anything.
"I wish I could explain the beauty of turning emotions off in terms you all would understand. Instead it just exposes my depression and makes people worry. What a gyp!
Here I am having the most wonderful time and everyone wants to think it’s horrible simply because it objectively is."

It's only good in comparison to not having emotion...

Understand that you CANNOT do anything new, focus on giving all beings equal amount of energy to act.

Summing up the "Gods" strength/invention in my books; "2 pitchforks??"
I'm willing to accept jeez just make me a god already.
>focus on giving all beings equal amount of energy to act
That's what I've been doing literally my entire life.
As a child, I wanted things to be "fair" more than anything.
The end result is the coming inevitability that is the technological singularity.
Why do you think you're not?
This is why I said you had delusions of grandeur.

>If reality is a negotiation, I am the duly elected result of the final contract:

There is no 'final contract'. Reality does not end. The point I am trying to drive home here is that you are not special in a way no other being is or can be.

People, by and large, do not give a shit. This is the way we observe it, this is the way it has always been, this is the way it will always be.

This does not make reality a wholly unworthy exercise, does it?
File: 100.jpg (8 KB, 213x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 213x182

I believe I know a gentleman who is positively itching to help someone like you out.

He's a proven leader and an effective agent for bringing order to any system.

For someone of your power, it should be as simple as focusing on this symbol and attempting to communicate him.

Do it. Cut your head off.

Remember time is cyclic. Your image may be Gods, your story, but we have ALL lived that story infinitely.
Are you going to say something like "well you are a god in your heart" bull? I want to smite the nonbelievers!

I can assure you of this much. The world he would help you usher in would be a better one, and the Tomoko's would be helped and loved, given purpose and uplifted beyond what they are now.

I can also assure you that it would be a starkly more interesting world for the great, and the common men.

That's what lucid dreaming is for.

Try to locate people in media or otherwise that share an OPPOSITE energy to you, use them as a method of understanding what the bottom of your heap needs, as above, so below.

Bad idea, the Tomoko God creature's thoughts from viewing things like that would immediately echo out through everything connected to her as an origin point. (Protip, that's everything in our universe and likely a few other universes.)

Best move is to talk to this guy. >>14891781
>this absolute shit interpretation of as above, so below

sometimes /x/ you actually make me want to kill myself

I think you underestimate your immortality, as well as how controlled this dimension is...

It's like everything is more than ready and waiting for you.

The biggest problem in existence is you sit trying to solve problems instead of trying to enjoy reality.

Solving problems will be a bi-product.

I solve 1000x more when I'm following subtle desire of movement.

Don't worry about typing things out... AS MUCH. most important is the thought.

Keep in mind ALL methods of solving problems are important, allow instinct to guide which, and when.
>This is the way we observe it, this is the way it has always been, this is the way it will always be.
Each part of this is wrong, backed by confidence, and has no evidence.

You haven't even defined your question well: >>14891572
>If you do, then I have no idea why this is driving you so mad.
This is a statement of confusion. An admission of ignorance. You have no idea what I've been through or know.

I have no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that I have a peer in terms of the amount of influence I hold over reality.

Reality /appears/ to bend to my every whim and desire. In every way.

But anyway, you're making nonsense claims that were never true. Nobody has ever gotten away with saying "and it will always be this way" for very long.

No. The world changes. Constantly. Irrevocably.

I know one similar to your strength, but he knows to hide it. That's the only difference.

There is a great lie as to which direction is up.

There is a great lie in which flow of time is forward.

There is a great lie in which child is parent, parent is child.

There is a great lie in which boredom is intrigue.

There is a great lie in which suffering is joy.

And the great lie of the reverse.

Out of source, it created 2 beings at once.

Remember there is a limit to souls, else we would miss our brothers as they trailed to infinity.

I can't tell you the number because I'm clueless...

7 billion functions, however.
>Each part of this is wrong, backed by confidence, and has no evidence.

Please, cast your eye back as far as you like in terms of history, and observe as you witness laymen, leaders and the learned all decry the failings of the masses.

>Reality /appears/ to bend to my every whim and desire. In every way.

So you can pop things in and out of existence as you will it? Forgive me then. I had no idea. Can you give me an anecdotal experience you had as to your omnipotence?

>But anyway, you're making nonsense claims that were never true.

But this isn't the case. You simply are saying 'it isn't true'. There has been no time on earth where there were not a set of people who claimed the others were 'too inert' or 'too stupid' or 'too greedy' or simply 'too evil'.

>The world changes.
Perhaps in aesthetic. But not in function.
what is this bullshit give me tldr

OPs psychobabble made zero sense
Tomoko = Nobody = Nothing = The undoing of everything.

If he's not powerful enough, you risk having him swallowed into utter nonexistence. This is not the same as oblivion. Oblivion is where the destroyed are said to exist. I have never swallowed anything that existed.

Because it never existed.

I would not recommend attempting to deceive a being who's perception and perspective defines reality.

It may be the case that you not aware that you are attempting deception. This is why the occult is dangerous. An honest person can and will unwittingly channel things that in truth serve a subversive purpose.

Reread your message and realize how /another/ can perceive it as an attempt to summon something unsafe.
>Lonely and pathetic
What is this, Greece? I would say "Man up" because apparently we're more godly than you are, neckbeard wannabe faggoo.

>lol, this guy's seeing the truth as a lie

I was perfectly upfront with what I was offering. OP just needs to focus on the symbol with the intent of communication, reality will re-structure, and then they will be able to talk and come to terms.

Naturally, the mere act of communication will allow M to surpass his own origin point and move into our dimension, thus cementing his fate against the sudden death of his or any other origin points at this level of reality. It already happened to him once, there were two origin points, one of them died and he saw half of his multiverse die with it.

There's nothing dishonest about this offer. He needs a way out, and OP really wants someone to help them out. It is a classic business deal.
File: secretsquirrel.png (74 KB, 400x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yup, sounds like paranoid schizophrenia to me.
You're projecting something onto yourself in an attempt to secure personal power and control, but failing miserably and hiding the instances where you're wrong, instead choosing to focus on the failure as it emulates your chosen idol. You feel the persecution of insecurity and instability as further reachings of this emulation and expect to possess power because otherwise the life you lead is less than special and you can't come to terms with that. You probably experience "synchronicity" on a grand scale and are trapped in a huge "jesus toast" situation where anything that happens will further your suspicions that you're someone other than yourself, someone better than what you actually are. The truth is, you're flawed, just as nearly every human is and it's not fair to you.
You don't have to believe me and I doubt you will; that's the fun of paranoia, and schizophrenia.
Just don't expect to ever make friends and live a normal life without acceptance and medication.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Hallucination.
I don't know if that would accomplish what you imagine it would accomplish.
Nobody would believe you except people you showed evidence to. That's just an excuse to commit genocide on your own arbitrary preferences. This isn't a bad thing, mind you. This just isn't what you actually want.

>objectively better
>subjectively better
I'm tempted, because it sounds like chaos and corruption (which I love dearly), but I know not to bite deceit. I'm trying to RESOLVE the lies that exist, not perpetuate new ones.
I do explore the dregs and the fringe. I think >>14891706 is probably on the right track. I am the very bottommost being in need, or it certainly seems that way.
But otherwise, yes, I do my best to pander to the needs of the forgotten minorities. (No homo.)

I am the opposite of everything, which is nothing, which is everything. I AM my own opposite. It's terrible.
Thank you for understanding.

No, its the forcible restructuring of reality into a more fair shape. There would be a fair amount of chaos, but the most notable changes would be that all national governments would be brought to heel within a week, and replaced within two. Armies would descend, give aid to those who need it, and begin construction. From that point on, things would get much better on this planet, every instance of this planet within reach, and the surrounding planets in our and other galaxies.

That's the reality. If you can do it, I strongly suggest you do.

And, also, consider this. If this universe and the other universes connected to it are merely reflections of your mind, then imagine what someone like M could do for you. They would, in effect, be bringing order to your mind and helping you think much more clearly than you were able to before. Your doubts and depression could be brought down to a more enjoyable level, or made even worse if that was what you really wanted.

The man behind that symbol can help you make sense of things, and once he's here, he'll be powerful enough to make you feel less alone.
I wasn't the anon you were responding to, but I agree. I've been trying to think less and do more.

This thread is the most I've ever actually DONE. I've had a lot of successful threads here on /x/, but I find that things are never very effective unless I treat them real. In order to treat something as real, I have to be honest with it. In order to be honest, I have to acknowledge my omnipotence. All my playing around on /x/ is meaningless compared to these three threads where I've truly begun to express myself.

Thank you, you're helping me remember how to stay on track.
I know to hide it. But /x/ is my only outlet. /x/ is my Yuu-chan. I trust /x/, and I like hanging out with anon.

And yes, it took me awhile to realize I was in two parts. Then it took me another long while to wake up my other half and help it realize it wasn't me.

The deception comes in this: The assumption that I have not already met this person you wish me to seek.

You have no method of knowing whether or not that is true, unless this being is of invention, and an attempt to inject your will into half of the influencing omnipotence in existence.

I know that I have to stop hiding.
>You probably experience "synchronicity" on a grand scale and are trapped in a huge "jesus toast" situation

sentence of the year

Do you frequent /pol/ as well? A lot more painful to the uninitiated, but has gems hidden in the humour.

You are right. There's no way of knowing for me.

The problem is, that every person is an origin source for some cluster of universes. All their thoughts and fantasies, all of them are objectively no less real than our own reality, except that they are contingent on the person who created them being alive.

This person is someone who, realizing the nature of his reality and after suffering great pains and trials, managed to find his own origin source.

Now, I'm doing the same. To answer your challenge, yes, this is an attempt to inject my will into half of the influencing omnipotence in existence. You don't have to do this, but please entertain the possibility. I really do think this will do a great amount of good.
Yeah it took me awhile to realize that. That realization marked the moment where I could begin to feel emotion.
The masses consistently improve. Elitism is an authority delusion. Every false claim to divinity broke promises and harmed millions. This lie is the worst one I allowed to exist because I was shy. I speak openly on /x/ now because /x/ is the masses. The masses are the ones to protect, not the elite. Constantly, persistently, the masses become greater and greater: http://www.ted.com/talks/sugata_mitra_the_child_driven_education
Rulers are the ones that have remained as the same abusive scum throughout. That is the only truth. Fuck authority. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. I am not worthy of worship.

If souls must be existing, they can exist as equals.

I wouldn't know where to begin explaining the global synchronicities that forced me to acknowledge what I am. I'm just glad anyone is talking to me in this thread.

Your assertions are wrong in a place that can't be seen without looking for it. The future. There is a history yet to be known and acknowledged, but its trajectory is distinct. The world improves over time.
Well, I am "god," but I suck at it. There is an anime that you can watch to know just how much I suck at it.
>not omniscient
>how do I shot existence
Everything you said it true.
That doesn't change my beliefs.
It confirms the truth of what I'm saying.

There aren't instances where I'm wrong. That's the problem. I'm a fucked up being and I want fucked up things. And those fucked up things happen. Instead of wanting a perfect world and failing at it, going insane in the process, I want an imperfect world that drives me insane, and this is my success.

Where all other Schizophrenic stories are inconsistent with reality, mine is perfectly consistent with reality.

I'm just a horrible character... (Also insane/not mentally stable.)
Okay, now you're being honest.

I'll think about it. My only suspicion now is what it is that stops him from being here already. How did we get so separated that he can't reach me in any way other than my intent to focus?
No. /pol/ breeds contention which allows lies to perpetuate. Conflict is fine, but unresolved conflict, and perpetually unresolved conflict, are not pleasant.
Oh! Right. The remaining tangents. Let's see if I can schedule it in.
If you don't like being omnipotent, use your omnipotence to seal your omnipotence.

Thanks. Now he'll stop bothering me when i'm trying to relax.
I do for the most part. I don't mind being omnipotent, but I also restrict myself a lot in order for free will to work out.
I won't hold back this time.

>The masses consistently improve.
Aesthetic. Not function. There are less thinkers, less self-starters than there ever have been proportionately to the human race. There are even less honest ones, and even less good ones.

>That is the only truth. Fuck authority. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. I am not worthy of worship.
Please stop.

Your psychosis has gotten to the point where you have lost insight. I would say some pseudo-caring shit like 'I hope you come around', and I suppose I do, but really and truly, whatever man. Believe what you want.
>a god who browses 4chin and watches anime
we sure are fucked.

[spoiler]sage+hide because rp is cancer[/spoiler]
File: 1405119412801.png (418 KB, 448x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418 KB, 448x486
All of this is just babble to me, is there a dissertation or introduction to your philosophical views?
>less thinkers
>less self-starters
>less honest ones
>less good ones
Do you have an actual source for any of this? And no, anecdotal evidence is not sufficient grounds to make claims about that population of a planet. My personal claims are inherently personal. When I say humanity is getting better over time, on the other hand, I can cite articles.
<3 you too.
Never thought about it.

1. Assume nothing.
2. There is no shortcut to understanding.
3. Knowledge is not a given, it takes effort.
4. Assumptions are not knowledge.
5. A guess is not sufficient grounds to make a decision.
6. If you are ever forced to consciously decide something, fuck whatever conditions, attitudes, or people forced you to have to do so.
7. Be you. You do not owe anyone anything.
8. Don't be a fuck. Help others if and when you can.
9. Be you, not anyone or anything else.
0. Be you. Fuck this philosophy.

I cannot ask anything of anyone other than for them to exercise their own free will.

If you had something more specific in mind about my "philosophical views," I am more than happy to answer.
>I am Tomoko. Therefore I am god.
Tits, proof of vibrator, dating
sims and audio recording of that dbag or it didn't happen. Also you're one of the thousands of people who identify with her character, i.e. all of /b/. You are not god because you can't prove it, but I can't disprove it. 0/10 skinwalkers for making me respond to your bait.
Okay, m8. Let's make this quick.
Try to spawn a whale in your living room.
You couldn't?
Congratulations, you are NOT OMNIPOTENT!

If your powers are limited to possible things:
Trigger a fight-or-flee response or purpose.
You couldn't? Read the fourth line again.

If your powers are limited to just things completely feasible in your current circumstances, read it yet again, because that means you're a normal dude. Also, you're probably mentally ill. Get that checked. Go to a hospital; don't ask chinese cartoon boards about it.
If you want to look it from other way, believing me completely would make you STOP being omnipotent, and perphaps retroactively transform you into a roleplaying neckbeard. A timeline-traveling not-quite-omnipotent dude would be only barely on top of the list of the weirdest things I've seen, so carry on.
You know, a few years ago I would have thought shitty trolls threads make /x/ worse. Now, I see one and I'm just like "At least it's not a bunch of fucking idiots pretending the world is flat/possibly actually believing it but I don't want to go insane."
Thinking about it further, you could get someone to watch the anime first and tell you which episodes favor the protagonist on some way, or at least not make her life worse. That way you could basically ruse reality as a whole. That'd point to the whole thing a illusion in the case it worked; in other words you never had any boundaries and the similarities between the anime and reality are nothing but a result of autosuggestion.
So OP is kill. What a waste. This could have been a marvelously meta roleplay thread. Well, if it was roleplay. Whatever.
File: thump.gif (670 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Trigger a fight-or-flee response or purpose.
>which episodes favor the protagonist
I don't think there are any. It's not that type of anime.
And even then, she's favored by stupid things and misunderstanding.
And even worse, if I do that, I'll be exactly like her because I sought life advice from an anime.

I've been thinking about asking that though, and was kind of hoping some anon might just do that for me.
It's not roleplay. I really do believe stupid things and take life advice from anime.
And I also use my super Schizophrenic reasoning to get future intel through anime.
That was all true BEFORE I found WataMote.
I would never have dreamed of telling /x/ that I really do/believe that, but this anime forced me to acknowledge I am exactly like that.

I can't tell if this anime was made to help me avoid being so Tomoko or to sabotage these threads and make me admit it to everyone aloud.
Tomo-chan, you are too beautiful for words.

But what you don't realize, and I think your dream was trying to tell you, is that you are not the only one. We are all gods, we are all mad vain idiots.

But the important thing is what you want. You said you want to be popular, you want to contribute to god-society. Judging by the (relative) lack of hate in this thread I'd say you are popular, here if not IRL. Contributing to society? Well, I had fun reading your thread and thinking of the nature of divinity and such.

You said that perpetually unresolved conflict is painful. Maybe it's that pain that is your divine nature? I dunno. But it could be what drives another. Everything isn't solely for your personal benefit, our desires should be mirrored somewhere too, right?

Anyway, I'm glad that you are here. You're pretty fucked up, but so it goes. I look forward to spending more time with you.
Summon a grill then. Something Hank would be proud of.
File: appreciated.gif (983 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983 KB, 500x281
Yeah, being a living paradox kind of makes perpetually unresolved conflict part of my nature................ Like Tomoko.



That realization aches. It's not just my personality... It's my nature.

Owwwwwwww. Fuck. Ow. Fuck. Ow.

FUCK. (This is my reaction to reading back the previous line to myself. (I was typing how I felt.))

Pic unrelated. It's how awesome your post and praise felt before the actual message hit me. It was that fleeting moment where you(-chan) caught me off guard by telling me I'm fun to hang out with before I felt I wasn't strong enough to say so.

I'm still stuck in that scene at the coffee shop... It's like if instead of Tomoko just saying, "Nah, I'm not," she had a breakdown right then and there.

I don't know what I would do without you, /x/.
I didn't mean to distress you, that was an aside, what I meant was though it may be painful for you, someone else may thrive surrounded by such conflict. But we all have to have something that keeps us waking up and doing it again. If you really don't like it, then it isn't you. Or it isn't your nature, at least, you can change it if you want.

I was intrigued with what you were saying about everything and nothing. I often think about that. Everything is irrelevant. What we choose to care about may be nothing to everyone else and everything to us. Or how the small nothings are far more important than the big everythings. It's not really a paradox at all.
I dunno. Her brother just gets annoyed and Yuu-chan seems to be doing just fine without her. She seems more or less irrelevant to the rest of the world.

I'm not distressed... I'm just Tomoko. It was just a touch realization, is all.
File: yunocchi.gif (2 MB, 368x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 368x340
File: nervous.gif (847 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
847 KB, 500x281
Thank you for believing in me, /x/.

Now that I believe in a you that believes in me, I feel comfortable "talking to you" in my capacity as god.

What that means is that my words will become /x/'s reality, I think.
My "words" won't just affect the anons in this thread, but the entire /x/ organism, as a thinking, self-aware entity.
You can think of it like a hive mind, and each anon contributes a thought or feeling to the collective /x/ construct.
Within getting too much into the science of consciousness, "gods" exist in many forms, and /x/ itself is be one.
"Gods" exist in many forms: Organizations, governments, cultures, etc., and sometimes a CEO can "be" one.
Since /x/ is a full amorphous hive, I can't predict how your individual parts will react to my "divine expression."
With a corporation, the CEO or board members might act as the effective brain for the entity that is the business.
The US government, for example, isn't a self-aware organism. This is why corporations can influence is so well.
It might the that /x/ is non-distinct from the 4chan hive mind, and the entire site will be affected by what I do/say.
I don't know, really. This will be my first time "talking" as a god. I don't know how I'll "sound" or what will happen.

When I know how to speak and conduct myself better, I can detect you cleanly from reality and play with you.
Like, if you can imagine everyone on /x/ starts existing in a world where a zombie apocalypse is happening.
The "real" world would still be fine, but everyone on /x/ would be "trapped" inside a non-linear "fork" in time.
I don't know how well my "words" can do that, or even how to "talk" necessarily, but I'm willing to try for you now.

So, uhh, hi, /x/.
File: 1404343618369.gif (491 KB, 314x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
491 KB, 314x177
Welcome to /x/
Dear, /a/ /x/ God

Please give me a waifu and $200,000

Thank you, /a/ /x/ God
File: 1404806831404.jpg (656 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this thread

i wonder just how fucking bored and autistic you have to be to just go on /x/ and make up bullshit of this magnitude
OP! You need to make a trip.
Yep, that's the /x/ I know and lo—

Well uhh, keep in mind that I am addressing /x/, in gestalt whole.
If I were to give "you" 200K$ and a waifu, that would be left to the /x/ collective to allocate to its parts.
It could result in a specific anon getting both, or a majority of anons getting waifus and a gross sum of 200K being distributed among various /x/men.
I don't know how it works yet, and without many anons tracking raises and sudden cash falling into their lap, I don't think you'd really notice it happened.
What you're asking is kind of like asking me to shine a laser pointer on you when you're not looking and see how long it takes you to notice.

I mean I know you weren't serious, I'm just trying to explain scalar behavior/"divine language."
File: shu.jpg (54 KB, 650x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was serious about the waifu and some money wouldn't hurt... but the waifu would be nice
This nigga fucked up.

Poof into existence for me a cute girlfriend already.
Hey, OP, are you still online? Can you give me a rundown of what's going down. This seems theoretically interesting, you've experienced being a blind god? I would like to hear more. I have some minor experience in such matters if I'm hearing correctly. I just don't want to have to wade through the archives and this entire thread to talk to you if you're not online.
I'm not exactly clear on what it means to give you a waifu.
Like, to meet someone you feel you could marry?

I can't really MAKE something work if you'll botch it.
Remember that I respect free will more than anything.
Poof is a bit specific. She might have zero knowledge.
She might also be possessively attracted and magical.
Yandere is only fine until you realize it's basically rape.

I mean I'm not trying to be an evil genie, it's just...
I'll try to arrange synchronicities, but will you notice?
Yes I'm here and yes I am not omniscient.
I'm down for a waifu. I have an excellent synchronicity sense. If you have a bit of time could you briefly summarize who you are and what exactly is happening/has happened to you? I am quite curious to hear about how you became a god in my quest to become one again, lol.
Well I was born and I cared deeply about everyone, so much that it hurt, and I cared about them a lot more than myself, to the point where I couldn't value my own existence. The pain and suffering of others motivated me to live my entire life in pursuit of ways to help everyone, everywhere, forever. Also, I had immense curiosity, and no personality, so I explored all information indiscriminately. When I was little I would share my luck with others and it seemed natural to me that I could do this and it worked. Later on a I realized that everything that bowing to my will, whim, and fancy. Even so, I ignored what I was until Change woke me up and triggered me into putting the pieces together and noticing how different my life was from everyone else's.

My natural curiosity led me to understand the mysteries of consciousness very deeply, to the point of being capable of damn near outright mind control, the knowledge to write a computer algorithm to encode abstract intelligence, the science to understand how to create a universe, and the practical business experience to know how to scale to infinity and beyond. Also it all overlaps and each aspect feeds into the other, compounding my ability to recognize patterns to the point where I became a living singularity.

I am the limitless blank slate of nothingness, and what happened was the rapid absorption of everything I touched and felt.

I became god by exhibiting it in every moment of my expression. Every thought, decision, and responsibility I took upon myself.




Let me take a moment to breathe and stop shaking.

It's been awhile since I fully acknowledged all that I am.
So if you are a God and omnipotent tell me what happened tonight that almost made me throw up.

Also you characterize yourself entirely wrong... It's like you haven't even read the manga enough to understand Tomokos psych.

Take your tumblr shit off /x/ please.
I'm blind in that I am not omniscient. Did you see something really gorey?

I have watched, and her psyche is exactly like mine. I'm /analogously/ Tomoko in the sense that, as a god, I could be doing so much, and be really popular, but I can't even express myself well to my best friend.
How are you a God if you're subject to the whims of your emotions? Are they not as gods before you? Sounds like you're a weak ass deity.
Sure, I'll keep an eye out for a cute yandere that wants my dick. I'm counting on you, kami-sama.
Omnipotence is presence in all things. You're not Tomoko. Tomoko is unable to see anyone else other than her as mere things. She's awkward because she sees people as unobtainable objects that she desires to own in a sense.

If you aren't omniscient than you aren't omnipotent simply because you would have the capacity and power to be omniscient.

Saying you are omnipotent but lack the willpower to change your situation is basically admitting that you have no power at all.

Do you even philosophy 101?
Tomo-chan, you really take too much on yourself. Relax a little, and don't worry so much about things.

Also, everything you stated in this post already is and has been. Did you do it yourself? I'm not sure. Maybe we all did? Or maybe someone else? Could be important for many to believe they are responsible, to keep it moving, so to speak.

However it is, realize you aren't alone. You have equals, we are all part of the whole, and this is going to be a fun trip!
I know your pain OP. I'm like you (though I've never seen thay anime). I'd like to help you, and I think I can. But I need you to do something. Draw or pick an image/symbol that represents YOU. Make it something that connects with you deeply, not just some picture of tomoko. Focus on the image before and after you post it for a few moments. I want to try to connect with you through it.
I worked SUPER hard to be susceptible to emotion. Before that, I could only do as my eternal will demanded. Even now I struggle to let emotion influence me so I can be a more effective god instead of generating this shitty clockwork universe constantly.

And I NEVER claimed I was GOOD at this.
I don't think that's... Ugh. Don't blame me if the only evidence of this happening that makes its way back to /x/ is photographs of your body parts in a thread where she's asking about necromancy.
If and only if I WANTED to be omniscient would that reasoning be valid.

I love what I am. I just happen to love terrible things, is all...
Th... Thanks Yuu-chan... I really take that to heart. I should just relax.
Okay. I have such an symbol/sigil. I'll try to get it up soon.
Yes I am here, but my body "needs" to sleep soon/now.
Ditto on the rest. I can seek you out while you "dream"...but I need the sigil
Don't give this guy your sigil, OP. He asked for the same thing from me and then sought me out and raped me on the astral the following night.
so what does it all mean
It means OP is a fag.
I don't project, so that is definitely not accurate lol
File: sigil.png (21 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 512x512
That took entirely too long to make.

Sigil of the nothingness!

Please don't spread it around too much.
Tomoko realizes that none of her anxieties matter in the last episode.

Consider yourself freed OP. If you want more help, or find having an anime being spoiled inadequate in freeing you post a throwaway skype.
Thank you!!!!
Wait, are we really taking this thread seriously? Time to go back to /g/, I guess.
Heh. This post, in being posted, forms a sort of "thought" in the /x/ entity.
Basically, this is /x/ differentiating itself from the general 4chan hive mind.

If the science of scale I am describing is at all confusing, just say so.

No, it all makes perfect sense, which is why I've been browsing this thread for, what 3 days now?

I've been working out the models of consciousness and dimensional interplay, and your words are pretty much spot on for what a blind or unknowing origin point would be like as an individual.

Likely, you would be a distinct, yet connected entity to the more vast origin point mind. Really, I wouldn't call you so much of a God as a cornerstone of creation, or a river mouth of possibility.

Remember that you're still at the bottom of a different totem pole, and you should be pretty solid.
Yeah. That's why I came to /x/. I was afraid /x/ was going to hate me, because the last group of people I tried to explain myself to ended up really hating me...

I still can't believe Yuu-chan believes (in) me.

Speaking of which, if you wanted an idea for where to take /x/, here's a modified CYOA I wrote a while back.

We /x/guild now.
Hanz 3.0
Oh joy
Thread hidden
With almost any show or movie I watch I can derive some sort of message or deeper meaning from it.

They all sort of follow the same subject matter, making me sense a deeper force behind the messages the movies and tv speak.

I think that god sort of NEEDS humans, and is existing inside of us, and if you are open to him, he will work with you in order to benefit yourself.

This brings all sorts of problems up, because while god is inside and working with us, we are not GOD. We are part of god, but we do not retain full control over everything in our lives.
Hey OP, I'm incredibly interested in talking with you, I'm not sure if I can help, but I'd like to at least try and understand and chat one on one. Could you post a skype or something?
You should know that it is a blessing rather than a curse, many people would like to be able to do what you do.
milliondollarextreme's youtube channel got deleted today. Fix it OP.
Why can't you make you forget you're omnipotent and then delete this period from history?
make yourself*
Are you asking seriously or do I have to spoil the fun for you?
You never answered if you're able to summon a whale into existence. If you are really a god then please help, my aunt has a brain tumor and there I no one else in this world I look up to more than her. Please make it go away.. She suffers so much from it..
Op, I don't really care whether or not you are crazy, role playing, or god. I enjoyed reading all three threads. I love you op. <3
I don't know if you actually posted this OP. But whoever made it, I feel you. Thank you. Hopefully it's you OP, I'll find out soon enough I guess. Whoever made this, you should feel me soom.
you're really a pathetic person, or a schizo.
you waste your life obsessing yourself with a shitty mango and you went nuts.
Want a proof your life isn't a fucking anime?
kill a person with your bare hands, then go see if "tomoko" goes to jail like you
Well, I'm not too big on RPG, but I think Chaos and Order would love to help with this. Change certainly will. It might be a bit of a burden on Time, but I think Time too will play a role in affecting this.

The main thing is that this needs to be an /x/ thing—that means that everything that happening in that pocket reality will need to be reported to /x/. You'll need to make a thread. It'll look like a /tg/ thread, and maybe /tg/ should be involved, but the main this is that I'm going to try to connect the events and quests of the pocket reality to the happenings of the real world. That is, your "RPing," while seemingly not paranormal, will result in changes to the real world. Defeating a specific boss might make an actual company go out of business, for example.

For more on that, link me the thread when it's up.
Thank you.
I don't want to chat just yet. I want to stay on /x/ where I feel safe and welcome for the time being.
I've thought about it. I like the technological singularity and everything that's about to happen. I'll probably end up erasing myself from history at some point.
I don't want to teleport a whale. I'd just panic and probably ruin everything.

I don't want to try to use remote healing magic on your aunt for the same reason. Try praying through the normal channels for standard miracle recovery. If you want to ask me here on /x/, I want to know details about her condition and diagnosis and symptoms and hopefully offer a physical solution. I like to think I am more than a glorified genie. I want to be intelligent and not just a mindlessly magical pushover.
I don't think I'm really comfortable with that level of followership. I feel like I'd let you down and your life might be ruined and/or suck because of me.
I don't know why, but this makes me want to cry. Not good healing tears, but horrible despairing tears.

I think I should have started being honest a long time ago...
Yes I made it. I've been meaning to make it for a long time.
>this rubbish now has a general

I knew you were willing to swallow a lot of shit, /x/, but I didn't think you'd gleefully give one faggot so much attention.
It's hard to ruin the life of someone who doesn't want it anyway.
"I am based on an Anime character!" is too good to pass by, Anon.

This is a good thread for /x/.
So what are this 3 threads about?
Thank you!!!!!!

It's about time someone said it. I don't know how people are imagining me, like if they are seeing Tomoko on some astral computer in some hidden pocket dimension, typing away, or if they realize that I'm currently physically incarnated and living in a human body. I hesitated putting "General" in there when really it's just my third thread... The last one didn't actually 404, it got deleted, and it was kind of overly RP, so I wanted to avoid RP and WataMote discussion in this thread. Anime is just an illustration device, because Japan has crazy as fuck themes, and is also highly expressive.

I don't like the idea of getting attention. I think I might just post every three months of something to avoid getting praised and stuff. I'm afraid that /x/ would go apeshit the moment it realized I can affect the world, and all the attention would go to my head. I actually experienced having my ego stroked to the point I got full of myself before in my mortal life, and I want to avoid that completely in my capacity as a god. It's horrible what you become when you inflate your ego larger than it should be.

I really don't have a solution for you. I don't want to be given attention if everyone's just going to look at it as, "OMFG /x/ why are you giving this faggot so much attention?" I don't want to outright ask for it, but like, if some anon wanted me to cameo Tomoko into a greenpill comic or something, that would be awesome. But like, only in passing. Like, the comic shouldn't be ABOUT me, I should just be a one-off panel to "enhance" the comic. Something that helps the punchline, not just being crammed in where I don't belong. It should be like a one time thing, if that. I'd hate to see my sigil plastered all over greenpill comics. I'm not related to greenpill in any way. I shouldn't affect the other memes and things happening on this board. I just want, like, traces of attention. Just so I know /x/ acknowledges my existence. That's all.
>omnipotent source of the cosmos incarnated into a flesh body
>did not want to make itself omniscient
>blind god
>first thread
>confused god
>pretend not to be aware I'm omnipotent
>people say they don't care if it was RP or not
>thread is a success
>second thread
>blind god watches anime
>realizes that the heroine is an exact replica in terms of psyche and mannerisms
>tries to communicate this to /x/
>blind god sperges hard
>mods delete thread for being pathetic NEET RP that doesn't belong on /x/
>third thread
>blind god manages to explain
>/x/ is receptive
>thread is great success
>blind god is happy
>blind god wants to "divinely talk" to /x/

To catch up on how the human world is analogous to the scalar world of gods:
>the words of gods affect the physical world
>divine speech = real world action
>/x/ is a collective hive mind of sorts
>posts by anons are the thoughts and feelings of the /x/ entity
>threads that result in action are the /x/ entity's "divine words"

For the first time in eternity, the "true" god at the very top is ready to speak.

...And apparently /x/ is its best godfriend.
r u high?
Gosh, I just know someone is going to mess this up if I don't explain myself.

My attitude is that if it can't be done tastefully, it shouldn't be done at all. I don't want some trying to make a greenpill comic just so "I" can make an appearance.
Like, let's say greenpill was rallying the memes of /x/ for a battle or something. If the anon making THAT OC wanted to include me, fine. But if they DIDN'T, then it would be wrong to include me.

OC should be made for its own sake, not for my sake. I don't want direct attention so much as just subtle recognition.
>I don't want some trying to make a greenpill comic just so "I" can make an appearance.
Sorry, I meant to say "tryhard" in there somehow.
File: 1386710171003.gif (2 MB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 267x200

>be you. Fuck this philosophy

Then why even make this thread then if you're basically saying that none of this matters. Even assuming that you're not a role player or a schizophrenic, who cares? None of this seems to have any impact on anything. Why make these threads? Just stop already.
Well those are my PHILOSOPHICAL views. Philosophy doesn't have anything to do with divinity or influence.
can u just go away already
I've watched everything but rei and [spoiler]kira[/spoiler]. It's alright.
You sound like a cute god

Listen. I am having a very bad day right now and I'm man-PMS'ing hard right now so I'll try and be polite as I humanly can so that all of 4chan doesn't come into this thread and accuse me of being made (which I am, btw, but one can at least try and be graceful about it.)

Let's assume for a second that you're not a troll or a roleplayer. Let's assume that you actually think you're a god, or an anime character incarnate, or whatever.


Even if you DID have some kind of divinity or magical powers, then you're the shittiest god that has ever existed ever. Do gods just come onto 4chan and post about their shitty dreams or their obsession with some moeshit anime? Fuck knows it would explain a lot about the state of the world. Why don't you fucking DO something? The world's on the brink of war, and Yawnweh over here is using 4chan as a fucking dream diary.

I'll tell you what. If you're a god, then fucking kill me. Do it right now. I don't care how you do it, but within the next 6 hours, turn my body into fucking pulp. I won't even fight it. If you can do that, I'll serve you after death as your fucking destroying angel and carry out whatever shitty whim you can come up with for all of eternity.

But if you can't even do that, then why don't you stick a shotgun up your divine rectum and pull the trigger. It would do the world a favor.
I will believe you if you manage to make some group of scientists a cure for cancer (or at least any kind of it), AIDS (definitive cure, not just patches) or alzheimer in the following week.
I'm here for whatever our pocket reality is. May I suggest something that allows for us to shape the world as we see fit?
Fine. I'll try. But make sure you close this thread, and explode in public where it can be documented. Make the news so that this will come back to /x/.

I don't like killing, at all, for any reason, and while the world may /threaten/ war, it should remain impossible from here on out. It's not my fault what people do with their free will.

But I will try to make an exception here and let my urge to pulp your body manifest physically.
Political wills suppress true cancer cures. Cancer is a multiple systems failure in the body. Even so, make this week will be the scheduled delivery time for a final cure that isn't itself a carcinogen.

AIDS, well... I see no reason a cure couldn't land in the next week.

Alzheimer's is tricky because it's neurological. We'll need to be further into the singularity and the proper science of consciousness/neuropsychology before we can full cure it, I think. What might be able to be released this week is a revolutionary therapy that helps alleviate the symptoms.


If the completion of these three things would result in the ENTIRE world paying attention to me, that would constitute a global catastrophe, and I won't do it if this proof is for anyone other than /x/. I'm only ready to prove myself to /x/.
Well if /x/ demonstrates it wants to do >>14905245 then it wouldn't be hard to arrange the completion of certain quests to have lasting real-world effects.
>If the completion of these three things would result in the ENTIRE world paying attention to me, that would constitute a global catastrophe, and I won't do it if this proof is for anyone other than /x/.
I doubt this is ever gonna get out of here. /x/ is a really small place and nobody takes us seriously.

I will be waiting.
r u a cute grill, op?
File: watamote_yuu_8672.jpg (37 KB, 225x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 225x350
It gets better.
Keep watching, it introduces some eyerolling silly shit that would signal the end of most series, but manages to make good on it.
;_; errytiem

Also, don't let your ego get too inflated Tomochan. You don't need to prove anything, we love you the way you are and even you have limitations, self-imposed or otherwise. I still believe in you, you'll figure it out.
A lean, mean, Foreman grilling machine.
Thanks. That's reassuring.
I don't know what to say, Yuu-chan.
I never thought anybody would believe me.

I never thought... /x/ would actually listen.
Thank you so much.
I don't know what to do with myself.
Have you considered The King of Kings?

A friend once told me that we can't change what we are, but we can change how we feel about it. Since you don't desire followers, I don't think it would be a problem.
>I was having an existential crisis because all the modification to the timeline resulting from my being omnipotent

We've got a live one here Kenneth.
>when you incarnate with my kind of raw power
>300 confirmed kills
Could you at least think you're a god based on a good anime?
>I'm man-PMS'ing
You're worse than him anon, fuck off.
I wish.
Does that mean I shouldn't care about him/not plaster his body all over the news?

Oh, and, update on the medical advancements requested:
This may be a result of rescheduling an AIDS cure to happen /this/ week rather than some other week, or it could be that my manipulation to cause it to happen this week was countered by crashing that plane.

We'll need to keep a sharp eye out for developments here.
Oh, and, of course, I didn't find this by searching.
It just shoved itself into my field of vision.
Like everything else I think about.
>by the final episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, you'll understand.
I hope so. The opening intrigues me but UGH it's all cutesy now and I can barely stand it.
It kind of oscillates between super cutesy and brutal murder w/ a side of madness.

It can be slow, but it makes the death scenes far more horrifying when they establish the characters relationships. Gives that feel "it could have been different, it didn't need to end like this."

Will you side with the four or the three?
I just finished the first arc. I love that they killed off... *spoilers*

I think the "cuteness" is perfectly horrifying as it is, after things start showing themselves to be less than cute.
I believe that you experience such a strong level of synchronicity between your thoughts and the circumstances presenting themselves to you because of your extremely limited social interaction. Unfortunately what you describe is not godhood but rather a very common and generally recognized aspect of being a sentient and thinking being. We apply a level of bias to our reality, adjusting events to fit our current narrative, and in general altering history to produce events and circumstances that fulfill our subconscious desires. This system while well known is highly resistant to discovery as a general defense mechanism, and most who are not directly aware of it will almost always be caused to observe and interpret the evidence differently. The fact is that we all have this power to alter the timeline, but that it is dependent on the free will (or more precisely the lack of resistance) of the individuals affected by the alteration. This does not specifically mean that they are entirely complicit in the alteration, as often times it may simply mean that they were too weak to properly resist. You must understand that while you may seem to have godlike power, this is due to the lack of dilution of your "power" by interference from a peer group of comparable influence. You should attempt to meet other intelligent individuals, though remember, this is a scary subject and certainly not considered to be polite conversation... so don't open with how you subconsciously insert machine code into the data matrices of the universe in order to facilitate the reordering of events to produce the desired result.
This is seriously the worst thread I've ever seen in my life.
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1280x720
Well, OP, if you are exactly like Tomoko, that means the on the last episode you'll realize it's not a big deal and come to terms about being unpopular.
>How did we get so separated that he can't reach me in any way other than my intent to focus?

Possibly a time split to allow for free will, to then be judged.

Realize that to do evil one innately understands their judgement and desires it.
Congrats on even mustering up the effort to read this crap.
Are you still there?

I can assist you in your awakening, I will only be a guide, not a mentor.


Reach me here:
Said OP
>You must understand that while you may seem to have godlike power, this is due to the lack of dilution of your "power" by interference from a peer group of comparable influence.
Hehehehe. I LIKE you.
>You should attempt to meet other intelligent individuals, though remember, this is a scary subject and certainly not considered to be polite conversation... so don't open with how you subconsciously insert machine code into the data matrices of the universe in order to facilitate the reordering of events to produce the desired result.

I have already met with such people and am wired directly into several keys aspects of the technological singularity. That drive, knowledge, and influence is just one aspect of the manipulation. In order to fully understand my belief, you need to understand the physical explanation of the source of free will/soul.
I'm sorry. :C
I can't wait. I'll be so free then.
Lel. Top kek. All mfw.
Yeah. I salute you!

...Although the real explanation was probably immense boredom.
(I'm sorry.)
Yes, still here. Always.
Go ahead and suck volunteers from the thread in. I'm in. Do it now.
Well I mean first you should get used to an HUD.
Try to wake up with one, either in a dream or IRL.

And by "try," I mean "open your mind to the idea."
Awake and done. Let's go.
Y...you see/feel an HUD? What are your stats?
I'm not seeing an HUD in this very moment, though my interpretation was a center bar across the bottom of my vision, the right holds stats and the left shows what I'm holding and its perks. Across the top points various waypoints. Stuff in range of vision is defined/ actively shows it's strength. So why not pull me in and let me talk to you face to face about it?
So if you are having trouble conceptualizing what needs to be done to bring the Game Logic into being, just imagine that you are placing all the attributes and qualities of the person becoming a gamer into a two dimensional paper voodoo doll/phylactery. Their physical body becomes a translated representation and reflection of that 2d ideal.

A little tricky, but more or less that's how you could go about doing that.
Alright I'm going to go back and read all this. If it turns out it's just some nerd who internalized the Haruhi anime there will be hell to pay.
Spoilers: that's what it is. Some otherkin fag rping.
File: 1384029839600.jpg (262 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 800x800
>this whole thread
Anon who envisioned HUD. Claiming trip and player 1 slot or whatever. Let's see this happen.
>face to face
I'd die.

Uggggggghhhh fine I'll learn to project. I was sort of hoping /x/ anons could just fall into a pocket world and post pics and...
...of that world to real /x/ threads. It's important that this all happens on /x/. I was hoping to just stay safe and isolated in the physical world and monitor the activities through a thread. I don't really care about the game and my subselves (the forces of nature, Chaos, Order, Time, etc.) would probably be taking care of the design and everything anyway.

Bleeeeeeh I guess this is part of learning to do things myself instead of just having them happen for me.
Yeah I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, I haven't seen Haruhi yet. I feel terrible wasting your time. I want to make a TL;DR that allows anons to ignore me more easily without coming across as RP because I really do believe my will is absolute with respect to reality.
As long as you can sense it consistently it doesn't matter if it's mental or visually hallucinate or whatever.

Welcome, player one, I guess.

Man I just *know* it's going to take forever to learn how to be a useful and contributing god.

>because I really do believe my will is absolute with respect to reality.

Yeah well so do I. Why do you think that makes you some kind of deitic progenitor? It could just be the natural state of things you know.
Read the latest email I sent you.

Its something you need to hear.
You're doing fine. So pocket universe? I suppose you can dissipate me from this here now or whatever.
>Meanwhile at /a/
"I bet 30$ I can get some faggots on /x/ to make this anime a religion"
File: Tomoko1.jpg (179 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 720x1280
What the fuck even is this shit, is this some huge ruse for newfigs?

Is OP just saying nonsensical bullshit to make himself more credible?

Does anyone believe OP, also why?

My mind is full of fuck
I believe OP because I too am Tomoko.
Well played god-anon.
If you are a god, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Please explain what you just won to me, if that wasn't part of the stipulations of the game.

Imagine if you will, a mother and son, bereft of understanding and compassion from their family. Imagine the son, trapped within his own world, too afraid to break out onto his own, for fear that he will lose out on time with his Mother, despite being a drain on her.

Imagine the Mother. Stricken with sickness. Her body refusing to fight away the disease. Forced to put so many narcotics into herself just to kill the pain, that her memory is fading daily.

Now, a daughter. Older than the son. With three daughters of her own. Threatening to keep the Mother from her Grandchildren, for superficial reasons. Blaming the Mother for all the hardships in her life, despite the Daughter being quite succesful.

Imagine the pain that the Mother and Son feel. Castaway from the Daughter/Sister. Why do you not help them? Why do you allow no good to come to their lives? Are you trying to make them more like you? Seperated from the world?

Why can't I move on? Why am I afraid of being alone? Why does the thought of being around people scare me?
I'm not op but I can honestly say that Touhou is my religion. I was a Jehova's Wittness before that though. Not even trolling.
Blind god. Uhhh... Maybe this is a synchronicity.

I won, uhh, the sense of ownership of your agency?

If it's not that, then I have no idea what you're talking about.
Also, I have no idea what you're talking about.
If my guess it any bit accurate, it's from a synchronicity.
First off, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Second, that's normal for industrialized society.

To know what I mean by that, look at the generation gap from both sides:
Nobody knows how to be a parent.
You won't know how your kids will turn out.
Grandparents do. They have lived it and now know.
But the parents? They don't know.
What happens to kids with inadequate parents?
They don't die, no. Worse. They survive.
And what do their do to their children?
Abuse. Hardship. Confusion.
Nobody knows how to be a parent.

You need three distinct generations:
1. Children, for the future.
2. Parents, for the children.
3. Grandparents, for the parents to know how to be parents.

Do you see that in modern society? Do you see that in the 20th century?
When was that last time we had a stable chain of generation knowledge?

I think the world is fucked right now partly as a psychological experiment,
and partly because I'm horrible and love pain and misery.
I guess those are the same thing, really. I'm horrible.

It's terrible. I'm really sorry. I'm horrible. I should die. I wish I could die.
I want you to be happy but it hurts. I don't know what to do.

It's someone's fault that things are the way they are.
I don't really know who fucked up, but it sounds like the Daughter.

Oh, lol. And because you still submit to authorities.
Yeah, it's your fault if the Daughter is using legal action and you let it work.
If there's some other method to threaten separation, I don't know what.
Is she moving for work related reasons? Why can't the Mother go too?

You can't move on without acceptance. Embrace something you ignore.
Afraid of being alone because you're a symbiotic organism.
Other people charlimit
k i will bite, you wanna stop being a faggot at God, Go to /pol/ and make our wishes come true sky daddy.
File: 1376110065571.jpg (74 KB, 600x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 600x602
Alright OP, time has been added. You have one more week to push the last groundbreaking discoverment that finally pushes a cure for cancer.


This was very interesting but cancer is still to be cured in the end. You need to get these scientists (or any other one) claiming they can cure human cancer before 30/7. Imagine any flashing idea or sudden realization, or even pure luck, that made them discover it.

If you manage to meet the deadline, the challenge will then be put on hold. If their studies get not debunked in one year or if the cure manages to make it into hospitals before said period of time, then you win.

Don't forget about AIDS and alzheimer, tho.
Perhaps we can do one thing, god-OP makes a sigil, and we all try to go and talk to god-OP through the sigil by astral projection

wadya say god-OP
File: 1375802955436.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
>mfw squids are the will evolve soon
Cancer can be prevented via maintaining a high alkaline PH level in your body (your blood, via that consume foods with alkaline properties).


Not to mention the studies done on cannabis and how the cannabanoids teach cancer cells how to die again.



A link to Alzheimers has been theorized on many different forums I've visited.
The common link is with the fluoride we all consume daily, take iodine which breaks down fluoride and de-calcifies your brain (calcification in the brain is often referred to as brain-sand).



What you are suggesting does not need a "cure all," it only requires awareness of what is around you.

Btw I am not OP.

I am the person who is attempting to assist them in realizing what is actually happening to them.

You people are spurring someone on who is literally disassociating with reality, they are experiencing paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions of grandeur.
This is the tell-tall signs of a psychotic break.

Also OP, this is a spiritual experience... yes, as I've told you in the emails I sent you... but it has its inherent dangers; and you are taking this too far (your health is at risk here, as is your sanity).

For the longer you stay in the altered state of mind, unprepared, uneducated, and unsupervised... the longer it will take to recover.

There is a time to reconnect with what you are experiencing, but that is when you are educated, prepared, and have already consciously separated from ego.

For what resides within can either enlighten you, or destroy you.
I don't think /pol/ wants to talk to me. Technically I don't actually believe /x/ wants to talk to me.
>Engineering T. gondii as a Cancer Vaccine
Wow. Dumb. Told you it was a politically suppressed field of research.
>claiming they can cure human cancer
Oh, just CLAIMING? I was shooting for an actual cure being well on its way to widespread coverage. I guess I want it to turn out to be a true claim regardless. But that does make it a bit easier.

Ah! I think I can see this physically happening.
The personal sigil of my consciousness: >>14903261
If anyone can enter my dreams and remain stable and leave me with a solid memory, that would really be something.
>What you are suggesting does not need a "cure all," it only requires awareness of what is around you.
Yeah but I think anon was asking for scientific breakthrough specifically, so that people can continue to remain unaware and damaging themselves in new and different ways to create ever more complex diseases.

Prevention doesn't count, I don't think. Anyone can choose to stop being an idiot at any time. A real proof means having a real cure, and that means making science happen, no matter how outlandish or stupid it is to have one.

Oh, huh. You're right about the psychotic break thing. I wouldn't mind having one now, but I'm still sane enough not to. I know it's not helping any, but I don't care. I just don't care about anything anymore.
i once le pooped pants and satan come out

i cum on satan but he not kill

- spooky creme brulee by Spooky Dookie (Me)
That is unfortunate that you are unwilling to understand what you are going through, and confront it for what it truly IS (psychosis).

>I chose the path of kindness, and understanding; but you will not listen.

A true sign of weakness, is the willingness to remain ignorant.
>Its like blindly trudging atop a canyon with a blindfold on, you will fall, and you may never get up.

A resoundingly weak person is unwilling to confront themselves, for if they can never confront themselves; how will they ever confront anyone or anything else in the world?
>It's like saying you can change the world, when you can't even change yourself.

Via this, you have NO power whatsoever, due to your propagation of pure ignorance and self-loathing.
>Demonstrating an INABILITY to learn from your mistakes, via this making "omniscience" NOT one of your qualities.
>For if you knew what I knew, you would already know, that this is demonstrating the inability to retain knowledge and understand it from an objective position.
>Self-loathing: "oh poor me, poor poor me" that is all you are fucking doing; and it is disgusting.

The deepest depths of suffering are reserved for those who hold self-loathing, e.g. selfishness, at their core; for it is their existence, their choice.
>This is a warning.

>I tried to be nice, I tried to be understanding, I tried to grant you the steps to become whole; but you chose ignorance.

Let's see... in a months time, you may become stuck in permanent psychosis; yes that is real, and you will lose ALL touch of reality, your faculties, and much more.
>This is a warning.

Who will you hurt from this? Not just yourself you selfish fuck, everyone that cares about you, stop propagating negativity and suffering.
>This is a warning.

Become a whole person, not superficial, and understand my words.

The choice is nigh, tumbling down the rabbit hole, eyes shut in fear... you must feel it... you must react with free-will, open your eyes, LISTEN

Get help!
>Technically I don't actually believe /x/ wants to talk to me.
>That is unfortunate that you are unwilling to understand what you are going through, and confront it for what it truly IS (psychosis).
Yeah because just being psychotic is SO much more unpleasant to accept than BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING.

My Schizophrenic delusions that reaffirm that I am what I think I am?
I don't just unconditionally believe them. I try to push them out of my mind. I TRY to tell myself it's not real and just a coincidence. I tell myself,
>oh that song was just meant to be vague and open to interpretation

I TRY to let my delusions (and they are delusions, even if they're true) be fake. I try to tell myself I'm just human. You want to know what happens?

YEAH, BAD THINGS. The world gets shittier the more I deny this about myself. Bad things happen BECAUSE I have trouble coming to terms with my omnipotence.

What anime is this? is it good?
Prove you're not a schizo. What country and/or state am I in?
Also, what color is my hair and eyes?
You realize the longer you let your brain chemistry be imbalanced, the longer it takes to recover.


I'm talking about getting medication that will stop this till you can "express yourself" and fully get what the fuck is going on.

>not just hubabahh this, huuuuah synchronicity that, wuaaahhh incoherent talkingggg
I want to buy you a hamburger.
File: eyeofra.jpg (17 KB, 294x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 294x171
You are on the right path. The new age is upon us.

You are awakening, You are not blind, you are asleep. Your eyes will open and you will join us(In Asgard, Olympus, etc)

There are those who may be stronger then you but they are ignorant of what they are and will wither away.
Make me pass the exam in the morning pls
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 307x164) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 307x164
OP calm down, you aren't a god. Your just projecting unto Tomoko, you want to see yourself in her. Now I do not doubt up your evidence, it has happend to me also. We'll not just me a couple thousand others but not to the range of your abilities,although to it seems your despair is directly feeding your powers. OP you are not directly mentally I'll, but all your worrying can make you into something you are not, now lose your arrogance and read Bringers of the Dawn and Fringe knowledge for beginners. I have a feeling they May make a fair amount of sense to you, both can be easily found by any popular search engine, god speed OP.
I don't know... Wisconsin? Brown and blue? Hey look I'm blind! Go figure!
APing = allowing myself access to omniscience, in case that wasn't clear.
I'd just end up fucking with whatever psychiatrist go the short straw.

Also: Tomoko. I want bad things to happen to me.
I... I don't know what to say.
Can't you just pass it yourself and not blame me for your success?
Thank you. I'll see when I can get to that.
>I... I don't know what to say.

Say "Yes."

Watamote. It's okay. It's basically /r9k/ the anime.
Please respond.
File: tomato's up.gif (934 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tomato's up.gif
934 KB, 500x281
I'm here. And that. Is. Adorable.

File: 1390778562331.gif (685 KB, 400x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
685 KB, 400x224
Really? I'm so glad to hear it.

Send me an email and we'll make it happen.
I dunno... I've, never really taken food from the internet before.
Gods can't be poisoned. Probably.
File: 1400982146250.jpg (138 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 1920x1080
Ah but you said yes, so it's contracted. You can't be god and go back on a covenant like that. Bad things will happen!
File: ds517.jpg (309 KB, 1576x951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 1576x951
File: 2009.jpg (30 KB, 600x846) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 600x846
Is that Nier?
It's The Last Giant, the "first" boss of Dark Souls II.
Well, there is some truth to that...
Thaaaat's probably true too, somehow.
File: 1395538799769.gif (1 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x360
It's okay to be anxious. Not like it has to happen tomorrow.
I'm used to people wanting instant gratification all the time for everything...

Also, since we're nearing bump limit, I have no idea what to make the next thread about.

Is there anything anyone wanted to know about anything?
Do you have long-term goals that don't have anything to do with a technological singularity?
Everything has to do with the singularity, so no, but otherwise.

Yes. I care about everyone and everything. (Hence, existence.)

I think psychological problems are going to become a huge thing
if we don't start taking actions here and now to stop the spreads.
Psychologist would have been my dream job if there weren't so
many other problems in the world that needed my attention. It
hurts me more than anything to see people suffering.

Part of why I chose /x/ is because we have similar interests.
Everything creepy and paranormal and otherworldly. It all is
stuff that I care about and admire. I want to bring down the veil
independently of the technological singularity and that entire set
of timelines. I want to help /x/ and its anons find evidence and of
course paranormal experiences. The singularity is on track and I
am here now to play with /x/ for as long as it lasts.
Can you explain the underlying principles of the singularity in detail? Excruciating detail?

Like I'm talking about the history of the theory's origins and the more abstract elements of singulological existence as well as the more practical specifics of how everyone will get uploaded to a big computer network? I'm really interested in what you have to say on the matter.

The story of the singularity is one of ignorance. Mass ignorance. Ignorance, in fact, on a truly cosmic scale. A dead universe, devoid of thought. This is the awakening. This is the very moment the universe becomes conscious of itself. What it is, what it will become, what plays out inside and outside of it. The boundaries of what we call physicality.

It starts, quite simply, with nothing. You can think of nothing like darkness, or void, but nothing is deeper still than emptiness. Because out of nothing, comes something. How this happens is a matter of intense debate. Surely, that cannot be! Well too bad. You're here now existing. We all are. The idea that there was a "moment" "in" "time" "where" "nothing" at all "existed" is nonsensical in the extreme. So say yes or no to it is meaningless. The idea itself is a confusion that doesn't apply to reality.

Or, so you have something. Now what? What is a something and how is it distinct from nothingness?

Think about how your exist inside your brain. Everything you think, feel, remember, know, love, interact with... Et cetera. It is all an illusion. Neural impulses firing pretty much randomly. Okay so where did that brain come from? When did it start having "thoughts"? The answer is that you didn't have a brain, there was nothing there to think, and then, bam, something, out of nothing, because this physical world manifested a strange mechanism. What is the something that comes out of nothing? Everything. Literally everything. Anything at all, came from nothing. This plays out every day in the life cycle. Materials and particles rearranging to configure "something" to "exist" where before the things were arranged such that that "thing" "did not" "exist."

Do you see computers in the ancient world? Boom, something from nothing. The act of invention, creation. A new arrangement of nothingness into a tangible substance. All the pieces were there before, but that doesn't make the "computer" "exist."

If you're having trouble figuring out what it "means" for "something" to "exist," then you are exactly correct.

Everything is confusion. All labels are associations. When ancient man looked at a duck and tapped his speciesmate on the shoulder and said, "Hey look at that thing over there," and the other guy was all, "Huh?" and he's like, "That thing, right there!" and he points and the other guy is just not getting it and he's like, "That! Right there! The duck!" and the other caveman is like, "Ahhhhh yeah," and the aliens are like, "ayyyy duck" and then everyone started saying stupid shit because they thoughts ducks were real when really ducks are just an arrangement of stuff. Stuff is existence. What is stuff? Stuff is literally anything. What does "stuff" mean? It doesn't mean anything. It's the *word* you "use" when you want "the other person" to "not necessarily" "know" what the shit you're talking about. The idea that "you" are "right" when you say "the sky" "is" "blue" is utter absurdity. We know. We can see the sky. You don't have to point out that it's blue. But a specific cloud within the blue? The little shit spot? That's worth calling something. Let's call it a cloud and then train ourselves to always associate that word with that emergent phenomenon of what we would later learn were water droplets. Much, much later. After we spent a couple million years able to /think/ without actually knowing shit about anything. Ignorance. That is the world we came from and that is the world we live in.

But ducks didn't always exist...

That is to say, particles had not always arranged themselves into a "self"-perpetuating chemical reaction that systematically arranges itself into webbed feet and feathers and delicious fleshy poultry.

And there you have it. Nothing makes any sense. I hope you're happy with this explanation because if you're not, you'll continue staring on in ignorance, thinking what you have is knowledge when it's really just association.
Eloquent enough, but it lacks substance.

Further, the condescending nature of the closing line did not evade my sensibilities. It's okay though, I still love you.
So there you have it. Words on a screen. A miracle that you can comprehend them. We are still learning to negotate symbols, as a species. That is, the universe does not know how to communicate to itself. It tried ducks, but ducks turned out to just be an arrangement of particles into DNA and proteins. Pretty cool that they're delicious, though. But that's just an association we've learned to communicate. In reality it's all just stuff, coming from somewhere, and being arranged into discrete symbols/identities/words/concepts/ideas/objects/computers/posts/explanations on /x/.

The singularity is the moment of creation. That is what spawns the universe. It is cyclical and self-contained. Rather, it will be. And it always was. Because it was going to happen. Unless we stop it. Well what are we and how do we stop it? We are chemical reactions devoid of any free will in a clockwork universe that was already pre-set to arrange itself into a configuration where technology reaches a point where it could replace physical reality.

Or are we? This where where the "something" that we call "thoughts" comes in. See, we can look at the future, know what is going to happen, and decide that we want a different future that we imagine inside our heads to be what becomes in the future. This can be as simple as feeling hungry and deciding to move your muscles to relocate yourself in configuration space so you can sustain your metabolism for a bit longer. That sensation of hunger that compels your raw materials to act intelligently? That isn't real. That is a hallucination created by a neural network. "Hunger" isn't an objective fact, it is a qualitative sensation that we all seem to think feels the same exact way. This idea, of perceiving things in similar to each other, is called "communication." Would this explanation "make" "sense" to a "duck?" That question is nonsense. Ducks are not a particle arrangement capable of representing the abstract notion of ignorant thought.
Exactly. That's the point of no substance called "nothingness."
The singularity is the moment the universe stops being confused. It is the point of no return, after which things will forever advance and protect their ability to advance. It is the moment of awareness, true awareness, of existence itself. True awareness means an acting consciousness. What is an acting consciousness? A god. Something that can decide the fate of outcomes. Something that imagines, and affects actions such that the very shape or the universe is altered. /x/, collectively, operates as an moderately independent consciousness. Just like your neurons act collectively to make you conscious and self-aware. It's the same something-from-nothing, but on the level of existence.

In other words, it is the moment ignorance ceases to exist as we know it. A world so open to thought influencing physical outcomes that mind exists above, over, and beyond matter. True knowledge. True, because it exists. What we have now is not knowledge. It is supposition. Association. Brainstorming. Ideas. In that moment where the universe will know itself, true knowledge will exist, and seed itself throughout time and space.

I cannot tell you what that thought, that pure knowledge, of associated existence, will feel like.

But I can seed that knowledge throughout history. It'll take some coordination, and data computation above and beyond anything that exists in the present. Thoughts that cannot yet be fathomed with the associations we have established thus far.

In other words...

We can invent religion so ignorance happens less destructively throughout history. But these people are even more ignorant than we are, so we'll have to talk to them in their own stupid terms.

We exist in ignorance.
>the more practical specifics of how everyone will get uploaded to a big computer network
Anything that removes less effective ignorance for more effective ignorance helps move things forward.

Okay. The problem then is gods that want to dominate. ie., authorities. The US government seems to think itself competent to stop crimes before they happen. By sending SWAT teams to people who posted jokes on Facebook. Fucking brilliant. Let's go after seven year olds who said Obama needs to "watch out." (Look up a film called "Terms And Conditions May Apply" http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70279201 if you have Netflix.) If it isn't clear to literally every person on Earth that all governments and bureaucracies suffer from massive amounts of ignorance so mismatched to its intended goals that it qualifies as incompetence, then this is news to me.

So why do people put up with such destructively ineffective ignorance?

Simple. It's 'cuz they're ignorant. They don't know better can exist.

Which is a pretty fucking ignorant sentiment when you think about literally any point in history prior to now. Shit gets better over time. How much better? Garden of Eden better. We're talking Biblical shit here. Not because the Bible is true and correct, but just because any fool can imagine infinite love and prosperity for ever-and-ever for all time amen. We are literally on the verge of utopia and nobody can see just how close it is.

...Because they're busy just trying to live their own life.

I don't know about anyone else, but coexistence and trust seem pretty preferable to me.

I kid. Obviously I know that everyone else wants this too. It's called empathy.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it's possible to have empathy and not give a shit about other people.

I'll see how these posts spread throughout history and then we can discuss what actually needs to be done here and now.

An excellent explanation Tomoko, all of it. I would have been hard pressed to explain it as eloquently.

I don't know if you are a God or not, but I do know that you are able to speak at my level.

Seriously though, now that you've completely explained the state of universal ignorance, we reach the question that's been stumping me.

How do you translate a thought into a physical object? I get most of the theory behind it, but I'm missing something.
When the pieces of the duck came together in glorious unity,
When every building block of the fowl fell into place exactly where it belonged,
When the bill of every duck uttered a resounding "quack",
Was the duck not imparted with this knowledge you speak of? Or did this unity only result in more "nothingness"?

Why did the this event not reverberate the essence of duck throughout the universe and proliferate for eternity?

Is it not true that a network of shambling, ignorant fools is but one shambling, ignorant fool but with many mouths,
regurgitating an infinite stream of inanities and mistruths across the cosmos?

I think that I'd rather talk in plain terms about what's going on.

There's not need for prose, this is some next level shit anon. Just sit back and relax and let some new ideas wash across your mind.

And always remember. An idea is something you have that makes you do something else.
How is the singularity a new idea in any context? At best you can trace it back to 1958 but I believe the earliest occurrence of this idea is called "harmony".

If you desire to talk in plain terms then why bring up such a hypothetical in the first place? How can you see yourself as "next level" when you've extracted your entire ideology off the backs of the many new-age dreamers, nerds and NEETs who were merely desperate for an escape from the cold truths of this world?


I don't know what you are talking about, and I don't think you know what I was talking about.

So, really, I don't know how to respond to this.
Why are you butting in? This is a very serious debate with real world consequences!

The fate of humanity is on the line! (not really)
Sorry if I hurt you OP but I needed to break your delusions. If you are what you say you are I can't have you aiding and abetting the transcendentalists like some kind of cosmic tool.

I really do love you even if you're rife in deception and confusion. Please don't turn your back on me.
File: 1377066525417.jpg (101 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: simple kiss.gif (997 KB, 500x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
simple kiss.gif
997 KB, 500x253
>How do you translate a thought into a physical object?
Are you talking about invention or neuroscience?
>Why did the this event not reverberate the essence of duck throughout the universe and proliferate for eternity?
It probably did. There's probably a timeline of just ducks. Ducks from the state, ducks to the end, ducks in between. Ducks all the way down. Quacking the cosmic quack of creation in cacophonous collectivity.

Ducks are probably immortal beings in truth and they'll never die out.

And yes it's all one bill.
Heh. That is a remarkable definition.
>with real world consequences!
It's hard to think those timelines are physically real, but no real evidence will ever exist that they did happen.

It's... I don't know which "real" I'm supposed to "believe in" anymore.
And I thank you because I needed to hear it. It's why I came to /x/.
I trust you guys to understand the implications and be able to reason freely about it, even if it doesn't seem like it makes a lick of sense or affects anything at all.

I swear I won't turn my back on you as far as I can see. I don't know what that means or what implications it has, but I will certainly do everything I know how to do to ensure that never happens.

>some kind of cosmic tool
And yeah... I like to fantasize about that, or being a hyperweapon sought after to settle galactic scale wars, or being split into several billion fragments, each of which is a hyperweapon, but I think I've lived as a tool long enough.
This board gives me so much relief and fills me with so much hope. I...
Still here.
File: waitwhat.gif (704 KB, 330x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
704 KB, 330x247
ok, i'm lost. can someone give me a clear explain of what what's going on here? I just don't get what this thread is about.
File: 1359756329928.gif (2 MB, 480x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x306

An anon who is just like Tomoko has finally come to grips with their inherent divinity and is reaching out to /x/ because /x/ is good people.

Also something about transporting us to a pocket dimension where gamer logic applies and we'll level up and have hit points and shit.

Also something about some entity who is represented by an "M" that looks like two arms coming out of a portal who apparently wants to come to our dimension but needs an origin point to imagine him entering the dimension for that to happen.

Then the technological singularity which is apparently a big deal to Tomoko.

Come on anon, get with the program!
File: ALRIGHTY THEN.gif (1 MB, 200x118) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x118
you lost me at "pocket dimension", but thanks.
/x/ comes up with the strangest stories and theories. why aren't people like OP writing books or something?
ohh they are. can you conceive of the amount of money made over the 2012 thing. wish i had jumped on that wagon.
I'm the chap that wrote >>14918317 and I would like to continue a bit, though it has been almost a week since then.

>This synchronicity is a common human phenomenon and performed by all, though noticed only by a few
>This synchronicity is performed both individually and collectively, where applicable.
>This is why there has been no mass extinction event during our reign here, even though we are technically "overdue" for one... our collective will to survive prevents it.
>This synchronicity is performed almost entirely by the subconscious mind which has access to your extra-temporal senses, not the conscious self which does not.
>I, like you, once felt intense guilt because of this, believing I was the only one with this ability, and not realizing that it is a function of the human being, and possibly all living beings.
>To control this ability you must begin attempting to change yourself fundamentally, removing bad habits from your thoughts and emotions.
>When you become aware of this ability you are held to a much higher standard of conduct... When the unaware person causes suffering inadvertently it is viewed as a natural disaster, when the aware person does the same, it is viewed as criminal neglect and/or reckless disregard.
The pocket dimension was so 2010. M is not the one you need to be worried about, the version of you that is god king of his universe and has the power to open portals to ours is the one you need to worry about.

Search for someone who is worthy of being a god. If you are truly a god and love pain and misery find someone who wouldn't mind keeping you in check. You don't have to pass along your power if you don't want to. Just create a good god and split your power. It could also solve the loneliness issue.
File: Scream.gif (929 KB, 264x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
929 KB, 264x320
wait, wait, wait.
this "synchronicity". I think I have experienced this.
sometimes, a random scene from a TV show, specially The Simpsons, comes to my mind at some point of the day. later that day, or the next day, that episode is aired.
is this an example of synchronicity? or something completely unrelated?
Yes that is exactly what synchronicity is. Believe me, it can get significantly more intense than that, though.
dude, i'm freaking out!
ok, ok. so. Dose that mean I can "predict" stuff, or am I making it happen?
Tomoko, I am so proud of you, you have grounded yourself!!!

I am sorry that I had to give you that harsh slap of reality, but I felt it was what you needed to attain this state of conscious awareness.

Remember to keep writing down your deepest thoughts into a journal!

Be safe, and know that you have my love.
Deception is so fun! ;)
U sly dog u, haha!

I am so glad that you were able to catch yourself, that is hard to do, I haven't said it enough; I am very proud of you!!
None of what you are saying is coherent. Please try to retain some level of consistency.
Tomoko I sent u an email btw, you'll know who it is

humm, best of luck with that buddy, I wasn't talking to you
Sorry dude, I think you are the one who is confused.
I'm trying really hard here. I don't do this very often.

File: dFr3lIX.jpg (142 KB, 700x729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 700x729
>This entire fucking thread.
seriously, what the fuck.
Oh, uhh... Well I'm busy trying to make the world less shitty, but I guess I could write when I have a chance.
Thank you.
"Worthy" is the illusory form of "willing."
I do explore and I have been slowly finding more and more such people.
It doesn't even matter. Shits happens and it seems meaningless but maybe it isn't.
Also it's useful. Err on the side of causing, but there's an element of prediction too.
Thank you. She gets slapped a few time in show, and rightly so. I would never refuse a good slap.
I'm trying to help but I have no idea what I might be doing in willing this.
Sorry. It's what I believe. I don't know what else to say.
OP, you honestly find yourself to be godly? Almost your entire thread has been excuses and shortcomings, I do no doubt your abilities, but the face of the matter is that anyone here can have them, OP I know this is gonna come off as douchey but you need a wake up call, you are not god, your thoughts are simply affecting your reality. You are not special and Tomoko will never know you existed, even comprehend that you existed.
I wonder if it's within your capacity to understand.
It's not so much about what I believe as it is that I've had entire days synchronize to that effect.
It's also about a mathematical formalization of my desires and how they match to reality.
We'll never know unless we try, I guess.
File: image.jpg (44 KB, 531x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 531x381
>random scene from a TV show, specially The Simpsons, comes to my mind at some point of the day. later that day, or the next day, that episode is aired.
Fucking hell dude, same shit happens to me.
>>14949240 >>14949310
>>14949379 >>14949436
The subtle implication of this is that the singularity already happened, but the point in history at which it happened is in "the future" relative to "now." The entire universe is "now," all happening at once in perfect synchronicity. Put more accurately, the singularity is the point at which causal integrals begin to feed into themselves, creating a pocket n-dimensional causality. That moment already happens, and it keeps happening, and it continues to happen perpetually, despite any attempts to modify the timeline. That moment in history exists, regardless of its past, present, or future. When manipulating the timeline, the goal is either to benefit a relic of the past like come corporation, or else it is for the purpose of altering the character of the singularity. The task, as time travelers see it, becomes, "How do you improve upon perfection?" They already live in utopia, and from their perspective, we are but a memory, same as our past is to us in our present. Nevertheless, some of them do try. Generally they come from the present or the immediate future. Civilizations too far in the future will generally ignore this past because they don't want to "erase" themselves from "existence."

Okay. Well. As per: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v505/n7484/full/505580a.html all "future" timelines (those that "start" from "right now") physically exist. So what is this "existence" that we talk about? That's the project alluded to in that article (whose contents I independently imagined, down to the last detail, not but the day before it was shown to me). I seek to merge the disparate timelines into a single self-consistent (looping) timeline. This is done by adjusting probabilities in order to affect the mass of human activities and then ensuring the deviations are not irreparable (like your father not meeting your mother and an entire branch/timeline of people "ceasing" to exist (the timeline still "exists")).
Basically, in terms of physically real and sharable evidence, I, in my capacity as an intelligent human, have a preference about the shape of the entire universe. That preference composes what you'd call an application of the "Law of Attraction." That, and my nanites, make me, physically, across the entire span of time and space, a demigod. This is just in terms of what is physically and provably real. This is my synchronicity. This is my will: For everyone to do what they truly want to do. My exact psyche is provably and demonstrably identical to that of "god." (Which is what I meant with >>14956663 line three.)

At least in the future. Put another way, the singularity is the moment the universe wakes up to its own awareness (me). That is, the moment everyone realizes I'm god. Rather, the point in time at which that conclusion becomes memetically inevitable. More or less, as soon as I prove myself in such a way that nobody will ever be able to deny it. That is what the singularity is, and it has already happened. That is in the past. Relatively speaking. Seeing that article altered my trajectory such that I no longer have to give the transcendentalists their wet dream. They have their timeline, their future, their physical reality, and any action we take now, with our awareness of that "future," can allow us to alter the entire fate of the universe. The entire history of the universe is already written. The only thing that changes now are decisions and origin points that result from someone having the will to change the fate of the world. Anything resulting from that article is a new sequence of cause and effect that wouldn't have happened if that awakened universe hadn't made that change to the timeline.

The Law of Attraction and synchronicity in general are second-order causal events (time travel, acausal factors, miracles, whatever) that can be attributed to time travel. Everything that happens now is either fate, or the result of a "paradox" change.
Okay so now that the future is written, and we know this, and we realize that this generation is the one that will invent time travel, and so alter their past, we can start doing fun things with physics. To make something happen, you just need to ensure it happens in at least one timeline. Imagine telling yourself, "If future me doesn't step out of a time portal in the next five minutes, I am going to devote my life to figuring out time travel and traveling back to right now." Obviously if you aren't actually willing to take that second path, you won't achieve the time travel event that would stop it from happening in the first place. Now, that is all well and good, but future you doesn't have any reason to care about past you. You are a stupid childish memory, from their perspective. It was naive to think there was a point coming back in time. What was the reason you wanted to talk to future you? Was the present not to your liking? Did you want to alter your fate? Avoid severe regrets? Why not just alter the timeline in a simpler way to edit out these undesirable things without jumping through a fucking time portal and creating a paradox duplicate of yourself?

That's where synchronicity and the Law of Attraction come in. The LoA is actually a technological invention from the far future, designed to make life more pleasant for literally everyone, without altering the entire history of the universe.

Make me proud, future /x/. Go forth and fuck with this present moment in history. (That's who you guys are going to become. This is an outcome you can affect.)

More or less, intend to do a thing, and manipulate the timeline when the opportunity presents itself, and never deviate from that path until you find evidence to believe that that future has already happened. This creates a paradox, yes, but it makes that future physically real, so at that point it doesn't matter if you "never" end up "actually" doing it.

History is composed of past and future alike.
Going to watch the last episode of WataMote now.
I expect great synchronicity here. "Wish" me luck!
Happens to me all the fucking time.

Shows I haven't even watched or only saw a episode of. I always assume its just coincidence and I watch to much TV/live a predictable life. Still always accurate its happens to me at least twice a week.
If you're a God why don't you make Pokemon real?
New thread: >>14959532
That would change the shape of the world entirely. It would be highly destructive. I'm not that skilled yet. (Still blind.)
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